The Byronic Man

Lacrima comes to discuss why Kunzite left donuts for not particular reason she can discern. They discuss her Heartscape, Seth Locke's current state or lack thereof, and Mamoru comes along to inhale pastries and coffee and reassure both parties with things!

Date: 2017-07-20
Pose Count: 24
Lacrima 2017-07-20 01:08:29 80651
Lacrima got a donut delivery this morning. And a note. She was going to text. But she decided to visit in person. It's evening. Nighttime. When she's certain people should generally be home and not at school. She's dressed in normal pedestrian clothes today though as she appears on the balcony with a Dusk Step and peeks in past the curtains, before she enters and looks around.

"Hello?" she calls out. "Not an emergency. Just a visit...." she says quietly. Just a visit!

"-and an update. Of sorts." she says. "Kunzite...?" she calls out. She steps a couple ways left and right.

She doesn't have a box with her or anything. She suddenly realizes this and turns awkwardly really fast and curses herself under her breath. "Should had brought cupcakes or something." she mutters.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 01:16:27 80653
"Moment," is the call from the kitchen. There's no-one immediately visible. But there's a quiet ringing of metal on metal, a quieter sound of wood on wood, and then Kazuo unfolds himself from where he was crouched down to deal with lower cabinets. He bows gravely in Lacrima's direction, as usual. "Good evening. It's good to see you. How are you? By which I mean the polite inquiry, not yet an attempt to open a more serious and detailed topic. I'm not as qualified to handle that one as I could be."
Lacrima 2017-07-20 01:22:38 80655
Lacrima sits down on the couch as she waits, she knows she's welcome. She doesn't need to be told. She looks over to Kazuo and head tilts. "Is... everything okay?" she asks. "I got the donuts. Just. Usually. You only do that during. Issues for me. My first thought was that I sleepwalked through a situation perhaps not realizing it. But I think that would had been obvious."

"But did. Something happen. Is what I am asking. Sorry. I am not. Worrying. But I figured I had to visit anyways. To update you. Two on the--- courtyard. My courtyard.. situation." she says.

"I'll get to that in a moment." she says.

She looks to the balcony a moment and sort of narrows her eyes a moment.

"I mean. By all means deliver all the donuts in the future." she does add at the end in a deadpan manner.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 01:31:11 80656
There is brief rummaging, and then Kazuo brings out a plate of today's pastries. (There are always sweets. Always.) Apparently today is dorayaki. He sets it down and takes a seat across from Lacrima. "I apologize for alarming you," he says. "No. There was no situation, or at least none you took part in. There was an incident that caused me to be sharply reminded of how gracefully and steadily you generally handle your situation. So it seemed appropriate to make some gesture of gratitude for that."
Lacrima 2017-07-20 01:38:08 80658
Lacrima blinks a bit. "Ah.... I see...." she says. "Well I... try?" she asks. "Did someone make a mess?" she asks. "I-- just. Hard... you know?" she fidgets a bit. She shakes her head.


"The rain stopped." she says. "In. my courtyard. There are. Sprouts now. Tiny. Not many. But. been. Trying to clear. Dead vegetation." she adds. "That monster the. Gardening one. Only seems to come and go at will. Sometimes I open the closet and it's it's den. Other times It's just a gardening closet." she says.

"I think it's dependent on my energy levels. And state of mind." she says.

"Um. There are. Designs. Around the torch sconces. Nothing. Major. Laurels and vines and leaves." she says.

"But. Those are small. The big. Thing is that. Dead vegitation cleared against part of the wall, and. There were old... things. the vines grow on? Trellises?" she says.

"Framing an old door that was hidden so. I cleared those. Inside is... was a ballroom. But it is a mess. A big. big. mess." she says.

"But. If. I had to make a guess at. Something. That. Represented my emotional capacity. In some vauge physical metaphor. It would need to be. That kind of place. A Ballroom. A theater. Something. Like that." she says quietly.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 02:02:03 80659
"It is hard," Kazuo says quietly. "All the more so for you. But you do what you can, despite the difficulty. This one -- last night we became aware that someone who had been warned of dark energy associated with him, and of darkness in his future, and had chosen not to pursue available avenues for trying to understand the problem or deal with it, has discovered that not pursuing the problem does not mean that the problem did not pursue him. So. To permit me to warn you: there is another active vampire of some sort in the city; he appears at present to be an obligate energy vampire; we do not presently know if there are any additional associated issues. He is absorbed in the problem of his first victim being someone close to him; he is therefore swearing off all contact with that individual in suitably dramatic fashion, instead of pursuing some more productive avenue like apologizing, attempting to learn about his curse in the hope of gaining some control, or trying to figure out how to stop leaking dark energy.

"I have told him that if he decides he genuinely wishes to do something about the problem, he may come to me. I did not tell him of your nature. I suspect he will learn, if he does not already know; it is possible he may attempt to approach you. It is also possible that you and he may run into one another on the hunt. I did not particularly wish you to be surprised, particularly since at present he has no idea what he is doing, and he is far more inclined toward grand gestures and lamenting his own fate than he is toward practical matters; I don't wish you to be affected by his troubles unless it is by your own choice."

And then Lacrima tells him that the rain stopped.

Kazuo actually shifts position: leans forward to listen, propping an elbow on his knee. Wordlessly intent.

"Laurels and vines and leaves," he repeats, thoughtful. "Laurels are victory, are they not? Vines and leaves ... ivy stood for bindings, and for tears; it might be some other vine altogether, but it might be interesting to see whether the designs around the torches are symbols of your own qualities. That might be a good sign, if they are.

"The ballroom, though. That's very interesting. In itself. In its suitability. And in finding that the space you inhabit there is much larger indeed."
Lacrima 2017-07-20 02:15:23 80660
Lacrima listens and then frowns a bit and fidgets. "I remember that." she says softly. "Those problems. At the time. I had no one to go to. I didn't know there were 'others'. I didn't know there were people I could talk to. So I made a bunch of mistakes for nearly a year after hurting someone close to me, my brother." she says softly.

"If I knew there was help at the time. Or. If there was any kind of help. I'm not sure when this place. Really. Started. Helping?...." she says.

"I would had sought it out." she shifts uncomfortably. "Why would had come an----"

"Wait a minute...." she twitches a bit.

"Seth. You're describing Seth Locke. I knew he was warned of such a thing by... Rei Hino? At the Shrine?--- and I know he's been avoiding all my warnings for the past many months. And I know something active is in him now. Though. Not to what extent." she mutters. "I know it changes him physically. Like me. In ways. I felt it during Ariel's Birthday Party. But... you're saying. He's a vampire...?" she asks.

"I...wonder...if... it's....related...." she mutters.

She shakes her head.

"Regardless. He's. An idiot. This doesn't surprise me-- if. It's him. He doesn't listen. He thinks he knew more than me about my own condition. He's arrogant. He thinks girls owe him things he does things for. Some of this was before I learned his connection to Eclipse scientists." she mutters. "He's predisposed to it. I'm not surprise whatever this thing is found a home in him."

She sighs and taps her chin. "But... yes. A ballroom. I used to. Love dancing. It was my hobby. What I was in School Clubs for. A little. Bit of everything? I could learn- and it's the thing I used to do that's suffered most. I got kicked out of dance club. I don't have many dance partners now. I don't feel... like certain dance styles. It was all. Important to me." she says quietly.

"Yes. Remember. It's a courtyard. In the middle of a manor. If it's a manor. There's more of it. But more important. That room isn't there in the 'actual' place." she says.

"That makes me. Feel a little better. Because if it was his manor. It wouldn't be there." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 02:32:18 80661
"We were controlled, or hiding, or recovering, until not long at all before you and I first encountered one another," Kazuo admits quietly. "I woke in this body a month to the day before that encounter. So we would have been little help indeed, back then."

Lacrima's naming Seth's name wins her a nod -- Kazuo doesn't interrupt, but he confirms. (Some people the people here will go to lengths to protect. Some people aren't really trying to hide.) At something else Lacrima says, he shows a flicker of reaction, eyes narrowing slightly -- but he doesn't follow up immediately. Not till she pauses.

"He used the balcony entrance and brought in someone whom he'd reflexively drained," Kazuo says. "So he went for help for them, at least. I suspect his situation is not closely related to yours, though not entirely unrelated; this condition has been latent in him since he was young, and given certain of his defensive reactions, I suspect that growing up with it has helped foster some of his poor behavior. His own choices have fostered it as well, however. Directly and indirectly. So. I would be interested in hearing what you mean by 'he thinks girls owe him things,' by the way, if it is something you're inclined to discuss. If not, I will not press."

Then he quiets again, to listen about the ballroom. (Lacrima's not having many dance partners now wins the smallest of frowns.) But when she says that room isn't there in the actual place --

The reactions are, unsurprisingly, very small. An almost-inaudible indrawing of breath. A faint shift of shoulders. A little turn of his head that doesn't quite sufficiently mask an uncharacteristic brightening of his eyes.

"Yes," is all he says. "That sounds like a very good sign."

That may possibly be his equivalent of someone else's leaping up, overturning the table between them, picking Lacrima up off the couch, and whirling her around in the air. (Or at least attempting to before the 'picking up off the couch without asking or warning first' got him a potential reflexive Drenaje, that no-one in the entire houshehold would blame her for.)
Lacrima 2017-07-20 02:50:30 80664
Lacrima scowls. "Seth is..." she says. "I'm trying to think of the term. But. Think of. Well. I think he thinks of life as a video game." she says. "He helped save a princess, so the princess obviously owes him a kiss." she says. "'I help you this one time. So I deserve a date. a kiss.'" she says flatly. "'Haven't I helped you?'" she asks rhetorically.

"It'd be like. After giving Mamoru the numbers to Rashmi and Koji. So they could help with. Miss White. Coming down here and going. 'Well I helped you with numbers. Why not a kiss.'." she says. "That's what. He thinks he's owed." she mutters. "Attention."

Then a fluster. "NOT that it's a thing I want to do. Just. an example." she mutters. "or you! Or-- anyone!" she huffs. She crosses her arms intently.

"But if I did! wouldn't be. Trying .. like that. Like. You owe me!?" she huffs.

Yeah she feels she has to explain herself now.

She shifts. "Regardless..."

"I remember what it's like. I'm going to... bring down. Some of those. Emergency Feeding Kits? The two crystals? That I used on Alexis? That Ami-san did?" she asks. "In case. He comes here in dire straights. They should work. Not aswell as 'feeding on a human', but they'll stabilize."

"If you feel comfortable accepting those." she adds.

Then she fidgets. "Back to. The Seth. Thing..." she says. "He should. Accept the help. And be taught to talk and communicate. Things. Even if he feels he has trouble making the words."

"I mean. Sometimes. I just stammer. At you people. Or babble. And it helps a lot." she says.

"I think Ami-san should also have a spec at him. She might be able to give him something like she tried to give Alexis. Some sort of. Dark energy flow control ring? That could help." she says. "I know the one Riventon built for me as helped out a lot."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 03:28:49 80667
Once upon a time, Lacrima asked Kunzite if he was angry with her, and Kunzite, after reassuring her that he was not, told her that if he ever was, she'd know.

She may be getting a sample of that now: the way his expression chills into an icy stillness, the way his body almost ceases motion -- he's still a human or near enough to one, he still has to breathe, but he comes close to what some beings of darkness can manage. The way his eyes, still grey, nonetheless burn with a cold rage.

His voice remains conversational. "The second time Locke came here," he says, and the name is shorn of honorific in a way that is not remotely familial, "the first time that he came here when we weren't hosting a social event, he managed to become the first and so far only person to have been banned from the place. Not permanently. Only for six weeks. But it was for similarly distasteful behavior. He hasn't brought it on himself again as of yet. It seems that that may only have been for lack of exposure."

He draws a breath; lets it out; focuses on Lacrima, at her suggestion of bringing those crystals. "Perhaps. I did not examine them in detail; will you permit me to check them to be certain that they will not cause trouble for the residents? If so, I suspect we would appreciate playing host to them -- if it is understood that we would be hosting them for your sake, in case you or someone like you came to us in trouble, and any benefit they might bring to Locke would be strictly an act of your generosity in sharing them. Endymion might dutifully view him more kindly. I do not."

The anger does not resurface as they circle back toward Seth's curse. Not the chill, at least. And his tone is resigned and tired instead. "He should accept it," he says. "But to be able to make use of it, he would have to make some genuine effort himself. The only genuine efforts I am aware of his ever having made are in service of either stark immediate terror, or of his sister. His sister may, in time, provide him sufficient reason to attempt to do better.

"But words are next to useless for him, Lacrima. He is too accustomed to finding them primarily methods of projecting some facile and failed attempt at a Byronic image; or of attempting to impose his own opinions and preferences on someone not in a position to escape, and claiming that this act is friendly and generous; or of honing his own vanity and self-pity, usually at the same time. Communication is next to useless for him -- because he does not feel any real need to communicate. Because he only rarely comes into actual proximity to the idea that the people around him might be people, complex and independent and ensouled beings, as opposed to props in his own drama. One does not communicate with a prop. One uses it, or acts at it. And he is happier this way, in a toxic fashion, because his own comfort is one of his highest values. If he had to acknowledge that other people might have independent reality, he might need to examine other assumptions of his own, and perhaps discover that a number of them might be wrong. THat is a sort of discomfort that generally leads to far better results. But it is discomfort, and I have only ever seen him entertain that when it feeds his pride."

He leans back, looking half toward the ceiling, and shakes his head. "I will not argue that you should not contact her about him. But I do not, at present, have any intention of so much as telling him that she exists. Not until he shows some sign that he actually desires to improve. Without that -- I do not believe that he would do anything with anything she gave him other than exacerbate the problem. A dark energy flow control ring is not an idiocy flow control ring."
Lacrima 2017-07-20 03:51:58 80668
Lacrima scoffs. "His sister is being followed by the white cat rabbit that gives wishes." she says. "I offered to watch out. Offered to talk to her about it. He declined. I imagine it's only time now until she surfaces as some new Puella Magi. Then. Well. We know what happens to Puella Magi. I imagine that will do /wonders/ for his condition." she mutters.

"The crystals? Of course. One IS dark energy. Which is why I carry them in that suitcase. It isn't for show. The suitcase is like... some sort of magically warded affair Eclipse uses for carrying around sensitive magical samples. So they don't leak influence." she offers. "If you'd rather not have them here. For me. Or him. That's fine. I am merely offering." she says quietly.

She sours. "Wait. He was banned? I...I.... drained. Mamoru. and... attacked him and even I... wasn't... banned..." she mutters. "I imagine that was unpleasant, whatever he did." she says.

"I agree with that. As I said. He believes to know what it is like to be me. To know my condition. He does not." she insists.

"I mean. He might. NOW. Given. This change. But. He did not before it." she says frankly.

"Um... excuse me a moment..." she says as she pulls up her smartphone. Wikipedia.

B.y.r.o.n.i.c.. - Adj. Characteristic of Lord Byron or his Poetry. A man of alluring dark, mystery, mood.

There it is again. just a twinge. At the lips. Just a split second as she lowers her phone.

"I apologize. I did not know. What. 'Byronic' meant but. It is dangerously accurate." she says. "Hilarously so, even. I will need to remember this word. Because this word also describes Podoeroso during the dreams when he's......."

Then a blush and a cough. "Sometimes. He would. Travel. And- Do the Dark, Mysterious and Brooding Rich Stranger thing. I mean. Women liked it then."

She sighs and shifts a bit. "I'm glad I wasn't like that. I mean. Sometimes I do sort of. Wallow in bad feelings? But that's just a part of what I am. Sit there and hate myself all day. Because I attack people to exist. Because I can't really. Make myself feel better."

"But. I go out and. Try. I mean. When I feel. Like that."

"I go find Eilam-kun. And I know Eilam-kun will want to hold me. And stroke my hair. and tell me things like. He doesn't care that I'm. A mass of dark energy. Because I've brought light to his world." she says. "Or. I can come here. And see if anyone's here to just talk at. or I can go to Rashmi-chan's curry shop and see if she's there."

"What's sad is that I'm such a mess. But even I know. These things. Which makes me wonder if Seth is a worse mess. Or if he's just an asshole that wants to be that thing."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-07-20 04:17:56 80669
"Unsure of the details of what you're talking about," comes Mamoru's voice from a roof-stairs direction, along with the clomping of his feet on said stairs, "but--"

--he comes out of the stairwell and grins at Lacrima and Kunzite, leaning around the jamb. "Can't he be both? Because, pretty sure he's both. Also, pretty sure I should apologize to everyone ever all over again because now I actually know what the suddenly-red-eyes thing looks like..."

He's spotted the sweets. Beelining to help himself from the plate between the two, the yukata-and-cargo-shorts-wearing prince asks, "OMG is this dorayaki did you make it?" and then already has one in his mouth.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 04:37:31 80670
The phrase 'white cat rabbit' on top of Kazuo already sounding tired is enough to make him close his eyes and lean his head back altogether, as if simultaneously addressing some appeal upward and also trying to escape into sleep. That's probably agreement with Lacrima.

About the crystals, he says, "Best to check with Endy rather than with me, then. We can do that. He may have a decision, or he may want to test things."

Something being unpleasant - Kazuo nods without opening his eyes, to that one. "Technically," he says, "none of the house rules were broken. But when one's told that a behavior one's exhibiting is impolite, and unacceptable in the house, answering with 'here is why you are wrong and I can do it anyway' is not likely to get one invited back. He hasn't learned on that front."

The excuse-a-moment wins his opening an eye a crack, regarding Lacrima, then spreading his hands and straightening up again. "Some people do like that kind of thing. Some people only like it when done well. There's no accounting for taste." And a limit to what he can say when Nephrite (a) lives in the same place and (b) is Very Taken these days. Doomed on multiple fronts.

Lacrima's shifting in place wins rather more of Kazuo's attention back again. And he'd be saying something, but there's clomping on the stairs. And then there's a Mamoru diving for sweet-filled treats.

Turns out Kazuo is in fact capable of finding an expression that says 'I am judging you for the cargo shorts.'

"Yes, and yes, and it is not made of oxygen, Mamoru, don't try to breathe it." Kunzite glances between him and Lacrima, opts against asking if anyone else is possessed, and says instead, "I think the question is which one 'believes he's exempt from cause and effect' falls under. I'm glad you have places you feel welcome. And pleased that one of them at times is here."
Lacrima 2017-07-20 04:46:09 80671
Lacrima hasn't touched the dorayaki yet. She does reach for one finally. She doesn't scoff it down. She peers over at Mamoru and nods a bit. "Hello, Mamoru-san. We were just talking about. Seth." she says quietly.

"He probably is both." she says softly.

She shifts a bit. She purses her lips. "I was asking Kunzite about. bringing over some of those. 'Emergency Feeding Crystals', the ones I brought over during Alexis's troubles-- in case someone like me or maybe Seth needed them. The danger that Kazuo talked about is that. One is dark energy imbued. I guess there is a danger if someone just takes it and smashes it and the dark energy gets out. But. It's hardly a dangerous amount. There's more in the other crystal. Which I guess is more of a comfort issue. Since. Well. The other crystal is full of. Well. Human energy. A mix cocktail of various. Things. Sort of. Trying to hit everything at once. For types like me."

"What's important is that. It can feed and help someone like me or Seth without resorting to. Trying to snack on someone here. In an emergency pinch." she offers.

"The suitcase is a containment system they are in. So. As long as no one's. Manhandling them. They'll be fine." she offers.

"I carry one set on my person usually." she says. "Like how someone may carry an epipen or something." she says. She shakes her head.

"My eyes have never been red. My color changes has always involved purple of some sort." she offers. "Red was Poderoso's color though."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-07-20 05:05:10 80673
It takes a little finagling and a little swallowing in order to stick his tongue out at Kazuo, but Mamoru manages it as he drops himself into a chair and sprawls out comfortably. Then he does, at least, point fingerguns at Kazuo for his last statement before nodding emphatically at Lacrima. "You are definitely welcome here anytime-- and I know you consider Kunzite your friend; I hope I am that too, or that someday I might be."

Then he sits up and snags another dorayaki, listening. His brow furrows slightly. "It's a good idea. It's not so much someone breaking them and letting the energy out that I'd be worried over-- more that some of the residents here might think about it too much. Like keeping one of Neph's better bottles of fine single-malt Scotch in the home of a recovering alcoholic -- a temptation lying around, testing resolve. Resolve I trust! But testing it anyhow. I do know that even once the case was open, I didn't feel any discomfort, which means the dark energy one's at the very least not leaky even outside the case." There's a brief pause, and he chews on the inside of his lip. "The question's academic, since the crystals presumably already exist, but-- the one filled with human energy, do you know if it's, uh... fair trade organic, as it were? Volunteer sources--?"

Then he shakes his head. "Locke's eyes went red right before he exerted his power. From what I understand, so did mine when I was puppeted by Metalia. And he did imply a period of memory loss in that he didn't retain how he got from point a -- kissing -- to point b, draining. But he was also really cranky about hearing that kissing Sayaka-san to bring himself comfort might have been a behavioral door opened for darkness to take over."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 05:10:17 80674
"I'd ask what you consider not organic human energy," Kazuo says to Mamoru dryly, "but that question would inevitably lead to a sudden influx of thirteen-year-old cyborgs." Or Nullhearts. Nullhearts would be a really uncomfortable possibility. On many levels.

The crystal conversation he lets flow between Lacrima and Mamoru -- he's had his say already, and if he's bowing it over to Mamoru, the best he can do is stay out of the way. "Purple looks better on you than red would," he says to Lacrima, all the same.
Lacrima 2017-07-20 05:14:23 80675
Lacrima was about to talk about the crystals when Mamoru mentions Sayaka-chan. "WHAT?" she spits out. "It was /Sayaka-chan/!?" she mutters. "Alexis. Alexis needs to.. be here. If she's still here. Alexis cares for her a lot. He'll want to be here. Know what happened. They're... dating. And stuff." she mutters. "Idiota!" she mutters out in Spanish, though it's clear what the word is as she rubs her forehead. "I will need to have a talk with her. Sayaka. later." she mutters. "About Seth. If neither of you haven't or won't. Girl.. talk. Stuff." she mutters.

"If you are implying the. Energy comes from unwilling victims I would call it-- a. Grey. Area. When Eclipse takes on. Interns. In the know. That's part of the contract. If I come up to you. And ask. As someone who. Is effectively, your senior, you say yes." she says.

"No one's made a big fuss. Sometimes they'll mutter a bit about it. Most of these people are greedy thinking they're gonna get a dark energy power jump anyways. If it was. Taken too forcefully. I find that kind of energy. The intent doesn't keep it very well contained. It wants out."

"Also, that's the secret of my lunch period when I'm in the labs." she says a little coyly, perhaps with that deadpan humor. "At least it's. Marginally better than. Corning. Someone in an alley." she mutters.

She huffs. "Seth is a pig like that. As far as I'm concerned." she mutters. "Kazuo will probably tell you later what we discussed." she mutters.

"At least I know if I want. 'Comfort Kisses' I have people I know who will give them that also want to be kissed back..." she mutters.

"Also, you know. If Seth's a vampire now that isn't my fault. I didn't turn him or anything. I don't think I would had done to Seth what I did to Alexis anyways..." she mutters. "At least. Not as. Easily or willingly."

"S...sorry. If that's selfish. Just."

"Seth is... not. Really.--- someone I care. All that much for. Right now." she mutters.

She blinks. She shakes her head. "You.. both. Are friends. As far. What I consider. Friends. In my head." she says.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-07-20 05:26:26 80677
Kazuo is too far away to shove at easily. "I could make a rock joke," Mamoru points out instead, then goes back to listening, the corner of his mouth twitching upward at the 'purple is a better look' comment.

And then he shifts uneasily. "Um, maybe have the talk with Sayaka before we tell Alexis, so she can be the one to tell him, instead of him finding out from a third party. I really don't-- it's definitely not my place to get involved in that discussion in any case."

The prince nods, then, apparently satisfied with the lightness of the grey area there. "Okay, that's fine. And yeah-- I mean I know some people involved with Eclipse would rather not be, but unless they look for help getting out, that's another thing that's just--" He stops there, and outright laughs at Lacrima's joke-not-joke. "Wow, corporate lunch breaks sound wild."

Then he's shaking his head rapidly. "He's not your responsibility. And he's made sure that he's not ours, either. It's not selfishness, sweetheart, it's self-preservation. There's a definite difference." ... and then he beams. "Good. Because I keep wanting to refer to you as my friend and then pausing because I didn't know if you felt that way and I didn't want to assume your feelings."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 05:43:27 80679
"I haven't had the chance to speak with Sayaka at all," Kazuo says quietly. "I was mildly annoyed with her habit of pinning blame on Kyouko for their breakup, particularly when she started manufacturing accusations; she does that when she gets overwrought. So I haven't sought out her company in quite some time. That was poorly thought-out in some respects. If Sayaka wasn't carrying enough grief cubes to take care of herself. It used to be a careless habit of hers. Perhaps it still is. Or perhaps she hasn't harvested enough, which is potentially alarming."

He rubs at his face with one hand, then glances back at Lacrima steadily. "Well," he says. "I'm at least pleased to hear that the Eclipse cafeteria staff deals appropriately with dietary intolerances."

(This is the point at which Nephrite usually tells him to stop thinking he's funny.)

Mamoru's shaking his head is echoed by a tilt of Kunzite's. "It's definitely not your fault," Kazuo says. "Your treatment doesn't suddenly turn people seven feet tall. Given how difficult it is to find clothes that fit me, I could pity him on that front alone." ... this may be the secret other reason he has so many copies of one outfit. "And as I said. This was seeded in him when he was very small, I think. Not you in the slightest."

He doesn't explain the mysterious What They Discussed. But Lacrima hinted at it anyway, so that's perhaps understandable. He doesn't say anything about friendship, either. But there were donuts. Maybe that counts.
Lacrima 2017-07-20 05:47:26 80680
Lacrima shakes her head. "Kunzite is. One of the few people I know that can relate to being this thing. It may had been different. For him. But there are similarities here and there. Enough that. I can name at least a few shared experiences. Like the dreams of colored and moving changing shapes that we discussed." she motions. "So when Kunzite tells me. He understands. I know it's not just. Lip service. Or something."

"--and. Despite. Things I have done. You welcome me here. I like being here. I try not to visit all the time, because I know there are people that would rather I not be here. Like Kyouko Sakura. And I would rather not. Start a fight. or be part of one here. Since I know starting one would. Be-- ignoring the rules over there." she says.

"Y--yeah I'll just. Talk with. Sayaka first. And have her. Talk to Alexis. I'll. Be there for support. Like. The last problem. They had." she says softly.

She nods. "I will deliver a suitcase of four sets. I would keep these safe somewhere but reachable. They are effectively medical tools for dark energy beings. Not weapons. Mercury already has knowledge of them, if you need to check with her on them."

"I mean. If not for Seth. There could always be another like me who might come here for help. I'm sure it'd be comforting to hear that, you are prepared somewhat for someone like them."

There is a short blush at the purple is better. "I dunno why purple, but it's grown on me at least." she says.

She frowns at the comments about Sayaka. "Oh... where. Her and.. Kyouko a...?... at one time? I didn't know that." then there's that twinge again. just a moment. at the lips...

"So..Kyouko... broke. up.. with Sayaka.... and... got with... Naru and.... Naru.... broke up with Alexis... and... Alexis... got with.... Sayaka....."

"Th.. that is really silly." she says deadpan.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-07-20 06:08:51 80683
There's still more listening-- and trying not to smirk at Kunzite's funny-- and Mamoru's got the pastry in his mouth and his phone out of one of his many many pockets (SEE? PHONE NOT IN OBI, PHONE IN POCKET), googling something once Kazuo says 'seven feet tall'.

He figures he'll get the DL on the mysterious Former Topic of Discussion later, if Kunzite feels like it's necessary.

Then Mamoru leans forward and puts his phone face up on the table where they can both see an animated gif of Gumby stretching out taller and taller and taller...

It just sits there. On the table. Unspoken.

"One thing I've learned is that your friends don't all have to be friends with your other friends," he says wryly, maybe a little apologetically. "And that someone being friends with me and someone I don't like doesn't mean they value me less, you know? I get it." A pause. "You know, I like Riventon a hell of a lot better than Locke, and I know Riventon hates my guts."

Sheepish grin, and Mamoru picks up another pastry, but just turns it over and over in his hands as he gets a little more serious again. "And -- no, I don't understand, not on the same level as Kunzite, what you live with. I understand the cheaty way, being an empath, but I know that's not the same. So I'm glad I can be your friend even though I don't."

TOPIC CHANGE YES, okay good yes, making Kunzite uncomfortable can be over; he shoots the white-haired man a faintly apologetic look, then nods firmly to Lacrima. "I really like the idea of being able to take care of anyone who comes here for help. Asking for help, or even letting a friend ask for help for you, is so important. It's really hard for a lot of people, and..." He almost mushes the pastry in his hands on accident, looking down at it. "...and I remember what you said, a long time ago. That so many people offered you help but nobody ever could, and nobody ever followed through, and people just lectured you on how you should be. And even then you were so willing to accept help-- provided it was real. This--" He looks up again, blue-eyed gaze flickering briefly to Kunzite just to read him and include him, then going back to Norie, "--this is you helping us make sure that even if I-- if we-- can't solve problems people want help with, we can-- it's medicine for people I can't heal on my own. Thank you."

Now there's another glance toward Kunzite; this time it's a brief shrug of one shoulder. "We'll figure out where to keep them so they're not a problem for anyone here."

...then there's Norie's last comment, and Mamoru fights back a huge shiteating grin. He fails, he loses that fight spectacularly. "I know right??"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-20 06:20:56 80686
Kazuo doesn't look at all uncomfortable! Nothing about this is awkward.

Except for all of it. Jadeite. Where is Jadeite. The dealing with emotions business is supposed to be his job. No, wait, no, that would be a terrible idea. He shifts in his seat instead, glancing one direction and another. Awkwardly.

Eventally the topic of crystal storage gives him a reprieve. "It seems likely that storing them with the first aid supplies would work," he notes to Mamoru. "The residents rarely have call to use them, and any reminder that fetching equipment for you might give will be overruled by needing to be back to dealing with the problem quickly." Their housemates' attention spans are not mentioned or described beyond that.

He pushes himself up out of his seat at last. "Anyone suggesting that Naru should now date Sayaka, and Kyouko make a match with Alexis, will be reminded that we value our friends and we prefer their blood remain in their bodies at least a reasonable percentage of the time," he says solemnly. "Mamoru. Coffee? Lacrima, would you like anything? Coffee, tea, pineapple soda?" This while he is making his way toward the kitchen. Which is totally not fleeing. In the same way in which nothing about anything was ever awkward ever.
Lacrima 2017-07-20 06:22:25 80688
Lacrima ohs. "Um! Right. Um."

"The rain. Stopped. I mean. In. The Courtyard. In my head. Heart...wherever." she says quietly. "There's... sprouts. Not many. But. I've been. clearing out dead vegetation- and there. Are. Designs around the torches. I've never seen before. Laurels. Vines.. Ivy type. Things." she says. "--and there was a door. Behind. A mass of dead vines. And it leads to a ballroom. It is a mess. A huge. Broken mess. But. I'm pretty sure. That'd be the room. I'm looking for. In regards to. Fixing my emotions." she says. "But. More importantly. That isn't a door that exists in Poderoso's manor. So it exists in mine." she says softly.

"I don't feel much different. But I also haven't. Freaked out. Over all the recent stuff since. So I think it's... calmed me on some level. For now. I still feel bad about things. But not. A crying... mess."

She nods at Mamoru. "I was talking about that. With Kunzite earlier. How I felt. when I became this. That if such a place existed two years ago. To at least. Put me in touch with others. I'd had come. Sooner than later. And Seth. Knew from the get go. And he doesn't..." she grumbles.

"I just don't get it. Sometimes. I guess. I hate being this dark energy fueled thing. And he apparently doesn't give a darn if he is. Maybe he thinks dark energy is a fast way to obtaining girls....." she muses not-so-silently as she taps her bottom lip.

"I mean it. Isn't." she asides.

"Pineapple soda." she says softly to Kazuo. "Thank you."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-07-20 06:48:25 80692
"Coffee is yes," Mamoru tells Kunzite in the middle of the night, because of course he does. It also takes more time to deal with than pineapple soda. Poor Kunzite. Many awkward. Very feels.

Lacrima's latest information-- latest to Mamoru, anyway-- has him brightening considerably, then outright grinning again. The mauled pastry gets put on the coffeetable and he starts to reach...

...stops himself in time, but the fact that his reflex on being happy for Lacrima apparently involves potential contact reveals more than words ever could how real his statement of friendship is. But there's nothing awkward about the stop, only a little sheepishness that gets glossed over immediately. "Awesome. I knew it was your place!" he crows. "And a ballroom -- such a large space! That's wonderful! And you're right -- finding the tools, or the path, to fixing the problem? It doesn't in itself fix the problem, but it makes it so much easier to approach, to work on, for sure! And knowing it's there, that there's proof you're your own and you still have the capacity you thought you'd lost-- that would be a relief, wouldn't it? You're going to be okay and you can believe it now."

This enthusiasm is not... uncharacteristic? of Mamoru anymore, but this level is still fairly rare.

Aaaand then he shifts in his seat again, picking up the phone and its Gumby gif and thumbing the display's off button, not looking up for the Seth part and the two years ago part. "And if two years ago I'd known what I was doing, I could have maybe helped a little, at least, but Kunzite's still the best..." Small shrug. "What-ifs sometimes hurt, are sometimes frustrating."

Finally he glances up, and he smiles lopsidedly. "I don't think he actually understands, really. I think he's a solipsist who's not sure if he's a writer or if he's a pawn of fate, and they say write what you know, and all he knows is TV dramas and Regency romances and shounen manga. I don't think he wants this. I just don't think he knew how to be a human being in the first place. But he might figure it out. If he does, AND he asks for help, AND he actually accepts advice, then I'll have time for him. Before that...?"

The Prince of Earth shakes his head. "I don't even like reading Coleridge."

He pushes the plate over. "Let me know how these taste with pineapple soda and I'll let you know how they are with coffee!"