Brother of Blood, Brother of Water.

Alexis comes to have some words with Ryo that include punching his lights out.

Date: 2017-07-27
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Lacrima 2017-07-27 20:36:58 80931
The Okana Residence is a townhouse somewhere in lower Mitakihara. As far as residences in downtown goes, it's huge- Norie's family has always been fairly well off though. Not rich, but they're above the middle-class line for sure. There's no car in the designated spot for the townhouse, and a light is on upstairs. Ryo tends to always be studying. Studying. Studying. At least he's actually alone. And studying, today.

There's a door. There's a doorbell on the door, aswell as a sign, in Japanese that reads 'Okana Residence'. It's fairly quiet and late afternoon well after school.

Alexis rings the door bell. The bell is a simple 'dinnnng dong'. He may need to hit it twice but eventually- he can hear footsteps coming down a staircase- though not in a hurry as the door opens. Ryo is a somewhat tall Japanese boy with a somewhat lanky figure. He seems somewhere around Alexis's age though it'd be hard to know unless you ask. Not that's what Alexis is here to talk about.

Ryo doesn't seem annoyed, in so far as he's wondering who this is. He's never knocked on the door before. "Yeah...?" he asks in a manner that seems very... non-Japanese in demeanor.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-27 20:50:56 80932
Good thing that Alexis has been dealing with enough street punks to not really be taken off-guard by the manner of Ryo's greeting.

And as far as Alex goes? He *tries* to not look annoyed, but some of it most likely comes through regardless, what with him standing there, with one hand in the pocket of his jeans, arm imposed in a manner that causes his open leather jacket's lapel to be pushed back some.

There's a few seconds of silence there after Ryo's greeting, too, while the european takes a rather deliberate moment in sizing up the other boy, with his brows burrowed downwards, before he asks bluntly, "Ryo Okana?"

And no, he does say that in the manner of western naming convention. Bloody foreigner.
Lacrima 2017-07-27 21:07:17 80933
Ryo Okana regards Alexis for a bit. Alexis seems annoyed a little. "Yeah... that's me." he says. "Do...I know yo----" he goes to ask when it seems all the color drains from his face a moment. "L-ook. He didn't tell me he had someone else when he came over. I found out. I called it off." he says. "Look, it was awful and I'm sorry, it's done I promise I haven't called him since." he says.

"Look. Just come in and we'll talk it out okay." he says. "Nothing happened, I promise!" he says as he ushers Alexis inside as if before anyone else can see him. Ryo seems to have gotten the entire wrong idea about who Alexis may be.

Inside The Okana household's living room is a pretty cut and dry living room. Couch. Low table in front. Typical Japanese arrangement. Except for the... statuette of the bald eagle in the corner and the picture of an Oklahoman landscape. Which come off as weirdly foreign and American. Regardless, Ryo offers Alexis to sit, and to let Alexis say his bit. Which he clearly expects to be not about Norie or anything.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-27 21:19:17 80934
Alexis maintains an absolute stone face. At least, he does while Ryo is actually facing him. When the Okana boy turns away, Alex's face ever-so-briefly twists into a shocked little look of bemusement. He almost feels *sorry* for the guy for the second that it takes for him to get into motion and stepping inside.

He remains silent for a good moment from there, however, once he is inside. Stepping through the household, and at the same time watching Ryo and studying the household's furnishing itself. Taking note of things. ... TAking note of what Norie's family is like.

WHen he does finally speak, it comes in a low rumble of "You sit," with his head tipping over to the couch -- apparently he's not intent on sitting down, himself. "I'm not here about your hookup drama or whatever. I'm here about your sister."
Lacrima 2017-07-27 21:31:31 80935
Ryo Okana expects to get this whole spiel about something else, when he's told to sit. He doesn't sit, because this is his home. Not Alexis's and even if he did, What Alexis says next would had been enough to get him back to this feet. His sister.


Ryo answers fairly quickly. "I think you're mistaken. I don't have a sister." he says in a sort of cold way. "Because if you're here asking about her. Like that other girl that was with her was. You'd know why I don't anymore." he says.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-27 21:40:19 80936
Ryo barely needs to say even a few words before something lights up inside Alex. He keeps it held inside, though-- at least enough that it doesn't explode. Enough that when he does react, upon the boy's last words, it doesn't involve punches.

Instead, he gives him a *look*. Bright green eyes aren't usually particularly imposing, but if looks could kill, then the glare that he gives the japanese boy would be *nuclear*. If anyone who had seen him when he was at his worst as a vampire was present, they might start worrying wether or not he'd start recreating that same dark aura now just by sheer willpower and big brother instinct alone.

"Sit. Down."
Lacrima 2017-07-27 21:56:07 80937
Ryo Okana frowns and crosses his arms. He has his own flair and attitude right now about this. Earlier last month he had what he assumes to be a witch with a book and her sister- an undead vampire confirm vauge thoughts he's had for months, spectacular, paranormal thoughts. Now there's this guy here trying to tell him to sit down in his own home and want to talk about his sister too.

"No. No I will not. This is my home and you are a guest. Say what you want and get out." he says. "Before I find out you're a wizard or something. I think I've had enough for a month." he says, more than a little sourly.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-27 22:08:23 80938
Well now he's done it.

Ryo barely has enough time to get the last word out before Alex offers his rebuttal. His rebuttal in this case being his fist. Applied to Ryo's face. *POW*

It's hardly the hardest punch Alex has ever thrown. But unfortunately for Ryo, that only means that his jaw doesn't shatter. There's certainly enough vigor and force there to carry over just how *angry* the german is. And enough to knock him back, for that matter-- apparently Alex is pretty intent on getting the other boy down on the couch.

"I'm not a wizard 'or something', no," he growls after, with him stepping forward while his other hand rubs over the knuckles of his fist held in front of him. "I'm just some guy who is *significantly* angrier than the girl who came before. Believe me though, I *really* hoped I could get through this without knocking you down, but you just *had to* say it. You just fucking had to."

His hand proceeds to squeeze a bit tighter over his fist, and the distinct crackling sound of knuckles popping echoes through the room, while *something* flashes in Alex's eye.

"Had to say the thing that made her cry."
Lacrima 2017-07-27 22:27:49 80939
Alexis Raskoph punches Ryo in the face. Ryo is tall, and the same age, but he isn't built the way Alexis is. This is a guy that spends his time studying and doing non athletic things. That is, he gets punched in the face and he falls over. He may have not had fallen were he expecting to be punched in the face. This leaves a nice bruise somewhere on his face, but nothing is broken.

Also he's one the floor. "Argh! /OW/." he seethes, because yes, that hurt, and he begins to get up to his feet. "Shut up." he says. "You don't /know/ anything." he says.

"What I said is the truth. Norie /died/. That.. that thing is something with face and memories. That's /it/." he says. "Don't tell me that isn't the truth." he says as he grabs onto the arm of the couch.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-27 22:36:55 80940
"Don't you *DARE*," Alex outright growls out, and-- *SLAM*. His foot comes down upon the arm of the couch. Barely an inch away from the fingers of Ryo's hand. Somehow, he might get the sensation that had Alex actually chosen to go for his hand, he'd have several very broken fingers right now.

"Don't you *DARE* say that when I've spent days looking after her. Days spent listening to her pain, days spent trying to help. While YOU have been too much of a coward to even look at her! You think she WANTS to be like that?!" The foot slides down from the couch's arm, and comes down upon the floor with enough of a slamming force to cause loose furniture and items through the living room to clatter. "DO YOU?!"
Lacrima 2017-07-27 22:52:38 80941
Ryo Okana frowns. "Days. Try months. Years." he says. "Two years. Of living with this thing you think is your sister- after a horrifying medical alarm- but apparently couldn't be happy to begin with slowly destroying the rest of your family because no one knows what's wrong and can't fix it." he says a little coldly. "Of being afraid of this thing. And you think it's just a regular really bad case of teenage angst but you know deep down it isn't because you /remember/ /something/." he says.

The idea he would had broken fingers isn't lost on him.

He gets himself to his feet. "So don't come in here. Expecting to lecture me on something I've been living with for two years." he says.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-27 23:03:06 80942
There is a distinct possibility that Ryo wishes in the next moment that he hadn't gotten up. The instant he is up on his feet, Alex grabs onto his shirt and pushes him up across the room, into the nearest wall, with his arm coming up to press the forearm against his chest-- and pushing further upwards, close towards his throat.

"I ask *again*," he growls, teeth bared. "Do you think she *wants* that? Wanted *any* of that?"

There's a low, growling sound in Alex's throat, and his eyes drop downwards. Before Ryo even has a chance to say anything, he's speaking again. "Her tears are purple," he says. "Purple like little droplets of Amethyst. But they're tears nonetheless. Purple tears carrying all that pain and sorrow from just... being what she is. Purple tears she sheds over being the monster she never wanted to be. Purple tears for wanting to be normal. Purple tears for knowing she can't. Purple tears for just wanting to have a family again. Purple tears for the brother she hurt and just wants to be happy again."

"And then..." His eyes snap back up, right towards Ryo's own -- but Alex's green eyes are absolutely burning with fury that is just barely held back. "...THen her piece of shit brother says the WORST FUCKING THING HE COULD POSSIBLY EVER SAY!"
Lacrima 2017-07-27 23:28:35 80943
Alexis shoves Ryo up against the wall. Ryo resists, but once again, he isn't really strong like Alexis is, who spends time beating up people and riding a motorbike. Right, Ryo is thinking 'Norie also has Yazuka connections and this is a thug'. Except Alexis also doesn't feel like a Yazuka thug. Not to mention well. He's German. That'd never fly.

"No. Of course not. But that doesn't change the truth either." he says. "That my mom cries when she thinks no one's looking. Because She didn't smile anymore. Or the disgrace my dad thinks sending her to a mental doctor will do anygood which it clearly didn't or wouldn't do given what I know now. I don't know where you come from, but here- that's stigma. Dad only thinks it's right because he grew up in America." he spits.

"It's true." he says. "You care about her. Fine. Go do that."

"But get out now. or I'm calling the police." he says. Because he's had enough for now.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-27 23:40:45 80944
"She knows," growls Alex. "And she hurts, every bloody day because of it. NOt a single day where she doesn't wish that she could change things, where she could do something, anything to help her family better from the mess she made because of one bloody amulet that she wishes she never touched."

"ANd now she hurts because the one person in her family who knows, the one person who could understand, who could help find a way said she is dead."

He starts pulling back then, with a sharp, scoffing sound. "I've said my piece. So yeah, I'll leave. But--" His hand grips and pulls at the front of Ryo's shirt. "--Not without giving you something to remind you of what I said!"

His hand pulls at Ryo's shirt, and his head swings over. Alex headbutts Ryo, to put it bluntly. Hard, with his forehead smashing into the boy's nose with enough force to cause the very distinct *CRACK* of broken bone to echo through the room.

And only *then* does he let go of the boy, and turn to step away, without so much as a pause in his motion. Muttering "And remember you could have *tried*," even while he's stomping his way back to the front door.
Lacrima 2017-07-27 23:44:32 80945
Ryo Okana would have more to say. Alexis only seems to be worrying about only Norie. Ryo has himself and two parents to worry about that have been dealing with this for two years. It's not very easy to find a middle ground here today.

Ryo Okana is about to say something when Alexis headbutts him so hard that he bleeds from his nose and he falls to to the ground. There's no real sound from this because he's out cold.

Parents are due home so they'll find him soon if Alexis doesn't call anyone.

Though this is the thing that might make a small news piece. Does Norie even read the news?

Maybe Alexis will find out later in the week. Maybe.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-27 23:53:42 80946
It is entirely possible that Alexis anticipated the possibility that Ryo will black out from the hit, for he doesn't stop when his ears find absolutely zero response, vocal or physical. He just keeps stomping his way out to the door, heralded by the loud SLAM of the door getting closed behind him. Not that there's really anyone other than neighbours to hear *that*.

Besides that, he's much too angry to really think about what the worthless brother is going to be telling his parents and the doctors when he gets his nose checked up after waking up. Maybe he's relying too much on the fact that he can't rightfully say 'my vampire sister's minion came and beat me up' or something of the sort without him getting committed, or the fact that if the police does end up tracking him for a case of assault his parents are going to pay him off out of jail (wouldn't be the first time, most likely), but still. At least he had the sense to park his bike into an alley a few blocks down instead of... you know, *here*.

He's likely also too angry to consider the fact that Norie will probably not like how he handled this. But that'll be something he can deal with later.