Ohhhh Brother

Norie Okana and Rashmi talk to Ryo Okana- Norie's Brother- about her condition. It goes horribly because it turns out Ryo doesn't like vampires very much. Ryo may not get how 'Undead' works. Time to run away again!

Date: 2017-06-28
Pose Count: 21
Lacrima 2017-06-28 20:53:50 79735
Norie Okana lives in a two story apartment townhouse somewhere in Mitakihara. It's a /nice/ place. Not super affluent but her parents must work good jobs. Norie Okana has brought Rashmi Terios over herself rather than wait for a knock on the door. "Ryo won't be home yet. Parents won't be home for another good few hours." she says. "Ryo knows we're gonna be here. I made sure of it." she says as she opens the door. The main room is nice. Looks like a standard living room for a Japanese home. There's some picture of an Oklahoman homestead though. And some decor that seems Americana. Though one of her parents is Japanese American so this makes sense.

"Go ahead and have a seat. I'll see if there's anything like snacks left in the house." she says softly. "If Ryo comes in--- you'll know him. He's the only older teen boy that lives here that'd have a key." she says. "Just introduce yourself and tell him I'll be back." she says.

She slips off to give Rashmi a moment to collect her thoughts and to acquire snacks. If Rashmi doesn't want any- well. She most certainly does.

"Thanks again..." she says from the hallway. "F-for agreeing to this. I don't think this will be easy." she says quietly. "I keep floundering when I've tried alone." she says.

"Did you bring. Your device?" she asks. "It's okay. If you didn't." she offers.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-28 20:57:39 79736

It's very definitely not the haunted manor.

It's always interesting -- and a bit intimidating -- to come into someone else's house for the first time. The decor is examined, without quite the intensity and wonder of a tourist in a new land, but not particularly commented on.

Her attention snaps back to Norie the moment the vampire speaks. "I always do," Rashmi answers, smiling gently. "And don't worry about it, Norie-chan. Everyone needs a friend sometimes, right?"
Lacrima 2017-06-28 21:22:33 79737
Norie Okana comes back with what is some kind of rice cracker and glasses of milk. Because that's what she found here. Mom and dad don't ever do the shopping. She lays this out as the door begins to jingle and she looks towards it.

Ryo Okana is a fairly tall boy who appears right at home in the eleventh or twelfth grade. He has short black hair and green eyes and appears to be wearing Verone's High School uniform. He looks towards Norie with a blink, then over to Rashmi as he narrows his eyes in appraisal. He gives her something like a grimace. Who knows what he just thought. "I'll be right back." he says dryly as he walks up stairs.

Norie sighs and sits somewhere next to Rashmi. "He's just changing. I think." she ays.

Theres a few more moments before he comes back down in more contemporary clothes. Brown slacks and a white button down shirt. "Well I know this isn't your new girlfriend because you haven't been a crying mess." he says dryly.

Norie gives him another slower frown. "Idiot."

"So what did you need to talk to me about then." he says. "I'm confused."

"Nrg...." she lets out as she seems to shrink in on herself. She gently eyes towards Rashmi a moment for reassurance of some sort before she looks back. "You have a recurring nightmare... or a dream. Don't you Ryo...?" she asks softly. "Of a ... 'purple haired witch or ghost' that attacks you. In my room. That you think I'm her. Don't you?" she asks.

Ryo blinks again. More confused. "Well I have no idea where you found that out, but yeah." he says. He looks between the two girls. "Okay. Seriously. What is this about?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-28 21:25:35 79738
"I'm a friend of Norie-chan," Rashmi says, still rather cheerful in the fact of a fairly stinging barb. "Terios Rashmi. It's good to meet you, Okana-san." The formalities done with, she settles back as Norie picks up the thread of conversation... and meets Norie's eyes when she's looked to for reassurance, nodding and patting the vampire's arm.
Lacrima 2017-06-28 21:41:10 79739
Norie Okana frowns. "You talk a lot on some paranormal messageboard. A friend found it researching things for me..." she says softly. "About my.. condition... and..."

"...you're not an idiot Ryo..." she says guiltily. "You know sometimes after I fell ill two years ago I changed. Right? I know you know. We stopped doing things around that time." she says quietly.

She still remembers the time Ryo left camping that first year. Without her. It /stings/.

Ryo is listening. He's still confused. "Yeah, but you to ... a therapist..." a psychiatrist. Actually. But that word has stigma. Dad's idea. Dad's American idea.

"I have things to show you. But. I try not to. Do things here. Like that. As not to... not to..."

"Rashmi-chan can you please put up a barrier...? and... exempt Ryo from it?" she asks.

Ryo still looks dumbfoundedly confused.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-28 21:50:00 79740
"Sure," Rashmi says, clearing her throat as she gets up from her chair, bespectacled eyes roving about the room. Digging into her pocket, she pulls out a sunburst-shaped charm with a red glass cabochon in the middle... too large to be a cellphone charm, but what else could it be for?

"Nicomachea," she says quietly, "Can you give me... hm. A sixty-foot Barrier, please? Just a regular one.

The charm in her hand glows bright white, yellow ripples washing over it in a sort of cubic pattern that eliminates all detail from the object. Its outline grows visibly, however, and when the glow fades, the redhead is holding a large, armored book, with the sunburst embedded on the front cover.

The gem glows, and produces a chirpy little *bing!* << COMMAND INPUT READY, >> it says, its older, wise-sounding voice talking in the stilted English of a low-grade Siri. << TIME-SPACE BARRIER. >>

A circle of runes and lines traced in yellow light spreads beneath Rashmi's feet, and a moment later, the room's lighting takes on a definitive pale-green cast.

Rashmi smiles nervously at Ryo, and lifts a shoulder. "So um.... magic is.... real. By the way. Sorry to scare you."
Lacrima 2017-06-28 22:11:13 79741
Ryo Okana watches the world become a pale green copy of itself and he blinks a bit. "...what just happened?" he asks.

Norie Okana raises a hand. "As Rashmi just said. Magic is real. And this is a 'Barrier'. It sections off a piece of the real world into a pocket dimension of sorts. Not really. It's hard to explain." she says.

"Please don't freak out." she says.

Ryo seems ULTRA confused now. "This is really weird. I think. I think I'm. going to just. Go..." he says.

Norie Okana raises her hands. "Wait. No. Besides. You can't leave the barrier anyways. I .. I want to.. tell you. A story..." she says.

"Remember. When I got ill? Do you remember. The necklace? This thing..." she says raising from around her neck. "It's what made me ill. and-- and---"

"Look. It's This stupid long story and I hate telling it."

"That wasn't a dream." she finally admits. "That happened. I did that. It was the first day I woke up like that. I couldn't even control it. It... look. I'm not a witch... or a ghost or a demon. But that necklace did. Curse me. And it did make me... well... V-vampire. Energy Vampire. That's what I did to you. I drained you."

Ryo blinks for a second as he takes this in. "/I KNEW IT/." he says. "You're some stupid monster! I bet you're going to go after mom and dad soon." he snaps. "HOW long Norie. HOW LONG." he yells.

Oh, he's frustrated and angry over this.

Norie Okana seems taken aback. This reaction seems to be a little more 'angry' than she expected as she steps back. "I..I just told you... I... I wasn't that before!" she says.

Then he snaps to Rashmi. "And what, you've been /helping/ her with this?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-28 22:15:23 79742
"Now hold on for a minute!" Rashmi says, stepping directly between Ryo and Norie. "Stop freaking out for a second and think, Okana-san! If Norie-chan was going to attack anybody, why would she do something as hard as telling her brother what happened to her?" Crossing her arms, she does her best to glare down the older boy. "Seriously, Okana-san... she's your sister. This is hard enough for her as it is... does it really need to be any harder?"
Lacrima 2017-06-28 22:33:40 79743
Ryo Okana frowns quite heavily. He's angry. He's frustrated. He's worried for the rest of his family. Rashmi gets between the two and he stares her down. "My sister isn't a 'vampire'." he says in a very icy manner.

Noire Okana just twitches a bit because /that/ stings something down inside her. She just lets the facade of 'Norie' fade and she just lets the purple features and longer hair and pale skin just show as she speaks.

"/and my brother isn't a jerk!/" she says. "Do you think I like being this!? That I asked for it!? I bought a stupid necklace! It cost me 3500 Yen! It did this to me! It took away my emotions, my body and it gave nothing but garbage back to me and power I don't like having." she says as she digs her nails into her palm, a little bit of black ichor trickling out. She's squeezing that hard.

"Do you have any idea how hard the first year was!? I didn't know how to deal with it. I lost all my friends! I have to.. to /hunt/ people like some apex predator because if I don't I become some sort of horrible feral thing and hurt people until I feed enough!" she spits.

"Ignoring me, leaving me behind on the annual camping trip for the first time... /those didn't help either/." she spits.

Ryo is taken aback by a purple haired girl that is probably his sister yelling at her for the moment.

Now may be a good time to cement things because it looks like something might stick at the moment. For now.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-28 22:39:52 79744
"Okana-san," Rashmi says gently. "Think about it. Your sister got sick, because of an accident, and she really, really needs her family to be there for her. The problem is, what made her like this? She can't feel happy anymore. Can you imagine what that's like? Can you? I've tried, because Norie-chan is a very good friend and I know I haven't even come close."

Shaking her head, she steps to the side, her eyes sad and earnest as she holds her gaze on Ryo. "She doesn't deserve what happened to her, Okana-san... but it's happened, and unless some miracle happens and someone finds a way to reverse it, she'll have to deal with it for the rest of her life. Don't you think it'd be a little easier for her, knowing she has family who loves her again?"
Lacrima 2017-06-28 22:49:11 79745
Ryo Okana eyes Rashmi, as he looks between Norie. Then back to Rashmi. He doesn't speak to Norie or Lacrima. He speaks to Rashmi. Maybe he's done dealing with her. "The way I see it. If what she just said is right it sounds like 'my sister' died two years ago and was replaced with something that looks like her." he says coldly.

'My sister died'. Now. Norie finds something really silly about this because that's an actual fact. She did die. That is in fact, what a Vampire is. 'UNdead'. As in you need to die first. This is why her first reaction is to bury her hands into her face and cover her eyes and laugh. It's the kind of laugh of the lost though. Laughing at nothing. Laughing at tradgey before it begins to then fall into a deep sob and a cry.

"Ha...I knew this was a bad idea..." she says icly through the crying. "Maybe I should had never came back when I ran away.... maybe.. maybe I...."

Ryo frowns and has gone from frustrated and confused to downright angry and cold about this. "Yeah. Maybe you shouldn't had." he says. Which hurts to say. Because he was actually worried for that time. Somewhat.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-28 22:54:41 79746
Ryo gets a long, long, pitying look from Rashmi. "I'm really, really sorry to hear you say that," she says, a deep frown on her face. "Hopefully one day you'll realize just how much what you said hurt your sister." Sighing, she closes her eyes, turning to hug Norie -- whether or not reflexive energy drain will come of it -- and murmurs. "I'm sorry Norie-chan... I hoped your brother could think better, I'm so so sorry..." Looking up to glare at Ryo one last time, she tucks her book against her side. "Barrier down, Nicomachea... we're done here."

*bing!* << ACKNOWLEDGED, >> the book says, and the tint to the sky fades back into normal, the book glowing again, and reverting to its sunburst-charm appearance.

"We're done here," she says again, her own voice thick with unshed tears.
Lacrima 2017-06-29 02:12:35 79755
Norie Okana, more Lacrima right now doesn't reflexively energy drain Rashmi. Energy draining is a conscious choice for her when she's in her right mind. Even though she's veer close to not being in her right mind. She doesn't say anything. But she is crying, and her tears are kind of this purple mess of... something and it probably stains whatever Rashmi is wearing currently. It's water soluble at least. She'll relate that later. She doesn't say anything but when the barrier breaks she doesn't make for the door right away she makes for the stairs and walks inside to her room. There's a sound of things slamming up there.

Ryo frowns at Rashmi. "This isn't any of your business, and besides you're helping creatures like that." he says. Ryo is making assumptions like 'Rashmi has known about this for a long time and is only now trying to help' perhaps.

The sounds upstairs stop and Norie comes back down wearing a backpack and one of those suitcases with the wheels. She begins to leave, perhaps past Rashmi if she hasn't left fully by then, or joining her outside as she just begins barging down to the sidewalk.

You don't need to ask how she feels. You can feel it. It's a thick, depressing feeling that's permeating her general area and physically licking along the side of buildings as she walks. Rashmi's device can confirm that it's an actual aura of some sort. She turns back. She didn't close to the door on her way out. But it's closed now. And there's Ryo out there. Or looking out a window. Or anything.

"I..idiot. This was a bad idea. I should had kept my mouth shut. I..I need to. Do... something...I need to.. talk to Kunzite..or..or Mamoru or something or.. Riventon I... nrrg!" and then she just sort of dives into an alley between two houses and slumps to her behind as she buries her head between her legs. "S--sorry. I know you tried your best. I knew this would happen this way. I Knew it and I did it anyways." she mumbles to herself.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-29 02:17:55 79757
"Norie-chan is my friend," Rashmi says severely. "She asked me to come along because this was hard for her. So of course I'm going to help her, just like she knows I'll fight her if she tries to hide from how much you hurt her by acting like the monster you see in her." As Norie sweeps through the room, Rashmi simply narrows her eyes, shakes her head at Ryo, and follows in the vampire's wake.

Closing the door on her way out, she follows behind Norie, silent, up until she dives into an alley. Which point Rashmi, oppressed by the pall surrounding Norie, but knowing it's an outside thing, sinks down to set next to her friend. "You tried, Norie-chan. It wasn't a bad idea at all, it was just a gamble. And it was worth trying to find out if your fears were wrong. I'm... just... sorry they weren't."
Lacrima 2017-06-29 02:37:23 79760
Norie doesn't slip back on her disguise. She remains in the purple long hair. She sours a bit. "Dammit. I'm leaking." she says as she takes a deep breath and tries to just. Kill her emotions temporarily. It takes a long bit, a long moment actually, but she manages- and that aura begins to fade and pulls back. Of course now she's taken a deadpan demeanor which isn't any good either.

"Sorry. I. Leak when I get too much of a wreck. Most things like me do when emotions run hot. If I was stil partly human, It'd be dangerous, but I'm already past that point so it's just obnoxious when I'm around people. I'm sorry. Again." she says coldly.

"It's my fault anyways. I did attack him two years ago. But. It wasn't like I had control. It was the first day I woke up like this. I got up. I felt cold. I walked to my mirror to do my hair. And I saw. This. In the mirror. and he opened the door to wake me up." she mutters.

"He used to. Call me cupcake. That was a tease name he had for me. Because one time. When I was younger. I ate an entire box of cupcakes and got super sick." she says.

She shifts. "He's probably going to tell me parents I ran away again. He'd be right. I'm probably just. Going to go to the manor." she mutters.

"Probably a good idea to not be around people when I'm a mess like this." it's clear she's working hard to keep her emotions in check right now at least.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-29 02:44:42 79762
Despite all that's happening, Norie seems to really, really need a hug. And she gets one. "Stop apologizing," she says quietly. "It's not your fault, and I'm not going to blame you for this."

Subsiding, she listens to the story, and seems to oscillate between being so much more disappointed, so much angrier, and so heartbroken. She falls silent for a long moment, but when she finally speaks up, she turns to meet Norie's gaze. "...Can you promise me something, Norie-chan? Just... Once you've let it all out, please talk to Chiba-san or Takeba-san. That's all. You need to talk to someone, and I don't think Riventon will have very healthy advice for you, y'know?"
Lacrima 2017-06-29 03:01:02 79764
Norie Okana frowns. "I'm going to talk to Kunzite, yes." she says quietly. "I don't think he'll help me much more than talk-- I mean not much to do. To help. But he'll listen." she says quietly. "I know Mamoru will listen. But he'll just try to offer me energy again or something when he knows his guardians don't like it." she says quietly.

"Riven-sama....." then she bites her tounge. "He's seeking advice on his own right now." is all she says on that.

"Besides. I know what'd he'd tell me to do. And it's a good idea. IF I was in danger. But. I'm not. So." she says quietly.

She sighs. "Thanks for... coming. With me. Someone else was supposed to. But. She moved back to. Taiwan." she says quietly.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-29 03:03:16 79765
"I'm sorry she couldn't," Rashmi says quietly. "But I was glad I could help, even if it didn't work out well. And tell Takeba-san that if he does think of something that'll help beyond talking, and if I can help with that? I'd be glad to."
Lacrima 2017-06-29 03:10:53 79767
Norie Okana fidgets. "Y-yeah." she says. Yeah she's starting to waver. "I'm going to. Just get to the manor. For tonight. and lock myself in my coffin for the rest of the evening." she says quietly. "I'll.... call. Whenever I get back out. To let you know. I'm okay?"

"Is that a thing that's okay?" she asks, like she's being a bother right now.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-29 03:12:34 79768
"Anytime," Rashmi says, her voice achingly sincere. "Seriously. You're my friend, and I worry about you. Just... be safe on your way home, all right?"
Lacrima 2017-06-29 03:13:37 79769
Norie Okana nods a bit. "Okay." she says quietly as she manages to prop herself back up and begins to walk through the otherwise of the alley and back out to the main road. To the very very haunted manor.