Growing up and moving out

Unmei's housewarming party gets a surprise guest. The new Clotho. Also known as the new Wrath. And, as an unexpected and dubious bonus, Pin and ... Win?

Date: 2017-08-18
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Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-18 19:06:05 81476
Then: Unmei walked around the apartment, giving little tiny sqwees of excitement. It was hers. It was all HERS! She actually had a place of her own! She could do whatever she wanted here! She could stay up late, play games, look at naughty pictures, do ANYTHING! Okay she wouldn't do that last part. But there were things she'd do. She was so excited!

Now: Unmei was TRYING not to cry. Kun and Mamo had gotten SO MANY hugs. Why? They'd done so much for her and while she was SUPER excited to have her own place, in the end, well...

She was saying good bye. And it was a heart wrenching moment. Even if she was just going a bit away. Heck, they'd probably visit all the time. Kun said he'd be by at least once a week to check on her. Probably more at first! And she could still come by(Which she likely would. Or would at least call him to please visit her cause she was lonely).

But now... now she was alone. Or would be, soon. The drive over with her moving truck had at least been simple. She had friends helping her move, too! Or... Kun's friends. Kind of her friends. They seemed to like her. she didn't know why. She put the key in the lock and pushed the door open. Her new place... Sigh... Empty for now. But soon magical girl memorabilia would be everywhere...

And a chess and go board set up on the coffee table. For a certain someone.
Minako Aino 2017-08-18 19:17:55 81477
    Minako Aino went shopping! She bought a bunch of Sailor V Merchandise. Posters/Wall Scrolls. A few figures. Whatever the newest game is that involves Sailor V with a flamethrower for some reason.
    Sneak sneak sneak wait is she moving in today!? That's odd. Isn't a moving in housewarming thing supposed to happen when you're settled in?
    She gives a light tap on the door and peeks in.
    "Hellloooooo, Sailor Vee-o-grammmm!" she sings out as she steps in , in almost a tiptoe. Tiptoe. Tiptoe. Now she's just sneaking in without being invited in!
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-18 19:22:05 81478
"Where do you want this one?" Ikiko Hisakata asks, a box in her arms. When she had been contacted and asked to help with Unmei's move, Ikiko had readily agreed. For a brief moment she had considered asking some of the strays to help out, but the lack of cargo harnesses had scrapped that idea.

She glances over at the new arrival, but doesn't say anything. Seems to be mostly harmless and quite possibly good-natured; besides, it might be someone that Kunzite and/or Mamoru asked to help out with the move.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-18 19:31:23 81479
The coffee table is in place. The really hard part of moving, well -- when there are five college-aged boys associated with the move, the furniture is doomed already to be in place. Essentials are already in place: the place could have been lived in, if anonymously. There's boxes of the personal belongings Unmei's accumulated while living in the guys' place, certainly. But nobody, nobody, is going to have to haul a dresser or a chair farther than 'rearrange to across the room at somebody's whim.'

Kazuo is pretty certain who's going to be stuck with that job, granted, but after the amount of construction and reconstruction last year, it's a relatively light task.

"We tried to label them," he says aside to Ikiko. "There might be something written on it." Might. 'Might' is always a relevant word in these things. He doesn't try to read Ikiko's box. Mostly because the box he is carrying is one of the ones marked with white tape, which means that there are fragile things bound for the kitchen in it. It gets set down on a counter before he turns to bow to the Singing Vee-O-Gram. Perfectly solemnly.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-18 19:38:56 81480
Unmei Tama was lucky she didn't have to do it all on her own. Heck, she had STUFF this time. Last time she'd just had a simple room. But now she had stuff! She glanced to Ikiko. "Ummm... just put it in my room. Can put all the stuff that's like.... unknown in my room. I'll sort through it all later, when everyone is gone. Only stuff that is really needed is the kitchen stuff. I'll get that! Oh! And the little box with red tape!" She'd made cake. SURPRISE cake!

Kun likely knew. Since, you know. It's hard to make cake without letting people know. And she'd left some behind, of course. But she'd also made some for all the people who came to help her, cut up, with frosting! Also, there was a bunch of veggie platters, all in the box with red tape. So there would be food for them helping her, yay!

She then glanced over and stared at Sailor V. Her eyes widened. "Y-you came!" she said with a squeak, her cheeks burning red.

THE sailor V was in her house. THE SAILOR V! She was trying not to fangasm. It was really, really, really hard. And there was probably a squeal coming from her similar to one a dog whistle made. Still, this was better than most of their interactions.

"So, um, once all the boxes are in just go relax on the furniture, I can deal with the rest on my own later!" .... She apparently missed out on the 'help me move' part of helping her move. But, well, they did the furniture(well, the boys had) and brought the boxes in. That was a big part! Seh still couldn't believe she had stuff now. A LOT of stuff. She had FURNITURE. Her own furniture! she could jump ON her bed!
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-18 19:49:45 81481
Ikiko Hisakata nods and puts the box in Unmei's room, then gives her head a shake. She could feel her phantom canine ears ringing slightly from that high-pitched squee, but at least it dampens out quickly.

After moving another couple of boxes, Ikiko sits on one of the chairs. "Well, that's most of them," she notes.
Minako Aino 2017-08-18 19:55:00 81482
    "Hiiiiii Unmei-chan!" sings Minako. She presents two bags! They are filled with the things mentioned earlier. Wall scrolls and posters and some action figures and an Artemis!... wait. What.
    "Artemiiiissss don't sleep in the gift bag!" she whines. Artemis peeks out and looks around. "Huh? Wait. Where are we? I saw a bag and then I passed out in it." he says shifty eyed. Artemis still falls prey to cat traps it seems.
    Minako gigles insanely a little. "Still Arty. Come on out." she says as she puts the bags down and tugs her out. She places him down on the coffee table. "Hiii Kun-kun!" she sings out at Kunzite. "Hiiii person I don't know!" she sings at Ikiko.
    "I'm Minako Aino and this is Artemis!" she says motioning to the cat. Artemis waves a paw. "Hi." says Artemis. "Is tuna involved here somehow?" he asks.
    "No! It's Unmei's housewarming!" she says to him!
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-18 19:59:21 81483
"Better keep an eye on him," Kazuo says gravely to Minako. "A room full of empty boxes. He might wind up anywhere."

After the last time he tried to introduce Ikiko to someone, however, he's taking the better part of valor. "I'll deal with the kitchen things," he adds to Unmei, and starts back for the door. Ferrying boxes is a small price to pay to escape the fangirling.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-18 20:04:27 81484
Unmei Tama gasps and kneels down. "Oh my gosh, Arty!" ... Yes, EVERYONE gets nickname! "You came too!" And then he gets the pet! "Tuna? Hum, I think I have some. Kun said I could get it when I got the groceries since it really isn't that bad and fish is good for you!" She ran off and soon the sound of can opener and then.... tuna in front of him! Placing it on the coffee table.

Unmei, spoiler of cats!

"Oh, right! Food!" And ran off to the kitchen, giving Kun a big hug. "Thank you. Forever." Before opening the red box and running out with trays of veggies and... CHOCOLATE CAKE! With frosting! Yesss! Score! She'd slide it over. Alas, poor Usagi has to miss out. It wasn't a mako cake but... it actually was pretty good. All of Kun's lessons were having an effect.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-18 20:13:06 81485
"Hi, Minako and Artemis!" Ikiko smiles, nodding slightly to each of them. "I'm Ikiko Hisakata, first year middle-schooler at Seishou; nice to meet both of you in a calm situation!"

Between Minako's name for Kunzite and the simple fact of Artemis, Ikiko's certain that Minako is a fellow magical girl... and she even has a strong hunch as to who, if Unmei's reaction is anything to go by.

"Guess it's a good thing I didn't ask any of the local stray dogs to help out," Ikiko giggles. "That probably would have gotten awkward."
Minako Aino 2017-08-18 20:15:23 81486
    Artemis just stuffs his head into the can nomnomnom "Thank you." nomnomnom he'll be busy for a while now.
    Minako smiles at Kunzite. "Oh I'm sure I'll find him if he dissapears into a box. I have heightend senses and expert skills in investigating boxes." she insists super hard!
    She looks to Unmei as she provides... veggies and a cake!? A cake! She gravitates towards that is suddenly shoveling cake into her mouth very unlady like. At least she isn't getting it all over her face and instead just getting it more all over her paper plate.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-18 20:21:23 81487
Thou shalt not take visible notice of the cake inhalation. At least not if (a) you are Kazuo and (b) you want to live. Kazuo therefore pays attention to shifting kitchen things into the kitchen, barring obviously the ones Unmei just took out, and to putting said kitchen things away before a box with anything fragile in it can be knocked over. Being useful as an acceptable alternative to being social: typical strategy.

(Also, all credit on cakes goes to indirect passed-down advice from Makoto.)
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-18 20:26:57 81488
Unmei Tama nodded. "Oh, yeah. Dogs and cats don't always get along well," she said with a smile, before sitting down and.... she'd reached for a piece of cake. Except now she was staring at Minako. And looking just a hint green. Ugh, gluttony memories. Instead she reached for some carrot sticks. Less.... difficult for her to swallow. She nibbled on one and smiled. "I... can try to set up the tv if there's anything you guys want to watch? Or we can play some games. I have chess and go. And i might have a--"

And then the door bell rang. She perked up. "Ohhhhh, i bet that's Mamo! I'll be right back!" Before she ran off, leaving the three alone. Dun dun duuuuuuuun.

Poor Kun. Only one door separated him from mina now.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-18 20:29:22 81489
Lack of separation from Minako is not Kazuo's worry at the moment. He pauses in the act of setting a stack of bowls in a cabinet, glancing back out toward the main room with a slight frown. "That's not Mamoru," he says aloud.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-18 20:31:54 81490
Ikiko Hisakata helps herself to a slice of chocolate cake and a modest variety of veggies. Cake is tasty and all, but veggies are also good, and after having helped carry boxes, a bit of nutrition isn't amiss.

She frowns slightly at Kazuo's comment. "Was anyone else expected to show up?" Ikiko asks warily, glancing towards the door.
Minako Aino 2017-08-18 20:37:50 81491
    Minako mmppphhss in a cake mouthful as she peeks at Ikiko. Then at Kunzite and seems introspective a moment. She leans down to Artemis and whispers something to him, as he peeks up and nods a moment to Minako and whispers something back.
    She places the plate down and peeks past the threshold toward's where the front door is to try to gauge what's going on. Kunzite frowning and saying it isn't Mamoru probably put her on some sort of light alert. It could be nothing. But it could be something. And it's always better to err on the side of it being something!
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-18 20:51:23 81492
Unmei Tama reached for the door and then they'd likely all feel it. That sudden surge of dark energy outside. She squeaked and pulled her hand back real fast and took a step back. Moments before the lock jiggled and then opened. The door swung open. Revealing...

"I-Ichi!" Unmei said, squeaked at the sight of the woman on the other side of the door. Except... oh dear. Kun might remember something like this. The woman was covered head to toe in glowing red armor, the jewels across her body glowing bright. Her teeth were gritted in a snarl and her hand was gripping the wall so tightly the wood had cracked.

Pin was hovering over her shoulder. "Unmei! We were in the neighborhood and--"

"You..." Ichika said, stepping forward. The red strings formed from her ring, flowing along her hand to create long, fierce claws and...

Her movements were... oddly familiar. The twitching. The shaking. Kun... might remember it. From that night Unmei came to them, asking, no, begging for help. The way she kept twitching and jerking about and the shrieking.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-18 21:06:52 81493
It's kind of like a crack of lightning. It's like a red thwip that happens somewhere RIGHT between Pin and Ichika that comes narrowly close to either of them but doesn't hit them. Enough they can feel the wind of it as whatever it was as it embeds itself in the door opposite. It's a playing card of some sort. Specfically, it is an Ace of Hearts. It is meant to take the attention away from movement and make everyone look at where it potentially came from.

Up there, across on the rooftop of the opposite apartment block is a boy with purple hair and slightly well dressed. He's wearing a Sailor V-like mask in a light lavender.

"You know. It's rude to invite yourself into someone's apartment without asking first." he says. "Along with obvious intentions like that." he says as he lowers the hand that just threw the card a moment ago.

Yes, he got Artemis's little ping. Luckily he wasn't doing a lot of nothing at the time to be here quickly.
Minako Aino 2017-08-18 21:16:22 81494
    Minako Aino tries to look completely shocked when she hears the thunk of playing card hit a door. "Oh Loooook, it's Phantom Ace! I wonder what's he's doing here!" she says in completely mock shock. She winks at Artemis. Artemis rolls his eyes. "He got here fast." he asides.
    Minako Aino seems to be sitting back and apraising Ace's performance for the moment, before she steps back into some side room for a second whistling. She'll be transforming in just a moment. She isn't about to do it out in the open with someone here to cause Unmei trouble.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-18 21:19:13 81495
Dark energy? That's not good -- and neither is a hostile-looking person forcing the door open! Phantom Ace's arrival works well as a distraction, but Ikiko's attention is drawn back to two details:

    1.) There's a hostile person with claws not too far away from Unmei, and
    2.) Last she heard, Unmei currently doesn't have any magic!

"Lycan Locket!" Ikiko calls out as she leaps from her chair, transforming in a silver flash as she dashes forward. Cornering into the gap between the doorway (and Ichika) and Unmei, Cute Wolf Tsukiko grabs Unmei and dives away from the doorway, rolling so that the wolfgirl is the one sliding across the floor.

Distance between the threat and the helpless, achieved! "You okay?" Tsukiko asks Unmei as the wolfgirl helps the two of them to their feet.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-18 21:23:43 81496
There are some things here that Pin already knows. Kazuo doesn't even take the time to step out of the kitchen. He only wills himself to change --

-- and the same thing happens that did at the park a few weeks ago. A gleam of light at his forehead heralds the opinion of the cool pink jewel at his forehead; a crawling crackle of energy moves over his skin, his uniform shading into visibility behind it.

But it's not instantaneous. It takes time. Measurable time, that he's only standing there, a clear potential alternate target.

Maybe between Tsukiko's intervention, and him and Ace as distractions, they'll present enough alternate options to keep Pin and its current cohort-or-victim confused for long enough for Venus -- or V -- to come back into play.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-18 21:30:43 81499
Unmei Tama stared at the other girl. "I-I don't... I..." And then TACKLED and SAVED! She was very dizzy and disoriented but, well... She wasn't dead.

Ichi looked to the card, then to the person. She growled. "Out... out of my... way. Kill. Maim. Mine. She's.... she's mine. Pay. Suffer. Hurt. Hurt you. Make... make you suffer... hate. Hate you. Hurt you. Kill. UNMEI!" she screamed.

Pin, however, eeked. "W-wait! Stop! Guy with the cards first, eliminate them! Unmei will be here when you're done! STOP!"

But the girl didn't listen. On the up side, Tsukiko HAD put some distance between them and the other girl was... not subtle. In fact, her movements her very obvious. But also fast. She charged and her claws slashed out at them.

And if Tsukiko blocked it, she'd discover something painful. Whatever was happening to the girl, it made her a HECK of a lot stronger than the Clotho they had known. It would be like being hit by a truck. With claws on the hood. But hey, magical durability for the win!

... Which Unmei... doesn't... have. "STOP!" Pin yelled. "You'll kill her, this isn't the plan!" Pin yelled, tugging on the girl's ears. Oh dear. Seemed things weren't really going right for him, either.
Minako Aino 2017-08-18 21:48:40 81502
    A Flash of light, an incanation, and Sailor Venus rolls out of the door she went in as Minako Aino and points her finger out as she calls out. "Venus Crescent Beam!".
    A bright orange beam lances through the air towards the apparently out of control Ichi. She'll fire off another one and a third one for good measure.
    Wait. Kunzite isn't fully transformed yet? Uh oh. She'll feed him Crescent Beams another time. Just like old times! That she doesn't want to remember right now!
    "HEY ACE. UP THE BLINDS." she calls out. Card Game Puns!
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-18 21:57:40 81503
The change settles into place with what's almost a physical effort, the jewel at Kunzite's forehead glinting one last time, becoming fully solid for an instant, and then fading as his cape settles around him. He strides forward out of the kitchen. Only a little late.

And he lifts both hands, drawing up a dome of shadow over Unmei. His shields don't work as well against physically-manifest weapons, like those claws. But they're a far better backup for Tsukiko than nothing; the attacker is too angry to be likely to consider the deflection of her blows along the curve, and calculate where to strike to land where she wants to. "Welcome to what she learned, whoever you are," he says aloud. "The more you draw power from a vice, the more that vice claims power over you."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-18 22:03:18 81504
Phantom Ace can hear that call out from inside as he frowns a little, as this girl seems to be ignoring the little ... mascot?'s orders. That's not good. Right? Regardless, he throws another card, it's another red suit, but probably a diamond on this one- that flicks down through the doorway again before it explodes into a bright flash of light- trying to act like a flashbang somewhere in front of the girl's vision. It may not work very well here. But Venus seems to have some idea. He doesn't know.

He then makes a moment to hop down and make a quick dash across the roadway after throwing the card. Personal help may be more required in a moment it seems, right? He has no idea who else is in there yet. Except...

Is that Ikiko? Oh!
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-18 22:12:34 81505
Cute Wolf Tsukiko winces at the impact from the claws, but she's a much better choice for withstanding that attack than Unmei. At least Sailor Venus has started peppering the possessed enemy...

...and Kunzite just provided a shield. Well, this gives her more options on what she can do!

Leaving the bulk of the defense to Kunzite, Tsukiko points towards Ichika, shouting "Minipack: Swarm!" while darting sideways. With the moon down to a crescent at this time of the month, there's only 3-7 wolfmotes present, but they dart towards Ichika's face, nipping like little sparks of energy and generally trying to be a distraction and an annoyance, like walking into a swarm of bugs.

Pivoting from the side and launching forward, the wolfgirl bodychecks Ichika, and throws an elbow for good measure. She notices Phantom Ace approaching; he vaguely looks familiar, but not enough to be immediately recognizable in the midst of a fight. Definitely something to ask about later, though.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-18 22:21:00 81506
Ichika growls, slashing and then.... BOOM BOOM BOOM! The lances hit her and make her stumble back. "I'LL KILL YOU ALL!" she screams. Then... BUGS! In her face. She flails around. Ohhh, that was super effective. She slashed out, trying to cut and destroy them. And then BODY CHECK! The two were sent stumbling back, out of the apartment! Yay for a lot less property damage!

Unmei stared. Then... "P-pin, stop this! She... you're hurting her! She can't... I know what it's like! Ichi, you need to stop! The rage won't go away! It'll just keep getting worse and worse and it'll hurt! It..." She looked to kun. "Y-you have to help her! Please! This is my fault! If I hadn't... this pain is...." She lowered her gaze and shook her head.

Ichika let out a roar that made the glass rattle. Her claws then dug into the ground before she tried to wrap her arms around Tsukiko and...

Her body exploded in flames. Agonizing, violent fire surrounding her as she tried to hold and crush the poor girl.
Minako Aino 2017-08-18 22:45:41 81507
    There's Kunzite! Good! He's shielding Unemi that's good! She fires off more Crescent Beams. Also. Did the wolfgirl just summon like tiny wolfmotes? She's jealous. She wants tiny Artemis motes.
    Artemis acts disgusted as if he could read Venus's thoughts just now. Maybe he can!? Probably not. He'd be crazy by now otherwise.
    She makes a move to get to the other side of the room. "Hey! Leave Umeni-lumi-chan alone!" she calls out.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-18 23:07:11 81508
Phantom Ace gets to somewhere right outside the door as he frowns and with a mildly fast, but nowhere as quick as Asclepius teleport somewhere inside. Perhaps the door just opposite Sailor Venus as he frowns and fans out three cards as he throws them forward toward's the oddly armored, and darkness fueled girl.

The cards slide through the air like darts aiming to try to smack the girl in her center of gravity to try to knock her backwards or knock her off kilter enough for someone else to take advantage.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-18 23:15:33 81509
Heat and pressure? Some people might call Tsukiko a gem, but she's in no hurry to be processed into one!

The wolfmotes huddle worriedly for a moment, then form into a spike-like blob and ram into Ichika's armpit, trying to force her to flinch and loosen her grip on the wolfgirl. Tsukiko wiggles her arms free, jabbing both her elbows into Ichika's gut, then ducks the rest of the way out of the grasp before diving forward.

After getting clear, the wolfgirl rolls for a bit more distance, putting out any bits of fire that might have been clinging to her. "Definitely going to be sleeping instead of going on patrol tonight," Tsukiko murmurs to herself as she rolls to her feet and takes a defensive stance.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-18 23:30:30 81510
There is nothing wrong with being a gem! Other than the potential lack of things like hands and arms, but the wolfmotes have plenty of those, don't they?

Okay, still probably a terrible idea.

"This isn't your fault," Kunzite answers Unmei, taking up a place between her and the door. "Not unless you suddenly developed mind-control powers when we weren't looking." He's reasonably sure Mamoru would've noticed. "You aren't responsible for other people's choices."

Someone having knocked Ichika out of the room means that he doesn't have the best of angles. What he can do, though -- he's already placed himself to intercept attacks on Unmei. So he banishes the shield he placed around her, and draws up two more. Out by where Ichika is, placed to give Venus convenient angles to reflect and concentrate Crescent Beams. Or Phantom Ace's cards, for that matter.

As for him -- he's watching the fire, wary of whether this one only affects Ichika's victims, or affects things like, oh. The carpeting. The floor.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-18 23:38:07 81511
Well, with the girl outside, fortunately the fire was... contained. Sorta. The outside pathway was cement, so it was likely getting a bit burnt, but not too bad. The blows from Tsukiko hit her and she was sent back, the other girl escaping. Cards and beams hit her, sending her back against the metal railing. "Hate you. HATE YOU!' she screamed. "I HATE YOU WITH EVERYTHING!"

Pin, meanwhile, was flying around and looking almost panicked. "Careful, you'll, stop, that's an order. Tiger! Calm down! TIGER! Now is not the--" Then... "Uh oh," Pin said, before he turned and flew down, diving behind a pot.

That wasn't a good sign. And then the girl froze. Her cries of hate suddenly freezing as the fire went out around her body. She crumbled to her knees and stared up at them, her eyes going wide. "H-help..." And then she screamed.

Her flesh seemed to burn away from the inside, her body erupting in a flury of white fire so bright and hot it likely singed them even from a distance. And then it cleared, revealing...

A youma. Most definitely a youma. It had an oddly similar appearance to the 'sins' that Clotho had made. Except this was full monster. It was shaped human like, but it had a tail of fire, flesh covered in red, angry spikes. Feline ears and massive claws. There weren't any erratic movements anymore.

This was something new. But the look of pure hatred it gave... that wasn't. It charged at Tsukiko, claws slashing out, enveloping themselves in a powerful flame.
Minako Aino 2017-08-18 23:59:36 81512
    Sailor Venus watches as this happens as she frowns a little, yeah. That's bad. That's very bad. There seems to be a moment of clarity there, but not before something dark seems to overtake her. She lowers her hand and stops firing Crescent Beams because it doesn't seem to be helping any.
    She instead, pulls off the chain around her waist and flicks it out a moment.
    "H--hey Wolfgirl!" she calls out. She never got Tsukiko's actual magical girl name. "See if you can't keep that thing busy long enough." she calls out.
    She's getting into postion. She needs to Love-Me-Chain this thing just perfectly. She does a leap over the two- that being Ikiko and the beast, as she lands in a three point stance before pulling up to her feet.
    "VENUS. LOVE ME. CHAIN!" she calls out as a chain of glowing hearts whips out, trying to drive into the beast hard.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 00:11:16 81513
The nice thing about being outside is that there's more room to maneuver -- very important if you're an agile wolfgirl! Tsukiko leaps sideways, getting clear of the slashing claws, her wolfmotes regrouping with her as she lands.

She glances over at Sailor Venus. "Keep it distracted and in place? I can do that!" Tsukiko calls back. Circling a finger and then pointing at the youma with a call of "Minipack: Skirmish!", the wolfgirl starts dashing around the youma, while her wolfmotes also circle in varying speeds and directions. Every so often, she makes a feinting attack, aided by some of her wolfmotes.

And as she circles, she starts speeding up, flickers of silvery light floating in her wake...
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-19 00:24:43 81514
Phantom Ace retreats backwards for a moment. He withdraws a moment. Everyone's too close for him to try something too big and flashy. He knows THAT much-- Minako didn't have to teach him /that/. He still however, changes his vantage point, flashing across to another room in a teleport.

People will probably need healed when this is over he's betting.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 00:32:04 81515
That's an excellent bet. Kunzite's shifting to deal with that change, too -- when both Ace and Venus shift away from distance attacks, he lets the shields he placed for them flow inward. Joining into a single dome over the scorpion. He doesn't think it'll hold the thing, not the way the Chain would, but it might hamper its tail; it won't get in the way of Venus's chain or Tsukiko's attacks in the slightest --

-- and at a moment between Tsukiko's feinting attacks, when the wolfmotes are clear, white-violet lightning flares inside the dome. It's not an attack designed to try to kill the thing. Just to try to make it burn through some of its power.

And none of the lightning, none at all, is permitted to run up the Chain.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 00:57:14 81517
The thing was powerful.... but not smart. Blow after blow hit it, knocking it back, making it crumble, making it stumble back. It roared in anger, its rage overpowering it as it tried to lash out, but they were fast. Then the chain and the lightning hit it and it was sent flying back, breaking through the metal railing and falling back into the street.

They'd done it, they'd won, they'd--

Hear a roar of pure hatred, of pure anger. The creature leaped into the air a moment later, massive orbs of fire in its hands, before sending them flying straight at the group and the apartment, likely intending to destroy them, the apartment, unmei and.... like, the building, in one fell swoop. Well, maybe not the building. But a LOT.

Pin squeaked from his hiding spot. "Wait, don't-- ACK!"
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 01:23:40 81518
The faster Tsukiko moves, the more silvery light pools in her wake. With the youma knocked well into the street, the wolfgirl is ready to deliver a Silver Wolf Tackle--

--and then it leaps high into the air.

There's a slight frown on Tsukiko's face: she can probably still reach the youma, although it'll sap some of the momentum of the attack, making it weaker.

But as she corners to head closer, her wolfmotes dart forward and form a small pile of energy, about where Tsukiko would have to be to launch upward. The wolfgirl grins as she hears their unspoken message. "'Step here,' huh? That, I can do!" she beams, dashing forward and stepping on the pile as she tenses to leap upwards.

There's a small pulse of tan energy, then Tsukiko launches upward like a silvery lance of light, striking through the youma. The silvery light, somewhat purifying by its nature, courses across the youma as Tsukiko decelerates back into solidity several hundred feet beyond (and mostly above) it.

The fall back to a nearby roof is pretty far, but Tsukiko manages to go from a three-point landing into a multiple somersault, coming to a stop near the edge of the roof. "I think I'm going to take a nap after this," she mutters to her wolfmotes as they gather around her again.
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 01:42:45 81519
    Sailor Venus gave it all she got in her last attack. Artemis is standing by now. That tuna is getting... well it was canned tuna so it's not really getting cold or hot. So really he isn't worrying. There's not a lot he CAN do afterall. It's up to the others!
    Sailor Venus watches as Ikiko does her purification thing, and she lets that happen. This isn't her thing. Purification is more Moon's thing and she isn't here right now. She can only stand by with a bated breath to watch what happens next. Hopefully. It's enough!
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 01:50:05 81520
Kunzite, on the other hand, does have something he can do. He lifts both hands, bringing them up at right angles to one another, a gesture that to a few people is becoming as identifying as a shouted-out name of an attack. He's careful that the beam of pink light that answers his call is not aimed where it'd intersect Tsukiko's leap. It's as likely as not to miss altogether as a result. That's all right, because he doesn't have the attention to spare to aim any more than just missing the wolf --

-- because his primary attention is on casting out one more sphere of darkness, trying to catch and engulf those massive orbs of fire. To drink down as much of it as he can before it strikes anything that will burn. Like, say, them. Mamoru was irritated enough when Kunzite had to regrow his hair last summer, and Mercury was more than clear that they're not going to be able to grow him another body anytime soon.

The beam backs up Tsukiko's attack, yes. But it's not as strong as hers. And its major purpose isn't even as an attack -- it's only to empty out his stores of energy, so he can take more of the fire out of play.

The effort drives him to one knee, and isn't wholly successful. But a great deal of that fire vanishes from the air. And is echoed in the sudden visible anger in his face, in his eyes, etched in his shoulders.

He can handle that much. But maybe it's a good thing he couldn't absorb it all.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 01:58:37 81521
Purification. The creature is hit, the attack goes through it and... something happens. It's hard to tell what, but from the flames, something is sent flying out. A small, warm, rainbow colored light. It falls to the ground, outside the block. The creature's fires are enveloped, absorbed by Kunzite, leaving just a few wanton flames to send at them, most of which are dissipated from the blow it already took. The creature hits the ground and falls to its knees.

Wait, no, it was on all fours. It turned and it fled! Its flaming tail twitching behind it.

Leaving Pin and whatever that strange, rainbow colored flame was, behind. They'd won! For now, at least. But that... thing was still out there.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 02:05:46 81522
The creature is fleeing, but Tsukiko isn't really up for chasing it down. Instead, she hops her way back down to the others -- using plenty of intermediate landing locations, instead of just leaping down several stories -- while keeping an eye on the direction the youma fled.

"That... was rough," the wolfgirl says with a sigh. "What was that?"
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 02:18:40 81523
    Sailor Venus watches as the creature takes off and she takes a deep breath. "Wow. It's gone. Unmei, do you know what that was?" she asks. She's never seen that before. She doesn't seem to want to chase it. It ran scared. It was hurt. It's gonna go lick it's wounds. Or it's gonna drop out and the girl will become a girl again. She's seen it all before.
    Her eyes look to Ikiko who seems tired. Then to Kunzite, who is down on one knee and looking annnnngry! Whoops! She jogs on over quicky.
    "Kunzite...! Are you okay?" she asks with just more than a little worry as she looks over at Ace with wide eyes. The begging kind. The 'come heal Kunzite if he needs it eyes or I'm gonna cry all night at you!' eyes.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-19 02:21:48 81524
Phantom Ace steps out. Okay. It ran. He takes a deep breath and he sort of.. flips away the card he had in his right hand away into whatever magical ether these things come from as he looks around. "Everyone okay?" he asks.

Then Venus gives him these eyes. And he looks to Ikiko. Then at Unmei. Then back to Venus. And he takes a deep breath. Uggggggggh. He doesn't wanna get within three feet of Kunzite because he knows that baggage and he hasn't spoken to anyone yet about who he really is and--- ughhhhhh fine. He walks on over. If he needs help. He's sure Venus will figure it out or Kunzite will ask so. Hopefully. Maybe not.

"What was going on here anyways?" he asks. "What happened?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 02:26:46 81525
"That," Kunzite says, voice tighter and sharper than usual, "was the pretty-tailed flying rat's latest victim." The glare he directs to the last place he saw Pin dive -- behind the pot -- is sharper too. But Venus is looking his way, and moving closer, and he draws a breath and pushes himself up to his feet rather than, say, setting any local mascots on fire. Or giving more explanation about 'pretty-tailed flying rat' and then getting tempted /again/ to set any local mascots on fire.

"I'm all right," he says, mostly to Venus -- glancing Ace's way when she does. "I don't have the capacity I used to, that's all. Straining it is a little rough." Straining it with emotion-linked powers is -- no. No. He did not go around starry-eyed when he was carrying Madoka's shower of energy-arrows. He will not glare at anyone now. Particularly not in front of Venus. She doesn't need any of those memories.

(That she might put together 'I don't have the capacity I used to' with 'it took him a long time to henshin' ... she doesn't need that either, particularly, but that's another problem altogether.)

"I don't know what that is, though," he adds, gesturing outward toward the rainbow flame. "Just that we probably want to keep the rat away from it." He needs to come up with another descriptor. That one sounds too much like Kyubey. "Unmei, are you all right? The rest of you?"
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 02:31:03 81526
Unmei Tama nodded. "That... I ummm... sorry," she mumbled. "That's... kind of... my fault and... I-I swear I didn't know she'd come here and..." She looked at the walls. "Land lord is going to kill me..." she mumbled, before shaking her head. "I don't know what that is. I... I mean, I saw the first part. But then she turned and.... and I've never seen anything like that. I... I don't know... Pin would. He's the only one... he..."

Pin, then, coughed and came out of hiding. "Well, that was... not exactly supposed to--"

"AHHH PIN!" And Unmei stomped on him. CAN YOU BLAME HER?! Seriously. Kun had probably yet to see her squash a bug, but Pin? Oh yeah. Much squashing. Ow. She then yelped. "S-sorry! I just... reacted!" She moved back away from him, moving behind... Wolf girl! Cause Kun looks... mad. And she doesn't want to intrude on his space when angry.

Down below, on the street, the fire went out, revealing a small, Pin-sized phoenix with @.@ eyes.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 02:41:40 81527
Cute Wolf Tsukiko had been contemplating giving Kunzite a hug, but with Unmei hiding behind her, the wolfgirl decides that Unmei is more in need of the hug. Hug~!

As she glances around, making sure that the remaining bits of fire were safely going out. Including that odd rainbow-colored one...

...wait, did it just leave behind something mascot-sized?

"Hey, could someone go bring that little phoenix up here?" Tsukiko asks. "It doesn't look as stomped as Pin, but I'm not sure it's in shape to be flying right now."
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 02:46:26 81528
    ailor Venus nods at Kunzite. Okay. Kunzite seems okay but she's picking up those hints. She isn't dumb, the dumb is just a cover. Okay. the dumb is USUALLY just a cover as Artemis will tell you.
    "Ace, go get that bird phoenix thing that wolfgirl there talked about." she says. She nods once. She gets to boss Ace around. That's the deal! He's like a side kick! Almost. She is Batman! And he is like. Maybe not Robin. Maybe Nightwing. Yeaaaah. Nightwing!
    She looks to the bird as Unmei makes for stomping. " that's a bad thing? Hold on. Keep it there." she says as she appears to be readying a Crescent Beam also at pin. "Wait. No. I'm sure you'd had tried to kill it by now." she asides as she lowers her hand with a dumb smile.
    Artemis facepaws. He just shoves that can of tuna to his mouth now. He needs it.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 02:52:37 81529
"Pin's the thing that tricked Unmei into the deal that almost landed her in the same condition this girl was." Kunzite is not exactly discouraging Venus from the Crescent Beam plan. "It took her months to recover from the damage. We didn't try to kill it; Endymion disapproves of murdering houseguests, even involuntary ones. I locked it in a closet for a week or two instead, but it worked a way out eventually."

He glances at Ace again once, when Venus gives him instructions. But it's not an attempt to flay with a glare; it's a silent check for his reaction. Trying to weigh the interactions between these two is probably an exercise in frustration, if this Ace has anything in common with the original that way ... but he tries it all the same.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-19 02:53:58 81530
Phantom Ace looks between the group as he looks at Venus and he sighs grandly. "Suuuuure thing boss." he says and goes out to the street to scoop up the tiny pin sized Phoenix as carefully as he can. He hopes he/she isn't hot the touch. He brings it in and places it down on one of the boxes. "What is it with these small animals now?" he asks.

"Bad? Good? What." he asks between the group. That's a little peacock and this is a little phoenix. What? A tiny beaver next?
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 03:02:23 81531
Unmei Tama stared at it, her mouth falling open. "Is that a..." she trailed off, cocking her head to the side.

Pin, meanwhile, groaned from his position. "Ow... Unmei, why wou-- NO!" he yelled, his eyes going wide with horror. "No! Impossible! You're sealed! You're locked away!" The phoenix wasn't hot. He was oddly, pleasantly warm. When he was brought up, he slowly groaned and then rolled to his feet, ruffled his feathers and then... "Ah. Pin. It has been a long time. Hmph. Screwing things up as usual, I take it?"

"Don't listen to a word he says!" Pin objected. "Win can't be trusted!"

Win blinked, before looking around. "Where's Clotho? Where's the chosen one?" Then.... glanced up to Ace. "... Are you the chosen representation of Clotho? You seem... taller than I expected. And they are usually girls." Pause. Peer. "Oh. I guess you are a girl. The suit threw me off. Ahem." He turned and then bowed. "I am Win, guardian of the beasts of Virtue. I do apologize for my long absence, but I do hope Pin hasn't been causing too much grief."

"Unmei don't listen to him, listen, you can trust me, I've never lied to you!"

Unmei blinked. Glanced down. "... Are you serious?"

"Okay, I lie to you all the time. But this time I'm telling you the truth. There's still time. You can become Clotho and come back to Eclipse, you're still useful!" ... And he says that RIGHT IN FRONT OF KUN! He must be stressed.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-19 03:10:27 81532
Phantom Ace blinks down at 'Win'. "I am the Phantom Ace. I'm not a girl. You were out cold on the street." he says. "Are you a jerk like the peacock over there because I'm about to start clipping tail feathers at this rate." he insists. Yeah. Daisuke is now in a bad mood over this and what Kunzite just told him about the peacock one.

"So talk talking or I start snipping." he insists. He's not making any moves regardless one way or the other.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 03:11:10 81533
Cute Wolf Tsukiko gives Pin a flat stare for a moment or two. Then: "Okay, who gets first dibs on this round of stomping?" she asks, her wolfmotes starting to growl at Pin as she drums her fingers on her hips.
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 03:13:23 81534
    Sailor Venus ooooohs! She then fires off a Crescent Beam at Pin when Pin starts trying to beg her back. PHoom! There it goes! She's delibretly trying to miss, but she fires off more than one.
    "Ohhh, this peacock is too presumthous! It sounds worried! Like it has it's feathers raffled!" raffled, yes. Not ruffled.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 03:16:54 81535
"Both," Kunzite notes to Venus. "You can eat both of them."

It's probably best not to ask why he knows this.

"Just how bad of a time have you been having?" he inquires of Pin after. Yes, among the stomping threats. And the Crescent Beams. And the actual stomping. Since the actual stomping seems to be more desirable than the rest of the peacock's current situation.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 03:23:27 81536
Pin yelped and held up its wings. "C-careful!" Oh, he seems a bit nervous now.

Win blinked and then cocked his head to the side. "A jerk such as my... cohort? No. I am not." He bowed his head politely. "As I said, I am Win. It is my duty to guide the young chosen of Clotho on her journey, alongside... Pin... and offer her any aid in discovering and grasping the fundamentals of her powers. But while he is an atrotious being, filled with the base desires and sins of corruption, it is my duty to guide the young chosen along the path of virtues. Charity, temperance, kindness and more, that is what I am here to guide the young chosen of. And please, where is the young chosen?"

Unmei glanced to Kun, letting him kinda direct all this. What? He was smarter than she was. Then... "... Um... I wouldn't eat Pin. I mean, go ahead. Blast him. But trust me, I know where he's been. Don't eat him."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-19 03:29:20 81537
Phantom Ace keeps his arms crossed. "Okay. So that thing is a shoulder devil and you're a shoulder angel is basically what you're saying." he says. "Okay." he says as he throws his hands up and decides to go walk over to Sailor Venus. "I'm out of here. You all seem fine. I'm sure you can shoot that thing if it's out of hand now." he says with a sigh.

He gives a wave, and he disappears into a purplish teleport.

Time to go be Daisuke. Or Ascelpius for a bit. Sheesh. He needs to go. Do soup kitchen duty now to get that adrenaline hero rush off now. Brrrrrrr.
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 03:31:15 81538
    Sailor Venus seems sad when Unmei says that. "But I have all this gravy at home? I mean what am I going to use it on noooooow." she almost whines. It's clear this is an act, but still. "I mean I can't put it on that steak I have for that vampire. I need the steak for the vampire." she says.
    "I suppose I will need to eat more cake for dinner." she says as her eyes glance over to that cake. She licks her lips.
    She awwwws at Ace. "By Ace! Boss ya around later~" she sings. She looks back to the two birds. "Oh. So. The phoenix is a good guy. And like. The peacock is a bad guy. Why are the pretty ones always evvvvvvil." she whines.
    Eyes slooooowly shift to Kunzite in a sort of weird sideye. She's not saying a thing.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 03:34:44 81539
Cute Wolf Tsukiko looks at Win, then at Pin, then back over at Win before glancing back at Unmei. "So the chosen is supposed to get advice from both of you," the wolfgirl says to Win. "And, let me guess: things go very out of whack when said chosen doesn't have access to both of you?"

For a brief moment, Tsukiko is very glad that she doesn't have a mascot to deal with, much less two of them.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 03:38:37 81540
Kunzite half-lifts his hands. "I'm in recovery," he says to Venus. "My good behavior is guaranteed by my knowledge that if I slip, Moon will cry at me. Some things are past any man's bearing."

He does not out Unmei to Win. He does, granted, glance Unmei's way. If and when Venus stops looking at him like that. And only then. He has his priorities in order.
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 03:42:17 81541
    Venus stops relativly after that statement. It's okay. She still thinks Kunzite is pretty despite not being evil! But Kunzite probably knows that.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 03:50:43 81542
Unmei Tama glanced up. "You'll make Sailor Moon cry? That's horrible!" ... Yes, she has priorities too. They are messed up. Win shakes his head. "That's... not quite it, but close enough. I am the balance for light, Pin is for dark. It is our duty to guide the chosen of Clotho and aid her in whichever her heart desires. Whether it is to save or destroy. Now, I am more than adequate to serve this function on my own. However, Mistress Clotho created us both in order to change the strings of fate for her chosen, and I would never dream of disobeying her." He then looked away. "Now, where is the chosen? They are here, are they not?"

Unmei gulped and... finally stepped forward. "It's... me. I'm chosen. Sorta. I lost the gem and now my step-sister has it but she kind of transformed into.... something and I'm not sure what it was but she was shooting fire and it was awful."

"... I see," Win said, glancing at the girl. "Well then, I suppose there's nothing else that can be done about it. If someone else has it, then there is only one course to take. Young chosen one, it is your duty to get the gem back. No one else could hope to harness its power of fate."

Unmei blinked. "Wait, really? She seemed to be doing pretty well... I mean..."

"It would over whelm most. Only the chosen has the... particular... trait required to harness it. For others, the magic would slowly draw them to their strongest aspect and eventually over whelm them. And with me being locked away, I shudder to imagine the mess he has created."

Pin opened his beak to speak. Glanced to Venus. Closed his beak.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 03:57:29 81543
"I'm willing to lend a hand when needed," Tsukiko speaks up. "Because I really doubt that recovering the gem will be as simple as just asking for it back, and Unmei's going to need protection until she has the gem back -- right?"
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 03:59:13 81544
    Sailor Venus raises her hand at Pin and makes a little click clake with her tounge and a 'pew' sound. She's watching you Pin. And she has gravy.
    "I don't know if I trust this. What do you think Kunzite? Two for one? I don't know if you can eat phoenix." she says.
    "So you're not here to make Unmei-chan do evil things like Pin then?" she asks.
    "Oh! I can make Ace play guard duty!"
    Artemis has finished his tuna. "Or you can ask him nicely. That works too."
    "But how else will I live out my dream of being an unfair boss lady!?" she asks at Artemis. Clearly being silly right now. "Nah, you're right."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 04:02:44 81545
Kunzite glances back at Unmei, tilting his head. "She was doing less well than you were," he says quietly. "You managed to get through that stage while still holding on to a measure of self-control. She didn't even realize she was losing control until the last instant." One syllable. A quarter-second or so before the change.

A pause, and he admits to Venus, "I don't know either." Given the business with the self-incineration and the egg and all. Clearly there's room for experimentation, here.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 04:12:57 81546
Unmei Tama gulped. "I... I guess... I don't think I can recover it on my own. I don't seem to have much magic now. Nothing really.... fight usable. And I don't know if you can eat them. I mean, they turn into metal. Well, Pin does." Her cheeks turned red. "M-maybe that's it? Why I was chosen?" Unmei said. "Because I had good self control?"

"Oh, hardly," Win said with a chuckle. "That's not how Clotho's representative is chosen."

"It's... not? Then... what's the... trait?"

Win blinked and cocked his head to the side. "Wait, Pin hasn't told you? Why you, in all the world, were chosen? Why there was no one else who could wield the Clotho gem but you?"

Unmei blushed and shook her head. "N-no. He said... others could and..."

"They can be controlled by it. But wield it? No." Win shook his head. "That is something you can only do."

Unmei's cheeks turned red. Wait, there was a reason? An actual reason SHE was chosen? What? Why? "What is it?!" she asked, stepping forward. "W-why? What makes me so... so special? Why was I chosen?!" So many questions, answered!

Win sighed. "My, Pin, you told her nothing, did you?" He then glanced up at Unmei. "Why, child. The Clotho Gem seeks to do one thing. To create new fate. To change things. To send ripples across the world. The chosen one is the one who's wish and use of the Clotho gem will have the most impact and alter the most destinies. Whether for Sin or Virtue. Good or Evil."

Unmei gasped. "R-really?"

"Of course, the chosen one also must have no destiny of their own to begin with. Usually it is someone on the verge of death, or soon to die or who's fate was already sealed in such a way that they would have little to no impact on the world around them. Someone who would have had no affect on anything if not for the Clotho gem."

Unmei blinked a few times and then deflated. "Wait. So... I was chosen... because... I was as un-special as could be?"

"Indeed! After all, anyone can make a king from a prince. But only Mistress Clotho can create an Empress from a flea. Now, across time there have been dozens of Clothos who have made many great wishes. To save their homelands, to fight off great evils. Tell me, young chosen one. What was your wish?"

Unmei blinked a few times and paled. "Err... well... Ummm... K-Kun? Err... I think... errr... m-maybe you guys should monitor them..." Totally trying to dodge the question.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 04:26:28 81547
Cute Wolf Tsukiko ponders this information for a moment. "A blank slate, huh?" she muses. "Well, it's certainly a fresher start than a minor bloodline curse."

Unmei going pale is noted with a certain amount of concern. "You feeling okay, Unmei?" the wolfgirl asks, touching the back of her lightly gloved hand to Unmei's forehead.
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 04:29:11 81548
    Sailor Venus throws her hands to her hips. "You can't just ask a girl her wish! That's rude! She'll tell you when it's time!" she says. Venus already has a good hunch what it is, but she's not about to blurt it out either for Unmei-chan's sake.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 04:32:04 81549
"We're not in a position to do that right now," Kunzite says quietly to Unmei. What he does not say is 'because Mamoru has his heart set on running an exchange program with Nephrite's family and also wants to make nice with my father at the same time, so we're probably going to be understaffed, overrun with nonpowered people, or both.' Not in front of Pin. Pin is shortsighted but not stupid. And the phoenix ... is an entirely unknown quantity, with only its own words to vouch for it.

He doesn't actually say anything else. Mostly because Venus did the somewhat-tactful version of telling Win to back off, and that's better than he'd manage right now. Particularly with the list of reasons why the chosen might not influence many destinies. No. Not talking to the phoenix with that Wrath still burning where he holds his power.
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 04:44:24 81550
Unmei Tama nodded. "I-I'm fine. I'm okay. Just... a little shocked cause... well, that. Asking my wish and..." Her cheeks burned even redder. "It... wasn't anything important. Anyway. I..." She gulped. "S-so, ummm, she turned into a cat thing. How do we... get her out of it?"

Win cringed. "You'll need... it will not be difficult. You will need to tame the tiger. Wrath. But... if she has been completely over taken by it..." He trailed off. "There is a good chance you may need to kill her. On top of that, until she is stopped... Wrath will flow. Other people will be influenced by it. With enough time, they will be corrupted and need to be beaten down as well. Fortunately it will not be permanent for them most likely. Or... need to be fatal." He then sighed and bowed. "Well then, chosen one. Miss..."


"Unmei. As the guardian set by Clotho, I will endeavor to aid you and your allies in any way I can." His eyes then narrowed on Pin. "And while I cannot speak for my... fellow guardian, I do believe you will need both of our aid. Wrath does fall under his jurisdiction. But I will do everything I can to control him. You have my word."

Unmei sighed and glanced to Kun. She then bowed down and picked up Pin(okay, grabbed and squeezed him in her hand). Then held out her palm for Win. "I... guess if they're... both together, it should be okay for me to watch them?"

"Grk... guk!" And then pin turned into a hair pin.

Unmei sighed. "Just like old times...."
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-08-19 04:50:40 81551
Cute Wolf Tsukiko looks at Win as the phoenix discusses Wrath, then looks over at Kunzite with a worried expression. "Um... I think you could use a skeet session and a hug," the wolfgirl remarks to Kunzite. "Probably in that order, and possibly with some additional relaxation afterwards."
Minako Aino 2017-08-19 05:00:27 81552
    Sailor Venus leans forward. "If you have any trouble Unm-lumi you call me and I'll bring over my flour and fryer and gravy boat!" she winks. She looks over to Kunzite. "I dunno about hugs. Maybe." she taps her bottom lip.
    "Ice cream first maybe." she says.
    Reading between the lines: Minako wants Ice Cream later, Kunzite.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-08-19 05:02:44 81553
"I work for an empath," Kunzite says to Tsukiko. "If influence or corruption begin to be a problem, he'll take steps." Though rendering down a considerable amount of that fire for the raw energy, stripping it of the emotional qualities at the cost of losing some of its usefulness ... that's sounding like a very good idea right now. The less of an active connection he has with Pin, the better, as far as he's concerned.

To Venus, though, he allows, "Ice cream is almost always a good idea."

Almost. He's seen some of the flavors that aren't, hunting for Usagi bribes.

It's only later on that he'll say to Unmei, quietly and apparently in passing and when no-one else is close enough to hear: "You were wrong, earlier. Wishing to be yourself is always important."
Magical Girl Clotho 2017-08-19 05:09:20 81554
Unmei Tama nodded. "Oh. Ummm... Right it..." To her surprise, Win turned into a pin too. She blinked and put them in her hair. They both sparkled. She then made a face. "Hey, you two. I can -hear- you. Knock it off."

"You had NO RIGHT to interfere."

"Look what you did to this poor girl! The Clotho gem is away from its bearer!"

"I had things under control!"

"There are many things you have. Crooked feathers, a bad attitude, a lopsided beak. THIS you did not have."

Unmei sighs and nodded. "So... ummm... let's go finish the party, okay?"

She said before heading inside. She'd hopefully not get in trouble for the damages.

And when the time came, she'd keep walking. Though he might notice the troubled expression on her face did go away. Just a little bit.

Kun was totally best 'not my dad' dad.