Like a Geode or Some Crap

Cure Tide, Haruna's big sister, stops by the ECFH to see what the deal is.

Date: 2017-06-27
Pose Count: 25
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 02:12:45 79652
It's a Sunday that's, for once, not fraught with disaster and/or trauma; Mamoru's sitting at the big table on the far side of the living room, textbooks spread out in front of him, and laptop and notebook and pen and calculator all sort of interspersed. He's got a can of pineapple soda and a cold slice of pizza somewhere in that riot of stuff as well, but seems to be focused on his coffee and goddamned organic chemistry.

The apartment is air conditioned, which is a blessed relief from the heat and humidity outside, and at the moment it's actually relatively quiet. 'Relatively' since there is music playing in the background, but it's not Neil's TMNT soundtrack or the EDM that Saburo occasionally declares war with; it's beautifully symmetrical solo piano that sounds like it's flowing like the water in the mural.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 02:19:37 79653
One of the air conditioners is also in the room, but he's off duty at the moment, so it's jeans and rolled-up-sleeves for now. He's propped on the couch with a book, a half-finished glass of something neither water nor soda on the table with an open notebook beside it. Sometimes he actually takes notes: little coded additions to a sketchy timeline. There's a pot of something that will eventually comprise dinner on a burner in the kitchen, and the living room is, other than study riot in progress, actually clean.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-27 02:23:05 79654
    Aki Kurosawa arrives first as Cure Tide because Cure Tide has wings which lets her land on one of the balconies. She picks the one she can hear music the loudest from, which sounds like piano music. Haruna-chan said she should just walk in. Aki isn't really one to push tradition so she dehenshins and walks in, arms crossed against her chest a moment as she whistles. "Huh. Expensive place." is all she can comment as she walks on through.
    Then she walks into the living room.
    "Library explode in here or somthin?" she asks with a shrug. "Yo." she says.
    "Oh. Right. Cure Tide. Aki Kurosawa. Because I never actually dropped the act the other night." she says. She points to Mamoru and makes some narrowed eyes. Then that finger points over to Kunzite. Then she wrongly asks to Kunzite. "Tuxedo guy?".
    Henshin magic is weird.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 02:29:19 79655
"He probably looks really hot in a tuxedo," Mamoru says from the table, glancing up, then standing, "but no. That'd be me, Endymion-- also known as Tuxedo Kamen, also known as Mamoru Chiba." The introduction comes with a cursory bow, and then a gesture toward the white-haired guy on the couch. "And that's Kunzite, or Kazuo Takeba. Would you like coffee, or should I put on water for tea?"

Kunzite's taking notes that probably don't have to do with classwork, and Mamoru hates o-chem, which is why he's trying to beat Kunzite out of offering. But then his conscience kicks in and he amends, "Unless you're hurt, in which case I'll see to that first."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 02:34:18 79656
Kazuo glances up the moment Cure Tide sweeps down toward the balcony; glances back down to his book only when the dehenshined Aki comes into his peripheral vision. Then looks up again when Aki introduces herself, this time with more than professional interest. ... not that kind, no. "I've been wondering when we'd meet you," he observes. Then nods toward Mamoru in absent echo of the introduction. "I handle Tuxedo Guy's security. Such as it is."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-27 02:45:56 79657
    Aki Kurosawa looks between the two and then nods at Mamoru. "Oh. Okay. Yeah now I see it I guess." she shrugs. She looks to Kunzite then back to Mamoru and nods a bit. "Well coffee would be nice, yeah. But I'm primarily here because you did offer healing and I kinda did something to my arm slamming that stupid hammer down harder than I should had." she offers. "Usually I just wait it out. But getting it taken care of faster would make it easier for me to watch over Hannah-baka's friend."
    She sort of then adds. "Haruna says you're like Prince of Earth or something?" she adds. "I dunno. Some sort of magic prince is what she meant." she shrugs.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 02:51:31 79658
The words 'you did offer' have Kazuo closing his book; 'something to my arm' have the book down on the coffee table and him coming to his feet. "I'll get the coffee," he says, more for the sake of informing Aki what he's doing than anything else. Into the kitchen: check. Still keeping half an eye on things through the open space over the counter: also check.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 02:57:42 79659
And a dirty look follows Kazuo into the kitchen whilst its owner shifts his stance to accomodate making it pointedly. "He also," the black-haired boy tells Aki, "appears to be asking for a no-holds-barred sparring session with a significant handicap, in what's quite possibly the least clear manner he can accomplish."

Then he puts his pen down and walks over to the considerably shorter girl, eyes on her arm; he holds his hands out with a glance up at her, like a doctor would if about to examine for a sprain. "Once upon a time, I was the Crown Prince of Earth. It was long enough ago that that entire epoch of history's long since been erased and forgotten, and pieces of it live, mutated, in ancient myths. There are a few people around who remember it, and I'm still that to them. Mostly I'm Sailor Moon's boyfriend and a medical student at Keio University."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-27 03:10:01 79660
    Aki Kurosawa blinks. "Yeah. I was sort of in some sort of horrible mirror prison for three years because some a**hole with red hair and a big sword thinks collecting magical girls is a perfectly healthy hobby so I have NO CLUE who that is, sorry." she admits. "I haven't really caught up, a lot of this is before my time and what not." she admits.
    She holds out her arm. Mainly a bruised bone. Nothing too bad buy magical girl standards. Maybe. "Oh, so basically in name only." she says. "Not that it's a putdown. Just Haruna-chan sort of overexagerates stuff. Kind of always been her thing."
    She motions to Kunzite as he leaves. "Did something I say upset him? Sorry if it did. Didn't say anything that wasn't true tho." she offers.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 03:16:33 79661
"It's always the assholes with red hair and big swords," the erstwhile prince says sympathetically. He takes her arm, and--

--okay, maybe that's why Haruna made a little bit of a big deal over the 'prince of Earth' thing; with the immediate anaesthetic comes a sense of mystical connectedness to the entire planet on a spiritual level, a sense of belonging like 'this is our planet and we're all part of it', and a sense of the immensity of the world's history and the ancient soul that's channelling its power through an eighteen-year-old medical student.

Incidentally, it's fixed pretty fast, all things considered. The glow fades and he lets go carefully, shaking his head. "Nah. He made fun of me and then ran away to the kitchen to get your coffee because I was taking care of your arm. But yeah, I guess you could say I'm non-sovereign royalty? I have no idea. All I know is that I don't have to worry about peace treaties and trade agreements and interstellar war anymore, so I'll take it."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 03:24:44 79662
"Was it interstellar? I was never cleared to hear about anything higher than interplanetary." Kazuo emerges from the kitchen with a tray, which he sets down by the pair. Contents: one cup of coffee, black; various optional Things To Put In Coffee; and a plate of baked goods containing an inner circle of suspiciously chocolate-looking muffins and an outer circle of smaller, lighter sweet pastries. Because the mahou economy runs on baked goods, and Mamoru probably forgot about his pizza. "And yes. Both of us can manage coffee, but only one of us can fix arms."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-27 03:30:57 79663
    "But interstellar war is the best part." she says with incredibly dry sarcasm. Then that feeling is. She doesn't quite know how to process it. It feels great, that's for sure. She gives a soft smile as she gently looks along her arm. "Oh. Wow." she says.
    "But yeah. At least I don't really remember that three years? Sometimes I have a bad dream about something but that's about it. Didn't age though. That was freaky." she says.
    "Hey. I'm kind of blunt about things. So I apologize if I just blurt out questions like I'm about to. So how the hell you get involved with Hannah 'I might be Lex Luthor' Sharpe?" she asks.
    She looks to the coffee and muffins but waits for Mamoru to be done before she makes attempts to grab anything.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 03:41:31 79665
Mamoru's done; he gestures at the coffee and pastries like 'help yourself', and snags a couple of muffins to go with the coffee he already has, then starts to go back toward the textbooks, then hesitates, then determinedly goes over there to get the coffee and leave the textbooks to rot in hell. "Interplanetary was what everyone in general was terrified of. Interstellar was what my mom was worried about if the Moon heard about the unrest, because she was positive that if the Silver Millennium had as much power as it did, it was almost certainly allied with other stars. I couldn't imagine us posing enough of a problem to call in bigger guns than the Moon Kingdom itself."

Only then does he go over to deposit himself on the same couch that Kazuo'd been occupying, and in fact, in the same seat. It is, after all, pre-warmed.

"It's fine," he says offhandedly, "I'm hard to offend unless you're a bully picking on someone else. Especially in my home. Anyway, I don't know. We were in a study group together and she also fought against me, and then she recruited my best friend to work for her and did some shady grey-area stuff for a while, and she helped me try to find the Princess of the Moon, and-- god, I don't know, a lot of stuff. I've been working on her since before I even fought your sister the first time."

He waves the muffin around. "I can tell when people completely suck and when they've got good in them that can be nurtured. I cheat. I'm psychic." Then, huge bite of muffin.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 03:49:17 79666
Kazuo eyes Mamoru. Then paces over couch-side himself and, somewhat deliberately, reclaims his own cloudy, pale, cold, and decidedly non-coffee drink from the table. He takes a swallow before he provides Aki with his own answer on that one. "She helped a few other people try to beat the crap out of me when I kidnapped him," he says, nodding toward Mamoru and absently leaning against the side of the couch. "I wasn't exactly myself at the time. Mindwarped by one of the same groups that did that to your sister for a while during the time you were out. And, of course, once that was resolved I came back to work for him, and now I'm doomed to cope with his idealism indefinitely. Makes things awkward on occasion."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-27 03:54:32 79667
    SilMil and Gold Kingdom talk goes over Aki's head so she doesn't comment on it. "You fought my si--oh. Right the whole..." she makes a grouchy sound. "The whole evil witch thing I wasn't here for." she rolls her eyes. "Or rather even caused by my stupid abscene." she says as she reaches over and saves a muffin for herself and coffe. She eats and she drinks.
    "I don't really know the full story of what happened with that. I mean. 'runa-chan told me, but I haven't asked many other people." she says.
    She then narrows her eyes at Mamoru.
    "What like one of those phone hotlines?" she asks confusedly. Because that's the only kind of psychic she knows. "If you tell me you're also Miss Cleo I'm outta here." she insists.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 04:03:37 79668
"," says Mamoru after a second of staring at Aki.

For some reason, he's getting an inkling of where 'eleventy' came from.

"I have brain powers." A beat. "No, I can't read your mind unless I'm touching you and you okay it," he sighs, then slouches in Kunzite's seat, then drinks some of his coffee.

"I don't even know the full story of what happened with that," he confesses, "I had a lot going on at the time. I helped as much as I could, but..." He shrugs a little uncomfortably. "I was trying not to get kidnapped. Anyway it all worked out, and it keeps working out even when it takes a while, so I feel like my idealism is justified."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 04:11:46 79669
"My attention was focused outside Tokyo when Beryl was tampering with her head," Kazuo admits. "I didn't come to the city until Gull was in her right mind again, and it was a good six months after that before I was in my right mind." He shifts his drink to his left hand, and leans over. Fingers ruffle Mamoru's hair in the traditional 'brain eater, starving' gesture. "Brain powers are excellent for identifying candidates for regaining sanity, but it frequently takes a while to implement."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-27 04:31:12 79670
    Eleventy is entirely Haruna's fault. Aki knows what her bussiness is. She's actually been helping Koji. Instead of filling his head with fake numbers that don't exist! Still she nods. "Oh, I see." she says. Then a pause. "Are you saying you can recall things? Do I need to remember them?" she asks. "I mean. I have no memory of those three years in the mirror. I'd like to know what was going on in my head during that time, if anything at all? I imagine it isn't pleasent- but I'd like to know in some fashion." she admits.
    "Heh. What's sad is she became a pretty great Pretty Cure without me around." though thats a twinge of sadness to her voice. "She was quiet and shy and mousy when I saw her before I went away against my will? I was trying to get her out of that. Not fast enough I guess." she shrugs. "I guess I can 'blame' Hannah Sharpe for that at least. Her friend says as much. That's probably the thing stopping it from being 'kick Hannah Sharpe off skyscrapers day' everyday for me."
    She narrows her eyes. "Man. Beryl. The only thing I know from that whole mess is some jerk named Nephrite stole my sister to be brainwashed and that my sister actually died for Hannah during that mess and that makes me angry to no end." she says. "Well. I mean I know apparently her and Nephrite are cool now. At least. He helped with the coffee shop or something. I think." she says.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 04:44:37 79671
Brain-eater, starving, would apparently feast deliciously; Mamoru doesn't jerk away, he sort of leans into the touch-- maybe presses his head against Kazuo's hand like he's a giant dumb cat or something. But he's still drinking his coffee, and eating that chocolate muffin, so he can't possibly be a giant dumb cat.

"Item one," he says a little lazily, "Nephrite lives here. Beryl stole all of my knights. Hannah died shooting at her and saving Sailor Moon's and my lives. Everyone died there, Kurosawa-san. Everyone died to make sure Sailor Moon got to the end, and then everyone's spirits lent her their strength to finish Beryl."

He finishes his coffee with some of his muffin left, and this makes the world not entirely right. He looks at the muffin piece in consternation, then tilts his head way back to look upside-down at Kazuo, holding up his empty cup and making a sad face.

"Item two, I can have a look to see what might have been going on around you, but if you were dormant, there'd be nothing for me to find. And I can't dig out memories that've been erased or suppressed, or that are fleeting like unremembered dreams. I also don't actually like digging around in people's heads. I try not to unless there's some kind of emergency and I have prior consent. I also don't always have the best control, so there's always a chance that if I'm not paying very close attention, I might see something that the other person doesn't want me seeing, or vice versa."

A beat. "Also, once Hannah has her powers back again, I'm sure she'd be overjoyed to go on a kicking-off-skyscrapers spree with you. She likes fighting. A lot."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 04:52:46 79672
Sad faces cannot be borne. Kazuo sets his own glass down again and claims Mamoru's empty cup, pacing into the kitchen to refill it. On the way back, he also picks up one of the smaller pastries, delivering that to Mamoru too in the interests of making sure that the caffeine-sugar balance is not swung woefully the other direction by the new coffee. "Nephrite helped with her business plan, yes," he says to Aki once the reshuffling of refreshments is complete. "He's good with that sort of thing." The 'jerk' part he does not dispute in the slightest.

... he doesn't dispute the 'everyone died' part, either.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-27 05:12:52 79673
    Aki Kurosawa shrugs. "I'm not ashamed of anything I did or went through. I try to keep honest, you know?" she says. "Happy, and honest." she smiles. "So if you did find something else, well. You do." she says. "Not saying much of it is sunshine and roses though." she offers. "But then it sounds like you might not see things. All I know is that Haruna told me when she dove me into the mirror she found me in some sort of wide eyed mumbling mess." she admits.
    She nods to Kazuo, then back to Mamoru and makes this face. "Every time I swear, some villian needs help so he or she just grabs whoever the F*** is having a hard time." she mutters. "The Phantom Generals are like that. It shines through sometimes. You have to push them. Then they say the most F***ing god damn human things that make you think before whatever the heck is in thier head pushes back into place."
    "Corvus was like that too." she sighs and nibbles her muffin. "Okay I'm done bellyachin."
    "Right, sorry for the language and all that. Just cheezed off I guess for no good reason." she offers.
    "So who all visits a lot here?" she asks. "I might drop by a little more often, if it's an open door. Haruna says I should anyways. She keeps bugging me about it. Says I need to make more contacts."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 05:21:30 79674
"That's why it's worth it to keep pushing Hannah," Mamoru says quietly, taking the coffee and the pastry, then leaning his head back against Kazuo. "If you want, sometime when everything's not various levels of on fire, I can help you have a look and see if there's anything to see. I just can't guarantee anything." There's a brief pause. "If you see someone who calls herself Sailor Earth, by the way, go right ahead and punch her up and down town. She tried to turn some guys off the street into basically phantom generals."

Finally, Endymion shrugs a little. "You're cheesed off for good reason. I'm just used to it, I guess. But sure, it's more or less an open door. Apartment rules are posted by all entrances. Lots of people are in and out, some people stay a little while if they need to... and it really is magical Switzerland, because it's my home and I heal people, and neutral ground is enforced, and only assholes attack hospitals, and only idiots piss off the people who prepare their food. I don't have a list of guests or anything."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 05:27:33 79675
"Which means," Kazuo notes, taking his being used as animate furniture in stride, "that it's not beyond the possibility that Sharpe herself might drop by. On the other hand, there is nothing in the apartment rules that bars reasonable amounts of swearing, shouting, or storming off. And when Sharpe does drop by, either it's because she's flirting with the side of the angels that week -- figuratively -- or it's because she's not admitting to herself that she wants to be stopped. So."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-06-27 05:31:48 79676
    Aki Kurosawa raises a brow slightly. "Heh. If it was my house I'd at least be keeping a headcount of who comes and goes regularly and who's new and why they're there." she admits. "Even if it's because I want to be here right now and you let me." she shrugs.
    "Yeah, that's basically what I'm asking." she asides to Kazuo. "Alright then." she says.
    She looks outside a moment, past the balcony and sighs. "I should be going. Corvus needs help closing and Haruna's too busy taking care of Hannah to do it right now." she says as she begins to stand. "Thanks for taking care of my arm. Don't worry about me starting shit if I visit. Haruna said I was kind of like a geode or some crap. Something about being rought on the outside and all that."
    "I dunno she always makes the cheerful comparisons." she asides. "You two take care, alright?" she offers.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-27 05:35:26 79677
"And there's no rule that says leave her alone if she leaves," Mamoru adds cheerfully, then salutes. "Later! You take care, too."