You May Hug.

Norie orders curry to fill the hole in her horrible nullheart. Rashmi delivers it and they talk about things and also there is a hug. Rashmi is the first ever to actually ask before hugging the happy fun vampire. :I

Date: 2017-06-09
Pose Count: 28
Lacrima 2017-06-09 18:24:30 78272
Norie Okana hasn't come out of her coffin for near two days. She's been lousy in worry and upset and thinks that spending time in her coffin is a good way to not deal with this. Of course all it's done is let her dwell on the things she learned. She begun running possible mental scenarios. None of them ending good or well for her. She looked down at the soft glow of her phone sometimes. Wait. It was two days already? Nrg. She didn't... didn't... even sleep. That was a bad choice. She needed to sleep lest she forget all this and repeat the next time she woke.

So Norie makes an order. She mentions Rashmi by name and makes an order for 'a good deal of whatever is super spicy' because she doesn't have a menu with her. She's good for it at least.

Rashmi Terios will find Norie's manor. The grounds are well kept. The big iron gate seems to have been replaced in the last year with a more modern one that's rust resistant- though deep cuts and scratches in the pavement and walkway suggests there was an older, rustier and destructive one here before. The manor itself is less well kept on the exterior side. Shutters are broken and hanging. The outside has stripping missing. The place isn't quite a mansion, but does look like a mansion owners summer home.

If Rashmi has been in town for a while, this place is definitely familiar as 'that place that kids dare each other to knock on the door of/enter because it's DEFINITLY super duper haunted for sure.'.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 18:42:46 78276
Oh good, Okana-san is still about. This is good news, following the vampire's general absence from her radar -- though that may at least be in part because Rashmi has been feverishly studying how to fold space continuously and randomly over a dozen times per minute -- And Rashmi takes care to choose a selection that Norie may find interesting.

But she lives at the Incredibly Haunted Manor that Rashmi has grown up being terrified of.

Oh good.

Electing this time *not* to bring Chandra along like a perfecty reasonably required morale-fortifying security monkey, Rashmi pauses at the gates to the Manor, drawing in a deep breath. The place's infamy assures that disbelieving kids are watching, but an order has been placed, and perhaps if she came back out again people might give the rumors less credence.


Probably not.

So, loaded down with a large delivery box in one hand, and a smaller in the other, Rashmi draws in a long, deep breath, steeling herself against the weight of a full decade of rumor and whispering, and marches to the door. Setting down the smaller box, she clears her throat once, and again, and knocks on the door.
Lacrima 2017-06-09 19:09:02 78280
Norie peeks out of the lid of her coffin at some point Rashmi is on her way and she sighs and crawls out and she slides her way up the stairs of the basement to the first floor kitchen and marches upstairs, first to change her shirt. Because when you are an awful dark energy creature- your tears are less water and more horrible dark purple ichor that stains clothes. When this is done, she marches downstairs to get a few plates set out on the small coffee table in the vestibule.

Rashmi can see a shape glide across the front window to the right. It's weird and slow and not towards the door. Surely just a reflection of some car passing by right? Except. There was no car!?

The door knob suddenly jingles and out peeks Norie as she blinks and looks past Rashmi to make sure no one else is here until she looks back at Rashmi and opens the door. "H-hi." she says a little shakily. This is less the usual deadpan Rashmi has come to known and more a tone of hesitant worry.

"Thank. You. For delivering. I mean. I know you don't. Usually do that. As a place." she says as she locks the door after she lets Rashmi in.

The vestibule is large and ornate- and more of a lobby than a vestibule. There's two large half spiral staircases that move along the edge of the wall to the upper level--- an ornate couch with a coffee table of sorts. And a piano that is squarely under a dust cover. There's some picture of a man with red hair and in some orante nobleman's clothes mounted somewhere in a break between staircases and directly under the piano.

There's other doors on the ground floor, but they seem to lead to two smaller hallways, and two direct rooms. Sunlight comes from one of them- which is opened. The other is square closed.

"This is. A manor. I discovered. Researching with a friend at one point." she says.

"There's only minor activity here." she asides.

What kind of minor activity?
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 19:24:31 78281
"What, um... kind of minor activity?" Rashmi begins, following closely behind Norie, eyes roaming over the manor's interior.

"A-anyway, it's all right... Mami told me who was calling, and I was happy to take the time out to deliver. So you wanted meat curry, so I had Papi put together a lamb and tomato one, and Mami suggested you might want to start with a bowl of shukto? It's kind of a palate contrast thing, shukto's kind of a bitter vegetable soup. Oh! And we thought you might like a dessert, so there's this." The smaller box is hefted, and Rashmi smiles. "Malai chom chom, I think you'll like it a good deal."
Lacrima 2017-06-09 19:38:23 78283
Norie Okana explains. "There was. Some sort of cat demon living here. It's gone now. But there's a residual energy trace that'll leave in the next years or so. Just. Makes you think something is there. It's why people think it's haunted. It isn't quite haunted. But it's easy to assume so considering." she says frankly.

"It doesn't bother me. Makes it feel like someone is here when there isn't." she asides. "Feel less alone."

She looks at the choices and nods. "Tha-thanks Rashmi-chan." she says softly. "I don't care what I eat. Per-say. Food isn't sustenance. It's a comfort thing. For me." she says.

"--and I need a lot of that right now." she says.

"I like scaring people that take dares." she asides. "It's fun." she still this with a worried stint as she looks down to the plates. "I got. plates. If you wanted some too." she asides. "I haven't. Left the house in two days. Haven't even called my parents. Need to do that soon." she sighs.

She sort of dishes herself a dish of the lamb and tomato curry and then she pauses a gets up to retrieve bowls for the soup. This just a moment. She returns with bowls and spoons.

"We... rescued Ariel's mother." she says softly. "Which is good." she says lightly. But that's not what's bothering her.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 19:47:51 78285
"Start with the soup," Rashmi says gently, "it'll make the curry taste better." The delivery box is opened, and a tall cup of soup, thick with long-cut vegetables and when opened, smelling of savory and bitter. With a smile, Rashmi pours the majority into Norie's bowl, leaving a bit for herself. The curry, dished out likewise. It's quite clear, by her actions, that Rashmi is only sharing the meal out of politeness, not from any sort of hunger.

"That is good," she agrees slowly, settling her food next to Norie's place. "...But what's wrong, Norie-chan? Did something happen?"
Lacrima 2017-06-09 20:23:51 78286
Norie Okana is now eating bitter soup. She doesn't seem the mind the bitterness. She is kind of taking her time because Rashmi is here, but it's easy to get the impression she'd just be chugging it out of the soup cup if she wasn't here, really. She sighs.

"I. Went to visit her parents, both her mothers. After a day or so." she says.

"I wanted to ask about dreams I sometimes have." she says. "To find out if there was anything wrong or bad connected to such a thing." she says.

"She said that. My dreams are. Probably not my own." she says quietly.

"Which is one of the few answers I was afraid of." she says quietly.

"And it's so worrying. Because I've been having thoughts to that effect. But I don't know what to think because there's only few people that have any experience either being what I am, or dealing with one." she says quietly.

"I'm afraid to ask Kunzite about it because I don't like bothering him about the time he was something like I was unless I have to." she says quietly.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 20:27:26 78287
The story is received with wide, dismayed eyes, but Rashmi listens in complete silence. Her lips compress into a worried line, as she sorts through the possible responses one could have to this revelation. Finally, she finds one that might work better than the reflexive options, and settles on, "...And the other ones... I'm guessing you don't really *want* their perspective so much, right now?"
Lacrima 2017-06-09 20:41:45 78288
Norie Okana frowns. "One seems to be having his own questions about his own nature... and the other might begin to postulate I need to be put down." she says a little sourly. She continues to eat soup until she's done and then. THEN she begins on the lamb curry.

"People don't get it." she says quietly. "Everyone just treats me like I'm an darkness infused human." she says silently.

"Except I'm not. I don't even have a human body. This is just a... puppet. As far as I can tell. Made of dark energy." she says.

"I'm more closer to those things that attacked us when we cut off the drain to Koji's parents." she says.

"But everyone just keeps saying I'm just a girl or what not." she shifts uncomfortably.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 20:48:51 78289
Silence, for a short time, as Rashmi mulls this over. "Well... you're right, Norie. People don't get it. I don't get it, honestly... but it's one of those things people can't get without living it."

She puts a spoonful of the broth to her lips, thinking further, and nods to herself. "...But I *do* think that it's important that you still have a human mind. Whatever your body's made up of, and maybe you don't have the full range of emotions... but none of that doesn't make you any less human, I don't think."

Setting the spoon down, she turns to face Norie fully, tilting her head. "Norie-chan... I don't know what your policy is on contact... but you look like you could really use a hug. May I?"
Lacrima 2017-06-09 21:18:47 78290
Norie Okana frowns. "Then it'd be nice if people stopped pretending they did know." she says a little sourly. That seems to be her main problem right there. "I'm glad you don't at least." she says quietly.

"Rashmi offers a hug. And at least she asks.

"Contact is... I associate it. With feeding. Because I need to touch when I feed." she says softly. "It's not that I can't control myself. It's just how I feel about it, rather than instinct." she says with a deep breath and a sigh. She places her plate down. "Don't expect. Warmth though. Remember. I'm a vampire. Undead. We don't. Generate heat." she offers.

"But... you may hug." she may actually want the hug but what she is actually won't admit it.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 21:29:56 78291
Given permission, Rashmi gets up from her chair, leans over Norie, and wraps her arms around the vampire's shoulders, squeezing gently. After a moment, the redhead chuckles. "It is kind of weird, without any body heat... but that's okay. Let me know when you want me to let go, okay?"
Lacrima 2017-06-09 21:55:59 78292
Norie Okana winces a bit as she's hugged, but this is a common reaction. She is cold. Not deathly so- like Rashmi was hugging a freezer or anything, but she isn't warm to the touch. It's more like Norie is kind of a heat thief in a way maybe.

She does. LIGHTLY hug back, but that's what she normally does when hugged by 'friends'. She sighs and gently tugs off finally. "I'm fine now." she says quietly. Well. She's done with the hug she means.

She's still not fine as she goes back to eating as she sighs.

"I don't... live here. By the way. I mean. I do own the place. But. It's more like a. Safe place for me. You can come here alone if you feel the need to." she says quietly.

"There's nothing actually haunting the place. Just. Stay out of the basement."

A pause.

"Nothing bad is down there. Just. I keep my coffin down there and I don't like people messing with it." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 22:07:27 78293
"It would be a pretty good place to hide out if you needed," Rashmi murmurs, releasing when tugged off, and returning to her chair. "If I need to, I will... but personally I'd rather be invited. Even if it's not your house, it's yours right now, y'know? Just seems more polite that way."
Lacrima 2017-06-09 22:21:55 78294
Norie Okana frowns. "I have an..."

"I believe I have an obligation for this house, and the contents I found inside- to be used for purposes besides myself. Or for hurting others." she says softly. "This house belonged to... a person called 'Melanite'. Who was a member of a 'Dark Kingdom' that came very close to destroying the world and encasing Tokyo in ice for a week." she says. "Kunzite was... someone who was brainwashed to serve them. That's when he was something like what I was." she says. "A... 'dark energy puppet'." she says.

"It's not quite the same as I am- and he has a real body now that isn't a mass of dark energy." she says quietly.

"But. Given. The actions associated with that person. I feel like it'd be better used keeping someone safe for a few days if they need a place to hide." she offers.

"She's also the one who marred the manor with demonic magic." she sighs.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 22:26:17 78295
The story brings a smile to Rashmi's face. "That's a really noble thing to do, Norie-chan. I'll definitely keep it in mind. Though... I'll still make sure you know I'm using it, just so you don't have any unpleasant surprises if you need the basement for a bit, y'know?"
Lacrima 2017-06-09 22:30:51 78296
Norie Okana shakes her head. "Usually. I just. Dusk Zone step into my room down there." she says. "Beings like me can... shift through a sort of 'alternate dimension' to another area on Earth with relative ease." she says. "That's what I'm doing if you ever see me just. Walk out of a shadow or something." she says.

"I'm more likely to spook you by just suddenly appearing." she says wryly as she sighs. "This talk.. and food. Helped a little. Thank you... oh.. um... right." she says as she stands up and walks up one of the stairs. "Wait a minute." she says.

Yup. Rashmi's alone again as she can faintly hear something going on upstairs. Except. Sometimes there's some fluttering from the corner of her eye. And she can swear she hears foot steps right around her. It's probably super creepy. Norie said it's nothing to worry about. Right?

Norie eventually reappears and walks back down the stairs as she hands over a small stack of yen. "That should cover the costs, if I'm remembering the general prices right. Probably more so. Have your family keep the extra for the bother of delivery. It won't be too much anyways. If it isn't enough for some reason. Just let me know and I'll deliver the extra with apologies." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 22:49:57 78300
The redhead looks suitably unnerved by the time Norie gets back, trying to follow the movements and sounds, and when handed the yen she has to pocket her Device before she can take the bills and count them. Three are removed from the stack and handed back with a grin. "I told Mami you were a friend, so there's not really a delivery charge if you wanted dinner and a chat. They're just glad I *have* friends, it's kind of a new thing for me."

That statement hangs in the air for a moment, and then Rashmi breaks the silence with a gasp. "Oh! First you *have* to try the dessert Papi sent along. I don't know how much you like sweets, but, Malai chom chom is *really* special. C'mere, I'll show you." Making her way back to the table, she opens the smaller box, removing a plate with small, golden-yellow teardrop shapes that look something like handmade Twinkies. Then a hand-sized ewer is brought out, and a thick, saffron-colored sauce is poured over the top of the plate.
Lacrima 2017-06-09 22:55:12 78301
Norie Okana pause. "After the most recent fight I had an....episode." she says. "Kunzite delivered several dozen boxes of donuts and I ate them all during the day I started moping." she says wrly. "I like sweets." she says matter of factly.

Norie at least sounds a little better. less shakiness to her voice. More deadpan- which qualifies as normal, though it's still not straight laced as it should be.

She takes the hand sized skewer and blinks. She ASSUMES she's supposed to use it to stab the saffron-colored sauced teardropped shape mini-twinkies with them to eat them so she does that, taking a bite as she swallows and seems to nod. "They're good." she says.

She did catch 'it's a new thing for her to have friends'. "Why is it a new thing?" then she just kind of blurts out what she thinks because sometimes that's what the darkness makes you do. "Is it your mixed heritage?" she asks curiously. "Or just not used to dealing with others...?" she asks.

"I used to be fairly. Good. At the social thing. Before I became this thing. It's easier not to tap that than it was a year ago. Though obviously I'm missing some ommmph."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 23:00:00 78303
The treats are definitely sweet, the cream filling laced with paper-thin slivers of almond, and the 'cakes' apparently made of a cheese that has managed to be cooked light and fluffy like cake, impregnated with sugary syrup and saffron.

"A little of that," Rashmi says, lifting a shoulder and picking up one for herself. "A little of I tend to bury my nose in books when I get the chance. Honestly... If it wasn't for the magical-girl thing, I probably still wouldn't have much more than acquaintances I can nod at in school."
Lacrima 2017-06-09 23:19:55 78306
Norie Okana steals another one. Not that she needs to steal it. They're hers after all. She bought them! Still. She daintily sticks the skewer into another one as she swallows. "My father is Japanese-American. So I get a little of the other thing. It's...." she frowns a little. "Embarrassing. To have to be sent to a therapist." she says. "For what they deem my 'problems'. Since I can't tell them I'm a horrible undead creature now and that's why I don't smile anymore." she says a little cooly.

"It makes me feel bad since they're effectively wasting money on something that can't help me." she says. "But... I guess. Whatever makes them feel like they're helping." she says with a shrug.

"On the book thing. I dunno. I like reading. But never to the detriment of anything around me. I used to be in dance club. Usually it was music I was lost in admittedly."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-09 23:40:26 78311
"Well I wouldn't say 'horrible' or 'creature,'" Rashmi answers, eyebrows drawing together. "I mean, would a horrible creature try to save lives just because a friend asked?" Shrugging, the redhead adjusts her spectacles. "I really wish I knew anything about exactly what happened to you, Norie-chan... But even if I don't, I know what I see, and I see someone doing the very best they can with horrible luck. And that's good, y'know? That's all the proof I need that whatever you were turned into, you're still human where it counts."
Lacrima 2017-06-10 00:06:00 78316
Norie Okana leans forward. "Do you forget that we met during an operation I partook in where I turned some workers into youma?" she asks softly. She leans back. "Thats business though. It isn't personal." she says. "I get help with controlling my energy and access to facilities that are more conducive to someone like myself." she says.

"Besides. I owe my boss a lot. More than a lot of other people." she says quietly.


She grates her teeth. "I've been having. Thoughts. About how lucky I am in a few regards." she says quietly. "That I'm not a slave to what I am fully. That. I am not... some cackling villain who steals people to brainwash them." she says

"Or the servat of some greater evil." she says quietly.

"But I am not any of those things."

"That means I /am/ the greater evil. That I do have the ability for those things if I desired. I know I do."

"And that's been part of what's scaring me." she says.

"Because... it's... not happening often but I often catch myself thinking of... humans as the 'other'." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-10 00:15:13 78320
"Of course I haven't forgotten," Rashmi says, eyebrows rising. "And every other day I find myself hoping that whatever I'm about to face down, you're not part of it cos I don't *want* to fight you. And even then, if I do? I'll still deliver curry here if you decide you want it, and I'll still call you my friend, even to Mami's face. We'll just have disagreements, sometimes..."

After this, she chews on her lip. "Norie-chan... That does kind of scare me too, for you. But... regular people dehumanize others all the time, and if they woke up and changed their minds, why should they get forgiven for being wrong and you don't? And you're missing my point, Norie-chan, a little."

Moving away from the plate, she puts her hands on Norie's shoulders, ducking her head to look into the vampire's eyes. "You're *not* evil, great or small. Something terrible happened, and now you have I guess broken feelings and a body you have to make out of dark energy, but that doesn't make you a bad person. The power you could have? That doesn't make you a bad person, and I know Mizuno-senpai agrees. It's what you do with it that's good or evil. And you could decide not to do anything evil. It'd be hard, sure. But you could do it, and I'd support you all the way."

Letting go, Rashmi takes a step back, smiling gently. "Until then? It's still nice to have a friend."
Lacrima 2017-06-10 00:32:33 78325
Norie Okana sighs and shakes her head. "Yeah. I can't feel. Good things?" she asks. "Like. Imagine. Being happy right now. Actually happy." she says. "Now. Try to imagine that replaced with..just knowing you should be happy- but not actually feeling it." she says.

"It's harder when I confronted with a situation I'm not familiar with. Because I'm not sure how I SHOULD feel about it." she says with a sigh. She sort of sits.

"You say I'm not evil. Yet. I... I dunno what happened that last dream fight. There was someone there who called herself... 'Twilight, Princess of Despair'." she says.

"She started..."

"Goading me into helping her. Like she was confused I was not, given my nature. Then started. Trying to tempt me into trying to control everything there."

"I didn't. Do that mind you but..."

"It sounded like I was someone else for a moment. Threating to. Brainwash her- that 'Twilight' into a servant then... lick the floor of the manor clean." she says.

"Not anything I'd said consciously." she says. "Even though I remember it." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-10 00:37:07 78328
"....Oh wow no wonder you're so shaken up," Rashmi murmurs. "Between that and what Ariel-san's mom said to you..." The redhead shivers, shaking her head.

"Okay... so she got inside your head, and stirred up feelings. That happens, Norie-chan, and lots of people have reactions like that. It's just... well... you have power, like most people don't. And power's kinda like money, y'know? If you have a little, you can only act in little ways, but if you have a lot, you can act big. But like you just said... you didn't do it. You were upset, probably at least a little scared, but you kept a hold of yourself, right?"
Lacrima 2017-06-10 01:05:32 78333
Norie Okana frowns. "Her power was sickening. I know that much. And the only reason I snapped out of it was because Kunzite threw himself in front of a blast meant for me because I couldn't see it though the ranting. Then Ari-chan called my by name name. I didn't think she knew that name." she says quietly. "I thought she only knew the other one. 'Lacrima'." she says lightly.

She sighs a bit. "It doesn't help I've been thinking of such things before that encounter." she says as she shoves another of the desserts into her mouth.

"But. I should. Laydown." she says. "After calling my parents to let them know I didn't run away again or anything." she says.

"Sleeping is. A way I keep events straight in my head. Like. Writing to memory for a computer." she says.

"I haven't really slept. And if I don't, I'll start forgetting things." she grumbles.

She looks up. "Is that okay? You don't. Need to leave. But I do need to go laydown." she says softly.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-10 01:11:03 78334
"That's perfectly fine," Rashmi says gently. "The malai's best chilled, and the rest is for you. Thanks for calling me, Norie-chan. I hope the next time you need to, you will again."

Circling the table, she collects the dishes, and stows them back in their boxes, then straightens. "I'll talk to you again soon, okay?"