Second Corner of the Earth

Daisuke's hunt for evidence of Sailor Earth takes him to Nephrite's palace. Unhelpful Thunderbird is unhelpful, but at least Neph's got dating advice.

Date: 2017-07-02
Pose Count: 17
Nephrite 2017-07-02 20:09:18 79864
The term "palace" becomes stretched to its limits where Nephrite's is concerned. Indeed, it is really more of a formality to use the word at all in describing the small island. Though it is not lacking for towers, as enormous redwood cedars, ancient and untouched by any axe, stretch up into the heavens. The only handmade structures to be found are the platforms and rope bridges stretching between the trees, and the carved totems standing sentry near the water.

"I really pay more attention to the sky when I'm here," Neil is explaining as he leads Daisuke down a rope bridge from the door to Jadeite's palace. As he's speaking, the sky is quickly shifting from early dawn light to a bright and sunny midday. "I know the others shift the actual stuff in their palaces around a lot, but I don't like doing that. Trees are meant to be rooted where they are. So if you're looking for things I haven't messed around with, well, that's pretty much everything from here down."

The sun has settled in the sky, warming the parts of them that are not cast in shadow by the trees. Still, there is a crisp sea breeze on the air that keeps the temperature mild. "So what exactly are we looking for? Some kinda graffiti hidden somewhere saying 'Sailor Earth was here?'"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-02 20:19:45 79865
Daisuke Hansuke has arrived into what appears to be an island forest of large trees and wooden walkways and he is very glad that he isn't afraid of heights. He purses his lips as he looks down at the phone he's brought with him for taking notes. "What? No. Like I told Kunzite this isn't questioning Mamoru's... 'Endyiness', which I assure you is a word now." he asides. "But rather trying to find out if there's any information in these places to give us clues to who she might really be- if she does have some connection." he says.

"That sort of thing." he says.

He glances around, he peeks at trees. Anything up here? There's a lack of... decoration apparently.

"Anything like--- carvings. Statues stuff like that up here or down there." he asks.

"Aswell. If we run across anything, may I take pictures? Your place, and all." he asides.
Nephrite 2017-07-02 20:40:13 79866
Neil smirks back at him, totally at ease with the rope bridge's swaying as he walks down it. He's evidently done this a few times. "If I thought you were, we'd have to have a conversation about that. Yeah I get it, I tried consulting the stars about her with the same questions. That was kind of a dead end though. Maybe your method will turn up something more substantial. Kind of a brilliant idea, actually." They've reached one of the platforms midway down. A stable point for Daisuke to catch his breath if he wants to. "I don't think it's a secret that some of us have been a little reluctant to think about this past life stuff too deeply. So it's great that it's you doing this. You can maybe offer an outsider's view in here. Not that you're an outsider, not to us. But you know. To this place."

He leans over the platform's ledge. They have a pretty good bird's eye view from up here, but much of the ground is lost beneath greenery. "No carvings up here, so if that's what you want to see, we'll have to go ground-level." He starts down another bridge, this one sharply inclining down towards the ground. "Sure, I don't see any harm in a few photos. But if you see a very large bird around, keep an eye on your electronics. He stirs up some major static with his wings."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-02 20:55:59 79867
Daisuke Hansuke nods. "Then we're going down." he says softly. Then a nod. "Right. I mean. I know he's the prince- and yeah I'm not an outsider, but if the low key surgeon guy /knows/ then that means something." he says.

"Right. The thunderbird. I'll need to speak to him. I was told he might know things because it seems they /might/ have memories that go back that far to the Golden Kingdom." he says.

"Well. These places are basically like time capsules that have spent a better part of 'Most likely Eons' untouched in secret. If there's information about this Sailor Earth being associated, it's the best place to start." he says.
Nephrite 2017-07-02 21:13:43 79868
As Daisuke likely noticed when they were on the high platform, the island is roughly egg-shaped, with an open clearing at the narrow end where the most totem poles sit on the edge of the cliffs overlooking the water. The swinging bridge brings them down closer to the middle of the island, though, where the trees are thickest. Here, there are no totem poles, but dotted among the ferns there are statues of individual totems carved from black shale, with abalone eyes gazing at them. Nearest to them is what looks like a bear, and a raven holding a sphere in its mouth. There are also large slabs of jade, but these are rough, uncarved.

Neil rubs at a bit of growing stubble on his chin. "You can try asking, but he might not give you a straight answer. He's cryptic as hell sometimes." He's scanning the sky. The Thunderbird is also elusive, for its size, and only shows up when it feels like it.

But he nods at Daisuke's theory. "Yeah, that's why your idea's brilliant. And since I've more or less been using this place as a glorified telescope-slash-camping site, paying it that kind of respect is probably something it needs a bit of." Yes, he thinks of the palace as a living thing that may or may not have feelings. No, this will not stop him from pitching a tent here with Kazuo later.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-02 21:21:48 79869
Daisuke Hansuke nods. "Venus has been teaching me some of her investigation techniques. One of those was trying to think of things in different terms. Palaces, also time capsules." he says.

He taps his chin and nods, as he works down and downwards. He'll get onto the ground eventually as he takes a deep breath and hrmmms. "Totem poles?" he asks.

"I guess that makes sense, considering." he muses a bit.

"Which way should we start first then?" he asks. "If you any of any specifically important landmarks let me know." he says softly.
Nephrite 2017-07-02 21:43:01 79870
Neil points into what looks like the thickest part of the trees. "There's a giant blue sandstone Earth symbol in there. It is about as subtle as a fart in church, so I don't think you're going to find anything hidden there." He shrugs. "You can see there's totems all over the place here, but totem poles in particular are meant to tell a story, so maybe if there is anything to see, it would be on those. We can--ah." A dark shadow passes over them, and overhead the trees whisper and creak in as though a great gust of wind is passing through the canopy. "Looks like it's your lucky day. He doesn't even show up for me half the time."

"One must only ask," booms the Thunderbird, as it settles upon a low branch. Daisuke probably had good reason to expect something very large and intimidating if he visited Kunzite's palace previously, but there is something otherworldly about the massive eagle-like creature. It exudes ancient power, tiny bursts of electricity crackling and snapping on the tips of its feathers. Sharp black eyes peer down at them. "And one must have a true purpose."

"Yeah, yeah." Neil mumbles. "Daisuke, meet one of the gods of my people. God of my people, Daisuke. He has questions, which you obviously know."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-02 22:00:47 79871
Daisuke Hansuke looks down to the large area with the-- apparently big large sandstone Earth Symbol. He takes note of the color and raises the camera to take a picture. Not Red. Not Black. Not her colors. Why Red and Black? She taps her chin a bit. He has hunches involving black tuxedoes and roses, he guesses.

Then there's a bird and his phone sptuzes a bit but not much so he puts it away because it won't be any good around a thunderbird.

He bows respectfully. "Hello. I am Daisuke Hansuke. I was. Ascelpius. In the other life." he says, if that means anything to the bird.

"I am trying to discover any information about this 'Sailor Earth', who believes that she's the true 'Princess of Earth', rather than Endymion, which she calls a fake." he adds.

"Of course. It's false. But she also seems to genuinely believe it. So seeing if someone like her may be referenced somewhere in these old places." he offers.

"Some of the few remaining places that exist from. Way way back then." he says.

"Do you have any insight into such a topic?" he asks politely, as he looks back to Nephrite.
Nephrite 2017-07-02 22:30:48 79872
The great creature tilts its head to fix one eye on Daisuke, scrutinizing him. "Ascelpius. Yes. An old name." There is a rumble in the bird's throat. "Princesses of this land there have been, in ages past. Not in this age. Not in the age of Endymion.

A rustle of feathers as he shifts sends a light show of electricity crackling down the Thunderbird's form. "The land on which you stand was created in the age of Endymion. I know not of sailors. But history there is here, in the carvings."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-02 22:38:44 79874
The validation of 'there were princesses past' moves the thought that- this could be some past incarnation of a princess who is confused that she comes before the last known. He nods. "Alright. So there's been 'past princesses'." he says. "Yeah. I know. Endymion made these places. Which is part of the challenge admittedly of trying to find information in them of a potentially prior time." he says.

He looks off to the totems. "Thank you." he says. As he begins to move towards the direction he remembers seeing any.

"Let's check out the totems then." he tells Nephrite, as he begins off.
Nephrite 2017-07-02 23:06:22 79878
Neil crinkles his brow. "So wait, if you don't know about sailors, does that mean there weren't any or what?"

The Thunderbird clicks its beak. "The king--or the princess--is not always the land."

"Wow, that clears that right up," Neil chirps amiably. "See, what did I tell ya?" He shakes his head at Daisuke. The Thunderbird seems unphased by Neil's snark, only gazing down on them as keenly as ever.

But Daisuke is already moving on to the clearing. The totem poles are all facing away from them, gazing out onto the water. Each is unique, different animals and humanoid creatures stacked one on top of the other. Birds, bears, wolves. The red and black Daisuke was searching for is here, the two colors featured the most prominently. But there is also green, and yellow on the birds' beaks. "I can probably tell you some more general knowledge about these, but I don't know what specifically would have gone into these poles in particular," Neil explains. But if anything stands out to you, let me know."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-02 23:32:14 79882
Daisuke Hansuke pulls out the phone again. "Red and Black as colors, primarily. Those are her colors." he says. "I think what I'm looking for is something like that." he says as he walks along the area looking out towards the water, before back to the totems.

He taps his foot. He notices these colors! So he takes pictures and examines. He's also examining things around it of course. He takes a deep breath.

"Totem Poles tell stories, eh? Must be in symbology geee my favooortie." he says in sarcasm.

"So the sky here. Is it Earth's sky? Or... well. A copy of it..?" he asks.
Nephrite 2017-07-02 23:47:58 79888
Neil muses. "You think that's important? They're really common colors in this region's traditional art, and red is kind of my color." He shrugs. "But symbolism and connections can't be discounted. That's pretty much everything I deal in."

There is not much else for Daisuke to see around the poles. The clearing is open, to give Nephrite a place where he has a clear view of the sky. "Stories are important. They're how we interpret the world and our place in it. Like that one up there?" He points to the top of the pole they stand closest to, where a bird with a sphere clutched in its long beak perches with its wings outstretched. "That's Raven. Wanna know what's in its mouth? That's the moon. Why was that story, specifically, about Raven stealing the light from the world, referenced here? I can think of a million reasons." He leans back on his heels, hooking his thumb in the belt loop of his jeans. "So yeah, I don't think you'll find a princess or a sailor senshi on any of these, but if there's any other symbols you can think of that might represent her...?"

Neil smiles at the sky question, and just to be a showoff, he lets the sun dip down into a pinkish sunset. "It's like... a piece of Earth's sky. Or a reflection. It is Earth's sky and it isn't."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-03 00:08:02 79890
Daisuke Hansuke. "Ah, alright." he says. So. No mystery neo-weird constellations up there to look into. Though Nephrite would had already realized that by now anyways. He's the talking to stars guy. He purses his lips a bit and takes more pictures. He can look through these later. She sighs a bit.

"Alright. So." he says. "I do have one last thing. I kinda. Need advice one." he grumbles.

"There's this weird girl. Natsumi Ginga." he says. "Who ran the 'Space Botany Club' around the time Fiore was making a mess of things." he says.

"Natsumi hates Daisuke a lot. He thinks he is a jerk. However. Ascelpius is a dreamboat." he says a little sufferingly. "She wanted to talk one night. So I came because I figure. I might learn something about her useful."

"Instead I found myself agreeing to a date." he says. "Nothing out there. Milkshakes." he says.

"But well."

"Not sure if. It's a thing I want...? Really? I dunno. This is hard." he says. "I've never been good at that."
Nephrite 2017-07-03 00:14:47 79893
A slow grin spreads across Neil's face. "Oh man! You've got a date? Is she cute? And you've somehow managed to convince her only one half of you is charming? Well that's okay--that just means you have an opening to convince her of the other half."

He claps Daisuke on the back. "Look, a date is just a date. The point of a first date is to find out if you want to have other dates. So either you go and have a good time and then figure out how you want to bridge that gap between your two halves, or you go and have an awful time and then that's the end of it. Then at least you'll know, right? If it's what you want or not."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-03 00:28:11 79896
Daisuke basically flusters when he's asked if she's cute. "I dunno! I guess?" he huffs. "I saved her from. Some plant thing she was keeping in the club room. One of Fiore's old plants. Jupiter punched it a lot while I took her away from the mess and I guess she got all starry eyed about the whole saving her thing." he says.

Nephrite explains what a date is. "Yeah. I mean. I know that!" he says. Well maybe not entirely. "But... I just need to take this a little at the time." he says.

"-and not let her know who I really am unless I wanna drive her off." he snorts.

"Okay. I have pictures- and some more information than I had before." he says. He's taken notes of what the Thunderbird said on his phone.

"I think I'll stop here." he says with a smile. "Thanks for letting me explore, Nephrite." he says. "_and you know, for the girl advice." he smirks.
Nephrite 2017-07-03 00:35:23 79898
"Hey, it's what I'm here for. Ancient symbolism, godly beings, and dating advice." Neil grins, and turns to walk Daisuke back to the entrance. "You know where to find me if you want to come back and have another look. I hope you find something. Do let us know, huh?"

Before Daisuke makes his way back out through the ornate door to Jadeite's palace, Neil's voice shouts up at him. "Good luck on the date!"