After what Takara shared with her, Lacrima isn't doing well. Sayaka and Kokoro try to help.

Date: 2017-07-07
Pose Count: 10
Lacrima 2017-07-07 05:01:55 80112
Lacrima ran. She ran and she ran away from Takara and at somepoint she just... dove right into the Dusk Zone and let herself appear at the edge of a small grove of trees in the park. She collapsed, in that pretty dress she was wearing against a tree and curled up and she just began to... cry. Cry rather intensely even. This ended with with her crying that brackish, slightly black ichor into her hands and down that dress and onto the grass.

The despair was palpable to a degree, even with the absorption crystal she keeps on her person.

She always cries here. She always makes a mess when she cries-- and human nature has led her to believe most people ignore someone crying alone in a corner.

Who wants to deal with that, afterall?
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-07 05:05:41 80114
Sayaka Miki had a good time recently, and two good dates that left her thrilled..And confused. And once the thrill wore off she was left with 'What the hexk am I doung?!'
    Being a superhero was so much easier so now she prowls the streets with her soulgem held in hand, searching for witches. Tonight is slow however, and so she takes time to notice a crying girl...
    Waaaait, isnt that, Lacrima? "Ummm.." she frowns, cautiously approaching her. They never really saw eye to eye on things.%r    "Lacrima? erre..Whats wrong?"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-07 05:08:36 80116
    Having finally admitted to herself that maybe having a friend is worthwhile enough for one more try, has left Kokoro's life... pretty much the same, mostly. She's a little less distrustful of the folks she's staying with, and she's willing to (tentatively) open up to Rashmi some, but she's still been largely distant from most of the people around her, if less outwardly grumbly. And she's still the type to go out and take late-night walks to be alone with her thoughts.

    Dangit, what's that crying?

    Kokoro's footsteps carry her forward swiftly, until she gets a look at the source, and... wait... the hell? "Nor-" She doesn't get further than that, because there's someone else here. Briefly, she reaches up to brush brown hair out of her face and get a better look at Sayaka; but whoever the bluenette is, she seems to be of the same mind.

    So the tall girl turns her attention to Lacrima again. "Oi. Are... are you al..." Dang it, no, of course she's not alright, look at her. "...what's wrong?"
Lacrima 2017-07-07 05:12:16 80117
Lacrima can hear voices, she doesn't want to look up, but she has to. The ichor down her face looks like thick runny makeup. She frowns at them both. Dammit. She thinks to herself. Miss justice speech. And Miss Probably Doesn't Want to Deal with This. She looks back down as she closes her eyes tightly.

"Do you remember... Kokoro-chan?" she asks. "When I talked about. Talking to my brother...?" she asks. "With Rashmi?..."

"He rejected me. Said I was dead... more or less.... disowned. she says softly. "Not allowed back home." she says as she sniffs a bit as she burries her face back into her hands, though she still talks.

"Tha--that's not... why I'm crying. But it's related. Very--- related." she says stiltedly. That at least also explains for Sayaka.

"Idiot. I'm an idiot!" she seethes through her teeth as she continues crying.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-07 05:17:48 80118
    "He... he what."

    That's the first thing Kokoro thinks of to say, and it slips out before she can bite it back. "Hell with him, then." She doesn't even bother to disguise the sudden ire in her voice... or, to be more accurate, she can't. If it weren't for the fact Norie is right there in front of her, she'd probably be working herself into a fume. She's already got a set jaw, a furrowed brow. But crying Lacrima, that keeps her focused on the here and now.

    Without thinking about it, she takes a step or two forward, then stops, hand half-raised, as she realizes... what does she actually do? What does this actually lead to? There's a brief, helpless look in Sayaka's direction that makes it painfully clear Kokoro is worried, but has absolutely zero clue how to respond.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-07 05:19:27 80119
Sayaka Miki blinks sliwly as she kneels next to her, resting a hand on her shoulder.
    "Norie-chan.." she murmurs, unsure of what to do. She's more about beating the monsters up, less about comforting a crying child.
    "That's...Thats terrible! Why would your brother say such a thing? Well he's just a big jerk and its not true!"
    But if tgats nit why she's crying then, why? "Umm something else?"
Lacrima 2017-07-07 05:24:33 80120
Lacrima looks up. "I met someone...." she says softly.

"That showed me... something. My... 'Cord of Fate'... that represents my attachment to people." she says.

"She said it look weird. It was corrupted. That isn't surprising..." she mutters through a sob.


"She showed me the cords... connected to my family. And they were a mess. They were frayed... and weak and.. one was... was nearly cut completely..." she says.

"A--and she said that... destiny... fate... dictates it's over and I should move on. That I have no place with my /family/..." she seethes, as that sad tone picks and she just begins to cry again.

"Why do I even bother? W-why!? No--nothing but an idiot.. a time waster..."

"I HATE THIS SO MUCH!" she sobs out as she slams a hand against the tree, causing to shake in a manner like a small moped had hit it.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-07 05:37:25 80123
Sayaka Miki arches a brow, letting go of Lacri. "Wait, what? Your destiny? Fate? C'mon! As if that is weitten in stone..As if you cant change the future! Maybe that's just a possible future but it doesnt mean your fate is sealed!"
    She climbs to her feet staring down at tge sobbing girl. "Look at me, I was fated to die, as are all Puella! But I survived this long somehow, taking one day at a time! Be strong..Create your own destiny!"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-07 05:42:33 80125
    For a second time, Kokoro starts to move forward, then stops again. Oh god, what does she do. What does she say? "I... Norie, I-I..." She eventually ends up crouched down, on one knee next to Lacrima, but she doesn't dare go further than that. She's spared the trouble of coming up with something, though, when Sayaka speaks up. After that, the response just comes naturally, and full of dull disbelief. Oh god, they really exist. "...the hell is all that? We ain't exactly the truth-and-justice types here."

    Sigh, grumble. Kokoro shakes her head, and then turns her attention baack to Lacrima. "I, uh... cripes, I got no idea here, but... I at least know you keep trying 'cause being alone sucks," she finally manages, her voice dropping a little quieter. "...know that one real well. Even when you pick it for yourself, it sucks hard, you keep wanting to reach out. Then you get burned, and that sucks even worse."
Lacrima 2017-07-07 05:52:54 80127
Lacrima looks up and she narrows her eyes despite those thick tears. She clenches her teeth. "Of course I kept trying. And I was an idiot for it! Fate. Destiny.. say no!" she seethes. "It's like some cruel joke. I hate it. I was a fool for thinking something....." something. Not someone.

" me could have a proper family ever again!" she snaps.

She stands up and looks down at her hands. She then just clenches her hands so hard she begins to dig into them as she huffs.

"I..I'm such a mess right now! No--no different than I was a year ago!" she sobs.

"I GIVE UP!" she cries out.

"I..I need to. Go.. I.. I can't be out in the open anymore. I can feel my losing it. I.. I can't... go back to that! I don't want to go back to that!" she says- voice still full of that waver. "I..I'm sorry. Kokoro. I... Rashmi is expecting me at the shop later. I can't go like this..." she says. "Not like this!" she says.

Maybe she means. 'Stained in weird purple ichor'.