Dishes and Dragons

Lacrima and Eilam go out for food so she can introduce him to Rashmi and maybe show off a little. They meet Lamya who steals her plate and runs out the door. Eilam wants to go before he finds out Chupacabras are real too.

Date: 2017-08-01
Pose Count: 37
Lacrima 2017-08-01 03:03:16 81031
Lacrima has decided she wants to take Eilam to meet Rashmi-- whom she called him the 'Not Boyfriend' to more or less. She said he'd meet him at Rashmi Parent's resturant. Where she wanted to take him anyways today, to begin with so perhaps it all works out in the end.

She's dressed in her fancy dress, because when one goes on 'something that may or may not be a date', you dress up! At the very least, she'll feel better when she dresses up.

She has arrived into the Korma Chamelon alone for the moment as she finds an out of the way both near the back to sit. Somewhere nice and quiet.

Where they can talk about weird magic stuff privately if they need to. Yes.

This'll work just fine, she figures. She'll wait for Eilam, and maybe she'll be lucky and Rashmi will come out for a bit, maybe.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 03:08:56 81033
And indeed, Rashmi does pop out of the kitchen not long after Lacrima shows up, still wearing the Korma Chameleon apron and its violently adorable mascot. "Lacrima-chan, hi~!" she chirps, fairly beaming at the imoutopire. "Lassi to start?"
Dragon Lamya 2017-08-01 03:10:00 81034
The door violently bursts open with a slam. Standing in the doorway, a shadowy figure is silouetted by the setting sun, radiating power, and hunger. "What is that smell?!?" The figure steps through the doorway to reveal .... a ten year old schoolgirl. "It smells delicious!" Lamya says.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 03:19:29 81035
    The request to meet at the restaurant had caught Eilam at an odd time. He had just started to return home after a day out doing things, and suddenly she wished to go out. Well, it wasn't /too/ sudden, though it was enough that Eilam decided to take a nap and almost overslept. As a result, though he was still dressed up and looking nice, it wasn't hard to tell that his efforts to be presentable were slightly less than perfect. If only that, as he walked into the building, one would find him in an expensive set of dress clothes, silken pants, pressed neatly, dark grey, with a fancy set of light brown leather shoes and belt, the soft pink dress shirt he had on unbuttoned a bit at the top and sleeves rolled up loosely. Even the tie was pulled a tiny bit loose as the young man stepped into the restaurant and looked around, his long pink hair undone at the moment, looked perhaps only finger combed back out of the way as he took a moment to try and figure out if Norie was even here yet.
Lacrima 2017-08-01 03:24:58 81036
Lacrima doesn't smile to Rashmi. She never smiles. But she does nod at her. "Yes please. Two. Actually. Eilam-kun will be... joining me in a bit." she says as she hears the door slam open and she blinks rapidly, turning around in the booth seat to eye the door. That couldn't be Eilam-kun, right? Nope it isn't.

It's so odd girl demanding to know what that smell is. "I take it she isn't a regular." she whispers to Rashmi, as she then looks past the girl to.. oh!

"Eilam-kun, back here." she says with a soft wave as she makes sure Eilam sees before she slides back into her booth seat. "The boy with the pink hair. That's Eilam-kun." she says softly to Rashmi.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 03:33:04 81037
"Oh? Oh nice, that's great! I can't wait t--" And she's cut off by the doors slamming open, drawing the attention of everyone in the restaurant, and a deep wince from Rashmi. "...Hello, Lamya," Rashmi sighs. "Just... sit there," she says, gesturing at a table near Lacrima, "try not to talk loud, and I'll be right with you. "Lacrima-chan, this is Lamya..." Which point Eilam enters, and Rashmi's eyes widen. "...That's him? Niiiice...." And with that, she trots back into the kitchen to get a pair of drinks.
Dragon Lamya 2017-08-01 03:38:53 81038
"Oh! Hello Rashmi!" Lamya says cheerily, and way too loud. When she's told to be quiet she nods, and obediently sits at one of the booths. "Will sitting bring me whatever it is that smells so good?" she asks.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 03:44:54 81039
    Eilam started to respond to Lacrima, but couldn't help but notice the kid in front of him. He paused and looked towards Lamya quietly as she mentioned a smell, taking a moment to breathe in, curious what said smell might be. "I am uncertain what the smell is, but..." reaching into his pocket with his free hand, the other hand had a rather ornate-looking black and silver-trimmed stave with the coat to his attire hanging over the top, Eilam pulled free a wallet and thumbed it open to offer a simple bank card towards someone who seemed like an employee, "I will pay for her a serving of whatever it is she seems to smell. And... perhaps two more as well for myself and her?" A gesture was made towards where Lacrima was, only to nod once at Lamya as he walked past and move towards the booth in the back to sit.

    "You are looking as glowing as ever."

    Yes, he did just... casually offer to pay for food for someone he'd never met, in addition to his own stuff.
Lacrima 2017-08-01 03:56:31 81040
Lacrima /totally/ blushes when Eilam pays her the passing compliment. She clears her throat. "We-ll you're looking great yourself, Eilam-kun." she says as she looks to Rashmi. "That was Rashmi-chan. She's the one who.... was with me when I talked to my brother." she says silently. "She's a friend. Her family runs this place."

She looks to the girl. "I have no idea who that is. But she seems to be a friend of Rashmi-chan's." she says silently. She leans back. She'd probably have more to say about the odd girl, but well. You don't speak ill of someone else's friends.

Something seems odd about her though. She purses her lips and looks back to Eilam. "They do authentic Indian currys here." she says softly. "But they also do the Japanese kind." she says. "You should try the Indian kind, though. Just don't get it done too hot." she says softly.

"They go on a star system here. I think...." she mutters.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 04:09:04 81041
Soon Rashmi pops out with three cups of cool thick liquid on a tray. The two pale yellow ones are set in front of Lacrima and Eilam, and the faintly green one, set in front of Lamya. "Lacrima, yours and um... Eilam-san's, they're mango. Lamya, yours is mint and coriander." She pauses, upon hearing that Eilam will pay for Lamya, and smiles, gesturing for him to put the card away for now. "Yes we do use a star system here, and I'd very much recommend anything three stars or below. Any higher, and all you're tasting is hot, and that's not what food is supposed to be for. It's good to meet you, Eilam-san, it's nice to put a face to the name." Menus are distributed among the tables, and Rashmi turns to Lamya. "Okay... Lamya-san. This is a restaurant, where you pay people money for them to cook for you. Since Eilam-san was nice enough to offer to pay for you this time, I'm going to suggest you have any one thing from *this* page... and any one thing from these three pages here. I'm not sure how exotic you could have your food back home, but, this food is what you'd get in a region of India, called West Bengal now. If you've ever heard of Kolkata, that'd be the general area."

Which point she realizes how she has to sound to Lacrima and Eilam, and glances their way. "She, um... she's a dragon who's been asleep for a couple thousand years," she says quietly

And yes, that's supposed to be an explanation.
Dragon Lamya 2017-08-01 04:19:47 81043
Lamya looks at the drink that is set before her curiously. Upon Rashmi's explanation of what a restaurant she just rolls her eyes. "Yes, I think it would have been obvious that this was a tavern of some sort by the smell of the food alone." She nods at the rest of the explanation, and curiously dips an abnormally long, skinny tongue into the lassi.

"Delicious!" she declares, and eagerly starts lapping it up despite the strange looks she's getting. She takes a look at the menu and pours over it like a tome, scowling.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 04:26:58 81044


    Eilam just stares at Rashmi. And Lamya. Perhaps Lacrima can see the mental ... going on for Eilam. Dragon. Couple thousand years.

    Finally Eilam just turns and sighs, pressing his face into his hands. "I give up." came a very soft remark that wasn't even in Japanese. In fact, it was Hungarian. Because for whatever reason, the phrase just came to mind for him in that language. Pure disbelief and ability to even respond to the situation, which resulted in Eilam trying to pretend he's not once again having his entire damn world just turned upside down rather casually.
Lacrima 2017-08-01 04:30:00 81045
Lacrima nods at Rashmi-chan. She likes the mango. "The lassi is good. It coats the stomach if you're going for 'hot'." she says to Eilam. She ums at the Menu. "I just want a Chicken Korma with rice, please. two star." she says gently. Nothing too fancy out out there as she looks to Lamya and blinks.

... a dragon?

She narrows her eyes at Lamya a bit as she crosses her arms and seems to tap her foot in thought a moment. She purses her lips. "Lamya-san, then." she says quietly.

"How old are you exactly? I mean. Actual. Years. Not. However old you appear right now. or is just a vauge. 'Two Thousand Years'." she says as her eyes look back to Eilam with a confusing flutter. Yeah this one has her stumped.

More importantly, she understood what Eilam just said in Hungarian. She doesn't out the language, or remark on it just due to what he said, but she does offer a hand out with a soft frown. "I'm sorry." she says specifically in Spanish. Like she didn't expect this to happen. "Is there anything I can do? Besides enjoy this meal with you?" she asks, ALSO in Spanish still.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 04:42:36 81046
"...I'm sorry," Rashmi says, puzzled by Eilam's facepalming, but pretty sure it was due to what she'd said. "Anyway... I'll be happy to take your order, Eilam-san, Lamya-san, and then I can leave you two to your date."
Dragon Lamya 2017-08-01 04:49:49 81047
Lamya looks up and points at an entry on the menu. "I will take this 'naan'. And... hrm.... this 'red curry.'" Eliam gets a curious look however. "Well, if you don't include when I was a sleep I was...." she squints doing math in her head. "Roughly three hundred and fifty years old, give or take a decade."
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 04:58:28 81048
    There is a somewhat tired, defeated laughter on Eilams part, "...I shall take whatever. She can order for me, I trust her tastes well enough." And then Eilam is left to sort things out in his head a moment only to make a soft groan, "How exactly do all of you magical types just /exist/ for so damn long without getting casually discovered? I have worked myself to the point of madness for well over two thirds of my life just to avoid anyone finding out about things and here, in this last year, everything in this country is just magic. Magic magic magic."

    It was hard to say if Eilam was having a breakdown or just at a point of disbelief and mocking everything around him. "I hide away and try to protect myself and remain from having those with untoward intentions discovering me for hundreds of years and suddenly dragons are casually rolling over out of a two millenial nap and salivating over curry." and at that, Eilam looks up between Lacrima and Rashmi, "And you two are completely casual to the point I don't even know if I'm crazy or everyone else is." So there was that, he totally just... openly admitted how old he was without even considering it. Which might prove to Lacrima he was just a wee bit frazzled right now given how reclusive he was regarding his 'condition'. "Next thing you know an angel is going to descend from the sky and tell me he laid with my mother or something and that is why I can't die." He half expected it to happen. "Or maybe an alien is going to walk through the door."
Lacrima 2017-08-01 05:12:50 81049
Lacrima frowns softly. " is okay. Eilam-kun. I didn't think others like existed for a year until I ran into others." she says softly. She looks to Rashmi and shakes her head. "If. You have the time. You can sit down with us?" she asks.

She looks to Lamya. "Why were you sleeping?" she asks. "Do Dragons just hibernate like that?" she asks.

She looks to Rashmi. "He'll have what I'm having, I'm sure he'll enjoy it." she offers softly. She sighs a bit and shakes her head.

"You'll experience things like this occasionally, Eilam-kun." she offers. "Just. Take it easy." she says softly.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 05:23:35 81050
Rashmi Terios bobs her head, scribbling the orders down on a pad. "Honestly, Eilam-san?" she says, lifting a shoulder. "Less than a year ago I found a charm that turned into a talking book that taught me magic. I'm just rolling with everything until I have a handle on stuff." Spreading her hands, she turns to Lamya. "Did you want the naan plain, or with garlic? It's a kind of bread, and the red curry's chicken, vegetables and spices on rice."
Dragon Lamya 2017-08-01 05:28:02 81051
Lamya shakes her head at Lacrima. "No," she says. "I was mortally wounded by a knight and I... don't really remember much after that, other than waking up in this strange country." She returns Rashmi's bob of the head with one of her own. "Yes. This is acceptable." She looks at the menu again, "And if these stars denote quality I would very much like to have one with all five."
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 05:43:01 81052
    "Sorry." came a rather soft sound from Eilam towards lacrima before falling silent, trying to sort out his own internal disbelief at everything. A dragon. DRAGON. He wasn't even excited or afraid, just flabberghasted. "I will actually refrain from having any food, just water, thank you. Maybe I shall eat in a while, but my appetite will likely not... return for a bit." He was trying to be polite about things, even if he really just wanted to go home and try to get drunk(and fail) before passing out.

    "If my little spat of wonder ruined the evening for you, I apologize." That was more directed towards Lacrima than anything.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 05:50:20 81053
Sadly, Rashmi had already popped back into the kitchen, and it's not long at all before she comes back out, balancing a laden tray of food in one arm. Lacrima and Eilam's orders are set down, then Lamya's. "...The stars are for heat," she says to the dragon. "So I gave you two-star, because Mami prefers people to know what a dish *tastes* like before just ruining it with peppers. ...Oh... by the by, did you ever find a place to stay?"

Which point she turns to Eilam and Lacrima, and frowns, puzzled, at the look on the boy's face. "....Um. ....How about I get a takeaway box for yours, Eilam-san?"
Lacrima 2017-08-01 05:54:20 81054
Lacrima looks to Rashmi and shakes her head. "Eilam-kun probably won't eat it as takeaway. But. Box it up anyways. I'll eat it." she says softly. She gently nods a bit at Rashmi and gives an apologetic look as she looks between Rashmi and Lamya a moment. "You don't have a place to stay? Where exactly have you been staying?" she asks curiously. "I have... a manor. Down the way. I'm not staying in it properly, because I'm living with Eilam-kun currently." she says quietly. "But I do visit daily. And keep food rotated and what not." she says.

She looks to Eilam and frowns as she stands up and walks over to Eilam's side of the booth- like at the coffee shop the other day and just leans against him for a moment as she mutters 'I'm sorry' in Spanish under her breath.

He could go home and try to get drunk. He'll probably get vampire cuddles instead. Maybe that's better. Maybe.
Dragon Lamya 2017-08-01 06:00:09 81055
One can almost see Lamya's brain completely misunderstanding what Rashmi means by 'heat,' envisioning a five star dish coming out literally on fire. She shakes her head. "Two-star will be good," she agrees. At the questions of where she's sleeping she just shrugs. "I stay wherever is comfortable. A manor..." she muses thoughtfully. "I do not know what that is. Is it like a castle?"
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 06:10:23 81056
    Despite it all, that small movement did have Eilam relax a tiny bit, closing his eyes briefly. For the time being, though, Eilam was quiet. Just listening, one arm coming around Lacrima's side to hug her lightly.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 06:13:04 81057
"More like a large house," Rashmi says, nodding in answer to Lacrima. "*Really* large, for a house in the city. I mean, there's like nine million people living in Tokyo alone, so living space kinda shrunk to accomodate. So having a whole manor is *really* rare."
Lacrima 2017-08-01 06:18:24 81058
Lacrima nods. "It was abandoned and derelict. I renovated it." she says softly. "Didn't need too much work inside." she says gently. "It's a manor, but not a mansion. nor a castle. But it's a really nice large house." she says softly. She looks up to Eilam and just closes her eyes a moment as she looks at her food, then leans up to grab the fork and begin eating softly. It's so good. ~_~.

She really loves this place's curry. It's a good thing she can eat as much as she likes as she is in her current state. No leftovers.

She gently nods. "Korma is good, Rashmi-chan. As always." she says softly.

She looks down a moment then back up. "Um. Mamoru-san has been... helping. With. Trying to. Fix things. In my head." she says softly. "The brother... stuff. Really messed me up. Then stuff. Someone else told me messed me up more. But. Things are okay. Now. I think. Well. Okay as they're gonna be."


"...Alexis-kun may have beaten my brother up." she says grimly. "I haven't confronted him about it. Even though I know it's him. Soon." she says quietly. There's no anger here, at least.
Dragon Lamya 2017-08-01 06:21:09 81059
Lamya's eyes light up at the prospect of living in such a lavish domicile. "Yes! That would be delightful! I think I shall take you up on that offer!"
Dragon Lamya 2017-08-01 06:24:38 81060
Lamya stands up, gulping down the last of her lassi. "I shall have to prepare for this!" she declares, grabs the plate of curry that was just placed before her, piles the naan on top of it and just marches out. "Thank you for the food," she says right before she walks out the door.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 06:28:38 81061
"Lamya-san wait you don't take..." Aaaaand the door shuts. Sigh. Dropping her head into her hand for a moment, she gives herself a shake, and looks back up, smiling at Lacrima. "That's really good to hear, Lacrima-chan. ... ...Wait. I mean about Chiba-san not... Oh for... did he really? ....I mean I can't say I'm surprised but come on seriously?"
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 06:29:25 81062

    Eilam just kind of stares towards Lacrima as she mentions seemingly knowing who apparently attacked her brother. There was a moment more where he said nothing before taking a deep breath and asking, after letting it out, "The business with your brother, would you... prefer I stay out of it? I do not take kindly to theft, and hearing in the news that he was attacked and assuming things were stolen, I already... began preparations into finding the thief." a pause. "Which you seem to know." another pause. "And for some reason do not seem upset about, which... confuses me, given how much you... seemed bothered by the falling out between you two. If you want me to stay out of the matter, I will... respect what you ask. And pull back my money." From what exactly? He didn't say, which might make the not knowing even worse.
Lacrima 2017-08-01 06:36:10 81063
Lacrima softly looks to Eilam and shakes her head. "Alexis-kun. He is..." she sighs. "He is a brother. Of /sorts/ too." she mutters. "He decided to 'talk' to him. When he said the same things he told me.. that night..." she says to Rashmi. "That. I was dead. He apparently got upset at enough to punch him once. When he repeated it. He headbutted him into unconsciousness." she says. "That's what. Ryo told me when I questioned him after an initial visit. Ryo wasn't willing to share much."

"I don't think he went there with intentions to hurt him. Just talk sense into him." she says softly. She looks to Eilam. "He didn't go there to rob my house." she says silently. "That's just what Ryo told my family and the police." she sighs. "Since. 'My sister's goon/friend/minion came here to try to extort me into accepting my undead, vampiric sister' isn't really something you tell police." she says quietly.

"Just. Relax. It'll be fine. I need to talk to him. And tell him I would prefer he not punch my brother." she mutters. "In the future." she says.

"Lord knows he'll try again if given the chance." she sighs.

Then Lamya runs away with the entire plate and things and she 'ehs?' a bit. "Ah--ha. So--sorry Rashmi-chan. I.. um. I'll pay for that. Plate." she says softly. "And things. Just... just add it to our bill." she says. "Maybe I can get it from her if she comes to the manor...." she says gently.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 06:42:41 81064
Rashmi Terios sighs, nudging up her glasses to pinch the bridge of her nose. "...Yeah that would be great if he doesn't punch him again, just...." Blowing out a breath, she shakes her head. "I'll tell Papi she's a friend of yours from out of the country," she says finally. "Hopefully that'll explain how she really has no idea she's not supposed to do that." A sidelong glance is given to Eilam, and what exactly his money was going to go towards, but the redhead seems to be acting as she had spoken, and just rolling with it.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 06:48:10 81065
    "I will trust you to handle this then. It is your business to take care of. Though I will state clearly I do not enjoy the prospect of wild cards about me. And if this Alexis is, to you, close like family. ...then you do need to tighten their leash to make sure this kind of thing does not happen. He could be trailed back to you, and me among others, and put a lot at risk."

    Certainly not something she probably wanted to hear on date night as it were, but Eilam did seem a bit more business-minded at the moment. But this was kind of how he got by so long. Rigid paranoia. Then he realized he was having this conversation by Rashmi, looking towards her a moment as if thinking what to say. "I trust you are not naive enough to speak freely about anything I... mentioned here tonight in my disbelief, or now?" The half-statement might /almost/ seem threatening, if he didn't look like she could beat him up with a handtowel.
Lacrima 2017-08-01 06:57:24 81066
Lacrima sighs. "Eilam-kun. I trust Rashmi-chan. She won't talk about anything you said about yourself tonight if you say so." she says quietly. She looks to Rashmi-chan. "He is. Private." she says to her. "Like. I mentioned before." she says. "Don't worry. Things will be fine. He is not used to. Encountering new things. IS all." she says.

She nods to Eilam and gently gives a soft squeeze. She wishes she could smile. She wishes she could that reassurance. She sighs a little bit. She looks to Rashmi-chan as she sighs. "So-sorry about that. Still." she says quietly. "I'm still having a nice night out." she says more to Eilam.

"I mean this is hardly my worst day ever. I mean. There's the night I was turned into a horrible vampire." she says with complete deadpan humor behind it.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-01 07:11:41 81067
"Nothing to worry about, Eilam-san," Rashmi chuckles. "There's a lot I don't talk about with normal people. And besides, I barely know anything about you, and Lacrima-chan likes you, why would I even want to mess anything up for you?"

Lacrima gets a smile, and a pat on the shoulder. "Nothing to apologize for, Lacrima-chan. Sometimes stuff just gets away from us, is all. It was good to meet you, Eilam-san, and it's nice to see Lacrima-chan likes you."
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-08-01 07:18:07 81068
    "...right, right." There was also that habit some people had of trying to act like they were above betraying others. He didn't really have hope they were. But... Lacrima trusted them. And he wanted to trust her. "I think I am going to head back home. I do not believe I will fall asleep for a bit but I think some time away from worrying about the Chupacabra suddenly appearing in the form of a seven year old girl will be good for my health."
Lacrima 2017-08-01 07:25:44 81070
Lacrima purses her lips and pays for the food and for the plates. She gets it to go. She gently looks to Eilam as he expresses dismay at a chupacabra. "Ah. I can assure you Chupacabras don't take the form of young girls. I..." she says. "I shall take these to go." she says to Rashmi, rather than continuing on the fact she has a bunch of Chupacabra carcases back in the lab she's still studying and they're Dusk Zone creatures. Yeah. Let's not give Eilam a brain fart today.

She gently gets up and nods. "I'll go home with you, Eilam-kun. I'm not going anywhere else tonight." she says.

Besides. Cuddles. She wants them. He probably needs them. :I