Spicy Hot Summer Dance!

The Spicy Summer Dance courtesy of Gullwing Coffee and Korma Chamelon! Koji makes sweets and drinks! People meet Hannah before they punchervent her! Takara and Chandra are getting married! LOTS OF STUFF HAPPENS.

Date: 2017-06-14
Pose Count: 101
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-14 18:04:30 78605
The SPICY HOT SUMMER GALA is a multi-school dance affair. It is being held on Gullwing Coffees beachfront property that runs all the way down to the water. Its a sizable strip. There has been effectively a portable dance floor setup on a raised platform as not to allow sand to randomly end up on the dance floor. There are festive tiki lights around the dance floor to offer light when it begins to darken from afternoon to evening- aswell as similar lights in other places.

The music playing seems to be pop hits, to delightfully tropical music, to the occasional slow dance from various artists and genres.

The ocean is still a little chilly, but comfortable- and the beach is clean her for those who have brought swimsuits to sit in the surf or even swim. The weather is delightfully calm with just a small breeze, meaning waves dont get absolutely huge at the moment.

There have been tables and chairs with fanciful sun blocking umbrellas place around. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to chair and table count as many people just move chairs to other tables to sit with their friends when not dancing.

There is a prime buffet and serving area setup. The key features of this dances fare are its two sponsors, Gullwing Coffee and Korma Chamelon. Gullwing has provided sweet snacks, and frozen coffee and frozen non-coffee drinks. Korma Chameleon has provided a wealth of authentic curries and exotic Indian drinks ranging from mild to spicy all ready to be served. Most of these items are presented in such a way to be self served, but the occasional worker is there to help dish it out aswell.

Overall, things are slowly gaining into swing.

Haruna Kurosawa is currently fussing over the serving table for a second because one of the machines clogged up. She punched it. It started working again. She nods matter of factly as she gives it the ol fonz. She looks back up and smiles a bit. So far. So good. Not running out of things yet. She spins a moment looking skyward as she swings herself to one of the nearby tables to flop out over the seat and table with a smile a moment.

Reiko Touyama is also here in an orange tank top and a pair of shorts. Also. There is a tiny orange koi swimming in one of the trays of curry an seems to be threatening to eat it all if given enough time. Luckily its too adorably tiny to be a threat of that. Reiko is sipping some sort of frozen orange drink from the table and seems to overall be enjoying the warm heat and get together. Momo may have come with her!
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 18:12:03 78606
Among the serving tables, the green-aproned Korma Chameleon staffers, with their violently cute mascot printed on, lay out tray after tray of vibrantly-colored curries, from stew-like to barely saucy, and all sorts of naan to accompany. Rice-cookers are out in force, and as the party spins up Rashmi is helping the staffers get everything set up properly; including little folded cards, naming and explaining the contents of each dish and their heat level. Nothing put out has more than three stars on it, and there are pitchers of lassi in every color one would not expect a cold drink to be; one is pink and smells like roses, another a the faint green of mint, and a third is the sort of yellow one doesn't often see except on the robes of a stereotypical Buddhist monk.
Takara Himura 2017-06-14 18:14:21 78607
This is it! This is Takara's first real social function! There's a beach! There's dancing! Theres food! She arrives wearing shorts, flip flops, and a t-shirt with a cute frog on it going, 'Gero!' Slung over a shoulder is a bag that presumably contains things like towels and the like, and the opposite hand is her cane, which is being used to keep her from bumping into people. She's wearing her pink lensed sunglasses, not that she needs them. She pauses somewhere in the middle to take in the sounds and smells of the place and throws her hands up in the air.

"I'm here, everybody! The party has officially begun!"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 18:16:28 78608
Summer fun is not normally something on Koji's menu of things to be doing... especially not after everything that happened over the weekend. But NOT being here would incur the disfavor of Haruna, which is not something that he would want either. So rather hesitantly (and with MUCH playful bullying by his parents), he's dressed down into a forest green hoodie over a dark grey tanktop that when revealed shows it's a VERY old but very loved Space Battleship Yamato logo that's a third missing, and a pair of khaki cargo shorts. Instead of school shoes, he's sporting hiking sandals he normally doesn't unpack until he goes on a trip with the family, but today seems appropriate. Almost as an afterthought, the bespectacled young man has some over-ear headphones that are playing some music quietly for him.

Tyrfing is of course using his smartphone to keep an eye on things from the spot where it sticks out part-way from one pocket.

He walks along the beach for a bit, and then ends up just sitting on a towel on the sand, kind of leaving the food behind for the moment as he rests his arms on his knees, and his chin on his forearms.
Momo Akatsuki 2017-06-14 18:20:20 78609
Momo Akatsuki brooded quietly some distance from Reiko. Biv had somehow found a bathing suit with frills on the frills and it made the one piece look really weird. Something Momo was acutely aware of now that she was there. Thankfully some of it was obscured by the large instant-develop camera hanging from her neck.

There were several flashes as she non-chalantly took a photo of Haruna and Reiko. With a glance around she started off to try and take photos of those arriving and others already there. She'd catalog tonight, another thing Mei missed that she can share with her when she comes home.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-06-14 18:27:11 78611
Dances are not exactly the kind of thing a certain german boy is known for attending, either. But those who know it already, probably recognize that certain tune of a rumble in a very certain motorcycle's engine nearby.

And lo, it is what heralds the arrival of Alexis Raskoph to the beach, with his usual brown leather jacket, and the white button-up shirt and blue tie that suggest he's just come here directly from school. On account of the rising temperature at the beach, however, the jacket has been taken off completely and slung over his shoulder, while the tie has been loosened and the top three buttons of the button-up have been undone provide ventilation; the sleeves have been rolled up to the mid-bicep point, too. Normally, this kind of thing would probably be considered somewhat scandalous, but hey-- it's a beach party.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-14 18:39:01 78613
Haruna Kurosawa hears a camera click she blinks and looks up, then gives a cheesy grin and a the classic 'V' with her fingers next click. Then she stands up and her eyes wander. There's Rashmi. There is Koji. She looks around a bit, then gets up to get sneak over to Koji. "Eventually. Hannah-chan is supposed to show up. Don't let your buddy do anything silly like deep scan her. Her device'll pick that up." she whispers to him. "If you need deep scans ask Mercury-chan later."

Whispering done she smiles. "Better find a dance partner soon Koji-kun!~ or it'll be me~ and you'll hate me forever~" she teases as she skips off toward's Rashmi.

"Hiiii, thanks again for helping out! Local businesses need to stick together." she insists.

Reiko Touyama is caught mid swallow of some curry and therefore has a hilarious face in that picture. She shakes her head and humphs! "Where did Biv even find that swimsuit?" she asks. "Because I didn't draw something that ridiculous in the past for PK Pink." she says with a giggle. "Want some curry, Momo? Why don't you go ask that girl there near the tables..?" she asks motioning towards Rashmi.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 18:50:17 78615
"Not a problem!" Rashmi chirps, beaming at Haruna and bobbing her head. "Papi thought it was a great idea too, he's closed the shop and he'll be sending out replacements until there's no need for anything anymore. Oh! He also wanted to ask you about cross-promotion for a mocha lassi drink, when you had the time?" As Haruna bustles away, Rashmi perks at spotting the familiar faces beginning to congregate. "Hi, Himura-san~!" she calls, waving fairly unnecessarily. Koji-kun, Raskoph-san, glad you could make it!"
Momo Akatsuki 2017-06-14 18:52:59 78618
With a wrinkle of her nose after a glance at her own bathing suit since Reiko had drawn attention to it, Momo gave a little shrug. "I've no idea where she found it. What does curry taste like?".

She glanced over towards Rashmi, her stomach voicing interest in finding out. She didn't yet go over though, still unsure if it was something she would really be interested in eating. A small camera appeared over her shoulder and floated over on its own pink prerogative however, betraying her desires.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 18:53:36 78619
<<Entschuldigen?!>> Comes from the headcan speakers, Tyrfing behaving himself enough to hide his words there.

"Hnngah!" Koji says at almost the same time, caught by surprise and then the sudden whisper that HANNAH is going to be here... and given all that he's hard, if that long hair of his pops a few strands from it's braid.

He looks up and back as Haruna skips off to talk to someone else, and then takes his smartphone out to 'look' at Tyrfing. The electronic image there, mostly blue-white stares back up as the boy sighs once, and says to his partner, "Tell me again why I'm here?"

Swapping back to Japanese, the Device replies, <<Because you need it. I can't have you moping from class to your parents and back for much longer. Mooope Mope Mope.>>

The boy grumbles back, "I'm not moping."

The Device takes a more serious face, <<Look, Koji... when Sera would get back to base from a mission, the first thing she'd do is something fun. Because if you don't remind yourself WHY you're doing it, then you're gonna end up like the Prince. Mopey.>>

Koji closes his eyes a long moment, and then frowns a bit less than before, "Allright fine, but no picking fights with Nichomachea then."

<<What?! When did I ever pick a fight with that trumped up Midchildian Wikipedia wannabe?>>

Koji just stares back for a long moment...

<< Allright, Allright. You go have fun, and I'll go play nice.>>

And with that, the pair (Tyrfing back in his pocket) rejoin humanity for a small degree by way of Koji smiling and saying towards Rashmi, "I wanted to help, but Miss Haruna said I should just have fun..."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-14 19:02:20 78621
A car pulls up, and not long after, out comes Hannah! And then from the driver's seat...a dog comes out!?

Woof! It's Boris! Familiar and Master make their way over to the party. Hannah at least looks like she's been getting sleep lately (likely due to the influence of the Party Bird herself!). She's dressed in a single piece blue swimsuit, with a fancy flowery sarong around her waist.

"Haruuuuna!" She calls out immediately, even as Boris is already dragging her over. Arms reach out, and she's aiming for a massive, massive hug!

Koji and everyone else around her might want to move if she gets a grip, as she literally tries to sweep the PreCure into a spinning dance right then and there!

A grin, even if her face looks tired. A mask of jerkish confidence, even if she's crumbling inside. "Sorry I'm late. Did you guys miss me?"
Takara Himura 2017-06-14 19:10:35 78623
Takara Himura lowers her hands, not really looking all that dejected that nobody has cheered her entrance (or, really, noticed her at all.) "What is that wonderful smell?" she asks to nobody in particular and makes her way out towards the buffet table. Or at least tries to.

Before she can get there, though, she's bowled over by Hannah (or Boris, it's kind of hard to tell). With a "WAUGH!" She lands on her bum, arms flailing as she tries to keep her balance. Her brows furrow and she's about to speak sharply but then, "Wait. Is that a dog?"
Chandra 2017-06-14 19:12:40 78624
Monkeys are not allowed to help serve the curry. Something about getting their furry tail in the sauce. And lice. And greedy little fingers. Chandra wasn't fully listening when Mami explained why he wasn't allowed to help, so many years ago to a much younger Rashmi.

At the time it wasn't a terribly meaningful phrase to him, but now that he's grown into a real boy (kind-of), the ersatz Monkey King recognizes the oppoortunity for what it is. While Rashmi is busy helping to serve food, Chandra is free to carouse.

So it is that the hirsuit teenager finds himself trolling the boardwalk. Chandra is dressed in green boardshorts trimmed in silver, with a white button-down cotton shirt (all buttons open of course).

The boy pauses when he approaches the site of the party, then grins to himself. "Hello, ladies," he observes softly, then spots his first target. Cute frog t-shirt means she'll probably like animals. What better way to start a conversation?

Sidling up towards Takara Himura, Chandra puts himself just a little too much inside her personal space to introduce himself with a, "Hey there. How do you feel about strawberries and bananas?" Smooth. So smooth.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-14 19:16:17 78627
Speak of the devil and she shall appear, apparently!

She grins and is spun around as she mmmphhhhs! She's wearing a tank top and a short mini skirt with shorts. "Hiii Hannah-chan~" she sings. "Glad you could make it!" then a whisper into her ear. "Some jerk with a flute attacked the shop last week. Jupiter and Sakura and I kicked his butt. I'm SOOOO glad I opted for the super duper insurance." she whispers. Then back to a normal tone.

There's still a koi swimming in one of the curry dishes. It's now kinda chubby even more so than a normal koi. Reiko hasn't noticed this yet. Else there might be flailing.

She then looks over at Takura. "Service animal!~ Seeing eye dog! Right Boris-kun?~" she sings at the dog.

Then a glance to Koji and purses her lips. Just a little fun. :I. HE CAN STILL HELP!

"Wait. Did you say. Raskoph?" she suddenly looks around with a slightly suspicious expression.

Rashmi gets a grin. "I'm willing to listen, Rashmi-chan~ Rashmi, this is Hannah-chan! My girlfriend. I bet she likes curry but she's American so usually that means they like entire pigs that are BBQ'ed!" she expresses with EXTREME seriousness.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-14 19:27:57 78630
Boris, of course, woofs! And even jumps up on his back paws and does a small doggie dance for Takara! Paaaaw! Paaaaaw! The siberian husky just looks happy at all the attention.

"You can pet him!" Comes Hannah a beat after Haruna. She flexes her arms! "That's right! Hannah Sharpe, the strongest, most beautiful girl in all of Tokyo! Nice to meet you guys!"

Hannah licks her lips a bit. "Curry? Rashmi, we're going to be absolute best friends if you can make something that makes me sweat! I ate at Buffalo Wild Wings before, after all!" Hannah may have just doomed herself.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 19:32:34 78631
"A whole pig?" Rashmi repeats, eyes widening. "Wow... Um... Yeah that's pretty amazing. We don't have that here, but Papi *did* make a bunch of really good summer curries, mostly up to only kind-of hot since Mami hates challenge-spicing. We even kept a couple of Japanese-style, if you don't really feel adventurous, and it's good to meet you Hannah-san!"

Catching the movement out of the corner of her eye she leans around Hannah and Haruna to give Chandra a Warning Look, then straightens, bobbing her head. "Sorry, I've got to go talk to some people, but have fun okay?" Bowing briefly, she scoots away from Haruna and her mission-target of a girlfriend, catching Koji's arm to tug him away, just in case Tyrfing decides he's simply too antsy to keep the peace. "She's right, Koji-kun, we've got this. You really should be having fun, and here let me introduce you!" Tug tug tug tug. "Koji-kun, you might remember Himura-san, you probably saw her pass by during that thing on Saturday. Himura-san, this is my friend Silvia Koji, and that's my big brother Chandra who's getting all up in your personal space, don't be afraid to give him a swat if he deserves it."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 19:35:50 78633

Koji's relative attempt to be civil while sweating bullets is interrupted by Rashmi arm-hauling him back towards where Takara and Chandra are. He gulps once and then looks away for a moment as he rubs the back of his neck before saying to the pair, "Hi." And then Tara seems to take off some direction, and the two boys are left alone for a moment... and immediately Koji says in an almost protesty whispery voice to the other two, "That's HER?!"
Momo Akatsuki 2017-06-14 19:36:36 78634
Momo Akatsuki frowns as she notices Hannah arriving at the party. It had been a long time, at least in little girl time, but she knew that girl. Seeing her caused Momo to reach up and grasp at her crystal with a heavy frown. It was only with reluctance that she removed her hand from it, an imprint of the shape marked out in her palm. She wanted to do something to Hannah, something terrible. But this was a party.

Momo decided to forgo eating and started to slip towards the water while Reiko couldn't notice and put floaties on her. The bathing suit was a big enough embarassment.
Chandra 2017-06-14 19:46:34 78636
Chandra is used to being rejected for his typical pickup lines. Most girls are a little weirded out by strawberry-banana starters. After all, dinner before dessert? Something like that. "Awww," Chandra moans as he's left with Rashmi and Koji in place of his would-be date.

But he does turn his attention to the pair and blinks at them. "What? That was who?" he asks, then looks past them towards the rest of the collection and smiles a little. "Aww, look at the cutie running down towards the water." Beat. "Too young for me, but the swimming looks fun."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-14 19:50:20 78637
Haruna Kurosawa grins a little. "Hannah can take spicy. I know she can! I... can't. I'm a wimp. Mainly because I get heartburn too easily." she says softly. She grins and leans down and gives Boris one of those ear rubbing pets back and forth. Who's a good boy~ Who's a good boy!~

She then leans back up and grins at Rashmi. "Go ahead. Give her the worse you can right now." she winks.

Reiko Touyama finally notices a little splash from one of the curry trays and she goes to investigate when she also notices a streak of pink hair slip by.

She blinks. "H--hey! Momo-chan wait up! At least lemme make sure you don't get under'toed!" she huffs and takes off after her. Then Reiko turns to her right and...

....who's the cute older boy with the white hair over there with other two girls!? She blinks just once on her way chasing Momo because Momo is too important for her to get sparkle-eyed distracted atm.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-14 19:56:03 78639
"I'll be trying /all/ of them!" comes Hannah. She's already inching towards the scent of food. She's probably already grabbed some utensils too. The Hannah stomach is grumbling away.

"And call me 'Hannah!'" Still an American to the core.

Momo's anger goes unnoticed, too focused as she is on food! Boris leans hard into those earrubs! Woooof! So much happy husky tail wags!

For now, Hannah's devouring food like a starving corrupted magical girl. The curry doesn't stand a chance. She doesn't even have water yet!
Miku Kohinata 2017-06-14 19:59:27 78640
Beach Parties are not Miku's usual scene, but lately she's been shut in too much and avoiding all scenes. So today, she's come out, dressed in a simple orange and yellow one-piece mostly covered by a white teeshirt with a picture of a sunflower on the chest. Sunglasses, flip-flops, and a straw hat complete her outfit.

With a bag of her arm, Miku makes her way towards the collection of gathered peoples, trying to discern whom she knows and whether there's anyone she should try and join. But none of them are the person she wants to see most, so rather than rush out to greet her friends, the grunette instead slows to a halt not far from the sweets table and just stares for a while.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 20:00:02 78641
<< Hannah, >> Rashmi says along her telepathic link to Chandra and Nicomachea, the Device boosting the link just enough to dial Koji in. << You know all that work that's been keeping you a monkey at odd hours? She's why. We're not going to cause trouble here, not at a party in broad daylight, so... Act nice if you can't get away. >>

Turning to glance over her shoulder, she chuckles at Momo running for the water. "Aww... someone should put some floaties on her though, just in case..." To Haruna and Hannah, the redhead tips her head back to raise her voice. "Try one of the pink drinks, Hannah! It's rose-flavored!"
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-14 20:03:38 78642
    Sayaka has arrived to the beach party fashionably late and totally without a date. But for once she's in relatively good spirits as she peers around, dressed in cutoff jeans and a plain white t-shirt that cover a plain blue bathing suit, just incase she decides to go for a swim later. For now she steps towards the tents set up for food and drink, ordering a frozen non-coffee drink as she glances around..
Momo Akatsuki 2017-06-14 20:04:01 78644
Having heard in her mad dash talk of floaties, Momo wasn't paying enough attention to notice the large round stone in her bath. Her foot struck it and she went tumbling in a pink mess of chaos across the sand. The camera unfortunately didn't survive, and neither did Momo's perfectly brushed hair. Sand and camera parts were all over in the sprawling mass that became Momo as the tide lapped at the further locks.

A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 20:06:12 78645
While not looking completely at ease with all of this, Koji just nods in reply and then says, "We brought something for the party... a couple somethings, actually. They're in the coffee house, keeping cool." Trying to brighten up just a little before shrugging once more, and then saying with a tinge of embarrassment, "I... also Dad's camping konro. I didn't know who was bringing what, and this is suppose to be a beach party, right?"

He smiles politely to Chandra, and then bows his head, "Hello. I'm sorry we didn't really get to meet properly. And I'm sorry about the takoyaki. For some reason, I occasionally act like a cat."

Go figure.

So for the moment, Koji manages to slip away and inside the store to dig out whatever it is he was hiding in there in the first place, deftly avoiding looking towards the other foods, or Hannah, or anything else at the moment.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-14 20:06:57 78646
Hannah has devoured about half a bowl of curry already. Her ears are a little red. Sweat drips down her brow.

She also lifts up some of that rose drink. "You're amazing Rashmi! Still not as good as the GullWing Cafe's food though!" Hannah might be biased here.
Chandra 2017-06-14 20:07:55 78647
"Ohhhhhh, that girl," Chandra says, glancing past Rashmi towards Hannah. Don't cause trouble. Act nice. These are things Chandra is good at! Really! "Not a problem, sis! Don't sweat it!" But before he can go do the exact opposite of that, Koji is distracting him with an apology about takoyaki. The monkey's eyes meet the cat's and for a moment there's no recognition at all. Then he blinks and reaches up to ruffle Koji's head. "Don't mention it," he says, and is then provided with the perfect distraction.

"Ohhh, Rash, you should go check on her," he mentions to his sister, as Momo takes her tumble. Then he winks at Koji and rushes the exact opposite direction, heading towards the white-haired woman of so much acclaim. "Hi there," he says as he meets her, a grin inhis tone. "How do you feel about bananas and strawberries?"
Miku Kohinata 2017-06-14 20:16:01 78650
Sayaka drifts into Miku's perspective, and for a moment the musician nearly loses track of herself. Her vision swims, her eyes cloud, and she finds herself suddenly and unexpectedly sitting on the ground.

"Breakfast," Miku mumbles to herself with a scowl. "I should have eaten breakfast." Shaking her head, Miku reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of water, takes a sip, then closes it back off before attempting to rise once again.

Then it's off towards the Gullwing Cafe table with an intent of finding sweets and treats. Anything to get her blood sugar up.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-14 20:22:02 78652
Haruna is making sure Hannah doesn't pass out from all the hot foods at the moment. She's positive that having a horrible corrupted magical organ in you isn't helping things at least. She occasionally glances up at the others. Gullwing is still open for bussiness, Corvus is inside doing his thing thing that he does so well.

Reiko Touyama has managed to not turn into a sparkle eyed mess over a boy. This is either a potential win or a potential lose, depending on how you look at it, really. She also sighs and leans down and helps Momo up and then frowns at the broken camera. "Oops..." she says with a sigh. "That wasn't... your good one. Was it?" she asks softly. She begins picking up Camera parts so camera parts don't end up in anyone's feets.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 20:22:40 78653
Rashmi Terios winces as Momo takes her fall and nods, completely missing Chandra sidling up all weird-like on Hannah. Instead, she hurries toward the fallen girl, floral-print wrap waving in her wake. "Oh no, is she okay? Oh no, your poor camera... I'm so sorry, miss, are you going to be alright?"
Momo Akatsuki 2017-06-14 20:30:02 78655
With a dusting of sand falling from her body, although not so much from her hair, Momo rises up with Reiko's assistance. As she started to shake her head in answer to Reiko's question, sand fell down in sheets and caused her to start giggling. "I bought that one at a thrift shop last week with my allowance. The expensive one wouldn't break so easily. I just liked that this one instantly developed the pictures.". She pulled a small waterproof plastic bag from around her side and displayed pictures of some of the other guests.

She dragged her attention towards Rashmi, chuckling softly. "I'll be fine. I've had far worse falls than this one. Although... They usually don't get in weird places.".
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-14 20:30:48 78656
    Sayaka peers around but doesn't see a whole lotta familiar faces. There's Hannah but she seems busy and likely swarmed by people anyway. Still, she smiles and waves to her. "Hannah-chan!" she calls, heading in her general direction. Haruna is spotted next and she grins and waves to her too. "Heya, Haruna-chan...."
    It takes her a moment or two to spot Miku sitting on her own, trying to intercept her. "Miku-chan? Hey, wait up!" she calls out, trying to catch up before she can disappear again.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 20:39:46 78658
After a couple minutes of wrangling, Koji returns on the scene with a couple repurposed cardboard boxes, the contents inside still hidden from view. But as he walks over to the tables where everything is set up, he gives Haruna an apologetic but much more honest little wave before he begins to unpack. Going onto the table with the dessert treats, he parcels out a small set of what look like pies. Little cupcake-sized pies. Some apple, some strawberry, and some made from Nashi. The apple and nashi both have some caramel on them, while the strawberry ones have little dollops of whipped cream added.

The other box has cold desserts, these being little plastic cups with what looks like some kind of tea-green pudding with a white frosting on top. Matcha Panna cotta. Satisfied for the moment, he takes up an apple and a strawberry pie, and two cups of the cooled custard-like treat, and brings them over to Haruna, "I... here... for you and your... friend." Nodding towards Hannah, and then looking back with a bit more of an embarrassed grin, "We've been looking forward to this all week. My... friend..." Nudging his pocket, "Has been obsessing over pie recipies."
Miku Kohinata 2017-06-14 20:43:06 78659
Miku is just busy collecting a sweet pastry for herself when she hears her name being called. Turning, she goes dizzy again. Is that Sayaka calling her? No, that's silly. Sayaka is probably off with Alexis on a date. She wouldn't be here. Maybe it was Hibik--no that's even sillier.

Deciding she definitely needs to eat, Miku shoves the pastry in her mouth, which is about when Sayaka catches up with her. Chipmunk-cheeked, Miku's eyes widen, and she does her best to chew and swallow, putting a hand up to cover her mouth while she stares at Sayaka in confusion.

Eventually she gets it all downk, then says, "Sayaka-chan. Uh. Hi! I didn't expect to see you, here, today."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-14 21:35:43 78666
Suddenly, Chandra! Hannah nomfs down one more bite of the curry, and grins nice and big! She thumps her chest proudly. "Bah! Those are wimp foods! The only /real/ fruits are peaches! Southern ones, to be exact! Every other fruit is a mockery to proper eating. Accept nothing less than the best!" Then, she's throwing an arm generally around the man for a friendly shake of the whole body. Then she's shoving the hottest of the curries that are out right at the monkey.

"Name's Hannah, Hannah Sharpe! Nice to meet you! Here, try this, Rashmi's cooking is /amazing/!"

"Sayaka! Heeey! Try some of the food! Boris says you're looking great by the way! Haruna, make sure you spoil her plenty with everything the GullWing Cafe has!" Hannah Sharpe takes care of her employees.
Chandra 2017-06-14 21:38:37 78667
"Peaches?" Chandra replies, eyes widening a little in excitement. "I do like peaches." Look, he's being good. He's not making a scene. She's shoving food in his face. He's--oh, no, he's done talking, there's curry instead.

"Mff hrmf fhrfmfn," Chandra attempts to explain around the sudden mouthful of food. Chew, swallow, reattempt, "I do love it, but Rashmi-chan super did not cook this. I mean, she probably could, but I don't want it to go to her head. Nice to meet you, Sharpe-san. I'm Chandra." No last name. Or maybe that is his last name?
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 21:47:39 78668
"Chandra be good!" Rashmi calls, barely paying attention to the conversation as she nods to Momo. He's talking to an American, however, so it's even odds he's about to upset her, right?

"As long as you're okay," she says to the fallen girl, bobbing her head. "Just, that looked like a pretty rough spill is all. Also, hi!" Both Momo and Reiko get a od of greeting, and a sunny smile. "Terios Rashmi, good to meet you both!"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 21:53:00 78669
Leaving the mini-pies and panna cottas close by Haruna so she can get to her samples of his treats later, Koji takes up a few of the pear pie-lets and some cups of the chilled desserts on a plate, and walks them both out towards where Rashmi and Momo are, "I'm... well, I brought these for everyone."

Holding out the food, he smiles a bit more congenially towards Momo and says, "Hello, I'm Silvia Koji. Are you friends with Miss Haruna too?"
Momo Akatsuki 2017-06-14 21:54:13 78670
Momo gives a little wriggle, still shedding sand. "I'm Akatsuki. Akatsuki Momo. And I have to go home and take a proper shower to get this sand out of my hair. I just hope Biv doesn't see me.". She steals a quick squeeze from Reiko, hugging her side before darting off towards home on sandalled feet.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-14 22:01:52 78671
Haruna Kurosawa grins at Hannah. "Don't over do it on the curry, babe." she beams. "Still lots of sweets and frozen drinks to have~" she says, motioning over to her table. She head tilts at Chandra with a hrmmmmm as she then looks to Koji' treats with wide eyes and a smile.

"Ohhhh! Koji!" she says as she begins to skip over to indulge!

Reiko Touyama leaves off with Momo to help along! The koi seems sad because it has to leave the curry pan. :(
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-14 22:04:05 78672
Hannah laughs. "What, not going to play her up? Meeeean! Though not having a huge ego does help. You don't do stupid, reckless things that way." I.E. like certain stupid wind mages.

"Chandra huh? I like you! Anyone that likes curry and peaches can't possibly be bad! You a friend of Rashmi's then? Oh, and call me Hannah."

Hannah looks to the Curry, then back to Gull. "But it's so tempting! You're right though. Don't worry, I'll be good!" She does snag some more of that rose drink though. Siiiip.
Chandra 2017-06-14 22:06:15 78673
"More like big brother," Chandra explains to Hannah contentedly, putting his arm around her in return. Because if she's going to cling to him, he has no problem clinging back. "So peaches, though," because fruit is way better than curry. "I mean, peaches are good, but strawberries are way sweeter, and bananas are rich in vitamins and protein and--" the word 'babe' was uttered in this girl's direction approximately thirty seconds ago, and it only now registers, "--you have a girlfriend, don't you." Punched Monkey Face is Go.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 22:09:48 78674
Another person seems to have fled before any sort of food-based introductions can be made, but Koji hardly seems to be phased by it, and as Haruna makes comments, he looks back and smiles, waving to heer, some of his cheer back, "I like the Nashi pies best! They're from canned fruit, but that's okay!"

Turning back to look at Rashmi, he just shrugs, "He's eventually going to realize that every girl coming is either going to be too young, too taken, or is actually a guy before he gives up, right?"

Yes... it was lame, it was at Chandra's expense... but it WAS an attempt at a joke!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-14 22:13:20 78675
Hannah snorts, finds the young man's head, and gives him a big, friendly ruffle! "Chandra, if I punched every guy or girl that tossed me a compliment on my looks, I'd be in jail by now. I happen to like compliments! Even if Haruna's are always the best!" A wink to where she last heard Haruna.

Then she pokes him in the ribs. "So don't worry, okay? Also, canned fruit? Bah! I'll have to get you some real georgia peaches. You'll be addicted, I tell you!" Finally, she lets go, and tosses a wave. "When you find a girlfriend, let's go on a double date, you charmer!" Griiiiin! She's making her way back over to the dance floor for now!
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 22:14:21 78676
"Oh, he's having fun," Rashmi chuckles, "and it's not like I have to worry about him; look, he just learned she has a girlfriend, and he's being a gentleman about it!" But right about then is when Hannah tosses out the offer of a double date, and Rashmi nearly chokes. "...HHhhhhhhuh."
Chandra 2017-06-14 22:17:05 78678
"Canned!? Heck no! Mami's got fresh strawberries in her garden. Ew, canned," Chandra almost looks insulted, but luckily Hannah is ruffling his hair and calling him a charmer. These are mollifying to the monkey. He smiles a big dopey grin, then agrees, "You betcha! I hope she's as food-loving as you are."

And then he wanders off, smiling to himself, in search of another girl to hit on. Because Koji was pretty much correct.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-14 22:19:26 78679
Haruna Kurosawa grins at Hannah. "Compliments are in fact best. Mine are the super best." she says. She beams. "Oh gods. I've been trying to find someone to double date with Hannah, but everyone is so busy yes please. Double date when you can." she says with wide pleading eyes. "Super awesome double date." she says with a grin as she shoves more sweets and what not into her mouth.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 22:21:32 78680
Turning his back on the pair and Chandra and their sudden desire to double-date, Koji hooks and arm on Rashmi's and offers her one of the treats on the plate he brought out before saying to her, "Would... I... be a completely horrible person if I said it would be utterly appropriate if you were doing shield practice during his date..?"

Looking back at Chandra, he sighs, and then towards Rashmi again, "This... is getting really awkward. They sound like my parents. Dad's been bugging me to bring you by the hospital so he can thank you... and probably to check you out."
Takara Himura 2017-06-14 22:22:38 78681
Mmmmm. Foooood. Takara is the kind of girl that can eat a dozen donuts by herself every day and not get fat, which is why for the past hour or so she's been grazing at the food table with the help of whoever happens to be around to spoon things onto her plate. She doesn't ask what's being put there, rather enjoying the surprise.

During one of the hotter dishes her eyes water up. "Hot!!" And then she digs in for another spoonful. "So hot! So good!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 22:28:57 78682
Rashmi Terios laughs, taking the offered treat and having a bite. "...Oh wow, Koji-kun, these are good! But... I... wait, what?" The idea that someone's father might want to check her out is enough to make her brain throw another axle for a moment, but the thought is dismissed with a shake of her head. Catching sight of Takara by the curry table, she calls out to the girl, tugging Koji along with -- hey, he hooked her arm, he pays the price -- as she approaches the blind girl. "Hey, Himura-san! About five paces to your right there's all kinds of lassi, you can tell which is which by the smell. The other table about a dozen to your left is Gullwing coffee stuff and sweets!"
Chandra 2017-06-14 22:30:59 78683
Chandra starts to sidle up to Takara, aiming to take a second attempt. "Hi there," he says, by way of greeting, only to have Rashmi's sudden segfault over 'someone's father wants to check her out' affect him.

He pauses and stares at Takara, dumbfounded, for long enough for Rashmi to approach and probably intervene. Then he blinks and turns very slowly to stare at Koji for a good thirty seconds before asking, "Really?!"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 22:36:38 78684
Koji says in deadpan right at Chandra, "My father has tried eight times in twelve years to get a government sponsored study of the effects of the changes in cultural homogenization on the women of Japan." Totally straight face during this, "He's got a twenty page proposal. It used to be fourty, but Mom managed to burn the rest of it... for ahhh..." Looking around and blushing, "Reasons."
Takara Himura 2017-06-14 22:41:31 78685
"Oh, hey Rashmi! I thought I heard your voice around here." Takara says through the tears streaming down her cheeks. At the offer of the lassi she shakes her head, "No, I'm fine!" She doesn't look fine. "Really. I love this stuff!" Still not looking fine. Chandra interrupts her train of thought and turns her blind eyes to him, "Oh, hi!" she says pleasantly. And then she kind of echoes everybody's disbelievement at Koji's father. "What?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 22:47:36 78687
"....Wait what?" Rashmi turns to stare, goggle-eyed, at Koji for a few beats. "...Koji-kun I am so sorry." Shaking the thought out of her head, she draws in a breath, turning her smile toward Takara. "Anyway! I'm glad you like the food, that's my father's cooking! Mom does the spice mixes and plans the menus, too, so they'll be happy to hear it's a hit!"

"Chandra, Himura-san's a friend I met just before that whole nonsense Saturday, and turned out she was there too!" Not the smoothest way to establish someone's mahou fides, but effective nonetheless.
Chandra 2017-06-14 22:49:55 78688
Chandra's eyes cross at the many large words Koji uses to explain his father to him. "I am not sure whether you just insulted me, your father, or both," he notes to Koji. A beat, then he asks blatently, "Are you feeding strawberries to Rashmahahahaha nevermind." The grin is back, at least.

Chandra turns towards Takara again, then leans in to put an arm around her gently, "Nice to meet you. I'm Chandra, Rashmi's older and very awesome brother. I just met this girl who thinks peaches are better than strawberries. Can you believe it?! What do you think are better?"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 22:59:19 78689
Aaaand... Koji's point is almost made for him. He just sighs, slumps, and allows Rashmi to drag him along like this, but gives him enough space to be able to pick through and get some two-star curry, some rice, and some lassi.

Once he has an actual meal tray, he looks around and tries to place everyone. Then Takara kind of clicks and he says, "Oh... I think I -DO- remember her from that night..." following it with a slight chuckle he goes on, "I think I was a little too busy to say hello though."

Sticking close to Rashmi though, he replies to Chandra, "No, just showing you the lengths my father can go to. Wasn't meant to insult you. He'll find any reason to try to check out a pretty woman... or girl. Usually mom keeps the worst of it in check."

Then back to Rashmi to say, "I wish I had parents like yours sometime. Living above and working at a restaurant must be so much fun. Work, but fun."
Takara Himura 2017-06-14 23:04:03 78690
Takara Himura's eyes narrow at Chandra. "What is it with you and Strawberries?" She shakes her head and quickly continues to introduce herself, not giving him any time to respond. "Himura Takara. It's good to meet you too. Were you there that night?"

Koji gets a grin, "Yeah, I think we were all busy. I don't think I recognize your voice, though."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 23:04:14 78691
"You'd be surprised," Rashmi chuckles. "I mean the spice garden on the roof helps, but, it's almost never quiet above a restaurant, and my parents have learned just how far a yen can stretch, y'know? But they're really good to me, so I can't really complain. Even if it means doing dishes for a couple dozen people." Chandra's ribbing, almost completely ignored save for a light elbow to the ribs. Because if Ariel could, she'd agree that violence against big brothers doesn't count.
Chandra 2017-06-14 23:12:23 78692
Chandra's eyes widen a little, taken aback at Takara's reply. "Wha-oof!" Double-teamed by the elbow to the ribcage, he sticks his tongue out at Rashmi, then continues, "What?" to Takara. "Strawberries are only the best fruit in the world. Although I'm also partial to bananas, mushrooms, eggs, and the occasional beetle. Don't you like strawberries?"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 23:19:12 78693
Straightening up, Koji bows despite bearing the tray to Takara, the blindness not quite clicking to him just, "Right, I'm Silvia Koji... I'm sort of a friend of Rashmi's. We don't go to the same school... we just share some similiar interests." Since even though it's an open secret, he still seems uncomfortable openly talking about Mahou.

And then Chandra says Beetle... and Koji starts to sweat and shake his head at the monkey-boy, trying to mouth at him that 'boys don't eat beetles!'.
Takara Himura 2017-06-14 23:24:26 78694
Takara Himura considers Chandra's question carefuly before answering. "Yeeeeessss, I do like strawberries. More than peaches. Peaches get messy." She giggles a bit as the boy goes on. "You're weird. Beetles aren't fruits. They're vegitables."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 23:33:12 78695
"Koji," Rashmi murmurs, because talking openly about mahou things tends not to be a good practice in general, "Himura-san was the one who stayed down when we all jumped ahead, remember?" Chandra's mention of beetles, and Koji's subsequent brief panic attack, brings a chuckle to the redhead's throat, and a shake of the head. "So we probably have a lot to talk about sometime, Himura-san."
Chandra 2017-06-14 23:36:55 78696
Chandra furrows his brow at Koji in confusion. "What? What's wrong with b--" ohhhhh. Woops. But Takara takes it in stride, and Chandra's face lights up. "Yes! See?! Strawberries are amazing," he agrees with Takara, as he puts an arm around the blind girl's waist. "As for Beetles, them being vegetables isn't really a problem. They're tasty all the same as a treat."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-14 23:47:57 78697
He murmurs, "On the... ground..." And then it clicks before saying, "OH!" And then Koji nods a few times, "Thank you for all your hard work while we were so busy dealing with things. My partner and I made some miniature pies if you want some. Strawberry, Apple, or Nashi. We made plenty."

He then pauses, and steps back to get a few bites to eat, "Anyways... Rashmi, I do want to get a chance to catch up. To talk to you about those bugs you saw in the hospital vents?"
Takara Himura 2017-06-14 23:51:57 78698
Takara Himura meeps in surprise as Chandra suddenly puts his arm around her. She pries the arm away, but still holds onto his hand, probably to make sure she knows where it is at all times. "Never tried one," she says. She turns to Koji's general direction and grins at him. "Glad you remembered. I'll have to give them a try but first..." She starts marching towards the dance floor, dragging Chandra behind her. "Let's dance!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-14 23:53:34 78699
And now Rashmi *grins* at Chandra. For all his efforts, all his bad pickup lines, he may have finally found someone he can't keep up with, and Rashmi is enjoying this. Chuckling, she shakes her head, turning to Koji. "Yeah, I'd wondered about that... what's up, Koji-kun?"
Chandra 2017-06-14 23:59:11 78700
In no way is Chandra put off at exchanging a cuddle for a hand-hold. That's, in fact, a step up. Isn't it? (It isn't.)

"Oh, man, next time I find one," Chandra promises Takara as she drags him towards the dance floor, "I will share it with you. It's like eating peanutbutter mustard. Only grittier. It's so good," he notes, right until their feet touch the dance floor, and he looks momentarily confused. "Wh-dance?" he asks, glancing around. "Oh. Last time I did that was with Mami, and she carried me. Uh. Sure! We can dance. That sounds great! Sorry if I step on your toes, though."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 00:02:00 78701
After a moment, and watching Takara try and drag Chandra away, Koji says to Rashmi, "Not here... this is a party. We shouldn't talk work." And then he actually hears what he said, and begins laughing!
Takara Himura 2017-06-15 00:09:40 78702
"Yeah! Dance!" Takara says enthusiastically. "It's okay," she says. "I'm blind so I'm probably going to run into you a lot." And then she starts dancing. And is.... actually quite good at it, actually. "You'll get the hang of it, no problem!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 00:13:10 78703
Rashmi Terios chuckles along with Koji, both from what the other boy said, and the mildly discomfited Chandra. "That's fair, yeah... Thanks for the pies, by the way, and it sounds like your parents are doing better?"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 00:16:11 78704
There's a sigh from the other young man as Koji says, "They're getting out of the hospital week after next. They're recovered enough, but it's been so long in bed they needed physical therapy."

Looking to watch the pair dancing, he then adds, "Our landlord wants us to vacate. He already filed noticed. A friend of my father's is trying to argue the point, but there's not much that can be done. I figure my parents will find some place real soon." Pausing to sip from the lassi, "Probably means we'll be living in a motel for a few weeks. Nothing new, at least for us."
Chandra 2017-06-15 00:21:11 78705
Chandra is not a good dancer. He has good control of his limbs and feet, but he's just got no experience with this sort of activity. But finding out that his dancing partner is, "Blind?" He had no idea. "Huh. I would have never guessed. Did you know the shirt you're wearing has a frog on it? It's cute." He's trying to dance. Really he is.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 00:23:55 78706
"...I'm *really* sorry," Rashmi says, staring wide-eyed at Koji. "Is there anything I can do to help? I mean, maybe Mami and Papi know some good apartments in the area, or... Actually now I think about it I think there're some neighborhoods not far aay that try to stay suburban, sort of...?"
Takara Himura 2017-06-15 00:29:21 78707
Takara Himura holds up the folded cane she uses to get around. "The cane and the weird eyes weren't a clue," she smirks, as she continues to dance. "Yeah, I did. Mom helped me pick it out. I wanted something that was cute and Japanese for this."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 00:30:38 78708
With a shake of his head, Koji says with a smile, "No, it's fine. I was depressed about it at first, but to be honest?" He looks around a moment, and then back, "It's really for the best. I've spent so long in that place on my own, a fresh start would be good for all of us. He's promised not to kick us out until my parents are officially discharged, so there's that... and after that, I've already got everything packed."

There's a bit of a smile in his eyes, "Mom says the only reason bad things happen are so that the good things have meaning."
Chandra 2017-06-15 00:43:11 78709
"Uhhhhhh," Chandra watches her put away her cane, then blinks. "I mean, iI guess, but I haven't really talked to a lot of blind people before. Kindof a first time experience! So no, not really. What's it like, being blind?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 00:47:19 78710
"I think our mothers'd get along really well," Rashmi chuckles. "Papi'd probably dent a frying pan on your father's head, though... Well if you do need help with anything, you'll let me know, right?"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 00:54:27 78711
Koji rubs at the back of his neck a moment, "I was hoping you had seen Jin anytime recently. I will need someone with a truck, or who can drive and rent a truck to move our things to storage. Or maybe if your parents would be able to lend a vehicle." But after that he asks, "How are you doing?"
Takara Himura 2017-06-15 01:02:09 78712
"You're doing fine," sooths the blind girl as she dances. "We're just like everybody else except you can't feed us after midnight, or get us wet." At his question Takara instructs, "Close your eyes, It's like that. But all the time."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 01:12:31 78713
"Better," Rashmi says, bobbing her head. "I talked to Akakuma-san... I think she's going to be okay, eventually. She... kind of reminds me of Chiba-san, except angry instead of guilty, y'know?"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 01:17:42 78714
Downing a part of his food while Rashmi speaks and a little bit after, Koji swallows down some more lassi before saying, "That's good to hear. I wish I knew her better. I saw her at school a few times, but it never really seemed appropriate to talk to her. Not because she's such a tough girl... more like... I didn't think she'd talk to me, to be honest."

Looking out at the beach again, the young man adds, "I never asked... how did you find your friend?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 01:22:28 78715
"Honestly," Rashmi sighs, "she probably wouldn't have... I mean, she's had a really hard time of life, and I'm not going to say more than that because it's not my story to tell, but just... Yeah. She's still getting used to the idea of friends, she's gonna be pretty awkward around people she can't bluster at for awhile I think."

Shaking her head, she chuckles, removing the small jeweled-sunburst charm that Nicomachea uses for a standby mode, turning it over in her hands. "Used bookstore, actually. Just kinda fell out of the shelf I was browsing in. The cashier'd never seen it before, it wasn't priced, so, I took him home. Few days later I'm running back from the bank after closing, and I get jumped by a big evil blobby creature."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 01:25:12 78716
Koji ohs, and the smiles some, "Seems like a theme, doesn't it?" He says as he puts his tray where it can be taken and cleaned, while the plate is put for rinsing and recycling. The pause allows him to get some of the panna cotta, "We find them, then something bad happens, and it really turns out they were finding us."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 01:27:18 78717
"Right? I asked him what he was even doing in that bookstore, but, he's really good at stonewalling me by putting up that 'badly programmed Siri' act until I give up, I don't even bother anymore." Tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, Rashmi chuckles. "You and Tyrfing seem like you've got a better understanding of each other, now. It was really good to see you working properly together, Saturday."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 01:34:51 78718
"Well." Koji says, "Tyrfing and I had to realize all we were doing was letting one of us or the other take over. It was either me or him. There wasn't a middle ground." He taps the side of his glasses in response, "It's different for us. We're both here... but at the same time we're two different people. We don't share a mind... so it's not telepathy. We have to sort of give permission for that, adn even then, we only know the things right now. It made things difficult for us, because I was scared... and he was worried about getting me hurt."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 01:42:34 78719
Rashmi Terios bobs her head. "And that makes sense! But, looks like now you both realize that working together's better than just one or the other. As for Nicomachea and I...? I'm not sure. I mean, I know he cares about me, I'm just not sure why. Or why he even picked me to begin with."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 01:51:01 78720
"If Nichomachea is smart enough to talk back, to plan, then he's smart enough to realize that one day he's going to HAVE to tell you why, Rashmi." Koji replies softly as he takes another bite of one of his desserts, and then picks up one of the still-cold panna cotta to pass to Rashmi, "He might be protecting someone else by doing it... he might be trying to protect you. But eventually, he'll have to say."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 01:58:05 78721
Rashmi Terios bobs her head in thanks, and reaches for a rose-flavored lassi. "Probably... but I trust him enough not to press about it until he decides to say."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 02:08:19 78722
Eventually, after that, Koji says, "I'm going to go into the coffee shop and finish up my homework for the night. If you want, maybe later I can come out and watch people dance?" Looking at the dance floor and back to Rashmi. Then, he just leans in and gives her a hug.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 02:15:25 78723
Rashmi Terios squeaks in surprise, but returns the hug after only a moment's hesitation. "That sounds like a good idea, sure," she says, stepping back. "Have fun, okay?"
Chandra 2017-06-15 03:55:35 78724
Chandra seems to consider Takara's idea for several moments, then smiles and closes his eyes. Ironically, with his eyes closed, he does a better job of not stepping on her toes. This is probably because he's relying on magic to sense his surroundings, but shh ... don't tell anyone. "Huh," he says after a few moments. "So were you always blind?" Pause. "Oh man, that means you don't know howe absolutely stunningly handsome I am! What a tragedy!"
Takara Himura 2017-06-15 15:46:41 78726
Takara Himura's laugh at Chandra's attempt to dance with his eyes closed is light hearted, despite the toe smashing (or perhaps because of it.) "Always," confirms the girl. "Never known what it was like to see. I think I'm lucky that way, because I don't really feel like I'm missing anything." Some more dancing and, "I can still tell how stunningly handsome you are, in a way." She pauses and reaches out a hand. "Let me feel your face."
Chandra 2017-06-15 16:10:53 78727
"Hmmm, I guess if I didn't know what it was like to have a tail I probably wouldn't miss it, either," Chandra observes, thoughtfully. Because everyone has a tail, right? When she asks to feel his face, he pauses, then tilts his head a little. "Sure! But fair warning, women have been known to swoon at the sight of me. I'll catch you if that happens, I promise."
Takara Himura 2017-06-15 16:20:23 78728
Takara Himura laughs again, and gently caresses the monkey's face. "Mmmm," she says critcially, running her fingers across his eyebrows. "Mmmm..." again when she feels the fuzzy sideburns. "Mmmmm," once more when her fingers meet his lips. Once done she takes a steps back and puts her fists on her hips and makes a show of seriously thinking about whether or not she would consider the boy handsome.

"Okay. I've decided." she announces. "You're cute." Then she drops a bombshell.

"And you're my boyfriend now."
Chandra 2017-06-15 17:24:13 78729
Chandra allows the inspection with an amused expression on his face. He waits for her to explore everything, holding still as possible. (Statues are better for inspecting, right?) When she hmms, his ears twitch just a little. But it's when she finally takes the step back that his eyes widen. "Well?" he asks, and then she decides he's 'cute'. Chandra is not sure how to take this. Rashmi calls him 'cute'. Isn't that a term best reserved for brothers?

But then she uses that word, and Chandra's whole body stiffens in surprise. "Whoa. Seriously? That's so cool. What does that mean?"
Takara Himura 2017-06-15 17:34:07 78730
Takara Himura starts up dancing again, but this time she rubs a shoulder up against her new boyfriend. "Well," she says, taking his question in stride. "It means you get to take me out on dates. Defend my honor against other suitors. Profess your undying love to me and..." she turns and gives him a sly smile. "If your lucky. You just might be able to kiss me."
Chandra 2017-06-15 17:39:49 78731
Rapidly, the Monkey King is becoming a fool of an ape. He stumbles just a little when she rubs her shoulder against him, then blinks in surprise down at the girl. Dancing. He's supposed to be dancing, so dance he does, as she slowly explains everything he's supposed to be doing. "Dates are a tasty treat," he notes quietly. "Oh! Hannah-san's girlfriend mentioned a 'double date'. Maybe that's what she meant. What's a suitor? Am I a suitor? Do you have honor to defend? I'm good at defending people! But fair warning, my behan--Rashmi--is always the most important thing to me. Even if it means I don't get to kiss you." Beat.
Takara Himura 2017-06-15 17:43:54 78732
"Well, she is your sister, so that's understandable," Takara chuckles. "Well. Yah. You could get me some dates. But going on dates are like, taking me to a movie, or a dinner. You know. Have fun together." The onslaught of questions just cause the girl to laugh more. "Yes you're a suitor. After all, you're my boyfriend now. You'll have to keep all those other boys who want to be my boyfriend away." Because they're just knocking down her door. Really.
Chandra 2017-06-15 17:50:15 78733
"That ... sounds like fun!" Chandra agrees with Takara happily. "I like this being your boyfriend thing. But hey, I should go check on Rahsmi for now." He reaches up to ruffle her hair, then says, "I'll come find you another time so I can do boyfriend things. Thanks for dancing with me! Oh, and I'll definitely bring you a beetle."
Takara Himura 2017-06-15 17:55:37 78734
Takara Himura grins as her hair gets ruffled. "Okay! Sounds like fun!" She continues to dance for a little while longer, before having enough of it. The beach seems to be the thing to do, now, so she takes off her top and shorts, revealing a shockingly pink one piece swimsuit underneath. So pink it hurts the eyes just looking at it. Good thing she's blind. So off she goes to wade in the water, and enjoy the rest of her evening at the dance.