Find and Retrieve

Riventon's Retriever corners a couple in a small park, and begins to drain their energy! But a group of heroes is on the scene!

Date: 2015-08-10
Pose Count: 33
Takashi Agera 2015-08-10 00:07:47 6940
There's a chill in the air as sunset looms in this part of Tokyo, at a park near the tall shadow of Clover Tower, and in that park, darkness is forming.It's one of the later generations of Retrivers, a massive wolf with two heads, each with long fangs, completly formed of negative energy around a gleaming core.

And tonight, as sunset turns to night, that massive, duo-headed wolf begins to lurk out. Not too long after, theres a scream and a thud, as a civilan couple, on a romantic evening in the park, comes face to face with it - and promptly faints, either from shock, fear, or the survival action that occurs when normal people are faced with the impossible. There's a low growl, and waves of energy begin to flow from the victims into the massive creature, and then into the glimmering, blue center of its core.

And some distance away, an identical gem in the hand of Riventon glows bright with stolen energy.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-10 00:16:49 6942
    Karin is riding her bike around Tokyo, effectively doing laps along the less busy roads. She's gone around a couple of times today, deciding to have spent her Sunday almost purely on endurance training. She is just about to get off at a convenience store to by her dinner, a simple pre-made and refrigerated one.

    But just as she's finished locking her bike up she suddenly looks up, eyes narrowing, grunting a little and clenching her teeth. A powerful magical signature, but not quite one she's ever sensed before. She knows what it is though- darkness. Evil. She has to take action.

    She pulls out her cell phone and transforms, her Taisha app having already popped up a warning.

    Cue flashes of red and a magical outfit appearing piece by piece while she twists around, eventually slashing a pair of swords as they form in her hands.

    She leaps to the sky- seriously leaps, clearing several buildings at a single go, landing on a roof to make a shorter hop that puts her on the roofedge looking down at the Wolf Retriever.

    "A monster of some kind..." her face is a tight look of concentration but then suddenly turns into a grin, "Yosh! Time for Karin to leap in to action. Finally!" She jumps once more flinging her swords down at the retriever as she drops to the ground before it, the weapons seeking to bite into it's back. If they find they're mark they'll sink in halfway before suddenly glowing red and exploding.

    Another pair of swords appear in her hands and she holds one out towards the Retriever. "I don't know what you are, but I won't give you the chance to explain yourself! Prepare to die"
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-10 00:23:12 6944
Fate and Arf, in wolf form, are sitting on the edge of a nearby building, wind blowing through their hair, forcing Fate's long pigtails to float behind her in waves. Her cold, sad eyes look over the cityscape, axe-like Bardiche held in her hands. Her mouth is a muted line.

Arf looks over to her, in quiet concern. She thinks to raise an objection, to say that they should go to bed or have a rest, but she thinks better of it.

Bardiche pings, breaking the silence. <Magical disturbance detected nearby.> Fate looks at Bardiche, and then down at the streets below. Some kind of two headed dog is attacking people? What is it even doing?

Without a word, Fate descends from the building, floating above the Retriever. Arf comes to her side. "A magical monster..." whispers Fate. "... well, we may as well make sure."

"Alright, but after this can we go home?" asks Arf.

Fate glaces over to her Familiar. "Are you tired?"

"No," objects Arf, "but you are."

Fate shakes her head, focusing her sad eyes down on the monster. "I'm fine."

A strange new face approaches and attacks the Retriever. Fate and Arf exchange meaningful glances, before focusing their attention onto the monster. Bardiche pings, and a magical yellow beam of electric energy fires from its tip. It focuses on the youma, but Fate keeps an eye on Karin as well.
Junko Fuma 2015-08-10 00:48:00 6949
Tokyo is really nothing more than Junko's backyard, full of fun and interesting things, and like the kid she is, she tends to play outside until she's called indoors. So it's no surprise that she's wandering about, a pair of headphones in her ears as she hums along to the music, a warm donut in one hand. There's also a parrot on her shoulder, who she occasionally shares pieces of her donut with. Just an ordinary scene of a girl with her pet!

But, some flickering shadow catches her attention as she walks, and she looks up-- just in time to spot the figure of a girl bouncing around rooftops. Removing one of her headphones, she looks at the parrot on her shoulder, "Hey, Davychan, looks like there's more."

"Leave them alone, kwaaark." The parrot says, feathers ruffling as he bites into a piece of donut. "Don't go noseying around troublesome things."

Considering for a moment, Junko mutters, "But I'm curious..." And then she blinks before saying with a sly, sidelong look at her companion, "But what if she's chasing after a Treasure? Or something that's got a hold of a treasure?"

"Of course she's not!" But the bird looks uncertain. Junko grins. "Well, it can't hurt to peek, right?" Looking around, she finds a conveniently out-of-the-way spot, and soon there's a figure clad in gold-trimmed black, with a rather magnificiently piratical hat also leaping over buildings, the bird hanging on to her shoulder as the girl laughs, eyes bright with curiosity and excitement.
Seishi Tamashige 2015-08-10 00:48:43 6950
Seishi is in a hurry. She'd been at the library - half studying, half just killing time - and only when she realized that the daylight outside the windows was fading did she realize just how late it had gotten. Her father will be home from work by now, and she should have already picked up groceries for dinner and gone home herself.

She's cutting through the park, walking at a clip brisk and energetic enough to almost be a jog, when a strange awareness prickles over her skin and brings her up short.

A moment later, peering through the half-light, she catches sight of the monster. And grimaces. "Really?"

She's already reaching to pull the red ribbon from her hair. Nothing for it now-- "Twist the cord of fate!"

Soon after, Akashimaru leaps in a flutter of red kimono sleeves to place herself between the Retriever and its victims, her combat fan brandished open in front of her like a shield. "It doesn't look as though you'll listen to reason," she says gravely from behind the grimace of her oni mask. "If that's so, then this Akashimaru will be your opponent."

She follows the words with a quick snap of motion. The tessen closes, becomes the arc of a shortbow in her hand; her fingers close on thin air and draw back a red bowstring, taking aim at one of the creature's two heads as a heavy black arrow takes shape from nothing.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-10 01:04:23 6954
The huge shadow-wolf has to stop draining the civilians largely because its hard to keep up focus on that when two massive swords dig into its semi-solid form, and then explode, the force slamming its shadowy body to the ground. Rather than a yelp, there's a low, throaty growl as it gets back up to its feet.

Fate's the next on the scene, and the electrical energy slams into the creature's chest, but that growl only intensifies. The Retriver is ready for a fight, now, though the beam clearly does damage.

Seishi's also readying an arrow, trained on the dog - so she's now a threat too, and one of the heads growls at her specifically.

Suddenly, there's a loud string of hostile barks, like a massive dog, barks so loud and low it sends reverberations through the air and trees shake! Then, each head suddenly blasts out a massive wave of negative energy, starting at the sides as the heads turn to face forward, raking the park with the massive beams until they come together in a point and stop - threatening all three assembled heroes with the cutting, sweeping beam! (And perhaps also, the Tide Captain's hiding spot!)
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-10 01:14:34 6957
    As Karin focuses her attention on the Retriever the yellow beam shoots down from Bardiche, and Akashimaru arrives in her oni mask and trains her bow on the dark wolf creature's heads. Her eyes shift momentarily from one to the other before focusing on the Retriever again. It wasn't the only source of negative energy in the area so backup isn't entirely as unwanted as it would otherwise be. "Are you the other magical heroes of this city? Then help me destroy this thing. Just don't get in my way..!"

    As the shadowy wolf recovers from the initial attack she's expecting a paw swipe or a bite attempt. The girl grits her teeth a little as the barking assaults her ears. She doesn't have much time to respond, and so simply crouches down and then leaps up, trying to evade the attack and giving absolutely no thought to trying to shield the park or any of its possible inhabitants from the enormous beam. It's so large she can't clear the whole thing in time and it hits her there's a bright flash of red, and those particularly observant might notice the sudden appearance of a red and black faery interposing itself.

    Even so she lets out a short cry of pain, twisting a bit through the air and landing away from where she intended, beside the Retriever instead of behind it. "If that's how you want to play it," she says between still gritted teeth, moving in close beside the shadowy beast and lashing out at it's side with one sword and than another, trying to cut a series deep fissures into it's side before twisting her whole body around for a harder double slash with both swords at it's hind leg, her form meticulous and well practiced.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-10 01:21:35 6960
The loud barks startle Fate at first, but she stands her ground. Well, as much as she can 'stand her ground' when she's floating up in the air anyways. The barks are loud enough to shake the /trees/, and even Arf starts to look nervous.

The monster is attacking now. <Defenser> announces Bardiche, putting up a yellow spherical shield around Fate, also covering the nearby Arf. She holds up her device, channeling raw magical power into her shield as the beam smashes into it. The beam physically pushes the yellow bubble backwards into the air, sending the two of them into a backwards spin, launched far away into the distance. The two of them look like tiny stars from here.

Fortunately for Fate, speed is her ally, and that distant yellow dot over the horizon becomes a blazing meteor. "Scythe Mode!"

<Yes, sir>

Bardiche takes the form of a scythe, descending upon the Retriever with ferocity and intent. She brings the scythe down on the monster. Turning to Karin, Fate frowns. Magical hero? Stay out of her way? Sure, she'll let her think that.

Arf on the other hand is still in the far off distance, trying to catch back up. "Faaaate! Wait for me! I'm not as fast as you!"
Junko Fuma 2015-08-10 01:37:09 6963
Yes, the very trees are shaking with the sound of the bark-- and thus, so is Tide Captain, hiding as she is in the branches. Though now, she's less watching over events as clinging to the trunk of the tree with one hand, while Davy flaps around nearby, whistling his I-Told-You-So's. "Let's get out of here, Tide-kun!" The bird insists. The girl glares at him.

"You! You stupid bird, call me Tide-/chan/! Err, -sama! Tide-Sama!" She swings a fist at the bird-- an action that has her letting go of the trunk and falling from her hideyhole. "Eeeiyaaa!" That beam clearly hurts, from the way Red-Sword-Girl fell after being hit. She runs the opposite way from the direction of the raking beam, also ending up beside the dog, though farther away.

"Why is this city so full of fighting dogs?!" She cries, touching the medallion pinned to her, "Golden chance!" A bright glow passes from a medallion, forming into a cutlass in her hand. "Weigh Anchor! Weigh Anchor! Stupid dog!" A pair of glowing anchors form where the cutlass points, right above the dog's rump. "Hyiieaa!" Down the captain slashes, down the anchors fall like tiny, dense boulders!

"Kwaaaark! They'll spot us for sure now, Tide-sama!" The parrot frets, and dives to hide himself inside the pirate's hat.
Seishi Tamashige 2015-08-10 01:44:44 6964
Akashimaru's arrow goes wild, lost in the wave of dark power. The bow reverts into a tessen in a shower of red sparks, but she's right in its way and there's precious little time to get out of its path. Instead, Seishi throws herself bodily over the collapsed forms of the two that it was draining energy from, a bare half-heartbeat before the pulse of negative energy sears over them.


Wisps of blackness curl up from Akashimaru's body in the wake of the attack, as she pushes herself back up from the ground, teeth gritted against the pain. As Karin and her swords go for one side of the beast, Akashimaru springs toward the other, daring the snapping jaws of those multiple heads to strike at the Retriever's foreleg with punishing blows of the closed Shinken.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-10 01:57:31 6968
The massive creature is set upon by the heroes! Karin moves in, and begins to slash at the creature's rear - each slash finding solid darkness rather than flesh, but all the same, a dark murky substance flows out, like a combination of black blood and molasses, and the creature seizes in pain.

Fate recieves the same response from her scythe - only now the creature begins to wheel around in circles, both heads snapping violently at Karin and Fate, teeth like sharp obsidian daggers!

The anchors from the Tide Captain stop this for a moment, and the wolfdog gives its actual first yelp of surprise as suddenly its spin turns into a roll on the grass. And suddenly the whole creature melts, like a liquid, flowing away from all three assailants, reforming slightly away...

And then Akashimaru sets upon it! There is no escape for the youma, and it's back to the vicious baring and snapping of jaws at her at the Shinken slams into the semi-solid legs with heavy effect, causing the wolf to jerk downwards slightly with each blow.

The wolf suddenly dashes away from her, though limping for a moment, moving around the battlefield, twin heads snapping again at all of its opponents!

Not too far away, the Wolf's master is coming to investigate, landing just off the edge of the battlefield - and just watching, for now.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-10 02:07:36 6972
    The red clothed Yusha is too focused on attacking to look as Fate is blasted away but she can feel her energy moving off into the distance. ...and then returning at a terrifying rate, that huge energy scythe coming into view as the Retriever is attacked. Mental note, do not ever underestimate the speed or damage potential of that little blonde. Even so she doesn't spend too much time worrying about it- the Taisha will certainly be pouring over the combat data of everyone involved in the fight. It's nice to know there are such reliable people backing her up.

    The creature begins attacking her, and she swings her swords up at it, loud metallic clanging reverberating as they deflect off of teeth. She stages a fighting retreat, backing off a half step with every swing, managing to keep herself from getting bitten in the process.
    Then Tide'-sama' appears and smashes down some heavy anchors towards the rear of the Retriever... hey, that's right where she is! She dives to the side and rolls over her shoulder before popping back up to her feet, raising a fist and shouting, "Watch where you're aiming!" Even though she shouts she has to admit it's a well targeted strike, what with her damage to the Shadow Wolf's leg.

    As Akashimaru targets the other side of the beast she feels a little impressed. Despite never having met any of the other fighters they've managed to surround the Retriever and hit it from multiple sides- including Fate from above. Tide Captain's attack may have been a little close for comfort but otherwise the impromptu teamwork isn't half bad.

    She looks around at the others, assessing the situation, and then quickly points to Fate, "You! You're fast enough to keep up with it, slash it up whenever it reforms." Next she points to Tide Captain, "You keep bashing it with those heavy anchors while it tries to avoid the scythe," and finally Akashimaru, "And together you and me will hit it from range. Everyone spread out!"

    Seems she thinks she's the one in charge here!

    Immediately following her own 'orders', Karin leaps into the air, twin pigtails streaming behind her, and lands on the opposite side of the Retriever from where Akashimaru stands and begins flinging her swords at it. Not a bunch at once but one, then a pause, and then another. Each of these if they contact will sink in before detonating, and if miss will simply clatter to the ground and then vanish in a bright red glow.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-10 02:14:18 6974
The wolf's fangs snap at Fate, and a small, soft, terrified squeak escapes her lips. Growling and snapping dogs are scary enough on their own. Growling and snapping youma dogs with horrifying teeth and magical mouth beams are the kinds of things that Fate will have nightmares for weeks about.

She holds up Bardiche defensively, and the obsidian teeth sink into the handle of her device, crushing it at the point of impact and spreading cracks up and down the hilt.

"Bardiche... I'm sorry."

Bardiche pings in response. <I'm alright, Sir>

It most certainly doesn't look alright.

Karin gives orders. Fate constructs her own plans. No one else seems to be trying to seal it. If a Jewel Seed were to pop out of a creature like this...

Fate wrenches Bardiche away from those gnashing teeth, swinging the scythe-shaped end low and then bringing it up to cut into the beast. She floats a little bit further away, pushed back by her own move. She's a little too close for comfort to this biting and snapping beast.

She sure wishes Arf would come back.
Junko Fuma 2015-08-10 02:28:36 6976
"Eh?" Tide Captain looks aghast at the sudden melting dog, "I didn't mean to do that! Oh no, what if it's Tsu-chan's or Wolfie-kun's relative or something?" The girl says nervously. She actually looks faintly relieved when the dog pulls itself together and starts snapping away. But only a little-- she's then too busy ducking and dodging from the mouths of the snarling beast, just barely managing to escape several she smiling?! Yes, she does seem to be grinning. After all, this might be danger and derring-do, but that's what she signed up for, after all.

The smile doesn't last, though. Suddenly Karin is snapping out orders, and that makes the Captain give the red girl an annoyed look. Quite deliberately she jumps away from the wolf, instead of circling it, and while in the air makes a quick horizontal slash. "Rising Tide!"

A shimmer in the air, and suddenly a ribbon of water crashes down like a whip towards the mouths of the dogs!

As the whip descends, she lands in a tree, crosses her arms over her chest and lifts thumb and forefinger, "Weigh anchor." A teeny tiny glowing anchor forms between her fingers, and she flicks it-- right at Karin. It's not powerful enough to cause damage, but it sure might sting if it hits. And after that, she doesn't seem inclined to move from the tree, not unless the youma makes her.
Seishi Tamashige 2015-08-10 02:45:57 6982
Wicked fangs snap to left and right, close enough that the Retriever's teeth rip into one of Akashimaru's sleeves. Somehow she manages to avoid being mauled, however, dancing away from the thing's maws and meeting each snap with an answering strike of her tessen.

Karin's calling orders, to distinctly mixed response from the other fighters. Seishi herself is too occupied to look the other girl's way, but her voice rises over the monster's snarls as she calls out: "There's better ways to ask for cooperation, you know!"

A few quick, hopping steps back puts some space between herself and the Retriever - not much, just enough to let her gather herself. "Unfortunately--" The Shinken's still closed in her hand, but light glints off it, red like a lingering sunset. "--I'm better up close!"

With that, she darts in again, a feint to draw the attention of one of those heads. As it snaps at her again, she whirls to ram her tessen head-on against its fangs. "Sankonsen!"
Takashi Agera 2015-08-10 02:59:42 6987
The biting and gnashing teeth are stuffed at almost every turn - while they get some small strikes in, most of what they find are katanas, Shinken strikes, Bardiche - and then a slap in the face from a ribbon of water from the Tide Captain!

But the beast isn't done yet - it continues onwards, until Akashimaru calls out her attack - and one of the two biting heads makes enforced contact with the powerful burst! It's sent reeling backwards, stunned - allowing Fate's blade to find a home in the creature's body, and Karin's blades to do the same - with their explosive results.

By the combined strength of the four fighters, the massive wolf - one of Riventon's most dangerous and successful creations - is staggering and wounded.

But rather than step in directly, the Device user himself simply watches the fight - wondering almost bemusedly if the Retriever will be defeated before it can recover from the sudden sharp attack.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-10 03:05:44 6990
    "It's not just a dog! Are you some kind of idiot?" comes an aggravated shout towards Tide Captain from Karin, " Can't you tell? Was that enormous blast of dark energy not enough for you? It's a creature made of pure darkness. Things like this don't deserve your worry, or your pity; it's not even alive. Just destroy it!" Whether or not she's right about that 'pure' darkness part, it's definitely -mostly- darkness, which is close enough for her.

    She also can't help but feel a bit dismayed at the results of her ordering people around. Fate's attacking is at least close enough to what she wanted to serve her purposes, but Tide Captain completely ignores her plan and instead whips at it with water. This wouldn't be too bad, except for the fact a tiny anchor also pings off the side of her head, knocking it to the side and sending her stumbling a bit as well as interrupting her chain of thrown swords.

    As soon as she recovers she whips her head to the side and glares at the pirate. "Is this the best I can expect from others?" she mutters under her breath. "No wonder Shinju-sama is so particular about it's chosen."

    She puts one hands on her hips and replies to Akashimaru, "That may be true but this is a combat situation not a social gathering. It'd be best to coordinate our movements and no one else was speaking up." This isn't even close to as biting as her words towards Junko; the oni masked fighter at least gives a good reason for choosing to ignore her tactics."

    Watching the creature reel back from the power of the strike she holds her arms out and a another pair of swords appear in her hands, "It's vulnerable, finish it off!" If that is too much of an order for the others she's going to have to seriously rethink her opinion on the magical girls of Tokyo.

    Karin herself runs up and stabs one sword deep into the shadowy beast at the shoulder and attempts to rung along side it to try and tear a wide hole into it from front to back. It's not very flashy at all, and she even keeps her second sword ready for defense- just in case Tide Captain decides to get cute and send an even larger anchor at her this time.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-10 03:11:09 6991
Fate sees the creature staggering. It's not fighting back. So focused she is on the Wolf, that the owner is completely unnoticed. He could get a pretty full view of everything that Fate is doing right now.

She glances to the others around her, suspiciously. Some of them are fighting each other. If she strikes now, maybe she can get what she came for and leave.

Fate glances down at Bardiche to see if she can even attempt sealing mode. It would be a stretch. Is it even worth the risk?

Of course it is. She has to, at least to see if it can be done.

"Sealing Mode."

<Yes, Sir>

Bardiche pings, and the head of it rotates, creating a two pronged rod-shape. Three yellow wings sprout from the neck of the device. A large amount of magic gathers at the tip of the device, into a yellow electrical orb brimming with energy. If one didn't recognize what was happening, they might suspect that she was using a finisher.

Once the charged power reaches its peak, she points Bardiche straight down.



A massive beam bears down on the creature. Fate doesn't know if it'll even work on a creature like this, but she has to check. It would be foolish to pass up this opportunity.

The cracks on Bardiche spread a little more.
Junko Fuma 2015-08-10 03:34:10 6997
"Hey, hey, hey. What's your problem? So bossy and judgemental, yeesh." Is Tide Captain's response. "How was I supposed to know what it was or why you're attacking it? Am I just supposed to believe you're the ones I should help and the doggy isn't? I only smacked it a little so it would stop with those energy beams, that was annoying." She jumps down from the tree, sword in hand as she grins. "Anyway, I can't attack it if you're all in the way."

And then, quite suddenly, there is quite a massive beam coming from the tiny girl over there, and Tide Captain raises an arm to shield her eyes and turns her head away...and in doing so spots Riventon. There's a curious blink or three at the sight of him just watching, but well, that had been her plan too. So the blithely oblivious pirate turns her gaze back to the wolf, seeing if it's somehow survived that onslaught-- and in case it hasn't, she lifts her cutlass skyward as it begins to glow, and rathe large outline of an anchor starts forming where the cutlass points, right above the start of the beam. Junko steadies her sword arm with her other arm, still grinning wildly.

"If you insist on telling me what to do, though, don't be surprised when I do it and it doesn't work out the way you want it to!" She calls out towards Karin, and quite maturely sticks her tongue out at the red-clad warrior. If that anchor falls, it will very likely fall on wolf and the three girls alike. For now though, it just hovers there.
Seishi Tamashige 2015-08-10 03:48:25 6999
As for Akashimaru, there's no further commentary from her for the time being. She's a little busy dancing back from the Retriever in a series of quick, light-footed steps after her last attack struck home to good effect; now her eyes narrow behind her mask as she watches the wolf-creature floundering.

She's already squaring her stance and raising her tessen before Karin calls to finish it off. The Shinken flares with red light as she gathers herself, preparing to burst into motion--

--only to check herself in the instant before she commits to the attack, as that giant anchor takes shape over the beast. It's just as well, because in the next moment Fate' sealing beam lances down at the monster. Akashimaru stands poised, weapon ready in case these combined efforts are not enough; getting caught up in all of that looks like it would be very bad.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-10 04:08:45 7003
The wolf retriver is getting back to its feet when suddenly the Sealing Beam from Fate lauches at it! In its weakened state, it's unable to resist the attack - but it is trying. And that's when Karin's blade digs into it, sapping it of the last of the strength it needs to maintain it's form. That dark magic bleeds away, leaving only the dark blue, beating 'core' of the creature, a suspiciously gem-like thing...

But that dark energy that bleeds out returns to the man that the Tide Captain had noticed earlier, collecting in the hand of Riventon as he walks out. "That was impressive. It's a good thing there were so many of you..." he begins.

And then suddenly, from outstretched hands, come lines of negative energy, like wires - in a manner Akashimaru will be familiar with - swiping wide at all four combatants while a second set reaches out to snag the beating crystal heart of his Retriver, hopefully wrapping it up and bringing it back towards him before it can be sucked into Fate's device or stolen by the others, the battlefield quickly becoming a dangerous criss-cross of negative energy lines. "Good work indeed, but this gem is still mine!"
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-10 04:28:36 7007
    Karin doesn't respond to Junko's first words, instead mentally checking off the 'can not directly sense magic' box next to her name. "Aaaa, destroying large swaths of the city isn't proof enough," she snarks right back to the next one.

    The gathering magic is felt both from Junko and Fate, and a quick glance skywards is enough to let the Yusha know that directly next to the Retriever is not a good place to be. She pulls her sword from the side of the retriever and jumps away just in time to avoid getting hit by that enormous yellow beam.

    Mental note number two: The small blonde in twintails is capable of huge energy blasts as well as hyper velocity and strong close-in fighting with her scythe- very dangerous.

    She watches as Akashimaru prepares her own attack- only to pause because of Tide Captain's huge anchor overhead.

    Her eyebrow twitches a little. That blue haired girl sure is getting in the way as much as she's helping, and Karin isn't the type to look for redeeming qualities in people unless they're all but shoved in her face.

    She was ready for Riventon to show his face, not knowing who he was but expecting a second act as he stuck around even as the Retriever was clearly about to lose it's battle. The lines come out for her and two of them are deflected, one for each sword, but still more whip around her and against her legs, dropping her to one knee, and then the second.

    The Yusha grits her teeth. "So you're the one who set this thing loose," she calls out, hissing the words due to the pain she's in. She puts her hands down and pulls her legs up under herself, getting into something like a runners stance, before launching into the air. It's a low arc however, one that sends her up and over Riventon at only a dozen feet or so but exceedingly fast.

    Despite her obnoxious bluster she is, in fact, a good combat tactician, and the effectiveness of the Sealing technique from Fate didn't go unnoticed. It's master might have a similar weakness, and so as she passes overhead she throws down one of her Katana. It won't hit Riventon, but instead land next to him. "Be still!" she shouts, and a swirl of sparkling red energy begins to flow up from the blade of the embedded sword, sealing magic trying to hold Riventon in place.

    Then comes the follow-up; the Yusha landing and skidding to a halt before jumping lightly again to give her some momentum before she runs past the Retriever's master, her remaining katana held in both hands as she rushes past him to try and deliver a single devastating and precisely aimed strike right through his center. "Now fall!"

    Whether or not the attack is actually successful that same black and red Shogun Faery appears and announces, "All things must pass!" in dramatic intonation.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-10 04:30:25 7008
Fate's Sealing Beam and Karin's blade eats away at the Wolf Retriever. Fate squints down at the gem-like thing. Could it be...? From this distance, it's hard to tell.

She looks above her head, at the anchor forming above her, and sweatdrops. Is the pirate lady going to attack her?

Well even if the Pirate lady doesn't, apparently Riventon is going to! Where did he even come from?! Fate doesn't really have time to consider the higher questions of 'how did Riventon sneak up on us?' while dealing with dark energy wires.

The wires reach for her feet, groping for her leg, touching it for a brief instant before she speeds away from it. Using her speed to advantage, she weaves, rolls, and flies around the wires as they rapidly come towards her.

Racing ahead of them, Fate circles around to see that the wires are going for the gem. She won't let her prize be taken that easily!

<Scythe Mode>

Fate dives into the closing mass of wires, even as the ones chasing after her close in. Some approach her from the front, and she slashes through them, but the ones coming from behind and to the sides close in. One wraps around her right arm, then her left leg, then one by one they close around her, pulling her away from the gem.

She looks over at Riventon. She's seen him before, hasn't she?! Whoever he is, if he's this strong...

She sticks Bardiche out, cracked as it is, trying to get at the gem, but it's just out of her reach. She's really in trouble now.

Arf is still a ways out, too far to attack, but that's going to change soon. Seeing Fate in immediate trouble causes her to fly in /faster/.
Seishi Tamashige 2015-08-10 04:40:54 7010
Akashimaru was not in any way expecting those threads of dark power, but poised to act at a moment's notice as she was, her reaction is reflexive: "Sankyosen!"

In a single motion, she snaps her tessen open and sweeps it outward, the arc of the fan trailing glimmers of red light that become a gust of wind that rolls outward all around her. This isn't the sort of thing the technique is truly intended for, and it can't banish the lines of negative energy, but it pushes them back enough to keep them off of her, buying her some space.

She's already recognized this power, but as her eyes settle on Riventon, her chin lifts. "You again!"

Without hesitation, she flings the fan in the direction of the gem. It slices through the air like a bladed disc, carving through any lines of dark energy in its path as it arc back around to her hand. "You didn't get what you wanted before!" Akashimaru calls out to Riventon, snatching the Shinken back out of the air when it returns to her. "What makes you think you're going to now?"
Junko Fuma 2015-08-10 04:43:00 7011
A man appears! A doggy disappears, lines of energy all over the place, and suddenly Junko's attacked by someone else! The anchor attack is no longer looming... and truth be told, if one were paying very good attention, they might've spotted that the anchor disappeared right after all three girls looked at it, and /before/ Junko was attacked. Pirate's Bluff? If they were paying close attention.

But really, right now more worrisome are the dark energy lines swirling about everywhere, one knocking Tide Captain aside! She rolls on the ground, but manages to get to her feet-- and she hasn't let go of the sword yet.

Leaping, dances and rolls around the tendrils, occasionally using them to propel her jumps as she cuts at any directly aiming for her. As nimble as a monkey, this one. "I've sleptwalk through more complicated rigging!" She taunts, but keeps moving.

She seems to be heading for Fate, and cuts at the lines of dark energy holding the other girl, trying to free her arm first. Is her breathing a little heavier than it was before? Are her clothes a bit more tattered? Maybe, but she's smirking still, and her hat still perches ostentatiously majestic atop her head.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-10 04:48:54 7013
The snaking wires move in, and Fate nearly reaches the glimmering gem with Bardiche! But the wires lash and wrap and drag her away from his trinket - just far enough to prevent it from being absorbed by Bardiche! Is it a Jewel Seed?

That question may be answered soon, as Akashimaru prevents Riventon from snagging it with other reaching wires, the fan's energy holding the grasping lines away from her, and then cutting them away. But more are coming, from every direction, in another burst to get at his trinket!

Junko's moving in too, doing her best to ignore the pain and the emotional distress touching those thin lines of darkness causes her.

And then Karin moves in for the kill, and Riventon does seem to be sealed! The wires finally just seem to fade away, like whatever she's done has cut them off from their source of energy, and they burn off into negative energy. Karin's blade moves in, and there's no way Riventon could move out of the way or impose a barrier himself in time!

Luckily, he doesn't have to. <<Round Shield!>> his device announces of its own accord, and Karin's blade is stopped centimeters from his body. <<Grasping!>> the device adds, and suddenly the magic from the shield flows onto Karin; wrapping her in a bind and freeing Riventon, effectively turning those tables!

"I should really just start expecting this sort of thing from you red ones, shouldn't I?" he asks, thinking about the bright red Prism Keeper. And he plans to dispose of Karin the same way. <<SCHATTENSLAG!>> his device announces as he puts his hand right next to her body and unleashes an implausibly massive burst of dark energy at point blank range.

Then he adds another comment, punctuated with an overdramatic bow. "If you really want it that badly, maybe you should keep it. But I'm not responsible for any side effects of you girls' little experiment in taking things that most certainly don't belong to you." he adds with a smirk. If not stopped, he'll take a few steps back and fade out, traversing the Dusk Zone to make his way back home.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-10 04:57:51 7015
    Karin doesn't have much time to focus on what the others are doing because she goes from attacking to having her attack blocked to getting entangled in record time.

    The worst part is that Yoshiteru is still there, hovering dramatically.

    "All things must pass!" Karin is blasted by an obnoxiously large eruption of negative energy.

    If she wasn't too busy screaming she'd probably affectionately calling him a traitor or something.

    As it is she gets completely enveloped. Or she does for a brief moment, anyway. After about half a second Yoshiteru disappears in a red flash and appears directly between Riventon and Karin, a bright red shield appearing in a circle around her and flaring with bright energy to match the depth of that darkness.

    If Riventon is watching closely he'll get to see that Yoshiteru himself appears utterly and completely invulnerable, physically interceding himself before the attack and taking it fully for the Yusha he protects.

    Such is the will of Shinjus-sama.

    That said she isn't completely unaffected, and the force this imparts on her is enough to tear her painfully out of the bindings he placed on her, launching her away from Riventon like a rocket and into the side of a nearby building. Yoshiteru disappears and reappears yet again, taking the impact against the wall, Karin falling in a heap at the base of it.

    Oddly enough despite the fact she's out cold she retains her henshin.

    Yusha are weird.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-10 05:03:44 7017
Fate is caught, or started that way, but a sudden help from the samurai with a fan stops the gem from getting away, and the ties that bind her arm are sliced away by the pirate! They're... they're helping her? Fate isn't sure what to make of this.

She does continue to reach for the gem, and as the wires all vanish, thanks to Kirin's power, Fate just about stumbles into it. Her feet now touching the ground, Fate holds Bardiche next to the gem and tries to absorb it. Arf suddenly lands next to her, wolf snout brushing against her sides.

"Fate! You're alright!"

Fate smiles and pats the side of Arf's head, and then she looks around at the ones who... helped her? "Um... I don't know why you helped me but... thank you." She bows politely to each of them in turn, but Fate is a shy girl, and it's not long before she starts hiding behind Arf. The two of them begin to float away.

Riventon's ominous taunt whispers in the back of her head. This thing... was odd. What would happen if she held onto it? Maybe mother would know more...

Fate notices Karin crash into a building, and visibly winces. She frowns. Despite just wanting to take the gem and go home, she doesn't feel right about ditching them.

She floats over to Karin, landing next to her. "U-um... is she going to be okay? ... I don't really know what to do..."
Junko Fuma 2015-08-10 05:14:31 7019
It's true: The Tide Captain refuses to let the pain get to her. She's the Captain! Whatever her heart feels, whatever trouble she gets into, she is Tide Captain and she won't let anything stand between her and her goals, not even herself!

Besides, it'd be really uncool. Can't let the other magical girls get a bad opinion of you! Inaccurate, yes. Bad, no.

Fate's thank you is met with a sudden grin and a wink from the Captain, "Don't worry about it! I'm glad you're okay. And you--" She looks towards Karin and Riventon, just in time to watch what happens and jump several leaps away, so she's conveniently sky-bound when she sees Karin flung into a wall.

"Think we should help, Davychan?

"Kwaaaark!" The parrot peeks out from beneath the hat, where he's been all this time, "Are you crazy?! Get away before they start asking questions! Did you forget what we are?" Giggling, Junko leaps again, this time to land on a building.

"Of course not. We're the troublesome crew of the Skies!"

But, despite that, once on the rooftop, she stops and pull a pair of binoculars out of her coat, then looks through them to try and spot Karin and Fate. Gotta make sure they're all right, after all.
Seishi Tamashige 2015-08-10 05:18:01 7020
As the hue and cry settles, Akashimaru breathes out a little sigh. Closing the tessen, she tucks it away in her belt before she starts walking, following Karin's trajectory towards where the Yuusha lies collapsed and unconscious.

"I'm not sure either," she admits, in answer to Fate's question, "but I can stay and call for someone to help."

A pause; her face turns toward Fate, eyes fixing on the younger girl from behind the impassivity of her mask. "That stone... I don't know what it is, but it's probably trouble. Do you know what to do with it? So that it won't cause any more problems?"
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-10 05:23:54 7022
    Karin looks pretty peaceful laying there against the side of the building. She's not nearly so abrasive when she's unconscious, and her lack of glaring and barking orders makes her look a lot more like her actual age, just a little younger than Junko.

    Yoshiteru floats near her in a constant guard, but otherwise doesn't do anything. Despite being able to talk his vocabulary is... limited. Should anything actually try to harm Karin though he'll instantly between her and the danger.

    The Yusha also doesn't appear to be as severely harmed as one might expect from the blows she took, maybe a bit singed where the wires smacked her in the legs. It almost looks like she's merely sleeping, eyes closed and head leaning to the side, chest rising and falling in slow motions.

    It might be hard to tell what to do with her. Any kind of medical scanning will come up with 'exhaustion' as the probable diagnoses and if people merely stand around her for five or ten minutes she'll wake up on her own.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-10 05:27:00 7023
Fate turns to Akashimaru, and nods. She holds up Bardiche, to show her, and the stone comes out. <Unknown Item. Confirmed.>

"If it's like this, it'll stay in Bardiche. The sealing magic should keep it in check. Um... I'm not sure if what that person said was true or not."

Yeah Riventon is 'that person'.

Fate doesn't have scanning equipment, but she also decides to wait until Karin wakes up. No harm in it, right?
Junko Fuma 2015-08-10 05:31:31 7025
Seeing Karin is in capable hands, and there doesn't seem to be anything attacking them, Junko lowers her binoculars and sighs deeply. Davychan the parrot slips out of her hat, "I told you, didn't I? I told you not to get invo--"

He stops suddenly, flapping backwards... because Junko's eyes are wavering with unspilt tears. At least until two seconds later, when she is bawling,

"That dog was mean! And those stupid black things hurt! And I don't understand what any of it was aboooouuuuuuut!" Her henshin forms dissolves around her, and Davychan flies around her in panic, trying to calm the bawling girl.