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Date: 2017-07-15
Pose Count: 4
Takashi Agera 2017-07-15 01:31:40 80432
Takashi squints. "I mean figuratively, not like a video game. Like. Her punches are vicious. I'd rather let the Dusk Zone's locals gnaw on me." He reaches back and rubs the spot on his back. She might not be magical, but Hannah is still tough and strong, too.

"...except I am in employment." he says, making a face at Hannah. He doesn't quite get the ribbing, social skills have been something he'd faked but not quite had, in some ways, before he laughs. "Right. I won't flip the table until we're the last ones on the board." He diverts as he realizes he missed some of the American's cues on her ribbing.

"A rebound?" Takashi blinks twice and even backs away just a little, Hannah's got that 'PLANNING SOMETHING' style of grin, and he doesn't know what it is.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-07-15 01:39:58 80433
"Seriously? That...I really need to see that. Seriously, tell me more about this Ami-chan-friend? She sounds fun!" Of /course/ Hannah would think that! Her knuckles are already cracking in anticipation.

Eyes roll. No, no she's not explaining the joke. Instead she finds a seat and lounges.

There's this very, very ominous chuckle. It's not quite Tomoe tier, but Hannah has practiced in front of her mirror after her semi-hero and semi-enabler for quite a bit. Her application is less evil, however.

"What's going to happen is that you're going to get on your sunday best, and I'm going to introduce you to...someone I've met. And then you're going to have fun all things willing. Everything else is my secret to keep. No identities. Just two people going out on a date. Simple as that." Wink. And then she moves from kitchen, over to the couch. Thud. Her legs swing over the back of the couch.

"So. Are you staying tonight? Because I have a bunch of terrible d-list movies, and Haruna isn't around. I'd have no one less than my Best Evil Friend watch with me. I need the distraction, and you need more practice with those social skills of yours, Ta-kun."
Takashi Agera 2017-07-15 02:03:28 80436
Takashi grins back at her. "I was, and still am very tempted to introduce you to her as my adopted older sister who's upset about her attitude, but that might make things more difficult for me down the line..."

"...Sharpe-san, what are you possibly planning. You're worrying me. I don't think I need this rebound. Not if it's what I think." Then he sighs. "But I know that attitude so I guess I don't have much of a choice." It's a playful resignation.

"...I can stay around tonight, yeah. I should spend a night out of the lab." Because Takashi doesn't sleep at home. That would be normal. "And maybe the movies will keep you from remembering about this rebound thing."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-07-15 02:22:25 80441
A single finger rises in pure 'genius'. "No, no, no! I'm your very distant cousin three times removed. People just don't talk about the idiot Americans in your family!" One foot prods at a shoulder of Takashi's with much reaching playfully.

"Nope~! Even if it's a disaster and a restaurant or two are burned down, you're at least going to go home with a memory. I promise!"

Then snaps her fingers, and Boris is off to the kitchen! In doggie form. There's microwave sounds, and a few minutes later, Boris is balancing a popcorn bowl all the way over to a side table on his head. Talent in this Familiar!

"Great. Sit down." Then she clicks the play button.

The movie that comes up? Sharktopus. God help Takun.