Enhancing Enhancements

Cure Gull and Kunzite talk over the plan for dealing with Hannah, and how to boost Gull's purification. Then boost that. Then boost THAT.

Date: 2017-06-17
Pose Count: 11
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-17 01:14:18 78875
Dealing with technical people arguing over whether or not they're too exhausted for their purposes is ... not exactly conducive to less technical conversations. Which is one of the reasons that Kazuo Takeba has turned up at Gullwing Coffee tonight.

Another of the reasons is that he turns up there on an irregular but moderately frequent basis, honestly. Often enough it's just to pick up coffee and go, no-frills practical as usual, but he's dragged other people there to talk, too. Tonight there's no dragging people to talk, though. Not when the person whose eye he's hoping to catch is already there.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-17 01:18:51 78876
Kazuo comes to Gullwing. The front of the store looks BRAND NEW! There's a standing sign out front that says 'Pardon our Dust While We Renovate From An Accident!'. Uh oh. What happened? Regardless, it's that time of night where it's late enough to be open but not early enough to be super busy so there is a lull. EVERYTHING is clean. A new ice machine has been installed.

Haruna Kurosawa is leaning over the counter. "Stupid Flute bishounens with stupid magic cards." she says.

She looks up and blinks. "Kazuo!" she sings, because it's public and that's how he's presented atm.

"The usual?" she asks as she begins to go make the world's most plainest coffee.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-17 01:21:22 78877
"The usual," Kazuo confirms. He has ordered other things! The other night, he ordered something with so much chocolate and sugar it qualified more as hot melted ice cream than coffee! ... annnnd the world's most plainest coffee. He glances over his shoulder toward the sign; she might catch the turn of his head in her peripheral vision. "Magic cards? Does that make three people competing for the things, now?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-17 01:25:56 78878
Yup, the world's most plainest coffee. When there's a machine in the back that is clearly labeled 'Today's FROZEN special: SUPER SPECIAL FUDGY DOUBLE MOCHA!' along with the usual flavors and the non-double mocha. She slides it across the counter to Kazuo and then sits down on the stool she keeps in back to talk to customers like this.

"Some hot bishy jerk came here with a flute and turned some card into a youma and he wrecked my store on our first MAJOR SALE day. It's not one of the Clow Cards. Sakura and Kero were there to confirm that. Sakura kept it anyways , since she felt bad about cards no one wanted." she sighs. "Some kid that one~" she sings pleasantly a little.

"Jupiter has it and is gonna take it to Mercury. Jupiter punched that jerk SO HARD it was amazing." she says.

"ALSO glad I have 'in case Phantom just sort of Kool-aid Mans through the back wall one day on a whim' levels of insurance!" she grins.

"So what brings ya. Coffee? Talk? Hannah isn't coming tonight she said she was tired after school today. Don't blame her. So it's safe to talk. Almost closing time anyways~" she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-17 01:42:27 78879
"Wise investment." Only people who have had to replace, oh, say, balconies because of hot bishy jerks (hey, Mercury thinks Riventon is hot, anyway) can load that tone with quite that flavor of dry affirmation. Kazuo lays money down in return, and steps aside enough that if other custom comes in, he won't be blocking the appropriate counter space; then he cradles his cup in both hands. "I'm glad help was on hand, too."

What brings him? that little nod at the mention of Hannah not coming tonight is the first confirmation; yeah, that'd be it. "Wanted to talk with you about that. Make sure you have an idea what Mercury set up. She and Terios will be on keeping Hannah from getting away. Silvia will be guarding Terios, for the most part, though I'll likely be watching too. You're the heaviest hitter of the rest of us; Mamoru will be helping you try to keep her attention, and so will I, and so will the others as they can. He's working with V on planning; she may or may not be there, but he'll have her tricks in mind. I don't know who else will be directly involved -- except Kyouko. She'll be watching nearby. Not directly involved. But available as backup in case things go bad enough to risk bringing her in."

He studies Haruna for a moment. "The question, of course, is what we're missing."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-17 03:35:10 78887
Haruna nods a bit as she looks around then sneaks around the counter and flips the open sign to closed and then locks the door then dims the lights. She walks back around and spins in a stool next to Kazuo. She purses her lips. "I'm not pulling any punches. I'm going straight into the strongest... form? I have. The whole. Angel winged thing." she says.

"You know. The form I used when I punched her with the whole sword thing. When I gained the thing for the first time." she says.

"Blue-sama says it's rare that a Pretty Cure gets that form." she sighs and shakes her head.

"I tried to get Aki to chip in, but Aki has strong feelings about Hannah-chan and I dating." she grumps.

She's silent for a long moment.

"When I was a little." she says. "I kinda knew I liked girls." she says. "But. Dad and Mom. Are very. Traditional." she says. "And I was careless one day. And left a romance novel I borrowed from the library out in the open. Dad kind of. Raised his hand. And disowned me. And then Aki punched him in the stomach. And then she quickly dashed me upstairs. Made me pack a bag and then we ran here to Tokyo." she says.

"And I was invisible to my parents. Even when Aki was thought dead. They never... tried. They ignored me at the memorial service." she says.

"Aki stole. A ring in our family. It's supposed to go to. The one we love most. In that. Sort of way."

"...and I gave it to Hannah-chan on Valentines. And I told her the story and she was just. So mad."

"And Her parents were so mad. And it's why I kinda call her parents just mom and dad sometimes." she says. "Because they are very nice. And they care about me. And they don't care about... all that." she says.

"And.. Hannah. Made me go to my hometown. And confront my parents. With her." she says. "So I did."

"....and Hannah... Hannah got through to them. She /got through/. And they called me. 'Haru-chan' for the first time since I was a little girl and they promised to come to the coffee shop soon and everything and I'm actually calling them weekly...!" she says.

"And.. I'm saying all this. Because after that. Aki thought that. Maybe Hannah isn't so bad..."

"Then she. Finds out about this linker core BS with Hannah and suddenly all that doesn't matter." she says. "And I wish Hannah would stop this so Aki would stop hating her." she says quietly.

"Sorry. I know you didn't. Ask for my life story. Just. Aki can't help me. I wish she could. Because we're a team. Our powers gel together well." she says softly.

"I'd ask Tadase but he's just another Mamoru in that his power lies in defense, not offense." she says. "-and asking Riventon isn't an option for VERY obvious reasons." she says.

"PART of me is wondering if Blue-sama would help me directly. He wields very powerful barrier magic and purification magic. Corvus only knows a few novel tricks and nothing useful."

"I'm planning to use Unity Loop, otherwise, to give me an edge- I just need people willing to feed it when I call out." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-17 03:51:31 78890
Going straight into the strongest. One that Hannah has strong associations with to begin with. Kazuo nods to Haruna without a word ... and then she falls silent.

He's not good with people, but even he can recognize that kind of silence sometimes. So he only stays still, head turned toward her on her stool beside him, listening.

There are words. There are sentences. The one that makes most sense to him, granted, is 'And then Aki punched him in the stomach' -- the little trace of an approving nod is one of the reasons that Mamoru still looks resigned over him on a regular basis.

'Why I kinda call her parents just mom and dad sometimes' means that the third nod, while small, is rather more than a trace. He hasn't met Hannah's parents. But he has a sense of the shape of them.

"It's never good," Kazuo says quietly, "to be severed from one of your partners that way. Hard not to have them at your side. We'll do what we can. But it won't be the same."

He exhales quietly. "Who else does Hannah know, who might be an option? There's Hyalite, but she's still not so experienced. Still. There's the flamethrower. And another touch of emotional impact. And she can amplify people, and she's coming up with tricks; we put together an interesting grenade a little while back. Combining her with Unity Loop would be an interesting question -- whether the effect would be additive or multiplicative. Someone else who can hit harder would be more useful in other ways, though... if there's anyone who could help throw Hannah off balance just by being there."

He finally sets the coffee down, still untouched, and studies Haruna more directly at last. "We didn't have a chance to investigate much about Unity Loop the other day. What's the most effective method for us to feed it?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-17 04:02:16 78891
Haruna Kurosawa blinks. "Wait. I know who can throw her off balance emotionally. Ao-chan. But Ao-chan is sick with a magical infection of sorts. Has been for a long time....." she silently twitches a bit.

"Did Hannah-chan ever tell you guys that story? Why she. Took Eclipse's offer. It's because of Ao-chan. Ao-chan was the victim of an attack and Hannah couldn't help her friend as she was. She was offered power to stop it from ever happening again. With a price. You know that by now. It's why..."

"She's so. Hooked on power. Because she never wants to feel that powerfless again."

"Ao-chan is aware of this 'magical stuff'" she says. "And he being there would throw Hannah off /a lot/." she says. "Emotionally." she says.

"I can talk to Ao-chan. We're friends. She knows about me and stuff."

"Unity Loop is sort of like a universal battery that can power one attack or spell from multiple sources and boost it." she says. "I imagine a 'boost spell' on the receiving end would make it MUCH more... boosting." she says.

"My plan is to shove my purifying attack in there then have you guys feed it by well. It absorbs energy. Like you do!" she says. "So you can just throw things at it to feed it or hold out your hand and it'll take until you pull back." she says.

"Then just blast her with a Super Duper Miracle Hope Motion and hope that makes the dark in her core squirm enough to drop her like a rock." she says.

"I mean. We'll need to tire her out. Or get her off balance." she says.

"So I mean. If we can shove a boost thing from Hyalite into Unity Loop, Loop could BOOST THAT then I can shove the purification attack on the end and we can feed Unity Loop more."

"I imagine that would work but I'm not sure. Unity Loop isn't a device so it can't run VR sims like devices can to test this. But in theory, it'd work."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-17 04:13:33 78893
"She might have told Mamoru that story," Kazuo says about Ao-chan. "I haven't heard it. But that ... that kind of mistake I can understand, too." Just the way that Haruna can. Just that way. "We'd need to be careful, to keep her from being hurt. Hannah doesn't have the most precise aim when she's angry. But that's Ao-san's choice to make."

The discussion of Unity Loop makes Kazuo's eyes gleam. "Potentially multiplicative. Good. We'll still need to get her to a point at which she's willing to let go of the worst of it, yes --" A different viewpoint from 'tire her out, or get her off balance.' But not in essence any contradiction. "-- or it'll rend her rather than rescue. But it's the best chance we've got. I'll talk with Hyalite, and we'll make sure the others know how to feed Unity Loop. Who do you think it best to cue us on when?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-17 04:24:25 78895
Haruna Kurosawa smiles. "Unity Loop should cue us. Unity Loop knows how to work together with a group. It's it's actually purpose- making a bunch of things that shouldn't work together--- work together!" she says. "I trust it's judgement. It's a friend and partner like Corvus is to me! Just. It's a partner with a VERY specific purpose that isn't always fitting." she asides.

"Actually. I'm sure Ao-chan works as a deterrent. Ao-chan will make Hannah-chan hold back purposefully-- make her pull punches. Not fight as strong as she normally does due to her presence. Of course. It's possible that dark stuff in her core will make her not care. I think that's what I'll ask Blue-sama to do. Play guard for Ao-chan. I'm sure he'll do that much." she says.

"So we can concentrate on the actual fight." she says.

"For fighting. Well. I mean everyone I know Hannah-chan knows is already here." she admits. "I think."

She seems to rest her elbows down on the counter and think hard.

"I mean I haven't seen Homura in forever OR Madoka." she admits. "And those are the only two I can think of right now." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-17 04:36:45 78896
Again, Kazuo's answering largely in confirming nods. Unity Loop should cue them: yes. Partner with a very specific purpose: yes. Ao working as a deterrent -- that's a slower nod, warier, that relaxes when Haruna works out the possibility that Hannah's condition will make her not care. Blue as guard for Ao: yes.

Homura or Madoka ... that's not a nod. That's Kazuo glancing down at his coffee, then finally taking a drink.

"I haven't seen them either," he says. "They're probably working. But they stopped being around in interesting timing with Madison Perry cropping back up. Hope they're all right." He shakes his head, then, looking back to Haruna. "But that's irrelevant to the present problem. Except that they're unlikely to be available. Likely we've got the best we can manage, then. That and whatever preparation we can make by arriving in time to look over the place, to be set and ready."