Fiery Sprits and Clashing Swords

Date: 2015-08-11
Pose Count: 13
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-11 05:28:13 7214
    Karin is around where she fought the other day. She did her best was rather surprised when her powerful attack was stopped by a barrier that seemed to appear out of nowhere when her target was sealed. Luckily the Taisha would probably be pouring over the data, but she can't help wondering what kind of power the man. First of all his energy was corrupted, secondly he was a man. She would expect a Faery to be able to intercede as Yoshiteru had for her several times in the fight, but that's not what happened at all.

    "Someone that can stop an all out attack like that while sealed... I'm going to have to train harder." There is resolve in her voice but the truth is she's perturbed. Attack power is seriously not place she would expect to be lacking in. "Tactics." She adds again under her breath. "I should have thrown another sword at him to reveal his shield. Then I could have known to avoid it."

    She stops nearby a wall that is covered in cracks, one she was slammed into at the end of the fight that knocked her out. Yoshiteru appears next to her, the red and black Shogun faery observing her as she observes the damage done to the brickwork facade. "It looks like it was hit by a truck." She stands back up and stretches.

    "I should have broken some bones but it looks like I can rely on you for protection after all," she tells the Faery.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-11 05:39:02 7215
Guardian Hino has gone into energy draining overdrive since the other Guardian Knights have arrived from Waldia. Runealy says it has NOTHING to do with Gao's and His performance, just that- the extra help will make things easier. Hino DOES belive that. But it doesn't mean he doesn't feel bad about it. So Guardian Hino has been spending his nights, patrolling. Hoping from Rooftop to Rooftop, acting like some sort of Magical Girl Hunter, striking out at anything that wasn't bleeding darkness. The Princess made it clear-- Dark Energy was useless.

Guardian Hino can hear talking as he approaches the edge of a rooftop. His cape settles down around him as he looks downwards. That's a girl.

Talking with a fairy.

This girl is a valid target. He closes his eyes.

Hino, really doesn't want to attack this girl out of the blue. From behind. Without a warning. But the timetable on Waldia is turning mad. As far as he's concerned. He has no choice.

So Hino jumps down into the alley and draws his longsword, pointing it down. he lands into a three point stance on the ground as his Sword cuts into the ground.

"Inferno." he calls out.

Fire Erupts upwards the whole length of the alley from the ground--- all except a small circle around Hino's place of impact.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-11 05:52:05 7216
    Karin hears a thump behind herself and turns around quickly. She has good reflexes but she's entirely capable of being surprised- especially when she's not expecting a fight at all. Luckily for her she has an almost literal guardian angel watching over her. Flames erupt around her as she pulls out her phone- which unfortunately detects no negative energy or Forestize. She quickly flicks to her Taisha app and activates it, all the while a bright red sphere appears around her and protects her from the worst of the flames.

    A burst of red energy surrounds her as she henshins, blowing out some of the fire nearest to her and allowing her to stand normally without immediately catching aflame. She almost wants to swear, because she can already feel the drain on her energy Yoshiteru's intervention cost her. Not that she wouldn't be much worse off without it.

    "I don't know who you are, but you're a coward to attack a stranger without warning!" She'd charge him right here and now, but running through the flame to do so would be a bad idea. Instead she crouches down and then leaps, shooting incredibly high up into the air. The arc will take her several times the height of the buildings in the alleyway, only to drop her in the center of one of the roofs.

    As she goes a pair of swords will come streaking down, thrown by the red Yusha, painful enough if they hit cut solid but even worse if they manage to hit fully- sinking in before glowing bright red and exploding.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-11 06:02:49 7217
The swords come raining down. Hino opens his eyes wide, and jumps back. Forward and to the left. They all graze his armor. One leaves a nice heavy score on his side. He somehow, however, evaded being stabbed directly. The mystery girl transforms and flies up into the air. He frowns and jumps back upwards into the air and lands atop an opposite rooftop. He frowns.

"My name is Guardian Hino." he says. "And you are right. I am a coward for attacking you in such a dispicable manner." he says matter of factly.

"It is my wish I would not need to attack you at all."

"However. You have something I require." he points his sword loftily towards Karin.

From the sword fires a fireball as the red-orange gem built into it's hilt sparks to life. The fireball aims to try to connect with Karin, it's not a very inspiried attack, he doesn't even call out a name!
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-11 06:11:44 7218
    Karin's look turns into a bit of a glare, "If you know it and are still pursuing your actions you're even worse than I thought."

    At first that's all she's going to say but she can't help but be a little bit curious, "What do I have that you need? Your an idiot if you think my cellphone is worth all this trouble!"

    The gem flares and her eyes narrow. She bolts forward, rushing in towards Guardian Hino, a pair of swords just like the ones that got thrown down at him before appearing in her hands as she moves. Rather than defending herself in any conventional manner she tries to get close enough to knock the sword away with a quick swing from her right hand to throw off his aim.

    The attack comes out faster than she'd have hoped, and the flames splash over her. It slows her down, but not stops her, and as she gets close enough she still bats at his sword with her own, trying to prompt a parry, before skillfully sinking her other straight into the ground. "SEAL!"

    Sparkling red energy starts to appear from the hilt of the embedded sword, swirling up ward around Guardian Hino and trying to force him to be still. If it works maybe she can get some answers out of him without risking further injury.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-11 06:25:08 7219
Guardian Hino watches as his opponent charges forward-- with two swords, he frowns as he gets ready to deflect. Shing! Sword meets Sword, and with a hard enough strike, the longsword flies from his hand, flies across the rooftop, and lands, blade down into the roof. It's not too far off--- but it's far enough away that Hino can't jump over to it in time by the time Karin is already on him like a bad habit.

She tries to... Seal him? He doesn't particularly like the way that sounds so he shoves his hand forward, trying to shove it against her her collar bone, before he calls out.


A sudden flare of energy flies out like a firey explosion--- which he's hoping is enough force to send Karin flying across the rooftop so he can go grab his sword while she recovers.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-11 06:40:24 7221
    The red Yusha looks down as a hand is placed square in the center of her chest, on her collar bone. Is she about to get grabbed? She'll have to lower her center of gravity to avoid a thro-

    An explosion of flames rockets her across the roof of the building. She crashes into the foot high lip at the edge and then smashes straight through it with a cry of pain. Both the fire blast and the impact are just under what Yoshiteru would intervene to protect against but together they add up to a whole lot of pain.

    She crashes into the building behind the current one, barely able to reach up and grab hold of a window frame to keep from falling. She pulls herself up and then kicks off the wall, landing back on the roof where the Guardian Knight has retrieved his sword. Another pair of weapons appear in her hands, materializing out of thin air. She points one towards him.

    "I don't know who you are, but you're putting the entire world at risk by attacking me. I am official Yusha chosen of Shinju-sama!" She swipes the pointed sword down to her side. "It's one thing to attack an ordinary magical girl, but an assault on one of Shinju-sama's chosen protectors of this world is not something I'll allow!"

    Now she charges again and her modus operandi will become completely clear: All out assault. She'll run as quickly as her legs will carry her but she's learned from the previous night's failure. She flings the sword in her left hand directly at Guardian Hino, but even then the complexity isn't over. While gripping her sword with both hands she'll drop into a roll two paces from him, tuck her legs up beneath herself, and then -jump- up past him, swinging her remaining Katana as hard as she can and trying to slash him straight through the center.

    Unless she's somehow stopped pre or mid jump the leap will take her to a rooftop five blocks yonder- which should give an idea to the strength of the slash itself!
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-11 06:56:57 7222
Guardian Hino watches as the Yusha goes flying across the rooftops. Hino uses the moment to do a quick hop in the air and collect his longsword. It lights on fire the moment he pulls it out of the ground. He quickly turns his attention back to the Yusha as she flips herself back up with a wall kick and frowns heavily. He frowns as he listens.

"I'm sorry." is all he can say to her descriptions of events. "I hope you can protect the world." he says. "Protect it with all of your might. As it is a wonderous, and beautiful place worth fighting for." he says with a certain passion.

Again she charges. The sword flung at him directly impacts his arm and causes him to 'rhk!?' in pain suddenly. That hurt. That hurt /a lot/. He's able to react quick enough however, that he swings around and holds out his longsword lengthwise as she comes hurtling herself upwards. It stops the strike from connecting him directly.

What is does not stop is the sheet force knocking him three rooftops over and landing with a resounding metal clang from his armor. That also, hurts a lot.

He has to use his sword to steady himself as he peels himself from the Guardian Hino shaped indentation in the roof.

With a pain grit of his teeth he leaps into the air to try to catch up with the Yusha. He's still able to fight. He will take this until he can barely see. The Princess needs energy. This is something he must do!

He holds his sword out as soon as he touches the ground of the rooftop the Yusha has landed on and holds his sword lengthwise. Plam against the upper blade while the gem sparks with red-light again.

"BURNING IGNITION!" he calls out, a stream of fire emitting from the gem on the sword like some sort of magical, infernal flame thrower to blanket the roof in fire.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-11 07:11:23 7225
    The Yusha is pretty impressed when Guardian Hino continues to follow her. She had thought her words and the power of her attack would have stopped him, but it seems that isn't the case. She looks back over her shoulder as he lands behind her. "Whatever you're after you must be either desperate or stupid to chase after me," she comments over her shoulder at him.

    She turns to face him, but once again he starts flinging flames at her.

    To be honest, that's actually starting to get pretty annoying. Her swords can't really deflect that kind if billowy energy and the magical boy seems to have figured this out.

    She holds up her arms in front of herself shielding her face but little else from the oncoming flames.

    They wash over her and she lets out another cry of pain, though to her credit manages not to fall. A little ways into the onslaught Yoshiteru does intervene, appearing in front of her and causing the rest of the fire to break around her.

    Her screaming does not end, however, turning from one of pain into one of anger. She crouches down and leaps skyward once more, but it's not intended to escape. Merely a dot in the sky she starts rocketing downward, a sword in each hand and diving straight down at him.

    She can't keep this up much longer- she's almost out of energy and also about to collapse from the pain. The only option is ending the fight as quickly as possible- one way or the other.

    Streaking down like a red meteor she'll swing both swords at once with a scissor like motion, and if he's not careful Guardian Hino will likely get slammed and cut both. Either way the roof of the building is probably not going to survive Karin's impact.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-11 07:23:15 7227
Guardian Hino frowns as he swings his sword down in a stance, keeping it pointed to the ground a moment. "My convcition burns hotter than the fire from my blade." he insists. It's all he can say. It /looks/ and /feels/ like Hino should be on the ground at this point. His armor is dented. He is bleeding weariness in his movements to the trained eye. It's possible he's just running on pure grade magical fumes at this point. What is keeping him going must be really important.

So he brings up his blade when the girl comes down for a strike. He's able to deflect one sword off his person but the other one hits home. Cutting through his armor. Karin can feel it reach skin. He lets out a pained yell. It's painful. He shakes. He swings his blade outward to disloge Karin from his person and that sword as he grits his teeth. All he can see is red right now--- in more ways than one from that red magical girl.

"Hah!?" calls out Hino as his blade remains on fire. It goes out due to pure loss of fumes.

What can he do?...

He thrusts the sword forward towards Karin with all the might that's left in his body!
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-11 07:32:28 7229
    Karin smashes into Hino while shooting out of the sky like a rocket, but almost impossibly he seems to hold and withstand her strike! This will teach her something in the future about underestimating her opponents, because it's left her in an extremely awkward position.

    The sword will raise, push forward and seem to impact her chest. A few more inches and-

    No, she will not be run through. A red flash of light and Yoshiteru appears between the Yusha and the point of the blade, stopping it dead in it's tracks. That isn't to say she's unharmed- far from it. "Ghk!"

    She wobbles unsteadily on her feet, and topples over, the Faery drawing enough energy out of her in order to stop the blow that she simply crumples over unconscious. Midway her henshin will evaporate in a series of red sparkles, leaving her as naught but a helpless 13 year old girl in exercise clothing.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-11 07:40:34 7230
Guardian Hino stabs a thirteen year old girl with a sword. He is not feeling particualry heroic about this at the moment. Really. He's not feeling much at all because the world is a numb haze right now. He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath as Karin falls. The world focuses enough for him to get back on track. He holds out his hand. A bluish large gem appears in his palm and he kneels down and touches the tip to her shoulder.

"If you're awake. This is going to hurt a lot. I'm sorry. I'll make sure you get to ground level and make sure an ambulance gets to you." he says as steadily as he can.


The blue gem begins draining energy. It keeps draining until it's full. The draining isn't enough to kill Karin. It might send her spiraling into unconciousness however if she isn't already.

Hino would then pick her up carefully, and jump down to the sidewalk and place her on the bench. He would then hop back up to the rooftop and watch as he makes the emergency call.

He sits and waits for the Ambulance to arrive. When it does--- and Karin doesn't get- say whished away by a witch or a lich or some random person eating youma. He'll leave the area over the rooftops. He feels weak. He needs to get to the store before things get particularly worse for him energy wise. Being stuck on a rooftop, with a cut shoulder without his henshin does not sound like the way he wants this night to end. Really, it'd just be the cherry on the crap sundae this fight was to him.

Will this feeling of regret haunt him forever? He hopes not.

He even didn't get her name..... Runealy won't be happy about that one.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-11 07:46:15 7232
    Luckily Karin is indeed unconscious. But even so her face contorts as what little is left of her active mind is aware of the pain the draining causes her.

    If there was any doubt the color of the energy absorbed is red, filling the gem up nicely.

    While the drain continues the Guardian Knight has little choice but to deal with the verbal harassment of the fallen Yusha's Faery. "You brute!" Yoshiteru declares as the energy draining begins, this phrase repeated every few seconds as the guardian spirit floats annoyingly around the magical boy and in front of his face. "You brute!"

    Off she goes in the ambulance a little while later, Yoshiteru resting on her chest- the medical personnel seem completely oblivious to the Faery. Must be one of those ones that only people with magic in them can see.