Just A Slight Proposal

Wherein Hannah Sharpe pops the inevitable to the beautiful and wonderful Haruna Kurosawa. May Fate help anyone that stands in their way.

Date: 2017-08-27
Pose Count: 13
Hannah Sharpe 2017-08-28 00:09:24 81939
Miss White has decided to book a proper view by the water within the Hotel Augusta. It's in the back rooms, the private area, where VIP's and others with quite a bit of money and influence haunt, but tonight it's a room for two. It's off season, thankfully, so she doesn't have to fight other Eclipse members for the area. Figuratively or literally, in some cases.

No, here is the CEO of WPS, smiling as she sits on the well furnished table. Her coat is off, her cane is at her side, and she already knows what she wants for dinner. The important part is the person coming to the dinner. Outside, a large bald man in a suit awaits the arrival of Haruna Kurosawa. Boris' mustache gently sways in the wind outside the hotel, acting as personal chofeur for the young woman. Hannah wouldn't have it any other way. Somehow, the husky-Familiar almost seems nervous despite his ever-present charm and self confidence. What /ever/ do these two have planned?

Hannah whistles to herself as she awaits the arrival of her beloved, trying to ignore the beating of her heart and the excitement in it all at once while swirling a wine glass distractedly.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-28 00:17:33 81940
Haruna Kurosawa fussed with Aki. and Corvus. Over a dress. What she ended up picking was a slinky teal dress with some sort of feathery corsage she found at Fairy Drop Fashionables-- mind you-- it was slightly tailored for her even! She thinks she looked great in it. Corvus, surprisingly agreed. Aki gave what amount to a 'mmmmrrrrghhh'. because she still didn't like the idea of Haruna and Hannah. She hasn't even told Aki about the wish thing yet. After. Not before. Her birthday dinner.

She arrives--- Corvus is not with her because Corvus is off trying to avoid his own date for the evening in the form of some big blue eagle-like bird.

"Hannah-chan~" she sings out as she arrives and slides into the chair with a big doooooopy grin on her face. "This is a nice view!" she says. "--ugh this must be so expensive but I'm sure it's gonna be great! If I can't pronounce anything on the menu, it's gonna be great!" she says.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-08-28 00:33:58 81941
'Mistress, your girlfriend exceeds multiple set physical parameters.'

"...Are you drunk on bitcoin again, R.T?"

'I have no idea what you're talking about. Uploading parameters, Ma'am.'

Hack cough. Hannah nearly chokes on her drink as Haruna walks in, images translated to sound, scent, and other accents that make her reach for a napkin. Bleeding nose taken care of, she smiles. And stands up. GentleHannah pulls out the chair, and seats her favorite bird at once. Then she grins in turn.

"Lovely, isn't it? Even here, you can feel the sea breeze from the window." The automatic window is in fact, cracked a bit down to allow just that. Hello modern technology.

A hand waves in the air, and Hannah smiles. "Happy birthday, Haruna-chan. It's worth every penny just to see you, and smell your scent along with the ocean breeze. Hey. Welcome to the high life. Let's both devour it while we can, right?" A grin, and a wink.

She swiftly orders a Korean bowl of rice, veggies, beef and spicey sauce. There's chop sticks too, which Hannah is still getting to grips with. American, this one to the core.

"You're beautiful tonight, Haruna. I mean it. R.T. says you are, and...I can feel it. Whatever you might look like, it's your heart that I love. And that...I won't ever let go, no matter what."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-28 00:52:13 81942
Haruna Kurosawa is used to chop sticks. She grew up in Japan. But she giggles. "You can use a fork if you want Hannah-chan~" she blushes a bit. "Well. I do look great! And you look great too, Hannah-chan~" she says. She nods a bit. She likes the breeze. And the ocean smell. That kind of wet smells that isn't horrible but distinct when you're near the ocean. The kind of smell that a thousand air fresheners all try to catch but fail horribly at.

She smiles a bit. "I still think. When Mamoru let you see for that moment. It was super silly."

She huffs. Imagine. her girlfriend thinking she's hot. The nerve! Wait no that's a good thing. "That must be really weird. To 'see'. When you don't 'see' normally..." she mutters as she huffs.

She begins to eat with a grin. "This brithday is the best though~ For lots of reasons. Mom called. To wish me a happy birthday! It was super awesome! Cuz. I haven't heard that from them. For a long time." she says with a series of fast nods.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-08-28 01:08:07 81943
Hannah lets out a huff, leans back, and her legs cross. Those infernal chopsticks lay in front of her, and then she leans forward as her meal is offered to her. Teeth grit!

Determination is set! "...I'm going to get it right, for the sake of you and Japan! I might be an American to the bone, but I love your culture! Chop sticks...won't ever defeat me!"

Hands grip, and then? Well, she's still stabbing meat and veggies and sauce with a twirl into her mouth. It's not gentle, at all, but has all of her enthusiasm built in. Chomp chomp chomp! Hannah doesn't let go as she devours all before her! Mostly because she's hungry.

And then she's sucking down water due to the spice. She then leans on the table, smiling.

"You have no idea. I...am honestly sorry for him. I mean, having to burn that tragedy into..." A sucking breath. She hides a sniffle with spice, for Mamoru's sake. She can't imagine that kind of pain.

"But you're right. It is. But I still.." She pauses, and then listens. Haruna's mom called. Her chopsticks fall, and finally, Hannah smiles. "Happy birthday, you. Hey. I have a present." Pause. Suddenly, she kneels down to Haruna. So very close, and Hannah has a stupid grin. She reaches back to her pocket, and fishes. A pause.

Blind eyes close. But she addresses her love.

"Haruna Kurosawa? Will you listen to my request?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-28 01:30:29 81944
Haruna Kurosawa shakes her head. "Mamoru loves ya, Hannah-chan! I think he was happy to do it even if he was super duper upset." she says softly. "He's over it by now. Trust me. I mean we haven't even done anything dumb since to upset him since!" she says. "Right? So right!" she huffs again.

She smirks a bit. "You're doing fine with the chopsticks. Trust me~" she sings. "I've seen way worse. OH! um. There's. This new girl in school. Who wants into the Kickboxing Club.. um. From. Sweden... Sulwen Turnbull! MMmhmmm!" she says.

"So she might come your way soon!" she says.

She is in fact, enjoying the food. And the setting. and the breeze. And the food--more food yes because she's super hungry and she's already on bowl number three. It's a wonder where she puts it all.

Then Hannah-chan is getting up, wishing her a happy birthday, and sliding over. To a kneel and then she blinks a bit and looks around.

She's expecting Boris to pop up and surprise with something here, but she speaks up. "Of course, I will Hannah-chan~ Always!" she beams!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-08-28 01:43:25 81945
Hannah sucks in a breath, and smiles! She grins! The chopsticks are swatted down all at once and then she smiles! A suking breath, and she nods to Haruna!

Grin. "Is she? If she wants to get into the kickboxing team! Then let her! Let her come to us!" She sucks in a breath! And then her chopsticks devour some of her food, and finally, she lets it go!

A sucking breath, and finally, she lets herself fall to her knees. Boris doesn't dare pop up. No, he leans back against the wall outside, not considering Hannah.

Hannah reaches to her pocket, and offers it to Haruna. It's a single ring. Eyes close, and she's grinning.

"Haruna-chan...will you be mine? There is no one else I would consider my love!" Offers Hannah, sobbing in turn!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-08-28 02:00:37 81946
Right there. Something happens and it makes Haruna spark inside. In a way that makes Corvus, miles and miles away ruffle his feathers through that link. It isn't a bad feeling he gets, nope. It's bright and it's happy and it's... uh oh, Corvus thinks.

But he isn't here! Nope. It's just Haruna. And Hannah. and right now she blinks because what's being asked is catching up to her and she flails a bit as she gasps.

"Oh my god!" she huffs "Ohmygod. ohmygod."

She sort of flings herself out of her chair at Hannah, trying to pin her. And roll around. And that ring is hopefully being heled tight by Hannah as she tries to roll around with her on the floor a resturant in a fancy dress.

"Yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!" she sings repeatedly in a shrill voice.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-02 23:49:09 82261
Hannah Sharpe's heart pauses. Skips a beat. She listens around for a certain raven haired puella, because she swears that time just stopped. But no. The inexorable tide of Cure Gull is leaping at her. She can feel it. Arms open. OOMPH!

Down she goes with a crash, that chair a sacrifice to the altar of adorable! Eeee eeee eee! Hannah is laughing, crying, and holding onto that ring for dear life! She doesn't resist being rolled around! And then she's rolling too! One of the waiters peeks in. As do one or two restaurant goers. Eyes glisten and laughter tinkles, and they're alone.

"W...wait, hold on...oh God...Haruna! I love you. I love you too! Forever and ever no matter what! Forget death do us part! Eternity!" Hannah is grinning like a goof, and finally, she tries to pin down Haruna. She's going for a hand!

"I, uh, sorry it's only an engagement ring. Laws and all. But I swear! Once the time comes, we're going to have the most amazing wedding in Tokyo! That is if you'll have an idiot like me. I love you Haruna. I love you Cure Gull. You've been my friend, my lover, and you've kept me sane when I should've become a husk. Haruna...we've saved each other. Let's do that, no matter how many times it takes, again and again together."

Then she leans in, gently finding her love's lips. She shines with pure love.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-03 00:10:54 82262
Haruna Kurosawa beams. "Well. I mean that goes without saying." she says as she throws her arms up. "College." she insists. "We can do it then!" she says. "Cuz we'll both be proper age by then and oh god no way am I telling my parents yet because they still need time and I'm pretty sure Corvus-kun felt that one and oh lord I hope he's not with Aki-chan right now." she says.

Kissing. Hugging. These are things Haruna likes a lot. Especially from Hannah-chan. Well where else would she get them!? Well hugs come from many places at least.

"Ohhhh Hannah-chan. It could be a ring outta a gacha machine and it'd still be the best thing ever because it's from you!" she says contently. And she means it! But you know. Nice fancy ring. She eyes it and holds out her hand with a slight flutter to her eyes lashes as she grins like an idiot. "Why don't you put it on." she says. "For me."

Because that's how it works, right? Also. Best. Birthday. Ever. Last years was the best she'd had in a while. (Considering she'd spent the first few before it alone and sour and in a dark place!) but this one is going to be hard to top for a good long while for sure in her head.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-03 00:25:22 82263
Arms cross vaguely, but she can't quite point in this situation. But still, Hannah is smiling just as much. A deep sucking breath. She 'looks away with a blush.

"Soooo....yeah, I haven't told my parents either. How about we start with them? Luckily the only argument you'll have is 'what took you so long', 'meat on your bones', and 'time for family wrestling night'. If it's your first night, you /have/ to wrestle!" Why does she sound so proud right now?

Huuuugs! Kissss! When the pair part, Hannah lets out a breath of utter joyous relief. It's still sinking in. That chorus of 'yes' rings in her ears.

Then she's getting up, kneeling again properly and hunting for Haruna's wrist. Slowly she takes it, feeling around past knuckles, and to her ring finger. Then slowly, the glowing emerald ring is placed upon the girl's finger, and she leans in to kiss it gently.

"Haruna Kurosawa...may this fool of a girl be accepted by you, and your family, no matter how many years it takes. I love you with all of my heart. And Fate or God as my enemy, I will be part of your family even if it takes me until my death bed!" A solemn vow, rare for Hannah. But by the set of her jaw, she means it.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-03 00:32:49 82264
Haruna Kurosawa huffs! "Your parents are gonna be accepting! We'll wait a year or so to even breach the subject with my parents and if my dad does say yes, you're gonna have to go out on his boat at least once and haul a fishing net." she says. "Filled to the brim with fish!" she huffs.

"But I'm not hugging you after that until a shower because I had enough flounder in my life living there thank you!"

"Oh man! /Wrestling/." she huffs. "That's gonna happen." she says. "I'm gonna win! Just you watch!" she says. A pause. That's a good question she has in her head. Who's last name does she take? Or does she keep her own? No need to think too hard on that now.

She grins and lets Hannah put the ring one as she giggles like a schoolgirl. Well because she /is one/ but because oh god, it's so great.

"Of course, Hannah-chan! Forever!" she says with a huff and a nod.

She hasn't thought about what Blue-sama may think about this. Luckily. It doesn't care what a god thinks about this right now. He'll tell him later. :I
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-03 00:54:25 82265
Squint! SQUINT! Hannah's eyes narrow and her jaw sets! "...Are you saying I couldn't do any more than three fishing nets full of fish!? My family comes from the coast! BRING IT! I'll put your father to shame!" Cue one fiery Hannah-chan! Grrrrrrr!

And then, huff! Arms cross! "....I cannot wait to hear that! I'm second round, and mom faces the winner! Got it!?" NO, she's not thinking about names here! Not right now. Later, sure, but she's way too happy.

Forever. Squeeeze.

"Thank you. For everything, Haruna. Again and again. I love you!" And then they fall together into a pile. Forget the dinner. This is where she belongs. Smiling, warm, and happy, both of them!