Cupcakes Probably Won't Help.

Lacrima goes to talk to Kunzite like she promised Rashmi she would. They talk about her current situation, Cupcake Glitter and other things. Also she gets a box of cupcakes to try to calm her brother. They probably won't work.

Date: 2017-06-30
Pose Count: 22
Lacrima 2017-06-30 16:05:19 79795
Lacrima hasn't turned back to Norie since the other night. It's not been very fun. She's expecting the 'Girl Missing, Again' news reports any day now. It's been nearly enough time for them. She doesn't text or anything before coming over. She just arrives via a Dusk Zone step on the balcony and walks in , peeking through the balcony curtains before she enters and looks around. Then she pulls out her phone and texts, rather than calls out.

Hello Kunzite. I'm visiting the ECFH. yes she uses that acronym. IT'S LEGIT. May we please talk? Soon if not now. she texts.

Then she places some sort of dark gem on the coffee table near her as she has a seat on the couch. The gem isn't active or glowing or emitting death magic or anything. She stares at it intently.

Then she waits for anyone she feels she can talk to, or that Rashmi told her to talk to ASAP.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 16:15:28 79796
The answer is quick: A few moments.

This is, it turns out, about two and a half minutes. He comes in the front door, or at least the door from the hallway, but he's already wearing slippers rather than shoes, and already carrying coffee. There's a broad smudge of black ink across a couple of his fingertips, and mildly inexplicable hints of glitter on his jeans and his left forearm. "Good afternoon," he says gravely to Lacrima, and then turns to pace into the kitchen. A few moments later he has retrieved a box, which he brings over to place on the table before her. It is not donuts. It is, however, cupcakes. There is copious frosting. It is Very, Very Pink.
Lacrima 2017-06-30 16:29:44 79797
Lacrima blinks. Glitter. "Did Ariel-chan visit you this morning or in your dream?" she asks curiously. Yes she's noticed it. She looks down at the cupcakes but she purses her lips and frowns a bit. She doesn't touch them. This may not be a good sign. She gently pokes the gem. "That's there for.. safety." she says. "Well rather. Less. Safety and more. I am not wanting to spread a--- 'despair aura' around here. And pass on my bad mood."

"Rashmi-chan said I should come talk. Because of something that happened." she says as she sighs. She does finally steal a cupcake finally.

"Um... People have been saying I should. Talk to. My brother. About. Well... the. Magic stuff. Because. The magic stuff. Ruined our relationship." she says quietly.

"Rashmi came along to help. But. Things did not go well." she says. "Not even a little bit." she shifts.

"I'm not going back home for sure at least. Not my choice. His." she says quietly.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 16:34:41 79798
"No. We've been preparing for a friend's special occasion." ... which apparently somehow involved glitter. And Kunzite. Apparently Kunzite does not in fact manifest an anti-glitter cuteness repulsion field. He's probably regretful about this.

He regards the gem thoughtfully when Lacrima explains it, then shifts one of the chairs in the arrangement so that it's placed directly opposite Lacrima, gem and cupcakes between them. His coffee is back in his hands as soon as furniture-moving is done.

"Some people don't deal well with the idea that magic exists," he says quietly. "We're dealing with a not-going-well ourselves at present. So you have my sympathies, for what those are worth. Did he try to attack you? Or flee?"
Lacrima 2017-06-30 16:54:27 79799
Lacrima frowns. "I know he remembers, on some level, about magic. Because he has nightmares of the first day I woke up like this an attacked him." she says quietly. "Jia-chan found him posting on boards about what to do about the witch or demon living with him." she says a little coldly.

"In the past that is." she says.

"When. Told about what happened. He said that. His sister was dead. And I was something that took her place. And that I destroyed the family because I couldn't really be my old self." she says quietly.

"Which... is true. On some levels. I am technically undead if we go by the classical definition." she says quietly.

"Rashmi was upset at him too. But. When we left I started just bleeding the stupid aura because I was upset and that upset Rashmi more and I had to just shut off all my emotions for a moment and I hate doing that because it hurts more when I relax that." she says quietly.

"I guess I'm just living in the manor again." she says quietly. "Better that way. Maybe. Coffin is there. No more sleeping in a closet. Or something." she mutters.

"Rashmi told me to come here and talk about it. At least. Rashmi-chan can only do so much being new to this stuff." she mutters.

She taps the gem again, which glows a bit as she sighs. "Yup. Leaking. But that's why I brought it." she mutters.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 17:01:21 79800
"My understanding," Kazuo says quietly to Lacrima, "is that there has been evidence seen that on the levels that matter, his assertion is not true. That may or may not help in practice; it may or may not be possible to convince him. But you still are yourself. Hampered, yes. But you exist."

He draws a breath; lets it out, quiet. "May I ask what it was that moved you to retreat to the manor entirely again? His reaction? His threats or demands? Your reaction to him? Something else altogether?"
Lacrima 2017-06-30 17:13:17 79801
Lacrima frowns and shifts uncomfortably. "He got really upset. Called me a monster. It's not a good idea for me to remain there." she says quietly. "Besides. If he starts telling mom and dad that if I stayed, he'd just resent me more when my dad started sending /him/ to see a psychiatrist and therapist like they did me." she mutters.

"Dad is. Japanese American. Different climate. Different... solutions to things." she mutters.

"Rashmi-chan tried to tell him those things. That I was still me. Just. I can't. Feel certain things anymore. But he still just went with his initial observation." she says.

"I don't think I can change his mind anyways." she says.

"Besides. I dunno if I want to live with someone who actively hates me anyways." she says quietly. "He'd force me out someway."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 17:19:46 79802
"Having lived for a decade with someone who despised me at the time, I can confirm that it's not a desirable alternative." Kazuo turns the mug of his coffee in his hands. "But there was no-one else in the household to act as a buffer, or to complicate matters. In your case, there are your parents."

Quiet for a moment again. Then: "If you could have this situation turn out in whichever way you wanted, short of changing your own condition -- what would you choose?"
Lacrima 2017-06-30 17:32:16 79803
Lacrima shifts uncomfortably again. That gem still glows. "Early on when I was like this. One of the things I still. 'Looked forward to' was going camping with my brother. We used to do that a lot. It's fun." she says softly. "-and I remember. Draining people for a week straight. Just. Collecting energy in my necklace so I had a supply for the camping trip and then the day came and-----"

"He left without me." she says quietly. "On purpose. He went by himself and left me on purpose and I remember being mess about it hard enough." she says.

"It'd be nice to just go camping again. and be called 'Cupcake' again." she says staring at the cupcakes. "That was a name he used to call me."

"Because when I was about six I ate an entire box of cupcakes and got very sick from it." she says. "So he just started calling me that back then." she says quietly. Yes, she still eating the cupcake.

"Sort of silly now to think about it. Cuz I can eat entire boxes of cupcakes and not get sick." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 17:48:55 79804
This conversation taking place on Usagi's birthday was several times more awkward than Kazuo had first suspected, apparently. At least he has enough practice with awkwardness to take it largely in stride.

"It doesn't seem," he says quietly, "as if continuing to try to bring him around is likely to damage the situation between him any further. There would, of course, be two potential problem areas. One, it would be a continuing strain on you. Two, if not done carefully, it might increase his resentment and animosity further.

"We've seen examples of those without magic being able to bring themselves to understand its presence without that effect. We haven't seen enough of them to be able to draw any conclusions about what causes it, or whether it's possible to invoke those things on purpose. But it has happened. It might happen again."

Kazuo glances down at the box, then up at Lacrima. One of these things is Pink. One is not. "There are a number of things we could try, if you wished. We could take the rest of the cupcakes to him, as a gift from you, perhaps in apology for upsetting him. Or look for his postings online, and see how they changed over time, and whether establishing an acquaintance there might be made to do something useful. We could look in on him from time to time, to try to determine whether he might be likely either to try to move against you, or to miss you, or even both. Or we could stay out of the matter entirely, if you preferred. Since there are no guarantees of any of it going well."
Lacrima 2017-06-30 18:09:31 79805
Lacrima blinks. "He said I was dead to him. I do not think cupcakes are going to help. I'm willing to try." she says flatly. "But he was pretty upset enough at the prospect of what I am that he told Rashmi-chan not nice things to her face too." she says.

"I don't think he'll talk to any of you." she says. "I mean. You can try but my brother always gets set in his decisions sometimes."

"I know there's never any guarantees with this stuff." she says softly.

She regards the glitter and cupcakes again. "I didn't. Ruin anything. Did I? Just. Rashmi... made me promise. To come here and talk about it. To you, or. Mamoru." she shifts uncomfortably. "So I did."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 18:21:54 79806
Kazuo nods back to Lacrima, matter-of-fact. "It may not be possible to make the situation better," he says. "But I am obligated to offer the possibility of trying anyhow. Since Mamoru won us back when others, and rationality, declared it impossible, we are more or less required to treat certain cases as 'I don't think this will work, but I might be wrong.'" He exhales quietly. "Sometimes people are more upset when faced with a problem than they are the next morning, when they have a chance to regret. Sometimes ... well. Mamoru has arranged for me to meet with my father on a regular basis, in the hopes of a reconciliation there. My father is obligated to turn up for those meetings; but he's taken to sitting through them in silence. So. It does little good to know it, but at least at present you are not alone."

He glances back to the cupcakes, then up to Lacrima again. "And no, you did not ruin anything. I assure you that I am distinctly more interested in having conversations with you than in learning the fine distinctions between burgundy edible glitter, pink edible glitter, light pink edible glitter, and pink heart edible glitter. If anything, I should thank you for the rescue."
Lacrima 2017-06-30 18:52:54 79807
Lacrima sours a bit. "It's not like I haven't tried talking to him via the phone or text. I need to stop that though. I know the drill when I go 'missing'." she mutters. "He still feels the same way regardless. I'm not allowed back home so I'll just. Live in the manor. or something. I'll... have. Rashmi. or someone visit. As not to let myself linger alone for too long. I already know what happens then." she fidgets.

"The important part though is that he remembers the conservation. And what I asked Rashmi to do. Which was barrier us so I could change. I don't. Change in home. If I can help it. I don't like the idea of. Dirtying home in dark energy or anything by potential accident. Not that it's ever happened." she says.

She head tilts and then says dryly. "Ah that must had been a learning experience." she says softly. "Mainly, about how many places it can get where you can't remove it." she asides.

Then a pause. "Reconciliation? Did something happen in the past?" she asks curiously. "You do not. Need to go into detail. If you don't want." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 19:12:29 79808
"I believe that the number of those places is 'all of them,'" Kazuo says, his tone particularly dry for a moment. Not ignoring the things Lacrima said before that; he was paying attention, listening, marking words like 'remembers' with faint traces of reaction.

She has a question, though, too, and Kazuo answers it. "There were a number of problems that cropped up when I was a child. Medical issues. Family problems. Acquaintances of mine being arrested. Going missing for five years or so didn't help the matter. Mamoru is convinced that a relationship exists to repair. I disagree, but I also answer to him, so the attempt is being made."

This may sound suspiciously like 'I do not think cupcakes are going to help' did a minute ago.

"That your brother remembers ... that is interesting. That is very interesting. And not common at all."
Lacrima 2017-06-30 19:17:03 79809
Lacrima frowns. "I think I broke something in him when I fed from him. I don't remember that being especially pleasant for me. I know he was in the hospital for a week. Everyone else I've drained since just needs a few hours." she says quietly.

"That's just my theory at least." she says quietly.

She shrugs a bit and then nods to Kazuo. "Medical issues? You don't seem sick or anything now.." she says. "Well. It's not like. The going missing was your fault. It was someone else's fault." she says. "I mean. You are referring to. That." she says quietly. "Right?"

She shrugs a bit and sighs. "Well. Mamoru seems to think to the best of everyone. I mean. Good on him? I guess? But eventually it's going to bite him in the ass." she asides.

"Not that. I'm saying I will. Just...." nrg. "Nevermind. That wasn't a threat. Is all I'm saying..."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 19:37:44 79810
Broke something in him. Kazuo's frown becomes a notch more visible, but it's directed aside from Lacrima: one of the thoughtful moments, not any kind of recrimination.

"Medical issues," he says aloud. "My magic back then was trying to come active, failing, and leaving me in the hospital. Not for a week, granted. But ... I wonder, a little, about your brother. If he remembers now."

The mention of Mamoru's view of people prompts Kazuo to give Lacrima a brief cynical smile. "Not taken as a threat, I assure you," he says. "I presume that you do not consider his being driven into hiding, kidnapped, tortured, brainwashed, or nearly dead from wasting illnesses 'bitten in the ass.' I am however curious what would qualify. Those all just left him holding on harder. Ah, well. That's what the rest of us are for."
Lacrima 2017-06-30 20:07:05 79811
Lacrima purses her lips. "So you're saying it's bitten him in the ass hilariously hard multiple times and he still does it. Somehow. That seems worse." she says quietly. "I try to behave when I'm here. I think I've only managed to reach a high snark level around that tiny prince or whatever. I know who he is." she says pointedly.

"Mainly, the fact I didn't just say 'Prince' to be an ass." she says quietly.

Then she frowns "Ah..." she says. "I'm sorry to hear that. Since. It's not like they could ever know the cause. I tried to fake it to the psychiatrist for my parents sake. Best I could. That 'I was doing better'." she says. "Not that I was."

She head tilts. "Mamoru was kidnapped? I'm afraid I might had been hiding that year. I know stuff was happening but I largely just kept to myself. Stayed away from places. It's when I started having to hunt harder that I started encountering people." she says. "Which seems to have been well after events happened." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 20:25:11 79812
... around the tiny prince. Kazuo's mouth twitches at the corner, just once. Just enough to make it clear that he has a good idea who Lacrima is referring to, and can't argue nearly as much as some people might have wanted him to about their capability for inspiring snark.

"I imagine the psychiatrist was considerably more obnoxious to deal with," he says, "and I'm sorry that you had to." Or might have to again, depending. ... no, not an addition he's making out loud, under the circumstances.

As for Mamoru's kidnapping? Kazuo gestures slightly, dismissive. "At that time, yes. This happened about -- four months before I first saw you, I think? A little over a year and a half ago. He managed to make it work out for him in the long run, and he's been gently but implacably insufferable on the topic ever since."
Lacrima 2017-06-30 20:48:13 79813
Lacrima gently seems confused. "Did he have as many friends then as he does now? I feel it's kind of almost a death sentence to try to abduct him." she says. "To have more or less ninety percent of the magical community come over to your place and punch you in the jaw individually." she says.

"-and the other ten percent hiding behind the bush waiting to stab you when they leave." she says.

She looks around and purses her lips.

"I should... let you finish glitter things." she says.

"I need to see if I can't. Catch Kokoro-chan.. or Rashmi-chan or something." she says quietly. "Before the day ends and all that." she says as she moves to grasp, the gem. Which has stopped glowing at least.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 20:53:49 79814
"Mn. Out of the three people involved," Kazuo says, "two did die of it, though it took a few months to catch up, and one got better. The other one ran and threw himself on Moon's mercy when he figured out what had happened. I don't think he ever did get punched in the jaw. There were definitely a couple of stealth stabbings involved, though, your evaluation is very good."

He rises as well, and bows to Lacrima. "I hope you succeed in catching them," he says. "Are you willing to give me your brother's name?"
Lacrima 2017-06-30 21:01:51 79815
Lacrima purses her lips. "Ryo." she says softly. "Ryo Okana." she says. "He'll be the only other young man there. He's in high school." she thinks a moment and purses her lips, as she seems to think about something and then seems to be sizing Kazuo up a moment and then shakes her head to herself, in a no manner.

She does look down at the box. "I'll. Leave these for him. Somewhere at least. With a note." she says. "If I can't see him in person." she says. "As you suggested." she says as she picks it up. "IF that's okay." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-30 21:06:03 79816
Kazuo inclines his head to her. "It is," he says. "I hope it helps." If it reminds him of his memories of his sister, if it gives him some reason to think she might still be there ... it might help. A little.

And it matters. If he matters so much to Lacrima, even now, that she barely thinks about their parents in comparison -- it matters very much.