Whiskey Makes Everything Better

Nephrite was mad at Kyouko because she spilled some of his whiskey, so she got him some more. They drink whiskey and talk about girlfriends and stars and throwing shoes.

Date: 2017-06-22
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Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-22 22:34:08 79288
    Honestly, alcohol plays a pretty big role in Kyouko's association with the Shitennou. Her first-ever substantive conversation with Mamoru was over beer stolen from a park vending machine, and that was hardly the last time that 'booze and conversation' marked the development of their friendship in those early days. That was pre-D-Point, of course, pre-Apatite, pre-ECFH. But the point is simply that Kyouko (despite only having just turned 16) has some degree of association between her adoptive brothers and booze.

    As it happens, she is well-aware that Nephrite has a lot of booze. And a lot of it is pretty good. There have been minor pilferings, over the past year or so. Minor, and generally acknowledged. But a few weeks ago there was the 'Whiskey Incident'. The details need not be recounted, but suffice it to say that Kyouko, in her quest to procure a tasty drink, injured some whiskey in a way that was altogether unbecoming of its station.

    There were some harsh words, and no doubt Kyouko's damn stubborn pride made her flare up, and no doubt there was crankyness in the aftermath. But now it's been a while. And Kyouko has been quietly watching for an opportunity to talk to Nephrite alone. The reason for which may be what she's holding in a brown paper sack behind her back as she comes into the living room. She's wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, her normal 'I've been at work' outfit, and is barefoot.
Nephrite 2017-06-22 22:50:25 79292
For better or worse, Nephrite takes his booze very seriously. He curates his collection. He has multiple tiers, designated with such categories as "for sharing" and "for sharing only with people I like" and "decoy for Zoisite," right up to the tier of "even I'm not allowed to touch this one unless for exceptional reasons." The whiskey in question, of course, did not reach quite to that height. It was not quite so old or rare that the pilfering was, in itself, much of a crime. But spilled whiskey is always a travesty, in Nephrite's world, and well, Kyouko is not the only Shitennou with a temper. Something about the color red, both the seeing and the wearing of it, seems to be something they have in common.

She finds him on the couch, flipping through his journal of star charts. His t-shirt, appropriately, features a beer logo on it. When he glances her way, there is a decidedly pointed look back down into his charts. "Hey," he grunts. Cranky and petty. Nobody has ever accused him of being mature.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-22 22:59:00 79294
    Kyouko hesitates briefly at that grunted, clearly still-cranky greeting. It's not really an intimidated hesitation- more that apologizing is not really something that comes naturally to her, though she's been forced to get better at it in recent times. Say one thing for her relationship with Naru, it's done wonders for her articulation. But the hesitation is brief. Soon enough she's coming around to the couch. She pulls the bag out from behind her back, and sets it down on the table in front of Nephrite. Then she plops down on the couch, a cushion away.

    "I know it ain't exactly a replacement," She says without preamble, "But you gotta understand I'm only sixteen. I can't exactly waltz into a liquor store and say 'gimme your best whiskey'." She pauses, then crosses her arms and looks away, towards the balcony. "But I felt bad, so.. y'know. Hopefully it at least helps a little."

    Should Nephrite investigate the bag, he will find it contains a bottle of Japanese Whiskey. Not the best brand- really, a rather pedestrian brand, but also far from the worst. How, exactly, she did get her hands on it is a question better left unasked.
Nephrite 2017-06-22 23:14:51 79297
When Kyouko approaches, Nephrite is peering ever more intently at his charts until he literally has the notebook held up in front of his face like the world's saddest homemade mask. At the sound of rustling paper and the clatter of glass on table, he peeks over the book's pages. Red-brown eyes narrow suspiciously at the brown paper. Finally, he sets the book aside, scoops up the bag, and pulls out the bottle.

"Hey, not bad." He nods appraisingly at the label. "You've got pretty good taste. You've obviously picked that up from me." He looks up at her now. "You cheater, I could have milked a good few more days of grumpiness out of that. Now I have to forgive you and stuff. Ugh, you're supposed to be the fun one."

He glances at the bottle again. "Probably as your elder I'm supposed to not encourage you to acquire booze through whatever less-than-legal means you probably used. But I'm not Kunzite, so whatever you did, let me just say, nice."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-22 23:18:51 79299
    Kyouko studiously pretends that she isn't watching as she waits for Nephrite to come out from behind his homemade mask and investigate the bag. But when he finally does, and she hears the sound of rustling, she peeks over out of the corner of her eye. There might be a faint sigh at mention of forgiveness- it's not that she really doubted that he would. Not really. But it's still best to actually hear it. Especially when booze is involved.

    "Maybe I just have raided your liquor cabinet often enough to know what you like." She shoots back, with a lopsided smile that borders on a smirk. Then she shakes her head slightly, short red hair tumbling. "I am the fun one. You just have unreasonable expectations. Not that I can blame you, considering the alternatives." Kunzite would have bowed and apologized on the spot. So not fun.

    "Well, I didn't steal it, at least." She says, raising her chin. "I dunno what Mamoru's told you, but I don't do that sort of thing anymore."
Nephrite 2017-06-22 23:35:50 79300
"What I like is good taste. Surely you have realized this by now." Good thing there is no Zoisite around to disagree.

Kunzite is the opposite of fun. Being mad at Mamoru is impossible. Jadeite acts like a kicked puppy at the slightest provocation. And Zoisite is impossible to be grumpy at because he doesn't care. "Okay, Kyouko's fun status is retained. For now."

He holds his hands up at her assertion. "Alright, I believe you. This must've cost you a lot, huh? You know, everyone steals my booze, but almost nobody ever thinks to replace it? Not that I really need it, but. You know. It's nice that you thought to do it. So thanks." The grin he gives her is genuine. Easy to anger, just as easy to please. "So it seems only right you try this out with me. Wanna crack it open now?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-22 23:41:26 79302
    Zoisite not being around was pretty much a prerequisite of any attempted apology. The last thing Kyouko needs when trying to do the right thing is a snarking peanut gallery.

    "Damn straight." She says, as her fun status is confirmed. "Gotta be good for something around here." At Nephrite's mention of cost, she glances away slightly and lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "Eh.. not too much. Y'know I could just use Mamoru's money, but I really try not to unless it's an emergency. Feels good to be able to pay for my own stuff.. not something I was really able to do for most of my life up until recently. So the cost ain't important."

    "As for replacing booze well.." Now she grins, lopsided, showing fang. "When it's been drunk, it's served it's purpose. When it gets spilled.. well, I can't blame you for bein' angry. It's a waste. In that case.. replacing seems justified."

    She hops up to her feet, padding over to the kitchen at the invitation and returning with two tumblers and a little dish of ice which she sets down on the table. "I don't gotta be in work until eleven tomorrow, so I think I can manage that."
Nephrite 2017-06-23 00:07:00 79304
Nephrite snickers as the tumblers and ice are set down. "Aw yeah, I knew you were my favorite for a reason. Don't tell Kazuo I said that, you know how sensitive he is." He cracks open the bottle and pours two fingers in the first glass without adding ice, then holds it out to Kyouko. "Here--smell it, and try a little sip. We'll do it like proper rich bastards and try it neat first."

He begins pouring out his own glass. "Well. I maybe went a bit overboard with the angry. I do that sometimes. Accidents are accidents."

He caps the bottle and sets it aside, then holds up his glass to the light. "I do get it, actually. I didn't before. The money thing. But since getting back my memories, I remember. Not being able to afford stuff." He shrugs. "But also you're family, so don't forget that we can help if you ever need it, got it?"

He takes a small sip, looking at the brown liquid thoughtfully. "Hmm, there's a lot to be said for Japanese whiskey. There's like, a berry note?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-23 00:15:37 79305
    Kyouko snorts faintly at the 'favorite' comment. "Yeah right. It's just the whole little sister thing- it gets bonus points." She takes the glass, eyeing it for a moment, then turning red eyes back to Nephrite. "We are rich bastards, much as I have a hard time getting used to it. Proper? Eh, not so much."

    She sniffs the whiskey. Kyouko has a very sensitive sense of smell- anyone who has been out hunting with her knows that she tends to actually sniff the air for the scent of youma or Witches. Of course, in that case, it's less actual smelling and more a rationalized expression of a magical sense, but the whole reason she expresses it that way is because she has a sensitive nose to begin with.

    Then Nephrite gets a wry look. "I stabbed my girlfriend in a fit of pique the other week. Trust me, I know about going overboard with the angry." She sighs. "Luckily that situation's been resolved." She sips the whiskey.. then looks faintly surprised. "Hey, this is pretty good."

    Then she shrugs as she sits back against the couch, tucking one leg up underneath herself. "I know. Mamoru gave me the infinite money card." That would be the bank card which lets her withdraw funds from his seemingly-endless accounts. "And I do use it, when I need to. I just.. y'know, I like to make my own way, much as I can. Feels too much like charity otherwise, even though I know it ain't."
Nephrite 2017-06-23 00:28:56 79306
"Yeah, you get little sister points," Nephrite concedes. "You also happen to be right in front of me at this moment sharing whiskey with me, and I have the attention span of a small dog, so let's say you're my favorite right at this moment." He reaches for the ice and plops a couple cubes in each of their glasses. "Right? I told you you had good taste. Now try it on the rocks. Water actually enhances the flavor, pulls out the distinct notes more."

Nephrite may or may not have heard about the incident in question. "Short tempers must run in our family. Have you considered throwing shoes instead? All that does is mark up the walls."

He nods. "Like I said, I get it. Doing your own thing is important. But it's definitely not charity."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-23 00:34:31 79307
    Kyouko has drunk a lot of booze in her life- way more than any teenager should have, really, but she's also had a way tougher life than most her age so maybe it can be forgiven. Still, there's drinking and then there's drinking. She's never really stopped to actually consider things like flavor notes and all this kind fancy schmancy stuff. She eyes the whiskey when the ice is added.. then takes another sip. "Mm.. yeah, I guess I can taste a difference." She says, sounding almost surprised.

    She rolls her eyes faintly. "Look, if I had time to think about what I was doing, I wouldn't have done it at all. I'm.. trying to work on that." She laughs, self-deprecating. "Dunno if it's working yet but.."

    She deflects, suddenly, changing the subject as she takes another sip of the whiskey. "How're things with you and Mako-chan? No stabbing or shoe-throwing, I take it?" Nephrite no-doubt knows that Kyouko and Makoto are sparring partners- they meet once a week and beat the crap out of each other in a local gym, to better beat the crap out of bad guys later. Therefore, it's highly likely that Kyouko already knows the Mako-chan side of things. Maybe she just wants a different perspective on her gossip.
Nephrite 2017-06-23 00:53:52 79308
Probably, if Nephrite were thinking during the shoe-throwing incident, that would not have happened either. But yeah, not exactly the same thing. He cannot help but feel luck has contributed heavily to his not having caused more harm than that in a moment of anger. "How about let's agree, if we're ever ready to strangle each other, we wait 'till the rage goggles wear off before we deal with it? Since we are way too alike on that front."

She must be master class at deflection, or perhaps it is no secret at all that the quickest way to distract Neph is to bring up Makoto, because instantly he melts. "Yeah, we're good. Mostly because of her. She put up with me being all weird about my family and stuff. I don't know how she can be so patient with me." He sips at the whiskey. "But other than some mishaps, you and Naru? You're okay?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-23 00:59:38 79309
    Kyouko snorts faintly. "I can agree to that now all you want, Neph-nii, the problem is that when those range goggles are in full effect I tend to forget the things I've promised at other times." She grins again, taking another sip of the whiskey in the process. "But like I said.. I'm tryin' to get better at that. Nii-chan" (here meaning Kunite) "gave me some good advice, and so did Mamoru. So hopefully in future I'll be better able to insert some rational thought in the space between 'fuse lit' and 'murderous intent'."

    Kyouko smirks, as if Nephrite is being overly sappy about Makoto, even though he really isn't. "Weird family stuff also runs in the family." She points out.. then pauses, realizing that doesn't exactly make sense, and amends, "Well, you know what I mean." She grins. "I feel the same way about Naru, a lot of the time. She puts up with an awful lot. Then again," A hairflip- not as impressive with chin-length hair as when she had a butt-length ponytail, but she manages, "I am pretty awesome, so I guess it's worth it."

    A more serious response then, glancing down into her whiskey. "Yeah, we're good. Honestly the speed at which we both got over that incident impresses me more than the blowup itself."
Nephrite 2017-06-23 01:15:52 79310
"Yeah, they're good with that stuff," Nephrite nods. "Probably better on the advice front there than me. All I'm good for is booze and occasional astrological predictions and my charming personality. Except you took my booze thing this time, so." He nods down at his notebook. "Uh, need some predictions done?"

He snorts. "Yeah, I guess you're both kind of awesome. But good. If you can survive that kinda thing, you can survive anything, right?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-23 01:20:04 79311
    Kyouko stifles a laugh. "Yeah, 'cept the only reason I brought you booze is because booze is your thing. Ain't exactly taking so much as it is enabling." She shrugs her shoulders. "I ain't complaining though."

    At the mention of predictions, she eyes the notebook, then the level of whiskey in his glass. "I dunno.. is drunken fortune-telling something which is likely to have good results?" She grins. "I guess I wouldn't mind knowing if the stars think Naru is gonna win her race this weekend."

    Then she rolls her eyes. "You'd think, but this is us we're talking about. Domestic knife-fights actually rank rather low on the 'relationship testing drama' in my life, as horrifying as that is to say out loud."
Nephrite 2017-06-23 01:40:03 79312
Nephrite laughs. "Hey, there are worse things I've asked the stars. I'd need to consult them directly, though. The notebook helps clarify stuff, but stars are always changing, and it's easy to miss things if I'm not clear on what I'm looking for ahead of time. Also, I make a point of never doing fortune-telling sober."

He grins. "I guess if there's no magic or aliens, it's pretty mundane. Hey, you've given her flowers, right? Always give flowers after you accidentally stab your girlfriend. Actually, always give your girlfriend flowers, forever, for every reason."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-23 01:42:33 79313
    "No wonder you drink so much." Kyouko notes, dryly (except not really, because she's sipping the whiskey again). She shrugs her shoulders. "Ehhh, best not bother the stars tonight, I guess. Naru probably wouldn't want to know what fate has in store, anyway. I feel like if the stars say she's gonna win, she'd feel like she was cheating or something."

    She pauses then, looking thoughtful. "Huh.. y'know.. I'm not sure I've ever given her flowers." She says. Then her eyes widen. "Is that bad? Oh shit. Should I be giving her flowers? I'm pretty new at this whole relationship thing, you know. She never mentioned being unhappy at the lack of flowers."
Nephrite 2017-06-23 01:55:50 79314
"I drink so much because I like it," Nephrite shrugs. "The drunken fortune-telling thing is like, a perk. I think past me was a lot more uh, restricted on that sort of thing."

He laughs. "Okay no, chill. I started doing the flowers thing a lot because Mako is all about flowers. I try to give them to her as often as I can because it makes her so happy, and they can always be different, you know? But they're not like, a requirement, no matter what the sappy commercials tell you. You should totally give your girlfriend presents, but only if it's something you think she'd like. Does Naru like flowers? Does she, I dunno, draw them ever?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-23 02:05:05 79315
    Kyouko looks mildly relieved. "Um.. I dunno. I guess sometimes, but not obsessively, or anything. I tend to give her food-related presents." She laughs. "I guess that's more my bias than hers, but she's never complained. At least to me." She side-eyes. "Maybe I should ask Usagi if she's ever said anything.." This more to herself, under her breath, than to Nephrite.

    Then she shakes her head slightly. "Nah, I'm sure it's fine. But maybe I'll work flowers into the rotation at least once.. just to see what she does. Can't hurt to try it out, right?" She grins. "Slightly more long-lasting than food. Slightly."
Nephrite 2017-06-23 02:21:39 79316
Nephrite's chuckles echo through his glass as he drains it. "Hey, you gotta mix it up, right? Just surprise her once and see what she says." He reaches over and ruffles her hair. "But she's already got you. Food and flowers and other prezzies are just the icing on the delicious red cake, right?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-23 02:25:11 79318
    Kyouko snorts.. but tips up her own glass to drain it as well. She looks pleased, though, as she hops up to her feet. "God, I sure hope so." She says. "I sure as hell don't feel that way, but I guess as long as she does, it'll be alright."

    "Speaking of, I'm gonna run downstairs and see if she's home yet." She walks around the back of the couch, carrying the empty glass towards the kitchen.. then doubles back in order to throw her arms around Nephrite's shoulders from behind, over the back of the couch. A brief squeeze. "Thanks. Glad you ain't mad at me anymore." Then she's away and to the kitchen. Glass is duley deposited, and she is out the door to the balcony. Taking the quick route down.