Dark Drama With French Fries

Kukai, on one of his rare days off, gets a ringside seat for an interesting bit of drama between Seth and Lacrima.

Date: 2017-07-23
Pose Count: 11
Kukai Souma 2017-07-23 15:28:57 80840
It is a warm but not hot weekend day in Tokyo, helped along by overcast clouds and a brisk breeze. It's almost perfect for being outside, so the fact that all the kids in the city are out doing something.

That goes for the magical ones too, with Kukai Souma having claimed a booth near the entrance of the Crown Arcade cafe, with a big plate of chili cheese fries, a soda, and a few examining glances through the arcade floor, trying to decide if he wants to actually play any of the games, or if he wants to go exploring on his day off, or if he can contact Nagihiko or Amu or Tadase or ... anyone, really. It's a great day, it needs a plan of attack.

But for now he's lounging, relaxing, watching Daichi munch a fry a quarter the size of his head and just enjoying the time.
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 16:00:51 80841
Entering the Crown, is a considerably different-looking Seth. So different he is, that people have a hard time recognizing him now. Sayaka, the girl he's dated, has even said he's no longer Seth, and even implied he's a monster. Okay, maybe she hasn't, but that word definetely was present in their most recent conversation. With a sword drawn. At him. In dangerously close range.

He looks about, looking for familiar faces. Or should he be looking about for them? They'll barely recognize him, if at all. But he's determined to try once again, so all doubts are cast aside - for the time being, anyways.

Finding Kukai and Daichi sitting at a booth, he approaches them. "Hello, Kukai-kun... Daichi-kun... How's it been?"
Lacrima 2017-07-23 16:25:39 80842
Lacrima has been seeking Seth. She has two things helping her. A description from Kunzite and Mamoru, and the dark energy she felt during Ariel's birthday. Everyone has their own dark energy 'feel', and she's attuned a crystal to point it out if she comes within range enough for it to work.

It tugs as she's walking past the crown to check out some things at OSA-P.

She frowns a little at this and she enters. She's in her fancy dress. She begins walking up and down the aisles of the arcade, looking and seeking. Nothing active at least. Everyone is calm. No attacks.

Maybe it's an old signature.

She comes across Kukai and someone she doesn't quite place. Though. That crystal is pointing right at him. She frowns. "Hello Kukai-kun." she says flatly as she turns to stare at the other with a harder frown.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-23 16:36:18 80843
It takes a minute for Kukai, staring at Seth, to recognize him. It's not exactly like he was someone he'd seen many times to begin with, but that doesn't mean that after a little brain draining he can't put a name to the face. "Oh. Hey, Seth. Uh. It's been .. well, kinda crap for the past couple months, but very good the last week or so. Things are getting better, I think. Man you do not look the same as you did." Kukai considers the idea of offering Seth a seat versus getting up and taking off, and then shrugs the thought away. "Wanna sit down?"

He takes a moment to look up, seeing Lacrima marching towards them, in full regalia, having gone through several of the aisles and now heading straight for them. He gulps and sits up - what the hell had he done this time? But no, she's aiming for Seth. Huh. "Hey Lacrima. Uh." He shifts, putting his legs down out of the seat and scooting over. "Want to sit down?"
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 16:48:51 80844
"Don't mind if I do", Seth replies, as he starts to move in for the seat. "I'm surprised you recognized me. Not many people do..."

He's now looking at Lacrima, who's staring straight at him. "...Hello, Norie-chan." And that frown is telling him the moment is going to turn awkawrd, real fast.

He looks back to Kukai, "Drinks are on me, for this one."
Lacrima 2017-07-23 16:58:33 80845
Lacrima sits down without saying anything. Next to Kukai, as he grabs the hem of her dress so she can sit down properly. "Oh, there's a lot more than drinks on you for today." she says flatly at Seth.

She looks to Kukai, blinks and gives a nod and looks back to Seth.

"Tell me Seth. Do you have a voice in your head telling you to do things? Is your body your own, or is it a dark energy construct. Do you even know?" she asks flatly.

"Can you feel everything? Anything? On an emotional level?" she asks.

"Answer now." she says flatly.
Kukai Souma 2017-07-23 17:13:16 80846
Kukai huhs, looking back and forth at the two of them. There doesn't immediately seem to be any fireworks or firepower going on, so he scoots over, pulling the chili cheese fries a little closer, and turns to face them, watching from the side. "Well if I need a refill, I'll send you to the counter, Seth."

He arches an eyebrow at Lacrima's statements. "...Oh, well, crap. You're hard enough to deal with on your own, Lacrima, I've got two of you now?"
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 17:35:06 80848
"You ask a lot of good questions", Seth replies as he takes that seat. "And to most of them, I'll tell you a very honest 'I don't know'." He ellaborates. "I don't know what was done to me. I tried calling or sending a message to my family, there was no reply so far. Do I know where my father or brother work so I can get over there and force some replies out of them? No." He sighs. "But that is all part of a typical day in the Locke household. Hashtag it - there's a Tweet." That last par is pure sarcasm.

"A voice in my head?", he hmms. "Nope. None so far. But every now and then, I feel like there's... something." He points to his head, "In here." His voice here becomes serious. "Have you ever looked in a mirror, only to get the feeling something else was peering back through the reflection? Or wandered off into the woods to find hear the noises of animals scurrying about?" He looks between the two. "That's as close as I can come to describe it."

"And yes, I feel. Different and differently, but I feel." His look is stoic. "I don't know how to explain it, either. But something /has/ changed. Anger comes more naturally, and it's like a never-ending struggle to keep it reined."

He looks at Kukai, "What? You wanna tell me you don't like a little challenge?" He smirks, leaning against his seat.
Lacrima 2017-07-23 17:49:31 80849
Lacrima says blankly. "They probably work in the Sunset Tower, if I had to haphazard a guess. Not always correct. But most operations operate out of there." she says softly.

She croses her arms. "That's probably the darkness, or the dark in general, pushing at you." she says flatly. "Or whatever entity is inside you." she says. "But if it wanted control, it'd have it in you buy now." she says with a harder frown. "Considering the things you do and the way you live."

"That being said. If I ever hear you kissing someone else's girlfriend again, esp. when they resist. Because it might 'bring you comfort' again, Seth Locke. You'll wish I didn't hear about it." she snaps.

"Of course something has changed, you dolt." she says. "You're some sort of vampire now. If you felt the same, I'd be /worried/." she sputters.

"What are you feeding habits." he says. "Do you still eat 'food' or do you need to drain people now?" she says.
Seth Locke 2017-07-23 18:50:54 80850
"Someone else's... girlfriend?", Seth asks, a slight hint of surprise in his voice.

He takes a /very/ deep breath, closing his eyes. Then, silence. One that lingers for a good minute. And it's boiling. Oh!, is it boiling. And it boils down to...

Giggling. Then, chuckling. And then, full-throated laughter! The prolonged sort of laughter. He even grabs his stomach, of so much it hurts! Although that could be the stab he just took to his heart - yes, a new one! Who knew?

He wipes away the tears formed in his eyes - black tears. Hard to say if that's from laughing, or if from another part of his emotions that just took a severe stab.

"Would you believe", Seth replies, "that I called /her/ because I was afraid of what was happening to me? That I thought we had something going on? That we 'clicked' somehow? We even went out on a date that ended up with a small kiss."

The laughter is gone.

"That's why I kissed her that day. Because I thought..." He hmms, "I thought she was..."

A long pause.

"Well", Seth replies, voice now cold. And his eyes shifted from a gold color to an eerie red one, "I guess that puts things in perpective, doesn't it?" He scoffs, but it's a toothy scoff; with pointy canines, that is. "I think I could go for something just about now..." Yes, because nourishment would get his mind off things.
Lacrima 2017-07-23 19:34:10 80851
Lacrima frowns. "Because you're a person who thinks he's owed things. Based on small actions." she says sourly. "You were offered help by Mamoru and Kunzite before. But you refused that. You could had gone there." she says. "But you didn't." she says even more sourly somehow. "Instead you went to go kiss someone you had no business doing so. Who has their own big problems and no ways to help you."

"Just to make this clear Seth. I attacked and drained and almost sent Mamoru into a coma once- and even I wasn't banned from his apartments. But somehow you accomplished it without any powers. You need to start thinking Seth." she says.

"If you can't think straight, you may be starving yourself of energy. I'd suggest avoiding that. I know what it's like. Yes, it sucks to drain people. But the alternative is being a mess that hurts people regularly." she says.

She frowns a bit. "Likewise. I keep a manor down the road. If you don't feel comfortable going there, you can go there, and have either one meet you there. They're both welcome whenever they want to come, without asking me first. Because quite frankly, I think it's important we know what you are first." she says blatantly.