Ace of Hearts: Not So Murdery Mystery!

Minako asks Daisuke, as a final test, to find the secret youma hiding in the crowd at the Tako Cafe! He gets it mostly right!

Date: 2017-06-28
Pose Count: 12
Minako Aino 2017-06-28 04:05:21 79719
    Minako Aino is actually kind of proud of Daisuke! He's getting the hang of it. He's starting to apply things he's learned to other things- like that whole Sailor Earth investigation. He's almost ready to put on the mask! But there is one last test.
    Minako Aino is seated in the midst of the abnormally busy Tako Cafe sipping a soda cup and swinging her legs back and forth and there's Takoyaki crumbs all over her white blouse and blue vest. There's no Artemis today.
    She's waiting patient for Daisuke, who knows this is a test of sorts coming up. Sip, sip then that sound of a straw sucking up air and soda droplets. slrtutytp!
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-28 04:07:51 79721
Daisuke Hansuke has come as asked. A test during the day is odd. Even odder is the locale. A busy busy Tako Cafe it seems! He huhs and sits down at the table Minako has picked out as he raises a brow slightly. "I'm not eating Takoyaki until I puke for the record, as a test." he asides a little neutrally. "Should I go up and buy something while I'm here?" he asks. "This just a talk or what?" he asks. He's confused. Not upset, so he's asking a lot of questions as he glances around.

"Not Artemis?" he asks almost dissapointedly.
Minako Aino 2017-06-28 04:16:25 79724
    Minako Aino smiles and waves. "Nope! Sure, go up and get something. Then come back. Be sure to look at all the people!" she says foreshadowingly. One way or another, she waits until Daisuke gets up and goes get food---or just continues if he doesn't.
    She leans forward. Then says conspiratorily. "One of these people are a youma in disguise." she offers suddenly.
    "I already know who!" she smiles. "So no danger! But you." she says narrowing her eyes.
    "I want you to figure it out. Who's the secret youma?" she asks. "You got a good look when you went up right?~" she teases.
    "They have a tell! Something that isn't right." she says. "Something that sticks out." she says.
    "This is your final test before I give you the okay to use the card!" she says. "A final brain teaser!" she says as she leans back with a wide smile, despite the danger of a youma in the vincinity, apparently!

    There are a variety of people here. A few do stand out. An odd, entirely bored looking black haired girl with a black cat that she's petting as she stares at a container of untouched Takoyaki. A weird shifty man who seems to dart his eyes every so often and seems to not like the warm sun on his face as he's wearing a wide brim hat. There's an ENTIRELY way too cheerful blonde girl (that isn't Minako!) that just dropped her Takoyaki and doesn't seem nonpulsed about this, There's an odd stray dog hanging near the back and seems weirdly like it's peeking out and examining ever few seconds and theres a Salary Man here eating which doesn't make sense because places of work don't get out for another two hours!
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-28 04:19:45 79725
Daisuke Hansuke does go up. He does glance at people, but doesn't pay as close attention as he should. He sits back down with an order of Takoyaki and an ice tea. He is about to eat when Minako lays down the exercise for today. "What!?" he says under his breath as he leans forward. He suddenly looks around but tries to do so subtly. He fails and he just places a hand to his face.

Well. This is. Going to be hard.

Daisuke sighs and takes a deep breath and begins examining the crowd. He tries to eliminate people off the bat. Most of the normal looking people--- people talking to one another--- those can't be youma right? The girl with the cat has... got to be too obvious to be a 'secret' youma. He wonders if he said that if it was her that Minako would go 'trick answer- that's an obvious youma!' or something as he grimaces.

Girls like that blonde girl well. Not too uncommon. Minako is right there even. Sheesh.

"You're not gonna give me any hints, right?" he asks.
Minako Aino 2017-06-28 04:22:35 79726
    Minako keeps sucking her empty soda cup like she wanted to get every last drop she paid for out of it. "Nope! No hints! I will give you some tips though. Try to think laterally." she says. "Try thinking of why someone is a youma instead of why they're not!" she says.
    "There's no time limit but I'm gonna go have to chase and beat them up if they leave so maybe there is a time limit. Just not one I'm imposing so- you know~!" she says.
    "...Can I have one of your Takoyaki why you think?" she asks. Then she just steals one regardless of the answer. "Thanks!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-28 04:29:41 79728
Daisuke Hansuke goes to answer about the Takoyaki but she takes one anyways so he wonders why he bothered trying to respond. He does take in that advice. He takes a deep breath and tries to examine his best candidates.

That girl with the cat is weird. She hasn't touched her Takoyaki. And she's petting the cat. Why is she a youma? Well. She seems. Kind of unresponsive. But there's actual people like that too. She seems to like her cat. Wait. Maybe... maybe it's the cat? Maybe the cat is a youma using the girl as like a puppet? Wait- what? Nrg. Maybe.

His eyes land on the man with the hat. He seems to not like the sun. Typically, dark evil things don't like the sun as a trope. He seems to be scanning incessantly. Why?

There's that girl- ordering another Takoyaki order from the one she dropped. She seems to have calmed down? Maybe she reacts to bad things with happiness?

That dog at the back is acting odd. But maybe it's sick. Sick dogs act weird. THAT much he knows.

The Salaryman is a bit odd, and feel there's a reason for this, but he can't remember why.

He takes a deep breath. He needs more information. So he waits and watches for another minute. He figures, he needs to make a guess soon regardless.
Minako Aino 2017-06-28 04:32:25 79729
    Minako Aino watches with a slight smile. She knows Daisuke can figure this out. She's waiting for a reply.

TThe girl with the cat finally picks up a piece of Takoyaki and begins to eat. She occasionally feeds a bit to her cat. It seems she was just waiting for it to cool down. She suddenly seems a bit normal. The man with the hat looks at his watch and gets up and leaves. Seems he was waiting for someone that didn't show. Minako doesn't follow. That rules him out. That leaves the cheerful blonde. The Salary Man and the dog. Who all continue to be 'odd' enough.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-28 04:37:21 79730
Daisuke Hansuke watches the girl feed her cat. He purses his lips. He hesitantly eliminates him. Leaving the blonde girl and the salayman and the dog.

One of these things are not like the other. But why? These people stand out for being odd.

He looks between them all subtly. Not staring. He frowns as he eats a piece of Takoykai.

The blonde girl is a youma because.... she's cheerful over some minor bad thing? No. That doesn't sound right.

The dog is a youma because... it's acting like a sick dog? That also isn't right. He actually texts a local shelter about the dog. They'll come and pick up the stray if it's still here later.

The Salary Man is a youma because it came here after a long day of work?

Wait. Why would someone. That worked all day. Come to some hot outside place. Eating Takoyaki. Among all these weird people? Wouldn't he go to a bar? With his coworkers? In fact. He doesn't think he's ever seen a salaryman here.

Daisuke grits his teeth. He has no idea if he's right.

"It's... the Salaryman?" he whispers. "Over there?" he asks.
Minako Aino 2017-06-28 04:42:09 79731
    Minako Aino leans forward and then goes. "Nope! You're wrong!" she says.
    Then a pause. "It's actually his tie. Did you see it? It's garish and awful and I swear it changed patterns earlier and it's probably using him like a puppet. Poor overworked guy!" she asides. "BUT, close enough in that if you did pick him and beat him up you'd found out the truth anyways! Good work Daisuke-kun!" she smiles.
    She digs out a small box from a bag with her and slides it over. "I had Artemis make that for you. It's a little wrist transmitter so I can poke you privately? Because you want me in your ear all day~" she says. "And I had him make up a neat mask for you. You'll like it! It'll make you cool and mysterious." she says. "Don't open those here though. After Takoykai and after we go beat that Salary Man's tie up!" she says.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-28 04:48:46 79732
Daisuke Hansuke stares at Minako then he face palms. Well. At least he got close enough. Which apparently counts in horseshoes and also investigation. He does continue to eat though, because it's better to fill his mouth than begin to cuss out Minako because he didn't examine better.

He accepts the box and tucks it away into his jacket. "Right..." he says sufferingly.

"....So that's it. Seriously?" he asks.

"I mean. We're done? Training?" he asks. "Am I on my own...?" he asks just a little worriedly.
Minako Aino 2017-06-28 04:55:36 79733
    Minako Aino flutters her eyelashes. "You can't get rid of me that easy." she says teasingly. "It just means you can start doing stuff alone. But we should still train." she says.
    "Besides, you're never alone. Remember that Daisuke!" she says. "That transmitter is small and pins to the inside of your sleeve. Also I can hear you too! When you want. And vice versa. Not like I can spy on you." she says innoncently.
    "So just take some time getting used to it. Let me know if you need help!" she says.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-06-28 04:56:29 79734
Daisuke Hansume nods a bit as he relaxes a little. "You should. Go take care of the tie thing then." he says. "And... thanks again. Minako-chan." he says. "Maybe I can actually be useful now." he smirks. "I mean. Besides healing." he offers.