Sunset Questions

A vampire asks a unicorn and a mermaid deep questions on a beach. Fearmongering occurs. Ariel's mom is a typical dad.

Date: 2017-06-07
Pose Count: 12
Ariel Theodore 2017-06-07 23:51:05 78094
    Ever since freed from her unfortunate station as the Nightmare Prince's thrall, Amalthea's forest does not seem so ominously dark. Though the light is still faint, there is no further risk of that corruption spreading into the small section of sunset beach. In fact, the beach's borders have expanded to a degree, but it will be some time before the nightmare is fully purged.
    With the barriers between dreams being weak as they are right now, it's not difficult for someone who has been here before to find this place, or the people in it. Ariel is here. With her head upon the sea-witch's lap, where she rests on her usual rock by the sea. As is Amalthea, perched upon the rock, too, back pressed against the mermaid's back, head leaned back against head in a moment of family quiet time and peace.
Lacrima 2017-06-08 00:09:09 78095
It was Norie's intention to wait a few days. 'Family time' is a thing for families that are not a complete mess. In retrospect- that's what her family is. A complete mess. And it's also mostly her fault in the sense she is what she is now.

Regardless. She wanted to visit. Koji gave her a few bamboo picture frames to hand over as a gift. She wondered why trust her with such a 'heartfelt' gift? She'd never be able to properly convey the meaning behind it. Not her. She sighed a bit regardless as she closed her eyes in her coffin leanded on her side as she awoke... on the beach she'd visited at least twice before. She glanced around. It didn't feel as 'bad' as before here. It wasn't one hundred percent but it's clear it's stopped getting stronger and was weakening. The darkness that was.

Her eyes laid on the idyllic scene, and she grimaced a bit, if only because part of her felt bad for a second she was about to ruin things.

"Hello...?" she asks softly as she approaches. Yes those picture frames came with her.
Ariel Theodore 2017-06-08 00:46:33 78096
    Maybe one day the forest will return to its former glory. Maybe. Maybe when the Nightmare Prince is brought to a halt. But for now, it's... Better than it was.
    Norie's arrival does not go unnoticed. Indigo eyes glance up from fingers running through silvery hair. And then the sea-witch gives Ariel a gentle tap. The three must have been sitting very still; considering the lightest of motion is enough to make the elder unicorn turn to peer over a slim shoulder.
    "Mmh...?" Ariel lifts her head on prompt, topaz eyes widening. She looks to her parents- who promptly shoo her towards Lacrima.
    Bare feet pad through the sand as she picks herself up and approaches, "Eheh... Heh. Hello. Sorry, we were a little busy just um."
    Basking in each other's presences, from the looks of it.
Lacrima 2017-06-08 01:03:15 78098
Norie Okana head tilts. "You don't need to explain yourself, Ariel-chan." she says softly. She doesn't see fit to interject here. How Ariel or Ariel's parents spend their time together is non of her specific beeswax. She may be just a tiny bit jealous because her family seems to get along so well for that to happen.

Not that she shows it. She gently looks down to her hand and lifts the bamboo frames. "Um. Koji.... Tyrfing. That. Cat. Person..." she says trying to name names that Ariel might know Koji by out. "Want me to. Give these to you and your family. He said something about. Filling them with. Family pictures? I don't even know if that's a thing. In a dreamworld." she says. "But... I promised him so. Here it is." she says softly.

"But that's not. Why I came. I wanted to come to make sure everything here was okay after the other night so far? And. I had. Questions. For your parents. If they would listen." she says hesitantly. Like they might say no and she's ready to accept that answer.
Ariel Theodore 2017-06-08 01:10:25 78099
    There is something of an awkward moment. Perhaps because Ariel's parents are right there, but she seems to falter where she stands for just a beat. There is a glance down at the frames, and pale lips purse thoughtfully at the explanation; though an answer to whether there are picture or not in the realm of dreams, is not forthcoming just yet.
    Ariel decides to jus go for it.
    Norie is suddenly engulfed in a tight hug from tiny arms. It's wordless, and lasts for a few strong seconds, before Ariel detaches and takes a breath, tucking an errant strand of silver hair behind a floppy ear. "Thank you, Norie."
    She's not thanking her for the frames.
    Though a response to those comes next as she gingerly accepts them. "Ah... If you see them before I do, could you pass along our appreciation?" But, on to other matters entirely. Norie has questions. The two on the rook look to one another skeptically, before Amalthea speaks up.
    "Come closer."
Lacrima 2017-06-08 01:26:59 78100
Norie Okana is still a horribly cold undead being to hug. That'll never change. But that hasn't stopped Ariel before and she sort of 'erfs' at the hug for a moment before she returns it, though in her usual, light way since. Well. Hugs aren't. Her thing. They just aren't. She nods. "You're welcome, Ari-chan." she says softly. "But I wasn't the only one who helped. It was more. Them. Than me." she says quietly.

She looks up and gently steps towards them.

"You. Already sensed that the other night." she says. "That I'm not exactly. A being of light." she says. "It isn't my choice to be this way. I wasn't trying to find power. Or do bad things to people. I'm the victim of bad luck and a curse." she says quietly. "I bought a necklace in a used shop and it did this to me." she says. "I'm basically for all intents and purposes what someone may call a 'vampire'." she says.

"When I... was this thing early on it was hard. Very hard. And when I started finally running into. Other.... 'magical' people. People would often judge me on what I need to do to stop myself from being a danger to lots of people. That is. Well. Feed. Off the energy of others. Because. That is what a vampire does." she says. "From their point of view this surely was a simple thing to deal with." she says dryly and with sarcasm.

"Very few people. Talked to me. Or didn't judge me." she says.

"Ariel-chan was one of those people. It's how I met her." she says quietly.

She shakes her head. "I just want to. Explain. Why I was here helping." she says. And maybe try to explain why Ariel is friends with a horrible vampire creature.

"I have. Some questions. About dreams." she says quietly.

"May I ask. What was the purpose of a dream like 'this' is?" she asks softy, motioning around them. "I mean. This dream. Always seems to exist. In some manner. But it doesn't seem to be about anything particular." she says gently. "I have a dream like that. It's just. A small. courtyard garden. There's nothing beyond the courtyard-- and it's probably not pleasant to the senses. It's a very dead garden." she says. "But it's like. A. Dream Place. That is just a place. I sometimes go. When I dream." she says quietly.

"I'm wondering what. The purpose is. Of dreams like that. Because. My asking around suggests. It's not a very particularly common thing?" she asks. "To have a 'dreamplace' like that."
Ariel Theodore 2017-06-08 01:51:47 78101
    "I know." Ariel's reply is simple, after the hug breaks. "And I'll thank them too, when I see them. But that one was for you." It's as simple as that, really, as Ariel backs off. Mostly to let Norie focus on the unicorn and the mermaid both staring very intently at her. Amalthea's lone eye much more so than the sea-witch.
    "Aye." Amalthea replies. "I sensed that well enough." She says. "I sensed it as soon as I laid my eye on you. And I'm old, but this is my good eye." Aside from the fact it is her only one. A joke, clearly. "But you don't have to explain a thing."
    Apparently Lacrima need not explain her intent.
    Though her mate gives her an odd look, Amalthea snorts. "Before she left this place, Ariel's only friends were the fish and the butterflies. A paradise, aye. Quiet and lonely. But a little too lonely for a child." Mused as she closes her eye. "Centuries ago I would have been duty bound on my old oaths to eliminate you. You'd be dead where you stand. But I will not be so blind. Ariel speaks highly of you, and you're my daughter's friend." She pauses.
    "I suppose this eye isn't as good as I thought, because I don't see a vampire in front of me right now. I just see a girl who's presence my daughter enjoys very much."
    Funny. Did the mermaid just crack a smile? It's thin and very brief. So much as blink and it will be missed. But on to those questions. The two listen intently. And the smiles are gone. Amalthea glances up to the sunset sky.
    "This dream's mine." Amalthea finally answers. "I made it centuries ago when I couldn't bear my oaths anymore and wanted to run away somewhere secluded. It exists because I wanted to be alone. It was a fluke this one found her way in." Added as she gently elbows the Atlantean, who maintains her normal very serious expression.
    "Anyone can have their own place in a dream." The sea-witch answers next. "Maintaining them while conscious is something else entirely. But there can be any number of reasons." Murmured. "Solitude." A glance spared to her unicorn. "Needing a place to think quietly, or escape for a short time. A place of respite or to try things they normally wouldn't do while awake." And once again they are staring intently.
    "So." Amalthea says with all the tone of a gruff old man. "Any more details about it you wanna share or is that it?"
Lacrima 2017-06-08 02:17:40 78104
Norie Okana listens intently. Ah. So there is no tight knit series of reasons. There's a lot of them, she figures. She does seem to search her thoughts a moment. "I know that. It represents a real place that exists. Or existed. I do know the actual physical location burned down some hundreds odd years ago and what's there is a burnt out ruin now." she says.

"I do know. I feel safe there. And I often 'wake up' in my dream in there when I am feeling inquisitive or ruminative." she says. "I know I am able to access it at will if required. It's how I invited Ariel into my dreams a few times." she says.

"I think. That's it. Really." she says quietly.

She listens to Amalthea's words to her and she doesn't. Say anything to them. It's nicer to hear than something else. It's just awkward for her is all.

"Right. Also. That's the only. Dream I'm able to have that's my own. I don't really. Dream of... random things. Anymore. I have that dream. Or I dream of the life of the person who wielded this power before. Or I just dream of... shapes. and colors. Swirling about." she says.
Ariel Theodore 2017-06-08 02:32:32 78106
    Once more the two fall to listening. Though this time it's the elder unicorn's turn to make a face. Lips thin, nose scrunch, and she seems to toss it over in her head as Norie goes into greater detail. Then her eye narrows slightly.
    "As place like that falls into the realm of what a dream can be, aye." Amalthea murmurs, drumming fingers on her seat. But then she turns her head. It's a sharp, almost bird-like, quirk of motion to better focus her eye on the vampire girl. "My only question is, if it existed so long ago, is it your dream? I'd be wary of exploration without careful forethought. You never know what you might find lurking in the dark corners of a vampire's lair."
    There's silence for a beat as she pauses. The Sea-witch nudges her gently with an elbow.
    "... No offense."
Lacrima 2017-06-08 02:54:25 78108
Norie Okana shakes her head. "I know it's... mine? Somehow." she says quietly. "I've explored every inch that I'm able. Eventually it just ends in black. I can walk. Into the black. And I have walked a long ways and looked back and... you don't move much." she says. "I do know that certain changes remain a constant while others are not. It's just. Weird. and odd." she says.

"The ... dreams about him. Are more like watching a movie. I can't interact with the dream save for... doors. Pretty much. No one sees me in them.

A wry expression. "That being said, one better be careful in the dark corners of my lair. That's where I throw my dirty socks." she insists cooly a little, trying deadpan humor here. She doesn't think it will go over well.

She then frowns. "This power exerted a lot on me. For example. I am fluent in a few hundred year old dialect of Spanish." she says. "-and understand the majority of older dialects of... German and French and Slavic." she says. "Most of Europe really." she says. "Save for Italian. Which I don't know why. Because I feel I should know it." she says. "But basically what I mean is. I did not know those languages when I was human. Only after the curse." she says.

"There's really lots I don't understand." she says. "About myself. But. I don't think any of those things are things you can help with. Really. I was hoping to get some help with figuring out my dreams. And meaning behind some of them. And that you've helped me figure a few things out in my head." she says.
Ariel Theodore 2017-06-08 03:29:11 78114
    "It's not yours." Amalthea says. No, she's reaching over, leaning in closer, the tip of her finger tapping over Norie's chest. "Or you'd not be asking us this. Can you tell me this was yours before you put that pendant on? I don't need to tell you it's a remnant of what once was." She says, eye closing. "The question is how much of it are you willing to let it exert. All of that comes from something far older. The dreams you experience may be a remnant of that. There could be something they want you to fulfill. Or a purpose they seek to achieve. Or a mystery to solve. Or worse. Whatever it might be, just don't let it consume you." The elder unicorn near growls.
    The difference between Ariel and her parents is like night and day though. She's so cheery while they're so gruff and serious... But not everything has to be business.
    "Speaking of." The mermaid cuts in. "I think someone is getting impatient with how long you've held her friend up with your fearmongering."
    "What? I wasn't fearmongering!"
    "You were fear mongering, mom!" Ariel chimes in.
    "How do you even know what fearmongering means, you're like ten!"
    "She turns twelve next month, dear."
    The sigh Amalthea heaves is a thing truly of legends.
Lacrima 2017-06-08 03:38:18 78115
Norie Okana frowns. "My body.... isn't even mine." she says sourly. "It was taken and I got this.. mass of dark energy in return." she says. "I keep hearing myself described as. A 'dark energy puppet'. A soul controlling a body. So much of me has changed, no doubt that has too." she says.

"I know there's no one else in here with me. I've had others with... delving capability confirm that much. Besides. I've had so many... emotionally weak points that if it wanted to overpower me, it could had by now." she says.

"But. Maybe I'll recheck things. Those check ups were nearly a year ago." she says quietly.

"--and I am 'young' as far as vampires go." she says. "Practically an infant." she says with another wry deadpan.

She looks at Ariel. Then back to her mothers, then back down to Ariel. She kind of wants to smile, but she can't bring herself too. Basically. Screw dark energy.

"Thank you for your time and answering my questions. I'm glad you're all okay." she says. She steps back a few before she turns and makes for a safer place to slip back into her own dream. She has some thinking to do.