Walks in the Park

The Sakura sisters spend an afternoon out, and run into various acquaintances.

Date: 2017-06-27
Pose Count: 40
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 19:49:15 79678
    It's a pretty nice day out- although summers in Tokyo are often hot and uncomfortably humid, today is a bit less so, meaning it's bearable to be outside without roasting or feeling like you're taking a bath in the air. This being the case, Kyouko has decided to take Dog out to the park. And Momo too, of course, though in that case it's less 'taking' and more like 'accompanying'.

    Dog is really the main beneficiary, as he spends a lot of time cooped up in their smallish apartment. So it's good for him to get outside and run around a little. There's a part of the park reserved for dogs to run around, so that's where they've come, and once there, Dog has been freed of his leash so he can scamper about. There aren't many other pups in evidence, but there are one or two.

    Kyouko is sitting on a nearby bench. Or perhaps sprawling is a better descriptor. It's hot enough that she's returned to her old fashion of shorts, denim though these ones aren't cut-offs like her old homeless version, and a white tanktop. She prefers black but it's too hot for black.

    She also has on a pair of pretty cool looking shades. Whether or not she stole them from Mamoru is currently unknown.

    She also also has a frozen apple-flavored slushee in a big plastic cup, and is sucking on the straw.
Momo Sakura 2017-06-27 19:59:33 79679
Dog chases after a few of the others. There's one he teases with a wag of his tail. There's a bully dog who tries to bully Dog, and after a growl from him there's not much else. Then there's the tiny yappy dog and Dog sort of guesses you shut him up like an alarm clock, paw on the tiny head, because that's what his human and her sister does.

Momo is as sprawled out as she can be, too. She's slouching so shoulder blades and butt are on the bench with little else touching. She's wearing as little as she can, which is about similar to Kyouko. Her hair is up and sloppy and away from her neck except for that one annoying strand she keeps having to blow away.

The slushee helps, of course. When she's not sipping on it, she's resting it against some part of herself.

"Kyou-nee? If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying us a summer house in Antarctica." She considers that for a moment. Too cold. "Maybe Australia." Too expensive?
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 20:04:57 79680
    Kyouko looks down at her sister, who, today, appears to be a slightly exaggerated reflection of herself (more slouchy, more complainy, but otherwise their resemblence is on full display, especially given the similar outfits. "You know Australia is pretty hot, too," She comments, dryly. "At least, in the summer. Just because it's closer to Antarctica than Japan doesn't actually mean it's colder."

    She sips from her slurpee, shivering briefly at the spike of cold. Can Puella get brainfreeze? Apparently so. "Anyway," She points out, "We could use Shitennou money to buy a house down there. But that seems like it'd be kind of an abuse of my salary, all things considered." She grins. A glance is given from behind her sunglasses up at the clear blue sky, with a few white clouds scuttling across. "Anyway, it's not so bad out. It can get a lot hotter than this in Tokyo." Which Momo well knows.

    "Naru is going to do a half-marathon up the side of a mountain in August." She adds. "I think she's insane. It's going to be even hotter in August than it is in June."
Momo Sakura 2017-06-27 20:13:40 79681
"Well, yeah, but it's winter there now." She sort of flop rolls her head toward Kyouko. "I was reading that their Christmases are like...a billion degrees outside and they still barbeque. Or something. Some of them. I don't want to be there at Christmas time."

She figures out a way to rest her slushee against her, straw in reach, and where she doesn't have to move. Efficiently lazy.

"It wouldn't be a waste if you expense it as a base." She giggles. "Kidding! But that's why I said when I win the lottery. When I win the lottery, I'mma buy my Kyou-nee a house."

She blinks. "Naru's...that's crazy. It'll be too hot to run a fever. But ooo, maybe I can find some of those sweat band things marathonny people wear at work!"

Another sip and she sticks her tongue against the roof of her mouth for a moment. "I know. But being able to complain about the heat and knowing we have AC waiting at home? That's a nice luxury."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 20:17:40 79682
    Kyouko grins, lopsided, and reaches over to ruffle her sister's hair. Not caring that it's maybe a little sweaty (she can't really say hers is any better, even if it is much shorter these days). "Aww. Tell you what though.. you can buy me a house. Just make it somewhere around here, huh? I'd like to see more o' the world, but I'm a Kanto girl at heart."

    She then laughs. "Naru has lots of sweatbands already, but I have no doubt if you got her one she would be happy. You have to replace those things pretty often, y'know. Cause they get all gross." She nods, as if sharing some sort of wisdom. Not that she's a runner herself. She's just dating one. Much to her chagrin every morning at 5:15am when Naru gets up to do her morning jog.

    Then she nods again. "Yeah, I know. You know you were a poor kid when AC feels like an extravagence in this day and age." She sighs. "I'm glad I can give you that, at least. Maybe ain't a house in Australia, but it's a start." She watches Dog running about. He's covered in fur, how come he doesn't look hot??
Momo Sakura 2017-06-27 20:33:49 79683
Momo hums in thought. "Okay. I'll buy you a house near here. I'd probably so bored on the plane ride, anyway. It probably takes hourssssss."

Momo giggles and wrinkles her nose. "I bet, even with washes! Or ooo, I wonder if I could make them..." She strokes her chin in thought as she takes another sip.

"Well, you know, you also get me warm clothes and food and snuggles, so I guess I can live without Australia." A smug look, and another slurp. And it's ruined by brain freeze.

After the requisite 'Augh I'm gonna die again I think my brain's exploding' sort of complaints, she's back to humming. "Besides. They don't even have a Disneyland there." Not that she's ever been. But the idea she could go without boarding a plane is amazing.

Dog, of course, has a plan. There's a pond, see...
Seth Locke 2017-06-27 20:34:16 79684
Out for a walk in the park as he comes from one of the stoney pathways, is a tall and confident young man. He seems to be enjoying himself, watching people moving about, feeling the wind blowing over grass and flowers, the smells of flowers in bloom...

A recent experience has made him see things under a new light; and all of this seems new to him, in some way he can't quite put his finger on.

As he looks about, he listens to two familiar voices, which he starts to look for. Eventually, he finds them, talking to one another... At some good 100 yards.

These are the voices of the Sakura sisters, which he's met briefly. Feeling it's time to meet them again, he starts to walk towards them.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 20:40:13 79685
    "Several hours, yes." Kyouko notes, dryly. "Then again, we do know quite a few people who can teleport, so I'm sure that we'd be able to find a way to make the trip faster. I mean, we took a shortcut to Paris, and that's a lot farther than Australia from here." She shrugs, not really sure how difficult or easy it would be. She's just talking anyway. It's not like they have time for a vacation at the moment.

    She grins again, more softly and maybe a bit more proudly, at Momo's comment on food and warm clothes and snuggles. Things that a girl with their sort of history can indeed appreciate more than summer homes in Australia. "Well.. I try." She says, self-deprecating. But there's no denying that the comment has pleased her.

    "Now, Disneyland we could go to." She says, thoughtfully. "I mean, at least for a day." It's pretty pricey, but it's just a train-ride away. And that sort of vacation is a lot more within the realm of possibility..

    She has yet to notice Seth approaching, because she's too busy watching Dog approach a nearby pond with some sort of intent.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 20:41:51 79686
There's a pond. There's someone over by the pond, who's turned his head to eye Dog. He does not actually interrupt Dog, however. Mostly because Kazuo does not have the requisite food-bribes on hand this time, and so the unspoken contract cannot be properly fulfilled.
Momo Sakura 2017-06-27 20:50:17 79687
"Yeah. But if we teleported, we wouldn't get passport stamps!" It is, of course, not really as big a deal as her voice implies. After all, she's not even sure if she has a passport.

She preens a bit in pride at her sister. "Try and succeed. Mental slushee cup clink together, because I don't wanna move."

However, what Kyouko says next does have her moving. She quickly bolts up, eyes wide, holding the cup with both hands. "What? Really? We can? Like like as in talk to Merida and swoon at Flynn Rider and maybe buy a keychain really?" Not that's she's daydreamed about this or anything.

Dog pauses his trek and turns a nose toward his humans. A vaguely familiar scent is there but it doesn't recall any growl memories. He resumes toward the pond.

And then! A very familiar scent! This one is very much of the tail wagging memories!

He woofs a soft greeting and trots over, happy panting tongue and swishing tail. A cursory sniff tells of no food offerings, but that's okay! He hops on his hind legs a bit before coming back down, panting happy.
Seth Locke 2017-06-27 21:14:32 79688
The american boy finally approaches the Sakura sisters, offering a polite smile. "Greetings, Momo-chan... Kyouko-chan." To Dog, he smiles as well. "Hey there, little fella."

And this is when he notices the more silent Kazuo. "Takeba-san, good afternoon."

He looks at them in general. "How've you all been doing?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 21:20:50 79689
    Kyouko blinks as she notices Kazuo over by the pond, and by Dog. She had been watching Dog, and doing so had led her eyes to the somehow both noticable and subtle form of her brother. She narrows her eyes behind her sunglasses- less suspicious, and more curious, but before she can call out to him, she is interrupted by Momo's reaction to her talk of Disneyland.

    She grins. "I didn't say we definitely can, I just said it's possible. I mean.. I wouldn't be against it. I just never really though about it before. We'd have to look into it and see how much it costs." Not too much, she's sure. Especially if it'd make Momo that happy.

    Then Seth appears, offering a greeting. She blinks at him as he calls her 'Kyouko-chan'. Perhaps feeling it's a bit too familiar for someone she's only met once or twice. But she's trying to be more polite these days, so instead of an acid comment she simply responds with. "Hey. Seth, wasn't it? What's up?" An affable, if slightly blase greeting.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 21:21:58 79690
Kazuo embarks upon the ritual: that is to say, he settles down on one knee, the better to perform the greet and pat and ruffle and scritch ritual. Dogs are normally not his preferred species, but sister's little sister provides privileges, and it's the least he can do to make up for the lack of things to munch.

Seth's voice cast over in his direction prompts him to turn his head, then nod, steady and unruffled. "Locke-san. It's been some time."
Seth Locke 2017-06-27 21:35:54 79691
"Yes", confirms the american boy. "Yes, it has."

And it's important to notice, Seth seems different. Instead of a pale, tending towards the sickly kind of boy, this Seth seems healthier, carrying himself taller.

He nods to Kyouko, then admits. "Sorry, Sakura-san, I might've acted too familiar." He proceeds, "But, I've been going about handling my life and acting the father of a household, taking care of my sister and all." He chuckles. "For some time, I had to study like crazy to catch up for final exams and make sure I didn't fall behind on account of illness." He makes a slight pause, "I succeeded, so now I'm taking it a bit slower."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 21:45:56 79692
    Kyouko watche Kazuo with Dog for a few moments, smiling with what might be fondness, or perhaps just amusement at the domesticity of the image. But then Seth is speaking to her again, and she glances back to him.

    A shrug at his apology. "No worries. Kyouko-san is fine." She says, going for the medium between the two extremes. She quirks a brow at his words, then glances to Momo still sprawled on the bench beside her, lethargic from the heat. "I know all about taking care of sisters." She grins and ruffles Momo again.

    Then she eyes Seth. "Well, glad to hear that you did well on your exams, and stuff." She offers by way of generic praise. That is something she knows significantly less about, being a middle-school dropout.
Momo Sakura 2017-06-27 22:08:07 79693
Momo's nods are enthusiastic, dangerously close to wobbling her head off. She is more than happy with 'possible' because before it's always been 'fantasy.' And for awhile the heat and daydreams pull her way into a stupor of melty glee.

This is, of course, interupted by hair ruffles. "I'm here!"

She waves at Seth, quite enthusiastically. "Hi!" He looks less scary than he had before!

And that's when she realizes, hey! "Kazu-nii!" And she's scampering over, which might be rude, but it's Kunzi-nii so it's justified.

Arm latch!

Dog is, of course, pleased with the offering of pets! His tail thumps when he sits and he's a Good Boy and does not lick Tall Silver Male Human Friend. He detects scents of Tall Male Human Friend Who Prefers Cats But Does Not Kick Dog, too, but those come from shoes.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 22:12:43 79694
"I didn't have any intention of keeping you from the water," Kazuo says to Dog, as seriously and straightforwardly as if he thought Dog were a native speaker. "Please feel entirely free --" Hopefully he wasn't about to say 'to wreak havoc,' but in either case, he's interrupted by a Momo latching on to his arm. Pink hair is promptly ruffled with his free hand. That this bears a suspicious resemblance to his greeting of Dog is probably /sheer coincidence/.

"Hello, Momo," he says. "Are you and your sister enjoying the weather?" By whch he means 'the day of relative bearability tucked between yesterday's awful and tomorrow's rain,' of course. That's how these things work.
Seth Locke 2017-06-27 22:16:19 79695
"Then you know how they can be a handful, at times", Seth admits, sagenodding as he recalls the memories of raising Amanda. "Oh boy!, how they can be that much of a handful, is a puzzle that will haunt me for the rest of my life."

"And well, trying to be a role model for your sister by being successful in school also works to your advantage." He smiles dryly, "After a while, you kinda start seeing it as a sort of beneficial relationship. By helping others, you're helping yourself, at least as far as school goes."

He looks to the reawakened Momo. "Hey there, Momo-chan. Remember to drink some water, so you don't pass out", he offers as a friendly advice.

He looks at Kazuo, "And what about you, Takeba-san? What news?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 22:27:54 79696
    Relative bearability, indeed. Judgign by the fact that Kyouko is, as previously mentioned, in shorts and a tanktop and sporting possibly 'borrowed' sunglasses and a green-apple frozen slurpee, that relativity is indeed in evidence. Still, could be worse. And often is, in Tokyo in the summer. She grins as Momo takes off to hang on Kazuo, merely giving the older boy a sympathetically understanding look over the top of the sunglasses.

    Then she glances back once more to Seth. "That's girls in general." She informs him, with the air of someone who knows, as she is one, dates one, and is raising one. Then she quirks a smile. "You ain't wrong about that, though. I wouldn't have always said so, but now I can say I agree. When you start to care about helping other people, you start to help yourself, too." This rings true to her, indeed. So she sips her drink.
Momo Sakura 2017-06-27 22:34:33 79697
Momo answers Seth's advice with a cheery wave. "Okay!" When she's done lampreying on a Kunzite, she will!

As though understanding, Dog stands and his hind quarters wiggle with the force of his wagging tail. At first, his little prance may seem as though he's about to jump on Kunzite, but instead he springs off his haunches and bounds toward the pond where he lands with a joyful splash. He chases the fish in there, biting near them but there's no interest to eat them. He's just playing!

It's too hot for Momo to cling longer than an adoring squeeze on his arm and a lean into the ruffle. She nods at his question. "Oh yes! Today I get to be melty, tomorrow, I get to splash in puddles!"

Slurp on the slushee! It's large, and doling out the slurps and sips until it's melted is a habbit from before she died the first time.

She eyes Dog with envy and longing for a moment. Is it a good idea? She turns to her sister. "Kyou-nee, how bad an idea is it to join Dog?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 22:46:57 79698
"Only girls?" asks the one who brought up four boys, typically dry. Kazuo climbs back to his feet, letting Kyouko handle Momo's question all on her very own, and ... does not air-condition for Momo. They are, after all, in public. That kind of thing is neither wise nor polite to the others around them.

He studies Seth instead, now that he's no longer being swarmed. "Managing," he says. "The household's a little more interesting now that the university term's started and everyone's on different schedules. But nobody's starved, nothing's been set on fire for long enough to become a problem, and nothing in the kitchen has declared itself a new government, so we'll call it sufficient."
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-27 22:48:19 79699
    Uggh, it's a hot day, but a nice day to go for a walk in the park. The sun is shining and birds are tweeting happily. Sayaka is jogging in a simple short white t-shirt and short blue shorts, listening to her ipod and singing aloud as she dance-jogs along.
Seth Locke 2017-06-27 23:03:15 79700
Seth Locke is trying to make sense of what Kunzite is telling him. Honest. But alas, if only Seth had experienced those events at the Earth Court first hand, he would get a better grasp on current events. "Uh, right..." He then comments, "It never gets boring there, does it?"

Then, his attention is caught by a familiar voice singing. What's interesting is that how the voice might seem off in the distance at this point...
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 23:11:02 79701
    Kyouko glances over towards Momo as she hears the girl's question.. eyeing Dog splashing around in the pond. "Um.. let's refrain from leaping into the public water sources, kid." She tells Momo, amused and faintly admonishing at the same time. "If you wanna swim we can go to the public pool. There's one pretty nearby, y'know."

    Then she smirks at Kazuo. "Look, I don't make any claims to know about boys. All I have to go on is you guys, and you're all grown up already." She pauses, then adds, "Y'know. Mostly."
Momo Sakura 2017-06-27 23:16:35 79702
Momo droops at the answer (suggestion?) she's expecting but perks up at the idea of the pool. "Okay!"

She trots to the water fountain, because it's Been Suggested, and after probably a bit too much water in her tummy she trots back over to the bench and just sort of oozes back into her original position. "Blurg."

She's not hinting to leave, of course, it's just it's hot out and the world should know it.

Dog, considerably cooler, sloshes back out of the pond and vigorously shakes off the remaining water. Satisfied, he trots over and finds shade under the bench his humans are sitting on. He lets out a worn out 'whulf' as he settles his head on his paws. It has been a Very Productive day for this Dog.

Still, his head comes up at the dance-singing jogger and snuffles at the air.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-27 23:24:36 79703
Everyone's gathering at the bench. Kazuo moves to do so as well, though keeping a little distance. Maybe he's trying not to contribute too much to the tiny localized heat island. Kazuo shrugs at Seth. "Two functional adults. Three functional would-rather-not-be-adults. Adds up to about one and a half per person, with the additional dubious benefit of everyone involved having access to money. I suspect you're familiar with the idea of 'boring would be a pleasant vacation.'" ... it's just the glance Kyouko's way that hints that he's not a hundred percent serious, there. "And you? No relapses, I hope?"

Speaking of relapses, or rather initial lapses. He surveys Momo for a moment, thoughtful. "If you need assistance hauling her back, later on," he says gravely to Kyouko, "let me know."
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-27 23:33:16 79704
    Sayaka is slowly making her way towards said bench, still singing and dance-jogging to her music, seeming to be in good spirits. "And we're gona let it burn burn burn....." she yells, not really paying attention to anyone or anything.
    Though she does have to dart out of the way of a nearby rollerblader, blinking and jumping to the side. "woah, watchit, kid!" she makes a face before glancing towards said popular bench and blinks, pulling off her headphones.
    "Oh. People! Hiya! Seth.." she glances at Seth, smiling bashfully. Kazuo and the rest also get a cheerful smile and wave. Dog gets a pat on the head if allowed. "Umm what's shaking?"
Seth Locke 2017-06-27 23:55:49 79705
The american boy smiles when he turns in the direction of Sayaka, when she's still approaching. "Hey, Sayaka-chan!" He seems happy when he greets her. "Oh, we're here on a casual talk, catching up."

He chuckles, "Oh, boring..." He waves that off with a hand, "I'll have the pleasant vacation in the summer break; even though I'm taking it a little slower, I'm not stopping. So, studying, household managing, keeping up with the bills, raising a sister, keeping sister out of trouble..." He shrugs, "Is normal a little too much to ask?"

Then, he hmms? "I'm sorry... Relapses?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-27 23:58:13 79707
    Kyouko grins at Momo as the other girl comes over and slumps back down on the bench. "If you wanna start heading back we can." She tells her sister, glancing down at Dog as he returns to lay under the bench. "Seems like Dog is done playin' anyway, and this trip was mostly for him."

    She smirks at Kazuo at his summary of the ECFH's inhabitants. "I know I don't technically live there, but I'm almost afraid to ask where I fall on that scale." She comments, wry.

    Then she blinks as Sayaka appears, seemingly out of nowhere. "Oh, hey Saya-chan. Momo and I were just takin' Dog out for a walk, and everyone seems to have had the same idea as us.. since it's not quite as hot out today."
Momo Sakura 2017-06-28 00:03:45 79708
Momo's fingers wave at Sayaka and she smiles and her body wiggles in a 'hi!' but that's about it. Because, well, it's hot! And she's a preteen and she's supposed to let the world know of every minor discomfort in her life. She knows this because television tells her so.

Dog sniffs at Sayaka's wrist and his tail thumps at the petting.

Momo hums. "I don't have to, yet. If we leave now, Dog will make my room smell like wet Dog, and we're out of Febreeze." She beams up at Kunzite. "Piggy back?" Hopeful, maybe, but not expecting a yes.

Then she's humming loudly in thought and she has Preteen Opinions to voice! (Another thing she's learned from television.) "I don't wanna be normal! But I'll take normal moments!"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-28 00:09:54 79709
Preteen. Semipreteen. Very semi. "You're a little tall for that these days," Kazuo says to Momo, deadpan, because he's a little tall for just about everything. "We'll negotiate when the time comes."

Semipreteen dealt with, he bows toward Sayaka. "It's good to see you," he says. "Things are well enough with us; I hope you've run into no trouble?"

And then he's regarding Seth again, a little more closely. "Perhaps I misunderstood something a while back; I apologize, if so. Still. You're looking well."

These are all excellent excuses not to tell Kyouko where she falls on that scale. Possibly because the answer is 'all of it.'
Sayaka Miki 2017-06-28 00:11:36 79710
    Sayaka nods to Kyouko and her sister. "How you girls been?" she smirks, "Nice day, yeah. I was going out for a jog to take advantage of the weather."
    She looks to Seth and nods, "Hm, sounds like you're keeping busy as always, Kyouko-chan. But a pleasant busy, I hope?"
    Looking to Kazuo, she nods and smirks, "Heh, just the usual. Nothing problematic to report, except maybe Hannah's grumpiness and attitude lately. But I suppose that's to be expected. Oh, and uh..Haunted 'fun' houses.." she flashes a grin at Seth.
    Just then, her phone starts ringing and she frowns, stepping to the side, "Sorry, I gotta take this.."
Seth Locke 2017-06-28 00:32:57 79711
Seriously, it's like Seth takes a moment to process this information - what's there to process, anyways?

"Oh! You mean my...?" He points to his chest inquisitively. He shrugs, "Well... what did you misunderstand?"

He looks at Sayaka, smiling, "Yeah... that house sure gave us a run for the money, that's for sure!"

Then, he returns his attention to Kazuo, wondering if he'll clarify.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-28 00:38:01 79712
    Kyouko smirks, glancing between Kazuo and Momo. "Well, if he won't carry you piggyback, maybe I will." She says to Momo, even though her little sister is only a few inches shorter than her (and that gap seems to be closing all the time).

    She glances towards Sayaka at the girl's greeting, and shrugs her shoulders. "As pleasant as usual. No worse tha usual, I suppose I should say." She grins, shrugging her shoulders again. "Which, I suppose, is pleasant."

    She stands up as Seth and Kazuo continue their interchange, stretching briefly. "We should probably be getting back soon." She says this ostensibly to Momo, but addressed to everyone. "I gotta go to work this evening, so.."
Momo Sakura 2017-06-28 00:50:29 79713
Momo giggles but tries to smooth her face out into Serious Mode. It fails. "I agree to future negotiations."

She beams at Sayaka. "I've been good!" But oh! Phone ringing! Bye, Sayaka!

She blinks back and forth. What about his chest? Does he have a mechanical heart like the captain guy on Star Trek?

And then, as is due her station in age, she groans and sighs but stands up. And she brushes herself off. Then she huffs. "Boy. Being a disgruntled teenish person is exhausting! Can I skip it? Come on, Dog!"


Her room is gonna smell like wet Dog...
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-28 00:52:42 79714
"Nothing of any importance, apparently," Kazuo answers Seth. "I'm pleased to see you looking well, that all, and I hope that the improvement is more than superficial." He bows to him gravely, then turns to Momo and Kyouko, performing the Obligatory Check for whether Momo is in fact going to pursue piggyback rides.

Possibly she has realized that being in that close contact with another human being would be even less bearable than the rest of the weather.

"The disgruntled teenish person is mostly a modern invention," he tells Momo, pretending that he isn't lying through his teeth. "So you can skip it if you'd like."
Seth Locke 2017-06-28 01:12:54 79715
Seth Locke nods slightly to Kaz. "Why thank you, Takeba-san."

He looks between everyone gathered. "And now, if you'll excuse me, I got places to be", he bows apologetically. "An older brother's rest is never long."

He starts to make his way out, "We'll meet again soon, I hope. Until then, be safe!"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-28 01:22:21 79716
    Kyouko looks amused at Momo. "You can skip it if you want. You won't hear me complainin'. Besides, I was disgruntled enough for the both of us, I think." She laughs.. patting Dog on the head.. then adds, "Maybe I'll get some more Febreeze at work tonight.." Dog would probably be mostly dry by the time they got home. Probably.

    She waves to Seth as he heads off, then glanzes back to Kazuo. "Are you comin' too, nii-chan? I actually had something I wanted to talk to you and Mamoru about.." Although that may have to wait for another time, as she had work tonight, as stated.
Momo Sakura 2017-06-28 01:25:27 79717
"Bye, Seth!" She waves, bright and cheery.

She considers Kunzite's words and Kyouko's self descriptors before shrugging. "Well, no guarantees I'll be disgruntled free, but even if what you're saying isn't true, it's still exhausting uuuuuuuug."

And that might be a bit of a hint at Disgruntled Teen, but does it count when what she's disgruntled about is being disgruntled?

And she does decide against piggy back rides. It's about a billion degrees and her hair is sweating. That doesn't stop her from hooking her finger through his pinkie, though, then the same to her sister with her other hand. She can suffer through that much contact.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-28 01:30:31 79718
Finger through pinkie it is. Kazuo even adapts his pace to Momo's, nevermind how ridiculously short it makes his steps. "Apparently I am," he says to Kyouko. Because Momo cheats. Ahem. "And we're open to talk when you're free. In the mean time. Momo, what are your plans for while you're sister's at work?" Translation: is she attacking the apartment with Clean again, or are they giving her shelter upstairs?

Dog makes this an important consideration.