GTLC: The Night After.

A Guily Gull and a Stupid Hanners talk about stuff after 'GTLC: Punchervention'.

Date: 2017-06-21
Pose Count: 10
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-21 01:08:09 79180
Haruna Kurosawa flew Hannah home to her apartment and then proceeded to busy herself with making sure Hannah was 'okay' throughout the night and some of the day. Fast food paper bags littered the coffee table because Haruna may have stressed ate and weirded out some of the fast food workers with how much she bought. SOME of them, to her credit, still have the food in them. She doesn't seem to care if it's lukewarm fast food.

At some point she's flopped next to Hannah and began to snooze quietly. At least she didn't go lay on the couch. That might be saying something.

She's kind of listing over the side a little, at least one of her legs is as she's hanging around in a white tank top and shorts and she's mumbling something in her sleep about 'too much cheese' for some reason. It's probably some nonsensical dream. She seems to be in that weird state between not quite asleep, but asleep enough to let her mind dream a little.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-21 01:26:29 79182
There's a sound of a groan, and Hannah Sharpe opens her eyes. Everything hurts. The physical pain is something she's used to, and frankly suspected after the battering she took. Best of all, she's alive.

Oh, and a pounding headache going nearly past a migraine. And something feels very, very off on a very spiritual level. It's strange, a pit in her chest she can't quite figure out. Hannah stumbles out of the bed. Her hand goes to her dresser instinctually. Digits brush past the hairbrush she keeps there.

"...Ugh...Boooooris! Where's the aspirin!?" Comes a groggy, grumpy sounding Hannah into the apartment. Boris wisely has chosen to go bar hopping tonight, to avoid his Master's wrath.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-21 01:32:59 79183
When Hannah gets up, Haruna tilts just enough to thud to the floor with a surprised sound and an ommph. This is not an unfamiliar sound because it happens at least every so often when Haruna stays over. She suddenly shoots back up and then flounders about as she crawls over the bed. "Hannah!" she says. "Hannah Hannah Hann--- I should stop that because you probably feel like shit." she says.

"Boris isn't here right now." she says.

She then nervously smiles a bit before her eyes look to the right and left. "You're awake. That's good. How do you feel? Besides."

"Probably super upset at me."

"Also. Don't go near Mamoru's right now. Please. He's Pretty God Damn Upset. He'll contact you when he's ready probably. Or. I mean. You can do whatever you want I guess." sbe says sheepishly.

"I..." yeah all that cheerfulness she's stored up to try to deal with this isn't enough.

"I'll just. Go. Into another room. If you want." she says softly. "N' stuff."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-21 01:52:11 79188
Every mention of her name has Hannah wincing. Her head, and her heart can't take it right now! Both hands grasp her head as she shoves herself back onto the bed. The young woman's emotions are battered, but there's plenty of anger left. The feeling of betrayal is raw and fresh.

"My head feels like someone shoved an oil tanker into it and lit it on fire." Comes Hannah, voice low and growling. No explosive yelling like last night. This is colder, more sizzling. Not a good sign from someone so aggressive.

Then Haruna mentions Mamoru. Her head dips lower into her hands. She can already feel the tears. Kunzite...

Then she bites her lip hard enough to bleed. "...Haruna Kurosawa. What you are going to do, is you are going to go into medicine cabinet, get me some aspirin and water, and then you're going to GET BACK OVER HERE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU ALL DID TO ME!" Snarls the crippled mage. Her chest pounds. Something is missing, and it bleeds right into her own insecurities. She lashes out, her own guilt fueling it as much as anger.

She curls up into a ball, and falls onto her side. Sobbing can be heard not a moment later.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-21 02:03:59 79190
Haruna does this. She knows where the Asprin is. And the glasses. And she pours cold water from one of the pitchers in the fridge she keeps there because she likes cold water and she visits often enough. She sighs and comes back and sits next to Hannah and just sort of lays her hands in her lap.

"Well. We fought you until you finally went under. All of us. Um. Right. Kunzite. Kunzite'll be okay. It isn't fatal. Just. He's outside of his body and they just need to shove him back in. It'll take a small bit. Not sure how long. Mercury-chan is probably already on it if they don't know how themselves..."

"Then. Um."

"Mercury kind of removed your infected linker core." she says a little putzy. "So it's gone. She says that-- a new one will start growing soon." she says. "A non infected one. That isn't killing you."

"Mercury said that if you were lucky, you maybe had a few weeks."

"If... if you want. To blame anyone. You blame me. I went to them for help. I went to Ami for help. And Mamoru was the one who offered this plan to me." she says softly.

"I was so afraid." she says quietly.

"I know you don't want this right now."

"But. You have to feel. A little better. Don't you? Without. That. That thing inside you?" she thinks.

"Just. Just think of this. Like...."

"Like a small vacation where you're recuperating from surgery." she says, as she kicks the floor a moment. Yeah she sounds guilty and probably hates herself.

She slips her phone out and sends a quick flash text for a moment.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-21 02:41:34 79195
Hannah downs the aspirin and water quickly. She's silent again for a few minutes. It finally kicks in. She turns to the sound of Haruna's voice. Then, her arms reach out, and she tries to draw in Haruna. Her hold is tight, squeezing, maybe a little painful. And more than anything, deeply, deeply possessive.

As angry as she is, she wants her Haruna as close as possible right now.

She tries to shove Haruna down to the bed, burying her face in her neck. Hot tears spill. Her mouth is a tight grimace of anger and pain and guilt.

"He...he'll...thank God..." Mumbles Hannah. Her body loosens, then tightens all at once. The text goes by without her noticing.

"THAT LITTLE..." Words catch in her throat, she coughs violently, and lets out a gasp of frustration. She's still injured, and her fury isn't helping.

"I'll make her pay. SHE'LL PAY! After all my work, all so no one would have to hurt ever again, after I almost had /POWER/, why would she do that to me!? Wh...why..." Gull just answered, but it takes moments for her to even hear her beloved.

"I /TOLD/ her! I'd rather could...ANY OF YOU..How could I possibly feel better about anything!? My work isn't done. And I can't protect you or Ao-chan or /anyone/ like this!"

Her words devolve into spiteful, rambling sobbing as she shakes hard.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-21 02:53:37 79197
Haruna Kurosawa frowns and gently places a hand against Hannah's shoulder. "I'm sorry." she says quietly. It's all she can say. "You were going to die Hannah-chan..." she says quietly. "You'll be fine. Just not right now. And you still have physical injuries that... well they're not magically healing anyways in the meantime." she says softly. She looks up from her phone.

"Mamoru will be by at some point tonight." she says. "If I'm sleeping just... don't. Be upset at him. Please." she says. "Maybe he'll heal you. Because he did this because he cares too."

She kind of futzes a bit still. "I feel so bad. Mamoru just said I'd feel worse if you died or witched out." she says quietly.

"Don't worry about Ao-chan." she says softly. "Aki didn't want to help me beat you up, but she isn't gonna let someone like Ao-chan hurt because --- well. She said. Because you're an idiot." she says with a glum sigh. "I have her watching over that." she says.

"Corvus is handling the shop for me while I'm here with you." she says.

"Yeah. Your work isn't done. Now it won't be unfinished." she says quietly. "Instead of you dying and stuff."

"I spent the entire night before trying to beg Blue-sama to try anything to fix you. He said that he couldn't. Not. Won't. Just he can't heal things that bad quick enough." she says quietly. "Didn't stop me from. Sitting there in his face going 'please' like fifty times...." she shifts.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-21 03:23:48 79204
Hannah, exhausted of rage, finally goes limp against Haruna. She clings, weakly, as all the stress and pain and anger and corruption aftereffects hit her all at once. Her sob is pathetic. But there's more color to her skin. She might just recover after all the damage.

"That would explain why I feel like a semi made a twelve point turn over my body and soul." Huffs Hannah bitterly.

"Lucky for him it's a chore to stand up, much less find him and strangle him to death with my own bare hands!" Comes the girl in one brief spurt of unreasonable anger. Its snuffed out just as quickly. Hannah Sharpe is almost entirely /done/.

"I'd never regret saving your sister, but she really manages to make me want to throw her through several buildings on a regular basis." Somehow, she manages the ghost of a smirk. "I just hope the feeling's mutual." Is that a hint of thanks in her voice?

Twitch. /Twitch/! The mere mention of Blue finally has her shoving her way up to sitting, despite how her fake arm sizzles and her body protests. There's the distinct sound of a crunch somewhere in her. A loud hiss. She doesn't go back down through sheer stubborn bullheadedness that got her into this whole mess.

"Like I'd accept help from that delegating limp wristed wimp of a man! I swear, I still don't get why you even give time to that love-hating excuse of a 'god'!" Her dislike of Blue is only amplified. But then she gives out half way, both hands forced to keep her up.

Her head flops almost bonelessly, enough so that her neck creaks from the action. "Haruna, I...I'm really angry with you right now. But. You saved my life." Gulp. She shudders. It takes a monumental act of will to even admit that much.

"Thank you. I want to throw every single one of you into the moon right now, but...I...I love you!" Cracks Hannah, conflict between her own self admitted desperation and rage at being reduced to the point before the attack that almost cost Ao her life. She goes boneless once more, a crying, wordless mess in Haruna's lap.

She's alive, but not okay in body or heart.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-21 03:40:40 79206
Haruna Kurosawa frowns. "It's okay to be angry with me. Sheesh. We've had what. nearly. Almost two years? Without you being angry at me at all? It's normal to be angry at one another." she says quietly.

"I'm glad. You understand why I did that." she says quietly. "I hope you'll understand." she says. "Completely soon." she says.

She flops and sighs a bit.

"Aki doesn't like you. She has her reasons. I think it's more personal than it is... completely you." she says.

"I mean. She didn't get to be--- a part of any of that." she says.

She gets really quiet suddenly. "Do you know where my love seed came from? The thing that makes me a Pretty Cure?" she asks. "They're usually pink." she says. "But mine was green."

"Because. Aki. Aki collected all the Precards like I did. Then she wished that someday I'd be able to join her and we'd be a team. It wasn't even something she had to wish for. But it's what she wanted. She was gonna give it to me when I had a year or two to. Get out of my shell. Because I was shy and stuff." she says.

"That is what helped fix myself. That night. That June two years ago." she says as she shifts.

"--and it's really sad that Aki wasn't here. You know?" she says quietly. "But I had to move on to save her. So I did. And I don't regret that. and I just wish that Aki could be happy she's here /now/." she says.

"....Right. I just. Wanted to tell you. Why Aki is the way she is. She missed things. She feels bad. She's blaming everyone when it isn't anyone's fault except Phantom's." she says.

She sits back up. "Um. There's like a LOT of fast food bags here? At least half still have wrapped food! If you need to just eat." she says. "I need. To clean." she says. "Mamoru will be around soon and I don't want your place to be a mess...!" she huffs.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-21 04:07:29 79209
Both eyes shut. Hannah finally just goes limp, rolling over onto her back. Tall, strong, and generally lanky, she takes up more space than she really should on the bed. Like a dog. There's a reason her Familiar is a very space-devouring dog, and more than just one reason at that!

Arms cross. Her head tilts. She completely ignores the bit about understanding. In the absence of strength or understanding, her ego surfaces. "...So what you're telling me is, that your sister did an amazing feat for a Pretty Cure, and then asked to be a partner with you? But then that little jerk Phantom had to go and get in between you and..." If her own personal fury wasn't bad enough, her word practically drip with venom. The air around her might almost resemble Corruption, if not for it's utterly burning nature. This is just sheer indignation on top of a bundle of utter emotions that Hannah's given to right now in her weakened state. An emotional drunkard, as it were.

"We met because of all of that. But there's no way I'm thanking /HIM/ for it! Haruna. I love you. Aki-chan and I have our differences, maybe ones we won't ever solve, but I swear on my parents' souls, I will help you two to ERASE that red-headed abomination!" Her voice is searingly angry!

And that's when she runs out of energy, unmoving except for her chest rising and falling. Her hand weakly reaches out.

"Tell her to...stop hammering herself in the heart when she's not to blame. Haruna, you're in love with a stubborn idiot. If your sister wants someone to let all of her problems out on, my fault or not, tell her I'm a pretty good punching bag."

She lets out a weak smile.

In turn, a weak wave of the hand. "This place better be immaculate, or I'm going to yell at you for hours. If /HE/ is coming over...make sure this place is spotless and in order. I might need your help to make Apology Fried Steak And Gravy."

The best, or worst, of all kinds of Fried Steak.