Ominous Fire Ahoy

Rei does a fire reading for Seth. No-one is going to like what she sees.

Date: 2017-08-13
Pose Count: 11
Rei-Signum 2017-08-13 22:41:31 81430
Rei Hino finally let Seth go! About a day or so later when she finally took pity and was fairly sure he wasn't about to go off and drain someone on her watch. And just as promised, she's dragged him over to the Fire Reading room. It's large, with a big firepit, and Rei is dressed in her Miko Robes. Still looking generally unhappy about the whole situation, she at least nods to Seth.

"Are you ready to begin? This might be more difficult than usual." Dark Energy does have it's effect on her readings. She can't be sure she'll be able to do it, but with prayer beads in hand, she's ready!
Seth Locke 2017-08-13 22:56:15 81431
And what Rei doesn't know is that another five minutes, and Seth would've been in the mood to blast away through those warded doors. And the look he's giving her is not one of the nicest, either! You don't go and seal away someone who needs to feed on energy in order to keep from wasting away unless you really do want something like wasting away to happen to him.

So yes, right now... Pangs! Occasional ones. He'll need to feed after this.

Taking a seat before the fiery miko, he nods. "I'm ready."
Rei-Signum 2017-08-13 23:07:54 81432
Rei Hino pointedly ignores them. The miko still isn't entirely sure she shouldn't just use a good old seal on him right now, but promises are promises! And so she sits down as well. She chants lowly, softly, and the already roaring fire stokes higher and higher with every word! Almost immediately, the fire wavers, and then becomes stable. It shows a long corridor at first, all greys and blacks. Everything is cast in dim shadow. Indistinct. Slowly, figures appear in the darkness.

A man, twisted and broken, lays on the floor in agony. Rei trembles. Oppression and pain radiates from the figure. Not an auspicious start in the least!
Seth Locke 2017-08-13 23:18:13 81433
The white-haired boy looks at Rei, studying her reactions like a scientist would study something under the microscope. He doesn't interrupt her.
Rei-Signum 2017-08-13 23:24:23 81434
The darkness recedes, just a little. Enough to show a shadowy figure in the background, with thin webbing barely visible as it reaches out towards the fallen man. Beside them, a maiden stands in guardianship over the fallen figure, even as those webs too circle her throat. Another flare of the fire. No clarity, but the feeling of evil can be felt.

Rei shudders, grips her beads, and concentrates just before the fire threatens to go out. Sweating already from the powerful reading, this clearly isn't an easy one for the girl!
Seth Locke 2017-08-13 23:33:43 81435
Seth almost says something this time, but he knows that predictions can be flickery like a candlelight - or a fire, for that matter.

Argh! Another pang...

But he remains silent.
Rei-Signum 2017-08-13 23:47:45 81436
Again, the fire flickers, banishing the images. Shuddering, Rei actually has to step back to avoid the fire growing. More chanting, handseals made, and the fire shrinks back. Her head is dipped, long fabulous hair touching the ground. It's all she can do not to collapse.

A man in a great throne presides over a river of flowing, dripping ichor from his hands. An angel in almost greek-like statuary lays with her hands to the air, praying, even as half of her head and her limbs start to crumble away.

The great being above simply watches, showing no remorse or loss at her passing. A cold gaze, and nothing more.
Seth Locke 2017-08-14 00:13:27 81437
And, as Rei continues her reading, Seth now starts to feel something wrong. The sound... It's fading! The lights... They're going out!

He looks around, and all he can see now is dripping darkness. And he hears whispers. Indistinct whispers. Something familiar, yet when he tries to think about it, the sense of familiarity fades.

"Uhm, Rei-chan...?", he says, "I think you should pull away now..."
Rei-Signum 2017-08-14 00:20:11 81438
Rei Hino continues on, even as the young man whispers. Her knees tremble, but she knows there's more. That they can see more from this!


MOre darkness, this very much like the last. Six figures upon various seats sleep calmly, clad in the dark. There's a moment of oppressive stillness, of the weight of age and power upon each one. And then, finally, eyes slowly open.

And they all look at the Miko peering at them. Rei's heart goes ice cold, she screams, and...

Grabs a bucket. Throwing water on the fire, her beads snap, and out goes the fire. They're clad in darkness...but natural darkness, not the horror they've witnessed.

Rei gasps heavily. " were right." About what, she's not saying. She needs a minute.
Seth Locke 2017-08-14 00:28:37 81439
And everything returns to normal, thankfully. Sounds are back to normal, and so is the illumination of the room. Seth gets up, looking around to be double - no, triple - sure.

Once he's satisfied, he looks at the miko.

"I was?" He frowns. "So, what did you see?"
Rei-Signum 2017-08-14 00:36:30 81440
Rei Hino shakes her head. "Figures...I..." Gulp. Fwump. Right on her miko tush.

"A fallen man and a maiden connected by strings...a throne with a bleeding figure and a crumbling angel...and more people asleep. They...they saw me, I think. It was, they felt evil to the core."

A deep breath. "I don't know what you've become or what you have gotten yourself into, Seth-kun, but you're in danger."