Awkward Flavored Curry

Lacrima asks to meet with Kukai to discuss things since she's feeling lonely. Awkward discussions happen!

Date: 2017-07-14
Pose Count: 21
Lacrima 2017-07-14 09:26:23 80412
Mamoru put something like framework in her head. Things feel different. There's a calm there that wasn't there two days ago. That is, she feels a little more even than she usually does. The darkness is still heavy and she cynically thinks this won't last. Something will come along and topple it over. She doesn't know.

But while she has more of her sanity than usual, it's probably a good idea to reach out for some contact she would normally stay away from for sake of ruining things further. Kukai gets a text.

Hello Kukai, how are you? I'm at the Korma Chameleon in town. It's a curry place. Are you hungry? I'd like to talk. if able. she texts and presses enter.

She waits at a table, for a reply. She's eating here whether he says yes or no, so no point in waiting outside.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-14 09:54:39 80413
Kukai has some sort of basic framework back again as well. Now that Nagihiko is back to normal, and the two of them had gone through several long, enjoyable days of sleep, the sports-minded young man was trying to return to something like a normal schedule. So here he was, heading home after a day's practice at soccer when his phone buzzes.

A .. curry place? Lacrima? Okay. Uh. Sure, why not. There's not telling what's going on here, but it could be worse. And he's heard about this restaurant, and the idea of a new place to eat always intrigues Kukai. So, he taps out a return message to Lacrima.

TXT to Norie Okana: Hey! Um, sure! I'll be there shortly. Is everything ok? And what's good on the menu?

It only takes him a little while to get to the restaurant, even without using his Sky Jack powers, and so he opens the door, looking around for her, and heads over to her table. "Hello..."
Lacrima 2017-07-14 10:05:01 80414
Lacrima looks like Lacrima in so far as she isn't Norie right now. She is wearing normal clothes. When Kukai comes in she blinks a moment as if caught from out some reverie then ohs! "Oh.. Um. Hi..." she says as she looks down at her phone oh. He replied and she didn't even notice.

"Um. Lots of. Authentic indian stuff. If you get anything three 'stars' or over, I suggest a 'lassi' which is like a mango/milk drink. Stars being... heat rating." she says.

"I'm just going for a lot of japanese style of curry today though." she offers. She fidgets a bit.

"Um. S-sorry. I know you've been busy with the. the... twin card? Situation? Has that been resolved? Just..." she bites her teeth a little.

"I haven't been very great either. Is all." she mutters.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-14 10:21:07 80415
Kukai grins faintly and then reaches over, patting her shoulder. "Yeah, hi. And ok. I think... yeah, I'll stick to the two star stuff for now, and get a lassi or whatever anyway. I'm not in the mood for super hot food today."

He sits down across from her and then shakes his head. "Yeah. Yeah, actually, it did. We finally caught the Twin card and.. it ended up with the two I know turning into piles of sand or something and... grinding into one another to make a single whole person. But after the screaming ended he was back to normal and we both spent the past couple days sleeping. I have been tired like.. wow."

Kukai sighs and leans forward onto the table. "But enough of my troubles, what about yours? Why haven't you been great?"
Lacrima 2017-07-14 10:27:01 80416
The waitress comes. She orders her Japanese curry. Kukai can order whatever he wants. This place is good for picking out anything for those not knowledgeable about the authentic stuff. She looks over to Kukai. She bites her lip. "The girl who's parents own this place is named Rashmi. She is... magical. A mage." she says quietly. "She offered to try to. Help me explain to my brother. What I am. Because. He was my first victim. He also needed a week in the hospital from that feeding. Everyone else since just needs a few hours rest." she says.

"But. What's important is that on some level he remembered it in a vauge manner that. Destroyed mine and his relationship. And my parents and..."

"Look. The point is... we both went. And he rejected me. Said. His sister was dead. That. I was just a thing with her looks and memories. Rashmi was sad too." she says.

"Then.. someone. Showed me the links to my family. And they were. Bad. And she said my fate and destiny weren't with them. And it messed me a lot." she says quietly.

"Mamoru. Did something. In my head. It's a little calmer now. At least I'm haven't cried for the past day." she says.

"But I was really bad. I hated it. I still hate it." she says.

She head tilts.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-14 10:38:58 80417
Kukai is only knowledgeable about food, not specifics, so he makes his order and sits back, watching Lacrima. "...Oh, really? I guess I should meet her, then." He sighs. "I bet Tadase is super duper pissed off at me for... abandoning my post and that sort of thing. Maybe I can make it up soon enough."

He rubs his arms, listening to her talk. "I remember you talking once about attacking your brother." He lets out a low breath as she talks about the outcome of the meeting. "...I'm sorry, Lacrima. I'm really sorry." He shakes his head. "I dunno what to say. I feel like your family is always part of you, even if it's not with you or you with them. As for your fate, or whatever, that's always going to be what you make of it. So.."

Kukai blinks. "Mamoru did ... something bad to you? But you feel better? Is it bad? I mean..." He rubs his head. "Do you need me to go wallop him?"
Lacrima 2017-07-14 10:56:26 80418
Lacrima shakes her head. "Not bad." she says. "He. Went into my head and. Did something. It was odd and abstract." she says quietly. "But it wasn't an attack." she says softly. "It was help." she says. "He wanted to see if he could restore any of my emotional capacity. I don't think he did. But. Things feel a little calmer now?... I mean. Before I was a mess. Now I'm not? I'm still not happy. But... I dunno. It's confusing." she admits softly.

"Um. Mamoru was busy. Up until recent. With stuff about. Miss White or something. About her corrupted linker core." she says.

"Oh, um. Alexis. Is back to normal. Now..." she says quietly. "From the. Vampire. Thing." she says.

"There's a few. New people about. Rashmi. Koji. um... that. Blind Samurai that told me about. The fate thing with my family. Um." she says.

"I helped Koji remove a problem that was draining... his parents..." she says silently.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-14 11:04:48 80419
Kukai huhs, leaning forward and listening. "But you have emotional capacity. Like sadness and angry and that sort of thing. It's the way you work. I dunno. And... ugh." Kukai frowns, thinking about Mamoru and Miss White. "Well if anybody was corrupt, it's her."

Kukai perks up at the sound of Alexis is back to normal. "Ah, cool. I'm glad to hear it." Then she starts talking about the new people. "Oh man... I'm sorry for all of that."
Lacrima 2017-07-16 03:53:01 80517
Lacrima sours a little bit when Kukai says that she has emotional capacity. "Of course I do. But what's the point if I only feel the bad things? What's the point if all I can really feel. is sad. or depressed. or angry. or despair?" she asks quietly.

She frowns. "Well all her stupid experiments on herself caught up with her. It was bound to happen." she says. "I don't experiment on myself. At least nothing tied to the base, primal portions of myself." she mutters.

She looks down. "I offered to look for him. We discovered the problem. And severed it. His parents are recovering. But I wonder if he's upset he's caring for his parents now at home while they recuperate. I hope... he doesn't blame me for that." she says quietly.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-16 04:15:42 80518
Kukai shakes his head. "I guess so. Well.. can you feel good things now? Positive stuff? How do you feel now? I know how hard it is to feel anything but negative things with your condition.."

He sighs and shakes his head. "I have always thought Miss White was a bad person who made it look like she did good things. Everyone says she's a good person who does some bad things because she has to, but at this point.. I don't buy it." He shrugs. "As for experimentation, I guess we all do things to try to improve ourselves."

Kukai sighs. "That's good. I worry a lot that somebody's gonna try to attack my brothers or something. It hasn't happened yet but, you know. As for you helping him, I don't think he'd be upset at you about it." He looks up as the curry and lassi arrive and oohs. "Hey, food. What'd you get?"
Lacrima 2017-07-16 04:30:40 80519
Lacrima frowns. "No. I can't. Mamoru looked at that. I just....can't. But we noted that. He's gotten me close to a smile before in the past. But something always shuts it off. So whatever it is, we agree it's 'active'. And active means there could be a way to slow it down. Or freeze it. Maybe." she says quietly. "So I could have brief spats of good feelings. BUT nothing yet. On how to do as such." she says softly.

Food comes. She has a lassi, and something that looks like typical Japanese curry- a sauce with meat some carrots in it. She proceeds to eat. "Just a basic. Japanese style curry. I'm not very exciting today I guess." she says.

She nrgs. "There's... someone else." she says. "A... magical girl. With. A lightning hammer. I don't know. What name she goes by magically. And I'm not sure if I should share her real name. But. She... is... having a hard time. Fitting in I think. She doesn't like to. Talk. Make friends." she says.

"I'm not really cut out for that." she says. "and I'm hoping she isn't. Suffering. or something. Because of it. I don't think so, but.... I mean..."

"Even I. Have friends. You know...?" she asks quietly.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-16 04:40:56 80520
Kukai nods, listening. "..Ok. Well, that's something. I'd like to say that I know what you're talking about, or what Mamoru's talking about or doing, but it's beyond me. I really have no idea. But if there's a way for you to feel better from time to time, that would be a real step towards recovery, wouldn't it be?" He shrugs and nods to his meal, which is pretty much the same thing. "We'll be unexciting together, then. I'm happy to not have that much excitement right now."

Kukai blinks, then grins. "Oh. Really? That sounds like it would actually be right up my alley. I could use a new friend or two. Look.." He thinks, then nods to Lacrima. "If you see her again, give her my information, my contact info on your phone, ok? Point her at me. I'll help her get acclimated."

Kukai reaches over, patting Lacrima's hand. "...You know. I don't know if we're friends or not. But I don't think we're enemies either. So I want to help, like I always have, if I can."

Daichi is flitting around the room, looking in the back and exploring new scents and sights...
Lacrima 2017-07-16 04:57:02 80521
Lacrima fidgets a bit. "Frenemies." she says flatly. "It's a term I've picked up. A combination of 'Friend' and 'Enemy'. Friends can also be enemies from time to time. Like it is with me and Rashmi. Or me and Ikiko. or me and Kunzite. We'll still fight. But. We can still. Do things." she says quietly. "So I think that. Might be close...?" she asks quietly.

"I mean. You're the only one that. Might understand what I am. Because you were me for a bit." she says quietly.

"I'll give you her name. She's. Tall. Strong. Think like.... Makoto-chan?" she says.

"Just. Don't tell her. I thought she needed friends? I made promises. Only to bug her for. Information." she says quietly.


"Nrg. Sorry hard to explain." she says. "I'm sorry." she eyes Daichi, and purses her lips and looks back to Kukai.

"Right. We also. Saved the world from. Some. 'Prince of Nightmares'." she says. "Saved... Ariel-chan's mom from him too." she says.

"Almost. Lost my self a few times during that whole affair. Didn't like that." she says quietly.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-16 05:03:53 80522
Kukai nods. "Frenemies, I suppose, then. We'll probably fight again, but we'll still do things." He smiles at her and then nods. "Yeah, and you were me for a bit."

Kukai scratches his head. "Like... Makoto-chan? I know one Makoto, but you make this sound like another girl. I'll look into it. And no, I won't mention you to her." He shakes his head. "Look, I know you have your own life and business and things. It's ok."

Daichi is getting to know a piece of pork from one of the spicier curry sauces and dunking his head in an ice water filled glass every so often.

Kukai winces. "See, that's the sort of thing I didn't want to hear, that there was something that big going on that I didn't catch on to when I was busy trying to find the Twins. I'm glad you're ok, but crap. I should've helped..." He grumbles, spinning his fork through his curry annoyedly.
Lacrima 2017-07-16 05:09:07 80523
Lacrima shakes her head. "Lots of people were there helping. Besides. The final fight wasn't very fun. He plunged each of us into our own personal hells for a moment there." she says quietly. "Mine was just being the monster I think I am." she says even quieter.

"I'm just glad it's quelled for now. He's still out there. Somewhere." she says. "At least the dream world's walls are back to normal. Though it makes it harder for me to visit Ariel-chan in my sleep." she says.

She fidgets as she looks around a moment as she sulks a bit.

She's already eaten most of her curry.

"I..I should. Probably. Start going soon.... I... um. Still feel. Really strange. Not sure if good or bad..." she mutters.

"And right now I just wanna be back at Eilam-kun's where I'm staying for a bit." she says quietly.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-18 03:58:42 80578
Kukai nods, then winces a little. "That doesn't sound fun at all." He leans back, then shakes his head. "I think I was going through my own personal hell for a while anyway. So..." His eyes flicker up to Lacrima as she mentions her nightmare, then sighs. "Mm. Well. Yeah, we can always count on bad guys to come back as often as possible and be annoying. And we have things settled for now." He blinks. "You were visiting Ariel in your sleep? What?"

He watches her sulk for a moment, her curry gone. He's gotten through his as well - it was very good. "Well. Ok. I suppose if you need to, that's fine. If you need me, you call me, ok? And say hello to Eilam." He coughs. "He's very pretty, you know that?"
Lacrima 2017-07-18 04:02:48 80581
Lacrima doesn't quite leave. "Ariel-chan sometimes visits my dreams. But while that whole Nightmare stuff was going on, the barriers were weak enough I could go visit her if I concentrated hard enough." she says. "Ariel-chan can bring others if she wants. If you wanted to... come. There. But. Not sure if you've been there sleeping when you were me. Courtyard place. Dark?...ring any bells...?" she asks.

She head tilts and blinks a bit and blushes. "W--well that's not why I like him! I mean. He is... but.. he also. Gets me. And stuff and... the other stuff. I can't talk about." she says quietly.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-18 04:12:03 80584
Kukai huhs and nods. "That'd be pretty cool, to have her visit one of my dreams. Maybe later. I should talk to her more." He nods, then rubs his neck. "Maybe I could come. And honestly, I didn't dream when I was you. I never saw anything like that, sorry."

Kukai grins at that faint purple blush on her cheeks. "Well, sure, of course not. But yeah. And he's pretty, but he can't fill out a skirt or short shorts like Nagihiko does, or dance, or think the sun rises and sets in me for some reason. He does get you though. Which is cool." He reaches over, patting her hand. "Well. If you want, go get you some rest."
Lacrima 2017-07-18 04:18:48 80586
Lacrima still isn't leaving as she looks down and fidgets. "I don't think I ever told you..." she says quietly.

"When I was in your body. I went to him." she says. "--I mean! I didn't do anything untoward!" she says. "But. I told him th--that... I... loved... him..." she mutters. "While I could..." she says quietly.

"He really appreciated that." she says gently as she fidgets.

"Y--yes I should go." she mutters as she stands up.

She begins to trip herself out before this gets anymore awkward for her!
Kukai Souma 2017-07-18 04:26:04 80588
Kukai arches an eyebrow, then leans over, listening to her talk. "Well.... it's probably better you did it while you had the chance to do it. And I don't really mind. As long as he understands it was.. you, not me, right?" He looks at her, suddenly concerned.

"How.. really appreciated it? Wait. wait. I don't want to know." He raises both hands, then stands. "Yeah. It was good seeing you again, Lacrima. Keep in touch, if you need me, ok?"
Lacrima 2017-07-18 04:26:46 80590
Lacrima huffs! "We didn't kiss or an--anything! or even hugged! I--it was weird enough being you okay!?" she huffs through the door as she makes a beeline away quickly before she has to answer more odd and awakward questions!