Post-Pre-Apocalypse, With Sandesh

Post-nightmare trauma, analysis, and confections.

Date: 2017-06-12
Pose Count: 41
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 00:17:31 78493
Human beings have a certain tendency to cling to groups in crisis. It's easier to cope with the aftermath if you're not alone -- easier still if the people you're not alone with actually understand what's going on. Which means that some people have stayed around the open-to-all-comers crash space that Mamoru's linked apartments offer; some have left, either at once or trailing away after food or a nap; some have come back after leaving. People have, in general, been coming and going.

Which means that the kitchen has, really, been in use just about all day -- occasionally more than one of them has. There are limits on who's allowed to use the kitchens for more than heating water, granted, but there are enough people inside those limits that at times when meals aren't cooking, there's been baking going, or soup, or drinks being made, or all three.

It's been remarkably domestic, for a housefull of strangers and variously poorly-adjusted college students.

It is also entirely possible that Kazuo just hasn't slept. He's kept a running list in his head of who's occupying which guest room (or closet, or, in one case, cabinet), another of what foodstuffs they have in stock and where they can be found, he's arranged quietly for no part of the place to run out of towels when people started crawling awake and into the shower, he's made sure nothing happens to the rosebush on the balcony, he's kept tabs on who exactly has been quiet for how long and pointed some of the more socially-adept people at the ones who've crawled into corners, just in case... he's done very little conversing with people about anything but basic logistics, but those he's had covered. Which is undoubtedly why he's presently starting Yet Another pot of coffee. The stuff is apparently as omnipresent here as tea is everywhere else.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-13 00:23:58 78494
--so Kazuo's staring at a pot of coffee, and that's about when Mamoru, after having healed everyone and on-and-off slept fitfully and uncomfortably (even when curled in next to Zoisite), comes into the kitchen and manages to occupy the cornermost kitchen chair in the smallest way possible for someone so tall. Feet up on the seat, folded in on himself, somewhat zombie-like in the face, he alternates between also watching the coffee pot and watching Kazuo.

There's a vague air of reassurance that he's okay, and isn't expecting Kunzite to say anything, and doesn't especially want to say anything himself-- just wants to be near.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 00:26:05 78495
The redheaded Mage was, oddly enough, among those who left early, though not without a flurry of apologies and promises to catch up. Even still, there was a marked urgency to her exit from the post-pre-apolacyptic battle, and her flight path was almost arrow-stright toward the Korma.

She has indeed returned, however, and bearing a large donut-box-sized package in one hand, knocking on the door with the other.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 00:27:22 78496
Due to the nature of Koji's nightmare, or perhaps especially because of it, despite his saying he would leave as soon as possible, the young man has not left yet. Nor has he spent little time that wasn't in the company of at least 2 to 3 other people at any given time. That part is why the kitchen becomes an ideal place for him. When he's not cooking, he's cleaning... gray-area breaking of the standing rule since he was doing the cooking in the first place... and when he can't do both, he's lingering close by with a cup of tea or something else.

He's not even in his own clothes, with the wreck of the uniform that was already replaced once by means that he's not aware of, and would probably be a little annoyed at. However, now it's a moot point, since it's enough of a mess that repair is less feasable compared to replace. He looks a bit comical in a borrowed Inu-Yasha T-shirt, someone else's cargo shorts that are maybe a half-size too big on his slender frame, but overall a lot cleaner for a shower last night and a solid (If you can call it that) 6 hours of sleep. The sound of the toilet follows him a bit, and he seems a bit surprised at seeing both the older boys out here.

Reflexively, when the door knock comes, Koji adjusts his glasses, and says, "I'll get it."

And so when the door is answered, Rashmi can see the sleep-ruffled hair of the young man, "Oh, hi. Did you leave something here?"
Naru Osaka 2017-06-13 00:34:23 78497
It's convenient that the door is already being answered. It makes Naru emerging from the elevator and down the hall just a bit so much easier than having to unlock the door herself. Her steps slow a little, as she spots no one from ECFH being actually at the door, but that's hardly entirely unusual. Only a smidge. And it's Koji answering the door to someone Naru doesn't know.

The hesitation is clear.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-13 00:41:30 78498
    Kyouko was more than familiar with nightmares- but not the supernatural kind. For better or worse, she hadn't been drawn into this particular conflict, or at least not directly. Privately, she feels a little frustrated, in the way that she does whenever some major crisis occurs and she's not on hand to help. That whole 'I should have been there' complex. But she's matured enough in the past couple years to keep that feeling to herself, because there are people in legitimate distress, and some of them are people she cares rather a lot about.

    She's been around when time permits, doing what she can to help out without being too overbearing. At the moment, she's coming down from the roof, walking quietly on bare feet. A quick glance around surveys the room, and spots Mamoru in his chair. She walks over and puts an arm around his shoulder, squeezing for a moment. But just for a moment, before she moves on towards the kitchen.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 00:45:54 78499
"Thank you, Silvia-san." Apparently fighting Nightmare Princes is not enough to make Kazuo use any address less formal. He glances back at Mamoru, and inquires, "Coffee or ice cream?" just before Kyouko comes into view. Which means that without a word he delves into the freezer and comes up with what's left of the actual ice cream, setting it on the counter in sacrifice, even if that wasn't what he meant.

(It is not ice cream weather for most people; the Rain has set in, and the temperatures dropped with it.)
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 00:48:39 78500
"Not yet!" Rashmi chirps -- oh god she's a morning person -- and hefts the box. "Mostly I just wanted to check in and see how everyone's doing after last night, and when I told Papi I was visiting friends he sent me along with this box of sandesh and, well... anyway, hi!"

Movement at the corner of her eye alerts er to Naru's presence, and with a hurried, apologetic bow she scoots out from in front of the door. "Sorry, am I in your way?"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 01:02:02 78501
In an almost numb fashion, more tired than anything else, Koji moves to one side for both of the girls to come in, while from his pocket his smartphone chimes out, <<Hello Rashmi!>>

Looking almost annoyed about it, he takes out his phone so that the digital display of Tyrfing's face can be seen smiling. The perks of being digital, he can also afford to be a 'morning person' too. But with formalities out of the way, the young man with the long black hair walks off and away from the door in an exhausted fashion and plants himself on the floor in front of where the game system controller is... but doesn't actually pick it up.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-13 01:06:25 78502
"Oh!" Naru starts a little as Rashmi notices her and she smiles, shaking her head. "No rush. I mean, I don't think anything inside is going to be going anywhere if I wait for you. Although if you're visiting, you probably just want to head inside."

Naru leans a little, watching Koji being a zombie, and everyone else being zombie-like in the apartment too.. other than Kyouko. There's a frown, quietly thoughtful as she also heads towards the kitchen, although she pauses at the door, lest they surpass the firecode capacity of the room. But coffee.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-13 01:30:48 78503
It's a big kitchen. Not infinite, but big. Scandalously so.

Besides, no one would tell on her if Naru broke fire code limitations on room occupancy.

" and sandesh," Mamoru says after a moment's processing the words and the scents and the presences actually active in the immediate area, and then processing that he just got a sideways crooked leaning table-hug a second later. "Hi Kyou-chan. Did Terios-san just get here? I think I fell asleep with my eyes open."

He doesn't look entirely focused, no.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 01:35:44 78504
Kazuo pours coffee for Naru, while Mamoru is processing; passes that over without need for a request. The second cup goes to Mamoru, with silent trust that the 'and sandesh' will make sense of itself in a moment; he lingers with a hold on it long enough for fingers to brush fingers in passing. Third is his own, since Mamoru just made it clear that he's not picking up on nearly as much of what's going on in the area as usual, and it's time for stimulants to help. "No trouble by your place this morning?" he asks Naru quietly all the same. And waits for Rashmi to manifest or not, depending. No-one's at their best, today.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 01:40:41 78505
Rashmi Terios gestures for Naru to go on ahead, and bustles in behind her, shutting the door and trading her shoes for house slippers without lowering the box in her hand. Once done, she sets the box down on the table and pauses, looking around the apartment, and the zombies scattered therein. "...Looks like nobody got much rest," she murmurs, frowning faintly. The covers is taken off the box, to reveal several dozen small cookie-like confections, some with patterns pressed into the top, others topped with what look to be candied coriander. "...Basically it's flavored kneaded cottage cheese and not-quite-treacle," she says, apparently feeling the need to explain her bounty. "Anyway... Mostly I was concerned, when I left it looked like nobody was doing well, and I hoped some sleep would help fix that..."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-13 01:42:11 78506
    Kyouko accepts the ice cream offering, though she at least glances around in offer to the other people standing around before spooning some into a bowl for herself and leaning back against the counter to eat it. "I dunno." She says to Mamoru at his question, "I just came down myself, I was outside." A brief nod up towards the roof.

    Naru pokes her head into the kitchen, and Kyouko leaves the counter to cross over and press an ice-cream-chilled-smooch to her cheek. "Hey, babe. Apparently we missed some big crisis last night."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 01:48:27 78507
It's almost deadpan when Koji says it, sighing once, "There's this prince... at least he's called a prince. He's the Prince of Dreams. Only... he lost his best friend, and then when he tried to find that person, he couldn't. And he tried to find others, and they kept..." He trails off after a moment, and then takes a deep breath, "I'm telling it wrong. It was all so clear when we were there... now it's just jumbled."

From his phone, Tyrfing pipes up, <<Don't mind the kid, he got beat up again. Partly my fault. I couldn't keep my Knight Cloth going for him. Not after all the mana we were slinging. You have a good run this morning, Naru-chan? Going to fight practice this afternoon, Kyouko-chan?>>
Naru Osaka 2017-06-13 01:54:07 78508
"Thanks." Naru answers Kunzite automatically, stepping into the kitchen just far enough to acquire coffee and offer Mamoru a gentle smile. Her words are for Kunzite still, however. "Nothing dramatic at our place, I haven't been to Mom's apartment to know if anything went weird there, although I will be in a little while."

There's a nod to Kyouko at th emention of having missed the most recent crisis, and a smile at the chilly smooch. "Dream crisis, based on that it would seem." She notes to her girlfriend, stealing a kiss of her own upon the girl's cheek. Coffee flavoured smooches are not entirely a feature for Kyouko.

"Flavoured kneaded cottage cheese?" Naru sounds skeptical of the treat, but not enough to decline trying it. It could be good! "That sounds.. odd." She decides and then considers Rashmi. "Hi. I'm Naru."

"No run today, Tyrfing. Cycling early and swimming later today, but it was a good ride." Naru replies to the phone, before another sip of coffee. Because of course one chats with someone else's cellphone independantly.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-13 02:02:56 78509
The first brush of fingers in the passing of a mug reveals spinning wheels, except they're plates, and they're at the tops of poles. He wants people around. But he's in overload, and can't sort out everything surrounding him.

Mamoru sips his coffee, making a noncommittal sound to Kyouko's statement of location. Rashmi's, Koji's, and Tyrfing's voices, all coming from the living room? That makes him try to focus, but the coffee's not working yet, and the sandesh is still out there with Rashmi. He considers the idea that maybe he's expected to get up and converse. He considers the idea that he should, because Kazuo's in bad shape, and maybe two of them--

--but Tyrfing and Rashmi both sound so perky.

The second brush of fingers is as Kazuo passes, but Mamoru leans forward to do it, one foot down and half out of the chair, in order to catch at the white-haired man's hand. Kunzite can feel his prince using him as a landmark when he looks at Kyouko, at Naru, at the fullness and bright light of life pervading the apartments. "It could be a distraction. Just give me a second," he says out loud, and like a distraction is a positive thing.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 02:07:16 78510
"Dream crisis that broke into the real world. Random nightmares taking physical form. I hope your mother's all right." Kazuo's frown is a little more notable than it ought to be, even so, but still small. He reaches for a plate that's dried in the rack but not yet been put away, and starts to pace out of the kitchen toward Koji and Rashmi and the table --

-- and halts in an instant when Mamoru leans forward. Plate still in hand, prepared to finish a sandesh-fetching expedition for Mamoru if the living room's more than he can handle. Tired, but not so tired that he can't be an anchor.

"Thank you for bringing those, Terios-san," he says instead, maintaining conversation even while Mamoru's doing ... whatever it is he's doing. "And you were quite correct. Some sleep has helped them, for the most part. We've found that food and sweets generally help, too; so these are particularly appreciated."

(That is, in fact, why there is a near-constant supply of baked goods and random desserts in the kitchen. Not just for social purposes. Because sometimes Usagi collapses here after a fight, and they had better be ready.)

"Your family? I take it they're well?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 02:29:39 78512
"I'm Rashmi," the redhead says, smiling brightly at Naru and bobbing her head. "It's good to meet you! Looking back at Kazuo, she nods, smiling. "Pretty good," Rashmi says, toying with a pastel-yellow diamond, stamped with an angular spiral pattern. "Mami and Papi didn't sleep well, but Chandra was really scared for me, he'd stayed behind to make sure my parents were okay, and I guess he felt it when we all got..." She trails off, simply touching a pair of fingers to her head and wiggling them, as though afraid to even raise the specter of the emotional damage she's fairly certain everyone took during the final run. "...Oh, and Koji-kun, Tyrfing? You both were amazing out there too, I just anted you to know."

"Also, I wanted to let everyone know I have an update on my part for the Hannah thing. It's just a matter of tweaking things so everything is perfect."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-13 02:29:57 78513
    Kyouko shares a look with Naru, communicating something with her without speaking, before moving away from her and back out into the living room. "Nightmares taking physical form, huh? Guess I should be glad mine stay inside my head." It's a flippant remark, but not made to trivialize anything. Rather to keep the mood getting too heavy after Kunzite's statement.

    She glances at the unusual (to her) treat that Rashmi has brought. "Interesting. Also hi, I'm Kyouko." She says, on the heels of Naru's introduction. She's still eating ice cream so she doesn't take any of Rashmi's offering, but it's only a matter of time.

    To Tyrfing, she adds, "No fight practice today. Thursdays. I mean, I'll go patrol later. Gotta keep the Witches in check. But I know that's not what you meant."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 02:39:01 78514
<<Well, someone's gotta be social, right?>> The Device replies with a grin on the screen, <<Maybe on Thursday, we can go at it on the roof. Your stick versus a real Belkan-made weapon.>> Of course the Unison Device is grinning when he says it, but the Device also seems to enjoy the challenges.

Koji still sits there in front of the controller, and then looks over and back at Rashmi, saying softly, "That's nice of you to say. We all did really good there last night. Did you see the spell-arrows I was using? We designed those after seeing you in the dreamworld. Tyrfing can run simulations, and I actually cast it myself."

Trying to make some kind of conversation in it all, he curls his knees to his chest, and then rests his head on them before going on, "So what are you talking about with Hannah, anyways?"
Naru Osaka 2017-06-13 02:49:02 78515
"Random nightmares in the world? That sounds like a pain in the arse." Naru doesn't sound unduly /surprised/, and there's a nod of acknowledgement at another checkmark of weird on the tally sheet of their lives. "Are they settled, or should I continue to keep an eye out for physical manifestations?" She asks of the room generally, but really only expecting an answer from Kunzite.

Naru has a mission, however, as she moves into the main room, still holding her coffee, but the bookshelf is her quarry. She crouches to go hunting for /something/ in specific. Which lets her listen to the Hannah plan, potentially.

"Nice to meet you, Rashmi." Naru comments quietly, as she pulls out a volume from the shelf.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-13 03:00:09 78516
'Whatever Mamoru's doing' is basically trying to get over using everyone died and and I feel like the senshi would hate me if everything went wrong to cover up the real lingering problem for him: why did he try to give up and let go? Why did he have no faith? How could he have given the order to stay alive when if something looked hopeless, he tried to die? In the waking world he's so ready to say it and mean it: 'where there's life, there's hope.' He believed he believes it, but that was his worst nightmare coming to pass, and--

Center. The question's been identified, and while Kazuo's talking for him, Mamoru methodically boxes it up and stores it on a shelf in his mind labeled 'later', marking it down on his to-do list. He doesn't have to try and figure it out now. He just has to be awake, and be able to focus enough that it's his scientifically provable senses in charge of filtering his input. The walls don't go up, but mosquito nets sure do.

And then he unfolds the rest of the way out of the chair and lets go Kazuo's hand, once he's silently confirmed he can handle the living room. Probably not particularly participatorily, but he can handle being in there-- so he goes, silently passing Kyouko and Naru and lightly touching their shoulders in turn, and then he gives Rashmi a tiny little bow in gratitude for the pieces of sandesh he pilfers from her box as he moves to sit down in a corner of the other couch and fold up there.

Then Rashmi brings up Hannah, and the prince freezes a little. "Awesome," he says, trying not to sound like he completely forgot about the punchtervention last night and hadn't remembered yet, and trying not to let his mind run off into another wild spiral 'what if', this time involving Hannah's potential place in that nightmare world he'd spawned for himself.

He knows he's not dreaming. He knows he won't go back to that world.

Still, Mamoru's wedged in the corner of the couch with coffee and sandesh and he's trying to figure out how to fake getting a phonecall. He'd just pull the old 'gotta go Sailor Moon's in trouble' business except that probably everyone here would want to go help and it would be a filthy lie and they'd find out.

What this mostly looks like is basically:

Mamoru sits there in the couch corner for a while and at one point says 'Awesome' and then fidgets.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-13 03:05:59 78517
    Kyouko smiles at Mamoru as he walks past her and touches her shoulder. Her eyes track him for a few moments, brow furrowing just a little bit as he watches himself into the corner of the couch. Again, she glances to Naru, watching the other girl as she hunts for a book among those stored in the living room.

    After a moment, she speaks up, after finishing the last of her ice cream. "That could be cool Tyrfing. For now though, I'm gonna go back up to the roof. I was working on trying to figure out how I can rearrange a few of the plants to get some more workout space."

    She glances at Mamoru again. "I could use your advice on that, Mamoru, if you get a free minute this afternoon. It's your garden, after all, don't wanna move stuff around without your input." She gives him a crooked smile.. and an out, when and if he wants to use it.

    She moves across the room, pausing to run her finger over Naru's shoulders as she passes, then heads to the staircase and back up to the roof.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 03:10:31 78518
Rashmi's news about her family wins a nod -- three more accounted for, approximately twelve million to go -- but it's her update news that prompts Kazuo's eyebrows to lift. "Mercury met with you about the specs, then?" he says, as if that were supposed to make some kind of sense. "And you've gotten that far, already? Excellent." (He does not clarify 'gotten that far' on what. That's apparently Rashmi's privilege.)

Kyouko's nightmare comment wins a small smile from Kazuo, then. "I think everyone within a few rooms of you should be glad about it," he says to her solemnly. Kyouko's combat style is not exactly sessile. To Naru: "Settled for the moment, I think. The root cause, the Nightmare Prince, is still to be dealt with, but he's been reasonably effectively disarmed, and enough doubt instilled to make it unlikely he'll be able to gather that kind of force again soon."

He's moved almost idly, plate still in one hand, coffee cup in the other, out to the main room. "I'm forgetting myself. Terios-san, if you'd like anything to drink -- or to eat, though what we currently have is undoubtedly less good than you have at home -- please feel free to make yourself at home in the kitchen again." Again, because the offer was made earlier. "And please forgive me for not fetching it for you. It's not the best of days for any of us. Except, apparently, Tyrfing." He nods toward the cellphone, then asks, "This may be the equivalent of asking whether you've graduated kindergarten, but are you reasonably capable of generating Barriers yourself? That might make Kyouko's concern about the plants unnecessary, in this instance."

During those last sentences, he's stooped to transfer a few of the not-pastries onto the plate himself -- coriander preferred, but he's not thieving them all -- and then he pauses again to consider Mamoru. Before seating himself on the same couch, angled mostly along the couch rather than perpendicular to it, and leaning back against a fidgety prince's shoulder. This is the sort of thing that is cute when one is Zoisite's comparative size. Kazuo is ... not Zoisite's comparative size. At least he's careful enough about it to make certain that no coffee is spilled.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 03:17:38 78520
"I did," Rashmi says to Koji, bobbing her head. "Those were really smart, yeah."

Her eyes roam over the rest of those loosely assembles, but it's Kazuo that grabs her attention next. "Regular Barriers Nicomachea and I can do, yeah... you saw it at the hospital, that was me. Mizuno-senpai and Nicomachea have been teaching me the basics on the really brain-crampy bits of hyperdimensional and spatial unphysics, and between the three of us we have a method for keeping Hannah from running away the moment she gets confronted, and keeping the forest from getting burned down in the process. Nichomachea can even run it, too."

She seems about to go on, but the absence of geniality from the couch corner is a vortex of unusual, and after sparing a glance at the rest, she takes a seat near the couch. "......Chiba-sama?" Pointedly not asking if he's okay; it would be insulting to force a lie so blatant.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-13 03:26:03 78521
Naru brings the book and her coffee and lets her attention follow Kyouko up the stairs. She turns back to the living room and considers it a moment, a faint smile at the touch to her shoulder from Mamoru. "I'm going to keep Kyouko company. Text me if you need me."

There's not much more, before a Naru, her coffee and that book head for the roof as well.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 03:32:00 78522
For reasons that only he could muster for himself, Koji finally gets up from his spot, and walks past where Kunzite and Rashmi are, leaving his phone with Tyrfing's image on it where both can see, just in case they need his more militaristic input on things. But instead of joining the conversation, he goes into the kitchen and comes back with some Oolong tea with jasmine, the pre-bottled stuff that has a bit of honey added into it. Cracking the bottle, there's a couple sips, and then he comes back around to walk towards... of all people... Mamoru.

Just sort of squatting down in front of the older boy, he rests his elbows on his knees as he looks upwards, "You told me I'm good at something. Something I didn't know I was good at or why. But it's because I spent most of my childhood looking like this."

Fishing into his pocket, he takes out an honest to gosh wallet, and a little picture from it as well. Putting it where Mamoru can see, but not where it's resting on a knee or a hand, the picture is obviously part of a class picture. It's Koji, but this kid is pudgy. The fat cheeks, the round body, the fat calves over small feet. He's the biggest kid in his class, but not in the good way, "When you're on the outside, you get good at looking in on things, and figuring out what's happening. When no one notices you, then you hear things that people don't realize they're saying. Hurtful things sometimes... well, most of the time, really. That's why when I learned how to cook for myself, and not just shove junkfood into me, the first thing I did was throw myself into everything. I was desperate to be there. For someone to notice me."

He sighs once more, and then goes to stand up, "I suppose what I'm trying to say is... it's why I wanted to save the Prince, and not destroy him. Because that could have been me to. And if I'd been him... I'd secretly be hoping there's always going to be that one person who's there to help me."

The last words that come out are... "Kinda like you."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-13 04:12:07 78523
Kyouko gets a quick, grateful nod from the prince on the couch, and the faint creases that could be the beginnings of a smile or a strained look, and likewise Naru when she goes to join her. Mamoru relaxes fractionally when Kunzite leans against him -- he at least stops fidgeting so much, but the tension is slower to drain.

When Rashmi comes closer and... calls him Chiba-sama of all things.. ?! He looks at her like she has two heads for a second. "Mamoru," he says in a strangled voice, "just-- I'm just Mamoru. Or Endymion. Either is fine. No samas need apply--"

And then Koji's coming close when Rashmi's already close and he stuffs a sandesh in his mouth and grips the other two in the same hand as the coffee, and he reaches for Kazuo's hand with absolutely no shame or hesitation. He chews, trying to look sane and with-it and rational and well-slept and failing; his eyes are a little wide.

He tries valiantly to parse what Koji's saying, and Kunzite will notice the immediate interpretation Mamoru has; he chews through it a little longer, and if his response is delayed, he'll just have to hope Koji isn't discouraged.

"--oh," he says in a small voice, finally. "I just-- I don't know if that's a-- I'm not a great role model. I can't do anything by myself. If that's what you meant, I mean-- if you meant you understand what could drive the Nightmare Prince to be like that, yeah, so do we-- but he turns it outward. I don't know what a healthy reaction is anymore. But-- thank you. I just-- Terios-san has details about Hannah, I just can't really... contribute measurably to that, I'm still offbalance and Hannah-- I'm friends with a lot of people whose-- I can't think about Hannah yet, is all."

He sounds hopeful and apologetic and a little embarrassed all at once, but it's also the most engaged he's been the whole time. His eyes flicker to Koji's wallet for a half-second, and he says with a little squint, "You were a cute kid."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 04:28:07 78524
"My apologies," Kazuo says to Rashmi. "I knew you could manage regular Barriers, from previous conversations. I was curious to confirm whether Tyrfing could as well." He pauses for a moment. "I'd be interested to watch you practice that method, if you're amenable to that, and don't wish to keep it secret. I, ah. Interfered with one of Hannah's barriers once before, and one of her coworkers'. So it might be useful to make certain that any counters she's developed or he's shared with her since then won't work well for her."

And then there is a particular honorific, and Koji is moving to crouch down before Mamoru, and the plate is put down in Kazuo's lap and he's reaching back for Mamoru's hand without even being able to see Mamoru starting his own gesture.

He's quiet, while the two talk. He's good at being background, being furniture. In this case it's less effective, given the leaning on Mamoru, but he's still quiet.

"Everyone who lives here," he says, when Mamoru's wound down, "understands what it's like to have been on the outside. And understands what it's like to be broken enough to forget that there are other options than lashing out. We have that in common with you."

He turns his head to look more directly at Koji; white hair spills over Mamoru's shoulder and side. "He'll understand better what you were saying in a couple of days, I think. The dreams hit him in places where he's still healing; it makes it harder for him to follow trains of thought."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 04:30:49 78525
"Mamoru-kun," Rashmi says smoothly, making clear that the -sama was largely to get hs attention. "What happened last night was the worst nightmare of your life. I can tell... it was for me, too. And for Koji. And it's going to twist in your head for awhile, until someone helps you get your head above water. That's.... part of why I came here today to talk about Hannah. Because my nightmare... The Prince snapped his fingers, and everything I had and had done was just... gone. I couldn't stand up to him, I couldn't fight... I couldn't fly... And nobody noticed, not even when I started falling. It was like I hadn't even showed up, y'know? Like I was just that useless, that I could fall to my death and not even be sure anyone'd find the body. So... I know what you're going through, Mamoru-kun. I think we all do... we just have to get rid of that horrible whisper of doubt our own ways."

And with that truth bomb out of the way, she clears her throat, dabbing at her eyes for a moment and extracting Nicomacha from her bookbag. When the charm becomes a book, sets him on the table, crystal-side up. "So in the interest of being useful... Nicomachea, can you illustrate for me, like we talked about?"


"Just to get the basics out of the way; what a Time-Space Barrier does is sort of 'fold in' a chunk of space from another dimension... timeline? Something like that... Over the top of ours. Most of the time, it's used to pick the emptiest version of whatever poor place is going to get torn up, and let *that* take all the fighting damage for our world. But according to Mizuno-senpai, Hannah's a really good Device User, and especially good at teleporting and spotting the weaknesses in Barriers. So our entire discussion, the first day, was all about what to do to foil that ability to break a Barrier, so she can't just teleport away."

Looking to Kunzite, Rashmi bobs her head. "I'd be happy to demonstrate, sure. If anything it'll help to really, um... stress test... what I came up with."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 04:51:50 78526
<<Barriers are not my specialty. Belkan technology focuses on close-range single combat. I was a break from the traditional mindset in Device design late in the Saint War, from what the records I was provided by the TSAB told me. I can manage small-range barriers for personal protection against ranged attacks... but I can't manage on the scale that Nichomachea can.>> And almost immediately adds, <<And there's no reason to be smug about it.>> The Device says through it's interface in the phone snorting just a bit in disgust, <<Like most other Ritter-grade Device, I have access to an identification grimoire of known spells of Belkan, MidChildian, and Modern Belkan. Not precisely a how-to, but enough for me to know just about what's being thrown at me. Think of it like knowing what an apple is, but not knowing the difference between a Granny Smith and a Fuji because you've never tasted them.>>

Koji stands up and rubs the back of his neck, "He's been wanting to bake pies." Smiling at Mamoru, again he doesn't violate the realm of touch, not like those he's fought longer and harder with, but does say to the older boy, "Thank you. But it didn't feel like that for me at the time. My parents moved me to Seiyou two years ago after I shed the weight. They wanted to live closer to work anyways."

Tyrfing, from his vantage point, continues to listen to the back and forth, and scowls a bit, <<Sounds like she's schooling you on subspace physics pretty well. I'm impressed. With both of you. So... let's see what you've got, huh?>>
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 04:58:03 78527
"Not right now, if that's all right," Kazuo says, swift on the heels of Tyrfing's suggestion. "Endymion's not in shape to handle it, and I'm still too low on energy to summon the ability to watch what you're doing properly. We should have a day or two; would you object to reconvening then? Or you're welcome to demonstrate to Tyrfing in the mean time, if you'd rather get input now. There's plenty of space."

Please, God, let him not have thought that last line qualified as a joke.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 05:03:23 78528
"Not right now," Rashmi repeats agreeably, eyes falling on the possibly-asleep Mamoru, and deciding to let sleep be the victor, here. "Let me know when you've recovered, and we can do a proper stress testing. The point though, is that our solution was to never give Hannah -- or anyone who might be caught in the Barrier -- the opportunity to blast their way out. What we'll be doing is just folding the space over and over and over and over again, creating a Barrier with a different weak point every time, at random times but never more than two seconds apart each time. It'd be like being in a small maze, but the walls move faster than you can even move to get past them, y'know?"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 05:09:47 78529
Tyrfing grunts inside the cellphone screen, <<Right, so then our job's to keep her so focused on US she doesn't get time to really figure out what's happening. Multi-staged assaults affecting not only her but her Device's computational and sensory ability. Chiba-san was correct. We're going to need logistical support AND communication to pull it off. Earth cellular communication devices are fairly easy for us to infiltrate when needed. Hey Nicomachea. Try accessing your Master's phone, eh?>> Speaking those last words deliberately loud, like he's talking to some older man.

Koji listens, and then looks over at Kunzite, tilting his head as if trying to put something else here together, but remains silent for the moment.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 05:17:00 78530
"You have been working with Mercury," Kazuo comments drily to Rashmi. Apparently that maze comment struck a chord. He nods to her all the same, and nods toward Tyrfing. "Twice over," he says. "Since when Hannah's pressured, she reverts to anger, which makes her consider fewer subtle solutions." He taps a fingertip against the back fo Mamoru's hand, thoughtful. "Virtue's communications aren't so easy to tap into, and some of us are likely to have them, as a method of keeping Hannah from overhearing or from broadcasting something loud enough to become an attack in itself. I wonder if Mercury or Luna would be willing to put something together for the occasion, or to work with you on it."

Then he glances to Koji, and his eyebrows twitch upward. "Yes?" He doesn't sound offended in the slightest. Mildly curious, perhaps.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 05:21:57 78531

"...Thank you no, Nicomachea," Rahmi says, stifling a giggle, and shaking her head. "Anyway... the drawback to this is... Well, I'm going to have to dig deep to make this happen and keep it running. Like... I'm not even going to have enough magic to spare to let Chandra take any form besides his monkey one. So... I'm also going to need to rely on someone to keep me from getting targeted, too."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 05:28:28 78532
<<You couldn't terminate me even on your best day, Nichomachea.>> Tyrfing replies with a smirk.

But Koji seems to still be considering something, and then says, "You..." Looking at Kazuo a bit longer, but then stops, and he walks over to sit on one of the couches. He looks like he wants to chew on his thumb or something, and then shakes his head before giving an embarrassed smile, "Sorry... I was just thinking. You said you're short on power. But you also told me that you can draw from, convert, and manipulate just about any form of energy. But... that's not entirely true, is it? You actually have some kind of core power you need to use the others... and you have to use a little bit of it each... kind of like injecting your power into other sources of power so you can control them, like how Miss Norie can control other youma."

He pauses, and then looks away, adjusting his glasses, "I was just wondering why you weren't back to full strength. If there's anything I can do to help you with that, let me know. It's the least I can do for letting me stay here to recover."

Getting back to the topic at hand, Koji nods to Rashmi, but says, "I won't be able to help you with that part. Chiba-san's asked me to handle support. It's why I asked about communication. Tyrfing can't manifest spells as well as other Device, but it means he can put his processing power towards analysis. Watch for patterns and try and take best advantage of them with Hannah. If you need, I can try to get ahold of Nanoha, or Mikoto, and see if they can help you?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-13 05:47:09 78533
"Close to correct," Kazuo agrees to Koji. "I can do those things as long as I have enough strength to draw on my old self. That acts like an on-off switch on my abilities. Right now, I technically do have enough energy to do so. But only if I cannibalize my own life energy to do it. Endymion tends to frown on that kind of decision, so I'm unwilling to take that step without a pressing need." He drinks some of his coffee -- his by now undoubtedly cold coffee -- enough to balance the cup on the plate and let him gesture without letting go of Mamoru's hand. "I have a little access to my power in my modern state. Enough to see in the dark, for instance, or to tell the actual temperature of the oven, and where the hot spots are. But not enough to institute a proper effect. So. I can generate and conserve energy the normal way for a bit: lie in the sun," like a cat, which he does not say around Tyrfing, "on days when there is sun, or spend time with other people, or change what I eat and when, and so on. Which means that you've both contributed to my recovery already. But in practical terms, Endymion tends to recover energy much faster than other people, and he can donate it; once I have enough to make the change -- well. There are still some rooftops not taking proper advantage of their solar exposure, for one thing."

He closes his eyes, when Koji turns his attention back to Rashmi. "Keeping as many sources of attack on Hannah as possible is your first line of defense," he says. "She tends to lean toward fighting back, rather than fighting smart, under pressure. Usually. But that's obviously not going to be sufficient. Endymion and I are both defense-specialized to a certain extent; I think you've seen my shields, and Endymion can use the same tricks I was using last night. Mercury, also, though she sows confusion rather than forming a direct barrier; but she's likely to be more useful left to her own devices."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-13 05:56:31 78534

Ignoring the byplay between Tyrfing and Nicomachea, Rashmi focuses instead on Koji and Kunzite, nodding seriously. "So then the question becomes if we can borrow a Virtue phone, since Koji and I can talk to each other and our Devices fairly easily. ...Um. Assuming you don't mind the idea of me talking right into your brain, Koji-kun."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-13 06:06:45 78535
"I already have one, two doesn't seem like it'd be a bother." Koji replies with a smile.

<<UNSUBTLE?! Anytime you want to go, Professor, we can throw down. I'm the height of Old Belkan Tech, you glorified laptop!>>

Koji turns on his phone, "Okay, stop it Tyrfing. I know you're wanting to do something, but you can stop trying to pick fights with everyone." Picking up the smartphone, he turns off the screen and puts it back in his pocket, "I think it's time I took him home. Usually, playing around in the kitchen calms this down a little."

<<...Typical Midchildian Arr->>

"Tyrfing, Conversation Mode."

And with a *POP* He's suddenly in his cat form. Which says to you both, "Sumimasen."