Dammit, why now?

Seth and Sayaka ecounter each other for the first time since the drain. Somewhat at sword's point.

Date: 2017-07-23
Pose Count: 14
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-23 01:14:48 80826
    It's a late night in the park, and it's only been a week since Saya had a large amount of her energy drained. She had not wanted to be a burden on the people of ECFH, and so had left as soon as she was able. Unfortunately, although she was physically able, the experience had left her a bit shaken emotionally, which is perhaps odd, given her usually stubborn and stalwart attitude towards monsters and what not. But of course, this was another 'monster' altogether.
    Either way, she had no desire to fight and be a Puella Magi for a few days, and she certainly needed the break. Since leaving ECFH, she'd spent a lot of time hiding at home, listenning to music, wathing the rain at night, occasionally going shopping or just playing video games. Or in other words, normal girl stuff when she wasnt going to school or studying. Heck, she was actually studying for once, and doing decently well in school!
    Life was so much easier when you didnt have to worry about being a super heroine.
    Of course she had stayed out too late at the arcade after a long day of studying and homework, and having missed the bus, she had elected to walk home. Too bad it's gonna be a long walk. Not that she's afraid of the dark of course!
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 01:36:09 80827
The night. The park. Here, some serenity can be found.

This is what the now silver-haired Seth believes, given the latest events of his life - if you can call it life.

He's afraid, though it's not of the dark. He's afraid of the next step; a step he will have to take, sooner or later. A step down a stepless ladder, a direct fall into an endless chasm from which there'll be no coming back.

He's afraind what will happen if he feeds off someone again.

Will he lose his soul?

Resting on the ground by the pond, he looks at the stars, and the Moon that slowly makes its way across the sky. This one, it's like it remains oblivious to his doubts.

He continues, though, lingering in his silent questions...
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-23 01:38:54 80828
    As luck would have it, Saya just happens to be passing by the pond, having taken another one of her infamous 'short cuts', that always seem to get her more lost. "D-Damit! Where am I? Everything looks different at night.." she sighs, "Or maybe my brain's still not quite right." she mutters aloud as she tries to figure out which would be the quickest way to get home.
    With a frustrated sigh, she's about to flop down on one of the nearby park benches. When she spies a somewhat familiar figure settled by the pond. She lets out a gasp, before covering her mouth as she stares at him.
    "S-Seth-kun..?" dammit, why now?
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 01:45:23 80829
The silver-haired boy finds himself frowning as he listens to a familiar voice in the vicinity. He shifts his head slightly to meet the source with his eyes. And he finds it's...


Dammit, why now?
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-23 01:51:21 80830
    She grits her teeth, looking away, backing away from him. She really should just..Run. But that was never her style. Sayaka is not a coward. Not one to back down from a fight. But dammit, she's still tired, physically, mentally. She just doesn't want to fight right now.
    "Tch, you've got some nerve, showing up here like this, after what you did to me." she nearly spits the words out as she glares at him. "I suppose you're pretty surprised, maybe even a little disappointed that you didnt manage to finish the job, huh?"
    Saya folds her arms now as she glares back at him, daring him to take a step towards her, any reason for her to give him a piece of her mind.
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 02:03:36 80831
"I was here already", he says. "In fact, I've been here since late afternoon."

He's not moving from his spot, although he does get up. He tilts his head at Sayaka's snapping back. But he's not surprised she would be.

"Did they", as he says 'they', he nods in the ECFH's direction, "say anything to you? About what happened?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-23 02:21:21 80832
Sayaka Miki narrows her eyes, glaring at him warily and shakes her head. "Mamoru-san and Kunzite-san are pretty busy, I left before I got the chance to talk to them. But I remember enough to know that you..Stole a kiss from me, a kiss that nearly cost me my life...Why!? How could you do this to me? I thought you were my friend! I trusted you.." she points an accusatory finger at him, clearly angry, confused too. Saya's known to act first and ask questions later. It's a miracle that she hasn't yet henshined, but she brushes her soulgem with her other hand impatiently..
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 02:36:38 80833
"That's how they made it sound, too", he replies, saddened. "I didn't know that I could do that, until it happened."

He sighs, holding back a tear. "I don't... expect you to forgive me, Sayaka-chan", he says. "But I wanted you to know that it was I who brought you to them, so you could be healed." He glances to a point on the floor before him. "But that matters little, if at all."
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-23 02:40:29 80834
Sayaka Miki frowns, folding her arms as she listens, a look of confusion crossing her face. "Do what exactly, drain my energy? What the heck ARE you!? You have his memories, but that's all you have. You look like...Like.." she shakes her head. "I dont even know who you are, what you are! I dont know if I can trust you, if I'll ever see my friend again. As far as I know, you could have possessed him!" She pauses when he says that last part, trying to figure that one out, although her voice softens a bit. "And..Why would you do that, after the damage you caused?"
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 03:12:25 80835
If Seth feels like he's falling down the deep chasm of nothingness, Sayaka's words feel like the lid covering the whole he got thrown into.

"Look like what?", he awaits for the next nail in the coffin, eyes now looking straight at Sayaka. "A stranger?" His eyes shift from the soft golden glow to the eerie-looking red. "...A monster?"

He sighs, his eyes returning to the golden glow, where he lowers them once again. "Why would I do what? Save you?" He shrugs. "Well, I guess... if I'm a monster", he pauses, "I made a mistake."

He starts to head in the opposite direction Sayaka was headed off to. "It's funny, though...", he offers a smirk, "that's the one mistake in the list I don't regret committing."
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-23 03:33:23 80836
Sayaka Miki narrows her eyes at him. "...Yeah, a monster." she seems angry and sad too. "I dunno what they did to you but, I really didnt want to go thru that kinda hell again.." And she might have left it there, but then he adds the part about not regretting, and she snarls, eyes flashing angrily.
    And in her typical impulsive manner, she suddenly transforms into Puella Sayaka Miki, pointing her sword at him as he turns to go, suddenly dangerously near. "So...Perhaps I should just put you out of your misery, hmm? Preserve the memory of the boy I once knew..And liked.."
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 03:52:21 80837
Seth Locke looks between Sayaka and that blade. He stops, hands kept in his pockets. "I have a question to ask of you...", he says, making afterwards a slight dramatic pause. And the question:

"Did you like the boy you once knew before or after he got out of the hospital?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-07-23 03:55:25 80838
    Sayaka might have just driven that sword through his heart, but his next question causses her to hesitate. "...What? What do you mean?" she frowns, shaking her head. "Does it matter? Seth is Seth. He was always kind, generous and sweet, no matter what."
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 04:42:29 80839
"Because the boy you liked", Seth says, "might never have left the hospital." He lets that question linger, then only offering an emotionles comment: "Hashtag dun-dun-duuun."

And with that, his form starts to dissolve, to become a simple mass of black that falls to the ground... And becomes a pure shadow!

A ghostly voice echoes, as lacking in substance as the new assumed form, <<Until some other time, Sayaka-chan.>>

That said, the shadow jets off from the area, this sighting to be lost in the big city of Tokyo.