The Hopeful Wish of Cure Gull! Miss White Flies Again!

Hannah Sharpe, broken and defeated with the loss of her magic, is met by Haruna. Promises are made, and a Miracle is brought forth.

Date: 2017-07-13
Pose Count: 11
Hannah Sharpe 2017-07-13 01:58:58 80379
"WORK!" Yells Hannah Sharpe in the darkness of her dorm room. Raging Tempest in her hand, for the one hundredth time today, she's thrown a punch. Her usual, straightforward attack she uses whenver she wants some added wind to the mix. For the last three days, she's reached the snapping point. Hair and brow sweaty, she's in shorts and an athletic tee, once again trying to go at it with her reinforced punching bag. Her Linker Core is still not returned. Her magic, gone. Her eyes are bloodshot, the lack of sleep catching up to her.

And the desperation. On the couch, watching, Boris feels the waves of depression and despair in Hannah's heart and voice. She's scared. She feels worthless, powerless. Just like when she was nearly killed by that youma. When she nearly lost her best friend in the world. And she hates it.

Again, she tries. Again, she fails. And finally, her knees give out. Curling up on the floor, she starts to sob. Low, she sounds on the verge of an honest to god mental breakdown. Power, so addictive, has it's way hard in her heart. The withdrawals are slowly breaking her proud soul.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-07-13 02:13:23 80380
HAVE NO FEAR! HARUNA KUROSAWA IS HERE!. Well. This would normally be a great fun time as she's brought burger bags. FROM THE BURGER STAND! Not a fast food place! They have been grilled to perfection. "Bummy Bim Boooome!" (Honey, I'm Home!) she says through her teeth as her hands are full and thusly has the bag containing the fries in her mouth.

She turns on the light though, as she hears that yell. She blinks and frowns a bit and puts the bags on the small table by the counter as she frowns and takes a small jog over, she leans down and frowns and tries to help Hannah at least sit against the back of the bottom of the couch as she sighs and sits down next to her. She doesn't say anything.

She squirms a moment. She knows what's wrong. She looks down a moment. "Hannah-chan...." she says quietly. "....I'm sorry." she says. She bites her lip. No 'what's wrong' because she knows what's wrong. "Please talk to me...." she says.

"D-does it bother you this much...?" she asks quietly. "Is this... even the first time?.." she asks. Of Hannah doing this right now of course.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-07-13 02:28:04 80382
Hannah is all but limp in Haruna's grasp as she's pulled over to the couch. Almost immediately, she grabs onto Haruna's legs. She hugs her close. Squeezing, she shakes the other girl. "Of course it does! What good can I do now!? I'm just another useless /normal/! I...I can't do anything for anyone like this!" Sobs the young woman, burying her face against Haruna's leg. Tears come hard and fast.

"Every day. Every day for the last week I've been /trying/! Nothing works. Nothing at all!"

Gulp. "What I did was wrong. I know. I realize that now, but..."

Frustration wells up, and she howls in between deep, suffering fits of crying. The food is ignored. The only thing that has her not passing out is the presence of Haruna. She can't be that weak in front of her girlfriend. She'd hate herself for it.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-07-13 02:40:29 80384
Haruna Kurosawa eyes Hannah a little and holds her up. She'll hug back and just listen as she frowns a little. Not angrily. But a very concerned frown. She looks around a moment. She sighs a bit. A Deep cleansing breath. "If I could. Bring your power back. Tonight." she says. "Would you be able to keep a few promises for me...?" she asks quietly.

"The first is... no more. Experimenting on your linker core directly. and the second is. If you have a problem. You need to let me. Or Mamoru. Know. Because we can help before it comes down to... to helping by beating you up!" she huffs, then a blush. "S--sorry. Bad time to be upset. Just. Please...? Could you do those two things? Promise me those two things?...." she says carefully.

"Because seeing you like this is really hurting me too, Hannah-chan...." she says quietly. "And to fix you. I... I'm kind of. Going to be using something special I earned. And it's a one time thing. If you fuck yourself up again. I cant... fix you that way again." she says quietly.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-07-13 03:19:19 80387
Hannah goes quiet. Slowly, the tears...don't stop, but they certainly slow to a sniffle. "Wait...Haruna, what are you talking about? What did you earn?"

The enormity of it all hits her. The promises. To ask for /help/! There's a visible war of pride, versus need and desire. She curls up into a ball. This is a very, very hard thing for Hannah Sharpe. To let someone help her, to not shoulder every burden is almost unthinkable. But not right now, no. And she can get her power back, that precious thing she so desires.

"Are you sure, Haruna? I don't want to take something from you, if you think it'd be better used on something else." Comes Hannah, sobering a bit. She forces herself to think of Haruna. But, the rest of her knows what she wants.

"I...fine. Alright. I promise. I'd be letting down Ao-chan if I stay this way much longer. But, only if you're absolutely sure this is the right thing to do, Haruna." She leans up, grasping for one of Gull's hands to squeeze.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-07-13 03:27:44 80389
Haruna Kurosawa shakes her head. "It's my choice in the end. I mean. I could just go to the roof, block the door and do it anyways. And I made a promise to you Hannah. That you'd get your powers back. And I'm going to keep the promise." she says quietly. She stands and helps Hannah up. She then tugs out her phone and sends a text. It blings back. She rolls her eyes and taps back. Another bling. Another sigh. "Let's go to the top of Infinity." she says as she grabs Hannah's hand and she drags her to the elevator and takes her to the roof. A high skyscraper of a school.

She steps onto the top and Corvus is arriving and he's carrying a binder that's bright pink. She steals it from him before he can say anything and he squaks and frowns as he lands on the top of the binder. "Are you sure about this, Haruna?" he asks hesitantly.

"Yup." she says. It's confident at least as she sighs and pulls out her Pre-Chan mirror as she pulls out her mirror and---- well she has to transform.

"The wings of hope that soar across the sea, Cure Gull!" she calls out as she sighs and gently motions Corvus off the binder.

She sighs and waves her hand over the locket. It begins to glow a bright teal green. "Power of the Precards.... hear my call....." she calls out as the binder slams open and cards begin to fly from it. they start circling around Haruna in a wide circle. It sounds like a lot of wing flags maybe to Hannah.

She still hasn't told Hannah what's going on really.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-07-13 03:47:01 80390
Up she goes, with Hannah trembling. Dragged off, her heart hammers in her chest. There's very visible hesitation in the young woman. Then she squeezes Gull's hand. She trusts the woman she loves.

Haruna is keeping her promise. And then they're atop the roof. The wind rustles lightly this high, Hannah's short hair fluttering just a bit. There's a thrill that runs through her as Cure Gull transforms and those cards circle. She gasps aloud. Slowly, she smiles.

"I don't know what you're up to Haruna, but it sounds amazing!" Calls the woman encouragingly. Her hands grip her shorts. Nervous energy fills her as she tries to /feel/. She can't, and so, she concentrates. Her hearing is as good as ever.

"The things you've been collecting..." Comes Hannah curiously. She wishes R.T. could analyze this!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-07-13 04:02:51 80391
Cure Gull mutters. "Do you know. How the little white rat offers a prize? It's a trick." she says quitely. She means Kyubey. "Blue-sama offers a prize too. It's the same prize." she says quietly. "But. We have to collect PreCards. And fill the Decor. And I filled mine a few months back." she says quietly.

"We're not bound. We can quit whenever we want. But we don't get a wish of course then. Or. We can wish. Then quit. With a job well done if we want. We're not bound to die. This is a fair deal. But..."

There's the but. "The wish changes us a little. I'm not sure how this is going to effect me. Not to mention. A wrong wish. Can make just as much misfortune as it does fortune."

"Aki wished that I'd be a Pretty Cure someday so I could be by her side when I was ready. That's the love seed that saved me that night...." she says quietly. "That was her wish." she says.

Then she's concentrating.

"I wish.....". Things begin to glow.

"That Hannah Sharpe has her linker core restored to it's healthy state!" she calls out. The cards all glow before they then slam back into the binder and then Corvus fidgets a bit. Because then a wave of energy flows into him. "A..ahaha---oh my. That tickles, a little help please!" he insists.

Cure Gull hops on over and grabs Corvus by the middle part and she kinda wishes Hannah could see this, because they kind of adorably rub noses together before Corvus wiggles and then sneezes, as the energy then flies off him and forms a brilliant emerald green orb that shines. A linker core. Hannah can feel it at this distance It isn't very far, but it makes a circle around the top of Infinity like a little mote before it makes an arc downwards for Hannah's midsection, looking to bury itself into her and resituate itself.

This is then followed by Cure Gull's Prebrace glowing gold, before shining off into motes. She blinks at this, and purses her lips. Not worrying. Her sister doesn't need one--- as the shimmer of green washes over her.

Corvus whistles a bit. He jumps onto Gull's shoulder and whispers into her ear.

"...Really?" she asks as she head tilts and turns back around to Hannah.

"H--how is it?" she asks.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-07-13 04:27:52 80392
"Huh. I never thought I'd say this...but I actually respect Blue for setting things up that way. At least you earned it." There's some small part of her that's still wrankled, of course. Hannah's feelings on Wishes are well known. But it's brief. After all, is a Wish earned really a Wish? Hannah turns it over in her mind.

Then, she's smiling. "Then you'd better make sure you make the right Wish! If there's anyone I'd believe in for something like that, it's you, Haruna! I love you!" Calls out Hannah encouragingly. There's a note in her voice that isn't often there. Hope.

Hannah cries aloud, somewhere between a gasp and a cry of joy. It's instinctive, she'd know that part of herself better than anyone. Her entire body shivers, and then it enters her. She arcs her back, eyes closed. There's utter silence.

Tears stream down her face. Unbidden, in her hand, Raging Tempest glows. And then her magic crest appears below her, taking up the length of Infinity's roof. Emerald green swirls around her, masking her from sight briefly in a dazzling display. Lifted up into the air, she floats back down. Hands in her pockets, Miss White once more stands before her Love and Corvus.

She's changed. Her suit jacket is longer, more ostentatious, more like a coat. It's held over her shirt and pants by gold strings, each one capped by a button in the shape of a feather. Along the collar and hems of her sleeves, golden feathers sway, a hawk to Gull's oceanic bird. There's a long, long sigh of relief. Pain, physical and emotional leaving the body.

"Welcome back, Mistress. I missed you."

Her dress shoes hit the ground, and even before then, she has a grin even as tears fall in joy. Her breaths are shuddering, she can barely speak.

"Y...yeah! You too R.T.! Oh God I've missed your voice!"

And then she's over, outright tackling Gull and pulling her close into a hug. Sobbing, this time happily, she squeezes the other girl close.

"Haruna! Thank you! big, selfless idiot, thank you! Even when I don't deserve it, you...I'm going to repay this. I don't know how, or when, but I will!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-07-13 04:31:51 80393
Cure Gull softly head tilts and beams! "I always try to keep my promises Hannah-chan I..."

"I'm sorry I had to wish. I know you don't like that. It's... it's why I just didn't do it to fix you. Because I know you'd had been mad at it." she says as she squeezes into the hugs.

She blinks. "That's different." she notes the motif with a soft smile.

"How about..."

"You fly my around the city to get back on your flight legs." she beams.

"C..can you do that? I mean. We can just. Go down. And snuggle too." she offers.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-07-13 04:38:13 80394
Hannah rubs her face into Gull's shoulder, wiping off her tears! Her face is red, but she doesn't care! Leeean in! Smooch! Then? Yeah, she rubs noses with Haruna!

"I'll forgive you just this once." A wink, and a laugh. Then, she's pulling Gull properly into her arms. There's a wild, joyful grin. And then they're off into the sky as Hannah leaps once, and then wind bursts from beneath one of her shoes. Her coat flutters, and they're flying in a graceful arc. Faster, faster, faster. The two are a green shooting star in each other's arms, lighting up Tokyo with something akin to the aurora borealis.

"Why not do both?" Hannah dances in the sky with Haruna, two hearts snuggling and playing as they grow ever closer in love.