Ice Water and Unpleasant News

Daisuke finds and tends to Sayaka, who is not in good shape. In a couple of ways.

Date: 2017-07-19
Pose Count: 19
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-19 19:32:00 80632
Since late last night, Sayaka has been crashing on the sofa in the common room, barely stirring, but thankfully breathing still. By this time, Mamoru and Kunzite most likely had left a notice for the inhabitants of this place, alerting everyone of why she is here in the first place. At least she is sleeping now, and from the looks of it, she doesn't seem to have suffered any physical harm. However, her sleep is hardly sound and occasionaly she murmurs aloud, looking quite troubled about something. Must be having a bad nightmare.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-19 19:41:08 80633
Daisuke Hansuke has come by with his hands in his pockets, to see if he can't arrange to visit either Jadeite's or Zoistite's palaces next. This is when he runs into a note by the usual apartment rules when he blinks and grows a little concerned.

He walks into the room and looks around... "Hello?" he asks lightly, as he comes across... Sayaka having a really fitful sleep. He blinks and bit and leans down a moment to examine, though not too closely, and keeping his distance, just in case.

She seems fine at least. This isn't a surprise. The note WAS left by Mamoru, afterall. He'd had done the fixing, certainly, but now.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-19 19:56:47 80634
    Sayaka blinks slowly, yawning and stretching as she eventually wakes up. "Ugh.." she groans, rubbing her eyes and her temples. "Feel like I've just been hit by a truck...Where am I..What happened?" she peers around in confusion as it slowly dawns on her where she is. "How did I get here...?" with a groan, she rests her head back on the pillow, still looking exhausted. Finally, she spies Daisuke, an unfamiliar face and frowns, "Who're you?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-19 20:04:51 80636
Daisuke Hansuke leans back when Sayaka wakes up. "Oh, hey there. Good morning! Um. Mamoru. Left a note. Something about an energy drain or an attack? I'm not sure on the specifics, but you seem okay now?" he asks as he crosses his arms.

"Need anything? Something to drink? Eat? I imagine whatever it is could had made you hungry or thirsty. Or maybe you just are after waking up!" he smiles warmly.

"At the very least, a glass of water? Tea?" he asks. "I'm pretty sure Mamoru-san would be unpleased if I didn't at least offer the basics." he asides.

A pause. "Oh.. oh! Right. My name is Daisuke Hansuke." he offers. "Asclepius is another name I go by." he offers.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-21 00:48:40 80738
Sayaka Miki sighs, staring at the ceiling as she tries to remember what happened. "Energy drain...? Oh..Seth." she frowns, rubbing her temples still. "I suppose it would explain why I'm so groggy. He must have taken a lot."
    Her eyes narrow suddenly at the realization, clenching her fists, "Dammit, why'd he attack me? Why didnt he just ask..?"
    Finally, Saya looks over at him, nodding, "Hansuke-san..Nice to meet you, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I'm Sayaka Miki."
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-21 00:50:53 80739
Sayaka Miki smirks, "Glass of cold water would be fine, thanks. Maybe it'll wale me back to reality."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-21 01:02:36 80740
Daisuke Hansuke nods and walks into the kitchen and comes back with a tall glass of ice water, with ice cubes. He offers to Sayaka with a smile. "Ice water then." he says softly. "Where were... you attacked?" he asks softly. "Someone you know? Someone we should look out for?" he asks curiously. He commits the name to memory as he has a seat on a chair across from the couch. He head tilts.

"Mamoru or Kunzite left a note as to what happened. Something about an attack, so. That makes sense." he offers.

"I'm a healer. But not really as good as Mamoru at it. But you look fine on that level, at least." he offers.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-21 01:11:44 80741
Sayaka Miki slowly rights herself up, resting her back tiredly against the sofa and nods and smiles, taking the drink.
    "Thanks, I appreciate it." she doesnt drink it immediately but rests the cold glass against her cheek, flinching a bit at the cold. But hey, at least it helps to wake her up.
    She glances back at Daisuke and smirks. "Mamoru-san and Kunzite-san huh? Guess I owe 'em one, and no, I dont think he physically harmed me but.."
    She sighs, thirstily drinking the water in silence a moment or two before addressing that other question. "Hmm Seth-kun is..I guess he is..Or was, a good friend of mine. He was slowly dying from a rare heart condition and I tried to heal his heart but guess I wasnt strong enough.."
    She stares into her glass of water, looking quite sad. "Apparently, his dad is a scientist and he and his big brother have bee. working on a 'cure', which apparently turned him into a giant...I..I dont even know who or what he is anymore.."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-21 01:28:58 80742
Daisuke Hansuke blinks a bit as he listens, head tilting a little. "Yeah. One of them left the note." he offers. He purses his lips and frowns. "I think it's safe to stay away from this person until someone has more information for you then." he offers. "If something went wrong, it sounds like."

"It'll need to be set right first." he offers. "Though Kunzite or Mamoru may have other news for you, I'm not sure." he offers. "I came by here to discuss other things. And saw there was someone here that may need some help. But. You seem fine?" he asks curiously.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-21 01:39:07 80743
Sayaka Miki nods. "Right..I'll definitely have to talk to them about it." she tries to climb to her feet but it seems she is still too weak, wobbling and teetering a bit before slumping back on the sofa again with a grunt.
    "Dammit, looks like I'm stuck here for a little while longer." glancing back at Dai she just sighs and nods. "I suppose that is for the best, I couldnt even think of fighting or subduing him in my current condition. But, if I do nothing, other people will get hurt, and he is my friend, no matter what's hapoened to him.."
    Saya glances back at him and smiles, "Physically? I'm fine. Mentally? I dunno, I suppose I just need some rest. I wonder if Sailor Mercury is around? I'm sure she would know how to help him.."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-21 01:56:49 80744
Daisuke Hansuke shakes his head. "I dunno where Sailor Mercury is." he says. "But I'll let Kunzite and Mamoru know about this, regardless, if they don't already. You got here SOMEHOW afterall." he says. "I just don't know how." he shrugs.

He leans back a bit. "Rest a little longer." he offers. "No one's hurrying you out the door. I'm most certainly not." he offers.

"How DO you feel?" he asks cautiously. "Metally."
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-21 02:08:29 80745
Sayaka Miki nods, "I'm sure that Seth-kun would have brought me here. He wasnt himself, but he wasnt entirely gone..At least, I hope that is the case."
    She sighs, hanging her head. "I just..Wish I could have helped him, before it came to this.."
    She glances over at him and smiles. "Well I hope its okay. I'd hate to be a burden to anyone by taking up space. As for my mental state? I..I dont really know. My brain is a mess. I just soent months trying to save a friend from a similar fate. And Seth-kun was a welcome relief from all the unpleasantries of being a superheroune.."
    She laughs, shaking her head. "I gues its not all happiness and sunshine. Sometimes its just exhausting. And lonely.."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-21 02:29:09 80746
Daisuke Hansuke shakes his head. "No, no it isn't. I hear you on the lonely front...." he says a little somberly. "But what's important is that you try to talk to other people. I'm sure Mamoru has said it before, but you know, you can come here and talk and all that." he offers.

"Just. Sit back. If you want to. Get relief with friends in mundane life, you're probably better off trying to make friends with normal people that you won't tell your magical stuff about to." he offers. "It's better that way. I have a few friends like that. Just. Hang with them. Ignore the magic stuff, just for a bit. Not forever. Just a few hours." he offers.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-21 02:33:56 80747
Sayaka Miki laughs, "Hah! See? Thats the problem, every time I try to make friends with mundane people, and try to escape my magical fate, then I discover they are caught up in some supernatural problem or other."
    She finishes the last of her water, replacing the empty glass on the bedside table.
    "Yea, Mamoru-san and Kunzite-san are pretty cool when it comes to helping people, but I've been avoiding this place a lot lately, ever since things between me and Kyouko-chan went a but sour.."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-21 02:41:21 80748
Daisuke Hansuke shrugs. "I never have that problem. Usually." he offers. "So I wouldn't know how that feels." he says. He gets up and politely takes the cup. "More?" he asks before walking into the kitchen. If asked for more, he'll return with the glass full, if not, he'll wash it out and put it to dry. He comes back, regardless, in either scenario.

"Between you and Kyouko-chan? Were you dating?" he asks curiously. He shakes his head. "I never really. Held down a date. And I have my own. Problems with that right now." he admits. "But. That stuff isn't the end of the world. I try to keep moving forward. If I can nowadays. It's not always easy. But..."

He shrugs a little.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-21 02:53:10 80749
Sayaka Miki smiles sympathetically, "I'm sorry to hear that. Though honestly every relationship I ever attempted ended up weird. My first crush was attacked by a youma and damaged his hands so badly he couldnt play violin. It was my wish to heal him that made me Puella Magi. Of course after all of that, he wasnt interested and started dating my best friend instead."
    She looks at the empty glass and hand waves it. "Its okay, I'm more hungry than thirsty, but I dont want to be a burden and raid your fridge or anything."
    She shrugs, "The next guy I liked was turned into an energy draining vampire, and so emo that he rejected me even after I risked my life to save him..Then there is Seth, who was also a normal guy until recently, and now he's turned into an energy draining vampire too. Pretty ironic huh."
    As for Kyouko she just shrugs. "As for Kyouko-chan..." she sighs and shrugs, curling up on the sofa. "Yea..I guess we were kinda like that, but..I'm not entirely sure why we broke up, just kinda drifted apart. I mean, I ran into her at the arcade again, but I guess we're more like strangers still. I kinda hoped we could still be friends but, I dunno.."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-21 03:15:47 80750
Daisuke Hansuke head tilts. "Lots of people break up for various reasons and various faults I figure. Usually I find it's neither's fault? Just. Sometimes things don't work out." he offers softly. "Just relax. Sometimes it's not important to date anyone." he says. "I'm not saying. Don't Date. Just. Maybe take a break. See what happens." he says softly.

He gently looks over to the balcony and back a moment as he purses his lips. "In my case. Someone wants to date. My other name. But hates me. If that makes sense." he laughs.
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-21 03:35:31 80751
Sayaka Miki smiles, "Well actually I'm dating Alex-kun now and he really is quite sweet, now that he's taken off his tough emo mask..Although I feel like a jerk for giving up on him too soon and going on a date with Seth back when Alex rejected me and everything ekse was going wrong...Although, I havent seen Alex-kun in some time now..Hope he's okay.."
    She seems worried about that. But enough about her!
    She looks back at Dausiluke and arches a brow, "What, a fan of your superhero identity, but not so much your mundane persona?" she smirks, "Arent secret identities a pain? This is why I dont even bother."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-21 04:13:08 80752
Daisuke Hansuke raises a brow. "Seek him out. Don't wait for him to come to you, Sayaka." he laughs. a bit. "You'll get nowhere like that." he says as he grins. He brushes his shirt off a moment. "Yeah. Yeah it is a mess and a pain." he mutters.

"I'm going to go. Find out where Mamoru is at least. I need to continue with something now." he gets up and bows. "If you need something, the Kitchen is there, Sayaka-chan, but you should rest juuuust a bit more." he says with a grin- and off he goes!