GTLK: Karma

Hannah Sharpe, left without her magic, is vulnerable and helpless. And having made so many enemies on many sides of the magical community, there's plenty who would see her suffer. There are also still plenty of people who are more than willing to object to kicking someone when they're down-- and who would come to Hannah's aid when in trouble, no matter what.

Date: 2017-06-25
Pose Count: 49
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-25 00:30:12 79498
Hannah Sharpe is founding out that no number of delicious Midori-Ya donuts will solve her problems.

After the third plate of them, she finally gives up. Now with a stomache ache and not a hint of more magic, she suddenly wonders how Usagi can pile down food like she does. Paying her bill, she grabs her cane, and makes her way out. A scowl sits on her face as she stumbles over a loose bit of sidewalk outside. Without Boris, and Raging Tempest tucked away for safekeeping, she's entirely on her own.

Or so she thinks. Right above the Midori-ya, a horned green-skinned woman in a single jacket and leotard hefts a large club. She descends, and seconds later, Hannah Sharpe is being lifted up with one hand. She lets out a weird chuckle, ke ke ke ke'ing.

"Little blind girls shouldn't walk home at night alone. They might get hurt! Ke ke keeeee!"

No matter how much she kicks, it's useless. Hannah's teeth grit as she struggles in vain, trying to choke down the rising anger. For once, it avails her of little.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-25 00:37:15 79499
Haruna Kurosawa has decided to go to Midori-ya to buy a cake. It was a 'Get Well Soon!' cake for Hannah and she was gonna like. Have this linker core drawn on it? But she didn't know what it looked like so instead she opted for just the text. She was on her way down to pick up before heading to Hannah's in the evening when there's this...

Some sort of demon woman!? Picking on /Hannah-chan/.

"HEY!" she calls out. "YOU CUT THAT OUT RIGHT NOW!" she screams as she pulls out her Pre-Chan Mirror. There's a transformation call out here and then---

Then she's in the air and trying to come down with a kick into the horned-green skin woman's face from overhead. JUUUUSt over Hannah's head.

Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 00:39:02 79501
*bing!* << SOLAR BARRET. >>

A trio of golden-colored balls of mana streak in, bursting against the ground near the youma's feet. "Let her go!" cries a young teenage girl, held aloft by wings of warm-yellow magic fluttering at her ankles. "Little youma shouldn't start trouble alone at night!" is the follow-up declaration, upon seeing Haruna's aerial assault. "Maybe if you put her down, you'll have a chance to run away?"
Suzuki Natsume 2017-06-25 00:43:29 79502
     "...Seeing you like this is strange, Hannah-chan." Suzuki murmurs mildly as she wanders up. Aaaaand. Then there is an oni, suddenly standing atop the building! DUN DUN DUUUUUN! ... Actually, that Oni was the real reason that Suzuki had come.

     "...Under-dressed green oni should not pick up little blind girls." Suzuki says, her eyes flashing suddenly. "This is not your hunting ground." She lifts her arm, her Device flashing. "Verdrehen Sturm, set up."


     A rapid shift of clothing occurs just afterwards, as Suzuki's clothing bursts from her, her Storm Knight clothing below it, and shortly in her hands is the technological naginata that her Device calls its main form. "Absteigen." Suzuki states simply, pointing down towards the ground. A magical circle appears, and a sudden burst of magic attempts to force the youma prone. "...Hannah." Storm Knight states, before... there's a small gemstone tossed towards her hand?

            "I don't know where your partner is. But here. A loaner."

        Oh. That civilian device from when Suzuki was captured. Hopefully, Hannah's still got her reflexes to catch it, otherwise there's going to be a hunt for a small round gemstone later...
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 00:46:38 79503
It's raining.

It's been raining, for over a week now. Right over Mikoto's head. She can be walking down the street and people on either side will be dry. She... has to deal with it.

Naturally, she hasn't got out much. Or in much, that kind of constant stream of water plays hob with electronics. And thaumatronics as well. She's managed to fiddle a shield that deflects most of it ... most of the time. But it's still there.

Yeah, Hannah isn't the only one whose life is crap right now.

Which is what brings the girl to the Midori-ya, hoping her shield will hold out long enough to enjoy something sweet and rich and decadent and - whoa. Is that Hannah getting carried off by a youma? Okay, no, heck no, we can't have that. A burst of light in the alleyway, and she's in uniform, Hagane's familiar blue suit with her blade at her side. She leaps up into the air, standing on a floating platform made out of a slowly rotating Belkan spell-glyph, facing off with the youma. "Put. Her. Down. NOW. Or Else." She levels the blade at the creature and glares at it, quite firmly.
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-25 01:04:09 79504
Sayaka Miki happened to be in the area when Hannah stepped out of the store. Its been a while since she's seen her, and she is concerned about her.
    However, once she turn the corner and sees green horned wonan carrying her friend,she frowns.
    "Ugh seriously? Who'd you tick off this time?" looks like its henshin time! But why didnt Hannah fight back?
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-25 01:26:32 79508
That overhead kick strikes home, but not before Hannah gets tossed like a rotten fruit into the side of a dumpster. She screams as her head hits the metal. A few moments later, she pushes herself to her feet. Hannah's still stubborn.

The youma too gets her head smacked in, ducking into a smart roll and back onto her feet. A massive bump appears on her head and she stumbles back onto her feet.

"Keeee! I'll steal the energy of you and this girl!" Threatens the creature, just as it raises it's club!

But it doesn't get a chance, as those mana streaks fall. With a surprised shriek, the thing backsteps. "Who knew she had so many friends! Just like a weak human!"

Sightless eyes widen. Hannah's body stiffens.

"Shut up!" Are the witty slurred words that Hannah barks to Suzuki, very clearly dazed. But maybe not dazed enough.

There's Mikoto as well, and turning to the two, the Oni-Youma scowls. "Why do more of you keep showing u..." Then magic slams into her, and she's being shoved to her knees.

Sayaka's question goes unanswered, as she scrabbles for that device. She grips it, and with all of her annoyed, frustrated, pained might, she /tries/.

Nothing. Not even a spark. Hands tremble, and she drops it.

With a howl, the Oni breaks free, shattering the magic holding her down. Then, club in both hands, she starts swinging in a wide arc towards the magical girls around her! Bursts of magical wind zoom out from her club with every swing! And one goes towards Hannah!
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-25 01:27:37 79509
Out of nowhere--

Abruptly, there's another rushing wind, this one accompanied by the rustle and snap of silk and familiar arms around Hannah, scooping her up princess style all in a blur, altogether too fast for the untrained eye to actually parse.

It's Tuxedo Kamen, of course, and his patented In the Nick of Time scoop-and-dodge lands them on the low edge of a roof, up two storeys, and him setting her on her feet and keeping his cape around her for a moment. He bites one of his gloves off and makes a grab for her hand, shoving energy at her the way he buffs anyone else in a fight. His voice is low. "Can you use my senses? Can you use my energy?" he asks urgently. "Or you just want me to go help hit it more? He's okay now, by the way."
Suzuki Natsume 2017-06-25 01:27:42 79510
     The response from Hannah, followed by a lack of even the beginnings of that device activating. Storm Knight's eyes narrow as she looks towards the former rival. "We will be talking later." Not a question. A pure statement.

     And enough of a distraction that windy club strikes her and sends her back, she hits the ground and stays there a moment. She shifts slowly to sit up, lips twisting into an actual frown now. She stands up, and closes her eyes a moment. It seems like she's taking a centering breath, but when her eyes open, it is not calm and composed.

     No. Storm Knight is not a knight of composure at the moment. She is a knight of anger, of rage. Her best enemy is seemingly crippled, and this ONI decided to attack her. And on top of that, she wasn't able to interrupt the attack towards Hannah. Sure, someone else probably had it, but that wasn't the important part.

     Storm Knight leaps, as a platform appears beneath her feet, allowing a 'double jump' of sorts. "Improvised spell, BLITZ TAUCHEN!" She leaps extra high on that second jump, propelled by a burst of energy, and then she comes straight down towards the Oni, the sharp tip of her naginata aimed towards the oni's shoulder, right next to its head. Right before the impact, a flash of lightning ignites along the blade, as the knight attempts to skewer the youma! "Fall."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-25 01:28:07 79511
Cure Gull screams at the youma. "Don't you dare manhandle my girlfriend! She's more powerful than you'll ever know!" she spits out. She lands down on her feet. Her eyes go wide when bursts of magical wind fly out and she lets her wings just emit suddenly and tries to get in the way of that burst going for Hannah, pushing back with her own wind energy that forms up around her hands as she nrrrrgs.

She then frowns heavily as she calls out. "GULL WINDY CUTTER!" sending out a slice of wind energy out towards the Oni woman. Part of her winces. At least it seems Tuxedo Kamen gets her out of the way at the same time. Good. No more worrying about that.

"I'm going to end your existence." she scowls out.

Gull is /NASTY/ tonight. This is not a thing she wants to deal with. She hates it. She hates protecting her powerless girlfriend who saved her life at the expense of her arm and who would usually have pounded this jerk straight into the ground by now.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-25 01:33:48 79512
    Meanwhile. Up on the roof near Tuxedo Kamen and Hannah arrives another figure. Another Pretty Cure in light blue. "Yo. You look like the guy 'runa-chan describes. The one in the tux." she says at Mamoru. "Corvus said there was a fight." she says as she forms a terrible large hammaer of water in her hands. "Also that 'runa is really cheesed off." she says as she peeks over the edge.
    Then she leaps over the edge to lift that hammer over her head and then calls out. "TIDE RISING CRUSH!" she calls out as she slams the water hammer down into the ground either on top of, or close to, the club weilding youma- which smashing into a large burst of water.
    Another one quickly forms in her hand. She doesn't say anything else otherwise.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 01:34:16 79513
A shield is set up, just in time for the lash of wind to batter Rashmi into a wild twist along all three axes thanks to the impact. After a moment, she shakes her head, righting herself and speeding toward Tuxedo Kamen and his infuriated new charge. "Is Sharpe-san hurt, Kamen-senpai?"


Without waiting for an answer, she turns back to the battle, lips pursing. "Let's keep this from spilling over, Nicomachea... Two blocks should do it?

*bing!* << ACKNOWLEDGED, >> says the book in her hands. << COMMAND INPUT READY -- TIME-SPACE BARRIER >>

A magical circle spreads out under Rashmi's feet, and the sky becomes a cloud of pale-green and black, casting everything within in a greenish light.

The Barrier is up, folks. Swing away.
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-25 01:45:30 79514
Puella Magi Sayaka braces herself against the blast of energy, stumbling back a few paces . Fortunately she has healing to keep her in check.
    Staying on the ftinges of the battle she leaps up to where Tux and Hannah are.
    "Hannah, you okay? You should get somewhere safe if you cant transform.."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 01:50:30 79515
Rain. It's still raining. The barrier seems to phaze it slightly, though. That's a bit of good fortune for the Belkan who's currently getting rained on. It really makes it easier for her to continue that nicely intimidating glare at the youma.

Of course, Haruna and Aki have to get in on the action. Which is okay by her. It's not as if she is the one dating Hannah, after all.

So taking advantage of the dogpile and getting in there with her enchanted blade and carving the youma up like a turkey is definitely the decision to make. She lunges forward, rapier thrusting out at the youma, her free hand held back in a classic fencing stance as she makes her attack.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-25 02:24:25 79516
Part of her goes cold at Storm Knight's promise, but Hannah doesn't have time to think. Suddenly she's in Tuxedo Kamen's arms. Most would find them safe and joyful to be there. It's insult to injury.

Her pride continues to be battered. Set down, covered in cape, the indignant snarl on her face becomes clear. And perhaps amazingly, she manages to swallow it.

It might be the news about Kunzite. "...Fine. Come here." It's definitely the news about Kunzite.

Then she's grabbing his hand. The little ruby in her hand glows very, very faintly in gold. She grasps for the one sense she knows: hearing. And things are slightly closer to 'normal' for her. While she can't feel every sway of the wind around her, she can at least hear above the senses of a mundane human again.

She raises her hand at the shrieking youma.

The leaping Storm Knight strikes home, slashing through the oni's shoulder. That lightning bolt runs through her, and she's sent smashing further down the alleyway.

Gull's scream has Hannah's heart finally lifting for the first time in a while. And then Gull is throwing all of her anger at the creature, and it screams again as it's hit hard by those cutting winds and rips the oni's large club in half. It's quickly followed by a barrier tossed up by RAshmi, splitting off real space before any damage can be done to the surroundings!

Sayaka's words don't help Hannah's temper right now. "Are...are you suggesting the CEO of WitchHunter Professional Services /runs away/ from this thing!? I'm no coward Sayaka, especially not in front of a friend and employee!" Lashes out Hannah, before shuddering.

"Sayaka, I'm...ugh, damnit, just kill the thing!"

Hagane's rapier is a furious series of slashes that rip up not only the oni's coat, but leaves her bleeding Dark Energy in long, purple gouts with every cut. It stumbles back, leaping desperately to get away from the aggressive Mage. Just in time for Aki to leap up with that watery hammer, smashing it into the ground.

At first, it doesn't move. But then, a soggy oni, on it's last legs gets up, dripping magic water. It raises it's hands, and a ball of Dark Wind rips into existance.

That's when Hannah hail-mary throws the civilian device at the youma with every bit of spite, hate, and pure powerlessness that she can. It hits by a miracle. And makes a cutesy 'zap' noise.

Pooomf! For a moment, the oni-youma's hair goes einstein, and it's frozen it place. Not for long, but there's an opportunity in the waiting!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-25 02:31:56 79518
Cure Gull is ultra mad. If there's rain, it's being whipped about by the wind now for sure as it builds up around her like some sort of raging tempest. Perhaps said with a straight face even!

Then there's Tide just slamming down and her eyes go wide. "Sis!" she calls out. "Sis what are you doing here!?" she flusters confusedly for a moment, the wind dying down just a moment. Then the beast is caught frozen for a moment as she opens her hand over to Tide. "Come on Tide, let's give this thing one hell of a storm." she calls out.

She joins hands with Tide and then points another hand towards the creature as she narrows her eyes. "HOPE! TURN INTO A SACRED POWER!" she calls out as a green glow forms around her hand and a giant burst of wind forms around her hand before it causes a more proper windspout-like form in front of the two. "Pretty Cure!......" she calls out.

It's up to Aki for the rest, and to send it flying.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 02:36:50 79519
"You got it, Sharpe-san," Rashmi says with a quiet, surprised laugh. "That was an amazing throw." With the proper combat team doing its work, Rashmi seems content to maintain the Barrier, wait for the youma to scream its last, and make sure Hannah isn't more put out than usual.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-25 02:37:10 79520
    Cure Tide does take Gull's hand. They partners. They may not always agree on things. Like 'Is Hannah worth this fight?'. Aki thinks it's up for debate at the least, but deep down she knows that Hannah is important to Gull. And that's about ALL that matters right now.
    Hefying hammer in the other hand, she calls out, grasping hands with her sister as she calls out: "JOY! TURN INTO A SACRED POWER!" as a wave of water beings to form in that wind spout as she rears that hammer back.
    "... RAGING TORRENT!" she calls out as she throws that hammer forward, using it like the giant croquet mallet that smashes that windspout filled with wind and water and purifying energy towards that youma- which once again smashes into nothing on impact. She does not make another out of nothing.
Suzuki Natsume 2017-06-25 02:41:27 79521
     That was kind of satisfying, the blade went into the youma. And then it begins to gather Dark Wind. Storm Knight shifts, swinging on the shaft of Verdrehen Sturm to drive her feet against the Youma's shoulder again, with simple intent: Dislodge her blade and leap away -- just in time for the civilian device to strike the youma -- and not stun Storm Knight by proxy!

     Storm Knight shifts a moment, before giving a soft exhale. She tilts her device, her device giving off a mechanical ca-chunk. And then a second one. "... Verdrehen Sturm. Let's try something long distance."



    As the Raging Torrent flies towards the youma, a CRASH of lightning comes falling from the Device, a crack of thunder rumbling through the area as an almost 2 foot wide blast of lightning twists with Cure Tide's water spout, making it... far more dangerous.

     And then Storm Knight just enjoys the free fall down towards the hopefully soon to be non-existent youma. If it isn't, though, that should put her into a good position.

     And if all else fails, Tuxedo Kamen is there.
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-25 02:42:33 79522
Puella Magi Sayaka blanches at Hannah's sharp retort but honestly she'd probably feel the same way in her place.
    "Ouch. Touchy. Yeah yeah. Hang in there, Miss White!" she smirks as she rushes at the youma, swords outstretched.
    "Shooting stinger" she yells, unleashing multiple swords at the monster. "Eat dirst, freak!"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-25 02:55:48 79523
"She's fine just pissed-- hi-- hi! <3 Yup-- nope, just stay out of her way--"

It's left to those who've clustered around the magicless Hannah like a batch of giant neon signs to figure out what he says to whom, and Tuxedo Kamen just focuses on sharing his henshin hearing with Hannah and feeding her his power in a conduit, continuous. Let her fight: she likes to. ... and then, then, he sees her throw a Device.

Like literally throw it.

"Are you sure you don't want to join the baseball team too?" he murmurs, bright amusement and an honestly pleased-as-punch note in his tone. "Your aim is truuuue~"

Then his voice lowers even further and he whispers something to Hannah, forming a ball of raw energy, white-gold, in the outstretched hand not holding Hannah's. She whispers something back, and he nods firmly, then whispers again-- and then closes his eyes behind the mask. There's a faint golden glow surrounding the hand holding Hannah's, and then Tuxedo Kamen stills, waiting for Hannah to direct them.

He says conversationally, beginning the attack, "Tuxedo la--"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 02:56:31 79524
A sound attracts her attention, briefly, to the girl calling herself Storm Knight. Certainly interesting. They're going to have to talk, after this is done.

Hagane focuses, her eyes narrowing on the youma, as she draws her blade back for a strike. While it's paralyzed, she can pull something a bit exotic. The blade drawn back, it starts to glow, spell-glyphs forming along its length. Normally she'd be summoning her little flicker-shards in orbit, but here, she calls them into the blade directly, and in large numbers.

"In the name of the Sankt Kaiser and the Empire of Belka," she decrees, "I condemn thee, foul beast, to DISSOLUTION."

She thrusts the blade forward, and the spellglyphs along its length augment the thrust with a derivative of her flight spell, adding momentum to the strike and power to the flickers embedded in the blade. Once the strike goes home, the flickers are unleashed, exploding outwards from the blade - well within the youma's flesh.

"Be ended," she orders the youma, as she finally slides her blade free of its flesh.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-25 03:30:51 79525
Alright, Hannah's blushing a little. Arms cross for a moment. "It was a lucky throw." Her aim in combat at times can be a little questionable beyond a couple feet out. She's no Nanoha.

Cure Tide goes for the windup, and smashes Gull's ball of purifying wind out of the park! Or rather down the alleyway and into the chest of the youma. It's sent into the air, floating there in a magical, sparkly purification! But it resists even as the evil Energy it's bleeding is being ripped into purity, as are all of the magic it has been trying to throw around! The dark winds cease to blow.

Despite PreCure Purifying Techniques, Rashmi's barrier holds stout!

The crackling column of lightning smashes into the water and wind of the two PreCure's energies, making the youma shake and slowly start to close it's eyes! It's almost done! Then it's a pincushion as piercing blades pin it nicely in place mid-air, holding the whole trembling purification ball of a youma in place!

Hagane slashes through the beast with a righteous blade, that explodes on impact! Her flicker-shards may as well be shrapnel, embedding into the creature as everything starts to fade into pleasant nothingness.

Hannah tugs on Tuxedo Kamen's cape. Once, twice, a third time. They flit about the rooftops, well out of the way of the purification attack, as well as Sayaka's piercing swords and Hagane's wrathful blade! Then they fall from above.

There's no depression or anger in her face. Hannah has an adrenaline junkie's grin on her face as she so often does when she's /enjoying/ something.

Her hand clenches around the youma's mouth.


The pure-white blast of energy blows the creature high into the air on wings of tightly controlled energy. A mage's finesse combined with the pure power of someone so intimately connected to the earth.

In swirls of green, blue, and white, the creature fades away.

Hannah, shoves something in her pocket. Hand smoking, she breathes out hard. "...That...was a rush."

And then she whispers something to Mamoru before passing out, shaking from so much energy passing unfiltered from well as the odd sensations of feeling through the man.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 03:36:42 79526
".....Is she gonna be okay?" Yes, Rashmi stayed on the roof. No, Rashmi isn't particularly put out by this. Pushing off from the rooftop, the redheaded Mage glides down to touch down in the alleyway, as she closes Nicomachea with a *thump* and the ratcheting sound of locks engaging. Tucking the book under her arm as the Barrier begins to fade, she tilts her head. "...Wow that looks like her hand's going to hurt tomorrow."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-25 03:39:06 79527
The creature is dead so the first thing Haruna Kurosawa does is leap to the rooftop Hannah and Tuxedo Kamen went to. She lands on the roof and starts running. "Hannah. Hannah are you okay!?" she calls out as she frowns and looks down. She frowns and leans down and sighs and stands back up.

"Nrg. Shouldn't push yourself so much that's why we're here..." she mutters softly. It's true! Not all the reason, but part of it is: Hannah throwing things higher than her weight class like it won't strain her. She sighs a bit.

She then blinks and looks back to the envitable Aki coming up here.

"Nrg. Darnit. I keep. Forgetting to introduce you Tuxedo Kamen. This is. ... This is Cure Tide. Aki. My sister." she says softly.

"...she doesn't like Hannah much." she whispers the last part.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-25 03:42:59 79528
%R    Cure Gull is right. Cure Tide is hopping up not a moment after. "No that's wrong. I don't like Hannah a lot." she says. She just leaves it at that. She sighs and brushes off her arms a moment. "Corvus said he felt you were hilarously angry so I checked it out since that isn't a normal thing." she says. "Seems everything is settled now."
    She gives a wave to the group. "Yo." she says.
    Cure Tide isn't exactly as bright and cheery as Cure Gull it seems.
    "So was that isolated or part of a larger problem?" she asks.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-25 03:45:40 79529
And Tuxedo Kamen ends up with a passed out Hannah in his arms again, this time with his eyes dancing in delight. He shifts her weight a little, glancing around for where people are at now-- and he looks up at Rashmi and grins at her question. "Yeah--" he starts, and then she touches down and he beams down at her. "Nah it'll be fine. I'll get it before she wakes up. Next time we combo she should wear gloves, is all."

He bows slightly in Aki's direction, still carrying Hannah, and then laughs at the introduction. "It's a pleasure to meet you! I've heard a lot about you. You're very lucky to have such a loving and devoted sister!" In a slightly lower voice, conspiratorially, he adds, "Hannah's easy to like if you don't take her terrible judgement and ambition-fuelled slides into evil personally. We've been working on her a while. I think she's getting there, and her heart's definitely in the right place. It's just wearing goth makeup along with the candy necklace and ring pop."

Then the absurdly tall boy shrugs one shoulder. "Probably a larger problem. I mean, she's pissed a lot of people-- and monsters-- off, and right now they think she's an easy target. Luckily, there shouldn't be any ethical dilemma in curbstomping whatever comes after her, since it's not gonna be allies of justice."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 03:49:00 79530
Hagane draws her blade back and slides it into its sheathe, taking a brief but formal bow towards Hannah and Tux-guy. "Well done," she comments, briefly. There seems to be little to say beyond that, though she does take a moment to ask, "So, why wasn't she kicking its ass herself?" Apparently she hasn't heard of Hannah's recent problems. Probably has something to do with the raincloud lurking above her head.

"Let's hope that the rest of her enemies take a lesson from this, then, and stay away." She hmms to herself, then looks over at Cure Tide. "Hey... good to see you out and about. Haven't seen much of you in .... quite a while." Only a handful of times since they dragged her out of the Phantom's prison, actually. Which reminds her of the time she spent obsessing about getting back into it to free the other prisoners there, and how ultimately futile it turned out to be. Which just depresses her more. Damn raincloud.

There is, however, an obligation. She turns to Storm Knight and crooks a finger. "You."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-25 03:54:16 79531
Cure Gull sighs and just lets the transformation fade off as she leans down and just flumps next to Hannah's hurt form because she feels a mess right now over this. "Should had been here watching over her..." she mutters. She frowns and looks to Hagane. "Raging Tempest is in the shop." is all she says. "It'll be fine soon." she says. "It needs time to reseat itself and all that." she says.

She sighs a bit and just sits up. "Ugh this rooftop is filthy and I don't even care." she mutters.
Suzuki Natsume 2017-06-25 03:54:42 79532
     Oh good. The youma was gone. Aaaand... Hannah passed out. Storm Knight frowns mildly as she continues her free fall, arms spread to slow herself slightly... before she turns, driving her blade towards the ground, she lands... almost gracefully, as a burst of wind slows her. And she's on the ground, the blade of Verdrehen Sturm buried briefly in the ground, slowly pulled out.

     Aaand... then Hagane is motioning her towards them. Storm Knight gives a curious look, carefully brushing off remnants of said stabbing into the ground and carefully cleaning the blade. "Hm?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 03:56:51 79533
"Oh good," Rashmi sighs Haruna's way. "Oh I talked to Himura-san, the one who hurt him? She had no idea what a Device was, she was mortified when I told her about them and what they mean to people who have them. She says that if Hannah needs to kick her butt to make it right, that's fine." Here Rashmi pauses, frowning a bit. "...I hope it doesn't have to come to that, though..."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-25 03:57:10 79534
    Cure Tide rolls her eyes. "I'm already looking after her friend just in case because Haruna asked me to. That's about all I feel comfortable doing, sorry." she says with a shrug. Aki has opinions on 'Mahou Shoujo Switzerland' like ''when will it blow up hilarously in this kind guy's face and make him regreat everything?
    It's really not her problem though. Maybe it won't blow up. It can go both ways. She nods to Storm Knight. "Hey Stormy." she says. "Everything going okay?" she asks. "Thanks for the help there at the end. Really gave the perfect storm there." she thumbs up with a smile.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-25 04:02:36 79535
Tuxedo Kamen shakes his head at Rashmi. "It'll come to that, but again, it's fine. If she can't get herself to my place, Hannah will bring her there, and I'll make sure she's okay." There's a pause. "Speaking of which..."

He crouches down and carefully lays Hannah down propped against Haruna, then takes off his other glove. The sizzlehand he takes in one of his, and the other gets placed palm-flat on the ground--

--anyone who can see energy moving can see more than the dim golden glow that surrounds both his hands: they can see the energy literally moving through the boy-- up from the Earth itself and into Hannah, centered on her hand, healing it. And then more gently, energy channelled into her the way it was before, but merely to refresh, to build up her personal stores. "She should wake up in a bit. Gull-chan, do you need help getting her home?"

And another glance up, this time at Storm Knight, and blue eyes crinkle behind the mask. "I'm really glad to see you," he tells her, and that's a well of understated emotion behind it. Someone missed her.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-25 04:11:30 79536
Haruna shakes her head. "I got it. I can get her back home." she says with a flump. "Thanks for healing her. And getting her out of the way. And stuff." she mutters.

She sighs and stands back up. "Thanks again, guys." she says as she transforms again to get ready to take Hannah home.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-25 04:16:33 79537
"Hey-- anytime. I started out as her Emergency Med Evac Squad and I'm fully prepared to pick that job up again," Mamoru says, de-henshining as he hands Hannah to Gull. Then he glances at Cure Tide again, a crooked smile on his bespectacled hipster face. "You're also welcome to come to the frat house for healing if you need it. Gull-chan knows where I live." Then he reaches to prod Rashmi lightly in the arm. "See you later."

He tosses off a salute to everyone left and then goes back to drinking his bubble tea as he literally just walks off down the street.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-25 04:20:46 79538
    Cure Tide gives a wave. "Sure." she says. "I'll drop by later. I already know where it is and just to kind of barge in or something." she says. She looks upwards and just takes off on her wings back towards her apartment. Her and Corvus have a game of Call and Duty V: The War Filled War to finish.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 04:26:35 79539
Hagane waits until she's sure she has Storm Knight's attention, then directs a full-on glare at the girl. Hannah is taken care of, Tux-guy has that under control. So this is the other important thing for her.

"So." She flicks her wrist, and suddenly she's holding a catridge. A smallish one, about the size of an ordinary bullet, not the shotgun-shell-size ones Storm Knight uses.

"Not one, but two, Fortress-breakers, in a populated area, against a single no-account youma?" She is deeply disappointed. "We need to discuss a little concept called collateral damage, and another one called logistical waste, young lady."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 04:31:01 79540
"Bye Kamen-senpai!" Rashmi chirps, turning and bowing to the rest of the assembled mahou. Whatever else she might say falls silent, as Hagane begins The Lecture. Closing her mouth with a sharp *click*, she watches, peering at the cartridge in the Knight's hand in curiosity.
Suzuki Natsume 2017-06-25 04:32:47 79541
     Oh good. A full on glare. Storm Knight meets Hagane's glare with a reasonably calm gaze in return. She looks at the small bullet cartridge, before looking at her own device, pulling out one of her unspent. "While I am aware of the concept of what this cartridge means, it, uh." Storm Knight shifts a bit uncomfortably. She holds the cartridge up for Hagane to examine.

     It was nowhere near fully charged. In fact, it was probably a more than crude job. "It's probably closer to yours, to be honest." That cartridge had been reused, as well. Several times. Which would probably not be a huge problem, if it wasn't something that had been managed by a clear novice.

     Suzu pauses, dropping the defensiveness. "I mean. I am sorry, ma'am. My control is poor enough that I need one cartridge to be able to perform an attack strong enough to finish youma."

     Yes. That was a definite deflating knight who was swallowing her pride.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 04:36:56 79542
Hagane considers the girl for a long moment, while Carnwennan scans the cartridge in question.

~"Scan complete, Meister. Unit is charged to twenty-four point seven percent capacity. There is also minor circuit damage, probably due to overheating during charging"~

"That's... interesting," the girl finally says, and plucks the cartridge out of Storm Knight's hand. "Who taught you how to charge these things? Giorgio Tsoukalos?"
Suzuki Natsume 2017-06-25 04:43:43 79543
     As Hagane attempts to pluck the cartridge, Storm Knight shifts her hand. She only had a total of three of those, so she was ever-so-slight protective of the semiprecious commodity. She does answer the question, though. "...Nobody taught me." She shifts her device slightly, lowering it. "I kind of ... uhm. Figured... something out." Storm Knight admits.

% Admitting your faults to someone clearly more skilled is a good way to possibly be taught the right way. Or at least it can't make things worse. Either way, Storm Knight was shifting uncomfortably. "I have been practicing to try to not rely on this as much, as I was warned of the danger that they pose... I just -- I mean. It's hard to just, you know. Figure things out yourself." And Verdrehen Sturm had been designed to already be in the hands of a skilled meister, so had exceedingly minimal training programs.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 04:46:26 79544
And Rashmi has held in her questions for far too long. You can tell, cos of the minor physical tremor going through her in the effort to hold them back.

"Excuse me!" she chirps, waving her hand. "Hi, sorry! Sorry for interrupting a pretty good teachable moment here, but this is kind of important so sorry again for all the background questions I'll be asking... First, um, what's a Meister?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 04:51:04 79545
Hagane lets her pull the cartridge back, but continues glaring at the girl. "Good to hear you've been taking care, but still. You really need some regular-scale ones. These... you want to save these for the big targets. This like bloody Walpurgisnacht. Even with a quarter-charge it's wasted against a single youma."

She considers for a moment, then nods. "'wennan, send her Device our contact information. Once I've got my little weather problem resolved and can get back in the lab I want to see if we have any spares."

~"Affirmative, Meister." There's a beep as the data is transmitted.

And she finally has a moment for Rashmi. "Well," she muses. "Another beginner? Welcome to the club. 'Meister' is Old Belkan, it means 'Master'."
Suzuki Natsume 2017-06-25 04:59:19 79546
     Rashmi's comment and question gets a bit of a look from Storm Knight, but... it's actually more supportive than anything. "A teachable moment seems like a reasonable time to ask questions, really." Storm Knight comments towards her with a slight smile. She does, however, let Hagane answer the question.

     Her gaze returns to Hagane as she gives a small nod. "I see. ... Well. To be fair. I would, normally, not use it against... why am I getting defensive? Anyway, I was upset. I used it because of that." Storm Knight says frankly.

     The transmitted data is received! Verdrehen Sturm transmits returned contact information. "Anyway. I should probably return home and speak with you later. Lest my parents decide that I've been out too late and then I will never hear the end of it." ... Yes. This is coming from a young woman who is almost an adult. Wearing fast-style knight garb.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 05:02:56 79547
"It's good to meet you, um, Meister-sama, and d'you have a lab? Because um, Kamen-senpai's asked Sharpe-san to help out my friend Koji-kun, he's got something called a Unison Device only it's broken and they can't really separate like at all and sometimes he shorts out and goes into Power-Saving Cat Mode--"

And breeeeeeathe....

"Anyway I was wondering if you know anything about those kind of things because I'm really worried about both of them..." Rashmi trails off, blinking, as it just occurs to her that she has been word-walling at a near-stranger. ".........Sorry about that, Meister-sama...."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 05:08:22 79548
Hagane nods rather curtly to Storm Knight. "Keep in touch, then, and we'll see if we can work out something more ... suitable." She watches impassively as the girl makes her excuses and prepares to depart. Well. That's something. "I will call you."

And then there's Rashmi. "You needn't call me Meister, my dear, unless you intend to request an apprenticeship. I'm ... not currently in much position to take a squire, to be honest." Then she parses the mention of Koji and his Device troubles. "I'll be glad to meet with him. Now is ... not a good time for me to be doing lab work, however."

As if to punctuate her problems, her personal rain shower chooses that moment to finally phase back into synch with her and start cascading water down over her barrier jacket. Fortunately the uniform is waterproof.... too bad it doesn't include a hat. She should do something about that.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 05:13:50 79549
Rashmi blinks at the idea of an apprenticeship. And again, and a third time. "Oh, um.... No thank you? And I understand, just, I really want to help him, and it's good that Sharpe-san's being asked to help him -- it'll hopefully keep her out of trouble a little -- I didn't realize there was anyone who knew about these things here."

Which is about when the rain starts up, causing the baby Mage to peer upwards at it. "...No I think I understand though. Thanks even still though, Tyrfing'll probably be really happy to see you when you're available."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-06-25 05:33:21 79550
"Of course, of course." Hagane doesn't mind at all Rashmi turning down an apprenticeship. As she said, she's not in a place to offer one. "We may not know as much as an expert Device engineer on, what's it, Midchilla," yes, she mispronounces it, "But we try. And we're pretty much it for anyone who's studied the technology here."

The rain continues to pour down, enthusiastically making up for her brief escape from its harassment. "I'm sure we should all get together sometime soon. Sometime dry." With that, she looks up at the cloud and glares at it. It does about as much good as it did with Storm Knight.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-25 05:36:07 79551
"....'We?'" Rashmi's head tilts, and her eyes wander up to the cloud again. "...Um. Yes, that'd be a good idea. ...Um. If you can send that away, and feel like you want something different for lunch, my family's restaurant isn't far from here, the Korma Chameleon? You might like it... anyway I should get going too, I still have homework to do."