The Ocean is Still the Ocean

The waterside attracts a couple of people today: Sulwen Turnbull, and Daisuke Hansuke. For strangers, they find a lot of things to talk about.

Date: 2017-08-26
Pose Count: 14
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-26 06:28:18 81842
Daisuke Hansuke was currently taking a break from running around at his dad's practice doing the front desk paperwork and overall sitting on a bench overlooking the water of the ocean as he took a deep breath as he muttered a little to himself.

It's been a bit since he'd taken up Minako's, Venus's offer to become the Ace and start doing some more dangerous stuff than he's used to. Like that mess at that girl's place. Venus called him in as backup. With Kunzite there. Awkward. So awkward. He knew the backstory behind this specific bit of kit as he stared down at the Ace of Hearts between his fingers with squinted eyes.

He sighed and stuffed it back into his jacket pocket, as he leaned back up to stare back at the ocean.

"I need to tell the guys eventually..." he muttered. "...can't keep secrets like that for long." he says to himself.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-26 06:35:41 81843
Sulwen Turnbull was exploring her new home and found herself by the water. She wasn't sure why; but, the ocean always relaxed her some. The crisp air, the feeling of salt about her, the sounds... all of it something to entice the senses. She wore a tank top and shorts instead of the uniform she had wore for most the day. Slowly Sulwen moved to the beach and began taking off her shoes to feel the sand betwixt her toes

As Sulwen approached the waters edge she saw an attractive Purple haired boy seemingly lost in thought. He looked troubled and perhaps Sulwens eyes lingered a touch too long. She offered a meek wave to the boy before stepping into the waters edge. Step by step Sulwen moved till her knees were submerged, clearly not opposed to getting wet.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-26 06:44:44 81844
There isn't a lot of people on the beach, so a single person stands out. He sighs a bit as he looks left and right and then the girl is looking at him? He blinks a moment and doesn't quite know if he should walk over and say hello. Well. Of course he SHOULD. That's polite afterall.

He sighs and stands up and smooths his jacket off as he steps onto the sand and walks down over. He gives a wave.

"Hey there." he says. "Not many people on the beach today. But it's getting later in the day and all that. Still warm out." he says.

He gives a smile, as warm as he can manage at least. "I don't think I've seen you around before though." not like there's hundreds of people in the city. But it's easy to spot the foreigners.

"My name is Daisuke Hansuke. Are you new to Tokyo?..." he asks curiously.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-26 06:51:23 81845
Sulwen Turnbull tilts her head as if taking your words a touch slower then a Tokyo native. She was deep enough in the water the bottom edge of her denim shorts was taking on some water. "Greetings," she offers a polite bow of the head. "My name is Sulwen Turnbull and I am, I suppose I should get use to being asked that. I do seem a bit out of place most places I go." she smiles with a charming expression.

The boy was better looking than she expected and he clearly did not have any qualms with approaching her which was in a way impressive. "It may be warm out; but, the water is getting a bit chill. I can understand why many have gone to the pier for dryer entertainment. I'm just not one for crowds." seems to draw in a deep breath of Ocean air. "I love how no matter where you go... from London, to Scottland, to Japan... the ocean is still the ocean."

Sulwen turns to smile to the boy, "This may sound a bit rude; but, are you alright. You seemed quite perplexed as I passed you. Rough day?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-26 07:01:06 81846
Daisuke Hansuke doesn't have people problems usually. Years of working charity and with people and in a doctor's office have mostly made him not rough in social situations. His looks...? Well he can thank his reincarnated Golden Kingdom self for that much. He certainly doesn't get his looks from any parent.

He smiles warmly. "You'll get use to it Turnbull-san." he offers softly. "The pretty red hair gives it away a little." he smirks warmly. "Once people get to know you, it'll stop." he says.

".... no that isn't rude to ask." he offers. "I've just been having some trouble settling into a new job of sorts. Getting the hang of it. And needing to eventually talk about this new job to some of my closer friends." he offers. Well. 'Job' is one way of putting it.

If you count hopping around the city in a masquerade mask throwing cards and youma and doing whatever Sailor Venus says is a job, he thinks. But it's better than sitting back and waiting to be the healing backup- he also thinks.

He kicks off his shoes and socks easily enough and decides to step off into the water with the girl for the moment. "Heh. Water's warm today." he says. "That's nice. Usually it's ice cold." he says.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-26 07:11:46 81847
Sulwen Turnbull blinks a moment, "Is it? And here I was thinking it was a bit chilled. Perhaps I have been away from home for to long. It's nice regardless." she smirks, "Well thank you for complementing my hair, Umm.. ." she pauses, "Hansuke-san, apologies the honorifics of well. I'm adapting still. I'm earnestly more comfortable with Sulwen then my Fathers name... so if you don't feel it's to improper you can call me that." she looks to you a moment then speaks again as she stretches.

"New anything can complicate life so I can understand the frustrations. This is the third High School... and ." seems to count in her head mouthing numbers silently in english. "12the country I have been too since I was ten." she shrugs as if even she wasn't sure on the numbers. "Best way to break change to others is just being up front about it. At least in my experience. But, I'm no expert."

The truth was Sulwen could be considered cold in that she has never had a lasting friendship. Even now with this boy her guard was up. It was like being resistant to the very idea of vulnerability and friendship. It was unintentional, and did not detract from her pleasant demeanor.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-26 07:28:32 81848
Daisuke Hansuke nods. "Sulwen-san, then." he says with a nod. "It's typical to use the last name-- the family name, when you're talking to someone you don't know very well. But if you wish me to use the first name, I will." he offers. He listens a bit as he crosses his arms.

"Lots of people come through here on exchanges, or- their parents move around a lot. Also lots of people here to attend some of the more prestigious schools. Verone, Infinity, from other countries." he says.

He crosses his arms. "It can be a little chilly maybe? I'm used to the water being ice here." lord knows he's been thrown hard enough into it on more than one occasion.

"There's a nice Indian place up the way to the north there called Korma Chameleon, and a coffee shop, the Gullwing Cafe." he says.

He turns to the south. "That way is the Hiwaka Shrine that I suggest all visitors visit at least once, and a small shopping strip with The Game Crown Arcade and OSA-P Jewelers." he says.

"Of course the Theme Park and the Tako Cafe are just over there a spell too." he says with a nod.

"Those are the places I suggest newcomers check out. There's some places on the other side of town too. Clover Tower always attracts all sorts of people hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity or shopping the stores there." he says.

"So you go to Infinity, right? How's it shaping up? I attend Verone Private down the way." he offers.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-26 07:38:12 81849
Sulwen Turnbull blinks a moment noting all the different places Daisuke recommended. "Yes I go to Infinity, or perhaps at this point it is will. I just finished in processing today. I met some of my teachers and they seem nice. I think I should be able to acclimate with haste." she pauses. "I will likely try this Korma Chameleon as I have a fancy for India cuisine. Still attempting to master their flavor profile; but, it is harder than I intially thought. But, Im rambiling I suppose." she blushes a little.

"I do believe the cafe you mentioned, Gullwing, is one someone invited me to come by earlier today. So I will most likely swing by there in the coming days." she smiles, "Thank you Hansuke-san for offering me many locations to see." she pauses, "May I ask why the Hi-wa-ka Shrine is a must see?" she says slowing her words to be sure to pronounce the location correctly.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-26 07:55:28 81850
Daisuke Hansuke nods. "Of course! It's a famous shrine, traditional of the Shinto religion. It's a good place to visit at least once to get some pictures. A friend of mine, Rei Hino, is a miko there. A shrine tender, that is. A priestess of sorts. But. Not really. It's hard to explain." he offers.

He rubs the back of his head. "So. Why do you move around so much? Parents? Just trying to find the right school?" he asks curiously. "Which countries have you been to?" he wonders. "I haven't been out of Tokyo a lot, really." he says. "I'm usually busy doing a lot of charity work." she says. "To go too far. I'm needed to help around."
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-26 08:05:56 81851
Sulwen Turnbull says, "Well I have been to Ireland, Scottland, Japan, London, America, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Swedan, Finland, The Vatican, Egypt... briefly. Laos... and others." she smirks. "My Mother seems to believe that traveling around will help my enrichment... so I have traveled to many locations with my Father. Because of this I have been homeschooled most my life. It's only my High School life they seemed to have stopped sending me around the world.. often. I honestly would trade places with you. Being needed in a place I'm familiar. Sounds pleasant to me." she pauses. "So what kind of charity work do you do?" Sulwen asks as she steps out of the water.

"Is it like soup kitchens, public terrariums, or fostering programs where you help wayward kids by being a friend?" she seems to ask with a genuine curiosity as if these sort of activities actually were something she was truly fond of. There was a far better glow in her expression then when she was talking about the many places her Mother had sent her over the years"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-26 08:12:34 81852
Daisuke Hansuke listens a little as he raises his hand and gives a little arc of a wave. "A little bit of everything, actually. Soup kitchens. I go around collecting donation boxes. I do a few elderly outreach and yeah-- 'big brother' type of programs. "To be honest, there probably isn't a program or organization that sees my face at least once a month in the city. It's what I do when I'm not working the Animal Care Club at Verone, helping the occasional sick pet and all that." he says.

"Oh. Right. Um. My family all. Are doctors. But not me. I wanna become a Veterinarian. Take care of animals. So that's what I try to practice." he says.

"I mean. Between all that I do make sure I have free time too. Like right now." he says. "That's important to. To not do anything at least twice a week." he smiles a little.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-26 08:19:45 81853
Sulwen Turnbull smiles a bit, "You sound like a rather handy and helpful person to have around. You certainly have a bigger heart than most." she smiles, "So the new job is the Animal Care Club then? The one you need to talk with your friends about? Or perhaps it was one of the others." she chuckles bemused, "I must say you have a incredibly busy schedule from the sounds of things. Far more busy than myself." she giggles a moment and seems to compose herself after as if the giggle just kind of happened.

"I do plan on looking into some ways to volunteer, I have worked in Soup Kitchens before and helped repair and maintain dilapidated houses... you know, bring them up to code." she says with the bracket gesture as if to imply she had some disagreement with housing codes. "But, I don't get to do it often. My Mother thinks it's fine and well to make an appearance at volunteer sites.... but, to persist and frequent them is in poor taste, and a grievous miss use of my talents." she sighs. "We don't get along... in truth my family is quite... ." she pauses, "Estrange to me."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-08-26 08:30:40 81854
Daisuke Hansuke nods. "I get that a lot." he smirks. Hey, not point in being modest when it's true. He listens to Sulwen and frowns a bit. "Lemme guess..."

"You come from money and your parents think that you're potentially allergic to doing work or something." he says as he spreads his hands out a little. "I know that one." he mutters.

He then crosses his arms and shakes his head. "Nah. The job is. Something else. Private. Nothing. Embarrassing? Just---" Meow meow!

Meow meow? Yeah that's coming from Daisuke right now as he seems to tense. "T..that'd be my. Phone. Yeah. My phone." he says. "Which means I'm late! For something. Yeah. Late! Hey. um..." he digs out a notebook and quickly writes down a phone number and hands it over. "Here. Call me sometimes if you... just wanna go walk around town or something." he says. "Not that... I'm leaving because I want to right now!" he says suddenly nervously. "Just. That's an important ring." he says as he dashes back to his shoes and shoves them on his feet as he puts his sleeve to his ear a moment and begins muttering into it like a crazy person.

He whispers. Okay, what's needed this time, Artemis...? he mutters.
Sulwen Turnbull 2017-08-26 08:36:39 81855
Sulwen Turnbull blinks as Daisuke runs off to the meowing of a watch? Or at least that is the best Sulwen could figure. "Perhaps it is a new phone watch thing... Japan is odd I suppose." she mutters to herself and stares to the number. She almost discards it into her pocket likely to be washed with her clothes and fading into obscurity. But, she instead folds it neatly and places it somewhere far more safe. She moved up the beach getting her shoes on. "Daisuke huh? He seemed nice enough. Could read me well enough... not that I was hiding anything. Wonder why he gave me his number though." she thinks a moment and chuckles to herself. "His panic'd face was adorable... perhaps giving him a call would be worth it if I could see that once again." she chuckles and lies in the sand. "Please.... let Japan be the place to end the eternal stagnation of my life... ." she sighs and turns on her side playing in the sand with a singular finger