Classroom Rumours

A bunch of Infinity students run across each other after class, and talk eventually moves to magical matters.

Date: 2015-08-13
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Sayaka Miki 2015-08-13 02:05:24 7373
    Sayaka wasn't a particular slacker, however, after a nice long cruise vacation, she was struggling a bit to catch up on homework. She is quite relieved when the class bell finally rings, sighing inwardly at the amount of homework that she'll have to get through before she's all caught up.

    Grabbing her book bag, she hastily leaves the classroom, looking around for the library..Might as well get started on all this homework..
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 02:10:57 7376
    It's one of those rare days when there's actually some class and club activities to do at school during the summer vacation, and truth be told Nagisa was happy for the distraction. Her magical life over the last few weeks has been particularly oppressive. She hasn't even transformed since that fight with the Hospital Witch, though much of that is due to a sudden lull in witch activity near her.

    She's quite pleased to simply be another girl at school for a day, catching up with her friends. She's thankful no one in her class found out she had been in the hospital too- it would have been hard to explain.

    After exits the class and starts heading for the Cooking Club, a short elementary school girl with long white hair. She passes a blue haired middle schooler in the hall, only to blink as the face is suddenly recognized a moment later- that's the girl Kyouko was ushering out and protecting instead of fighting the Witch, isn't it?

    Her footsteps stop and she turns back towards Sayaka, hesitating.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 02:13:57 7377
Homura is walking out of class, her eyes focused on Sayaka Miki. It was strange to see her in the Labyrinth the other day... what's stranger still is that Homura hasn't seen her henshin yet. Has she just not made a contract?

Maybe, if Homura can keep Sayaka out of contracting, it'll be easier to keep Madoka out as well. Not to mention, Madoka's seemed so lonely lately. Homura had been meaning to figure out why that was.

Homura walks up behind Sayaka, catching up to her. "Hello, Miki-san. What did you think about today's assi-"

Homura trails off as she sees Nagisa in the distance. Last few times they met, it wasn't really under the best circumstances. She waves at Nagisa from a distance, before going back to Sayaka. "Hey! So, have you seen M-umm Kaname-san lately?"
Takashi Agera 2015-08-13 02:17:44 7378
Takashi has been at school doing some club activities as well - while the Science Club may not be specifically based around his kind of science, it's a small pleasure in his life and not one he usually misses. And that's why he's coming from the opposite direction as Homura, when he sees Sayaka.

For once, he at least currently has no ulterior motive - rather, he's doing what a classmate would do. "Sayaka-san! You're back from the cruise?" While Takashi and Sayaka have never been exactly /close/ on any level, this being their first year of being in the same class, they'd have passed each other occasionally. So apparently, he knows her name.

And then there's Homura. He's still not particularly pleased with Homura, from their meetings either inside or outside of henshin. But if she's talking to Sayaka, maybe there's something special to her. So he walks up a little faster, and decides this is worth more than just a simple greeting.
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 02:26:46 7380
Reiko Touyama weeeeee. Reiko arrives on the Infinity Campus for reasons. Reasons that her parents said she had to be. Usually, that would mean Reiko doesn't go because Reiko is really super upset at her parents ALL the time. However, her Grandpa urged her to go. It was the Infinity Entrance Assessment exam. She comes every once a year. She takes the test. She passes, and she gets an invitiation to join....

That she promptly files away into a notebook in her dresser filled with a few other such invites and never accepts. She's not leaving Mei behind for anything. ANYTHING.

She does her exam. She passes it in. And she steps back out and sigggggghs to herself. No koi emote. Being mentally tired might be the same thing as being magically tired.

Her eyes trace on the emptying hallways. The blue haired girl looks familar as she passes by. Oh! It's Nagisa-Chan! "Nagisa-Chan!" she says with a familar wave! But Nagisa seems more intrested in chasing after someone else. But saying hello is always nice!

She peers as she walks a little closer. Oh! It's. The black haired girl with the guns.... what did Nagisa say her name was. Akemi-san?

She walks a little more closer.

She seems to be tailing the group rather than trying to join in directly, the Elementary aged student maybe just a little intimidated by all the sempais over right there.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-13 02:29:40 7381
    Sayaka's been out of class for a few months, due to going on a vacation shortly after Madoka had left, however she does recognize some of her fellow classmates from various classes throughout school...Not that she's particularly hung out with them outside of class or was particularly close to any of them.

    It didnt help that she only recently came to this school either, but she's always been eager to make new friends. Unfortunately, Sayaka still hasn't seen Madoka in class and wonders if she's been sick lately..Or just busy.

    Undoubtedly some of these people were from the hospital labrynth as well, although Sayaka was too overwhelmed by the bizareness of a totally new situation to her, not to mention trying not to get killed, that she probably doesn't remember or simply didnt notice.

    "Heya all!" she calls out brightly after class. "Wasn't that a boring history lesson? I thought it was never gonna end." She sighs, "Summer school sure sucks sometimes.." Although Homura is given an arch of the brow, "Oh, are you friends with Madoka-chan? I haven't seen her around lately.."

    Grinning and waving Takashi, she nods. "Yeah, trying to catch up on classwork in full swing! But I sure miss that cruise! It was amazing!"
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 02:37:18 7383
    Nagisa blinks a little in surprise as Homura trails out after Sayaka and begins talking to her. She looks up at the room number and files that little bit of information away for later. The topic of conversation seems to be their 8th grade class and Madoka... two things the young girl isn't very well versed in. This is only reinforced as another of their classmates follow after and begin talking with them.

    Sayaka's call might possibly include her but it's pretty hard to tell and almost immediately after she gets a distraction in the form of the cutest koi themed magical friend anyone could want!

    Okay, so she may be the only koi themed magical girl but that doesn't make it any less true.

    "Reiko-chan!" She takes a couple steps closer, "Were you delivering more papers?" A quick, closer look at her and she tilts her head, "You look tired."
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 02:39:41 7385
Homura frowns. Hasn't seen her around? "Kaname-san has had a lot of trouble keeping up, since she just transfered in from being in America for years. She's kinda... had a rough time lately." Homura considers how to answer without saying the wrong thing. "She's a friend of mine, yeah. She's a good friend, but it never seems like I have a chance to talk to her. I guess life keeps us a lot more busy than we'd like."

Homura frowns for a moment. This is odd. Sayaka and Madoka are close friends. That's one of the immutable truths of every timeline. Why did that change? Was it because of transfer shenanigans?

Homura is troubled. So troubled that she barely registers Takashi's presence. That would be different if Homura knew who he was, but really, for all she knows he's just another student that Miss White has recruited. Just like Homura, really.

She glances over to Reiko, whom she doesn't quite recognize, and Nagisa, whom she does. Are they friends? Seems like it.
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 02:46:38 7386
Reiko Touyama head tilts at the group. Nagisa seems a little overwhelmed by all the Sempais ever over there too. "Ah!..." she says. At Nagisa. She smiles and bounces in her step a little. "Well. Um. I take the entrance exam every year because my parents make me. I get the invitiation. I put it in a notebook and then never follow up because I'm not leavin' Mei behind for nothing!" she hrmphs and nods matter of factly. THIS triggers a koi emote as a fish pops into existence and begins nodding matter of factly with it's fins crossed in front of itself. Before poofing away.

"It's just kind of mentally taxing." she says. "I wish I could just stop taking it." she admits.

She headtilts. "Um. You're. Alright. From the whole thing the other day right?" she asks sheepishly. Vaugeness is vauge. But she probably means the whole Hospital thing.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-13 02:47:50 7387
Takashi smiles at Sayaka. And he answers a question that wasn't quite directed at him. "I saw Madoka just the other day, at a party... for a brief moment." he says, with a sidelong glance to Homura. "Actually, if you run into her before I do, I'd like to talk to her."

Then he smiles. "If you find that you need some help catching up, I can certainly work with you - I have the top marks, after all." There's that pride again. At least he has the distinct advantage of not looking like Umino. "And I know how it is around here at Infinity - if folks fall too far behind it becomes a race to catch up."

He looks over to Reiko and Nagisa, neither of whom he recognizes - out of henshin, anyways. Then Reiko mentions taking the entrance exam. "You really should consider it again - Infinity is one of the top school in Tokyo you know - going here almost ensures you get into a great college." he adds to the side.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-13 03:04:51 7393
    "Oh, I see.." Sayaka frowns a bit at that. "Yeah, I guess at one point, she was gone so long I thought she might have decided to stay in America, but I guess...The other day, I saw her briefly, at her volunteer job..." She trails off, not wanting to be too specific. Not that she'd recognize anyone here in their henshined forms, except possibly..Homura?

    Then there's a little girl, bouncing down the halls. Seems kind of young..? Glancing at Reiko, she smiles. She is undoubtedly adorable. Was she a student here too? Seems kind of young. "Oh, is she your little sister? Momoe-san, was it?" It takes Sayaka a moment or two to remember Nagisa's name from the attendance in class.

    Glancing around, it seems the crowds have cleared a bit now. However there is much she still needs to ask these people, many of whom seem to...Know things. "Hmm, were you guys all part of the study group? I was about to head to the library myself.." she smiles at Takashi, "Wow, really? Maybe you can help me, I'm so far behind.."
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 03:05:23 7394
Homura nods. "Yeah I've seen her there a couple times, too. Of course, usually that was because I had a friend in a hospital. Last time I went it was um..." Homura searches for the right word. "... very hectic."

Homura thinks about that for a moment before remembering, "Hey, by the way, you haven't seen a white cat-rabbit thing with red eyes lately, have you? Just curious, I mean... there's something like that going around."

To Takashi she adds, "Yes, Agera-san here /did/ make top marks for the school, didn't you? That dance was good fun. Mamoru-kun tells me you're a terrific dancer."

Is Homura taunting him? Maybe. She's not going to quickly forget how much Mamoru went out of his way for her.

"Well, if I see Madoka, we'll probably have a lot of other things to talk about."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 03:06:44 7395
Reiko Touyama blinks at Sayaka. Little sister!? "Wha!? No--no!" she says and huffs! "Nagisa-chan is a friend!" she says. She looks at Takashi, and blinks. She doesn't know who the boy is. If she heard a name- she might. She pays attention to his words though. "I know that!" she says. "B.. but it isn't about that! I can't just leave my friend behind like that! That's selfish! Then she'd have to deal with ... with that bully alone, too!" she huffs. She's not sounding upset at Takashi. She's just really passionate about not leaving Mei in the dust.

Wait. Did Akemi-san just say Agera-san!? Top of the School Agera san!?


Incoming Watercolor rose frame with a pink filter. It's happening!

"Ah--!? Y..You're Agera-san!?" she says with sparkling eyes and admiration. This isn't romantic admiration though, no. The same she reserves for Ami Mizuno- who probably also gets pink filtered rose frames.

"I hope I can be top of my school someday too~ I just need... to study harder....!" she says with a siiiiiigh. "You must work so hard for that....!" she says to Takashi.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 03:13:51 7396
    Nagisa finds herself agreeing with the white haired upperclassmen. "He's right, Reiko-chan. Your friend would probably be happy for you to come to Infinity. And once you're here you could probably keep studying with her," an assumption on Nagisa's part, "and before you know it she'd be able to pass the test just fine herself because she's already up to speed."

    The girl then freezes up a little as the fight at the hospital is alluded to, answering the question as a definite 'no' by her reaction alone. "Not really, but this isn't a very good place to talk about it with so many people around."

    Hearing her name her attention goes back to Sayaka. Aha, the chance she was hoping for! She quickly dashes up around the girl and bows politely in front of her, "Nagisa Momoe, Second Year Elementary!" She beams her best smile up to the older girl- way up. The top of her head barely even reaches Sayaka's chest!

    To Homura's talk about a 'white cat-rabbit thing' she adds a quick double nod of her head, "I've...heard about that rumor too!"
Takashi Agera 2015-08-13 03:25:32 7399
Takashi actually grimaces at Homura's comment. "Madoka-san is a much better dancer than Mamoru is. That is certain." he says, and for a moment, he is clearly full of grump. Homura hit a nerve.

It takes him a moment to gather himself before he can turn to smile at Reiko and talk kindly to her again. "You seem to passionate about it, so I'm sure you'll get top marks yourself someday." he says with a grin. He even avoids saying 'because eventually I'll graduate.' this time. "But a word of advice. You can have friends in other schools, and if you want to be top, you should really consider Infinity - it's much easier to get a job done if you've got the right tools, and most public schools aren't the places for hitting top marks. Besides, it's exactly like... Nagisa-san said. You might be the first one of both of you to transfer here, and then you'd both be better off!"

He turns to Nagisa. "Also, it's good to meet the brilliant young genius of the cooking club!" he says with honest enthusiasm. Even Takashi likes delicious food and sweets. "I am Takashi Agera, Science Club."

Back to Sayaka, he grins. "I'm not part of the study group - maybe I should be, I'm sure I could help others. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't be able to help you on your own. And I think I could catch you back up. Besides, I'd never say no to helping out a classmate - especially such a beautiful one."
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-13 03:40:03 7401
    Sayaka scratches her head, staring at Nagisa. She was sure she just came out of the same class, but she's probably seen her around or heard her name before, somewhere. With all the crowded classes filling the halls at the same time, it's no wonder, really.

    "Oh, my apologies, I thought you were a bit young for middle school!" She chuckles a bit at that, about to add something else...When Homura mentions something that catches all of her attention..

    "Wait, do you mean..Kyubey? err...I might have seen something like that a few times..Why?" Does that mean she can see him too? Perhaps Homura is a magical girl too..Then Nagisa says something..Odd. And she arches a brow, spinning around to face her. "A rumour, you say..? Have you..'Seen' him too?"

    Finally, she smiles at Takashi, "Thanks! I could really use the help!" although she chuckles at the compliment. "Oh really? gee, I'm flattered..Heh.."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 03:41:20 7402
Reiko Touyama blushes and huffs. "T..that isn't even the point....!" she says as she huffs. Why is it so hard for people to understand her something. Maybe it's because she's 10 and looks adorable when confused and frustrated and blushes all at once. Regardless, Reiko crosses her arms. She looks down when Nagsia mentions she isn't really okay after the vaugely defined incident but frowns a bit at that. She's not one to push the issue right now though.

She bites her lip, calms down a bit.

But then blushes again when Takashi calls Sayaka beautiful. A..are they dating!? So romantic, she thinks.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 03:47:07 7403
Is... is Takashi hitting on Sayaka? Homura stares at him. Peers, almost. She does /not/ trust the guy. Well, maybe she does? Knowing and working with Hannah Sharpe could either mean you're fairly decent or you're absolutely horrible. Homura takes a good long moment to decide if this is better or worse than the usual Kyosuke thing. Then she realizes that Takashi is probably less interested in kissing and more interested in kissing up.

Why would he want to kiss up to Sayaka Miki?

Whatever. To Sayaka, she says, "Yeah, Kyubey." Great. He introduced himself. Well, maybe it's not too late to save her. "Look he may look cute but he's kindof a jerk. He'll offer you deals or contracts for wishes but he's not telling you all the details. People who make contracts with him get a raw deal."

Homura flips her hair for a moment. "Just saying."

To Nagisa, Homura smiles and reaches down to ruffle the 8 year old's hair. "How've you been, Nagisa-chan?"

Homura might be saying too much in front of people who have no idea what's going on, but she's a girl who stopped caring about whether or not people think she's weird a long time ago.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 03:54:54 7404
    Nagisa has no reason to distrust Takashi, so when he calls Sayaka beautiful the young girl's eyes widen a little. One can almost see exactly what's in her mind as she looks quickly between the two. Is she witnessing a confession?!

    Of course -she- was also complimented so she can't help smiling brightly up to the white haired upperclassman. "Oh, thank you! Nagisa Momoe of the Cooking Club," she says, bowing to him next and introducing herself politely even though he had just heard her name a moment prior. "If the Science Club ever wants some snacks just let us know and we'll bring some over."

    Then she'll respond to Sayaka with a quick nod as Kyubey is mentioned, though refrains from saying the name herself, "Mhm! If you want we could... talk over the rumors sometime?" Then she'll try to deflect suspicion of any non-magical classmates around by adding, "There sure are a lot of crazy rumors going around! Hehehe."

    Her childish act calms a little as Homura speaks asks her very near the same question Reiko had, and she closes her eyes and simply states, "Things have been difficult."
Takashi Agera 2015-08-13 04:01:09 7405
Takashi smiles at Sayaka. And then he does something which is not going to help the rumors at all. He drops his backpack, grabs a peice of paper, and puts his (civilan) phone number on it. "Here, you should text me sometime. We'll set up a study session over some ice cream or something!" Is he genuinely interested in Sayaka? Or showing off? Or does he have an ulterior motive?

He doesn't have much to reply about Homura's commentary - as he hasn't been exposed to Kyubey at all. To Nagisa, he smiles again - another honest, true smile. "I'll probably have to take you up on that. The cooking club here - like most things at Infinity - is absolutly the BEST, and I hear you're responsible for a large part of that."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 04:13:31 7407
Reiko Touyama looks between Nagsia and Homura and Takashi and Sayaka and blushes a bit. She huffs.

She bounces on her feet. "OH, Right. Nagsia. I have a thing for you. Can you remind me to give it to you later?" she asks.

Then she pauses.

"UM! Not one of /those/ things, just. A different thing! I drew something for you!" she says with a matter of fact series of nods. "It's just in my sketchbook is all and I don't have it right now." she says meekly as she kicks the ground.

She looks up at Homura. "Um.. Actually. You, too." she says. "I have something for you too like that!" she says with a beaming smile!

This may come off as odd, since Homura hasn't really met 'Reiko' before. Has she?
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 04:19:53 7409
Homura frowns at Nagisa's response, removing her hand from the smaller girl's head. "I guess they have, yeah." Her tone is a bit somber. "I hate to say it but it's not going to get better, either, but that's life." She cuts herself off before she says 'that's life for Puella Magi'.

Homura wants to give the little girl a hug, but that might not be welcome anymore. "We should talk later, Nagisa-chan. I know a place that sells some really good cheesecake."

Homura keeps an eye on Takashi. Its hard for her to tell if she's justified in her distrust of him, or if she's just jealous because he was dancing with Madoka. She's distracted from this line of thought when Reiko speaks to her, and Homura turns to her and blinks.

"Um. Something for me?" Homura squats down to meet Reiko at eye level, or close enough. "A drawing you say? Oh, alright."

A lot of things regarding Reiko would make a lot more sense to Homura if she were paying more attention. She just didn't notice the koi around Reiko, yet.

"So you're friends with Nagisa-chan? I'm not sure if I've met you before. I'm Homura Akemi."
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-13 04:22:55 7411
    It's a good thing Sayaka can't read minds, or else she'd probably be offended, or something. Not that there's anything wrong with Takashi, but c'mon, what a crazy conclusion to jump to on a compliment like that! Instead she just chuckles, "Hmm, well I'm in the music and kendo clubs, I'm sure we could exchange notes!"

    It seems Homura has most of her attention right now, however, when she speaks further of Kyubey. She's not really sure how much she should discuss about a creature that only magical sensitives can see, but..

    "Really? What more could there be to his...Promises?" She chuckles, "I mean it's just a 'rumour'..Perhaps, but a curious one, right?"

    Then Takashi does something that only makes the rumours look worse. "Er..." She stares blankly at him, chuckling nervously, "Thanks! But I'm really not interested. But if you're at the next study group, sure!"

    Gee, that was akward!!

    However it seems the conversation seems to be wandering off to another topic, and it's getting pretty late. "Well, nice to meet you all! I've got to get going, I have to meet my dear friend Kamijou-kun, so he can give me violin lessons! Um...See you guys later!" And with that, she hurries off.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-13 04:28:57 7412
Takashi watches Sayaka leave. "Hmph - her loss if she fails out. I can't think of anybody that wouldn't benefit from time studying with me..." he says, shrugging a bit. And apparenltly, somewhat oblivious as to what it sounded like.

"I guess I should be on my way, too." While he's promised Ayana he would spend some time relaxing - the key word there was some, and now that the science club meeting is over, he really should be getting back to work. Homura's presence is almost a constant reminder of that.

"I'll have to tag your club about those snacks soon, Nagisa-san, when we're not working on something we can't have food around for." he adds with a smile. Then there is a short step back. "It was nice meeting you, Nagisa-san, and nice seeing you, Homura." There is no honorific for Homura, notably. Then he takes his leave.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 04:33:15 7413
    "We're always happy to have people around to try our dishes and deserts. We actually tend end up with far more than we can eat because everyone enjoys making the meals and if everyone makes a whole batch things can get out of control pretty quick!" Luckily there are very few people around who are going to turn down snacks from their friends that made too much for themselves.

    "Do people really say that about me?" she asks with a bit of embarrassment about being one of the reasons the Club is so well known, "I've been cooking since I was really little. I helped my mom in the kitchen since before I can remember."

    Then to Homura she offers a nod, "Yep, Reiko-chan is a friend of mine. She's helped me a bunch in the last few weeks, and she's really fun, too!" She tilts her head a bit at the comment of a thing to give her, and then smiles when she spills the beans that it's a drawing. "I can't wait to see it, Reiko-chan!" Of course that reminds her of something else, and as Homura removes her hand the girl nods a bit, "I know, but that doesn't mean I'm going to try. And... I still have that thing you wanted the other day."

    Then cheesecake is mentioned and her eyes light up, "You do? I *love* cheesecake, Homura-senpai! If you know of a really good one you really should tell me."

    She then lifts her hand to wave to Takashi, "We'll be expecting your call, Agera-senpai. If you let us know what some of your Club's favorites are we'll be sure to include them special."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 04:40:12 7415
Reiko Touyama watches Agera-san take his leave. Nnnrrrrrggg. She wants to study with him! LEARN SO MUCH AND BECOME QUEEN OF SEISHOU when Ami Graduates out. She'll have her chance! Someday! But for now. It's just Homura and Nagsia. as Sayaka takes her leave too. She ahs..!

They're alone. Maybe... she can speak. A little more honestly.

She waits till everyone else is out of earshot.

"Um... you're the. Pretty Puella Magi...who uses the guns... and stuff...." she says. "Right?" she asks. "Um.. people who don't know me. Call me. Um. Mahou Shoujo Koi-Chan." she says. "But. I'm Prism Keeper Orange!" she says. "I guess using koi is a little weird." she says. "...but it's what's in my heart when I think of the color orange!" she insists. "They mean a lot to me!" she says with wide, determined eyes. Kois mean this much!!!

"Um.. I draw. I draw everyone I've met.. and. That's the bad guys too." she says. "I. I like to give them as gifts. Can't.. really give the badguys thiers. But. I mean yeah. right?" she asks.

"I'm doing my best to help Nagisa-san when I can! She's my friend! She's been helping me try to practice flying better, too!" she says.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 04:51:53 7416
Homura sees Sayaka and Takashi leave, and says, "See you two around. Good luck with Kamijou-san."

He hasn't broken his hand yet? Well that explains why Sayaka hasn't made her wish. One mystery solved. Why hasn't he broken his hand yet? New mystery obtained. Ugh.

To Nagisa, Homura smiles. "Oh, right! Yes I still need to make that trade with you, don't I? I guess I was a little distracted with, well, the everything."

Homura doesn't want to mention things with Reiko here, but then Reiko completely destroys any reason for secrecy in front of her.

"Ah, so you've seen me," says Homura. "That's right. I don't hide it, aside from not wanting to drag people into the kind of world I'm in. Koi-chan... Orange..." It only takes a second for Homura to think about who that is. Koi are a very unique powerset, after all, and she's seen it multiple times. "Prism Keeper Orange is your name, is it? I see. Yes, I remember you now. You've been very brave, and you've helped me out a lot."

There is a sincere kindness in her voice, but it's a little sad, too.

"I don't think it's that weird to use koi. Not in this line of work, anyways. I've seen all kinds, really. If that's what gives you the strength to fight, then why not?"

Homura wonders for a moment if this is how Mami-san feels.

"I'd love to see your picture, whenever you get a chance to show it to me."

To Nagisa, Homura says, "Flying, huh? Well it's an important skill. I guess I don't have to worry too much about your skills if you're already helping someone else. Um... since we're in magical company at the moment, do you want to trade now?"
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 05:03:08 7417
Reiko Touyama blushes! "Well. Some people think it's silly." she huffs. "But it really isn't." she says. She nods matter of factly. "You saved that pink haired girl!" she says softly. Pink haired girl. Yeah That's Madoka alright. "From that Mister Black Jerk! That jerk hurts a lot of people!" she says with a huff. "He hurt my friend! He needs to stop hurting people or.. or!......"

"I dunno. I'll shoot him with more color energy!" she huffs.

She looks between Nagsia and Homura. "Trade...?" she asks.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 05:03:45 7418
    Nagisa lets Homura decide whether or not to confirm Reiko's suspicions on the older Puella's magical identity, but once she does it makes her feel a whole lot better. With the hallway clear of people she doesn't know whether or not she can trust and people she simply doesn't think should be exposed to the magical world unless necessary it makes things a whole lot less complicated.

    She'll reach into one of her pockets and step closer to Homura, not wanting to take any risks because of how very precious and important the items to be traded are, and then retrieve Basu's grief seed. It's been partially used, which happened during the fight with the Hospital Witch itself, but hasn't been degraded since then. "Here you go, Homura-senpai."

    She'd really like to be able to just give it to her since for some reason Homura seems to care about it more than a regular grief seed for reasons Nagisa doesn't understand... but she simply can't afford to. Especially with witches being especially dangerous as of late and rarer to boot.

    "I don't know that I -helped- much, but Reiko-chan carried me around while she was flying. I wish I could fly, it was so much fun being able to actually look around and not just worry about where you're going to have to land when jumping." There's a short pause there and then the young Puella also adds, "Reiko-chan has also offered to help me fight witches so I don't have to do it on my own. Part of me wants to keep her away from them but I think I've decided. If we can help it, we should always bring people who aren't reliant on grief seeds to help fight. It'll be better for all of us that way, in the long run."
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 05:16:17 7419
Homura looks at the Grief Seed. She... seems happy, noticably so. What she'll do with it, she doesn't yet know, but... she does want it, for whatever reason. It's dumb and emotional. Maybe it's just an aspect of Basu's wish. She wanted to have a friend to share cotton candy with. Nothing about that wish suggested that the friendship would end after death.

Homura reaches into one of her pockets, taking out a few Grief Seeds. Two of them are nearly used up, but one of them is relatively fresh. Fresher than Basu's, in any case. Homura didn't want to rip Nagisa off.

The two almost done Grief Seeds vanish back into the pocket, but the fresher one is offered in exchange as Homura reaches for Basu's. A simultaneous trade seems like the best way to go about it. Even if Nagisa and Homura have trust, it's better to form safe habits in case you can't always deal with trustworthy Puella.

Homura smiles. "Well, I agree. It'll be less costly for us. I guess that's part of why I drag Kamen and Miss White along. They don't have to worry about things like using up too much magic."

Koi-chan mentions Mr. Black, and Homura sticks out her tongue. "That guy is a real jerk. Any magical blasts he gets are well deserved. The Pink-haired girl is my friend, though. I don't like the fact that he's going after her."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 05:24:34 7420
Reiko Touyama blinks. "Then.. then I'll help protect her too." she insists. "Because. That's what friends do! They help other people!" she insists. She looks to Nagsia and beams. "You help a lot, Nagsia! I fly more carefully when I have to worry about something I'm holding!" she she says. She smiles. "But yeah. Flying. Is really neat. Everything looks so small and stuff when you're that high. I guess it helps me appreciate things a little more." she says sheepishly.

"Yup! I don't need to worry about using up my magic. I just need to be carful with my Chroma Crystal. Bad things happen to me if it shatters." she says meekly. She head tilts. "Kamen...? Oh! You mean. Um. Tuxedo Kamen. He's a good person." she nods matter of factly. Then Miss White.

"Miss White is a jerk! But she promised not to go after my friend, Red again. So. So I guess she's not that much of a jerk." she says softly. "She seems kinda sad actually." she says even softer.

Reiko watches the exchange of grief seeds. She knows thier importance. She says nothing about them. But she feels relif that Nagisa is getting some!
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 05:33:49 7421
    Nagisa hands off Basu's seed at the same time she takes the fresh seed from Homura. The trade is fair if you include the sentimental value attached and in truth the younger Puella Magi probably needs the cleansing more than the older one. It's not that she isn't powerful enough to take witches down herself but she can't do so with nearly the safety or efficiency as Homura can with her time stopping powers- not that Nagisa is aware of what these are just yet.

    The girls mood shifts a little when Miss White is mentioned, and her demeanor can be seen changing to something more guarded and cool. Her jaw sets and her face takes on a frustrated look that mostly manages to be adorable on her young face.

    Frustration turns to momentary exasperation when she hears for the first time that Miss White at some point attacked Reiko's friend. "I don't get it! How can she be so heartless and cruel sometimes but so kind and compassionate at others? We... really need to talk about your friend some time, Homura-senpai. Right now may not be the best time, but soon, okay?"

    The girl holds her frustration in for a moment longer but after a moment it spills out, "I really don't want to fight you, Homura-senpai! You're the only other Puella Magi I've met that I feel like I can even look up to. You've helped me survive and taught me what I needed to know, and even when you could just take what you wanted from me in a second you're -still- fair about it. And even though I'm a kid you've haven't looked down upon me."

    Then a sigh, "But you're also on 'her' side. I know you're her friend, and you have an understanding- but please tell me this and be honest. Do you really think what she's created is safe?" She looks down a little and mutters, "Everyone is going to go after her and nobody is going to trust her if she keeps doing 'that'."
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 06:00:09 7422
Homura smiles at Reiko, adding, "Yeah, Tuxedo Kamen-san is a friend of mine. He's helped me out a lot, and everytime I've seen him he's been kind, brave, and sweet. He doesn't think he's powerful, but his actions mean a lot more than he realizes."

Miss White is called a jerk. There was a time when Homura would've defended her, but recently...

"Miss White... does want to help people, I think. She just... I don't know. It's complicated."

Nagisa wants to talk. "We do, actually," admits Homura Akemi. "I'm... I'm really worried about her. Kyouko-san too, actually. I know you two have reason to dislike her, good reason even, but she's..." Homura looks around before she continues. A mostly empty hallway isn't nearly secure enough for Homura's (justifiable) paranoia. "Well, we can talk details later, but for now..."

Homura tucks Basu away. WPS took Basu's body, but that's just exterior hardware. Basu is with Homura now. Homura has no idea why that makes her happy.

Homura is drawn out of her momentary joy by Nagisa's outburst. Homura was squatting down, but she stands up to address the immediate concern.

"There are things about yourself that you don't know. In my eyes, you stopped being a mere child the moment you took that contract. I guess if I respect you, it's because you're one of us now, and because you bear our burden. The others don't fully understand what that means. They can't. As much as I'd like to tell them, they're better off not knowing."

Homura sighs heavily for a moment, and says, "It's a weapon, Nagisa-chan." There is harshness in her voice. It's not really directed at Nagisa at all, Homura isn't mad at Nagisa, but she /is/ serious, and she's mad about /something/. "Do you think guns are safe? Bombs? Nukes? What about your bubbles? Mami-san's ribbons? No matter what form it takes, weapons are weapons!"

She grits her teeth. It isn't easy for her to admit this, after everything she's invested. "No. It's not safe. I don't know if you saw what it did to her after the hospital incident, but I seriously thought she was about to die. That's not even the worst part." Homura holds up a finger, pointing it at the sky. "Kyouko has some just like it. I tried to keep it from her, but Kyouko... Well, she's tough. She outplayed me. Now I have to sit here and hope she doesn't get herself killed. I can't imagine what would happen if a Puella Magi used something like /that/! If things go really bad, Kyouko-san will be beyond the help of any medicine, that's for sure."

Homura suddenly becomes aware that she's basically been raising her voice for the past minute or so, and then squats back down.

Homura looks between Reiko and Nagisa, saying, "So yeah. Actually, no it's not safe."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 06:17:40 7423
Reiko Touyama head tilts at Homura's outburst. "You mean. When she turnt into the pretty white ghost.... right?" she asks. She listens... Homura talks about weapons. Her koi are weapons? Well. Yeah. They are. She just never really thought about it that way. You can see the thoughtfulness on her face.

"That was dangerous for her to do!? Th.. Then why did she do it!?" she asks curiously. She head tilts as she looks over at Nagsia-chan.

"I dunno if I like that kinda thing if it's dangerous." she says meekly. "Even if it was pretty lookin..." she says, tapping two fingers together in front of her.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 06:24:08 7424
    The white haired Puella Magi looks between Homura and Reiko as they talk about Tuxedo Kamen. She has never met the man and thus has no idea who it is they're talking about, but it seems like they both respect him a lot.

    When Homura seems briefly happy Nagisa feels very bad, because almost as quickly as that joy was there it gets crushed. Maybe she really should have waited a little while longer to bring all of this up.

    She hears the dark haired magical girl out and nods a little. She shrinks back a tiny bit when Homura actually seems to get angry, not quite able to tell if it's directed her way or not. Even so it seems even someone allied with Miss White recognizes the danger of her achievements and for this Nagisa is very relieved. She'd be feeling awful right about now if Homura was unwilling to admit the danger of the altered grief seeds.

    "That's just the thing, Homura-senpai. My bubbles are safe as long as I'm careful with them. They do cost me magic, it's true, but that's a part of being a Puella Magi. But if they are so powerful and they hurt her also? Maybe if they just exploded really big I wouldn't be so worried, but as beautiful and powerful as she became there was also something really, really -wrong- about it. I... wasn't really able to pay too much attention, but those flowers- it felt like a Labyrinth, and that scares me more and more every time I think about it."

    Then Homura mentions that Kyouko of all people got her hands on some. The small girl blinks twice.

Shehe looks shaky on her feet for a moment and then begins simply falling over.

    Whether or not someone catches her she laughs in a nervous fashion before uttering, "I'm dead. Or she is. Maybe we're all dead."
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 06:38:40 7425
Homura frowns at all this. Really, Nagisa is a nice girl who should be living a nice life right now. If she had never made a wish, she wouldn't have to deal with this right now. Yet, this is the world they live in.

Reiko asks, and Homura answers, "Well, because she believed in what she was doing. She still does. She believed that destroying that witch was worth the risk to herself. It was, in the end, her choice to make."

"... but I don't think I'd make the same choice."

To Nagisa, Homura nods. "I guess I'll have to concede that. I could say that my guns are safe, as long as I'm careful. Even the bombs can be handled with care. What Miss White did is dangerous no matter what... but knowing her, this isn't the end of it. She'll try to make improvements, and maybe eventually she'll be able to make it safe."

'Maybe' isn't a very strong word, or a very reassuring one.

Nagisa mentions that it felt like a Labyrinth, and Homura's face gets darker. "Didn't you see what it was? She was using an altered Grief Seed. Did I mention that if you leave a Grief Seed alone for long enough, it becomes a Witch? 'Becomes' isn't really the right word." Homura pulls out one of the Grief Seeds, not Basu's, that she had shown earlier. "'Hatches' is the right word. The Witch is inside the Grief Seed."

She puts the Grief Seed away, pausing for a moment. "I'm not clear on the details, but she... merged with a Witch in some way, or... she did /something/ to allow her to have the power of a Witch. She was using Witches to fight Witches."

Nagisa despairs, saying they're all dead. Homura shakes her head. "No. As powerful as Witches are, we fight them and we destroy them. Kyouko-san is a force to be reckoned with, but it's not a hopeless battle, and her gaining Witch-like powers doesn't mean the end."

Homura frowns, "... this may surprise you, but Kyouko-san actually has the potential to become a good person. I know she's trouble now, but... I wouldn't want her to die before that happens."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 06:44:56 7426
Reiko Touyama blinks and eeks! She tries to catch Nagsia-chan! She's falling. She's seeming weird. Reiko doesn't like this feeling. It feels wrong. Also. Some koi appear and try to keep Nagsia up too. They push with all thier might! They might not be helping very much. Reiko doesn't seem to have particular control over this power. It just sort of happens "..Nagsia-chan....." she says concernedly.

She looks back up at Homura and gasps. "Grief Seeds. Are bad. Why would she...!? Didn't you tell her they were bad!? and why!? Then... then why should use them!?" she says at Homura.

"Miss White sounds really messed up!" she huffs!
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 06:55:39 7427
    "I was in so much pain that I wasn't entirely sure I could trust what I saw," Nagisa replies. It's part of the truth- the other half is that she'd used pain medicine that Miss White had given her which had loosened her grip on reality enough that she can't entirely trust her own memories from the later parts of that night.

    As Reiko catches her Nagisa pulls her feet back under herself, shaking her head a bit. "Thanks, Reiko-chan. I'll be okay I'm just... really shocked, is all."

    To Homura she gives a little shake of your head, "You're right. Fighting witches is what we do, whether permanent or temporary." She hugs onto Reiko for a moment rather than just leaning on her and then does her best to stand once more on her own two feet.

    "It's just... nearly every time I've seen Kyouko-san she's threatened me. The only reason she's stopped is because for now Miss White is a bigger threat to her than I am but if she has that kind of power she might really come after me. I hope you're right and that she can become a good person, it just doesn't matter very much to me if she kills me first." It's pretty obvious that this is a very real concern to the girl. She's been told over and over how Puella Magi fight over grief seeds and hunting territory, and though Kyouko may actually balk at having killing someone rather than simply running them off Nagisa herself has never seen any proof of it. It's hard not to take threats and bluster seriously when it's coming from someone so openly hostile and powerful.

    Her mind changes tracks for a moment then, "Merging with a Witch... if she wasn't messed up before she really must be now. Witches are so full of hate and pain and despair you can feel it just by being anywhere close to them."

    Nagisa lets out a little sigh, looking momentarily sad, "She must be really strong to be able to endure that kind of suffering and survive it."
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 07:11:11 7428
"Messed up? Maybe," says Homura Akemi. "She's gone through some very harsh things. She's seen some of the uglier sides of reality. It's changed her worldview. I don't really think her way of thinking is wrong, philosphically, but... I think she's putting herself in a lot of danger."

Homura shakes her head. It's a lot to process. It's not something she's happy about. There aren't a lot of people she can talk to about it.

Nagisa responds to the comment on Kyouko. "Yeah..." Homura's tone is kindof a bitter one. "Regardless of what Kyouko might be in the future... right now? Right now she's a jerk. She complains to me that nothing ever goes her way, but she doesn't seem to realize that if she would just /stop being a jerk/ she'd have a much easier time."

Homura starts pointing at her fingers, as if she's counting something off, "She got tortured, sure, because she hurt Miss White's non-magical friend. Which never would've happened if she hadn't set out to pick a fight with Miss White to begin with. She needs Mami-san's help, whether she admits it or not, but Mami-san doesn't like the selfish way Kyouko-san does things. Kyouko-san almost got eaten by a Witch... because she wanted to defeat me and thought that 'in the middle of a Labyrinth' was a good place to ambush a veteran Puella Magi. I had to actually save her life that last time, and you know what? She /still/ hates me."

Homura shrugs. "She causes her own problems. Everything bad that happens to her can be traced back to some poor decision that she made, and she doesn't want to realize that."

Homura glances off to the side, eyes glazing over some poster on the wal. "I don't even know what her goals are anymore. At first it seemed like she wanted to destroy WPS. Maybe she still does."

Nagisa says something about how merging with a Witch would affect her feelings. The full meaning of it doesn't register at first. Once it does, Homura's eyes widen. When she thinks about that in context of Kyouko using an Altered Grief Seed, her eyes widen further, and her jaw slacks.

"... you're right."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 07:27:46 7429
Reiko Touyama blinks. All this Puella Magi stuff is going way over her head, and looks down a bit. It sounds rather serious. A little more serious than she expected maybe. She knew that. Puella Magi die if they don't get Grief seeds. And that's it.

She looks at Homura with a frown. "That sounds horrible though!" she says to Homura. "All of it! Is-- is there anything I can do!?" she asks.

"Is this Kyouko person even safe to be around!?" she asks.

Poor Reiko doesn't have much to add here otherwise... Puella Magi bussiness seems more worse than she thought it was!
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 07:39:37 7430
    "Mami-san seems like the only person whose opinion she cares about," Nagisa responds when the blonde is brought up in relation to Kyouko. Then at the mention rest of it the girl lets out a soft, frustrated sigh, "That sounds like Kyouko-san alright. I've offered to help her but she just brushes me off. It sounds like you've helped her but all she does is blame you for it."

    She looks ready to go on in this manner but she suddenly stops as something penetrates her mind, "She was -tortured-? When did that happen?!"

    That would go a pretty long ways to explaining how the redhead could have become so bitter and self serving. Everything was already incredibly confusing and now it just got moreso. If she hurt Miss White's then it isn't too far of a stretch as to who was doing the torturing.

    "No wonder she was in such a hurry to get back at her..." she comments to herself, possibly out of context unless the other can guess her thoughts.

    At the very least she can shed some light on Kyouko's intentions, "She wants to burn WPS and everything about it to the ground and probably Miss White with it."

    Nagisa looks down for a few moments then, not wanting to look at Homura while she says the next few words. "I hate to say it but part of me agrees with her. If what you said about what she was doing with those grief seeds was right I'm not sure anyone should have that kind of weapon. There's just too many ways for it to go wrong. Don't worry about me going on some insane solo-crusade like Kyouko-san though. I'd much rather just try to convince Miss White that what she's doing is going to cause more harm than good. Maybe I can't, but I should try."

    She looks back just in time to see that change on Homura's expression, not really knowing what caused it but hoping it means she's bringing her a little closer to her own point of view.

    Then she looks over to her friend, leaning in to hug her again. "See what I meant? It's really complicated and really dangerous, and not just because of the Witches."

    She rests her chin on her friends shoulder for a moment and closes her eyes, "If I didn't think I needed your help I'd tell you to stay away from Witches and Puella Magi and only ever get involved if you had no other choice. It's a really scary dangerous life to live."

    She steps back after a moment and answers the question about Kyouko as best as she can. "I think that depends entirely on what kind of mood she's in."
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 07:59:52 7431
Reiko Touyama huffs. "You always have my help, Nagsia!" she says with a smile. But she looks back at Homura and sighs. "Puella Magi..... this sounds so bad." she looks down. "It makes a lot of my worries seem kinda small." she admits. "I hope that... I can do something. Anything... at all for you all." she says with a sigh. She looks down at her necklace and that Chroma Crystal at the end. The color and power of orange isn't particularly helpful here.

A koi appears over her head and it looks mopey.
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 08:09:41 7432
Homura frowns. "Kyouko can be safe to be around, but... it really depends. She's violent one day and calm the next, and you never know what she's going to be when she shows up. And it /is/ bad."

Nagisa asks when Kyouko was tortured, and Homura answers, "I'm surprised she didn't complain to you about it. Miss White captured her and put her in the WPS building's holding cells. Mami-san broke her out. Yeah... that's actually the people I work with. I hope that gives you a better understanding as to why I didn't want you to get involved with them."

Homura waits as Nagisa says that she agrees with Kyouko on that point, and Homura frowns. "I don't even know what to think anymore. I guess I feel like I'm just siding with Miss White out of some kind of momentum, and if I suddenly take Kyouko's side I'd just be trading one evil for another. I wish Mami-san would step up to be some kind of moral guardian so that I could actually... you know... /side/ with someone, but she's not doing that either."

Homura stands up and shakes her head. "I should probably be going soon. Nagisa-chan, I'll take you to that cheesecake place sometime. It'll be my treat. You can come too, Orange-chan, if you want."

Homura is really concerned. Nothing particularly terrible has happened from those altered Grief Seeds yet, and it might seem like an over-reaction if she were to make a move at this point... but if Kyouko used those Grief Seeds, it could affect her Soul Gem. With that much despair, she might even taint her Soul Gem with enough power to corrupt it completely.

What would happen if Kyouko turned into a Witch?
Reiko Touyama 2015-08-13 08:15:56 7433
Reiko Touyama ohs! Cheesecake! Mopey koi goes 'pop'! "Sure...I'll come along if Nagisa-chan wants me to come. But. It feels like I don't much about this Puella Magi stuff..." she looks down. "But...I don't find.. Witches much scarier than the Shades. Shades are more scarier to me, I guess..." she says softly. "Only thing they're missing is the scary world that a witch has." she says with a series of nods.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-13 08:19:58 7434
    "You help by being here and being my friend, Reiko-chan. If whenever you help me fight and beat even just one witch it helps me out more than you can probably realize," Nagisa responds, hoping to cheer her friend up a little.

    Then to Homura she nods, "It's been a very complicated mess and I haven't even been a Puella Magi for two months yet. I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone like you. I won't hold it against you if you decide to side with Miss White. Especially not if you think her intentions are good and she's your friend."

    Her tone makes it obvious there's a little more coming, however. "But Homura-senpai... if you're really trying to find someone you can side with that wants to do the right thing? Someone who will fight to help people and work together to stop witches and the suffering they cause? I'm right here, standing in front of you."

    She'll let that sit for a couple of moments before shifting the mood to something more jovial, "I'd love to go have cheesecake with you, Homura-senpai. Any time! Cheesecake if my favorite."
Homura Akemi 2015-08-13 08:32:46 7435
Homura's eyes slide over to Nagisa, and she smiles. "I wish I had met you first, before loyalty and belief set in. Things would've been different. Maybe they'll still be that way. Regardless of what happens with WPS, I'll consider you a friend, Nagisa-chan."

Homura shakes a finger, knowingly, "One of the first lessons to learn as a Puella Magi is to not take fights too personally. If you hold a grudge, it'll just make it harder to clean your Soul Gem. You'll become like Kyouko, embracing dangerous powers in some quest for revenge when she /should/ be restoring her stockpile."

She turns away, taking a single step. "If I had my way, we'd all be friends, but our lives just aren't that simple. What would you do if we were all together Nagisa-chan? Fight Witches until we die? Play into Kyubey's schemes without ever knowing what they are? That's a temporary solution, and barely even a solution at that. I want something better. I thought WPS would be that, but maybe I was wrong."

Her head turns around, taking one more glance at Nagisa. "... but I'll remember you said that." She starts to walk off. There isn't much left for her to say. She's chosen a path, and she'll have a hard time fully accepting that it was the wrong one.