Stressed Out

Chris discovers that Miku is offiically kookoo for cocopuffs.

Date: 2017-07-20
Pose Count: 33
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 18:04:52 80704
Miku Kohinata had almost gotten over her stress regarding her missing girlfriend. Where 'stress' means near total insanity, and 'gotten over' means an emotionless husk, and 'girlfriend' ... well, nobody ever doubted who she's in love with, even if she spent a long time denying it to herself.

She had almost managed that emotionless state of 'over it' when two offers were presented to her by magical beings. In any other world she would have been certain she was going crazy, but after what she's learned about Symphogears and Virtue, Miku is airing towards believing that there really are options available to her, now.

But are they good options?

The green-haired teen is sitting alone on a bench in front of the school, staring at the little communicator she was given by Section 2 when they merged with Virtue. She's been this way nearly twenty minutes, and on a lark she decides to open it and push a button: Chris Yukine's number on speed dial.

Because when your options are all bad, why not contact the one person who is sure to tell you that you're being a dummy.
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 18:15:46 80705
A few rings would echo out in Miku's ear before a click and the audible breath of the girl came through. The background noise was of the crowd at large, clicks and clacks of glass and silverware faintly audible. Adjusting was hard, but her stomach certainly wasn't one of those things, eagerly chowing down on a sundae. "Hello?" Not much to say, merely a minor greeting to start the conversation off. After all, she wasn't scared of talking to Miku in the slightest. "What's up?"
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 18:21:48 80706
"Chris-chan," Miku mumbles into the phone, almost surprised the other girl picked up. She doesn't say anything for a moment, as if she didn't quite think that far through it. Then she makes a soft noise, then asks, "Are you busy? Um. I need to talk to someone. I'll buy dinner?"
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 18:26:32 80707
A small gulp finished off the sundae, nodding from the other side of the conversation as her brow furrowed. Granted, Miku's emotional state wasn't the most obtuse thing in the world. When even she could pick up on it, that would mean it was pretty blatant. "Mmh." A noise of affirmation, the outside world fading out as she focused on the conversation. "Where at? The cafeteria?"
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 18:27:42 80708
"Oh, I was thinking the okonomiyaki place," Miku admits. 'Somewhere off campus. But I guess we could do the cafeteria if you prefer." It is, after all, much closer. "I'll meet you there in a few minutes?"
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 18:32:12 80709
"Oh, that place? Mmmmmmmh, either is good, but I think the cafeteria is closing soon." She reclined back on her chair, gazing up at the ceiling. "Okonomiyaki. Meet me there in ten. Is that good?" After all, Chris hadn't taken the time to explore every inch of the city. Having a friend along would be better for her own sake, too. So friendly, the people there...
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 18:36:15 80710
"Yeah, I'll meet you there," Miku agrees. It shouldn't be too hard to find; it is, after all,m the place Miku took Chris to recover when she found the girl ill in the rain.

"Thanks," Miku says before hanging up.

Then she's up and running. 10 minutes turns to 2, and Miku finds a table to sit and wait for Chris at once again, fidgetting uncomfortably over a cup of coffee provided for her while she waits.
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 18:39:19 80711
Her own sentence died in her throat as thecall hung up, staring at the 'Call Ended' screen for a few moments before sighing. Time ticked away, 10 minutes ticking to 9, to 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And on that final minute, Chris could be seen entering into the shop, sitting across from Miku with a concerned glance and a nod. "Yo." She's already grasping for the menu, even if her mind was more focused on the girl in front of her rather than the food itself.
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 18:46:07 80712
@emit Miku stands as Chris joins her at the table, then smiles nervously before sitting back down across from the other girl. "Hi," she says. "Sorry, I know I'm being stupid." She frowns a little at herself, then notes, "That's kindof why I wanted to talk to you. You're the only one I know who will actually be honest with me about this." Miku lets out a soft sigh, then looks down at the menu even though her order is already decided.

It's not until she has flagged down the owner and placed her order, and Chris's is taken, too, that Miku finally looks up to Chris again. "Hibiki's missing," she opens with. "You knew that already, but I just wanted to give you some context. Anyways, I don't know where she is, and no one will tell me where she is, and I don't even know if she's okay, and it's driving me crazy.

"I thought I was over it," she continues, "but then this little ... rodent-thing offered me a deal: I can have anything I wish, if I become a magical girl. And then another guy appears in my mirror and offers me a similar wish: If I become a magical girl and collect some things for him, he will grant me any wish. Everyone seems to think tghe rodent-thing is a bad deal. Something about the way he grants wishes is apparently bad, but no one will tell me why. But this other guy seems more legitimate. And if I have to work for my wish up front, that seems reasonable, right?"
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 18:55:14 80713
Her order is settled on quickly, staying silent as she listened to Miku's spiel. The obvious fact about the abscence of the girl that punched her into shape confirmed her own suspicions about the matter, a visible frown slipping onto her visage. Hand grasping her necklace on instinct, the silverheaded girl hung her head, shaking it slightly. "That rodent-thing...I don't know what it is, but if people around here say they're bad, there's no reason not to believe them. But for the other man...Do you have a name? A phrase? Anything."

"He strikes me as the worse one of the two. First off, who asks through a mirror? If he wanted things, at least specify what they are and what they do. I don't trust him in the slightest." Both situations sounded crazy enough on their own! Yet...Considering her own life, she didn't have a reason to doubt the veracity. Which meant...Once it came to it, it was a matter of giving advice. "Any time limit for either?"
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 18:57:01 80714
"His name is Blue," Miku replies, smiling a little as Chris immediately grows suspicious. It's a relief knowing the other girl actually cares enough to be suspicious. "And specifically he wants me to collect precards, which will drop when I defeat youma. If I fill a binder, then I get to ask a wish from him. I'd be a magical girl, like you are. Like Tsubasa-sama, and like ..." Hibiki.
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 19:03:41 80715
...At this point, Miku was the closest person to Chris. Being saved and taken care by her went a long way towards blunting her barbed personality towards the green-haired girl. "Collecting cards by defeating creatures." Certainly not a bad way to be a magical girl, the possible ways it could all go wrong irregardless. "That organization we're in, Virtue." If they were the prestigeous organization of strength that they boasted they were, there had to be something. /Anything/. "Have you talked with them about it? Or searched for anything? It's too...convenient. Frankly, I'd tell him to buzz off and stop stalking girls through mirrors." It was a small shame that 'Blue' was the only thing she could go off on.
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 20:02:27 80716
"I ... kindof," Miku says with a faint grimace. "He gave me a name of a magical girl I could talk to who's already had her wish granted. A 'Cure Tide'? And apparently her sister is 'Cure Gull' and she's already got a wish, but hasn't actually used it, yet. I don't know who Cure Tide is, but Cure Gull was once a member of Virtue. I wasn't able to find out why she left, though. I guess I could talk to the Guardians and ask if they'll explain it, but Blue told me I should contact the Pretty Cures directly to ask them about their wishes and their experiences." She's not going to argue about creeping in mirrors. She had the same thought, herself.
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 20:09:35 80717
A nod, glancing over every so often towards the kitchen before refocusing her gaze back at Miku. "Then, that's the best lead you have. I'm sure they'll be up in arms over some creeper namedropping them without asking them first. And if they do know, then..." Trailing, the girl shook her head, hand on her chin in thought. It was a complicated thing, especially with Hibiki out of the picture for now. A third person? But what would she think? But Miku just wanted to help. "...I'd try to find everyone and talk to them. All the Pretty Cures. And the Guardians too. If he's aiming just for you, then disobeying him shouldn't be a problem if he's desperate. If he is...Then that's even more questions." Too many ways this could go wrong, but it was the best way to do things. "And the rodent?"
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 20:16:01 80718
Miku shakes her head faintly. "A friend who used to be a vampire, and an ... aquaintance who is a vampire--both told me the rodent was bad news. That he'd grant the wish but I wouldn't really get what I want out of it, and that it always goes bad. I don't really know what they mean, but they refused to fully explain it."
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 20:20:22 80719
"..." Her mind was torn between two distinct possibilities upon hearing that, frowning again as a sigh slipped forth. "I think...I understand part of what they mean. Maybe. He's offering you a quick way but asking for something that might go against what you want." Shaking her head, Chris tapped the table with an annoyed click of the tongue. "That and the rodent's also a creeper."
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 20:24:33 80720
"At least the rodent waited to talk to me until I was outside, in a public place," Miku points out with a frown. Food arrives, and Miku pays for both plates before grabbing her chopsticks to eat. "Anyways," she mumbles around picking at her food, "I guess I could talk to them. I really don't want to be a magical girl, though. And I don't even know what to wish for? Genjurou-sama tells me she's doing something very important, so I can't wish for her to come back. That would be selfish. I just ... I haven't heard from her. I don't know if she's safe or when she'll be back. I don't know what to do."
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 20:33:32 80721
Chris dived right into the food, loud smacks and slurps echoing out as she began to chow down. It seemed that manners took a backseat to instinctual desparation forged by time, glancing up every so often. "Then don't take the wish for either. That's it, right? If we could look for HIbiki, then you could have already done that." Her brutish manners were on grand display, slurping and chomping however she could. "But if you had to wait..." Stopping for a sole moment mid-bite, her lips dotted with food. "...There's nothing else to do but wait."
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 20:57:39 80722
Miku sighs and gives a faint nod of her head. "I can't wait anymore," she mumbles. "I need to do something. Forget about her, know how she's doing, go travel the world to find her--but that's a really stupid idea. Something to just ... not worry about her anymore."
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 21:39:08 80723
She remained silent, allowing the silence to drape over the conversation. There was nothing she could really say. "...Look along? Where? There's no leads, Miku. There's...She went right off the face of the earth. That idiot. Where is she?" slumping back on the chair, she crossed her arms, muttering under her breath. "Whatever it is, it better be worth making her worry this much..."
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 21:58:16 80724
All the questions Miku has been asking for months, now. The girl hunches down into her shoulders--a shrug that doesn't end--and sighs, looking back down to her food. This time, it seems, Miku has nothing else to say. No other arguments to give. But then, it's pretty obvious why she wants this wish, isn't it?
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 22:01:35 80725
"...Don't take the wishes. Neither of them. There's no telling what either wants from you." In the end, it was worth repeating that advice for the woman in mental turmoil. No flinging herself off the deep end for something that may or may not benefit everyone. "...Please."
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 22:05:27 80726
Miku looks up at Chris' request, eyes a little uncertain. "But," she starts to ask, then swallows hard, and the emotion she's been mostly over for months starts to well back up. For a brief moment, Miku experienced hope, and now here is someone she trusts, snatching it away--not out of malice, but out of concern. How can Miku argue with that concern?

"I can't do this, Chris-chan," she mumbles quietly. "I can't go on not knowing if she's okay. Not knowing where she is. I just want to forget her. I want to forget I ever knew her. I want to stop hurting for her. I can't not take the wishes. I don't ... I don't have any other options."
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 22:12:48 80727
The grip on her ssilverware instinctively tightened upon those words, frowning with a click of her tongue. Uselessness. Seeing something you wanted to much, for so long, taken away from your grasp by others. The sentiment rang within her, echoes of her own past of working witth an unsavory individual for something she believed was right. The same hollow realization. "I don't want to forget her."

"Say. If you went through with it, what would you tell her? Or, no, that's not right. Can you look at her right in the eyes when you go through with it? She's out there. Somewhere. We know this. She's alive."

"She'll come back." The words had a weight to them, ones filled with conviction. Hibiki had to return. One day. But for now, Chris was the de-facto replacement...For however long this would take.
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 22:18:36 80728
If only Miku could feel so confident as Chris. The problem is, Chris is right: how could she face Hibiki if she did something so selfish as forget about her? Poor Miku's mouth works like she's got a response, but nothing comes out except little mewling noises. Eventually, the grunette just slowly leans forward over her meal and weeps quietly into it.
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 22:21:09 80729
"O-Oi! If you're going to cry, don't cry into the food!" Standing up and pushing the plate aside with one hand, the other goes right for the napkins, offering a stack of them over to Miku. "There's...nothing we can do. Neither of us." A bad choice of words, but the right ones for the occasion. It certainly put a damper in the atmosphere.
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 22:30:54 80730
Miku can't help but laugh, just a little, at the absurdity of Chris worrying more for the food than for Miku. She takes the napkins and wipes her eyes, trying to stop herself from crying.

There's nothing they can do, and that's what makes it hurt all the worse. Miku nods her head just faintly at Chris's poorly chosen words of discouragement, then sighs and mumbles, "Sorry. I just ... miss her so much. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have ... I shouldn't even be considering all these wishes. I just don't know what to do. Because ... you're right. There's nothing I can do."
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 22:37:41 80731
A moment would pass by, sighing to herself as she sat herself back down. What was there to do? Wait? Wait some more? How long? Everything was passing by. Time wouldn't wait for Miku, for Chris, for anyone else. "It's...It's not like we can wait. There's still Noise and everything else. And Virtue's not going to wait for us or for Hibiki." Another long, drawn-out sigh came forth, polishing off her own food. "But...Mhm. Ask around. Tsubasa was there when you supported Hibiki, right? The fact that you're this disraught over her shows how much you care."

It was a gut feeling, but one worth hammering home. "I'm sure you fretting over her was..." What was the word, the phrase...Aaaah, playing therapist was hard. "...Was more important than you thought." Something like that.
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 22:45:15 80732
"I've asked, Chris-chan," Miku mumbles. "I've asked everyone. Tsubasa just parrots Genjurou. No one else knows ..." she shakes her head. "There's nothing I can do," she reiterates. "Nothing except make a wish."
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 22:47:18 80733
"...Look, I don't know what you'll do. But whatever you do, make sure to look Hibiki in the eye when you say what you did from beginning to end. Leave nothing out." Pointing a chopstick at the girl with a stern gaze, she jabbed it forward. "Otherwise, whatever wish you make is wasted."
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 22:50:11 80734
The sound advice earns a faint nod from Miku. She finishes wiping her face dry, then takes a deep breath and bows briefly to Chris. "Thank you," she says quietly. "That's ... good advice. I think ... I think I should go home. I'm going to go home," she reiterates. "But I won't make any wishes I couldn't tell Hibiki about to her face."
Chris Yukine 2017-07-20 22:52:54 80735
"Heh." The final sentence earned a determined grin from the woman, nodding in affirmation. Nothing more had to be said on that point. "If you do, Genjurou would chew you out too. And me. And everyone else."
Miku Kohinata 2017-07-20 22:55:39 80736
Miku grimaces at the thought of Genjurou chewing her out. "Yeeahhhh," she agrees uncertainly, then shakes her head. "Thank you, Chris-chan," she reiterates quietly, then steps around the table to hug the silver-haired girl, whether she's ready for it or not. At least it's a brief hug, but she squeezes so tight! Then, Miku lets go and rushes for the door, heading on her way back towards the dorms.