Traffic Violations

Kyouko, having just killed a Witch, is trying to hunt down fleeing Familiars. Alex and his bike lend a hand.

Date: 2017-07-31
Pose Count: 15
Kyouko Sakura 2017-07-31 19:18:52 81015
    A night like any other in Mitakihara. One of the busiest, most urban parts of Tokyo, it may not be New York but it sure seems like a city that never sleeps. Even now, edging towards midnight, cars crowd the streets, neon signs flash from buildings, and street lights ensure that the sidewalks are just as well-lit as during the day. The crowds might be a bit thinner, but they still qualify as crowds- everything from suited businessmen making their way home from office overtime to ladies in cocktail dresses making their way out to clubs and everything inbetween.

    This is the part of the city that can be seen- but for those who know where to look, there's a whole different part that roils just beneath the surface. Glimpsed in shadows and out of the corner of the eye. Down one particular alleyway, off one of the main streets, a reflection of that hidden world shimmers against the brick wall. Like a tear in reality itself, it's a jagged scar down the side of the wall, about the height of a person and the width of two. It shimmers with black and red energies, seeming to leak discomfort and malice into the air around it.

    The entrance to a Witch Labyrinth is very distinct to those who are familiar with them. Even to those who aren't, it's obvious that something bizarre is going on.
Stahlritter 2017-07-31 19:59:45 81016
Around these parts, Alex has been up to his typical tricks. Ones that involve inordinately higher amounts of violence than any teenager should be part of. ... Well. Any non-magical teenagers, anyway. But nevermind that and all.

Either way, the tricks have lead Alex through the blocks of the urban Tokyo, and cutting through the alleys now atop his motorcycle. Though obviously in tight quarters like these, without anything giving him reason for hurry, he's merely rolling slowly through the alleyway, slow enough he's even felt comfortable enough to take his helmet off -- for the sake of rubbing at one side of his face where someone decked him before. "That's gonna bruise..." He mutters to himself, in German. "Meh. Small cost for getting through there. Maybe I annoyed too many people for o--"

His words cut off. He isn't really able to *sense* the presence of a Witch or the labyrinth, but... He isn't blind, either. When his bike rolls around the corner, he comes face-to-face with that crack in reality. And he can't help but just stare.


The bike gets dismounted completely then, but still walked alongside himself as he closes in on the thing. TO get a closer look. Really, knowing what he does about the magical world at large, his instincts *do* tell him that he should absolutely stay *away* from this thing, but...

*Something* draws him closer, still. Draws him to get a look.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-07-31 20:07:36 81017
    It's debatable how much even magical teenagers should be engaging in violence, but sometimes the world doesn't give you much of a choice. It's also worth noting that most normal people can't see a Witch Labyrinth at all, not even the entrance- however, the fact that Alex has knowledge of the magical world, and was in fact a vampire for a while, is probably more than enough of a reason for him to be able to perceive the shimmering portal.

    Although, his sense of timing is pretty amazing, because just as he's walking closer to get a better look at the strange rip in the wall.. something explodes out of it. Well. Multiple somethings.

    The first couple are... well, it's hard to tell exactly what they are. They rather look like disembodied eyeballs with bat wings and spider legs, about the size of a large dog. They burst from the portal, half scurrying, half hopping into and down the alley. None of them seem particularly interested in Alex, although he might get bowled over simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    And then just as they are making their exit, something else bursts out of the hole. This time, it's a more familiar shape. It's Kyouko- well, it's Apatite, in her henshin, spear in hand. She looks mildly beat up, dusty and with a fresh cut oozing on her cheek, though nothing too bad. As she exits, the hole in the wall behind her shimmers, and then fades out as if it were never there.

    But the three eyeball-creatures don't. They're still fleeing down the alley.

    "Get back here you bastards!" Apatite snarls after them, then blinks as she notices Alex. "Wha- Alex? Don't just stand there, they're getting away!" She snaps, before turning and tearing off down the alleyway, cape fluttering behind her, after one of the escaping eyeball-spiders.
Stahlritter 2017-07-31 20:25:05 81018
It's both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Understanding and perceiving these things. The fact that Alex is so foolhardishly approaching the thing now very heavily leans it towards the side of a curse this time.

So perhaps the sudden outburst of activity forcing him away is kind of a blessing, too.

When the creatures come out, Alex's eyes widen and he kicks himself and his bike both to the side with a "WHOA!", the hurried motion causing him to fall down over after the leap with his bike-- though instincts developed by an age of streetfighting bring him scrambling up immediately rather than leaving himself down to gawk and stare at the scene unfolding before him, body tensing up to prepare to pounce--

And then there's Kyouko. And Alex has just enough time to sound out "Wha--?" before his brain proceeds to switch gears and with an exasperated click of a tongue, brings himself back atop the bike and revving the engine. "No time to explain, huh?"

Anyone could probably tell that driving full speed down these alleyways with a bike would be a terrible idea. Anyone who knows about magic would tell that chasing after things like this is even a worse idea.

Alex, however, wouldn't listen.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-07-31 20:37:57 81019
    It's probably a good thing that Kyouko has already killed the Witch. No offense to Alex or his skills, but a fully mature Witch would pretty much instantly splat a non-magical person. However, these things that are currently fleeing are not Witches- they're Familiars. Still dangerous, but markedly less so. The problem is, if they escape, they will hunt and kill people until they mature into Witches themselves. So they need to be stopped now, before they get away.

    The problem is, they're fast. Giant eyeballs with wings and spider-legs can move surprisingly quickly, especially over flat ground. It's clear that Kyouko is having trouble keeping up, even with her speed and stamina enhanced by her magic. Of course, this doesn't defeat her. Gritting her teeth, she plants a foot and lunges forward- hurling her spear like a javelin. It streaks through the air, trailing crackling red lightning, and impales the furthers-back of the three creatures, the head of the spear smashing a foot into the concrete in the process. The Familiar twitches and spasms.. then dissolves into black mist that quickly dissipates.

    But the other two were ahead of it, and are drawing further away. Kyouko grits her teeth in frustration..

    But then Alex comes roaring up behind her on his bike. Driving fullspeed down narrow alleys is certainly Not Smart. But Smart has never been Kyouko's strong point. Instead, her strength lies in just doing the stuff that other people say is foolishly impossible. So instead of getting out of the way, she jumps up.

    And lands on the front of Alex's bike, balancing with one foot on the handlebars and one on the guard over the front tire, like she's surfing or something. Luckily, Alex should still be able to see where he's going.. if a bit more imperfectly. She snatches her spear up smoothly as the bike passes it.

    "C'mon kid, they're gettin' away." She grates.. and suddenly there's a flash of red , crawling down from her body over the bike.. and red, flickering flames appear on the bike's chassis. And it starts going even faster.
Stahlritter 2017-07-31 21:09:58 81020
Alex's balance doesn't waver at all when Kyouko lands on the front of the bike, nor does he waver at all from the sudden positioning or the sudden enhancement or his vehicle. Though he does turn his eyes slightly upwards for a second when she lands there.

And he has to think about someone else to very much *not* get distracted.

He *does*, however, grumble out, "WHo're you callin' a kid, shorty?" while he leans back just enough to reach for one of the two saddblags of the bike with one hand, somehow managing to keep control of the bike with just one hand even with the ludicrous speeds they are going to-- and of all things, he draws out a length of thick iron chain from within, yanking on it to send most of it coiling around his own arm.

"Fifteen seconds before we hit the street!" He calls out over the roar of the engine and the whip of wind. "IN the open they'll be able to maneuver much better! So can you with the spear, but we have to assume they'll seperate! Go for the one on the left! I doubt I can actually put the other one down without magic, but if the thing's corporeal I can probably restrain it! If it doesn't, then do whatever you can to the chain before the alley ends!"

Alex might do incredibly foolhardish things like drive a bike into a high-speed chase through a tight alleyway-- but he's surprisingly analytical in spite of it. Kyouko might have noticed it before, too. When they sparred, even-- there's a thousand different lines of thought running through those eyes of his at any given time.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-07-31 21:20:08 81021
    Thankfully, considering the amount of acrobatics involved in Magical Girling, one of the primary effects of henshin is that it's literally impossible to see up skirts. Not that Alex would try, of course. Perish the thought. But even by accident, the angle is just somehow never right. Magic. Good thing too, because protecting her modesty is clearly the last thing on Kyouko's mind when there's prey to be caught. For the record, the same magic stops her cape from flapping around right in Alex's face and totally blinding him. Magic is surprisingly practical sometimes.

    She balances seemingly without effort with one foot on the handlebars and one on the tireguard, her eyes fixed on the scuttling creatures ahead, which are slowly drawing closer. Red eyes glance backwards as Alex calls up to her and she glances at the chain, then shakes her head. "Won't work if I can't keep contact with it, but you should still be able to trip it up. Just stop it getting away, I'll kill it."

    Of course, that same principle applies to the bike as well. Kyouko can use her magic to enhance it while she's touching it, but the second she leaps off it's going to revert back to normal gasoline-powered speed. Hopefully they'll be close enough by then that it won't matter. Seeing the end of the alley approaching, Kyouko crouches down slightly..

    As they emerge out onto the main street (which, it should be noted, is full of cars though thankfully this being Tokyo, none of them are moving very quickly), the eyeball-spiders do indeed separate. They don't exactly go left and right, but they certainly divert from each other. "Just slow it down!" Kyouko calls again.. then launches herself from the front of the bike.

    Drivers look up, startled, as she jumps from one car to the next, her feet thunking on the roofs, but whatever prevents most people from seeing magical stuff stops them from realizing a girl with a cape just ran across their car- instead they just look startled and confused. In just a few more leaps, Kyouko lashes out with her spear, and as she does it bursts apart into a series of shaft-pieces linked by glowing red chain. Whipping through the air like a snake, it coils around the legs of the fleeing spider. The thing doesn't make any sound, but it does scrabble furiously as it trips up, but by then it's already too late- Kyouko retracts her spear, and the creature is pulled back towards her like a fish on a line.

    She spins, the thing still caught in her spear, and slams it into the side of a passing truck. The truck veers, the side denting in as the spider then falls under its tires.. crushed into a pile of twitching legs before the truck manages to stop. Kyouko hops down and walks over to said twitching pile.. stomping on it with her boot, which causes it to dissolve into that same black smoke.

    Then she looks the other way to see how Alex is doing.
Stahlritter 2017-07-31 21:46:41 81022
"Gooooooooooooooooo!" Alex roars out the instant the alley comes along, and at the same time she's leaping off of the ride, he turns his weight just so to bring his bike turning almost ninety degrees off to the right, leaving it skidding towards the streets with a SCREEEECH for a half a second, stopping to turn it's motion to the new direction just barely before slamming straight into a moving car.

So the chase continues on. His bike is slower now, certainly, without Kyouko empowering it, and it would definitely not be enough to keep up with the flying eyeball for long at all. It's not like he was counting on being able to do that in the first place. Instead, he draws his arm with the chain coiled around it away from the handlebar, and snaps it in a quick motion to the side to unspool it again, whipping it about through the air. And forward again, towards the creature.

It's a strange thing, perhaps. But if there was anything he took away from his time as a vampire, it would be a sense for how to control lengthy objects like this, what with the dark energy tentacles he used to employ then.

The chain whips through the air and snaps into one of the spider-legged eyeball's wings, turning it's further length to spin around and coil around the base of them and forcing it to trip (as such one trips in the air anyway) and plummet into the street. This leaves Alex and his bike speeding past it, only to skid to a slow and lift the front wheel of the bike to rise up off the curb and allow him to spin around back to facing the creature. Chain won't have secured well enough on the thing like that, he thinks to himself while his eyes narrow and the engine of the motorcycle revvs loudly. So will just have to keep it busy still otherwise! Cue the motorcycle launching towards the familiar.

It takes only a second or so to close the distance, but Alex at least has the sense ot lift himself up to standing on the saddle of the bike-- and kick himself to leaping up just before the impact of the front of the bike into the massive eyeball, sending him upwards and forward from the momentum and force alike -- probably right in tandem with the eyeball below, too. Turning in a spin along the axis of his own body in the air, the chain is brought loosened from the creature's wings, too, and coiling back around his arm -- and more definitely along his gloved fist this time. When his own spin stops to leave him facing downwards and plummeting down to the way of the familiar, his chain-wrapped fist rises up behind him, sprung tight at the ready.

In all reason, Kyouko could likely make her way back there before the following point of contact. But Alex apparently has no qualms about potentially having to go right down to it with an enemy he has no actual methods of killing anyway just for the sake of keeping it busy.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-07-31 21:53:41 81023
    Familiars are more powerful than the average Witch-minion, but they're nowhere near as powerful as Witches themselves. These ones are also fleeing for their lives, after seeing their Mistress destroyed, which no doubt helps. Either way, it doesn't seem like the one that Alex is pursuing is particularly interested in fighting, but rather is just trying to get away, which ends up being a mistake.

    Alex pulls it down to the ground with his chain, them rams his bike into it before leaping straight at it with intent to pummel. This is pretty effective at keeping the thing distracted, at least. While it doesn't seem to be hurt in any real way by the chain and the impact, it is certainly entangled and reeling off balance. It scrabbles and stabs at Alex with sharp spider-legs, but they are senseless motions of panic rather than skillful attacks and Alex can probably get a few good punches in- the thing feels like a bag full of jello under one's fist. Yuck.

    But that's all he has time for before Kyouko is there. She lands next to him in a flutter of cape, and just says, "Watch yourself." Then, assuming Alex is smart enough to get out of the way, she rather casually stabs the flailing Familiar with her spear. It dissolves, and just like that, the threat is dealt with.

    Kyouko isn't even breathing hard, but she is looking a bit beat-up, as previously mentioned. She glances around- the nearby cars are honking, mostly at Alex and his overturned bike since the magic means their eyes tend to skid over Kyouko even though she's standing right there. "Well. That's taken care of. Probably best to move." She eyes Alex. "Nice moves. Not bad for a rookie." Not to mention somebody without any magic of his own. "Your bike okay?"
Stahlritter 2017-07-31 22:11:37 81024
On the landing, first, Alex's chain-covered fist slams into the top of the eyeball with the momentum of both the fall and the launch of his arm itself just before impact. And immediately bouncing off, to set into a footwork not much unlike that of a professional boxer, bobbing and weaving around the stabbing limbs with an occasional interspersed jab from his chain-wrapped fist, just to keep the sensory input of the thing busy. He's remarkably fast-- nowhere near as fast as any magical girl with movement-enhancing powers, but fast for a human. Norie once speculated that his body and mind had remained somewhat used to the superpowered movement from his run as a vampire, but he's not exactly considering that right now -- and it certainly doesn't change the fact that he can't actually *damage* the damn thing.

But that's fine. Because Kyouko's right on time. Alex reacts before she even gives the warning, and the next weaving of a dodge motion turns further to a sideward leap and a crouched skid along the street -- not just to get out of the way of the flailing spiderlimbs but also the assuredly more dangerous spear of the Puella.

Unlike Kyouko, his body - despite being in remarkably good physical condition - is still a very much human body, so now that he has the moment to spare to not move and just watch the familiar crumble into nothingness instead, he lets out an audible breath to steady himself, and only then does he stand upright.

"Just a rookie with magic, Red," he states with a flash of his teeth, shaking his arm just enough to start loosening up the chain coiled around it. "Just 'cuz I ain't fought something like this before don't mean I ain't got cards to play."

But then she asks about the bike. And all attention snaps to that. He doesn't even stop to answer the question, he just pivots in place and pounces his way over to where the bike slid, turning it over and...

Revealing the busted and deflated front wheel.

Kyouko Sakura 2017-07-31 22:19:11 81025
    Kyouko shrugs her shoulders. "Different games got different rules. Just cuz you can punch out a street tough don't mean you can handle a Familiar. But," She quirks a half-smile. "Like I said. Nice moves. Woulda been a lot harder to take care of those without your help. So thanks." At least one of them might even have gotten away, which would have spelled trouble for somebody down the road.

    She eyes the deflated tire as he picks the bike up, and sighs. She walks over and grips the handlebars.. helping him to haul it off of the street, at least, so the honking cars can move on. It's a lot easier with magic-enhanced strength. Once that's done, though, she dismisses her henshin.. her outfit vanishing in a flash of red to reveal a much more normal-looking Kyouko in jeans and a black t-shirt. Still smudged and with that leaking cut on her cheek, though she doesn't seem too concerned.

    "You got someplace to take it? You were helpin' me out, so I can charge the cost of the repairs to my Shitennou card." She offers. Only seems fair.
Stahlritter 2017-07-31 22:31:16 81026
Alex doesn't actually seem like he's too bothered by moving it, but he seems thankful enough for the help too.

"There's this backalley mechanic over uptown," Alex says then, with a sigh. "I usually go to him when, uh... something like this happens. Not just because he's really good at his job, but because he doesn't ask any questions." Well, doesn't that just sound suspicious. But then again, considering how much ALex seems to get involved with gangs and such...

He shakes his head either way. "Don't worry about it. I did tell you how filthy rich my parents are, right? Like enough that they don't even notice when I spend more than I rightfully should be."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-07-31 22:34:52 81027
    Kyouko is the last person to question somebody for having shady contacts. She lived on the streets for three years, remember- she probably has all sorts of similar things going on back in Kazamino. Not so much around here, but she's needed it less since she's come to Tokyo.

    She just nods in acceptance of the fact that Alex has a guy. Seems perfectly reasonable. She does quirk a brow when he mentions that his parents have so much money they don't notice when some goes missing. She was raised dirt poor, and even though she has basically infinte money now, the concept is still hard for her to grasp. "Ah.. alright." She shrugs. "You need help getting it to him, or what? I mean, you helped me out, seems like I should do somethin' to pay you back.."
Stahlritter 2017-07-31 22:46:05 81028
Alex turns a look to Kyouko when she asks that. And-- well. There's actually a faint smile offered for it, too. "I don't really do what I do expecting anything in return, you know," he points out. "But I won't mind the help either. I won't ask you to go all Henshin and carry this thing over your shoulder while you jump over rooftops though."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-07-31 22:51:45 81029
    "Funny, neither do I." Kyouko says, with a bit of a smirk- though a sympathetic one. "But it seems like if you help people, whether you're expectin' it or not, it makes 'em want to help you back. Funny that."

    She snorts at his comment afterwards. "Good, cuz magical super-strength ain't really my thing. Stronger'n an average 16 year old girl maybe, but pretty sure leaping around with a motorcycle over my shoulder is beyond me, at least long-distance." She sighs, glancing at the silver ring with its red gem on the middle finger of her hand. "Plus, I've used enough magic tonight. C'mon, I'll help you push it." And she does.