Welcome Home, Spark-chan!

Naomi is back from France! Haruna greets her and tells her some recent happenings! Some really good! Some really bad!

Date: 2017-09-05
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Naomi Yomada 2017-09-05 01:56:11 82352
The wailing howl of the 777 Deminishes as the plane circles the Airport to make its final approach. On Board, Sitting on the Exit Row, Naomi Yomada reflects on her trip. It was an adventure from the get go. Naomi was offered a chance to go to Paris as a Foreign Exchange student. She was sadly on a short time table and didnt get to talk to her friends about it. She spoke with her moms and then with Blue. Blue suggested that she assist Cure Earl there. She thought about the fights with the Phantom Empire while there. The General that seemed most commen there was a real pain, Trying to black out the Paris Skyline.

The Plane lands. She's gotten word that her parents won't be there. They had plans before she talked to them. So she sent a message Gull-Chan. "I am at the airport! Wanna meet me?" She asks.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-05 02:04:03 82354
Smash cut to some flashback of Naomi fighting a Phantom Empire general that looks like a Mime. Really. Where does these jerks come from? Where do they go? Who knows. Who cares. Whatever situation that happened is probably taken care enough by the time Naomi went home.

Haruna Kurosawa got the text that Naomi-chan was coming back! Wait. She's coming back!? Haruna looks at herself in the mirror. Que a few good half hour of fighting a bedhead youma and brushing Corvus's feathers in a hurry. Then Que her running out the door with Corvus perched on her head and shoving a ham and mayo sammich down her throat on the taxi ride down there.

She arrives, intact, thankfully. Haruna Kurosawa looks a little different! Mainly. The cowboy hat on her head. And the expensive looking engagement ring- set with a bright green emerald on her right finger that she tries to hide in her right pocket because she's still a little self conscious about it and she hasn't told anyone yet. Not even Aki.

But she has to remove her hand anyways, because. Well. Hugs.

She flings her arms out when she catches Naomi and huuuuugs! "Naomi-chan!" she sings. "Welcome back! Did you eat a lot of baguettes and crepes?"

"You know they eat other things there, right Haruna-chan?" Corvus asks from the top of Haruna's hat.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-05 02:18:18 82355
Naomi appears out of the Terminal wearing a Beret on her head and even wearing a pair of cute sunglasses. A moment later, she is ambush hugged by Haruna! She blinks and hugs back. "Bonjour Mon Ami!!!" She giggles, "Its been too long! That was a lot of fun! I learned a lot of crazy stuff. I also got to try all sorts of new foods and ummm, Well it was just so awesome. The place I was staying was close to the Eiffel Tower! I got to see it every morning. Oh and Cure Earl was really sweet. We didn't hit it off right away but we became friends after a bit. Her paintbrush is really cool!"

She pulls a bag off her back. "OH! I brought some goodies back!!! Here!" She pulls out a baguette fresh made today of course. Oh yeah! The crepes were really good! I will have to make you some of it. I had Soup L'oignon. It was soooo good. Its a really nice meal for when it gets cool out. Oh and Ratatouille That one is really good too!"

She also pulled out a stuffed animal? Of course not. The lilac panda like fairy is staying still to not draw too much attention. The fairy looks up, "Bonjour Haruna-chan! Bonjour Corvus-Kun!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-05 02:26:51 82356
Haruna Kurosawa steals the food like some crazy food hoarder. "Thanks Naomi!" she beams. "The hat!...is really cute! Do you like my hat? Hannah-chan got it for me for Valentine's and I've been wearing it since! People seem to like it!" she beams.

"My birthday was last weekend! Hannah-chan took me out and---" she kicks shyly a moment looks left and right and leans down and whispers. "She proposed, Naomi-chan!" she says with wide eyes! "And I said yes yes yes yes! And I haven't told anyone else yet because I know Aki is probably gonna murder Hannah-chan, then me unless I tell her right and then there's some other stuff I need to figure out so- like if I wanna tell Blue-sama and stuff." she says.

A pause.

She breaks off a piece of baugette and nibbles on it.

"Lotsa stuff happened here. Something about ... Dreams? Um. All the stupid Hannah-chan's done since I've known her caught up with her finally and I had to help sort that out. With punching." she beams.

Corvus waves to Lilac. "Hi Lilac-chan! Hi Naomi! I'm glad you had fun. If Haruna-chan says anything about something about 'my grilfriend' just ignore her. She's crazy." he insists.

"OMG it's the cutest thing Naomi-chan, she's like this big blue eagle! I've been needing to show...Sakura-c...han..."

She frowns a moment. "Yeah. We need to. Talk about Sakura-chan." she says softly. As she looks around, her mood growing more serious.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-05 02:38:36 82357
Naomi Yomada smiles happily! "OH! that one soup dish you could sell in your coffee shop! People would go crazy over it!!" She smiles a little and then... There it is! "You're ENGAGED!" SHe starts jumping up and down, "Oh my gosh Haruna-chan! That is so amazing! I'm so happy for you. Yeah, your sister is going to umm kill her, kill you and then probably wish Hannah back just to kill her again. No idea what Blue-sama will say."

She giggles a little. "I love your hat too!" She smiles, "Dreams?! That sounds like a mess. Well at least its something we're all good at right!" She giggles happily. When she mentions the big blue eagle she lets out a 'dawwwwww'

She quickly gets a serious look in her eyes. Whats wrong. What's going on with Sakura-chan?" She authentically looks worried over this.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-05 02:47:01 82358
Haruna Kurosawa looks around and tip toes over to a row of seats in the unboarding terminal and motions for Naomi to sit.

"Sakura-chan caught another card. But this one locked her and a friend of mine, Nephrite, into a Witch's Barrier. With other people that were entranced by the Witch. And Sakura tried to save them. Because. Witches... you know what witches do, right, Naomi-chan? They kill the people they entrance."

"She wasn't fast enough. But Nephrite-kun was able to finish it off. But. Sakura. Sakura is really bad off right now. She feels bad. Like she failed those people. And she came to the shop straight from there and she was just a mess."

"Tuxedo Kamen came and eased some of those feelings, because that's what Tuxedo Kamen-kun is very good at on a magical level. But he can't fix everything. Sakura-chan needs some time, but for now, Tuxedo Kamen is holding onto her cards and key because she doesn't want be the Card Captor anymore right now." she says.

"--and I think she could really use another friend right now to just hang around and do some things with her okay?" she says. "I mean. I can! I do! A lot! Sakura-chan is practically my lil sis!" she says.

"But... I'm also a lot older than you are to her. And you can do things together more easier than I could. Like a theme park! or some place like that!" she says.

"I think she just needs to remember what it's like being a normal girl for now for a little bit until we try to broach the subject of the cards with her again. Because..."


"Sakura was having dreams. About her death." she says. "And I took her to Rei-chan to figure out what those are about. And apparently. She did die.. or something like it- and a card that's been floating around- the Time Card- stopped, then reset Sakura. Which is why she didn't remember anything about the old Scorn stuff!" she says.

"But the Time Card can't do that again. Nor does it want to. And The Time Card told me something about... 'The Judgement' that Sakura will need to face because it's world achingly important to the future of Earth. I don't know what that is. Just. that." she says quietly.

"...and she can't do that. When the time comes, if she's 'quit'." she says meekly. "And only Sakura-chan can /do it/."
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-05 02:57:59 82359
Naomi Yomada looks at Haruna and takes a deep breath. She looks down, and thinks. A soft sigh. If there was anything that could possibly make her feel bad on her return trip it was this. She looks at Gull and makes a little face. "Haruna-chan, She doesn't need another friend." She bites her bottom lip. "She needs a teacher. Someone who can light a fire under her butt and help her get back to where she needs to be. I'm not going to say she failed. Witches are nasty. We've seen them before. Wait I though there were no more witches! I thought they had been replaced by... what are they? I forget."

"I've been gone too long. I am so sorry I left without saying much. Things were just a little crazy. I was offered the chance to be an exchange student but I just didn't have enough time to say anything bout it. I couldn't even take my mirror. You know how odd it is trying to get Blue-sama's attention with a bathroom mirror?!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-05 03:14:07 82360
Haruna Kurosawa shakes her head. "Something happened. Witches are around again. So are those other things. It's a real big mess. I need to talk to Kunzite or Mamoru or Kyouko or figure out which pillow for Homura and Madoka are cuddling forever in and figure out what's wrong." she mutters.

"Sakura does need training. But she won't accept it right now. But she also needs fighting that's geared to what she has to work with. A staff. and magic cards." she says, with a sigh.

She taps her foot and thinks a bit. "Right now. She needs comfort, Naomi. Seeing. People die. Because you weren't fast enough..." she says.

"I've been there. It stinks. It stinks a lot. And lots of us have been through it." she says with a sigh. "But Sakura never had."
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-05 03:21:01 82361
Naomi Yomada nods, "Haruna-chan." Her tone is very serious. There is an edge of experience to her that she didn't have before. "I will work with her. I will help her get back. I will study staff fighting. Maybe I can learn a few things and pass them on. How long ago did all of this happen. If its recently then, yeah. Its still too fresh in her memory. If it happened a few months ago then she needs help getting up again. I've not been around a death. I do know how it feels to be helpless though. I still remember how I became Cure Spark. I watched my mom get mirrored and I couldn't do anything about it." She frowns.

"Anyway. How has the fight been going? Is Oresky and Company still being a bunch of jerks or have they quieted down? Did They miss me?" She winks playfully.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-05 03:26:06 82362
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "A few weeks back. Not even a month ago." she says. She frowns and squints. "Namakeldar showed up and I beat him up with friends. Phantom is... haven't seen him since our last encounter. I'm hoping he's moved onto some other country that isn't France right now!" she says with a lopsided smile.

"Most of my time was spent trying to stop Hannah from dying and/or turning into a Witch because of what she did to herself." she says quietly.

"I um..."

"I wished." she says quietly.

"After we saved Hannah. Her linker core wasn't growing back. It was supposed to. But it wasn't. It's like. She became... like normal again and she was hurting so much." she says.

"So I wished it back. Healthy. and Clean. And then my prebrace disappeared and I don't need it anymore and I swear to god if you tell Aki I wished Hannah's powers back you won't know where she hides my body!" she says with wide eyes.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-05 03:33:16 82363
Naomi Yomada looks at Haruna and laughs a little. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone. Also..." She looks at Lilac, "Wanna get the decor out?" She asks curiously. Lilac gets out her Precard decor and opens it to reveal only a very few cards missing from it. "I ummm... I'm getting close!"

She takes a deep breath. "Things have just been so wild of late. Its kinda strange. I actually kinda missed the Oresky trio. In Paris there was this one named Monsieur Noir. He was a nut. He dressed like a mime but talked so it made no sense. Then there is how he spread misfortune. Like Namekelder spread mold and so on, He blocked out the light and tried to darken everything. He didn't like me because Electric tends to be bright!" She giggles.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-05 03:42:43 82364
Haruna Kurosawa ughs and rubs a hand up her face. "I swear. I wanna know where Queen Mirage finds these people." she mutters. "But something tells me I don't wanna know because it'll also upset me and make me want to find and punch her more." she mutters.

She grins. "That's good! Might wanna start thinking about what you may wanna wish for..." she says quietly as she taps her bottom lip. She thinks about this and shakes her head.

"Hey, wanna get up and get something to eat before you go back home?" she asks. "Or are you waiting on your parents to pick you up, still?" she asks curiously.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-05 03:51:23 82366
Naomi Yomada smiles, "Oh Sure! Been a while since I had anything resembling stuff from home. That sounds like fun." She stands up. Lilac quickly flies up and lands on her head. She giggles happily. A little sigh escapes her lips. "I missed Japan!"

I've been thinking about my wish. I thought about the whole Princess thing. I don't wanna be selfish though. You know what I mean? If I wish to be a Princess, that wish is wasted on me and I won't be able to use it to help anyone else."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-05 04:01:08 82369
Haruna Kurosawa head tilts as she crosses her arms and hops up to her feet. "Well no rush. It's not like you need to use it the moment you get it!" she says.

"I have plenty of time to think about Hannah's and I's wedding! I mean. Still need to wait till at least college..." she muses softly.

"Cuz you know. Laws and stuff. She can ask me! Just. Need to wait to be older." she winks.

"Which isn't a suppppper long wait. Just a few years!" she says.

She skips along. "I haven't seen Haruka-chan for a bit. I wonder if she eloped with that prince!" she says with wide, scandalous eyes as she thinks about it.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-05 04:08:41 82370
Naomi Yomada smiles, "Hmmm. I dunno Maybe I am growing out of that stage. I dunno. One thing is certain, the more I work as a Pretty Cure, the more I want to do that. To me, it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love helping people and I guess I enjoy the fight. I haven't gotten to do much in the way of inventing since I left. I did get to dance more though! Oh and get this. The family I stayed with. Madame and Messieur Dubois Well, Madame Dubois anyway. She ran a dance studio! I got to learn a little more about that. I almost think I like dancing more then inventing. Messieur Dubois worked at a bank." She giggles.

"Might be a good idea to tell your sister before that. The longer you wait, the more likely your bodies won't be found. Tell her sooner and You will be okay I think."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-05 04:14:45 82372
Haruna Kurosawa sighs. "Yeah... yeah. I need to tell her. I just need to catch her in a good mood. and figure out which news to start with." she says with a grumnble as she huffs.

"Which is least worst..." she says quietly.

She sighs and bit and shakes her head. "I'll worry about that tonight. For now..." she leans forward and says.

"Let's go get some food~"