The Seed of Creation

Naru paints. The White Flower observes.

Date: 2017-06-23
Pose Count: 30
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 14:24:52 79348
It has been one of those sorts of weeks. When they start off with a giant fight, and continue through freaked out parental figures, and school and odd conversations about curses, and ignoring an upcoming race nerves, there's not a lot of creative time.

Not a lot of creative time is a fast train to a Naru who copes even more poorly with everything.

Naru hefts the generous sized bag on her shoulder. Canvas, already stretched and primed. Brushes, paint. She's comfortable without an easel if it's not there anymore for whatever reason. She's in the elevator up to Hana's apartment, trusting in the statistical likelyhood of it being an empty and silent space. There's a painting that is scratching at her thoughts, demanding to be let out like a particularly insistant feline, and clearly she wishes some silent time to work with it.

The hallway leading up to the apartment is silent, a promising sign. The door is locked, and there's no sense of ... wierd. Also promising signs.

Naru lets herself in, pausing as she shuts the door behind her, with held breath and listneing to see if she really is alone there. A slow sigh, as no Madison jumps at her. No Hana emerges from a wall or something to confront her, in spite of being told she may use the space. Being told, and doing so.. two different things.

The main room feels less obtrusive than invading Hana's studio, and Naru takes the painting off the easel out there, leaning it against the wall, and sets herself up in the good light, overlooking that amazing view.

Even if the art is entirely in her head, there's no reason to ignore that view if you've got it.
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 14:29:55 79349
    For the time being all is indeed quiet. There's none of that sense of dreamlike unreality that accompanies Hana's presence, a sure sign that wherever she is currently dwelling in it own private reality, it isn't here in this apartment. There's also no sign of Madison- in fact, she hasn't been seen here since Hana's reawakening, and Hana had said the place was safe from her, which suggests that she does not frequent it without a specific reason to be doing so.

    The large, nearly-empty room still contains that red leather-padded chair, Hana's audience throne, so to speak, although little else. But the easel is there, and Naru can get to work on her painting. For a while, everything remains still and silent, the apartment so far above the traffic below that even the sounds of city life can't penetrate the windows.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 14:36:48 79350
When working on the mural, Naru was often found bebopping around to the most inspid and saccarine pop one could possibly imagine. Here and now, there is silence.

Naru considers the canvas, not with the expression of one who is intimidated by the blankness of it, but as if merely considering where to start in translating the thoughts, images, sensations from her mind into brush strokes and colour and emotion upon the fabric.

There is no energy in her work to start, as Naru dips brush into paint, and settles to work. It emerges slowly, as the skeleton of the work is laid bare upon it. For all the brilliant sunshine coming in from the window, this is not a sunny pastoral scene.

The colours put down first are vibrant, almost glowing off the canvas, full of potential energy, if not literal energy. An abstract work, it's hard to read yet on what it might represent, or become, but clearly she's only getting started.
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 14:47:40 79351
    Hana's arrival is impossible to conceal. At least for those with senses attuned to the magical, sneaking up is not really something she is capable of. In most cases, this suits her just fine, as she does not generally see the need to skulk about. Like a queen in her kingdom, she does not need to hide.

    But the upshot of this is that Naru will be aware the moment she arrives in the apartment. That strange, hazy sense of 'is this real or am I dreaming' descends upon the room like a curtain falling. When you actually look, nothing seems different, but out of the corner of eyes things seem to shimmer and distort, as if their form is not truly set until one's attention fixes it.

    The door does not open. Hana does not arrive like a normal person. Rather, should Naru turn around upon feeling that strange sense, she will find Hana already sitting in her chair, one leg crossed over the other, elbow comfortable resting on the arm. Observing. Those rainbow-hued eyes fixed on the canvas which, as yet, still hides the mystery of Naru's intent.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 14:54:42 79352
There is some portion of Naru's thoughts that notices that the level of ambient weird has jumped abruptly. That same portion of Naru's thoughts recognizes, acknowledges and accepts that particular flavour of odd as normal, and acceptable and not requiring input from the rest of her thoughts.

Naru's focus stays upon her work, especially as the piece shades out of the brilliant vibrant colours, gaining both magical energy, and a much darker tone. It is a piece with movement, literal in this case, of shadows and depths that cover and reveal in turn the colours hiding below. The movement is slow, more molten glass than animation, making one question the reality of a moment ago with the reality of now.
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 15:01:08 79353
    Hana stays silent for quite some time. Her eyes watch the development of the painting, though whether she's really that interested in it, or simply allowing her mind to wander while observing, is impossible to say. It's also quite possible that she views time differently than normal humans, and perhaps to her it does not seem like very long at all.

    Whatever the case, the painting has developed to quite a degree before she finally decides to provide some input. It's not much input though.. at least, not any form of critique. Rather, she simply shifts her stance slightly, before speaking up in that even, almost artistocratic tone of hers. "You really are quite talented, Little Bird. Though I would caution against imbuing too much life into your works before you know what they will be. It can be dangerous."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 15:07:17 79354
"It is my work. I know what it will be." Naru replies, not yet looking at Hana. She does pause there, taking a step back for a less focused perspective, watching the slow movement, and shifts of darkness. "Thank you." She adds belatedly, to the compliment upon her work.

Finally she turns, looking over to Hana a moment and then back to the painting.
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 15:31:35 79355
    "You think you know. That's not quite the same as knowing. Or are you telling me that your work never shifts perspective in the midst of being created?" Hana asks, her tone conversational, rather than lecturing. "Still.. I believe that you know the intent, at least. But surely it is not always so."

    "This is work which speaks of darkness and pain.. but also of promise. It interests me." She adds, as she regards the sluggishly moving image taking shape on the canvas.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 15:35:58 79356
Naru considers that and then takes another step back, watching the slow movement. "Some are bare hints of what they will become, those find themselves as part of the cration. Some are fully formed, seeking merely to be released from my thoughts onto the canvas. Those I am more confident on saying that I know what it will be. It has already gone through that crucible, it simply didn't do it on the page."

Naru glances briefly to Hana again, and then back. "It is not the sort of work that usually has an audience."
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 15:42:55 79357
    "I understand." Hana says, with utmost confidence that she does indeed do so. "Creation is a process, but it not always need be physical. The images in the mind are as important as those on paper."

    At the latter comment, shoulders are lifted in a careless shrug. "I suppose I can see why. Not all art requires an audience, though seldom do I find that there is any that is hurt by one. Do you wish me to cease my observations? It was not my intent to.. intrude."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 15:48:52 79358
"No." Naru gives her head a little shake at the offer to cease observations. "They are not unwelcome. Unfamiliar perhaps, but not unwelcome. It is something I'm getting more comfortable with, an audience to the more .. interesting works." She turns her head a little, to look out over that view of the city that she utterly ignored whilst dredging thoughts from her own head to spew into colours.

"The images in the mind are often more important, they give the images on the page their shape and structure.. to a point at least."
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 16:09:26 79359
    "Yes.. well, in some ways." Hana agrees, on the notion of images in the head being more important than those on the canvas. "They are the seed of creation, yes. Without them, the physical work can never come to be, so in that way, they are more important."

    "But you should not underestimate the power inherent in translating your thoughts into physicality." Her eyes settle on the work again. "In making what you think.. what you believe.. into reality. Images trapped in your head will never effect any but yourself. Once they gain life in the world.. their reach grows."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 16:16:43 79360
"I'm quite aware of that power." Naru comments with a note of dry to her tone. "From my thoughts to the page to reality? I have some experience, yes. Good and bad, with expected consquences, and unexpected reach, and fierocity beyond anything I could have imagined. And fizzles, when I expected fierocity. It does not always run away, sometimes they curl up and cower." She gives a half laugh, a shake of her head.
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 16:25:18 79362
    "Oh, I know you are familiar with the magical side of it." Hana says, seeming unperturbed by that dry tone.. still sitting casually in her chair with her legs crossed, watching as Naru works on her painting. "But I was speaking more in general. There is power in art beyond that which the likes of you and I can draw forth using magic."

    "When an image is trapped in your head, it is for you alone. But put it on paper, or canvas, or in stone, and others can see it. It effects them.. your ideas spread, whether they agree or not. They have power. What you are doing here.." She gestures to the canvas. "Has power, beyond simply the way you can make it move."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 16:31:25 79363
"That is, arguably, what art is /for/." Naru has moved to cleaning up, letting the painting sit for a while, to see how it settles upon the mental palate, so to speak, before any final spicing.

"Mundane art has not the oomph of magic to jumpstart the emotional response, but the right piece, at the right moment, to the right person? It might as well have magic, for the impact that it has upon them. For the way the emotions resonanate, the way the artist speaks to those who view the work later." Naru nods, in full agreement. "Finding that connection, that spark of understanding is the reason to put on shows. It's the reason to have an audience, and it's the reason that I curate what of my work /does/ have an audience, and which do not. I am not ignorant of the power of art without magic, I was no less of an artist before than I am now."
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 16:38:21 79365
    "I do not know if I agree, entirely." Hana says, without heat, merely conversational. "I do not deny that that is something art is capable of, though I am not sure I would go so far as to say that is it's purpose. Or indeed to suggest that art has such a defined purpose at all."

    "I also disagree that mundane art does not have the same capability as magical art to elicit an emotional response. I believe they differ little in that regard. It is simply that magical art has.. much more range in what it is capable of."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 16:45:17 79366
Naru doesn't seem unduly upset that Hana doesn't agree with her on the purpose of art. Nor, to be fair, does it appear that she is reconsidering her own stance in that light. "I would argue that the range that you attribute to magical art /is/ what gives it more capability than mundane art." Naru is meticulous in cleaning her brushes, but the task is an automatic one. "It does not render the mundane art incapable of evoking a response, far from it, but the mudane works with what is there. Magic can force the issue. That is quite the difference."
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 17:21:33 79382
    "Perhaps." Hana says, with a mild shrug. "But it is similar to the differences between a painting and a film. Their impacts are different, but can one say, unequivocably, that the film always is the greater? Some might say so, but they tend to be among the more.. simple-minded, who only see things at the most basic level."

    She shifts, steepling her fingers in front of her with both elbows resting on the arms of her chair. "Then again, art is art, no matter the medium, the shape it takes. It all has power. It is not my intent to disparage film, or indeed any medium. Least of all the sculpture of reality, which is what I have chosen to pursue."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 17:24:26 79384
"I tend to think of fine art as superior to film, but recognize fully my bias in that declaration." Naru comments with a twist of a smirk.

"Art is art. It all has power, to greater and lesser degrees. That which sings to the soul of one is a tonedeaf cacophony to another." Naru nods and is thoughtful a moment, the brush in her hand stilling as she rests it on the rag. "Sculpting of reality is an interesting challenge." She finally decides upon.
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 17:29:56 79387
    "No more so than the sculpting of anything else." Hana says, almost dismissively. "The difference is merely that only a very few have the ability to pursue it." Her eyes focus on Naru once more, shifting from the view out the window. "In that way we are both blessed, you and I."

    "Our methods are not the same, nor are the results, exactly. But similar enough. More similar than what most any others are able to achieve. It is an unexplored medium, Little Bird. Ripe for the creation of masterpieces."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 17:35:32 79389
"If you'd ever seen my sculpting of clay, you'd assuredly see that it too provides me with an interesting challenge." Naru is not, and has never claimed to be, a sculptor.

"Our results and methods are not the same. We are very different people, after all, with very different perspectives and experiences. Art, especially one's relationship with reality, is a very personal thing." Naru looks back to her work, watching it move slowly upon the canvas and nods a little. "It's a fascinating medium. I don't have opportunity to pursue it as often as I might like, but when I do.." there's a pause, thoughtful, remembering the elusive sensations. "Fascinating."
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 17:43:18 79394
    "Manual dexterity and dexterity of the mind, while related, are not necessarily the same thing." Hana says, placidly. "One does not sculpt reality with one's fingers, but with one's will. One's intent. The art is in creating something with your power which has worth.. whether beauty or utility, or perferably, both."

    "The nice thing about sculpting realty," Hana goes on, as Naru mentions that she doesn't have as many opportunities as she likes, "Is that when no opportunities exist, you can create them." Her voice takes on a dry quality as she says this, as if she might be gently poking fun at what she may view as Naru's limited scope on the possibilities of the art form.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 17:48:43 79396
"One also does not wake up one morning with the dexerity of fingers or mind without the practice that accompanies it." Naru points out. "I did not learn to paint overnight, and I am discovering that sculpting shares few enough of the same reflexes." Be it will, mind, or fingers that Naru references, she does not specify.

"A challenge that does not plague you, clearly." Naru's comment is dry in return, but rueful as well. "I make no claims to that level of mastery."
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 17:51:50 79399
    "I have long practice in creating opportunity where it seems like none exists." Hana confirms with a nod of her head that is not in the least self-deprecating or ashamed. "I should hardly be sitting here if it were not so. I am also free to pursue my.. interests. Something which one like yourself, with so many attachments, has less freedom to do." The implication is that such attachments are horribly limiting, though her tone remains as calm and nonjudgemental as always.

    "Mastery, though? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I believe there is still great room for me to grow. Once I understand the direction in which such growth need be channeled."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 17:56:39 79403
"I have not found my interests curtailed overmuch by my attachments." Naru considers that a moment and then adds. "I explore what catches my attention, and what suits my needs at the time. Often, that is fueled by necessity rather than idle speculation."

"I think that is a theme, that there is always room to grow. Even when one is confident in claiming mastery, learning never truly ends." Naru gives a little shrug. "That would seem like one is resting on their laurels, to think that there is nothing new to explore."
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 18:05:53 79409
    "You are also young." Hana says, with great patience, though she herself is not so extremely much older than Naru- less than a decade, all told. "I do not say that in order to impugne your capabilities.. rather, only your experience. We shall simply have to see how things unfold as time goes on."

    "One can achieve mastery. But you are right in that that is not the end of the road." A brief lift of rounded shoulders. "Though one could be forgiven for a bit of laurel-resting upon achieving such mastery, I think. Either way, I am far from that myself, at least in my own eyes. Despite the.. lack of competition in the field."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 19:23:01 79436
"I am young." Naru doesn't dispute that assertion, although likely she has 'new to her powers' in mind more than her maturity level, or her chronological age. Goodness knows precious few of them act like particularly typical fifteen and sixteen year olds.

"After any major accomplishement, there's a certain desire and ability to pause and savour a moment. For some, however, that moment seems to encompass a lot longer than in others." Naru gives a shrug. "In any sort of magical sense, I am far from such things, but I am not wholly unaccomplished in other aspects of my life." She smiles at the mention of 'lack of competition' and does not comment further.
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 19:32:31 79438
    "Time is relative." Hana says, again dismissively. She never seems to be disinterested in hearing what Naru (or anyone) has to say, but she does seem to have a habit of simply writing off opinions which she finds to be too simple or wrongheaded. "The time one spends savoring the moment, as you put it, must by necessity vary from person to person and task to task."

    She rises from her chair suddenly, the movement fluid and graceful. She is very petite, not much taller than Naru, though her heeled boots give her a few extra inches as she crosses to stand in front of the unfinished painting, regarding it solemnly.

    "It is a field rife with possibility. It is a good time to be in your position, Little Bird." She says, turning to regard Naru from the side of one eye. "If you are bold enough to take advantage of opportunity."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-23 19:44:10 79444
"Always." Naru agrees on the nature of time. "And mutable."

There is a moment when Naru considers the painting, standing next to Hana. Finished, it would seem, by the lack of continued work and her brushes being cleaned up and put away. Certainly the part that involves paint is finished, if perhaps not adjustments to the energy, to the colour, to the very canvas that it rests upon.

"There are few who call me bold." Naru comments thoughtfully, barely glancing sidelong at Hana. "Which is always interesting to me. Opportunities are often .. fascinating. So few appreciate the ones that take time to mature."
Hana Shiroi 2017-06-23 19:49:36 79448
    "Boldness need not be recognized to be present." Hana says, idly, still considering the painting. "Nor does it need to be constant. To be bold, one must simply seize the opportunities presented to them.. even if they have not done so before. In other words, one can become bold at any time.. and in doing so, reveal they have always been bold. Just awaiting the proper time to show it."

    She turns then, walking towards one of the side-doors of the apartment. "I shall be interested to see if you are bold enough to grasp that which is offered to you, Little Bird." She says, looking over her shoulder.. then vanishes into the other room and does not re-appear.