Lost Logia and Found I

A battle over a Lost Logia includes a sudden change in alliances!

Date: 2015-08-10
Pose Count: 40
Takashi Agera 2015-08-11 00:07:29 7137
As night falls on Tokyo, another one of the strange artifacts from a distant world descends from the skies - slamming into the ocean outside Uminari City's Central Harbor. This alone would probably get the attention of most device-users, and indeed many magically-aware people in general, within the city.

As if that wasn't enough to get the attention of folks, the device begins to rapidly send out pulses of magical energy. Device-wielders familiar with the TSAB through interaction or service may recognize it as a distinct distress code; albeit an older one.

Not too long after this, theres one last pulse of magic and the artifact activates! From within water erupt magical chains, like those of a powerful bind spell, which begin to wrap around any objects they can get their hands on, dragging them around to odd places with powerful force.

By the time anyone can get there, the beachside boardwalk is a total mess. It looks like a hurricane came through - if that hurricane was intent on dragging things upright. The area looks like a web of glowing chains in a various rainbow of colors, escaping from the water.

Riventon and his new ally Helix step out onto the beach from the white glow of a teleportation circle, fully henshined and ready to go. But the sight of the work of the artifact has him genuinely confused.

"What in the..." is all he can get out.
Signum 2015-08-11 00:13:57 7138
    Signum was in the middle of a particularly troublesome piece of Math IV homework when she felt that pulse. It didn't even cross her mind -not- to go after it. Every source of power, any source of power, could be used to feed the Book. To satiate it, before it could feed upon the Master. Homework? She'll just have to pull an all-nighter to get it done.

    A window on the second floor of the Yagami house slides open and, moments later, a pink streak flashes out, gone in a moment.

    << Zafira. I'm going to investigate that magical energy. I may require assistance. >>

    The message is sent telepathically to her fellow Wolkenritter--she knows Shamal and Vita are also at home, but they're taking care of Hayate, and it wouldn't do to pull them away right now. The magic seems to be intensifying, allowing Signum to pinpoint its location easily, and when she arrives--no more than a few seconds after Riventon and his partner--her own energy signature might be dwarfed by the actions of the artifact.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-11 00:15:06 7139
    Helix takes a look around as she exits the teleportation circle, eyes following one chain, and then another, repeating until she realizes the effort is all but futile. "Don't look at me," she preemptively warns her new ally, "I've never seen anything like this either. Whatever it is it's probably a Lost Logia."

    She smiles brightly and hops a little while lifting off into the air, rising up above the boardwalk to try and get a better vantage point. If the artifact, whatever it is, is trying to drag things upward getting as high as she can might be preferable and make her less of a target for one of those chains!

    Though she isn't sure what will happen she's very happy- this is the perfect chance to prove her usefulness to both Riventon and Eclipse itself.

    "Last one to it's a rotten egg!" she shouts to Takashi before shooting skyward at a faster pace. Quick, yes, but nothing compared to what others might be capable of, what with her incredibly thick Barrier Jacket.
Fate Testarossa 2015-08-11 00:16:06 7140
A yellow star appears in the sky, shining bright. That star begins to fall.

Fate Testarossa, detecting the magical power /and/ the TSAB distress signal. Something that strong will surely get the attention of a lot of people.

The distress signal almost proves that it's not a Jewel Seed in of itself. None of those would have such a signal. However, the distress signal also proves something else: It's still a powerful Lost Logia. It's still something that Fate's mother could use.

There's no question. This is a thing which Fate /must/ obtain. No matter whom she has to go through.

Fate's speed in arrival has left Arf behind, leaving the familiar to guard their apartment. Fate will have to face this trial alone. When she approaches the beach and notices Riventon and a new device user, she frowns. Numbers might not be on her side this time.

Well, it was a miracle that the other magical girls helped her last night. She wouldn't take such a thing for granted.

Magical, multicolored chains span the area beneath her, dragging things around. Clearly this thing has gone out of control, but that's okay. If anyone can seal this kind of thing, it's Fate.
Iris Shelby 2015-08-11 00:16:08 7141
Since her patient, the man of many names (half of which Iris invented or intentionally mangled for fun), seems to be stable for now it is time for Iris to head out to replenish the supplies needed to keep her 'black market' clinic operating. Doing such shopping at night actually makes plenty of sense, since an illegal self-proclaimed doctor can only get such supplies from shady sources.

Yet when something plows into the ocean, her wing-shaped hairclip speaks up in a mechanical female voice. <Alert! Doctor! Administration Bureau distress signal detected! Coordinates...> Iris listens to the numbers and shakes her head a few times. "Right... I may not like them, but I can't just leave someone to drown." A giggle to herself, "'Glug, glug, glug' would be the most boring last words ever, after all." And so she transforms and flies over to the boardwalk...

...And decides to maintain a very healthy distance from the chains. She's pretty sure chains plus water would equal /her/ drowning instead, after all. When Riventon and Helix emerge, she takes note but doesn't immediately make a move on them. Instead, she calls out to ask from the sky: "Did you get the signal too? I'm still looking for it." She begins looking around, trying to see if the distress signal can be pinpointed. "That was some trick, showing up out of nowhere, by the way! But what do you mean, 'it'? Aren't we looking for whoever put out that distress call?"
Zafira 2015-08-11 00:16:30 7142
Zafira was out busy doing, something, who's to say what. But, he certainly was no stranger to feeling magical pulses, and as he felt the slight hums of one he altered his path and began heading towards the ocean to find what ever was causing this and how it might be useles to him. Allready on his way when Signum makes contact.

     << Already headed there.>>

Of course, by the time he gets there, all hells broken loose and magical chains are floating everywhere like some kind of weird glowing magical squid monster. Yeah, that can never be a good thing at all, but that could still play into plans he might wish to set. Afterall, squids are very tasty and magical squids might even be more so, even though he had no intentions of eating this 'squid' at all. Though a bit distant from Signum when he does, and yeah, wonderful aint it.
Lena Reiniger 2015-08-11 00:18:04 7143
She had been hoping to get to bed early tonight, but fate, it seems, has other plans for her. The surge of magic jolts her right out of her sleep and Lena bolts upright in her bed. Ascalon pings loudly as he comes out of standby, readouts appearing around him. <Riesige Magie Reaktion nachgewiesen!> She's already throwing the sheets off and stepping out of bed as he speaks. "No kidding, every mage in the city probably felt that."

She looks down at her arm, healed enough that the full brace is no longer needed, but she still has one covering her upper arm. She sighs and rips it off--it would just get in the way. <TSAB Notsignal erkannt... und still.> Well, that's enough to light a fire under Lena's ass. Ascalon is taken from her dresser and slapped on her arm. She doesn't even bother to change from the shirt and shorts she'd passed out in. "We're going..."

A flash of violet light fills her room and something shoots from the window. <Ritterruestung engagieren!> The knight is making quick work of the distance between her and... oh dear, even from this far she can see what it's doing. "Ascalon... we're about to go in that, aren't we?"

<Ach ja.>
Takashi Agera 2015-08-11 00:26:56 7145
Some of the group have arrived before Riventon - some right at the same time. Helix is wading into the water as he calls out. "You might want to put a hold on that; we've got a lot of company." he adds, turning to face all of them.

That turns out to be a less than great idea, as more prismatic chains erupt out of the water. There's a group of chains for each mage and knight in the area - from the Wolkenkritter to Iris - lashing towards each of them! The Lost Logia itself is hostile, as well!

"Tch. Nothing is ever easy!" he shouts to nobody in particular. He puts up a round shield to block those binding chains with his left hand, and fires warning shots at Iris, Fate, and Signum - each a relatively small blast of negative energy. "I'm claiming this... whatever it is. Go away!" he says, obviously too busy trying to keep the chains off of him to give a better threat.

As the artifact attacks, barrels and tidewood and even small shops are randomly moved around the battlefield.
Fate Testarossa 2015-08-11 00:34:05 7146
Fate's frown curls ever more as more people show up, especially device users. Yet as distress shapes her lips, determination touches her eyes. She's a Testarossa. Failure is /not/ allowed.

Yet, even against these numbers, will Family Pride be enough to see her through?

No, no doubting. Fate has no choice but to succeed.

Riventon fires at her, because of course he does. When have Fate and Riventon ever not been hostile to each other? Fate rolls to the side, flying out of the way of the blast of dark energy. She shouts back in response, "Stay out of this! It's none of your business!"

Several thin, small yellow beams fly towards Riventon and Euphemia, each one weaving between each other and spreading out in an unpredictable fashion. Interference will not be permitted.

Fate's own attention is not undivided however. One of the rainbow chains grabs onto her leg and wraps around it, dragging her around. The chains are tight, but her response is switf and sure. There's only one way to respond, after all.

<Scythe Mode>

Fate cuts at the chains that bind her, freeing her leg as she flies up higher to avoid the other chains that reach up after her.

.oO(If I do what I did last night, I'll just get caught by them again. How can I even approach it? I might not be able to, unless I get rid of the interference first...)
Signum 2015-08-11 00:34:32 7147
    Twice the hostiles. But for now--for *right now*--the artifact is the greater and more immediate danger. Signum unsheathes Laevatein and literally swats away Takashi's small bolt of energy. Were she given over to witticisms, she might remark on how she'd like to see him -get- to the artifact by himself, bot the roar of battle is already sounding.

    Swatting the blast away was one thing; avoiding the seeking binding chains is another altogether, and the Wolkenritter General finds herself executing a combination of complex aerial manuevers and using her blade to slash some of the chains and avoid others. It's a tricky bit that occupies her attention fully for a few seconds; once the initial burst is past, she queries of her Device, though she expects not to hear an answer she likes, "Laevatein: Identify."
Lena Reiniger 2015-08-11 00:41:17 7149
Moving closer, Lena's greeted with the welcome sight of hostile action. Chains come shooting out for her and at least at first she's content to evade them as she moves closer, but soon they become too numerous to find suitable openings to escape through and she's forced into actual defense. <Panzerhindernis!> The shield comes to life around her as the chains close in, wrapping about it. To Lena's surprise, they're not taking their sweet time in crushing the shield. Cracks already appear around it and she's realized that these are not things she wants to let get around her. "Ascalon, cartridge load," she says, voice relaxed for right now.

The slider on her left gauntlet spins as it moves back, before slamming forward, sparks shooting from it. A suddenly explosion of mana filling her as she slams her fists together. <Bereichabwehr!> Her body glows a dull violet, suddenly exploding outward, shattering her shielding and repulsing the chains surrounding it, perhaps even shattering some. It gives her enough space to escape and continue forward, only to come up short, some dozen meters from Riventon and his new friend. "Great... he would be here."

She moves slowly forward, arms up as if to show non-aggression. "I'm just here to investigate a distress signal, I'd rather we not get overly violent," she looks to the side where the artifact is making a mess of things. "Especially with that whatever it is still running wild. Temporary truce?"
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-11 00:41:56 7150
    Well this is what she gets for rushing off into the known.

    <A binding spell is headed our way, Master>

    "Yeah, yeah..." Helix mutters a bit annoyed. Unlike Riventon she doesn't block the attack at all, a Midchildan circle appearing underneath her instead. The binds grab her, surround her, draw her arms apart and open her guard. Just when they seem firmly locked into place she calls out, "Dispel!"

    <Dispelling, Master>

    A dark green flash of energy and the chains around her shatter, allowing the girl to resume flight. After a moment she stops, however, looking back to Riventon as he shoots those energy orbs at a few of the people around. "It probably would have been better to let them fight amongst themselves first.... but this'll be more fun!" She actually retreats from the Lost Logia for now, moving back towards Riventon.

    As she hears Iris call out to her she blinks. "Distress call?"

    <A Time Space Administration Bureau distress call was transmitted at the location of the impact, Master.>

    "What! Why didn't you say so before? Jeeze. Were you just going to let them drown?" She asks petulantly of her Device, which doesn't to that and instead warns, <Aggression detected, Master.>

    The girl sees the energy blasts coming just in time and notes their erratic movement, "Terra Guard!" <Terra Guard>

    A green shell of energy appears around her, blocking the beams out and flickering out of existence after absorbing the third. "Hm, she's quick. I have just the thing."

    <Terra Shot> is announced, and three orbs of energy shoot up from behind Euphemia one after the other, streaking across the distance and homing in on Fate. They should be able to harass her, but unless she gets lucky they're unlikely to land against such a skilled aerial combatant.
Iris Shelby 2015-08-11 00:45:05 7153
Iris finds herself driven further away from the boardwalk area by chains, forced to dive below several of them and try to zip backwards from the others. Valkyrie Wing, now in full magic staff mode rather than just being a wing-hairclip, hums with energy charge as it spits out thick red beams in an attempt to knock away other chains.

"Whoa!?" She puts up a Round Shield in response to Riventon's warning shots, but watches as they fly a little wide and the defensive measure proves unnecessary. "I think there has been a misunderstanding. I'm a doctor, and I'm answering the /distress/ signal! Not the 'loot everything in sight' signal, silly!" Despite giggling at her own remark, she's not too wild about the idea of moving to fight what seems to be at least two people (and possibly a third or even more than that) plus the chains, near the water, over salvage.

Shield lowered, she begins trying to scan for the distress signal. To see if there is, in fact, anyone here that needs rescue. Perhaps she can pinpoint its location before risking getting much closer? And while Helix's Device has already answered the question, Iris opts to confirm it anyway in a nearly sing-song, playful tone with bright, amused eyes. "That's right. I'm here because someone decided to set the world record for high diving, and now I need to fish them out."
Zafira 2015-08-11 00:46:12 7155
Zafira raises a brow looks towards Riventon and watches him firing shots off, did he really just do that? He idly shrugs, well he's not about to step between Signum and her beating some one that shot at her, he's not that stupid. Though, his other eye paying attention to the glowing chains, this squid might just be fun to play around with.

Though, he has to deal with the chains now, as one comes racing for him. Afterall, this is just another part of the game and lacking the slicing and cutting materials the others have, all he's left with is his own devices. Well, good thing he's agile and jumpy cause that's what he does, jumping around to avoid the chain and actually laughing while doing it. He may spend the next several minutes playing a silly game of cat and mouse, but darnit he's gonna have fun doing it.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-11 00:56:55 7158
The chains only seem to continue to follow those who haven't dislodged or destroyed them yet - Riventon joins this group with a large blast of black energy that erases the chains that come near him. On the whole, the artifact seems to mostly be settling down. But then there's a low voice from the seas. <Seal not found: Error! Error! Error! Critical Failure! Restarting Search Programs!>

Riventon turns to look to Iris. "I'm not detecting any energy down there save for the artifact, so if you actually are here looking for somebody, I think they already had a burial at sea." he adds. "But I think it's equally as likely that you're trying to get access to it sneakily and run off with it." he adds.

Then he looks to Lena. "Same to you - it's only running wild because you're all distracting me. Leave the artifact to us and we'll be on our way, and that'll be that. If you stay I presume you're contesting my ownership." He begins to charge a large orb of negative energy in his right hand. "And that's simply not going to do." he adds, his eyes moving from Lena, to Iris, to Signum and Zafira. He's not sure he can keep up with Fate, but 'Helix' seems to have focus on that for the moment.
Fate Testarossa 2015-08-11 01:03:46 7160
Fate grits her tiny teeth as Helix returns fire. Of course she did, that's expected, but predicting it doesn't make the fight any less desperate. If anything, it just means that Fate knows just how much trouble she's in.

The three energy shots come at her, and Fate drops fast in order to avoid them. <Lock-on Warning> pings Bardiche, telling her that the orbs are chasing her. As long as they're behind her, they're going to force her to waste her time and energy dodging them. She continues rolling and weaving between them to figure out what she's going to do.

.oO(In a situation like this... I need to conserve my energy... but also... I need to eliminate them.)

<Suggest: Photon Lancer>

"Right. Load it."

<Device Mode> Bardiche pings and then transforms to its default.

Fate glances to Riventon. Good. He's focusing elsewhere. That leaves the unknown for Fate to deal with. Though there is still a major problem there: Helix /is/ an unknown. She doesn't know what to expect from her.

Fate suddenly flies backwards, letting the orbs catch up with her while Bardiche Auto-casts. <Defenser>

All three of them smash into her shield at once, the shield shaking with each hit. The strikes wear down at her shield, but she pours more magic into it, holding fast while magic explodes around her.

Smoke surrounds Fate for a moment, but when it clears Bardiche is fully charged and ready to shoot. "Fire."

<Photon Lancer>

Four yellow electrical orbs fire from the tip of Bardiche, each one spreading out before converging onto Helix.
Fate's breathing is heavy, and her clothes are covered with rips and tears. Clearly she took damage, no matter how much she seems to be toughing it out.
Signum 2015-08-11 01:08:35 7161
    A quick glance to Zafira, and Signum smiles, if only briefly. Perhaps 1/8th of a smile, and that doesn't even come close to reaching those blue eyes of hers. Sweeping her blade around, she shatters the last of the binding chains, then floats down to 'stand' by Zafira, not close enough to be a double target, but making it clear that the are allied.

    "Then I suppose you should consider your 'ownership' contested," she replies, simply. She does not, however, much like the chances of recovering the artifact if it goes berserk again, much less with fending off Riventon and whatever he can bring to the party as well--allies or his own power. But she can't back down. Just not in her nature.

    But for the Fate and Helix battle raging around them, this might be a perfect multi-staged Mexican Standoff. Signum draws her blade back, bringing it to a shoulder-height guard position, wrapping both hands around the grip. It isn't a threatening stance--not anymore than a stance like that would be coming from an obviously-skilled swordswoman--but it certainly speaks to how serious she is.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-11 01:14:27 7164
    Helix so far hasn't done too much except move around a bit and defend herself from various dangers and lightly returning fire in equal strength from what was sent her way. Truth be told she isn't sure -what- the plan is yet, and she's waiting for Riventon to come up with some kind of plan and let her know what to do. When he speaks she reaches up and scratches the side of her head a little. "Hmm, looks like we're getting left to our own for now," she comments to Bulwark.

    "Okay!" she suddenly declares, "Time to stop messing around then!" She shoots up another 50 feet into the air and then spreads her arms wide, her Device suddenly brightly glowing dark green as she gathers up energy. It could almost look for a moment like an attack to the uninitiated, but to anyone who's created one before the spell itself will be obvious.

    <Barrier deployed.>

    An enormous pyramidal barrier the same shade as Helix' green mana appears around the area, all civilians and non magical people immediately disappearing from the scene. The terrain takes on a slightly off-grey tone, and the sky appears green-grey. Anyone not already in the area is suddenly going to find a very hard time breaking in, though everyone currently present is completely unaffected.

    <Electrical strikes with high penetration power incoming from multiple angles, Master.>

    "So Terra Guard is out this time,"

    "Correct, Master."

    She makes an attempt at dodging the attack, or rather running away from it. She starts rising quickly up into the air to force the bolts to chase her, trying to line them up to force them against a Round Shield she produces for herself, one arm outstretched.

    This works for two of them but a third breaks through, only to be caught on one of the shields themselves that cover her arms, suddenly glowing with her energy in a separate defense. The fourth, however, shoots straight past and then veers around, drilling into her back and eliciting a shout of pain from the cyan haired girl and sending crashing down, slamming into one of those upright held buildings.

    <Aerial combat unadvised, Master. The target has higher speed, more maneuverability, and stronger attack power.>

    "Ugh, I noticed."
Iris Shelby 2015-08-11 01:14:54 7165
"...Oh." Suddenly things aren't nearly as funny to Iris as Riventon suggests her major reason to be here may be irrelevant. Her gaze shifts down as she continues her scans, and Valkyrie Wing reports, <Only one energy signature detected in target area, corresponding to defense mechanisms.> Iris reflects on how death at sea must have felt, if there was indeed someone that broadcast that signal to begin with.

Yet she doesn't dwell on it too long, not when Riventon accuses her of trying to be a sneak-thief. "I could deny it, but you'd expect me to. And you know that and I know that, but do you know that I know that you know that I know that you know that? So I'm going to make the most clever move I possibly can in this situation, and..."

She looks around, taking stock of what's going on. Multiple fights. The chains. Lena /seems/ to be here for the same reason she was, but Iris is wary about her presence nonetheless. This is adding up to one 'wild card' (Lena) and multiple unknowns, plus the chains... all over salvage. Valuable salvage, dangerous salvage, but nonetheless something she's not immediately willing to risk getting killed over.

Not when she has a patient to tend to, after all. Thus, Iris' 'most clever move' becomes her waving to Riventon. "Bye-bye!" And then she flies away from the area. It's not the most heroic thing to do, but when she weighs heroism of unknown value against a life that definitely needs protecting and tending to back at her 'clinic'... she makes the choice to stay neutral in this matter and leave. As she goes, Iris whispers to herself, "I wonder if I could get some way to just... teleport around Tokyo too. That was some trick those two did!"
Zafira 2015-08-11 01:15:54 7166
Zafira listens to Rivernton speak, bah he thinks to himself, look over as Signum lands near, he grins at her. He turns towards the smart mouthed kid and heads towards him picking up speed as he goes, ooh this is gonna be fun! Well, least he's imagining it'll be fun, but to him it will be so, who cares. He yells at Riventon as he runs by him,

    "You act like some of us care. I am mearly here to ensure the other I am with obtains the item. You on the hand, place a bad taste in my mouth."

And shots fired, yep, he just told Riventon he didn't like him, and to him that was apperntly important. He continues running on past Riventon, he had no intentions of fighting him. But hey, a running blue shape going past you is sure enough to cause some distraction for others who might wish to do something.
Lena Reiniger 2015-08-11 01:19:00 7168
Eyes narrow, occasionally moving back to look at the status of the chains. They seem mostly occupied with... whoever the man in blue seems to be. Fine, let him distract whatever's down there creating these things. Ascalon pings and relays the error message to her. Was the distress signal not from a person? Could have been part of a containment area from the Asura maybe? She doubts Riventon would let her actually determine that without some sort of fight. "Ownership not withstanding, there's still the matter of there having been a distress signal, and I'd like to confirm what sent it," she says as much, but she's sure they're just pretty words falling on deaf ears. Eyes move down to the water where those chains are spawning from. If she could get down there and visually confirm what it is, she could decide whether or not it's worth fighting Riventon over. She looks back to see that Fate's got Helix's attention for now, so at the moment she supposes this is a private party between the two of them.

"Ascalon... light the place up." She says, an almost bemused sound in her voice.

<Jawohl!> Her device chimes out. Mana links quickly within her and a small orb forms behind her, keeping mostly out of Riventon's sight at least for a brief moment. As the violet light turns to a bright white, she darts to the side, heading right for the water. It appears Lena has left the magical equivalent of a flashbang behind. As for her? She's diving down into thar harbor to get a good look at what's causing this mess.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-11 01:28:46 7171
"Well, it looks like only one of you is taking the smart choice here." Riventon says, as Iris decides what she's looking for isn't here - or isn't alive - and leaves. But Fate's still engaged with Helix, and that leaves Signum, Lena, and Zafira for him.

Zafira darts past him, moving at rapid speed! But it wouldn't be unexpected, especially with the comments that the others had made, for someone to rush for the device. And so, the mana that had been collecting near it rushes up, as his device announces the sound of the prepared attack! <ERDBEBEN PLATZEN!> it calls out, and suddenly a massive column of dark energy erupts right in front of Zafira, between him and the artifact - poor movement or inability to slow down will put him squarely in it!

And as he turns to unleash his power on Lena and Signum, two major things happen. One, Lena unloads a massive flashbang, which fills the sky (and his eyes) with brilliant violet-white light. And at the same time... of all things, his cell phone rings.

And it's not a ringtone that tells him it can be ignored. Well, he's not going to be doing anything else until his eyes recover anyways, so he anwsers the call from the /really/ high higher ups. The actual discussion is more of a list of orders, and then the line is quiet. Well, one doesn't question orders that come from this far up the chain.

As his eyes stop burning, he yells in what he thinks is the direction Helix is in."Stop shooting her - the girl in yellow! Fall back and protect the Artifact from the other three! Keep THEM away from it!"
Signum 2015-08-11 01:39:38 7176
    ... interesting. << We won't be able to secure the artifact unless we can drive this mage off, Zafira. Concentrate your efforts on him for now. >> The orders that come from Signum are in fact followed by Signum. Zafira is fast, that's true, and so is Signum--perhaps even faster. "Laevatein! Cartridge Load!!"

    >> EXPLOSION!! << There's that metallic sound, the action on the back of the sword racking back and forth, and Signum's blade is suddenly afire again, the swordswoman flashing forward uttering a rising war-cry as she charges down on Riventon.

    Her blade whips through a pair of horizontal arcs, forward and back, in the blink of an eye, as she reaches Riventon's position, that fiery blade seeking to smash his defenses and send him flying away from a position to defend the artifact.
Fate Testarossa 2015-08-11 01:40:01 7177
Helix is caught off guard. This might be Fate's chance! If she can just finish her off, that would be one less competitor. Which is good, because apparently Lena is going for it, too.

<Opponent's defensive capabilities are beyond normal parameters, Sir.>

"Then we'll just have to hit her hard."

<Yes, Sir.>

Fate acts quickly, white Helix is still recovering. Eletical cuffs appear around Helix, and try to close around her wrists and ankles. Fate's energy output spikes.

<Sealing Mode>

Bardiche's head rotates around, and wings sprout from its neck. "Thunder Ra-"

Suddenly, Fate is called. Her device plays her ringtone.

o/` Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! But here's my number, so call me m- o/`

<Call is high priority, Sir>


Fate can barely respond before a magical circle appears before her. Precia's face appears, smiling with a smile that isn't quite a smile. The look of her eyes almost show hatred, but Fate doesn't see it.

"Fate! My dear Fate. Are you busy?"


"Good! Glad to have caught you at a good time."

A bead of sweat drips down Fate's face. This is anything but a good time.

"Listen, Fate, my dear sweet Fate. I've just met with a /very/ important man. Very interesting! Professor Tomoe. Have you heard of him?"


"Well you should meet some day! He's very charming. Anyway, here's the deal. You're working with an organization called Eclipse now. I expect you to cooperate with them /fully/. Be a good girl and don't cause them any /more/ trouble." That last line is said with a threat.


"Ohhh it's all in the /past/, dear! Water under the bridge. All is forgiven. This time. However, it's /my/ understanding that Eclipse is in your area, carrying out a Very Important mission. Be a good girl and help them out, alright? As a show of good faith."

"Who... who is..." Fate almost gets a word in.

"Oh it's these two!" Precia helpfully provides a picture of Helix and Riventon. Fate almost turns white. "Oh, so you know them? Good!" Precia continues to speak over her daughter. Fate nods. "Well now that I /know/ you're busy, I'll let you get back to work. Bye-bye!"

Precia's magical circle vanishes, and Fate is left with a lot of stored energy aimed at the wrong target.

Telepathically, Fate transmits to Helix ~U-um... I'm sorry...~

If the binds held Helix, they release her now. Fate instead turns her Bardiche to the sea, and opens fire. <Thunder Rage>

A massive electrical beam fires down into the sea, spreading forks of lightning through the water as it goes down. She doesn't know where the Lost Logia is, but she'll have to get past those chains.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-11 01:57:29 7181
    Helix peels herself off of the building, having formed a body shaped fissure in the concrete, and climbs her way up to the top of the building. She looks towards the yellow shooting star that is Fate, considering how to best approach a fight with her... only to be ordered to do nothing of the sort. "Oh come on!" she complains aloud, "I spent a bunch of energy fighting her and she's on our side? I wonder if she knows that..." The girl did shoot at her first, after all.

    She starts looking towards the other three, just in time to get cuffed with electrical bindings almost the very moment she lets her guard down. "Hey!"

    Cue a huffing 12 year old girl able to do -nothing- but huff there as a 9 year old girl has a conversation with Mommy Dearest. This goes on for long enough that she actually complains even more. "Oh my goooood. If you're going to shoot me, just shoot me!"

    Yes, Helix would rather be shot than bored.

    Eventually the cuffs disappear and she smiles brightly, Bulwark helping her to send a message back, ~It's fine! I just found out too. Hee, that would have been a close fight though, wouldn't it? We should spar some time!~

    Reassessing the situation, the looks towards the other three- or really other two since Lena is currently underwater. Zafira is possibly about to run into a wall of negative energy, but Signum? Signum's charging her partner, and Euphemia can't possibly get there in time to block the hit. "Hm, yep, gotta do something about that. Cannon mode~!"

    <Cannon Mode>

    All of a sudden those large shields flip 180 degrees, the shorter side aiming back while the longer side aims forward, raising up to reveal a pair of large cannons previously hidden beneath. She holds her arms straight out in front of her and takes aim at Signum, energy charging in the barrels.

    <Magnum Boulder>

    Dark green energy streaks out. No, really streaks out -instantly- across the battlefield to reach out and try and touch the Knight, slamming into her unless she's seriously on the ball about keeping track of the full battlefield. Not long after the first shot a second one fires from the other cannon.

    A mental order is received and the girl calls out, "Yes, sir, on your orders, sir!" in a playful, fake-robotic tone mimicking the AI voices of Devices. A moment later she changes her aim, starting to track Zafira instead.
Zafira 2015-08-11 01:58:37 7182
Zafira is glad he had no intentions of running straight on or even going after the artifact, I mean that's the point of diversions right? Yep, to divert and misslead. Though, still as it was directly in his path, he's not gonna make it completely clean, he turns just slightly and tumbles to the left, but still managing to rub his leg against the pillar of dark energy, yeah that is gonna sting. Luckily, it didn't take his left, cause he kind of needs that in all and getting a new one that matched the rest of him would be hard. Cause, really, where does one just randomly find a leg that can turn into a wolfs leg and is nice and blue as well?

    << Then have at him Signum. I have no reason to sully my fists upon him. If you wish to remove him, then by all means, have fun.>>

Rolling some more, don't you love momentum, yeah it's incredibly fun. Between the tumbling he takes glances up towards the others, and pondering just what is going on up there... Before he smacks into a pole, with a twang sound ringing out. Oh, yeah, he should have been looking where he was going, that's gonna take a moment to fix his senses. He of course will completely blame this on the flash bang that went off, clearly that was it.
Lena Reiniger 2015-08-11 02:12:31 7185
Heading deeper, Lena has to fend off a few more chains, mostly content to just use her fists this time since the majority of them appear to have their attention on what's happening above the water. As she approaches close enough to get a first glance at the core, she's unable to get a good read on what it is with her eyes, and there's too much magic being thrown around for Ascalon to give a detailed scan. Without getting those chains out of the way, she's not going to get to her goal. Briefly she looks up, body shifting some in the near-weightless environment before a quick burst of magic rights her, facing back toward the Lost Logia. <Entfernung berechnen.> Her device sounds out. A readout of the range to the target appears before her and she extends one arm, hand open, toward the core. Her other comes to rest on it, bracing.

'I'm going to begin sealing, Ascalon. Keep me posted on incoming hostiles.' The telepathic communication to her device is made and mana begins linking within her, building around the out-reaching hand. A deep violet glow, crackling with electricity as the spell takes shape. Right about now she wishes she had a Midchildan Intelligent Device with a built-in sealing mode. It would sure beat doing everything by hand.

And not too soon after she begins the process of sealing, Ascalon just has to open his... er... figurative mouth. <Grosze elektrische Entladung vor der Tuer!> He even helpfully provides an estimate on how powerful the current is that's heading right for her. Well, not right for her, but it's big enough that she's going to be caught in it anyway. 'That's a bit much, you guys!' is her thought before the command comes to Ascalon, 'double load!'

<Jawohl!> The cylinders on both her arms spin back and slam forward, setting off two cartridges and flooding her with a bit more mana than she'd have liked to use, but this is already not going to end with her coming out untouched.

<Panzergeist!> comes the sound of the spell from her device and soon an aura of light flares up around her, first just hovering over her body and then spreading to fill a much larger area as the extra mana from the cartridges floods into it. Fate's spell hits moments later. Whatever might happen to the artifact under her isn't really her concern. She's just wanting to absorb as much of that spell as possible. Even so, when all is said and done, Lena is left scorched from the portion of the Thunder Rage that got through her defenses. Some energy crackles off her armor and there are cracks in it. Her vision is blurred and for now she's floating there, attempting to recover her sight.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-11 02:27:51 7186
Underwater, as Fate and Lena clash, and the energy from both pushes away the chains, both can see the artifact in question - glowing underwater, a gleaming crimson item that looks like a metallic key. A lot of the chains begin to fade off now.

On the surface, Riventon puts up a shield to defend against Signum's blade - but he's entirely unprepared for the sheer force of Signum's powerful, Cartridge-powered Belkan strike, and the shield only holds for a brief moment before it's simply obliterated. The arc of Signum's blade cuts into Riventon and draws actual blood from underneath his Barrier Jacket.

He escapes further damage by spinning back from the blade. Now he's in close range - which is not exactly his forte - and injured.

But he does have a unique ability, when so close. So rather than ducking out of the deadly range of Signum's blade, he closes in, reaching up to wrap a hand around her gauntlet, or any part of her he can reach, and flood her with direct negative energy - like touching the Third Rail of Despair.

He'll flood his opponent with his dark powers this way, directly, and fill Signum's body with pain and her mind with dark emotions... the severity of the attack is entirely going to depend on how long it takes her to wrest herself free of his grasp!"Suffer for your insolence!" he says as the attack begins.
Signum 2015-08-11 02:36:47 7188
    If Helix things Signum is never -not- keeping track of the entire field of battle, she is to be terribly, terribly disappointed. She wasn't -just- created to be the leader of the Wolkenritter--she also earned it. Through a millenia of service, of honing skills and crafts and training and practice and real-world applications of such.

    Sensing the shift in energy, Signum braces herself. The fox familiar tried much the same thing--but Takashi is much more powerful when it comes to this dark energy. However.

    However, Signum's is not a will that can be broken so easily. It is as unto a steel core that she is built around. Indeed, as Takashi reaches up to touch her, she grasps -his- arm, as if to hold him in place--at least long enough to use her force of will to leverage Takashi around for a shield. Against what?

    Against the twin green blasts of mana that Helix just launched her way. Takashi can see, this close, the resolve in Signum's eyes, weakened magically but still strong, as she withstands that touch as long as she can--and then, a half-second before it would arrive, raising Laevatein--reversed-grip--and *punching* Takashi in the nose with it at the same time as she kicks as well, wrenching herself free.

    She can't quite hold back the gasp of relief as she finally breaks the contact, and Zafira can tell that her mental state is disturbed by that prolonged contact. If only they had the full might of the Wolkenritter...
Fate Testarossa 2015-08-11 02:42:06 7189
~S... sure, if you want~ responds Fate to Helix. She's a bit less bold with people when she's not shooting them, apparently. She's a fighter, not a talker.

Lena goes for the Lost Logia. The only thing Fate knows about her is that she's a Device user and that she's not with Eclipse. That means stopping her is a necessity.


The shield, at least, will keep the water out of Fate's way. For now. Fate flies directly downwards, into the water, creating a huge splash as her spherical shield acts like a cannonball against the surface.

Her energy is starting to strain. This is a bad idea.

No, she only needs to hold on for a little more. Lena seems temporarily blinded this might be the time to strike.

Bardiche remains in sealing mode, and Fate pushes deeper into the water. She has speed still, but water provides so much more resistance than wind, and she slows down. It doesn't matter. She just needs to get close enough to do...


Bardiche is still in Sealing Mode from using Thunder Rage, so no mode swap is necessary. Sealing, however, provides a huge strain on Fate's already flagging reserves. The yellow beam charges downward through the water, aimed directly at the device. It may compete with Lena's efforts, or it may just compliment them. Either way, Fate's Defenser shield has just vanished.

Water rushes her from all sides. Water + Electricity is a baad combination for the unprotected. Fate can swim just fine, but swimming is her only option. She paddles upwards, trying to reach the surface, almost in a panic, black cape floating in the water behind her.

Lena, aside from some incidental fire, is mostly left alone.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-11 02:58:11 7192
    Helix is sorta glad she switched her aim over as Riventon gets into heavy melee with Signum, because at this range continuing to fire would be a pretty horrible idea. She lifts off from the building and starts floating down closer to the melee. She sees Fate enter the water with a defensive shield around herself and, perhaps wrongly, assumes the girl can handle herself down there against Lena. After all, the only thing she's actually -seen- Lena do is fire off a blinding flare. Maybe she has a support type Device?

    Her combat focus is now on Zafira, who seemingly just ran into a pole. "Well, that should make this easy then," she comments to herself, perhaps getting tricked by the Familiars deception. "Rooto Wrappa!"

    <Root Wrapper>

    Directly beneath the Zafira a large number of roots suddenly bust up from out of the ground, trying to whip around him and bind him tight. Should this succeed they'll yank downward hard, pinning him to the ground he stands on.

    <Terra Rocket>

    Several orbs of green energy form around the girl and charge, glowing brighter as she nears. "Going to a good doggie and play nice or do I have to blast ya'?"
Zafira 2015-08-11 03:04:47 7195
Zafira laying there looking up, seeing Sigs powerful attack hit Riv and do some nice damage. Then watching as Riv returns by going up and touching her, shakinghis head a little, ooh that's not gonna be good. He rolls over and hops up, yeah, attacking him is one thing, attacking Signum was another, but down right touching her? Yeah, that just didn't fly, specialy if it's not a real attack such as this appears to be. though, suddenly roots begin to appear below him, well that's not very nice. He manages to bound away from the spot leaving them there, one root grasping to his boot but kicking it off as he moves far enough away and stares up at the girl,

"I told your friend here, he was a post and not important enough. What makes you think you are any better girl?"

He raises a fist up to block his chest and glares at her, not in the least afraid of her glowly green balls. Prepared to defend, deflect, or evade any incoming attacks.
Lena Reiniger 2015-08-11 03:06:59 7196
Her mind reboots just as Fate starts her sealing. Eyes blink as she floats there, watching. Let it never be said that Lena holds an idiot ball. If Fate feels she had enough time to do the sealing, then she much think that Lena's out for the count. Better to let her continue thinking just that. And so she floats there, still playing the part of looking very much stunned and staggered while Fate does the work for her. 'We're grabbing it and running' comes the telepathic call to Ascalon, who, knowing his master's intentions well enough, remains dutifully silent.

Once Fate begins retreating for air and is well past her, Lena rights herself and a Belkan circle forms at her feet. Flight magic returning to her, she's shooting off down to the exposed and, hopefully sealed, Lost Logia to collect it and beat a hasty retreat before anyone gets wise to what's happening. That said, her lungs are beginning to burn from holding her breath so long, but with any luck, she'll be surfacing soon with prize in hand and streaking well away from the... oh right, barrier. Well, she'll be surfacing soon with prize in hand and figuring out how to get out of the barrier.

It's almost like you can hear Lena screaming out 'mine mine mine mine mine!'
Takashi Agera 2015-08-11 03:19:59 7199
Signum somehow manages interpose Riventon into the incoming attack, and those beams - while not the heaviest attack in the aresnal - strike in the same place as the recent surprise attack he took from 'Helix'. What is it with his back and her weaponry!

There's a grunt in pain and Signum breaks the contact, both of them somewhat worse for wear. Through all this, though, Lena has emerged from the surface with the Logia! The recent contact, the strike with the butt of Signum's weapon and the energy he poured into her are taking it's toll, and as Lena tries to escape, all Riventon can manage is a nearly shotgun-scattered group of blasts of negative energy her way.
Signum 2015-08-11 03:28:17 7202
    Of course, while all this is happening... Fate is -literally- getting away with the prize. Signum moves to intercept--but she took a lot more damage than she thought. The scattershot of negative energy reinforces that; she expends more effort than, perhaps, she should normally have to, in avoiding the attack.

    << Zafira. Follow that blonde-haired girl. She has the artifact. Do not engage. Reconnoiter. >>

    Stopping in midair, she looks at Riventon, weighing her response. "It seems we have nothing left to contend for," she says. It's clear she hasn't forgotten what that attack did to her; it lingers in that blue gaze.

    They could keep fighting, but she doesn't have a reason, right now. Too much mana's been thrown around; almost certainly there are other mages and magical beings that will come sniffing around right now. Whipping around, Signum drives upwards with all her speed, Laevatein point-first--she intends to pierce the barrier and return home--after making sure no one is following her, of course.
Fate Testarossa 2015-08-11 03:31:23 7203
Fate flies up and makes it to the surface. She desperately gasps for air. Her dripping form floats out of the water, soaked from the top of her pigtailed blonde hair to the tips of her Barrier Jacket's shoes.

She takes several deep, heaving breaths, looking down into the water. She needs to get that Lost Logia, but also, maybe she should save that other girl, too.

Wait, wait, wait.

Lena was playing DEAD?!

"N-no... wait..." Fate quietly pleads, weakly reaching out towards Lena. Her voice probably doesn't even carry over the waves she's currently floating over, let alone all the way to Lena.

She raises Bardiche to attempt to cast a spell, but Thunder Rage followed by Sealing was way too much already. Bardiche wont let her cast. The safety overrides are in place.

<Please don't, Sir>

Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-11 03:44:40 7205
    Helix clicks her tongue as the Familiar is far less jarred by his impact than she expected and escapes most of her binds. Once he pulls his boot free she watches him a little as he talks up to her, "You know what?" Her head tilts a bit to the side, and she pokes her cheek with the edge of one of her shields, "You're exactly right! You're not worth my time at all. Byeeeee~"

    That's the opposite of what he said but perhaps it's infuriating, which is what she's going for. Besides, their -actual- goal is kinda over with Lena now. She starts flying over, beginning to feel like a rubber ball. "Go this way, Helix. Go that way, Helix. Shoot her, Helix. What are you thinking, stop shooting at her, Helix?! Go after the Familiar, Helix. Get the thing, Helix." She sighs, "I should have just followed that girl and helped her instead." <Yes, Master> "Well you could have said so earlier!"

    She pushes her speed to the maximum but it's really not that impressive and unlike some others around she has no spells specifically for boosting her flightspeed. The rockets that were once intended for Zafira are now going after Lena instead but these are slower than the ones she fired at Fate. They'll explode impressively if they hit, but they can be outrun and have a maximum range to boot. A few Cannon shots are likewise sent her way, but Helix hasn't had practice flying and firing at the same time, and the result is that maybe one will hit, the rest appearing as green streaks around her.

    "It's okay," she tells herself, "Our new ally will-"

    <Ally energy levels dropping, Master. Further combat would be inadvisable>

    "...I guess it's up to me then!" She continues chasing after Lena, who can probably outrun her. "Bulwark, don't let anyone else out of the barrier!"

    <Affirmative, Master. Barrier is now insoluble.>

    "Perfect! We've got her now. Hehehe, come back here with my prize!"

    Just then, Signum reaches the top of the Barrier, which had recently become impermeable, and blasts straight through it. Overcharged as it was the entire thing -shatters- like treated glass, exploding outward in a vast array of very pretty crystalline magic that begins to rain down and dissipate harmlessly into the air.

    The girl stops, knowing there's no way she can catch up. "Oh -come on-!" Her leg can be seen jerking in the air- there's nothing beneath her to stomp on.
Zafira 2015-08-11 03:48:06 7207
Zafira huhs, well that was easy. Well good, he didn't feel like fighting the child anyways, but he has a new objective, so much work. You'd swear he was some kind of labor dog or something with the way people are always demanding things. He looks at Riv, yeah not worth it either. He angles and takes off, heading for a building to get some distance between him and them. Groaning to himself, well that blonde girl is gonna have to be watched, followed, noted, and so forth.
Lena Reiniger 2015-08-11 04:04:46 7210
With prize in hand, Lena's making for the barrier's edge without looking back. She's got a plan for getting through that barrier, painful as it may be. "Ascalon, increase armor shielding for the right rerebrace and vambrace... we're going through." Her device pings and a surge of light runs over her right arm as the fields of her knight armor strengthen there. Even so, she's expecting that getting through that barrier's going to do a number on her arm... again. Oh well, what's a while longer in a cast, right?

But! Signum comes to the rescue and blows through the barrier for her. "Oh... that works too," she comments and makes for out of the combat zone with the quickness! Just a little bit further she thinks, but there's Helix creeping up on her, and she looks back, frowning. Okay, one person coming for her isn't that big of a deal. For now, she continues on without stopping.

<Geschossen eingehende!> Ascalon shouts, informing her of the incoming shooting spells heading right for her. Of course, why wouldn't it ever be easy. But, with that added shielding on her arm, she's got just the solution to her problem.

"This is going to hurt a bit, but... load cartridge, Ascalon!" In response, the device hammers back on the right cylinder, loading in the fourth for the evening's combat. Turning as she flies, Lena takes careful aim at the incoming bullets of dark energy and those rockets heading for her. Eyes narrow as she lines up, waiting for them to get just a little closer.

A Belkan circle springs to life under her as a shooting spell of her own begins to form, not to attack someone else, but as a countermeasure for incoming attacks. Flares are a pretty good comparison. Her arm moves back and hits the forming spell, shattering it into a spray of violet bullets to intercept the attacks coming at her. But where is the pain you might ask? Well, she waited for them to get a bit closer for a reason. Lena intends to ride the explosion of Helix's shooting spell for an added boost of speed. While it isn't going to put her out from the count, it's definitely going to leave her more than a little bruised when all is said and done, given the state of her armor after Fate's Thunder Rage got through with it.

But one of Riventon's shots does manage to sneak through her counterattack and wings her on her arm. The combined force of that explosion, plus the cartridge-enhanced shooting spell have weakened it enough that the force of the shot on her arm isn't dampened too much and, well, something in that arm gives... again, as she goes flying off.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-11 04:10:37 7213
Riventon watches Lena sail away with the artifact. There's a measure of cursing under his breath, while his two younger allies are out of earshot. Then he pings them telepathically, through the devices. "That was a mess. But we didn't leave empty handed. We got data, and apparently the yellow lightning rod is with us now." he says, and smiles at both girls. He raises a hand to wave - despite the pain in his back and chest.

"Let's go crash somewhere and talk this out. Get to know each other, get to know the score." he adds. "I'm sure with a little bit of chat we'll work much together as a unit next time, as long as nobody gets a call to shift loyalties mid-fight."

There's a pause. "And didn't someone mention wanting tea? I could go for some tea."