Concert Calamity!

Sumire Tenshin, aka: Indigo Angel Tenshi, has her first hometown concert! Then Griselda ruins everything in an attempt take the Purple Prism Keeper out before she can awaken! Can our heroes, Reiko, Hoshi, Ikiko and Kokoro save the day? Or is a new Prism Keeper fated to awaken anyways!?

Date: 2017-07-15
Pose Count: 35
Sumire Tenshi 2017-07-15 20:17:19 80481
Sumire Tenshi was dressed in a beautiful flowing indigo dress. Glimmering, dazzling wings that were wide enough she actually needed help to go through the doors were attached to her back. Adults were running around, getting all of the prep work done, a sea of activity and chaos. One of the assistants had a bottle of water, which Sumire occasionally took to drink from.

"Sumire, over there. No, over there," she was bossed around by those who were working on the last preparations. The idol didn't object, though. Everyone was working their butts off for her, so it was time for her to give it her all.

Her hands were clenched at her side. Her first real concert since returning to Tokyo. Everything was going to be perfect. They had worked so hard. Even some of her old friends had come(In fact, Reiko had been given VIP tickets, hand delivered by Sumire's agent himself, to spread out to their friends. Even been given a nice balcony to look from.)

Sumire felt a mix of excitement and exhaustion. She could hear the crowd outside, waiting for her. Longing for her. But who could blame them? She was amazing. And soon they'd all see it.

"Sumire, it's almost show time!" one of the organizers called out. "Come on! Get in position!"

She nodded and walked over a large, golden cage that was supposed to be raised onto the stage.

Why? Because she was an idol. So, in true idol style, her first song would be about how she needed to be 'rescued' and only her 'fans' could save her. Gotta make them feel special, after all!
Reiko Touyama 2017-07-15 20:21:52 80482
Reiko Touyama was here. She got to go backstage with those special VIP passes that Sumire gave them! And then-- and then they got to sit in the special vip box area and it was gonna be so great and she was gonna watch her friend dance and sing and other kids at school were GONNA BE SO JEALOUS.

Hoshi has heard Reiko squeal before in delight and it's always kind of intense sequal but not so intense to make someone cover their eyes.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee!" she lets out.

"Hoshi! I'm so excited! What song is she gonna do first you think?" she asks with wide eyes.

You did not need magical koi to read this emotional output from her. This didn't stop them from appearing just over the ridge of the VIP box waving tiny tiny purple colored pennants.

Reiko mostly was getting prepared. Ohhhh she wish she could take video or pictures at an event like this. She wanted to so badly! SO SO badly.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-15 20:23:31 80483
    Normally, Kokoro Akakuma isn't the concertgoing type. She's not huge into music outside of maybe one or two rock bands she likes, she's normally not one for huge crowds, and there are other things she'd typically spend her money on. She doesn't even have Rashmi here to drag her along. But through a hilarious string of coincidences that ended in a bet, the towering 13-year-old has lucked into a ticket. And she has nothing previously planned on the day, so there's no point letting it go to waste, right?

    So hey. Free concert. And she looks and feels completely out of place, wearing a denim outfit that's not really girly in the least, towering over most of the girls around her. She's probably as far back and as close to a wall as she can manage. Oh god, so many people.
Hoshi Kogane 2017-07-15 20:28:08 80484
Hoshi is quite prepared, including single earplug for the ear facing her friend, "Probably something to make the fans feel special for showing up." She suggests, in the kind of tone that she is here for her friends, not for the music itself. Surely she'll enjoy it, but she isn't the kind to come to concerts like these, her stars betray the kind of concert she's more used to. They are dressed in classic formal clothes.

Hoshi's are fairly formal too, really. She stands out.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-07-15 20:32:54 80485
When Ikiko heard about the concert from Reiko, she hadn't expected to get a VIP ticket. But there were enough for her to have a ticket, and she wasn't going to turn it down. Hey, it's a concert, plus a chance to see an old friend of Reiko's!

Although, if the other friends are anything to go by...

Ikiko shakes her head. She's here to enjoy the music, dang it! No reason to invite trouble by wondering if magical trouble is going to visit.

"Probably," she replies to Hoshi. "It's kinda traditional for an idol's first concert, isn't it?"
Sumire Tenshi 2017-07-15 20:46:22 80486
Sumire Tenshi took another slow, deep breath. The cage slowly began to rise as the lights dimmed. The room was covered in a near darkness and silence fell over the room. Spotlights flickered on, sending beams of white, violet and indigo throughout the room, over the waiting crowd. A hush fell over, before they all settled on the single lone figure on the stage. Her dress glimmered in the light, sending little glimmers of sparkles across the stage. Her hands were clasped in front of her, as if she was in a prayer, her head down, eyes closed. Almost complete silence fell over the room. Then, slowly, her eyes opened and her gaze glanced over the crowds.

There was only a slight increase to her heartbeat, not that anyone would know. And then the first notes began to play and the show began. "Watashi no kji ni tojikomerare, saisho kara unmei o tadoru. Anata no ude ni aru kib no hikari o matte iru." Ah, of course. A song about being helpless and trapped, only the 'listeners' could save her. The delicate angel Tenshi.

Of course, more lights came on as the choreographed dancers came onto the stage. Mostly dressed as monsters as the dance number started, the side of the cage opening and her stepping out as she sang. Her part, at least, was simple. Namely cause she had to dance AND sing. It mostly involved her trying to 'escape' the choreographed dancers and reach out a hand towards her fans, as if to have them save her.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-15 20:59:48 80487
    When the lights drop and the crowd hushes, Kokoro finally feels like she can relax a little - relax, and enjoy the show. And... well, it might not be her usual type of music, but it's pretty well done, she has to admit. And the choreography's alright, too. Maybe this won't be so bad as a way to pass a few hours.

    Kokoro might be kicking back in her seat a bit. Just a tad. ...okay, she's totally lounging.
Reiko Touyama 2017-07-15 21:08:59 80488
Reiko Touyama is enjoying the show already. She's watching intently to the show and the chorus and then she sort of leans into Ikiko. Oh god Ikiko, I hope they save her, she thinks! Yes, it's a show- and of course she'll be saved because idol shows have happy endings and that but she's enjoying herself and that's important. Koi wait with bated breath.


In the back a figure walks past Kokoro. She is elegant, with long black hair, wearing a fancy dress and a parasol. She carriers herself with certain nobility but there's something just wrong about her. Black and greys... that lingering darkness around her. The way that the ground beneath seems to have all the color sucked out of it as she steps. The blackbird with a tophat on her shoulder and a fancy suit.

She holds a small orb with a swirling little imp in it as she stands in the aisle. She may not be seen very easily right now. But then that orbs begins to absorb all the colors of the flashing lights. And color of the stadium as color flickers like static on a screen to greys and monochrome.

It begins to drain the people. People turning grey and flopping over in their seats and otherwise being energy drained. That orb begins to fill with swirling color. This continues until the ENTIRE audience is drained and even the dancers begin to fall on stage. None of the magical folks. OR WOULD BE Magical folks, in Sumire's case, seem to be affected by this drain.

CLICK. CLACK. A spotlight shines on down from above directly onto Griselda. Griselda looks like a very dressed Hiroko Koumoto. An old 'friend'.

"Tenshi-san." she sings out to the empty audience, her voice is practiced. Formal. "It has been so long...." she says as she holds that orb of swirling colors. The imp inside is devouring it. She's planning. Something.

Reiko Touyama watches as this happens as she blinks and frowns. "H..iroko-chan!" she calls out. "Stop this!" she screams from the VIP box.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-15 21:17:48 80489
    Someone walks past her.

    Immediately, every instinct is screaming at her. 'Something is wrong. That person is dangerous.' It's in how she carries herself. The look on her face. Something in her body language. Maybe it's just a subconscious sense. Whatever it is, it immediately sets Kokoro on edge. A brown eye starts tracking that woman, watching her, and...

    ...and what is that sphere? What's it doing to the crowd, what's it doing to the /color/? That's not good. That's definitely not good.

    As Kokoro comes up to her feet, she's already got the tiny little hammer trinket in hand. In a heartbeat, she flips it into the air like a coin; it crackles with electricity, surging, growing. By the time the head slams into the ground, it's full-sized, and a sweeping under-hand snatch puts it in Kokoro's hand, swings it around her in a circle. Lightning washes over her body, transforming her clothes, her eyes, even lifting her hair up out of her face.

    Fully transformed, the magical girl swings her hammer up onto her shoulder with her right hand, and points with her left. "Oi. I don't know what the hell you're doing, but you got exactly one chance to un-do it. Then I start swinging this hammer and you have a real bad day."
Hoshi Kogane 2017-07-15 21:18:13 80490
Hoshi blinks once everything starts going grey, and looks towards Reiko and Ikiko, then makes a firm nod and slips out. Once out of Griselda's sight, she pulls out the little crystal full of a fundamental property of the universe, clean and pure, and she takes a deep breath, "Chroma Prism Yellow, Transform! A wash of yellow comes from that corner, the transformation itself pushing back against the grey, even though it's not strong enough to do so on its own.

What comes out is a girl dressed in a mixture of miko outfit and princess garb, with a tiara composed of five-pointed yellow stars glowing bright, and in her hand she holds a staff composed of countless miniscule stars, shimmering and moving as behooves a miniature galaxy. She flies up towards the cage, but doesn't open it, instead she makes sure she's in between Griselda and her friend, "Griselda." Unlike Reiko, she doesn't call out the villains proper name, she's convinced Hiroko, her friend, won't come back unless they put a permanent end to Griselda. "Go away, you're not welcome."
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-07-15 21:25:04 80491
Ikiko Hisakata slightly ruffles Reiko's hair as the younger girl leans on her. It's an excellent show so far! Although either their light designer has odd style, or there's something wrong with the lights...

At Reiko's shout, Ikiko looks downwards. "Oh, fleas," she swears, recognizing Griselda from the time they fought nearly two years ago. Well, only one thing to do...

"Lycan Locket!" she calls out. There's a flash of silver, and then Cute Wolf Tsukiko is leaning with one foot on the railing, growling at Griselda while a moderate swarm of wolf-motes float nearby.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-07-15 21:28:25 80492
Sumire Tenshi is confused. So very confused. She's singing, doing her dance, and then people start dropping and collapsing and the music suddenly cuts off, making her stumble and almost fall. She goes for a few more lines, then her singing stops.

"Koumoto-san?" she asked. "What are you doing here? What's going on?" Then her eyes fell over the crowd. Wait, they FELL ASLEEP? For a moment she thought it was her fault! But... wait, no. That's not... A gas leak? Something else?

And then suddenly hammer girls, a yellow girl. She then heard Reiko and glanced up. Now some kind of wolf girl? What was--

Then she looked annoyed. She bottled it quickly, though, before stepping forward. "I see what this is," she said before walking forward and glancing to Hoshi. "You're all... hopeful idols. I see. I... understand your desire to enter the spotlight. But please, I simply must ask that you take this outside. It is dreadfully rude of you to intrude on my concert like this. It does draw attention, yes, but it will not avail you of any future in the industry. Your outfit is simply precious, however. I'm sure with hard work and dedication your dream will be possible," she said encouragingly. Still obviously not aware of what's going on.
Reiko Touyama 2017-07-15 21:40:00 80493
Reiko Touyama nrgs, everyone's out. Griselda has the color of the stadium. There's a glash of red and for a moment Reiko's eyes grow hopeful. Oh... no. Not. Mei. Why'd she go there immediately? Maybe she misses Mei-chan a lot. She sighs and grasps her chroma prism. "CHROMA PRISM ORANGE, TRANSFORM!" she calls out. She just moves to her Prism Keeper form. She lets Hoshi call out Griselda as she moves for the stage, the Orange Prism Keeper making a move for Sumire. "Sumire. I--I tried to tell you. This isn't a game. or--or make believe!" she calls out. She tries to take Sumire's hand. "W--we need to go, okay?" she asks. "She's here for you. I tried to tell you you're the Purple Keeper!" she calls out.

Griselda can hear the voice behind her. She purses her lips sweetly. "Excuse me?" she asks as she looks over her shoulder, tilting the parasol. "Are you talking to a Princess in such a manner?" she asks. "I am Princess Girslda, of the Grey Kingdom. This color belongs to me now. To do with as I please." she says. She turns back to Hoshi.

Princess of Yellow. More worth her time right now. "But I rather like it here..." she says. Slate, the bird on her shoulder wears a smirk. "But alas, perhaps I should go..." she says as she begins to float daintily up with the help of her parasol as she drops the orb of color to the ground. It begins to darkly swirl and become engulfed in dark power as it begins to take form. FOUR long spindly legs... a long long neck. A head a large head of a microphone. It has two large red eyes on the side and a large mouth that opens into a horrid speaker of some sort.

It leans down to the stage, leaning into Sumire before it bleches out. "CHECK CHECK! AUDIIIIOOOO CHECK!"


Griselda merely gives a soft bow before she seems to... scribble herself out of existence with something resembling someone scribbling her over with a pencil.

"S..sumire. Run." she says. "Please...!" Prism Keeper Orange begs.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-15 21:56:28 80494
    "You could be Queen Himiko for all I care, I ain't interested!"

    Kokoro's hammer goes straight through the space Griselda was just occupying. A hair faster on her part, or a hair slower on Griselda's, and there would have been some definite pain. As it is, the hammer slams into the ground, crackling with thunder; Kokoro turns up and leaps without a second thought, but this time, the shady lady has vanished entirely, and the hammer passes through nothing but empty air. "Tch!"

    But there's something she can deal with. A freaky mic monster. And it's got its back turned to her.

    "Hey, cordbrain, your dance partner's right here!" On pure brute strength, Kokoro leaps into the air, taking a high arc from the audience to the stage right after Audio Check. As she descends, her hammer crackles, arcs of lightning dancing over it right up until the moment where she brings it down with the approximate force of a small car.
Hoshi Kogane 2017-07-15 22:04:08 80495
"Sorry Griselda, this is our realm, go back to the dark kingdom where you belong." Yellow answers Griselda, and then turns towards Sumire, "I wouldn't dare steal your show, but I'm going to need you to be careful, that's a powerful shade." Unlike Orange, Yellow doesn't try to make Sumire run, if the time has come, it has. If it hasn't, then she'll protect her friend.

The idea that you can stop someone awakening to their power is all too often but a cruel joke to fate and fortune alike, Yellow knows far too well by now, and Yellow knows Sumire was part of the game. On her butterfly wings, she whizzes towards Audio Check, and waves her staff towards it, a barrage of stars fly loose from the miniature galaxy, and start whizzing and pulsing with purifying light, trying to distract the shade and demand its full attention so the others can hurt it real good. "Can you hear me? The Dark Kingdom is going to be history real soon!"
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-07-15 22:10:12 80496
Cute Wolf Tsukiko leaps at Audio Check, trying to strike the Shade in its spindly legs. If she can help keep it off of its feet, then that might limit what it can do.

The wolf-motes follow her strikes, nipping at the Shade before darting back. While they might not do much damage, they should definitely help Tsukiko get the Shade's attention!

Although she's still not fully sure what she's going to do with that attention once she gets it...
Sumire Tenshi 2017-07-15 22:19:06 80497
Sumire Tenshi stared at yellow. "What? What in the world are you talking about? Who ARE you?" she asked ORange, trying to yank her hand back. "I'm not going anywhere! This is my show! What in the world is going on?" There was a small crack in her armor forming as she clenched her fist, digging her fingers into her hands so tight they almost bled. "What do you people want? Why are you ruining my show?" she asked. Before glancing up to the monster. "... And what is with that ugly thing? We did NOT ask for a giant paper mache monster!" she snapped, glaring up at it. "I'm calling security!" she finally yelled. She turned and started to stomp off. Obviously still having no idea what was going on and turning her back to the creature.
Reiko Touyama 2017-07-15 22:32:23 80498
Orange tried to tug Sumire away and it didn't work. The giant create belches out a cacophony of horrible noises as it sends large, grey and black musical noises skyward and then they begin to land around the area enmasse-- near Koroko, near Tsukiko, near Yellow and Orange and Sumire. They blow up into a cacophony of horrible energy blasts when they hit ground. Orange tries to make a dive for Sumire to get her out of harms way. This may or may not work. More importanly, the door to the back area just got damaged enough by that to be unopenable at the moment. That isn't a way out anymore.

Nrg.. this is getting heated and Orange looks frustrated as she looks at Yellow and.. Tsukiko and... and... big. giant hammer girl who she doesn't know. She grits her teeth as she makes a 'nrrrrrrrg' sound. "Argh!" she finally yells out. She summons up the purple crystal. It's already glowing as she tries to hold onto it tight. "S--sumire. Please listen... I didn't want this. I-- I couldn't keep anyone from this! I couldn't keep Mei's lil sister or Hoshi-chan or Kakeru out of this!" she says. "But.. this is..." she just clasps her hands around the Purple Prism as she throws it at Sumire, hoping she'll catch it and know what to say, or it'll force the transformation.

"AWAKEN! PRISM KEEPER PURPLE!" she calls out, though it's more like a frustrated cry. Not even a yelling cry. She's crying. She hates this. She doesn't want to do this!


Kokoro comes down with a hammer on the beast. Electricity hammered into courses up it's neck as it acts like it just got shocked and sundered about.

This lets Yellow's stars from her galaxy pepper it without worrying about missing or it dodges as they strike, aswell as letting Ikiko's strikes.

It takes a moment, but shakes it off. Obviously damaged, but not out of the fight as it hones in on Yellow, those stars hurt as it begins firing music notes like missiles from it's speaker mouth at her, a cacophony of flak exploding around her.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-15 22:46:54 80499
    "H-hey, you idiot, this ain't no act! Your life's in danger here! Get outta- ngh!"

    Note blasts rain down, and Kokoro is forced on the defensive; far from the more agile types, her 'defensive' consists largely of blocking and tanking, with the result that by the time she's able to shift her position, she's looking a bit more battered. But she's not gonna let that much slow her down... nor, is she gonna let that thing just turn around and strike back at one of the ranged attackers. "-tch! Don't make me repeat myself...!"

    A lunge, a roll and a skid, and those missiles of music never reach Yellow. They slam into crossed arms and a raised hammer, battering Kokoro back several steps... but not taking her off her feet. No, she just lowers her arms and glowers a silent, 'Come at me, bro.'
Hoshi Kogane 2017-07-15 22:55:24 80500
"I'm Prism Princess Yellow, and this is no act." Yellow answers Sumire, and she's about to try to dodge the incoming when she notices Kokoro is tanking... which means Hoshi turns off cleric stance, and instead of sending more stars towards the Shade, she flings a handful of stars towards Kokoro, they wear little nurse hats with a yellow cross, and fly towards those crossed arms, where they try to attach with soothing healing energies.

Orange calls out for Purple to awaken, and she takes a deep breath and looks towards Sumire, "We'll explain later, promise."
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-07-15 23:02:12 80501
Cute Wolf Tsukiko dives away from the initial barrage of audio bombardment, the wolf-motes getting rattled around by the concussive force. "Of course it uses physical sound," the wolfgirl mutters to herself.

Well, standing around and trying to howl isn't that wise right now, and trying to out-shout a microphone seems a bit too challenging anyway. But she still has her speed to count on!

Dashing forward, Tsukiko leaps up to deliver an upwards axe-kick to the Shade's chin, flipping backwards from the momentum and then bounding clear. Maybe that will help throw off its aim!
Sumire Tenshi 2017-07-15 23:19:52 80502
Sumire Tenshi stared up at the assault. What in the world was-- And then orange tackled her out of the way! She let out a shocked shriek, tumbling back. "A-ah! What are you doing?" she asked, staring at the girl. What in the world was any of this? The crystal was chucked at her and she caught it and stared and... "What in the world am I supposed to do with this?" she asked, cocking her head to the side. She then shoved the orange girl off her and looked around. All of this chaos and anarchy. Destroying everything. Finally... "THAT'S IT!" she yelled. "I'VE HAD IT! I'VE HAD IT WITH BEING THROWN AROUND! I'VE HAD IT WITH BEING YELLED AT AND HAVING A BUNCH OF AMATEURS RUN UP ON STAGE! MOST IMPORTANTLY!" She turned her eyes on the beast and advanced on it, the anger finally crackling off her. Not literally, obviously.

"I've had it with YOU!" She grabbed one of the metal music stands as she walked by it. "RUINING MY CONCERT!" she screamed before just baseball swinging it at the creature.

CRACK BOOM! An eruption of... oh. Wait. No. The microphone was still just connected. That's what the sound was. The monster was probably not affected that much.

Sumire, on the other hand, dropped it as suddenly purple light enveloped her. She let out a shriek, before disappearing into a sphere of purple light.

A saber of diamonds suddenly popped out a moment later, in three quick slashes, the sphere scattered, revealing Sumire but... not Sumire. Instead, she was garbed in the traditional prism girl outfit, except purple. Her wings weren't the traditional butterfly, instead they were pure white and made of soft angel feathers(which,frankly, was so Sumire. She wasn't happy unless she was the special lil snow flake.) The wings spread out, scattering gemstones across the ground. She stared at the saber in confusion, her eyes going wide. "W-what in the world... what... why... what?" she asked. She flicked the blade once and then... glanced up to the monster.

And then a grin formed on her lips. A grin that would have been quite at home on a villain's face. She slashed once, driving it at the creature.

The blade was sharp, but it was still made of a fragile substance. The diamonds would shatter, scattering multi-colored jewels across the ground(how a solid diamond saber shatters into rubies and sapphires was anyone's guess. However, as she readied to swing it again, more diamonds seemed to appear on the blade, extending it once again. "GET OUT!" Another slash, another shattered blade. "OF MY!" Once more! "CONCERT HALL!" she screamed, thrusting the sword in, jewels raining down across the stage. "NOW!" she screamed.

The last slash was special. When she swung it, all of a sudden all of the gemstones she'd scattered across the ground from the broken blade rose up with the strike, slashing out in a blizzard of purifying gemstones and moving with her blade strikes.
Reiko Touyama 2017-07-15 23:26:37 80503

Reiko: But we all have butterfly wings.

Sumire: But I want angel wings! AND ONLY I CAN HAVE THEM!

Reiko, while drawing on the pad: Finnnnne. :(

Prism Keeper Orange thinks that's about right as she gently places a hand to her face. Why'd she ever agree to that back then. Oh well. Can't change the artists interpretation now. She gently frowns as she watches Purple dive into the creature with a blade toward's the creature , purifying gemstones slashing into it's various 'cords' as it takes the hits. Yellow helps triage Kokoro, which may be useful in a moment as the thing seems to have accepted Kokoro's challenge after being called out, only to have it's head flung upwards by a kick to it's chin. It crieeeees out. "AUDIO CHEEEEECCKKKKK!" as it roars. It's loosing power suddenly.

Prism Keeper Orange finally calls out. "IT'S ALMOST DEFEATED I THINK!" she calls out. "Hm--Hammer girl. Can you knock it down so.. so Purple and Yellow and Tsukiko can purify it?..." she calls out.

She feels guilty, which is probably why she's trying to offer assistance verbally instead of unleashing all unholy koi hell on it.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-15 23:36:33 80504
    The healing stars patch up what injuries Kokoro's already sustained. Within a second or two, her glare breaks into a grin that promises a fair bit of hurt for Audio Check, and she shifts that hammer into a proper grip again, sparing just enough time to glance over her shoulder and give Yellow... a single, small nod.

    Hey, it's progress!

    But they want it knocked down. "Yeah, sure, I'll ring its bell pretty hard." And, breathe in... breathe out... and a storm of electricity erupts around the head of the hammer. "Haaaaa...!" Dancing across the engravings, from the weapon to the ground, from the handle across Kokoro's arms, she builds up a fair charge; not the full power she can put into it, but more than enough to give a monster like that some very good reason to lie down and not move for a while. "YAA!"
Hoshi Kogane 2017-07-15 23:42:17 80505
Yellow looks towards Purple, and sighs a bit at the wings. "Come with me!" She instructs, flying down to the Shade which is so wonderfully knocked down by Kokoro, and raising her staff towards Purple, hoping instincts will come in to tell Purple what to do, it's how it worked with her back in the day. If Purple crosses staves with her, she will immediately call out, "Chroma Pallate Cleanser!"
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-07-15 23:48:40 80506
Tsukiko's mouth quirks in a smile at Purple's outfit and approach. "Definitely fierce," the wolfgirl murmurs to herself.

Her ears perk up as Orange coordinates attacks. "Right!" she calls back. "I got the backup vocals!" She starts humming in warm-up, getting ready to howl in support of the power of color once the Prism Keeper combo attack launches.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-07-15 23:57:16 80507
Prism Keeper Purple nodded, following the yellow girl. None of this made sense to her. None at all. But... she remembered that. Years ago. Her with her little stick. Hoshi with her stick. They'd do that...

Holy crud it was real. She looked down at herself, then her saber, then the monster. She then moved with Yellow, spreading her wings and flying to the other girl(wait, they can FLY now? No wires, even! Luckily the girl wasn't scared of heights.)

She lifted her sword to the other girl's, crossing them and... "Chroma Pallate Cleanser!" she called out, unsure of herself but at least trying.

Oh Reiko was going to have -so much- explaining to do.
Reiko Touyama 2017-07-16 00:14:03 80508
Reiko already tried once. Maybe this time she'll believe her.

Kokoro knocks the creature down to it's spindly cord legs with a mighty strike, it calls out in frustration and pain. But it's the pain of a horrid and wrong dark creature that shouldn't exist.

Then the Prism Keepers employ the Chroma Pallate cleanser, bolstered by Tsukiko's purifying howl, The creature screams out as the purifying strength gets through to the color core deep in it before it shatters. Rainbows of color shoot back out of the creature as it looses cohesion, color returning to the auditorium first before the people begin to regain color, though no one wakes up right away.

There is silence now. Griselda is nowhere to be seen- she left it seems, for good, expecting the creature to do her dirty work for her it seems.

Orange sighs a bit and flutters through the air and lands on her feet near the other keepers. "It's.. it's done." she says quietly. She takes a deep breath and looks to Sumire. "P--purple... that's.. you..." she says pointed at her. "We need to talk. About this soon. Okay...?" she asks. "I'm sorry..." she says. She looks to Ikiko and looks sort of hesitant and she sighs. "S--sorry Ikiko-chan. I thought this would had made a great date n' stuff but I guess I was wrong..." she kicks her foot to the ground.

THEN to Kokoro. "Um. Thanks for your help. Um... I don't have a name for you. I'm sorry. I'm. Prism Keeper Orange. This is Prism Keepers Yellow and Purple. And this is Cute Wolf Tsukiko. Um. The Prism Keepers. Protect color. From the Grey Kingdom. That was. Princess Griselda. Earlier. It's a long story. But. She's kind of the ruler." she mutters.

"Um." she looks around. "Everyone should wake up soon..." she offers. "And be okay. But. I think the concert is kind of ruined now." she mutters.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-16 00:22:59 80509
    ...Crap, they're asking for her name.

    Kokoro realizes it's about time she own up to this whole 'magical girl' thing. She doesn't have the defense of her irritable distance from most people anymore. She might as well just... go with it. But... but she can't just give out her name to anyone who asks. Too many people know it already. So... so what? What does she call herself? "I, uh..." Think. "I'm..." Think, dangit, they're staring. "I-I'm, uh."

    Kokoro turns her head to one side, faint color finding its way onto her cheeks. God she can't believe she's giving out a magical girl name. But what to... yeah, yeah, okay, that'll work.

    "...Dengeki Shoujo." ...'Electric Girl'? Brain, why?
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-07-16 00:25:48 80510
Cute Wolf Tsukiko gives Orange a hug and a light kiss on the cheek. "Hey, it's the thought that counts, Reiko-chan," the wolfgirl smiles. "I'll go make sure the audience is mostly unhurt."

She then bounds off, doing a sweep through the crowds with the wolf-motes assisting in the check.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-07-16 00:50:48 80511
Prism Keeper Purple stared at the destruction. She then took a slow, deep breath and looked at the concert hall. Then the concert. Then... "It's ruined..." she whispered. "It's completely ruined," she mumbled. She took a long, deep, slow breath. She lifted her hand to her chest and then clenched it. "It's okay. This is okay. We'll do another concert," she said firmly, her voice a little shaky. She then glanced to orange, her eyes narrowing.

"But that still leaves one important detail. What. In the world. Is this? What am I going to explain to people?" she asked. "This was a game! A silly little game we played as children and now it's affecting my life and RUINING my concerts! HOW?! WHY? None of this is real!" She lifted up the saber to make a point. "This was supposed to be a stick! A little thing we used when we ran around and hit stuff! Why is it suddenly a real life object? WHAT DID YOU DO?!" she yelled. Oh, right. Blame Orange.
Reiko Touyama 2017-07-16 00:56:40 80512
Prism Keeper Orange erfs and Purple. "Purple... pl-please calm down. I tried to tell you...t..that the game we used to play was real but you..just...just... I dunno if you understood at the time but you can now. I'll explain I promise, okay? This---this just isn't my fault, okay? It's important...." she says quietly. She seems to shuffle, a bit akwardly. She gives Ikiko a blushy smile! "O--okay!" she says. Then back to Kokoro and she head tilts. "Hello then, Dengeki Shoujo-san!" she beams and bows a bit. Then a frown.

"If you see ... Griselda again. Please don't hesitate to try to stop her. Just... she used to be our friend.." she says quietly. She shuffles.

"Come on, let's. Go make sure. Everyone is okay then... then we'll go to a cafe or something. To t-talk okay?" she says primarily at Purple.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-16 00:59:38 80513
    Embarrassed at her own choice in name, Kokoro swings her hammer up onto her shoulder and turns away from the group. Purple's tirade, however, keeps her from wandering off just yet. Instead, she turns to look over her shoulder. "Everyone's got their own troubles, but this whole magical girl thing doesn't seem to give two craps what our life's like. I got plenty of problems in my life, one more that's this big just ain't fair. ...but it is what it is, and it ain't goin' away. Might as well own it."

    There's a pause, before one crimson eye tracks over to Orange. "...she tries to hurt a bunch of people again, I ain't gonna pull my swings. ...sorry." She does seem to mean the apology, at least; it's crappy that their friend turned into that. But she's a very 'do what you gotta do' kind of person.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-07-16 01:05:37 80514
Prism Keeper Purple eye twitched. "Go to a cafe? Go to a cafe? I don't have time for that! Do you have any idea what this is going to do to my schedule? I have an interview after this. What am I going to say? Sorry, a monster from the gray lagoon attacked the stadium, my bad? I don't have time to be fighting any monsters like this. I..." She pinched the bridge of her nose. Slow, deep breaths. Finally, she looked down at the sabre and... "What in the world?" Little tiny jewels had appeared around her. And they looked furious. She battered at them, but that just seemed to annoy them and make more of them and... "Argh!" She unhenged and then... chucked the prism wand at Reiko.

"I don't have time for this. Find someone else. I have damage control to take care of," she snapped before storming off, heading to find her agent.
Reiko Touyama 2017-07-16 01:20:55 80515
Orange blunk and frowned a bit.. "P..purple!" she nrgs and just sort of stamps a foot to the ground and sighed a bit. She looked to Kokoro and muttered. "Fine...." she says with a soft sigh as she began to leave on her own accord. This was gonna be a problem, it seems, with Purple.