What's in the Box?

Fate helps field-test one of Riventon's projects! Heroes obligingly lend their assistance. Alex obligingly lends some fire. And who is the Phantom Ace?

Date: 2017-07-29
Pose Count: 35
Takashi Agera 2017-07-29 23:39:04 80968

The nearly-silent Eclipse logo'd helicopter lurched to the side, taken somewhat off course by the slamming from the box it was carrying underslung. The shout came from the front of the helicopter, one very annoyed female. "Agera-san what have you gotten me mixed up in?!" she shouted.

"Just get it to the park." Takashi notes from the back, holding in his hands a small box - given to him by Fate, one she'd fought over, but there wasn't a Jewel Seed inside, so no reason to give it to Precia. But that didn't mean it wasn't interesting.


"Okay we're on the edge of the park and I'm setting this down now before we crash and we're both on the hook!" she warns him, and Takashi just nods and opens the box, pulling out a small bracelet with a silver gem in the center.

Nyubey hops up from the floor of the plane to rest in the lap of the twintailed girl sitting next to him. "You could've started with something smaller." the grey-eyed clone of Kyubey notes, without much emotion in his voice - though more than the original musters.

"Could've. But didn't. Besides, no sense in testing if it gets knocked around by the first low-rent mahou to see it."

The helicopter sets the box down and lets go of the chains that held it aloft, and it hits the floor loudly - and almost immediately a hulking gorilla-like youma begins to go on a rampage, dark energy claws scratching at lightposts. At least the park is empty. For now.

Takashi leans out the open door of the helicpter and throws a second bracelet, much like the first but with an ebony gem - and like a magical boomerang it roars through the air and connects with the neck of the creature, becoming a collar. "Testarossa-san, if you'd do me the favor of making sure nobody interupts me by breaking either the creature or the helicopter?" he asks, patting the side of it. And the helicopter moves up into the air - it's a lot less obvious than the youma-gorilla, magically blending against the night sky in a form of camoflauge.
Fate Testarossa 2017-07-29 23:50:39 80969
    Flying in style, while conserving for energy, is not quite to Fate Testarossa's usual modus operandi. Still, a joint venture with Eclipse, and more importantly Takashi, is reason enough for her to not question the ride and get in the chopper.
    Nyubey hopping into her lap is as good a distraction, as any. Though, at first, the presence of a creature other than Arf setting on her lap makes the girl flinch slightly, but after a long and hesitant moment, Nyubey starts getting some petting. Only a little. It would not do to make Arf jealous. It's after a moment, however, that scarlet eyes flick to the case in Agera's hands, she says nothing, simply sitting back for the ride, without displaying much by way of worry for the lurching flight caused by the payload in the container below.
    But the time to have a nice flight is over. The box is dropped and the youma released below. Takashi asks her a favor. Fate looks up. "Mn."
    With a gentle nudge, she ushers Nyubey off her lap and stands.
    "Of course, Agera-san." She replies, all business now, adjusting the collar of her shirt and the black necktie clipped into it. "Bardiche."
    [GET SET.]
    In a flare of golden light, her trusted Device replaces that immaculate black suit with the more defensive configuation of her Barrier Jacket. Lightly armored and optimized for speed, and disembarks by... Simply stepping out of the helicopter in mid-air.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-30 00:06:00 80970
    It's a nice night for a walk, and Kokoro hasn't taken one in a while. She's been starting to get a little antsy! So she's out with her hands in her pockets, glad to be free of school for the rest of the weekend. An evening's visit to the arcade, followed by dinner to-go and a walk past the park... ahh, this is kind of nice. All that 'being around people' stuff is tiring.

    You know what else is tiring? A great big ape unleashing its primal rage all over the park. The first loud noise draws the tall girl's attention instantly; her head whips around, she spots it, and there's a muttered swear. No time to pick up her phone and call, that thing needs dealing with /now/.

    Out comes a little trinket, snapped up into the air. Lightning crackles around it, growing and expanding until it becomes a huge hammer. Kokoro catches it and breaks into a run, arcs of electricity dancing over her body, reshaping clothes and hair. Within the space of ten steps, she's transformed, and yelling without hesitation. "HEY! Hey, banana-brain! You wanna smash something up, I'm right here!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-30 00:06:44 80971
Daisuke Hansuke has had a long day of doing various things. Saturdays are the busiest when it comes to stuff like charity work. It's when people are available for him to pick up boxes or collect coin boxes and such things like that. He's done with that for the day though. He's just wearing a long sleeved button down shirt and long, light khaki pants- boring and safe- as he walks back towards the bus stop through the park.

There's a commotion. There's a gorilla. A... gorilla... no. No that feels like something else. It just looks like one.

He looks left and right as he frowns. No one else around right now it seems. Right? He makes a dash for somewhere behind what seems to be a utility house for the park, with some trees in back, as he grumbles and keeps hidden. He looks down at his ring... and bites his lip a little, as he reaches into his pocket and instead pulls out a playing card, specfically, an Ace of Hearts that Sailor Venus had given him. He frowns. Minako said this should have more omph. A least more than 'Asclepius, The Healer.'. And he worked hard those nights training. Right?

Either he can sit here and wait to see if anyone else comes. Or. He can. TRY to handle this himself. Right?

"Darn it..." he mutters. He flips the card between two fingers then closes his eyes as he flicks it outwards in a motion, a transformation that happens in a mostly light glow overtaking him. Slightly fancier clothes overtake him, aswell as a mask. He takes a deep breath through his teeth as he lets himself go into a white teleport over, and closer to the youma. Let's see. Let's see, he mutters as he raises a hand, another card sort of just appearing between two fingers with a little roll as he tries to think what to say. Nothing is coming to mind. Except things about Donkey Kong. Dammit. He's gonna have to use that.

The card flicks through the air towards one of the beasts hand.

Then Kokoro shows up. "Okay.. now it's on like Donkey King..." he says.

Then he looks sick. Almost. Did he just say that? Yeah. Yeah he /did/.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-30 00:07:38 80972
THe park is *mostly* empty, anyway. Some people are probably drawn in by the sheer sensation of a Youma being present-- such is the nature of these things, afterall. But some people, unfortunately, are present just by some wicked twist of fate.

Alexis Raskhop is very firmly amongst the latter lot.

Knowing the park to be more or less quiet at this kind of hour, the german boy had brought himself within the grounds with his motorcycle to come take a breather of a moment after another encounter with a certain color gang a dozen blocks down the city proper.

Propped up on his bike itself, with his helmet removed, he slowly stretches and folds his left arm over and over, studying it over through the movements with a deep frown. "...Did I overdo it...?" He murmurs out in quiet wonder to himself. "Well, whatever. If it turns out I sprained something with that punch, I'll just--"


"...go to,..?"

Alex's head sloooowly lifts up to look towards the general direction of the sound, of the container hitting the ground. What exactly it was, he can't really tell due to the various bits of trees and other foliage.

So like an idiot, he moves on to investigate. That and the further suspicious sounds about. So he guides the motorcycle forward, through the grounds at a slow pace, slowly rounding trees, until--

He sees a monstrous gorilla. And a lightning-wielding Kokoro. ANd a form of Daisuke he hasn't seen before and thus doesn't recognize.

Slowly, he blinks his eyes at the scene.

".........oh, son of a..."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-30 00:13:46 80973
In Kazuo Takeba's place, the park is less of a draw in and of itself. He happened to be in Mitakihara anyhow (read: 'stalking Ryo Okana's vicinity at enough of a distance that his height and hair wouldn't be seen'), and just stopped by for a glance at the place (read: 'it's a monster magnet, might as well see if anything is nesting that they'll regret leaving alone too long').

And then, well. Gorilla.

Fortunately, Kokoro is close enough to be on that at once. Which means Kazuo can take a moment to eye the thing and mutter "Really?" before stepping back into the shadow of a cluster of trees and drawing on his power.

Fortunately, the light show from calling up his older self is vastly less spectacular than most people's: a crawling crackle of energy over his skin, gleams of light as his stone manifests at his forehead.

Unfortunately, since a certain fight with one Miss White a little while back ... it's not as fast as usual. Which means he remains back and silent, temporarily a witness as a certain Ace presents himself.
Takashi Agera 2017-07-30 00:30:36 80976
Takashi looks at a watch he's not even wearing. "That took about as long as I was expecting." he says to Nyubey. "And that is why we did not bring something smaller." He looks down to tap on the Lost Logia bracelet, and when he looks back, the grey-eyed Incubator clone is gone. A vanishing trick he also shares with his counterpart.

Takashi shrugs, stands up, and channels a little energy into the bracelet. Suddenly his eyes become black voids, pupil to sclera.

And down in the park, mid rampage, the youma-gorilla just... stops. And suddenly goes from a hunching stance to standing upright just like a man - with entirely white eyes.

It laughs, which doesn't exactly come off right given the different vocal cords. And then Ace's card cuts through the air and then the edge cuts into the youmarilla's furry arm - and both Takashi on the copter and the youma shirk back, holding their wrists. It looks very odd on the gorilla side.

And Kokoro's spoken up, and the gorilla grins - and gorillas should absolutely not show their teeth in that way. For now, Alexis doesn't get the brunt of the attention, but a sideways glare from the creature shows he knows he's there - before the youmarilla grabs a trash can and hurls it with ferocious force at Kokoro, then leaps into the air and tries to come down with both fists onto Daisuke!

Meanwhile, Kunzite feels a strange sudden vacancy in the energy flow around him as Nyubey lazes silently on the back of a park bench nearby, grey eyes just watching the white-haired Shitennou.
Fate Testarossa 2017-07-30 00:51:37 80979
    Bardiche discretely pings Takashi with a private missive, displaying exact time elapsed from touchdown, to the arrival of the first responder. It is, in fact, about as brief as he had expected.
    More importantly however, Fate readies herself. Slow breaths helping the twintailed blonde reach that zen mindframe required for performing acts she's not quite entirely happy to do. On the one hand, she does not mind protecting Takashi. On the other, she does not enjoy hurting others. These diametrically opposed feelings once more make the child quietly shut down and harden her heart for what she must do, fingers curling around Bardiche's shaft. She watches events play out below.
    The Youma flinches from pain? Her head turns at the motion in the helicopter just in time to see Takashi recoiling. Pieces slot together fast, considering the gorilla's unnatural new gait and vocalization.
    She thinks she understands.
    A ping from her Device and the black axe understands his master's wordless command. The local area seems to shift, color draining from the surroundings and the sky muting in tone as. barrier erects itself within the park. Though she has no issue in combat, Fate would not want a random bystander in the area to take injury, and keep the brawl mostly contained. But first and foremost...
    Takashi Agera has, in the past, shown Fate Testarossa enough of a measure of concern to warrant reciprocity in that regard. And this is why she moves into action with haste. Almost as soon as the trash can is flung, there's a blur of black and gold at ground level. The best she can do, for the moment, is limit the number of combatants. And this is precisely why as Kokoro tends to the trash can however she may, she just might feel the gust of wind and sudden presence in her blind spot as Fate aims for efficiency over showmanship, with a sudden and vicious swipe of the crackling golden electrical scythe blade that suddenly erupts from her Device.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-30 00:54:49 80980
Now. Daisuke has some gut reactions to this kind of thing and it's to teleport. He tries this. This does not work as fast as it usually does. In fact. it's a few seconds /slow/ compared to Asclepius's lighting fast instants- which means that there was just a spark before two arms slam down on him and send him flying backwards and onto his back and slides across the ground.

*That* knocked the wind out of him for sure.

"Okay. Okay that's slower." he mutters under his breath as he works his way to his feet. "I can work around that." he says as he flips two more cards into existence in both hands. "Huh. This comes naturally though. Maybe I just need to work at it..." he mutters.

A Barrier comes up, as he throws two more cards towards the creature's center of mass. He's not throwing hard enough to knock it down- he probably couldn't- but maybe he's trying as hard as he can right now.

He looks over to Alexis a moment as he grimaces. Crap. Is Alexis still a vampire? He has NO idea.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-30 00:59:27 80981
Alex is left staring at the utter mayhem of Youmarilla for a long moment of wide-eyeness. For a few seconds, it's hard to even comperehend fully what is going on. Green eyes flicking this wya and that to try to just keep up.

The first thing that goes through his mind, see, is that there is likely absolutely nothing that he can do here.

He should go before he ends up getting in the way and trust that the others can handle this.

But then there's a memory of something far in his past. A memory of just looking from above at the suffering of others. Doing nothing.

Call it foolishness, then. But instead of turning his bike around, his gaze instead hardens into focus, and he *truly* takes to following the events. Watching the gorilla. Watching Kokoro and the unknown quantity moving to fight them. STudying. Analyzing both them and himself.

Size difference is a huge problem for someone without enhanced movement like me. Just one of those fists would be enough to cover up both me and my bike, too. Let's see-- in the saddlebags, two bottles of high-concentration of vodka and two towels. Molotov cocktail probably won't do anything to hurt it, but maybe distraction? There's the water bottle too, but that is completely useless here, and the oil bottle is to small to make any kind of reasonable fire or slicktrap... length of chain I grabbed from the gangers a week back. In my pockets... the smoke device the two nerds helped me make in chemistry workshop, but who knows if this thing sees through that kind of screen in the first place... Switchblade... probably completely useless. Even if this thing was susceptible to non-magic attacks, it'd be too small to do anything more than tickle with something that large. NOthing useful? Maybe there's something in the way the thing moves...

Alex's thoughts are promptly cut aside by the sudden appearance of Fate behind Kokoro. Well THAT he didn't expect.

Who the hell is that?! Damnit, is she going to fight Kokoro now and split this into one-versus-one?? I have no doubt she can hold her own, but what about the monkey and whoever the card-guy is? Maybe if the thing's attention is split, but I don't know if anything I have is-- wait.

Alex's attention turns to the side, to something he sees in his peripheral vision.


SUddenly, he turns the bike to the side, and guides it to speeding over, around the trees-- and then skidding to a stop right next to Kunzite!

"Kaz," he says, without any pause after the stop, already moving to lean over for one of the bike's saddlebags, bringing out a large bottle of clear liqour out. "How far out can you use your energy-manipulation-whatever?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-30 01:05:24 80982
Gorilla-youma versus Phantom Ace: check. Scythe magical girl versus storm magical girl: check. All the people whose abilities Kunzite's power is overtly useful and efficient against are ... on his side.

This is a minor annoyance.

His stone fades from his forehead, retreating to leave him in proper uniform again at last. He lets the faintest trace of his shadows filter outward, stretching to taste the flows of power inside the barrier without disturbing it. Which means that he feels the noise of the incoming bike before it arrives. He's half-turned in its direction as Alexis skids to a stop, shadows cloaking him for a moment to keep spattered dirt and dust out of his face and eyes. "I'd answer," he says, "but there's no reason to give Riventon that information for free."

He half-turns toward Nyubey, giving the creature a slight bow. Keeping the fight in his field of vision all the while, watching for opportunities to deflect a less physical attack from Kokoro or the Ace. "At least, your presence usually indicates his interest. Good evening."

If there were red eyes, he might just have stabbed it on principle. But Lacrima likes this one.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-30 01:08:32 80983
    Oh, that's not good. No normal ape bares its teeth like that. Sure, they do bare their teeth - and in fact, do so in a show of aggression - but something about that is very, very different. It's /malicious/. Her grip tenses on the hammer immediately. "...you can understand me, huh." Her stride never breaks, not even when a trash can comes hurtling her way. That massive hammer just comes whipping around, crackling with electricity and slamming into that trashcan, which it doesn't just bat aside - it caves in, and very nearly just obliterates.

    Then her instincts scream that someone's in her blind spot. That was fast, too fast-

    Her reaction times are good enough that Bardiche doesn't quite manage a solid hit. It would still be enough to give a normal person a bad time, but when Kokoro comes back up to her feet from the roll? She's gritting her teeth a little, but that's about it. "...the hell? You're protecting that thing?"

    Once again, Kokoro's grip on the hammer tenses. "You get one warning. That thing's a menace. Get out of the way, or we dance." Small arcs of lightning crackle over that hammer, and across Kokoro herself. It's more than just a matter of getting the blonde 'out of the way' - if she keeps the girl busy, the others can deal with the ape.
Takashi Agera 2017-07-30 01:23:10 80986
Back on the chopper, Takashi is.. well, hopping around the cabin, thrusting his arms out, stomping. The pilot looks back, and she clearly doesn't have the awareness of the situation Fate does. "What the hell, Agera-san?" Takashi turns to her, and with his black eyes beady yells "BLEARGHBLE." She just turns and goes back to the controls.

And back on the ground, the gorlliyouma is trying to land more hits on Daisuke. What was a nonsensical outburst on the copter, though, becomes a suddenly breathweapon of dark magic - though it's not nearly as large at it could be, as Daisuke's cards arc around the blast and impact the creature's chest. It's not enough to knock it down, no - but it stops the attack and causes the creature to need a moment to recover.

Nyubey lays his head off the edge of the bench, looking at Kunzite upside-down. "Well, the foundation of all good science is observation. I'm sure you're aware of that, tall Watcher? Perhaps just unused to being observed yourself?" Nyubey's tail swishes on the bench. " I admit to also being curious about your presence too, human." Nyubey says as his eyes flit to Alexis. "A bit out of your element here, right now, aren't you?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-30 01:35:38 80987
Phantom Ace rears back down from the toss of cards and blinks. "Huh. That worked." he says. "I mean of course it did. THAT was intentional." he insists loudly enough so everyone can hear that.

He keeps his distance as he keeps on his feet. He's faster on his feet. His movements. Minako mentioned that. Maybe that's the ticket of the Ace physical dodging instead of trying to teleport everywhere at once. He'll give that a shot.

Let's hope he can ignore instincts enough to work at it. Ugh he should practice at this.

He takes the moment the creature is recovering to get a little more distance between him and it, taking a jump backwards to try to survey it's next move. He looks to his right. Wait. That's Kunzite. And Alexis over there now. He blinks and looks back to the beast. This may be awkward after.

He can worry about making up stories later.
Fate Testarossa 2017-07-30 01:38:02 80988
    Those reflexes are impressive. Reaction time and response admirable. But Fate says none of these things as she recovers from her swing, gingerly clasping the golden scythe in both hands, cloak fluttering behind her catching the last draft of her own speed and movement.
    Kokoro Akakuma is met with stone silence, scarlet eyes staring at her half-lidded and almost soullessly tired. No, that's not fatigue. It's weariness. A crushing melancholy brims in that crimson stare; the eyes of someone who does not want to fight, but must.
    But then the look is gone, replaced with a shadow shrouding over the girl's face as Fate is given her one warning. Is she here to protect the ape?
    The answer is clipped. A laconic acknowledgement that says she's more than fully aware this will likely come to blows in scant seconds. But the question here is just who is keeping who out of the way? There is a moment of clear hesitance, however, before she speaks again.
    "Please don't make me have to hurt you."
    Daisuke- Phantom Ace- a figure Fate is more than certain she does not know; now has to handle the gorilla on his own. This should put less pressure on Agera... But now Fate has her own battle to tend to.
    Nyubey is on his own should Kunzite decide to resort to principle. Coming home to a jealous Arf would just make this too much for one night.
    There's no shift in her stance, though. The girl maintains an almost statue-like and perfect stillness as she stares down the Dengeki Shoujo. Calculations fly through Fate's mind at a mile a minute as she weighs and balances her strengths and tactics against a new and unknown foe, and decides to test Kokoro.
    [Let's dance.]
    The ping from Bardiche is the only warning Kokoro gets. And then the girl is not so still anymore. It's a short distance, but blazing contrails of golden light streak behind Fate's wake as she attempts a head on assault. It's high risk against a heavy hitting weapon such as a hammer, but she's going for high reward when she crosses the distance in less than a single blink. Her scythe is already cutting downwards by the time that blink is up.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-30 01:44:44 80991
"Eh?" Alex lets out in confusion at Kunzite's first answer, even while he's continuing to work the bottle of vodka and a towel, pouring just a small amount from the bottle onto the towel. "What are you talking abou--"

His words break off when he follows Kunzite's gaze over to the white critter over there. Cue Alex's eyes growing to the side of platters.


Yeah, Alex doesn't know the difference between Kyubei and Nyubei.

"Gah whatever! Shut up, you friggin' rodent!" He goes on growling then, promptly snapping his head back forward while he's stuffing the partially-soaked towel into the mouth of the bottle. "Don't underestimate the fire in a man's blood, damnit! And Kaz!" He doesn't really actually look to Kunzite when he says that-- instead focusing on bringing out a zippo lighter from his jacket's pocket. "Just don't say anything then! Consider that lightning-girl's busy and the guy with the lethal playing cards seems oriented for ranged actions and KEEP UP!"

The zippo's lit up and swept over the vodka-soked towel to set it alight, and the instant after the lighter's returned to his pocket to free his hand to grabbing onto the handle of the bike. And just like that, he's speeding off forward on the bike, with a flaming bottle in hand.

This is a stupid idea this is a stupid idea this is a STUPID IDEA" goes rapidly through his head while he stubbornly guides his bike towards the Yomarilla. But no time to worry about that!

And thus, Alex speeds just close enough past the hulking beast to send a lit molotov cocktail flying towards the thing's back. And of all things, skidding to a stop again after just to *see if it reacts*.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-30 01:53:56 80992
    A quiet, stony stare, across the distance; two girls who don't need many words to get across the message. That look in her eyes. Even before Fate speaks, Kokoro frowns. "...Dunno what your circumstances are, but I ain't holdin' back." Her only answer to Fate's own request is to cock her hammer slightly, shifting her grip to a more 'ready to swing' stance.

    Bardiche's warning probably saves her hide.

    The thunder girl only has a fraction of a second, and even in that much time she's able to get the hammer up into a defensive posture, one hand on the grip, one on the head, holding it up to bar Fate's strike. But the glowing yellow blade and its owner are just /too fast/, and most of the strike slips past, managing to stab down into her shoulder, earning a grunt of pain. There's a split second where eyes meet eyes.

    Then Fate is treated to a sudden, heaving /shove/, with strength beyond even a normal magical girl. And that shove becomes a backswing, bringing her hammer around one-handed until it's behind her and over her shoulder - where she can take a swing at Fate in the air, big and fierce, hoping to hit the mage with sheer brute force before she can recover. She's never fought a speedy opponent before.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-30 02:04:23 80994
Ah. That's what Alexis thinks he can do.

Not, unfortunately, something Kunzite can actually do, unless he's irritated Sailor Mars recently.

"Mn. Then, of course, we mustn't allow your observations to interfere with the experiment." Kunzite inclines his head toward Nyubey steadily, keeping the creature in his field of vision the same way he did the fight -- even as he's lifting his hands.

Darkness shadows Alex's hand, soaking in heat and keeping his hand and wrist cool even as he's holding fire. Balancing the heat and pressure, the spread of the flames; timing it for best effect on impact --

-- and, since the darkness clings to the bottle in the instants after Alex throws, amplifying the energy signature of the impact. White lightning flares in and among the fire, designed less to damage than to try to flash-blind arcane senses for a few moments.

Hopefully it won't interfere with the Ace -- the gorilla should be plenty of a physical shadow source, and the odds that someone in that outfit has delicate magical senses to blind are a lot lower.

(And why is it designed less to damage? Mostly because he hasn't recharged properly since fighting Wraiths with Sayaka. Low batteries happen, sometimes.)
Takashi Agera 2017-07-30 02:14:55 80996
Perhaps Ace would be caught by the monster if it was using its own reflexes, but instead it's moving by someone else's command, someone who doesn't understand it innately, being piloting or worn like a costume, and so Ace keeps just barely in front of the Youmarilla's attempts to squash him. And he does a good job of keeping him distracted.

The cocktail flies through the air, igniting on the Dusk Zone inhabitant's back - but it only seems to be minorly annoyed, turning to glare at Alex as normal flames lose out and begin to be choked away by the darkness - for just a moment, for the briefest moment, before Kunzite's addition to the work changes the balance and suddenly the Youmarilla (and presumably, the person controlling it above) is hopping around and trying to put out the fire.

For a moment. Then there's a surge of energy - and a dark-blue magical circle opens up under the creature, changing the balance again, and the creature brings both its arms back fully, then claps them together with a mighty surge of dark energy and raw power, sending shockwaves through the air that put out the fire...

And knock Alexis from his cycle since he stopped to look. Instead of chasing Daisuke now, the Youmarilla walks over to where Alexis lands after the shockwave and rears a hand back to punch down and, perhaps, turn him into an Alexis-shaped spot...
Fate Testarossa 2017-07-30 02:32:37 80998
    There is no sign of joy on Fate's face. Not the slightest hint of thril, nor even a trace of excitement. For someone as young as she is, that grim expression is all business and nothing else, even as Bardiche scores glancingly through the older girl's defenses. Fate ignores the acrid smell of electricity burning cloth and skin. Eyes meet.
    Her circumstances are irrelevant in the moment. All that matters is keeping Kokoro from joining in against the youma.
    The differences between the two, however, are vast. Fate recognizes this isntantly when she feels the force behind that shove. That's all it takes to fill in some of the gaps in Fate's mental calculations.
    She is sure that her speed outclasses Kokoro's.
    She is certain Kokoro's raw strength greatly exceeds her own.
    If Fate cannot be hit, she is certain she will have the upper hand.
    If Kokoro lands one blow, this fight will end.
    Lightning always precedes thunder.
    Thunder always follows lightning.
    This is why Fate does not fight that shove as soon as she understands the level of strength behind it, but rides it out, in the end, cape fluttering as she spins aside. There is a brief, horrifying, instant in which that hammer catches her cape and misses just fractions of an inch from impacting the girl, herself, lending wings to a surging spike of adrenaline in the small blonde that makes her speed, even for just a second, even faster.
    Shifting her grip on Bardiche, holding the scythe at low level, she brings him with her into the twirl- intent to hook that voltaic blade around Kokoro from behind the knees, not to simply hamstring, but to use Kokoro's own swing to offbalance her in the cut.
    But she... Is distracted. Alexis. As far as she knows, most normal people should not be able to remain in a barrier. That one just flung a molotov at the gorilla. Takashi is moving in for the kill. Scarlet eyes widen just a fraction. Her heart is torn in saying something to stay Takashi's hand, even when she knows the slightest lapse in concentration could cost her dearly.
    Once again... Fate Testarossa quietly hardens her heart, and gives Kokoro Akakuma her full attention.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-30 02:40:48 81000
The beast no longer has his attention. Good for his well being, not good for Alexis's well being. Alexis appears to no longer be a horrible dark vampire. This is also bad. Well. Darn.

He frowns a bit. This thing needs to be hit with something big. If not to try to take it out but to either knock it ENTIRELY off balance or to make himself the primary target again which is why he takes a deep breath and then flips up four cards. An Ace of Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds as he bites his lip. He hopes this work. Daisuke isn't exactly used to flinging something around that can make something flinch.

"FOUR CARD...." he calls out as he draws his hands back as he throws them. "SHOT!" he says as the cards fly forth in a diamond formation, aiming to impact the creature, followed by a spectacular flash of light if they impact.

He needs a moment to catch his breath after that. Because that felt kind of amazing for a moment, as he watches the fight between Fate and Kokoro out of the corner of his eyes while primarily making sure he's had the correct effect of keeping Alexis from becoming a Alexispancake.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-30 02:45:10 81001
    Just that moment of hesitation is enough once again for Kokoro to go from 'completely defenseless' to 'mostly defenseless'. She manages a turn, but that still ends up with a very nasty slash across one calf, and another hiss of pain. And yet, even a second injury doesn't seem to slow her down. Not just strong, she's unnaturally tough. Something in whatever empowers her must harden her both physically and magically; fighting her is going to require some very solid hits, or an outright fight of attrition.

    It's also going to require quite a bit of speed. That hammer is already coming up and over - sheer battle instinct is prompting Kokoro to swing her hammer on a direct vertical, cutting off the easiest direction of escape for an opponent capable of flight. Down comes the head, alive with electricity.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-30 02:47:41 81002
The gorilla's attacks are physical. Kunzite's powers aren't optimized for dealing with that. Raw strength is Nephrite's bailiwick; Jadeite's ice provides physical barriers; Zoisite's fire, a physical dissuasion. Kunzite deals in energy. But kinetic energy is also energy, if a form he's not ideal at countering. But. If the Ace does what the Ace, well, does --


Kunzite lifts both hands again, and draws up a wall of darkness between the gorilla and the downed Alexis. Give him something to keep his attention forward.

And something to keep the impact of Ace's cards even more concentrated in the youmarilla's body, rather than risking it being knocked forward onto Alexis.

(... okay, let's correct that. Rather than it hitting Alexis full-force if it's knocked that way, and Alexis is still there when it hits.)
Alexis Raskoph 2017-07-30 03:02:54 81003
Alex's reaction to the sudden light up of magic from the fiery cocktail is to *grin* widely. "Good going, KAz," he mutters to himself before he, rather rudely, lifts his hand up to make a very, VERY rude gesture at the monkey. "How'd you like that for size, you overgrown--!"

The taunting gets cut very short, however, by virtue of SUDDEN ENERGY WAVES. There's even a very undignified "Waugh!" from the german when he suddenly finds himself knocked off his bike and flying through the air only to land onto the ground with a bounce that leaves him rolling over onto his stomach.

"...Uuugh okay that was an interesting sensa--" he starts muttering while he slowly pushes at the ground to lift himself upwards with a hand rubbing at his head. But... then all the surrounding sounds sink in. And so do the meaning behind them.

Head snaps to the side to take in the fist above. Take in the FOUR CARD assault and wall of energy forming up there.


Alex's reflexes are remarkable for someone without any magic prowess to enhance them, but internally he's repeatedly thanking everyone involved for the additional assault that puts more distance between him and utter annihilation, even while he kicks into the ground to send himself leaping through the air, bending his own body and leaving himself rolling rapidly across the ground distinctly *AWAY* from oversized gorillafist.
Takashi Agera 2017-07-30 03:19:59 81004
The Youmarilla's fist comes down fast - but Kunzite's shield is faster. And it doesn't stop the fist - but it does give Alexis enough to time to scoot out from where it's going to slam - especially given that it was slowed down a little bit more by the Four Card Shot impacting it with a truly spectacular burst of energy. In fact, the shockwave is so much that the creature follows its fist and lands flat on its face.

The black gem on the impromptu collar suddenly gets a crack down the middle - and the one on Takashi's hand does too, both of thier eyes going normal as Takashi's thrown back against the wall of the aircraft, before staggering to his feet and leaning out the window.

And the creature itself begins to dissapate into motes of black energy, small vanishing orbs, disintengrating in chunks. Leaving the collar - and with a dark blue flash at the top of the Barrier, Takashi becomes Riventon and lands next to it, summoning it to his hand as through telekenisis.

"Sparring's over, girls. You'd better lay off my Kohai before I tear you asunder. We're leaving, Fate." Riventon says with all the air of a self-important dictator, watching to see if Fate can clear space. He looks over at Phantom Ace. "I don't even recognize you, but stay out of my way if you know what's good for you. I won't hesitate." He doesn't say exactly what he won't hesitate to do, but he sure isn't connecting Phantom Ace to Daisuke or the Senshi.
Fate Testarossa 2017-07-30 03:36:34 81005
    Alexis avoids being crushed. It's a small relief. Fate is relieved and this is another distraction. A bad one as that hammer comes up.
    Kokoro's endurance is an issue to factor in. If it came to it, a battle of attrition would more than likely end terribly for her, given the sense that this girl may be able to outlast her, if Fate cannot handle her quickly enough. But logical thought and careful planning are put on the backburner. That hammer is coming down. With her means of escape cut off, Fate is forced to think off the cuff of the moment and throws herself niether to her sides nor backwards to evade.
    Fate throws herself FORWARD.
    Shoving herself into the hammer-girl's space, the twintailed blonde goes low, using her tiny size to her advantage as she just barely squeezes low, like threading a needle, she throws herself between Kokoro's legs and tumbles out behind the larger girl on scraped knees. In an instant she's back up, opting not to use Bardiche but to hold her hand out. A ring of glimmering golden runic sigils spreads from her fingers, forming a complex magical circle in miniature as she lines up a shot, the golden arrow-head of her signature Photon Lancer already formed at the center, she's about to...
    She cuts herself off when Takashi calls to disengage, which means she holds fire. Because if Kokoro lets her, after that, Fate will gladly accept the escape.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-30 03:45:13 81006
    Forward. A direction she's not prepared for. Kokoro whips around, hammer and arm both starting to crackle again already, looking to come around and smash Fate, but she's already a short distance away, and powering up a shot. The towering girl's hands squeeze down on the hammer, one shoulder lowers to begin a charge... and someone calls out for them to stop?

    If Fate's not firing, Kokoro's not charging. There's a brief, cold stare... and then those violet eyes turn first down to her still-bleeding wounds, then up to Fate's eyes again.

    Then she looks upward. "Your 'kohai' is down here giving her best! Don't you dare disrespect her by treating her like some kid to be protected!"


    She meets Fate's gaze one last time. "...go on. Beat it. Monkey's dead. We got no reason anymore."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-30 03:45:46 81007
Phantom Ace blinks a moment as he draws back and Riventon appears. He grows, perhaps, just a /little/ of a charming, shit-eating grin. Just a moment. "Well. Gotta know when to hold 'em. Know when to fold them. Looks like you know too." he says.

He doesn't make any other action though as he lowers his hand. He's gonna let them go as he looks over to Alexis a moment and then back up to make sure Riventon or his kohai don't try anything funny on the way out. Better than trying to press a fight he know he can't win right now. Even with this help.
Fate Testarossa 2017-07-30 04:01:01 81008
    The monkey sure is dead. Fate still holds her fire, maintaining her cool in the face of Kokoro turning and readying to charge with the force of a wrecking ball. But when Kokoro holds... Eyes meet again. Those weary scarlet eyes locking on violet.
    What Kokoro says is what makes those eyes subtly widen a fraction.
    It is true, she was doing her best, for Takashi. But what she did not expect was for the other girl to make such a declaration. It leaves Fate stunned for a beat. And she hesitates once again, this time in deciding how to respond. Kokoro makes it easy. The ape is dead.
    "... I'm sorry."
    She does not clarify what she's sorry about, but she lets her spell dissipate and whips around, to make her flight.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-30 04:05:09 81009
"Interesting choice of test run," Kunzite says casually up to Riventon. Then inclines his head to Fate. "Thank you for being careful of the park."

There's juat a flicker of his eyes back toward Nyubey's last known position. But out of all three of them, the one he's watching most carefully is --

-- Phantom Ace?

Well. These things happen.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-07-30 04:23:51 81010
Phantom Ace gently sighs and takes a short breath. Then. Then he feels eyes on him.

Kunzite's. Primarily. Well...

He clears his throat and gives a wave. And then?

Then he's teleporting out of there. There's a short spark of charge there. Then a light blue flash. Not quite purple. Not /quite/ Daisuke's- as he attempts to leave before he has to answer any questions.

He can address this later. Hopefully.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-30 04:26:17 81011
    Off she goes. Slowly, Kokoro turns at last, beginning to walk... over in Kunzite's direction. Her expression is... awkward? Yes, definitely awkward. And it soon becomes clear why.

    "...hey, uh. You know people who can heal? Don't wanna go home bleeding." She's learned to ask for help! Progress.
Takashi Agera 2017-07-30 04:29:06 81012
To Kunzite, Riventon makes an overdramatic bow. It's amazing how different he is in some ways than Takashi, and yet how much the same. "Wasn't expecting you to make an appearance. But I don't even know the other two. Guess it's just another case of kicking over the magical anthills."

He squints at Kokoro. "Don't worry, I'm doing you the favor. She's more than strong enough to duel you, but I'm also not going to leave her here to fight all of you plus whoever else crawls out of the woodwork." A pause. "I'm not always so magnanimous. Just because I have things to do today, don't think there's a chance I'd hesitate to tear you asunder if your presence wasn't planned for and intended."

Whether that's true or just sour grapes from the loser, is anyone's guess. And as for Nyubey? He pokes his head out from behind Riventon's leg. He seems to have zero care for the rules of moving in three dimensions.

Satisfied that it seems to be no more fighting though, Riventon steps backwards - he never turns his back on them - and vanishes into the Dusk Zone, and that chopper continues on its way to perhaps some other nefarious deed, silent against the night sky.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-07-30 04:38:11 81013
"I do," Kunzite answers Kokoro, but it's not till Fate's aloft, till Riventon and Nyubey are gone, till Phantom Ace has vanished in light, that he relaxes his hold on his henshin. And it takes a few moments again, with a glimmer of vaguely pink crystal from his forehead, before he's relaxed out of uniform and can reach for his cellphone.

Which means that it's almost twenty seconds after Phantom Ace teleports out that Daisuke's phone rings.

Plenty of time.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-07-30 04:55:34 81014
    Well, as long as she can get healed, a little wait is fine. So for now, the towering thunder girl lowers her hammer, resting the head on the ground so that she can rest one arm on the handle. She maintains her transformed state for now, opting to keep the look on until they're no longer in public.

    (nevermind she transformed in public)