Vampire Requires Snuggles

After all that's happened the past two weeks, Lacrima really needs snuggles. Luckily she knows where to go for that. Mainly Eilam's place.

Date: 2017-07-04
Pose Count: 18
Lacrima 2017-07-04 05:34:43 79943
Lacrima knows she has an open invitation to Eilam's place. This is why she often does not knock and instead choses to just appear in the main vestibule, or foyer. or living room- Whatever Eilam keeps as a main entrance room, from a Dusk Zone Step. She is in her fancy dress, and she looks a little worried and perturbed as she has for the past week.

"Eilam-kun?" she calls out lightly. She'll meander, first to what she knows as his usual spots, striding along in that dress that sways behind her.

Look, dressing SUPER fancy makes her feel better too. Nevermind she actually sells the look well right now.

She purses her lips a bit and taps her chin.

"I really should. Text before hand..." she mutters to herself.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-04 05:52:31 79944
    The place seemed largely empty at the moment, no real sound or the likes coming from anywhere. Just a large, dimly lit manor that was otherwise quite clean and as ever looking much the same. Her looking around and calling out didn't immediately get a response, though further looking around would find said Eilam currently wearing a portion of his school uniform. His hair was just loosely pulled back into something of a sloppy bun that didn't do too much to look sophisticated, but was likely just to keep it out of the way.
    Today seemed like a decent day for him, as he wasn't even relying on the stave - thoughit was nearby enough, leaning against a wall of the study area. The generic study/computer room that Norie had seem him in before.

    "Norie?" Eilam asked after a moment, having heard something that made him think that but wasn't entirely sure. As of yet he was just standing in the middle of the room, cell phone in his hands, now looking towards the doorway.
Lacrima 2017-07-04 06:10:21 79945
Lacrima peeks in from the door way and gently steps in the rest of the way. She's mostly 'Lacrima' right now. Norie is okay a name for now in private. She sighs a bit and looks down a bit as she steps into the room and walks her way over to the couch as she grabs the hem of her skirt. "S-sorry. I should had texted first." she says softly. "Things are kind of bad again." she says quietly.

She doesn't really explain. "Did I bother anything...?" she asks. "Sorry. I can. Go do something else until you're ready." she says.

"But...I really. Need company right now." she says softly. "Even if it's just. Perimeter while you're busy." she says.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-04 06:24:53 79946
    Eilam watches her quietly for a moment, as she moves in, then sits, only to walk over and sit beside her. "I invited you to come into and be around my life as you wished, with no real conditions. That still holds true." Having sat down next to her, he reached out to take her hand, unless she resisted, and just quietly held such. Whatever he was doing had, for the moment, been put aside. No asking what was wrong, no trying to jostle and hug her or any such. Instead, he was just there to try and provide company. "You want to listen to any music? I am sure you could find something you like on my phone. ...or yours, since you probably have that too."
    Much as he ever did, Eilam had that slightly ocean flower cologne about him and otherwise seemed much as he ever did.
Lacrima 2017-07-04 06:40:33 79947
Lacrima likes that smell. She can still smell. Nothing's affected that sense or feeling. It's comforting. Maybe she should spray that around the manor. She shakes her head. "I'm not sure if I'm in the right frame of mind to be deciding on music choices. But something quite and mellow would be nice for right now." she says softly.

She kind of bunches her hands around the cloth of her skirt.

"I... I've been. Having a lot of trouble at home." she says. "For the past two years. Since I became this thing. My brother was my first victim. He was in the hospital for a week when everyone else usually.. woke up after a few hours." she says quietly.

"He remembered. But. Vaugely. I know because Jiaying found message board posts to that effect." she says.

"A few days ago. I... with a friend... confronted my brother. About. The truth of me. To try to get him to understand. To maybe. Get things back how they used to be." she says quietly.

"He said that was I dead to him. Not to come back." she says quietly.

"I was hoping he would understand. He didn't. Not.. not even a little." she says.

"Now I'm just. Back in the manor." she says silently.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-04 06:48:38 79948
    Eilam said nothing whlie she spoke, only a small sigh seeming to leave him near the end. "That was a dangerous thing to do. If he is so prone to talk about things publicly, and you went and confirmed such... it could very well make the situation all the worse should he feel the need to visit said message boards and make a deal over it." Though despite having said that, there wasn't really panic or even concern in his demeanor at the moment. Instead, he just seemed relatively calm. "But you made such a choice, and that was your decision alnoe to make. And likewise... it is your decision if you want to give up and accept how things are, or try further. Have you thought about that, Norie, or did you just want to get away from the frustration for a while?"

    Finally he took a moment to lean over and kiss her atop the head gently, "I can say little to anyone who wishes to escape or succumb to vice, I have done such plenty before and know the value in it." He made no threats towards her brother, or any semblance of protecting her either. Instead, Eilam was more concerned with what she wanted. Which might be a surprise to Norie unless she'd ever put together that choice, for him, is such a big thing. Having had others take away his choice in things, he might be going a bit too far out of his way to try and push for Norie to make her own.
Lacrima 2017-07-04 07:22:12 79949
Lacrima doesn't need to hesitate. "I actually spoke about that the other night to my friend, who helped me with talking to my brother. About. Just. Casting off. New identity." she says softly. "She wants me to wait. Because she thinks my brother is just being a jerk and scared." she says.

She frowns and seems to shrink a bit. "I know. It was a bad idea. But. I just. I couldn't stand it anymore. My brother used to be my best friend. Now he's... a stranger." she says softly. "I'm trying to keep whatever I can right now." she says.

She gently lets herself lean against him as she gets a kiss on the head and closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "Rashmi-chan. That's the name of my friend. She's. New. She understands what I need to do. And why. Nice about it." she says quietly.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-05 04:46:02 80038
    It might seem a bit gauche, but Eilam actually laughs softly, "You do know the point of a new identity... is just that, right? To not carry over any traces of the former? But such is your choice I suppose in sharing such things. I am not naive enough to think paranoia is the only way to live, though it has been how I have increasingly kept myself safe in these advancing years, and not going insane from boredom." Her leaning over was met with him more specifically reaching around to hug Norie.

    "And they are right, it is possible he is being like that from being confused and even indignantly. In the end the choice is yours. No one has a right to take that away from you, even your brother. And... though I say it is your choice, if he does try to put you in danger, risks exposing you somehow... I will respond. Such is not a threat, by the way. Him exposing you does put my having a friend or more finally after hundreds of years at risk. So that is my being... possessive, I suppose, though if you insist I will leave it fully to you should such happen."
Lacrima 2017-07-05 05:02:36 80043
Lacrima rolls his eyes. "What's he going to do? Shoot me? Hit me? Neither of those will kill me. Maybe tickle a little bit. The authorities and my family will think he's crazy. They don't /see/ through the .. charade of magic." she huffs.

"I mean. On the mundane side of things. So maybe I can try to have a normal life in so far as I can have one." she mutters. "Around normal people." she says. "With a fresh start. Without the two years of baggage that comes with being 'Norie'." she says.

"Maria still sounds like a nice name." she considers with a shrug and a sigh, as she moves to lay her head in Eilam's lap. "Just tired of trying to pick my pieces everytime I try to fix my life a little." she says.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-05 05:12:13 80045
    Eilam sighs before raising up and walking over towards the wall of books. He could be seen looking around for something, speaking as he did. "This whole charade of magic, as you put it, it matters not to those who believe regardless. There are those within the world, even now, who fully believe in such things. Those who cast themselves as hunters of demons or protectors of the innocent. In the past, when I have been lax in my efforts, I have now and then had encounters with them. Nearly two hundred years past, it was only for the efforts of a priest who felt pity on me, realizing my state was of no doing of my own nor was it something I wanted, let me escape. Probably at the cost of his own life."

    Finally he pulled a book free and walked back over to walk to Norie. It was written in Italian. "Hardly an index of such things, though I have found several such in there correct or about. You spoke of message boards? Who do you think /visits/ such things? Certainly kids who are amused at such, but the internet is pervasive, worldwide and forever. One day someone who means you ill will see such rumors and decide to investigate. And if the ends meet up, it will cause problems for you. And possibly me. I am not going to hurt your brother, or... anything so drastic, but there are other ways of cauterizing wounds so they do not bleed and let the stains show through. Just... keep such in mind, friend. You are still young despite the history of the thing within you. You may feel dark and evil sometimes, but the world is so much more than you could ever know. It is... why I have felt a tiny bit of hope being around you and yours. Magical types. ... it gives me some hope that there might be a light to counteract that creeping darkness."
Lacrima 2017-07-05 05:30:08 80048
Lacrima eyes the book. "That's Italian. I know the writing. But I can't read or talk it. Italian words make me feel on edge. Because it was a group of three Italians who killed the former wielder of this power. So I connect as such with it." she head tilts. "So what's the book? An index you said?" she asks softly.

She shakes her head. "I'm aware of hunters. I also know how to deal with them." she says softly. "Part of the benefit of having the memories of someone else." she says.

"If I'm killed it's probably someone like Sailor Moon who did it. Someone capable of 'healing'. Because that's how you kill me. You 'heal' me." she says.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-05 06:07:25 80050
    "If you are killed..." Eilam says rather simply, "There will be a lot less light in this world afterwords."

    And that was all he said on that. "And I mentioned it was /not/ an index, just... that there was some truth to things in there. I am no expert, but I have had my problems in the past. You may be confident, but I challenge you to this, if you believe so. There are fates worse than death, and those who know how to abuse such things are even scarier than those like you - with magic and powers. No weapon or might can instill fear in another such as that the human darkness can. If you ever wish to prove to me you are right, you can try, and I in turn will try. But I would ask you not to press such a challenge of me lightly, Norie. I will not smother you, and lock you away for myself. For your protection. I have had others try that before, claim I was insane among other things. Not even if I come to love you as nothing else would I do such. But also... I will never let you be trapped. It..."

    He caught himself rambling a bit, realizing such as he stopped, suddenly feeling a bit uncertain as he stood there quietly in front of her. "I know I am paranoid, but is it truly paranoia if they really are coming to get you, or wisdom? Regardless, tonight was meant to be about you and it will be. You came for a distraction and comfort and... well, what is mine is yours. Were you ever one for computer games? I have found them something to pass the time with when I am otherwise not feeling well. We could... go buy you a computer, if you do not already have one that works well enough, or some game system for you and the accompanying things, so we can... relax? Or reading together or... a movie, perhaps?"
Lacrima 2017-07-05 06:26:26 80051
Lacrima says. "I have a laptop. I play video games but they just waste time for me. A movie might be fun." she says softly as she closes her eyes. "It's fine. Ramble. Please. I learn things from you. When you ramble." she says softly. "I understand. I can't be contained either. Things that would contain me would kill me." she says. "I can just. Phase away and appear somewhere else. I know you don't have that benefit, but I do." she says softly.

She closes her eyes and just rests against Eilam for now. "For now I just want to sit here in company." she says quietly.

"Being alone... amplifies my bad feelings, and that degrades my mental condition into irrationally. I can always come back from that but. It's just a thing." she says.

She keeps her eyes very closed still. "Eilam-kun. May I please ask a favor...?" she asks softly.

"Would you mind. Having me as a house guest...?" she asks.

"I really don't want to stay. In the manor alone." she says softly. "For so long."

"I can understand if the answer is no. I'll figure something out eventually." she says softly.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-05 06:32:41 80052
    "I hope you are right, Norie. I truly, truly do. But you never know if you are wrong until it is too late. And I will not suffer you to learn that experience unless you truly wish me not to be a part of your life. And since you seem to want me to, I shall continue to think you are adorable and await a future with you." Though the request had him hm softly, "Well. ...I must admit I had already planned for that possibility, but given the situation, I will give you the choice of whatever room in the house you wish. Excluding the rooms of the two that own the place of course, and... I would ask if you insist upon a coffin, as seems... comfortable for you, we work on some arrangement to keep it at least hidden from view or that only you can properly enter."

    There was a moment where Eilam took in his breath before adding, "I would even offer to stay in such with you at some point, since you seem to gain comfort from it, but I have had an issue with coffins for a long while now. You can go where you please, but I... can hardly teleport out of them." Still... the idea of two people in a coffin, Eilam at that snuggling her, might actually be an ejoyable thought for her. He hardly knows.
Lacrima 2017-07-05 07:06:13 80053
Lacrima shakes her head. "A coffin is comfort but it isn't required, and a closet serves just as well if I require a similar arrangement." she says gently.

"If I have to keep one, is there a basement? I can keep it there, behind things. I keep mine in the basement. Though the room is more elaborate."

She shakes her head. "So a bed is fine." she says softly. "Thank you for.. letting me. I'll get some things and bring them over soon." she says.

"Enclosed spaces. I dunno what it is about them. But I feel safe. I think the words that come to mind to me. Are. 'Darkness' Embrace'." she says.

"It's stupid. Because I used to be claustrophobic when I was human." she almost cracks something akin to a smile. It's a bemused look, but not quite and it only lasts a second. "Lots of things are different." she says.

"I just don't want you to be uncomfortable with me existing here." she says softly. "And if a coffin in the house is gonna make you uncomfortable then I will deal the other ways I know how."
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-05 07:15:14 80054
    "It is not the coffin being in the house that bothers me. I have been... buried, a long, long time ago, because others thought I was dead. A certain type of injury managed to keep me from recovering properly and as a result, they put me in a coffin and buried me. Though I was thankful they kept up with the practice of leaving a hole and tube out so others could hear someone shouting if there was a mistake as was wont in those days, the idea has always led me to make damned clear in whatever associates I might have that even if they think me dead, do /not/ put me into something I could not get up and walk away from ever again."

    Eilam moves to a nearby recliner and sits down, letting the foot rest pop up and closing his eyes as he relaxed back. "You will never make me uncomfortable, I imagine. At least as things currently are. You could parade around me undressed or sleep in your coffin in front of me and I would not care as long as you are content and comfortable. Maybe you can have both? Coffin under the bed? If you c an teleport and such could you not teleport into the coffin directly, or is that not practical? I hardly know your abilities as it is. Sit with me, though?" Taking out his phone, Eilam pressed a few buttons and a tv appeared as a panel on the wall retracted. A large TV at that. "We can rent a movie and watch such, and I can get cuddling out of it as well, should you feel in the mood?" He was teasing her a bit on such, but couldn't imagine her being bothered by the idea of being invited to sit beside him in the chair or on his lap. He had intended the latter, fully intending to just hug about her and watch whatever she picked out over her shoulder, but time would say.
Lacrima 2017-07-05 07:58:31 80055
Lacrima almost says as a beat. "I'm certain you would be other things if I paraded around undressed." she insists, in that deadpan tone that is joking to her- teasing she was capable of. She still slide onto the recliner with Eilam as she sighed a bit and just rested. "Find a vampire movie." she says softly. "Older one. I like laughing at the inaccuracies in them." she says. "It's silly sometimes to think that some people will think will save them."

"Like some Italian garden herb is gonna stop me." she says coyly.

She'll find herself in his lap soon enough. She wanted the closeness right now. She kinda of needed it. It made her feel less like a monster.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-07-05 08:10:34 80056
    Eilam snorts, "Well perhaps one day you will find out." he responded with a tease, "Though here I thought girls of Japanese culture were a bit more shy about such jokes. Maybe your curse has some benefits, hm? I mean I cannot say I knew the old you, but..." As Norie came over he was quite happy to just hug around her warmly and rather firmly, knowing full well she didn't really need to breathe. Plus she probably would enjoy it as well. "...I like the one I have now." And she gets a soft kiss on the cheek before he reached into a pouch in the side of the chair to pull free the remote and start moving through the movie channels and guides to find his companion her vampire flick.