New Person! New Clubs! New Friends!

Haruna Kurosawa meets new student, Sulwen Turnbull in Infinity University's Common Area! Kukai arrives later and Corvus just can't. He just can't.

Date: 2017-08-25
Pose Count: 17
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-25 18:35:24 81764
Sulwen Turnbull was sitting idly by in a common area of the university. The spot she would pick was both comfortable and connected to the out doors in some way. She was wearing her uniform and had a book in her hand which she was reading with some mild interest. Upon closer inspection it would be revealed to be the student guidebook. Sulwen reaches up and gently pushes her glasses up her nose and flips the page.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-25 18:40:13 81765
"But Corrrrvuuusss." whispered Haruna Kurosawa to the seagull on her shoulder. "She's cute! And you're so cute together! You're gonna go on a bird date! It's be awesome! and sweet! and we can double date with me and Hannah-chan because we suck at finding people to double date with!" she whispers.

"I'm not dating someone just so you can DOUBLE DATE!" whispers the seagull back.

"But Cooorvus." Haruna whines. Corvus rolls his eyes. "We're getting into public. Stop talking to me." says the seagull. "It's thankfully weird to try to coax birds into double dates in public." THANKFULL for Corvus.

Haruna Kurosawa zooooms by the reading Sulwen before she stops and actually shuffles backwards without actually turning around as she peers at the girl. Is that. Someone new!? Haruna leave her alone we have things to do! whispers Corvus. But it's someone new! whispers Haruna back. Arghh! whispers Corvus as Haruna tip toes over and peeeers over the edge of the book Sulwen is reading.

"HI! Are you new a student?" she asks with joyus frevor!
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-25 18:45:25 81766
Sulwen Turnbull did not go about reading while some of the wild antics occured around her. When Haruna first zoomed past Sulwen could not help but look her way with a raised brow and a blinking, confused expression. This almost at a loss expression did not fade as Haruna back peddled into place. Sulwen let out a mild bemused chuckle under her breath and tilted the book forward as Haruna attempted to peek at it's contents.
     "The school map I'm afraid, not anything terribly fascinating." she says with a sing songy voice as she stands to meet the girl with the cowboy hat and bird properly. She offers a polite nod of the head, "My name is Sulwen Turnbull, 3rd year High School student, pleasure."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-25 18:58:19 81767
Haruna Kurosawa beams with a wide smile. She gives a soft bow as she says. "I'm Haruna Kurosawa. But friends call me 'Runa." she says softly. "This is Corvus-chan, he's my friend!" she says pointing to the bird who probably has a lost for words face. "I'm one grade below you then!" she says.

"I run a coffee shop over by the beach in the Uminari District if you ever feel like you need something to drink." she says.

She leans back up after a moment, and fixes her hat. "I'm in the Kickboxing Club, too." she says.

"It's fun!" she says.

Corvus rolls his eyes. Haruna side-eyes the bird on her shoulder. Corvus hops up to the top of the hat to settle down there.

"I think he's annoyed!" she says like she just got a clue.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-25 19:12:37 81768
Sulwen Turnbull blinks and offers a plesant smile. "I see, pleasure to meet you and... ."she pauses and looks to the bird as it moves, "Oddly well behaved bird?" Sulwen turns her gaze back toword Haruna.
     "Did he imprint on you as a baby? Or something in that regard?" she asks with a slightly befuddled expression. Her eyes bounce once more to the hat perplexed.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-25 19:25:33 81769
Haruna Kurosawa makes a face. Corvus's story is a long stupid story and not one she can tell mundanes. So she says. "Something like that!" she says. "It's a really long story." she says. "He's a good bird!" she says.

Corvus wants to say ugh I don't think she's my mom, geeze but that'd be a strange thing for a seagull to say so he just looks delightfully more annoyed.

"Just he's important to me. Cuz I was alone before I met Corvus-kun!" she says.

"Do you wanna pet him!?" she asks.

omg thinks Corvus.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-25 19:30:50 81770
Sulwen Turnbull says, "No, I think I'll pass for the moment. Not that I don't think it be enjoyable. The sheen of his down and contour feathers tell me he is well kempt. But, I believe he may be most bothered by my presence. He seems perturbed." she says with a smile for Haruna and Corvus.
    % Sulwen looks to Haruna, "It's funny to meet someone in the kickboxing club, as I am as well.... or rather will be." she pauses perplexed. "Might be, there we go. Best not assume." she says with a slightly adorable bemused smile. Despite her canter it is clear she is not accustomed to small talk as most."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-25 19:44:08 81771
Haruna Kurosawa ohs! "You should! Hannah-chan is the team captain! Infinity's Iron Lily! and my girlfriend, too!" she says. "So I'm kind of biased about how awesome she is." she says. Corvus rolls his eyes.

"Oh don't mind Corvus-kun, he's just a grumpy gus sometimes. If he was really annoyed, he'd just fly back to the shop or home." he says. "Or go hang out with Hannah's service dog, Boris-kun." she says.

"We're gonna try to go to nationals this year!" she insists. "I've been working super hard to train and I know some of Hannah-chan's tricks!" she says. "Pow!" she says as she turns to the side and mock punches the air. "Pow!" she says as she turns to the opposite side and kicks the air!
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-25 19:47:30 81772
Sulwen Turnbull watches with a sweet smile and applauds lightly, "Very impressive. Your form is splendid for sure." she looks to Corvus again and back to Haruna. "It's also nice to see someone so open as to speak so freely about their girlfriend. In my experience it can still be a hushed topic at our age. How long have you two been going out?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-25 19:56:53 81773
Haruna Kurosawa frowns a little. "My parents are like that. That's why I was alone and stuff." she says. "Most people around here don't care." she says. "Hannah-chan and I have been together for a lil over a year now!" she says. "It was hectic and stuff at first." and she doesn't add 'also Corvus used to be an evil raven and tried to make me destroy the world for him and that's how I met Hannah-chan because we were partners in 'evil' for a little bit.', because that'd be silly to tell a mundane.

"She gave me this hat for Valentines Day! She's an American and stuff and she wanted me to have a proper hat!" she insists. Also. For when she goes help other Cures in America she'll look SPIFFY!
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-25 20:08:43 81775
Sulwen Turnbull blinks a bit and nods, "I do suppose this academy must attract all manner of people from all across the world. Should make things easier for a Scotts woman like myself to accommodate myself." she says with a loosening of stance as if actually participating in the conversation fully now.
     "Well I look forward to meeting her and you again at club meetings. It may not be a big part of my life; but, I do enjoy the openness and simplicity of boxing." she pauses, "Not to say boxing is simple.... it's just that there is no pressure for me to be the best." sighs, "Hope that makes sense.
Kukai Souma 2017-08-25 20:09:16 81776
It's not common for Kukai Souma to be on the Infinity University grounds. A good bit of this is because every time he sees Takashi Agera, who goes here, Kukai feels an irresistable urge to punch him in the nose and flirt with his girlfriend in front of him, and he knows this is an absolutely out of character way for him to behave. Still. The other reason is that the school is a little intimidating, what with it being tall and modern and sort of (at least in his opinion) more alien than his beloved Seiyou Public.

That being said, he does have to come over from time to time to deliver sports times and track meet information and game schedules and that sort of thing for school interactions. And he gets a chance to scout out their teams as well, which helps. And some of the people he knows here are fairly friendly. Even if they've tried to punch him before. Such as Haruna, whom he sees as he's exiting the school, heading across the open area. He raises a hand, waving to her as he approaches, catching the last little bit of conversation as he gets close. "Hello there, Haruna!" He gives the girl she's talking to a big, wide, heart-warming, morale-boosting Jack's Grin, and then nods. "It's good to see you again. At least, as long as you're not going to punch me today." He winks at the girl with the strange accent, Sulwen. "That happens from time to time."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-25 20:19:07 81777
Haruna Kurosawa huffs. "The idea is just to do your best! No matter what!" she says softly as she huffs even more and then Corvus turns to Kukai before Haruna can notice him as he gives a little discreet wingwave at him.

"Kukai-kun! Hi! Kukai this is Sulwen Turnbull-san! She's newer around here!" she says.

She then huffs. "I only punch you when you're a jerk! So don't be a jerk and we won't need to punch one another or throw each others in exploding diners!" she says.

She's joking about that last one. Right...?


Corvus facewings a moment.

"She's thinking about the Kickboxing Club maybe! Maybe you have sports club ideas for her?" she asks.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-25 20:25:52 81778
Sulwen Turnbull smiles as the two exchange part of her haplessly feeling awkward as they actually seemed to have a friendship. She remained undetered however, and continued to act her proper self and not let her nerves get the better of her.
     "Ohh I am not actually sure I need advice. I have actually been kickboxing for some time and have attended nationals once or twice. I am not worried about getting entered in the school club for the sport itself. I just don't presume I would be accepted as there could be reasons not too." she looks to the new individual, Kukai
    . "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Sulwen as Kursawa said. I'm a third year new student. New to the country as a whole actually."
Kukai Souma 2017-08-25 20:37:46 81779
Kukai grins at Haruna. "Oh, yeah? OK." Then there's that huff and that little explosion. "Hey, hey, hey, have I ever actually punched you? I tend to know better than that." There's still a little twitch from him at the mention of the diner.

"Huh. Kickboxing, hmm?" Kukai rubs his chin. "I tend to stay away from the combat punchy clubs, actually. But if she likes running and kicking things, she might think about soccer, or lacrosse. Maybe even start a rugby team, if there's enough interest in it here."

Kukai turns to face Sulwen again and smiles, bowing his head to her for a moment, then giving her a cheerful thumbs-up. "It's nice to meet you, Sulwen! Nationals, huh? As for being accepted there, I mean, if I remember right Haruna's in it." Kukai glances over to Haruna for confirmation, then continues. "Dunno why you wouldn't be. Just put your heart into it and they'll certainly accept you with open arms! And new to the country, huh? That's cool! How are you getting along? Are you doing well with the language and getting used to the city? I know Tokyo can be a big place. Where are you from?" He's pretty sure he overheard something about 'Scots' earlier, but it's polite to let her talk and get used to things.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-25 20:51:06 81780
Haruna Kurosawa beams. "I know Hannah-chan would love to have someone on the team like that. We need to show Verone what's up this year and shove Alexis-kun into a pool!" she says with wide eyes! "Well. Not that part. But soon!" she says.

She beams at Kukai a moment as she looks over to Sulwen. "So yeah drop by sometimes! I'll let Hannah know someone may be interested!" she says softly.

She looks up at Corvus, well tries to, on her hat. "Corvus can deliver a bird-o-gram about it!" she says.

Corvus gives a 'I'm not doing that!' kind of a look.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-25 20:59:02 81781
Sulwen Turnbull smiles, "Wow, Corvus you sound like a well trained pretty bird. I do hope to get to know you better as well." looks to Haruna, "Enough to pet anyways. As for where I am from, I am from Scottland. I find the country nice and dense. Not use to being so towered by my surroundings. The language was a challenge; but, I have been learning it for nearly a year. I will likely look to participate in a sport or two; but, not for the school. I just don't have the time with Mother's instruction." she pauses, "I do look foreword to seeing you again Haruna and maybe you as well Kukai. Perhaps I will stop at this Coffee Shop you mention in Ut... Ut... umm, I believe I will need to look at a map to get there however." she masks her failings at speaking with a smile.
    . Sulwen takes a breath, "However, I do need to depart. I have unpacking still and I need to fill my empty tummy." she offers a soothing smile, "Do have a wonderful day." she offers a slight bow and waves to the three as she departs toward the dorms.