Midori-Ya Meet Up! - What's This About Jewel Seeds!?

Nanoha Takamachi calls a meeting with her friends and other device users about the Jewel Seeds!

Date: 2017-08-23
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Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 00:08:23 81658
Nanoha Takamachi has called a meeting of friends to talk about the Jewel Seeds, and what they are. Yuuno is here aswell, the tiny ferret has put on a tiny tiny suit jacket and bowtie like he's about to give a lecture in some institution. He is trying to look at business but it comes off as all adorable. Nanoha really hasn't noticed and is taking the suit seriously- because of course she is.

The family is out, and will be out late tonight because Midori-Ya is catering some hoity toity late night gala. They won't be home until ass-o-clock in the wee early morning hours. Leaving Nanoha safe to have the meeting in the closed Midori-Ya. Closed being the blinds are pulled down and the sign says closed but friends invited and their friends are being let in.

Tables have been pushed to be a big square in the middle of the cafe like a round table and there are sweets and pastries of all sorts and a cake and two different kinds of hot chocolate and three different kinds of tea and two different kinds of milk! (White and Chocolate!). And also ice water for those that are boring with their drinks.

Yuuno is fiddling with Raising Heart in it's bauble-like standby mode as he stands on one corner of the table. "Yes. Display the Jewel Seed data." he says.

Raising Heart displays a picture of a donut, projecting it like a hologram. "That is a donut." he says forlornly.

"Why don't you work for me anymore." he huffs.

Nanoha giggles and helps Yuuno out since Raising Heart and make sure he can get what he needs displayed when the time comes! She's now waiting for people to start arriving!
Minoke Sato 2017-08-24 00:12:22 81659
A sight appears that might be unexpected. A motorized wheelchair rolls into the cafe. A redheaded girl, around 14, wearing black is sitting in it, as she looks around, then nods as she rolls over towards Nanoha and Yuuno. She smiles softly as she stops. "Hello there. Are you Nanoha?" she asks. "I'm Minoke Sato - a friend of Mikoto's. I hear we have something in common," she muses, tapping the gem on her leather choker which beeps softly - an image of a black hole forming inside the gem that only magical beings can see. "And... isn't this adorable? You dressed up your little ferret in a suit..."
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 00:29:59 81663
An invitation to the Midori-Ya, with the implicit offer of free baked goods! This is wealth that must be spread, and answered in kind. Thus, first priority is to text Kokoro and make sure she is coming along. It's sound reasoning; the better informed Kokoro is, the better protected, and it gives Kokoro more points of contact in the 'community.' Also, it would be a sin to keep Midori-Ya treats to herself.

Second priority ask Mami to make something as an answering offering. Something savory, so as not to compete with the fruits of a professional bakery, and something definitely not likely to be on offer. Which is why, as she all but skips down the road at Kokoro's side, she holds a delivery box crammed full of slightly spicy-smelling bundles of leaf-wrapped cottage cheese.

"It's right over here, Kokoro-chan, you have to try their cake it's amazing!" she chirps, opening the door and knocking on the doorframe. "Hi, Takamachi-san! You said it was okay if I brought a friend, and Koji-kun'll be here in a little bit! He's probably still at the hospital holding his parents apart, he said his dad said something to the new nurse. Anyway!" Stepping aside, she extends her free hand to the larger teen, when she finally screws up the courage to walk on in. "This is my friend, Kokoro Akakuma!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 00:32:10 81664
An invitation to the Midori-Ya, with the implicit offer of free baked goods! This is wealth that must be spread, and answered in kind. Thus, first priority is to text Kokoro and make sure she is coming along. It's sound reasoning; the better informed Kokoro is, the better protected, and it gives Kokoro more points of contact in the 'community.' Also, it would be a sin to keep Midori-Ya treats to herself.

Second priority ask Mami to make something as an answering offering. Something savory, so as not to compete with the fruits of a professional bakery, and something definitely not likely to be on offer. Which is why, as she all but skips down the road at Kokoro's side, she holds a delivery box crammed full of slightly spicy-smelling bundles of leaf-wrapped cottage cheese.

"It's right over here, Kokoro-chan, you have to try their cake it's amazing!" she chirps, opening the door and knocking on the doorframe. "Hi, Takamachi-san! You said it was okay if I brought a friend, and Koji-kun'll be here in a little bit! He's probably still at the hospital holding his parents apart, he said his dad said something to the new nurse. Anyway!" Stepping aside, she extends her free hand to the larger teen, when she finally screws up the courage to walk on in. "This is my friend... She pauses, trying very hard to keep a straight face. "....Dengeki Shoujo!" Aaaaand straightface fails, just a little. Just the smallest of snorts and badly suppressed smiles. Just a bit.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 00:37:58 81665
    Kokoro would not come out for just any reason to just any meeting.

    ...but this isn't just any reason, okay. This is baked sweets.

    Walking down the road in full transformation is one of the most awkward things she has ever done. Even moreso with such a cheery person by her side. But hey, it's cosplay, right? They can just explain it as cosplay. No one will look twice. She's got the hammer stowed in smaller form for now. It'll be fine. It's fine. It's totally okay. "Y-yeah. Yeah, I'll try it."

    That's about all she says until they're inside, whereupon the others get to see the tall, transformed redhead looking at them with violet eyes... and absolutely bright-pink cheeks.

    Rashmi only makes it worse.

    Her expression now falls somewhere between 'I want to die' and 'say something, I dare you'. "Y... yo," she manages.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 00:52:35 81667
Nanoha Takamachi turns to the entrants! "Hi Minoke? Oh? Is Mikoto-chan coming?" she asks. She eyes the ferret then Minoke. "That's Yuuno. He dressed himself. He's my friend! Not my pet or familiar." she says. Yuuno waves. "Hello!" he says.

Nanoha smiles. "Rashmi-chan! Hello! Koji-kun will be buy soon? Okay then!" she says. She then blinks to Kokoro.. well. Dengeki Shoujo.

She beams. and bows even properly. "Hello, Dengeki Shoujo!" she says with perfect poise and not smiling/finding it silly. "We're gonna talk about important things tonight!" she says.

"But first. There's pastries and cakes and stuff." she beams as she hops a little on her heels a bit up.

"Yuuno'll be the one mostly talking." she says. "Anyways. He's the one that can explain this best."

Yuuno is eating a piece of giant cake. Well. Giant to his tiny ferret self. Nomnomnomnomnom.
Minoke Sato 2017-08-24 01:01:08 81668
Minoke Sato smiles softly. "I hope so - she's the one who told me about this - but I haven't heard from her today." She shrugs as she takes a chocolate milk, rolling her wheelchair up to the table. "So... are we all... Device users?" she asks, glancing to Rashmi and Kokoro.
A Siberian cat 2017-08-24 01:07:48 81671

On the rail line just coming to a stop close by where the meeting it, Koji sneezes, rubbing at his nose as he turns off the MP3 program running on his phone. The doors slide open with the soft chime of the arrival and the announcement of the station before he gets off and heads towards the meeting.

When he arrives, the young man hardly looks like he's had time to stop and breathe since school. Still in his public school uniform with his bookbag over his shoulder, Koji peeks for a moment into the Midori-Ya and then back down at his phone and the message that he was sent to be here by a certain time. He adjusts his normal glasses, takes a deep breath, and then puts on his 'best friend' face before pushing open the door and looking around a moent. A shy wave is give towards most, and he instead of saying anything directly just looks for a place to sit.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 01:09:39 81672
"...Yuuno-san you look adorable like that," Rashmi says, patting Kokoro's shoulder and smiling at Minoke. "I am, K--Dengeki-chan isn't. But, she'll probably end up in the middle of things anyway, so forewarned is forearmed!" Bowing her greetings to Minoke, she sets the delivery box down, and extracts a bowl filled with steaming, savory snacks. "So I figured since it's here the sweets would already be handled, so I asked Mami to make up something savory. It's pressed cottage cheese inside the wrappers cooked in mustard oil, and there's turmeric, mustard seed, chiles and coconut in kind of a sauce."

As she steps back, Koji enters the cafe, and the redhead beams brightly at the new entry. "Hi Koji-kun! Are your parents okay?"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 01:14:38 81674
    For a brief moment, Kokoro forgets her embarrassment entirely. Why? "...that ferret just talked." She stares for several seconds, then slowly turns her head towards Rashmi in a silent, 'what have I gotten into now?' Some of that embarrassment is already coming back. But someone else chooses to address her, which provides a welcome distraction.

    "'Dengeki' is fine for short," Kokoro grunts. At least Nanoha's earnestness makes it difficult to be too embarrassed or testy. Minoke's question is easily answered by Rashmi, so for now she just remains quiet... or, well, maybe that's just because she's getting herself some kind of pastry. Nomf.

    Hey look, there's Koji. Cue the nod of greeting.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-08-24 01:46:25 81677
It happens all too often: Mikoto losing track of time in the lab. She's ignored the beep from her cellphone about five times already. Hikari would try to get her attention, and even drag her away, but the cat-familiar is off picking up some electronics parts for her. It's only when she actually reaches the lab and notices Mikoto still busy at work that she rushes over.

The reminder of the meeting has Mikoto in a frenzy for several minutes, rushing to clean up and quickly change into something more suitable for the occasion. She is then quite pleased to take full advantage of her ability to tell the law of gravity what to go do with itself, and only a few minutes late she is at the door of the Midori-ya, pausing to knock before opening it and stepping in.

"Hey all, hope I haven't missed anything important. I got kind of lost on the road of life."

At that remark, the small silver cat perched upon her head suffers a facefault, looking like nothing less than a grey scarecrow wig with one paw falling down to cover Mikoto's eye.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 01:55:55 81679
Nanoha Takamachi nods. "Dengenki-chan then!" she says with a smile as she eyes Rashmi's food. "Oh! That sounds good! Put them on the table for others and I'll have Yuuno start." she says as she goes to turn down the lights, giving a beaming smile to Koji. "Hi Koji!" she says. "You're just in time!" she says as she eyes Minoke and nods. "I'm sure she'll be here on time." she says as she just smiles at Rashmi and Kokoro a moment before she tiptoes back to the table with the others. Yuuno skitters to the middle of the table.

"Is everyone ready to begin?" Yuuno asks as Nanoha sits quietly and nibbles on one of those pressed cottage cheese things as she eyes the ferret getting ready for things. She asides to Kokoro. "Yuuno is a space archeologist! He's smart!"

Yuuno taps Raising Heart and it displays... a Jewel Seed! It's a diamond-like jewel that is black in the middle and seems to glow purple at the edges. "This is a Jewel Seed." he says. "They're artifacts of the Belkan Civilization. Powerful lost logia, probably some of the oldest discovered." he says. "I've read a lot about them, but I also discovered them personally. I was delivering them into the safety of Mid-Childian authorities when my ship was effectively shot down over Earth." he says. "And they were scattered." he says.

"This is how I met Nanoha-chan. I couldn't trap them when they were active on my own. She was able to link with my former device, Raising Heart and use it."

"Jewel Seeds are dangerous. They effectively 'grant wishes'." he says. "But not in pleasant ways. And always subconsciously. I'm going to make the first rule clear."

"You never directly touch a Jewel Seed. It will react to you. It will affect you. Seal it and contain it in your device. If you don't have a device- then call someone who does. Or just put a barrier of some sort between it and you. Something sturdy."

"Just never touch it." he stresses again.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 02:02:58 81681
Rashmi Terios picks at the pastries on offer, pouring herself a cup of tea and finding a seat. Waving Kokoro and Koji to sit next to her, she extracts a small charm from her bookbag, which quickly activates into a large, armored notebook as Yuuna begins to lecture. A quick, whispered command, and every word the ferret says is transcribed, as Rashmi pays close attention. "Okay," she says, as the warning is made and restated. "So they're not even a break-glass emergency kind of thing, because they're not likely to listen to what you *want* from them. Don't touch, that makes sense."
A Siberian cat 2017-08-24 02:05:34 81682
Giving a nod to Rashmi and Kokoro, and a brief not to Mikoto as she comes in, Koji is about to speak up when Yuuno begins to give his briefing... and the moment he starts talking about the Jewel Seeds, he seems to deflate a little. Tea and some cake are ordered by him quietly, just a touch to the menu as an indicator for it. He then sighs deeply and as if to explain his reticence, he takes out the glasses that he normally wears as his Device's concealed form.

The rims are still warped and one leg is still bent... and the lens cracks are still present. He looks up and around at the others before saying, "I won't be much help. Between caring for my parents after school, clubs, and some extra classes I've been taking... it was a wonder I could even come to this." Sighing again, he just shakes his head, "They're trying to find a laboratory with the right equipment and is secure away from some group that they're worried about but won't really talk about. But I have my phone, and the government is subsidizing medical recovery care, so we get a nurse to come in and visit. It afforded me a laptop computer, and the new apartment is right on a main dataline. I can always look on message boards and social groups for signs of one of these... Seeds... once we know what they do, or how they do it."

He adjusts the normal glasses, and tries a smile again, "I mean... I can't just sit by and do nothing..."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 02:06:39 81683
    "A... space archeologist... talking ferret." Kokoro just stares for a few seconds. Months ago, she would have thought that was so utterly ridiculous as to not be believable. Now... Well, it's still ridiculous, but she finds herself just sort of accepting it. And vaguely worrying about her own acceptance.

    Kokoro ends up deciding to stand, rather than sit next to Rashmi; leaning against a wall, in specific, though she's not too far from the shorter girl. She listens quietly to Yuuno when he starts expositing, however. She's polite enough to take in the briefing silently, more or less, only making noise when she noms on her free sweets. One might be forgiven for forgetting she's there... well, aside from happening to glance in her direction, given how much she stands out. But when Yuuno pauses, she raises a hand slightly to call attention to herself.

    "I got two questions." One finger held up. "First one is, what kinda 'barrier' we talking about? 'cause I could pick up a concrete blockade or something and use it to cover one of those things, but magical barriers ain't a thing I can do." Another finger. "Second is, if you'd just found these things, how's someone find out about 'em and shoot you down? You got a leak on your dig team or something?" That's a rather troubling point.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-08-24 02:14:36 81684
Mikoto files in, paying close attention to Nanoha, and loads a plate with pastries and some of the other snacks before taking a seat near Minoke. She nods quietly as the Jewel Seeds are described, then adds her own two bits. "She's right about that. Don't even get near them if you can seal from a distance. And if you can't seal or barrier, call someone who can."

Hearing that Kokoro is unable to, she nods. After finishing off a (truly delicious) pastry, she looks over at the girl. "Is that a "can't" or a "don't know how"? Because the latter can be fixed, I'm sure." She pauses, about to add more, then looks over towards the expert on the subject -- Yuuno, that is.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 02:29:36 81686
Yuuno nods to Rashmi. "That's correct. They're corrupted beyond belief and as far as we can tell may be one of the causes of the Belkan Civilization disappearing all together, but we're not sure because we're talking eons of time ago and so little remains except ruins and the odd data log here or there from a found device." he nods. He looks to Kokoro. "They're legendary artifacts. Lots of stories here and there of them. That is- lots of people searching for them due to their supposed importance and supposed abilities of power." she says. "But. The most likely culprits as far as I can tell, would be Precia Testosrossa- who sends her daughter out to try to collect them before Nanoha can get them-- or hopefully- we can- get them." he says. "Or that scientist, Riventon- who has shown intrest them in them aswell." he says. "For 'who shot me down'." he offers. "To obtain them."

Nanoha frowns. "Precia-san has the most of them right now. I have one. I had more but... but..." she mutters. "She threatened to hurt everyone in Tokoyo using the power of a Lunar Eclipse during a time when everyone was off fighting something catastrophic at the North Pole..." she says. "So there wasn't much choice. But to give them what we had at the time..." she shifts.

Yuuno nods to Kokoro. "Basically. Don't directly touch them. If you need to get it... somewhere then. a very thick blanket might even work for a very SHORT term. But I wouldn't suggest that. Magical barriers are best. Sealing and containment is optimal and safe." he says.

Nanoha is eating a little more glumly now. She probably didn't like being reminded about that lunar eclipse situation.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 02:35:48 81687
Rashmi can't help it; her eyes narrow briefly as Riventon's name is spoken, and for a heartbeat she wears an expression vastly more at home on Kokoro's face. But it's gone in another moment, and she nods slowly. "Okay, so... that's three people we have to watch out for. Can Raising Heart show us pictures of the Testarossas, so we know when to go on the defensive? Only, I don't think I've ever seen either of them."
A Siberian cat 2017-08-24 02:39:52 81688
Sweets are brought over, and Koji just sips on his tea as he listens, leaving the cracked glasses sitting out and his silent phone next to them, an old habit that apparently he hasn't quite shaken despite the time since.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 02:42:31 81689
    Kokoro's attention swings to Mikoto. "That's a 'can't', far as I know. I ain't using the same... things, you people do to transform. I only got two ways of dealing with stuff: 'smash it' and 'shock it'. Maybe my shocks are magical or something, but I don't think they do anything fancy. Don't worry, though, I ain't stupid. I got Rashmi on speed dial, I think anything's funny, she's the first person I call. Until then, I can, cover it with, uh... I dunno, whatever's handy. Small car or something." Shrug. She'll figure it out when she comes to that.

    Then her eyes pass over Rashmi again, and something comes to mind.

    "...this daughter of Testarossa's. She blonde? Red eyes? Got a gizmo like you guys, only it's yellow?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-08-24 02:45:27 81690
Mikoto looks up from a brief discussion with Minoke, apparently filling her in on something about the Testarossa's, in time to note Kokoro's answer. "Right, I understand. And yes, that sounds like her." She muses for a moment. "You carry a cellphone, don't you? Might be simplest to call one of us if you spot one, let us take care of it. Also keeps you out of the way of Rivenbaka or the others make a play for it."

She settles back in her seat, and Hikari-the-cat finally flows down off her head to curl up in her lap and demand pettings. "Most important thing to do is make sure nobody -else- goes and grabs the thing."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 03:02:25 81691
Nanoha Takamachi reaches over and communicates with Raising Heart to show some images. One is of Precia Testorossa, mainly from that eclipse day she talked about - https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/nanoha/images/7/7c/Presea_Movie_1st.png/revision/latest?cb=20110712051110. The other is of Fate. The young blonde girl that Kokoro did face a little while ago for sure.

"That's Precia, and Fate." she says.

"Fate says she's seeking them to make her mother happy again." she says. "But... I don't think she's using them for any good. Or. She's misguided in what they can do." she says quietly as she stuffs the rest of the cottage cheesy thing into her mouth.

"Riventon's shown up with Fate before. But. That was a long while ago. But. I'm not sure now. Things were fine. For a while. Then she went back to her mom. and I dunno why. and...."

She just sits there getting more and more sad about this right now it seems as she crosses her arms a little.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 03:07:08 81692
Rashmi glances at the others, then slips out of her chair, moving to rest a hand on Nanoha's shoulder. "...She's a friend of yours, isn't she?" she says gently. "I know that look... It's okay. Whatever's happening, it'll be okay in the end, all right? It's going to be hard, but we'll do our best to make sure."
A Siberian cat 2017-08-24 03:11:54 81693
He finally speaks up, Koji does, as he looks around, "I... it's really not my place to say right now..." Looking back over at Yuuno and then Nanoha, he tries to give them both his best smile.

"This is kind of like the events that happen in games."

Another look around to see if anyone gets it and he sighs once more, "Anyways... in a lot of online games, there's special events that happen in certain places. And some of them have those same kinds of special things happen randomly during a certain period. That sort of works to everyone's advantage. Everyone here. There's more than just the people here. If one of you picks up on a Jewel Seed coming up someplace, there's at least six of you that have a chance to get to it. There's only one of them... two at most, if what you're saying is true. That means we have three times the chance of getting there first. Three and a half is we have help."

He looks to Kokoro as he says it, and then with a light flush of his cheeks, he looks away.

"I'm just saying... the only reason that this Precia-person did what she did was because she was forced to, Nanoha. You've been doing your best, and it's been better than she has."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 03:17:50 81694
    Mikoto confirms it, and Raising Heart even shows them a visual. Kokoro closes her eyes. "So that's who that was, huh." Those red eyes flash through her mind briefly. The look she had in them... some part of the tall girl can't help but get stuck on that look. Though Mikoto gives her a reason to focus back on the present - and to open one violet eye. "Don't get me wrong, here. 'Getting in the way' is what I do best. I ain't gonna handle a Jewel Seed, but if this Fate or someone else comes after the things, no way am I letting them get ahold of 'em."

    The other eye opens, and she leans away from the wall, uncrossing her arms. Koji gets a faint little nod. "I ain't got any big reason or anything. Ain't for justice or friendship or anything like that. But she was helping some guy who decided he'd go and test this monster of his out in some big public park. Someone coulda got hurt. Someone coulda got killed. She's..." Here, for a moment, Kokoro falters. Her voice softens a little. "...I saw the hurt in her eyes. But she's with the wrong crowd, so if I gotta rough her up to stop her, I will. I ain't letting anyone but you folks get ahold of these things."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-08-24 03:21:23 81695
Mikoto settles back in her seat and continues petting the kitten. She takes a few moments to enjoy another pastry while the others talk. The Midori-ya's excellent sweets are not to be missed, after all.

"Far as I can tell," she adds, "She's a basically good person who's trying to help her mother. Entirely understandable... if it weren't a potentially catastrophic disaster." She sighs softly.

It's Kokoro's mention of monsters in the park that gets her attention, though. "Testing monsters? Pretty-ish kinda guy, white hair? Sounds like Riven-baka."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 03:31:15 81696
It's the eyes. It's /always/ been the eyes for Nanoha, when she thinks about Fate. She sighs a bit. "I'm not sure if friend is the right word. It's like she doesn't want to do what she's doing. But she has to. Because she wants her mother to be happy. But her mother is.... not a nice person. But you can't really..."

"Tell someone their mother doesn't deserve to be happy... do you understand...?" she asks quietly , more rhetorically than anything.

"Ugh that does sound like Riventon. And his experiments." she sighs a bit. "...and that'd mean she's back working with him." she says a little more sadly.

She grabs a pastry and begins to eat it.

She gets up and walks over and turns the lights back up. "But right. That's why I wanted to have this meeting." she says. "Because. Now there's more people that can help." she says. "And know to keep them away from those people." she says.

Yuuno nods and goes back to eat that huge piece of cake.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 03:39:09 81697

    Kokoro is quiet. They talk about her being a good kid. About her mother not being a good mom, but Fate being utterly devoted. And quietly, 'Dengeki' turns around, crossing her arms over her chest again - those with a good angle might be able to see the tall girl gripping her bicep tightly. "...I get her better'n most of you realize." Rashmi and Koji probably understand why; when you lose your parents young, 'being willing to do anything just for the gift of having a mother' starts to sound pretty sensible. "...and I ever meet this Testarossa woman, I'mma..." There's an irritated noise. Pounding her within an inch of her life would just upset Fate. "...I dunno. But trust me, I got a real good look in Fate's eyes. I got a problem with anyone responsible for that." There's the faintest little fizzle of electricity across her shoulders.
A Siberian cat 2017-08-24 03:42:54 81698
Koji Silvia finishes his cake, finishes his tea, and then slides out of the booth as he takes up his backpack, and then the dishes over to where someone can pick them up. He slings his pack over his shoulder, and then bows to everyone, "Thank you for inviting me."

The young man sounds oddly stiff and formal, moreso than his usual self, "If I hear about anything I'll tell you all if I can, but right now I'm needed at home. My parents are still recovering. I'm sorry I can't do more."

He almost forgets his glasses and phone, but swipes them up at the last moment, so he can turn and head for the door.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 03:44:45 81699
"...Okay," Rashmi says faintly, glancing Kokoro's way for a moment, and drawing in a deep breath. "Well... Now I know two people I want to push into the bay for awhile..." Patting Nanoha's shoulder again, the redhead puts on her best let's-be-brave-and-pull-through-this smile.

When Koji gets ready to make his exit, she clears her throat. "Koji-kun, hang on a second?" Which point she turns to Yuuna. "You're a Belkan scholar, right? Well, um... would you um, happen to know what Koji-kun could do to get Tyrfing fixed? Only, he's not repairing himself, and I'm worried too."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 03:45:50 81700
    Surprisingly enough, what Rashmi says causes Kokoro to turn around. "...wait. What happened to Tyrfing?" Does she sound worried?
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-08-24 03:50:52 81701
Unlike Rashmi or Koji, Mikoto knows little about the pain of losing family. She does, however, know plenty about them being utter jerks. So the thought of punishing Precia for her treatment of the girl earns Kokoro a brief smile.

As Koji gets up to depart, she sets her plate aside, and pauses as Rashmi speaks up. "Good idea to get an expert to look at that. Or at least someone who has more clue than a gifted amateur when it comes to the technology." She shakes her head briefly. "I certainly can't make hide nor hair of what's wrong with the thing. There are some really freaking weird energy flows going on, though... like, if he wasn't up and walking around fine I'd be dragging him to a hospital weird."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 03:56:59 81702
Yuuno speaks up. "I'm an expert on the Belkan civilization, but I am not a device meister." he says frankly. "But I can see what I can do?" he asks. "I'll need to see the device to start but." he motions with his tiny hands. "I'm familiar with enough Belkan devices though. But it depends what it is. Is it an Armed device?" he asks curiously.

Nanoha listens a little as she sits back down and head tilts. "Wait. Is something wrong, Koji-kun?" she asks curiously. She doesn't know. "If your device is broken. Mikoto-chan might be able to look at it. Um. Not sure. How you'd feel about that though." she says.

"Um. Not a lot of people on Earth know how to make or fix these things deeply." she says. "Because the magic and the devices don't come from here!" she says.

Yuuno patiently waits as he takes a break from the cake.
A Siberian cat 2017-08-24 04:02:53 81703
There's another sigh, with his back to the others, they can't see the momentary tears that he blinks away hard, and then takes off his normal glasses to clean the lenses. After that Koji turns back around and nods, "Okay... s-so... Miss Nakajima knows, she bumped into me a couple weeks ago when I was doing a meal run and offered to take a look at Tyrfing."

Looking over at Yuuno, he walks over and then takes out the glasses he was wearing on a chain under his school uniform, settling the damaged Device's current physical manifestation in front of him, "This is Unity Knight Tyrfing... or what's left of him right now. We overextended ourselves when I made a serious mistake in a fight against Miss Sharpe. I thought she'd killed someone, so I engaged his most powerful spell... one made specifically to work against Midchildian mages. He... it... was a mistake. If I'd known better, this wouldn't have happened." He steps back and then looks at the others, "He hasn't woken up since. A couple times I thought I saw or heard him... I... my..." He motions up and down over himself, "This isn't me. This is us. Combined. S-so... for a time I looked normal. Then I came back to this a few days after. But he still still hasn't woken up. Not even an error message or an outbound signal to anyone."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 04:26:51 81704
Yuuno looks at the device as he places a paw to it and taps it a moment and seems to be hard in thought. He motions Nanoha a moment with Raising Heart, which beeps and he holds up Raising Heart a moment and keeps a hand to the Unified Device. "It's active." he says. "But it's in a dormant state of some sort." he says. "It does need some form of repair." he says.

He shakes his head. "I'm not a meister." he says. "I apologize." he says.

"The most I can suggest is trying to link with a device who's self repair is working and try to piggyback." he says. "That's what I've done in the past in a pinch." he offers. "But otherwise, you need to get it repaired properly." he says.

Nanoha awwwws. "I'm sorry Koji-kun!" she says. "Um... hrm..." she taps her foot.

"I dunno many people with other Belkan devices.... Storm Knight may know....?" she asks meekly.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-08-24 04:30:10 81705
Mikto steps up, after a few moments' thought, and walks over to the table where the others are examining the Device. "It's worth trying, at least," she muses. "It's weird, though. I could've sworn I saw... well, when I first examined it..."

She shakes her head and looks over at Koji. "It's just impossible, right?"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 04:31:55 81706
    Kokoro listens quietly again; she seems to be good at letting people do the talking. She looks back and forth between Koji, Rashmi, Nanoha, Yuuno and Mikoto, a frown deepening with each passing moment. "...the hell'd you go and do to yourself," she mutters. But Koji points out that... they're still sort-of merged? That's... hrrm. That puts a thoughtful look on her face.

    And she walks right over to Koji, leans up real close, and... stares right into his eyes, as if peering through a window.

    "Oi. Cat. You in there?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 04:35:43 81707
"That sounds like a good idea," Rashmi says to Yuuno, bobbing her head. "And I'd met Storm Knight-san once, but I don't really have a reliable way to get in contact with her." Looking up at Koji, she finishes her tea, raising her eyebrows. "I've got the weekend free, Koji-kun, I can try and link Nicomachea up with Tyrfing then? I can ask Mizuno-senpai if we can use her lab for a safe environment, or we can just ask Chiba-sama. Who knows, he might even be interested in seeing if he can help?"

Then Kokoro... well, ignores all the possible barriers and just tries to *talk* to Tyrfing. "...Or that could do it..."
A Siberian cat 2017-08-24 04:38:10 81708
Koji sort of jerks back from the look into his eyes, Kokoro's face reflected in his glasses and distorted by them so that those EYES... they're so BIG... And he almost looks intimidated as he shivers and a little sweatdrops forms on the right side of his temple. Rubbing on the back of his neck, he looks down and away.

"I... I mean..." He looks back at Kokoro, "He told me about the dreamworld, where he got to be just himself. He told me how much he likes you. Respected your guts. And any other time if you talked to me, he'd hear. He integrated with my phone so he could talk back to people, and not just me."

Then he mutter under his breath, "And he got really good at Fruit Ninja. He's constantly dueling against someone here in Tokyo for highest score."

When Rashmi offers all of that, his face goes even more despondent, and he just looks down at his shoes, "M-miss... Mizuno... s-she's the one who's supposed to help. I guess they're just busy. But it's allright. This was my mistake... I just... wanna hear his voice again... right?"

Yeah, couldn't more the opposite of Kokoro in front of him right now.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-08-24 04:43:17 81709
    Grunt. "...Had to try."

    With a shrug, Dengeki Shoujo steps away from Koji, turning back around to look Mikoto's way. "Way I see it, whatever you saw, who cares if it's 'impossible'? Check it anyway. Worst that could happen is 'nothing'." She holds up one hand, curling her fingers. "Year ago, turning into some kind of magical electric girl was about as impossible as I thought things could get. Look at me now."

    Reaching out to grab one last donut, Kokoro turns to go... only to stop. "...you folks need someone who can take a hit or two, Rashmi's got my number. I tangled with Fate once already, so I know I can stand my ground if I gotta."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-08-24 04:45:55 81710
"Just about anything's worth a try, sure," Mikoto agrees, and slides a card across the table to Kokoro. "Here, that's got my number, if you need help with this kind of stuff." She sits herself down and reaches for Koji's Device. "May as well have another look while I'm here," she muses. "But it's the sort of thing we really ought to take back to the lab."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-08-24 04:57:29 81711
Nanoha Takamachi nods a little as she sighs a bit and has a seat. She grabs Yuuno over and just sort of lays her head into the ferret. This got to a place she didn't really wanna think about, but she maybe thought it was gonna happen given the topic of discussion.

Stupid. Jewel Seeds. Stupid Fate's Momma. Stupid Riventon and his stupid hair.


"I'll see you again, Dengeki-chan!" she calls out finally at least.
A Siberian cat 2017-08-24 05:01:49 81712
Picking up his glasses once more before Mikoto can, Koji says, "I need to get home. But maybe in a few days, allright? Maybe Sunday? My parents are going out for a spa day, so I'll have some time to myself. I can see you then?"

Still a bit nervous about it all, he then nods to everyone, "Really... thank you for being concerned. And I'm sorry I haven't really been around. I'll try and keep in touch better." He then waves, and turns to head for the door.
Rashmi Terios 2017-08-24 05:02:16 81713
"...I'm sorry," Rashmi says quietly to Koji. "I thought..." SHaking her head, she draws in a deep breath. "...Nevermind. Whatever reason Mizuno-senpai has, it doesn't really matter; we should have alternatives anyway. That way at least we're doing things instead of just spinning in place and waiting for one person. So! If Nakajima-san has a lab, we can go there instead. Which is probably smarter, Nakajima-san, to have someone who knows what they're doing watching what happens when I try to link Nicomachea and Tyrfing."

Giving Kokoro a grin and a cheerful wave, she turns to Nanoha... and her face falls again. This time, her hand falls onto Nanoha's head. "We'll make it better, okay? Promise."