Ace of Hearts: That Kind of Night

Minako comes clean to Daisuke after upsetting him beyond belief during a rooftop training night. No more vauge explanations.

Date: 2017-06-08
Pose Count: 12
Minako Aino 2017-06-08 04:38:15 78119
    Sailor Venus texts Daisuke in omininous text format 'Come to the Top of Downtown Metrobank Skyscraper in Mitakihara. IT'S TIME.' then after 'you can tell this is training because I'm being dramatic and vauge!' another text 'But I ruined that by explaning that! Oh geeze! Oh well!'.
    'JUST TAKE NOTES!' she texts. 'Being dramatic and vauge will serve you later!'
    Yeah, Venus is teaching him her pretty obvious tricks right now that anyone could pick up. Maybe this might change.
    She stands dramatically in a hero pose on an air conditioning vent on top of the skyscraper. Artemis is with her.
    "You know it's actually filthy up here right? This isn't even a quarter as romantic as anime makes it seem." he says brushing a paw against his stomach fur as if wiping off excess dirt from the roof.
    "That's not the point!" says Venus.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-08 04:41:17 78120
Daisuke was studying when he gets the text and then looks down at his notebook. Then back at the texts. Then his books and he sighs and closes the books up and stands up and transforms in a glow of purple light. He's Ascelpius now. He teleports away. A few hops across the skyline and he's nearby Venus. He JUST gets the rest of the texts because he honestly moves that fast. He narrows his eyes at the screen then back up to Venus.

"What's not the point?" he asks Venus. "Also, hi. I'm here. I don't know what being vauge and mysterious will help with. Is just another 'make me cooler' thing? Because I thought this was about helping people." he says a little deadpan.

"Anyways. What exactly am I learning today?" he asks.
Minako Aino 2017-06-08 04:45:16 78122
    Venus places her hands to her hips. "Hey it can be both! Learning to be cool and vauge to help people and make you really.... brooding and mysterious." she says with dramatic shifty eyes.
    "Today! We are going to learn how to pose dramatically on rooftops." she insists. "So come over here. To the edge and just lean your foot out and then lean forward a bit..." she does this while she explains. "Then cross your arms. And--- okay there's no wind to make my hair flag dramatically in it right now. But your hair is short so that doesn't matter!" she says gleefully.
    Something about this is super suspect. Probably. But when has Venus not been super suspect ever?
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-08 04:48:39 78123
Asclepius stares at Venus as she explains today's training. Really? Pose dramatically. On rooftops. Ugh. This is wasting his time. He could be home studying but he isn't. He's here. About to be taught how to pose dramatically on rooftops apparently. Siiiiigh. Maybe this was a bad idea.

"Ugh. Fine. Maybe it'll help me look cool for Nats--.....Nothing. In particular." he offers.

He stands at the edge, in his robes and leans out and crosses his arms dramatically as Venus does. He makes this look completely nerdy and not cool at all. It's probably the whole robes and wizards staff thing going for him right now. "Like this?"

"I feel so lame right now, just so you know. Not cool." he offers.
Minako Aino 2017-06-08 04:51:58 78125
    Venus watches with intent, narrowed eyes as Asclepius takes his pose. She taps her bottom lip. "Okay... first...." she grabs his right wrist. "Turn this, this way...." she offers. Then she places her hand on Asclepius's back. "Then..... push this.... THIS WAY!" she suddenly yells.
    As she shoves Ascelpius off the side of the building with that hand, the pose just about perfect for getting into a nosedive downwards.
    "THIS TRAINING IS ACTUALLY ABOUT HANDLING FALLING LONG DISTANCES!" she yells. "THINK FASSSST!" she calls out after Asclepius over the edge.
    Artemis opens his eyes wide and blinks rapidly. "VENUS!" he yells. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?"
    "Something AWESOME." she insists.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-08 04:57:30 78127
Asclepius doesn't see it coming. He SHOULD had. But he did not. One moment he's getting pointers on his pose. The next he's falling downwards, face first off a skyscraper and Venus is yelling something in the distance. He only hears the important words in those sentences as he rapidly descends.

He begins to panic and flail for the first ten seconds before he raises his hand up and he teleports.

Now. Teleporting doesn't slow his momentum. It will move him- but it won't slow the momentum of falling. So. With a purple flash. He teleports straight onto the pavement of the roof somewhere behind Venus with a gigantic THUD.

Luckily, Ascelpius has the same magical protections usually granted everyone else in that this does not kill him. It still hurts a lot. "Oh god." he says as he rocks back and forth.

He can see Venus a bit blurrily for a moment near the ledge still. Unless she moved. Oh god, you harpy. He's gonna kill you if he gets the chance and then he's gonna have to explain why to Usagi and friends.
Minako Aino 2017-06-08 05:03:42 78129
    Venus watches with approval when Ascelpius teleports to the rooftop with a thud. She turns around and spreads her arms wide. "You did it! But we're going to need to work on your time. You need to be faster with that." she says. "I mean I have a hunch you will at least." she offers. Artemis facepalms. Artemis runs over to Asclepius. "Are you okay?" he asks. "Sorry! I had no idea she was just going to shove you over without prompting!" he insists. Yup. Push Venus under the bus and keep her there right now.
    "Hey! This is important!" she says as she walks over and reaches down to help Ascelpius to his feet. "Okay! Best two outta five!" she says for some reason. "I need to teach you to right yourself quick then prepare to land on your feet and do it quicker." she says with a nod and another series of nods.
    "I mean. I don't teleport. But I can teach you to right yourself." she says. A pause.
    "I don't teleport right, Arty?"
    "No, you don't." Artemis says as he rolls his eyes.
    "Yeah, see!" she smiles wide.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-08 05:06:32 78131
Ascelpius dusts himself off. "Okay. Whatever. Bye. Don't call me ever again!" he says as he begins to leave down the fire escape slowly, as if to give Venus a moment to say her piece before he just legit teleports away and sleep this pain off.

"It's okay Artemis, but nope. Can't do this. Not happening. Not crazy. I have better things to do with my time." he says. Yeah.

Venus can sense the sincerity in his voice. He's so done right now. "Why should I stay here and even do this? You're CRAZY." he says in a way that insists the 'not good kind' of crazy. The 'you're a danger to me and everyone else' crazy, maybe.
Minako Aino 2017-06-08 05:27:01 78134
    Sailor Venus blinks a bit. Uh. Wow. It seems her clearly great plan to throw Daisuke in the crucible to come out stronger may not had been a great idea. In fact. She's pretty sure he hates her now. So she looks down at Artemis and frowns and makes some motions at the leaving Asclepius. Artemis shakes his head and 'crosses his paws' across his chest. Do it yourself, Minako.
    Venus face faults ugh! This should had been awesome, but it wasn't. So she does something rash. She lets her transformation fade. Now she is just.... Minako Aino.
    "H-hey!" she says as she jogs down the fire escape as Minako, grabbing the side of the railing. "Look. I'm. Minako. Minako Aino! I'm Sailor Venus!" she says throwing her arms out. "Because I know you don't know!" she says.
    "Look. Can I please explain. This? I Mean. Not in a vauge way. Sometimes I'm a dummy. Because the best way to learn is to be thrown into it. But I guess that didn't work here." she says jut a bit shamefully.
    "Look, again." she says. "Just. I can't. Do the things I used to do. And it worries me. So I needed someone to help- and you're PERFECT Daisuke." she says Daisuke here. Without honorifics. It's meant to be formal right now.
    "See. There was. This boy? I dunno if I told you about him. But his name was Danburite. He used to run the Dark Agency. Kunzite used to oversee." she says. "When he worked for q-bee. You know. Beryl." she says.
    "Hey kind of had this weird obsession with me. I guess that was creepy." she admits. "But he also worked against the Dark Agency and the Dark Kingdom to save me from them." she offers. "He became this guy called 'Phantom Ace'. Do you remember when like Mamoru would show up to save Sailor Moon as Tuxedo Kamen? He was almost like my Tuxedo Kamen. I found myself in a tight spot and he'd show up and he'd throw cards like Mamoru throws roses. He'd say something pithy and then would just leave with a cute tease." she winks.
    "But. He revealed who he was to me. We had to fight because he was the last man standing. And I had to kill him. I didn't want to. But he had to go down. There was no saving him." she says a little sadly.
    "Thats what I'm trying to train you to be. See. I have his. Henshin device. For the Phantom Ace." she says digging out a playing card. It's a clean, sleek Ace of Hearts, with some sort of mystical design on the back. She offers it. "Here. It's yours now. I wouldn't. Try to use it yet. That can only amplify abilities you know already. It doesn't quite grant new ones. That's what the training is about." she says.
    "I wanted someone to take up that mantle again. Someone who could honor the memory of the good he did have- and you know. No creepy obsession with me." she says a little weakly. "-and man that's like SO the opposite right now with you! You hate my guts right now!" she says.
    "-and that's why I wanted you for the job. Because I knew there was no way you were Dark Kingdom after I followed you for two days when I asked to watch you way back." she says. "You do more in one day for normal people than I've seen some others do in all thier lives!" she says throwing her arms back up.
    "--and you can help Mamoru too. Look into things for him all sneaky like. Because he's so busy all the time with all these crisises sometimes?" she offers.
    "But I can understand if you're too upset and want to leave...." she says with wide eyes, perhaps just ending on the tiniest of guilt trips. Artemis rolls his eyes. He speaks. "I can tell you, Daisuke, that what she says is the truth."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-08 05:37:34 78136
Ascelpius does turn when an unfamiliar voice speaks up that isn't Venus. Except- it is Venus. Only Venus's 'normal' identity. Minako... Aino? Wait. Isn't that the weird idol cosplay girl who cosplays Venus and is generally... known.... as a .... weird... person. Yeah. Yeah he can buy this connection now. He stands there straight faced. It seems for the moment he's willing to listen if only because Venus was going as far as revealing her true identity with him. He's sure the others knew. But he didn't.

Asclepius takes all this in. He knew the first part. Why she wants this 'help' and why he's getting 'training'- but he wasn't told of the other information. Her dealings with the Dark Agency and this Danburite. His gaze softens a little as he listens to the story. To kill someone.... who loves you.

He is presented with a magical playing card. He looks at the Ace of Hearts a moment as he stares at the surface- a gleam running across it from the moonlight. He sighs a bit as he grips it by a corner as he examines it.

Daisuke doesn't really have a huge ego. Not to say he isn't proud of what he does- but he's never been one to harp too long on what he does to help people- and sometimes he forgets what he does is sometimes more than other people does because he likes to think everyone has the same propensity for kindness and caring.

-and sometimes he forgets that makes him exceptional even before you add the magical concepts on top of it. He rubs a hand across his face as he gently pockets the playing card. He assumes magic stops it from creasing or destroying. He'd also be right.

"Okay." he says with a deep breath.

"Minako." he says softly. "I'm willing to learn- but from now on. No tricking me. If you want me to 'practice falling down from high places'- just say so for now on. Okay?" he asks as softy as he can. "I can't continue this tonight. It's too much too fast." he says.

"But. I want you to text me tomorrow- and we'll try again. Properly. Starting with you teaching me how to right myself. Okay?" he asks.
Minako Aino 2017-06-08 05:41:31 78138
    Minako watches and listens with a bated breath. She takes a harder cleansing breath when Asclepius is done talking. "S-sorry. Just. You know. I don't want you to say no. It's complicated. Feeling stuff. Not that it's a bad thing. Everyone has complicated feelings." she admits. "-and it was that kind of stuff that drove my friends away from me so really I may aswell just be Minassko Butto right now or something!" she says cheerfully.
    "You're telling me..." snides Artemis.
    "Bad Kitty!" insists Minako.
    Artemis rolls his eyes and merely jumps onto to Minako's shoulder.
    "Look. I'm going to stay up here a bit and reflect. I'll, yeah, text you." she says.
    "Sorry again!" she says as she begins to walk back to that Air conditioner to sit on it and stare at the skyline. "Ugh my skirt is gonna need a wash so bad!". Artemis interjects. "Told you it's filthy up here!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-08 05:43:56 78139
Asclepius listens and nods. "Sorry..." he finally sighs. "If I got too upset. Yes. Text. Okay?" he offers nervously before he lets himself zap away into another purple flash. Back home. He doesn't need anymore of this tonight.

This girl is going to be the death of him, he thinks. But. She does have good points about this...

Daisuke begins imagining himself as a 'Phantom Ace'. He purses his lips in thought a bit at this. Maybe he needs to do a little research now.