Weed Wacking

Seth's sunflower gift turns out to be a youma! Sayaka accidentally left it in her locker at school, except it escapes.

Date: 2017-09-06
Pose Count: 46
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-06 00:30:28 82398
    In the later hours, just after classes had finished, Sayaka had lingered bac, having been afraid of touching her locket all week (the last few days she had called in sick - at least partially legitimately this time, as she had been feeling pretty weak and tired after the last youma-draining attack).

    Fortunately Seth already went to the same school as her, surprisingly enough, and so she had texted him to join her at her locker after class. And that's precisely where she is hanging right now, glancing around nervously at people passing by, and glancing occasionally at her soulgem ring, wondering if it might pick up such things.
Seth Locke 2017-09-06 00:54:17 82399
And meeting with Sayaka after class he does. All 7' of him, white hair, and a look of apparently unshakeable confidence as he walks. He nears the bluenette, finally showing a bit of a smile, "Hello, Sayaka-chan." He looks at her locker room. "This is where you left it?"
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-06 00:56:15 82400
It was a painful experience to deal with... The Jet Lag from her trip. Still, Time waits for no one and 1st Year middle school student needed to start back to school. Her time abroad had taught her much. Now Naomi was back and ready to deal with her life as a middleschooler.

It took her a little getting used to. She'd been away from the Japanese school for so long that some of the basics have since been forgotten. Thankfully those things were quickly remembered today as she went along her way. It wasn't all that difficult. JUst another day really. Part of her was just itching to go home and go to sleep. In her bag, Lilac rested. She was the lucky one. She could sleep all day and be fine for later.

As the last bell of the day sounded, Naomi made her way to her locker which, was not terribly far from Sayaka's. She quickly grabs a jacket from her locker and slips it on before throwing several books in. Thankfully her homework was rather easy and is already done. The locker closes and she turns to walk away just in time to see Sayaka! She quickly moves over and taps her on the shoulder. "SAYAKA-SENPAI!!!" SHe quickly gives her a hug. "How are you! I just got back and stuff last night!"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-06 01:12:49 82401
Sayaka Miki sighs tiredly as she just stares intently at her locker, still too afraid to open it. There are still a few people around and she tries to keep them away from her locker as much as possible. Fortunately, she had most of her textbooks at home. Spying Seth first, she smiles tiredly at him and nods. "Yeaah..As soon as I open my locker, I suspect it'll jump out at us and..Errr...."

    Someone familiar calls her name, and she nearly jumps. "Aaah! Naomi-chan! Heey! I havent seen you in forever! How you been? Didja go on vacation?" she smiles as she moves towards her, giving her a heartfelt hug. Saya for the most part seems pretty tired herself. "Eh, just the usual you know, parents dragged me into cram school, and other than that, just the usual, being a super hero!" she grins and winks, half-joking, half serious perhaps. She lowers her voice as she says that, but fortunately the hallway is almost entirely empty by this time.

    "I just came to pick up an..Err..Science experiment from my locker, but..It might be a bit..Explosive, since it's been mulling in there for a bit.."
Seth Locke 2017-09-06 01:26:36 82402
Seth Locke looks at the newest arrival, and he too smiles. "Naomi-chan. Good to see you again. How've you been?" Yes, Seth knows Naomi. However, Seth looks like a completely different person - something he sometimes forgets. (D'oh!)

He returns his attention to the locker. "Yes, but I helped you with this experiment, so if it's gone wrong it's on me", he cuts off, thoguh he tries to be as gentle as possible in his tone. "So please, Sayaka-chan, open the door and stay back."
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-06 01:28:07 82403
Naomi Yomada smiles a little, "I didn't go on Vacation! I was picked as a Foreign Exchange Student!" She giggles happily as she leans against the lockers. "I just got back last night. I got to go to PARIS!" She happily states. "It was exciting." Quietly she slings her bag over her shoulder and looks over her things. "So anything fun happen while I was gone?"

Then there is the tower of a man talking to Sayaka. It takes her a moent to realize who it is. She blinks, "Seth-san?" She blushes. "Did you get taller?" She asks curiously. No she doesn't push it. "Oh I am good just getting readjusted to school and stuff here. This were a little easier in France." Then she steps back. Her hand going for her pocket, just in case.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-06 01:32:00 82404
Infinity University is an imposing place, *especially* when one doesn't go there. But, this is where Sayaka asked Rashmi to meet her, and so the redheaded half-Indian girl swallows her trepidation, acquires a guest pass at the bottom floor... and takes the elevator up. And up. And up and *how tall can a school be anyway?*

Her arrival in the hall is announced with a cheery *ding,* and she tries very very hard not to look like a tourist as she steps into the hall. Spotting Sayaka, Seth, and Naomi, she puts on a bright, cheery smile. "Hi, Miki-san, Locke-san! How are you both?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-06 01:40:04 82405
Sayaka Miki smiles at Naomi, "Wow, foreign exchange to Paris? That's soooooo awesome! Soo what was it like? Did you bring back any pictures? I'm dying to hear all about it! Er..." she glances nervously at her locker, "Umm maybe afterwards, we can go for coffee and you can fill me in on your Parisian adventures? Just as soon as I deal with said..Err..Experiment.."

Looking back at Seth, she nods slowly, "You're right. Then, let's do this together. You ready?" she braces herself as she enters in the combination with slightly shaking hands, and with brief hesitation, she opens the locker to reveal.....GASP..

"Nothing!? Nani!? Where is it?" she peers this way and that, and - good grief - her locker is a bit messy, but aside from a few discarded leaves here and there, there is no sign of the potted Sunflower anywhere..."The heck? Seth-kun...Where could it have gone???" When Rashmi makes her appearance, she smiles and waves at her, "Rashmi-chan! Glad you could make it! Ummmm we have a teeny bit of a problem, looks like the..Err..Science experiment is missing, or perhaps someone stole it? But my locker doesnt seem to have been broken into?" there are however, traces of dirt and a few leaves here and there scattered sparsely along the hallway, if one looks carefully enough.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-06 02:11:01 82406
Naomi Yomada looks at the empty locker then at Sayaka. "Ummmm, What kind of umm... Science experiment... was it?" The first year Middle schooler asks. She looks around curiously. "Was it some sort of Horticultural thing cause ummm." She sticks out her thumb toward the dirt on the floor. Sheis a little worried. She knows better then to believe this is a science experiment. Everything feels off about it and she's a little nervous. her hand is in her pocket, fiddling with her prechan mirror.

HEr attention goes to the new arrival. She gives a polite bow, "Hello! My name is Naomi Yomada. A pleasure to meet you Miss. I was out of country."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-06 02:19:15 82407
"Hi!" Rashmi chirps, returning the bow, her long red plait falling over her shoulder to thump onto the floor. "I'm Rashmi Terios, I'm a first-year at Seishou. I.... um." She pushes up her spectacles, rising from the bow to peer at the dirt and leaves on the floor near her feet. "I, um... well. That's.... worrying."
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-06 02:23:39 82408
Naomi Yomada smiles, "Seishou? That is really cool! I go here. So umm, What do you do when you're not in school?" She asks curiously. She doesn't come out and ask the fifty million dollar question. Given the present company though, it would be relavent. Nope, she simply speaks around it. "I am just curious! I dance and um. Stuff. When I'm not here."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-06 02:27:18 82409
"Well," Rashmi chuckles, "I help out my parents in their restaurant... Um. That's the Korma Chameleon, over on Juuban close to the harbor? It's a Bengali curry place, but they do Japanese curries too. Um. Besides that?" The redhead lifts a shoulder. "Mostly studying, or just reading when I don't need to study."
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-06 02:32:22 82410
Naomi Yomada smiles! "Oh cool!" She grins a little, "I will have to try that place out. I like trying new foods. I got to try a bunch of French cooking while I was in Paris. It was so much fun!" She hmms, "Lots of reading huh?" She snickers, "I guess thats cool. I do read a good bit too because I tend to blow things up if I just go on an inventing bender. It helps me learn to do stuff. THough I dunno how much more of that I will do. I like inventing and tinkering but, I guess I like dancing more.
Seth Locke 2017-09-06 02:42:13 82411
"It seems the experiment may've gotten up and walked away on its own", Seth says as he points to dirt on the ground. "Truly a prize winner, that one", he adds sarcastically.

Then, he starts moving in the direction of more piles of dirt, while he asks, "How long was it since you last saw the... 'experiment', Sayaka-chan?"

Looking towards Rashmi and Naomi, he replies, "Korma Chameleon is a nice restaurant. Someone should write up a review of it."

He says no more because he's focusing on the search for the experiment. Or should 'hunt' be said instead?
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-06 02:44:36 82412
Sayaka Miki seems semi-distracted, missing most of the exchange between Naomi and Rashmi as she peers at the floor. "Hai, you are right, Seth.." she grimaces, "WEll this is great...Guess we just have to follow the breadcrumbs..Come on! It's probably had a headstart!" and she does just that, looking very worried as she follows the trail of leaves and mud..
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-06 02:48:57 82413
Naomi Yomada winces. "Ummm, I think i am going to follow along. I mean, If you need help finding a science experiment then who better to help out then someone who knows science and tech right?" She winks and starts following along. She doesn't say anything about it to Rashmi. She simply keeps moving. After all, how would she validate insisting on going along if and denying someone else who might have a good reason go going as well.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-06 02:52:50 82414
Rashmi Terios sighs, shooting a Look at Seth for just the barest moment. The kind of Look that says 'We need to Have A Talk later on about you and flowers.' But she jogs alongside Naomi regardless, one hand slipping into the pocket of her bookbag. To keep it steady as she jogs.

Steady. Yes.
Seth Locke 2017-09-06 03:29:53 82415
"I have a feeling we will find it rather soon", Seth dares to comment.

Looking at the others, he asks, "If you were a flower gifted with the ability to move about... Where would you run off to?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-08 00:50:37 82429
Sayaka Miki frowns deeply, pausing to glance at Seth. "Huh, I guess if I was a plant, I'd try to find a warm, sunny place to dig my roots into." she smirks, "But then again, this is no ordinary flower. Do you think it might be in the school fields or...Better yet, the greenhouses?" she sighs, taking another step towards the small thin trail of dirt. "Geez, I'm really not looking forward to seeing what is there. Let's see, greenhouse is on the rooftop, right? Then we should take the elevator...Come on!" And with that, Sayaka rushes towards the elevators, impatiently pressing on the button. Fortunately the university is pretty empty at this time of night and so the elevator is quickly coming down to their floor.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-08 00:59:28 82430
Naomi Yomada looks at Sayaka and frowns. "So... Not a Science experiment." She looks at Rashmi curiously. She doesn't say anything but she is a little worried about the new girl. To her, this new girl is a civilian. That means she is going to need protection. "Some place with water... Even fake sunlight would benefit such a plant." She quietly waits for the elevator. Part of her just wants to transform and fly up. That would be the fastest way after all. But that would blow her own cover.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-08 01:06:08 82431
"Not quite," Rashmi sighs, turning the charm that is Nicomachea's standby mode over and over, in her bag. "Good thinking, though... Is there an agricultural department here, on one of these floors?" Hurry, elevator, hurry hurry hurry...
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-08 01:23:21 82432
The elevator opens after a minute with a loud 'ding!' and Sayaka rushes in, waiting for the others to join her. This building is huuuuge, and she presses the top floor, the rooftop which is a looong way up. Hoepfully no one is afraid of heights! "You guys ready? It's not a terribly big elevator, too bad the freight is closed after hours but it goes pretty fast." she grins, totally into fast, loud, scary stuff. Actually she quite enjoys the elevator. "Let's go, there's no time to waste!" Saya looks over at Seth and Rashmi, having already seen them in action. As for Naomi, she's not so sure. "You sure you wanna join us, Naomichan? It could be dangerous.."
Seth Locke 2017-09-08 01:29:29 82433
The demon boy waits as the elevator is called, all the while humming 'The Girl From Ipanema' as if it was some lounge waiting music; he does break the humming to answer Naomi, though. "Uh... Not exactly. More like rogue, unknowingly created servant."

More humming, as he gazes at the marker...

And this one suddenly stalls at about the third floor.

He looks at the girls, "Almost there..."

And that's when it starts to go up again. Huh.

"Okay... Unusual...", he comments.

And then, it starts to go faster. And faster. And even faster. Until it's all the way up on the last floor.

There's the sound of snapping coming from the elevator shaft, and a few seconds later, the the screeching sound of metal on metal, and that marker starts to decrease... And decrease... And decrease!

"Oh, sh..." He pushes whoever he can from the path of the doors...
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-08 01:51:59 82434
Likewise, Rashmi begins to frown as the elevator stop, and rises again. As it seems to... well, plummet, she whips out the sunburst charm with the red glass center that she'd been toying with, and holds it out in front of her, sidestepping Seth's tackle attempt but falling back. "NICOMACHEA! HURRY!"

The redhead glows a shimmering, fractal-contoured yellow... And then the light bursts away from her, showing her now wearing an ornately-stylized sleeveless bolero, floor-length skirt, black bodysuit, and armored pieces over wrists, feet, and hips. Instead of a charm, now, a huge, armored book floats in front of one outstretched hand, the red cabochon set into the center of its cover gleaming. And then, it speaks.

*bing!* << TIME-SPACE BARRIER. >>

...Yes. It does in fact sound like a badly-programmed Siri using the voice of a wise, thoughtful older man. And after it says that, the air turns a strange, almost monochromatic hue, shifting from green to black as if the world was now in some low-tech Matrix.

Rashmi's other hand stays out, and in front of it a brightly-glowing circle, traced of sun-colored light and eye-twistingly full of arcane scribbles and geometry, stretches out to a four-foot radius, providing a shield to keep everyone behind her from being threatened by the crash.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-08 02:08:03 82436
Naomi Yomada looks at Rashmi and snickers. "Figured." She giggles and pulls out her Mirror! "PRETTY CURE! ROLLING MIRROR CHANGE!" Immediately everything goes dark violet as lightning strikes around her. Her clothing vanishes leaving her in a violet glowing slip. Her pretty cure costume quickly begins forming on her. Her prebrace forms on her wrist and a pouch for her mirror forms on her belt. "Curiosity, sparking the fires of Creativity! Cure Spark!" She states as She draws intersecting lightning bolts in the air. Then the transformation ends leaving Cure Spark where Naomi was.

She quickly jumps and her backbow turns into a pair of wings and she lifts off the floor of the elevator. "Okay Sayaka, Seth? What in the name of whatever deity you're messing with is going on? Tell me you didn't bring a plant monster to school! Didn't you ever see the play little shop of horrors?!" She states as she gets ready to fight.

Quickly A lilac pink bear fairy pops out and yawns, "What's all the yelling about. I was enjoying my nap!"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-08 02:15:03 82437
Puella Magi Sayaka narrows her eyes as she peers around. "Heh, figured something like this would happen." she peers curiously at Seth, as if he may have something to do with this. "Seth-kun..Is this the plant's doing, or.....?" then Rashmi and Naomi both henshin and she smirks, following suit, although her henshin is not quite so flashy nor lengthy. Just a flash of blue-white light and Puella Magi Sayaka stands before them. And she wastes no words with poses or grand speeches, summoning her chain sword and leaping upwards, punching a hole through the roof of the elevator. The shield helps to slow their descent, but even with a shield, will they make it out alive? "alright, we need to get to the top..And..." she peers briefly at Naomi as she produces some wings and smirks, "Heh, nice wings, nice getup. Here, help me direct this towards the top." and she swings the end of her chain sword upwards towards the top floor with a yell, hoping its sharp blade will cut deeply into the top floor. Once that is done and firmly in place, the chain sword links impossibly long, she glances towards Seth and Rashmi, extending a hand, "Here, grab on quick!" the elevator is rapidly descending, they'd better hurry!
Seth Locke 2017-09-08 02:35:53 82438
As the elevator comes falling, Seth closes his golden eyes...

And when he opens them again, they're not gold anymore, but an eerie tone of glowing red, their irises slittled. He groans, lips parting to show pointy canines, as a dark mist surrounds him now, and his features become mostly covered in an unnatural darkness. This one shapes itself into a winged form, with three pairs of wings.

Once the darkness recedes, the shape of former Seth is just about irrecognizable; instead, a form over 7 feel tall, clad in sepia and black and with dark wings and sharp claws is present in the falling elevator.

<<What are we waiting for? Let's move!>>, he announces, just about to take flight straight up.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-08 02:40:53 82439
Cure Spark snickers, "On it!" She takes off flying upward. It takes her all of a few seconds to get to the top of the shaft where she makes sure to drive that sword into the most solid spot she can find. She's definitely strong. It goes with being a Pretty Cure after all. She quickly calls out. "NOW!"

With that she turns away and quickly turns the dial on her prebrace, "SPARK REPULSION!" She calls out as she puts her hands out to defend in case anything decides to attack.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-08 02:48:36 82440
The offered hand is grabbed with a grateful look, but Rashmi can't suppress a startled squeak as the falling elevator falls around her as she comes to a hald in mid-air. Loosing a shaky breath, she looks down to the book tucked against her. "You okay, Nicomachea?"

*bing!* << Command Input Ready, >> the book replies. << Flier Fin. >>

Two pairs of bright yellow energy wings -- one on her back, and one on her ankles -- unfurl, and she lets go of Sayaka's hand, giving the Puella an even more grateful grin. "Thanks... Okay. So the Barrier'll keep anyone from being hurt, but I've never seen what happens when something in our world gets affected, then shoved over. So... that's something to worry about, after we've taken care of the plant thing. Anyway the point is, we can go all-out, since Nicomachea and I kinda shoved this entire area half a dimension to the left. Anything we do won't hurt anyone or anything in our world, we're basically in a parallel dimension right now. Just us and the flower." Adjusting her spectacles, she looks nervously up the elevator shaft, as if worried the plant will attack right this moment.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-08 02:52:27 82441
Puella Magi Sayaka grins up at Cure Spark. "Thanks!" she peers around her as people sprout wings and other flying mechanisms. "Heh, if I knew y'all could fly, I wouldn't have bothered.." Well okay, whatever. With a shrug, she leaps skywards towards the top floor, towards the rooftop. A loud crash is likely heard as the elevator falls below them. She glances around, "Everyone alright?" probably doesnt need to ask but she's just being polite. "Alright, so where's that green house." she returned her chat sword, keeping it at the ready for whatever else decides to pop up uninvited.
Seth Locke 2017-09-08 03:10:15 82442
<<The top floor>>, Seth replies to Sayaka. He starts accelerating up the elevator shaft. <<This was my doing - I'll take point.>>

And, just up at the end, wriggling things can be noticed moving about in the dark - branches!

And they shoot out from several spots, multiple incoming at each member of the ascending four.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-08 03:15:08 82443
Cure Spark still has her shield up. She quickly takes the hit with her repulsion field and then promptly moves. "Ummm... Really?" She quickly darts away from the attacking branches. "Whose idea was it to bring this thing to school!" A few quick punches are thrown at the branches. Yes She is punching what is essentially a tree. Finally she's had enough, "Spark Beautiful Halo!" A bright blast of lightning explodes outward from her zapping the youma something fierce.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-08 03:20:07 82444
"We can worry about that later!" Rashmi says, diving to one side to avoid an onrushing branch... but the elevator shaft is cramped, and she's not used to combat flying in tight quarters. Thus, her shoulder catches on a maintenance platform, slowing her up just in time to catch a branch in the gut that slams her hard against the wall.

That's the good thing about Barrier Jackets, though; they allow a Mage to take an ungodly amount of punishment. Which is why instead of being a smear inside the elevator shaft, or even breathless from having the wind knocked out of her, Rashmi simply looks shaken.

Shaken, but not out, as a trio of mana balls shine into existence, revolving slowly around her head. << SOLAR BARRET -- SHOOT! >> she calls, throwing out her free hand, and sending the little spheres speeding into the branch pinning her. One-two-three they explode against the corrupted wood, blasting the Mage free to put on the speed and get back with the group.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-08 03:31:06 82445
Puella Magi Sayaka lands lightly, gracefully on the rooftop, peering around to do a head count. "Everyone alright?" she frowns softly as Rashmi lags behind a but but breathes a sigh of relief when she catches up, seemingly okay. "Alright, just another day, huh?" she grins, seeming to enjoy all of this. "Onward then!@ she catches her chain sword once they are clear if the crashing elevator, narrowing her eyes as she peers into the darkness and grins, seemingly enjoying all of this. "Heh, looks like our little..'Science experiment' has grown since last time." she winks at Seth as she says that, peering back at Spark as she asks who brought it here, "umm well..Actually that'd be me.." she grins sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck, "But I didn't know it was gonna turn into a giant bloodthirsty plant!" of course that's when branches start attacking them out of the darkness and Saya narrows her eyes, moving at lightning speed as she dances about, slashing and slicing at branches that lash out at her. "Watch out, branches at 12 O'clock!"
Seth Locke 2017-09-08 03:50:12 82446
<<I see them.>>

The demon boy extends a hand, blackish energy stemming from it, which coalesces into a sword with an arcane design. With it, he starts to cut the branches as they approach his person. Slash! Hack! Slash! Hack!

<<Yeah... A demon of my making>>, he says regretfully to Sayaka. <<The sooner we end it, the better.>>

These words seem to make him even more resolute, as he speeds through the shaft and comes booming out of it into the air, landing solidly with his feet on the ground.

<<CREATURE!>>, he bellows out, <<COME OUT AND FACE YOUR MAKER!!>>
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-08 04:11:26 82448
Cure Spark quickly dodges the inbound branches and starts punching them. She quickly calls out, "Spark Glittering Staff!" A magical staff forms in her hand and she begins using it to beat back some of the branches. "Okay where is the main target. This is getting a little old. If I'd have known we'd be doing gardening I'd have grabbed a pair of freaking pruning sheers!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-08 04:15:52 82449
"Probably where Seth-san disappeared to," Rashmi notes, dodging another incoming branch. Not much for being on the attack, this one; perhaps her specialties lie elsewhere.

Half a dozen more balls of mana fade into the air around her, and she raises a hand toward the top of the elevator shaft. "C'mon, let's catch up! Defenser!"

*bing!* << DEFENSER! >> the book echoes, and another shield spreads into being in front of Rashmi's hand, her wings lifting up... then powering back hard, sending the Mage shooting through the tunnel after Seth. The mana-balls tear out around the edges of the shield, slamming into attacking branches and driving them back.

It would seem she's set to sweep the road clean for the other girls.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-08 04:27:55 82450
Puella Magi Sayaka grimaces at Seth, still not entirely used to his new form. "Seth..You created this..Where's the nucleus so to speak?" Ashe tries not to be disturbed by his demonic visage as she summons a ball of bluish energy, rushing at the branches with a loud war cry, unleashing a massive explosion of light and sound. "Shooting Stinger!!"
Seth Locke 2017-09-08 04:44:35 82451
The branches are destroyed, withering as they give up their horrid existence; but needless to say, this was only the first strike.

The demon boy lifts his head up, sniffing the air, turning his head slightly as if to try to pick up sounds in the vicinity.

But the need to search for this youma ceases to exist, as its presence is made aware by the sound of breaking of the greenhouse glass, and then a collection of branches stretching out and upwards, to fuse into a large grunk, the top of this standing what once passed for a sunflower, but filled with dark spikes for petals. It opens up, and a face can be seen - a human face, created from a thousand vines criss-crossing into a mesh.

<<That answer your question, Sayaka-chan?>>

The creature roars, but it comes out as a sort of corrupted hum, like the voice of a woman... Or the voice of a mother. It extends its branches in the direction of each member of the party, as it slithers forth from the shattered greenhouse...
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-08 04:50:48 82452
Cure Spark Looks at the horrid face. "Yikes, Ummm someone got a weed eater?" Then oh look. More branches. "This is getting old." She quickly she turns the dial on her prebrace. "Spark Lightning Strike! She launches herself forward to toward the branches. As she leeps through the air, She is struck by lightning. With a thunderous strike, she connects hoping to send them right back at the youma.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-08 05:01:03 82453
Hanging in the air behind the front-line fighters, Rashmi frowns at the battlefield below her. Drawing in a breath, she holds her book out in front of her. "Nicomachea? They all need our help, now, we can't waste time on simple spells."

*bing!* << SEALING MODE. >> the book answers, and glows brightly, obscuring its silhouette as parts seem to detach, change, and reassemble themselves. When the glow fades, the book looks markedly different. Its cover opens in both directions from the top, the pages sitting in the center of a heavy, metallic folio cover. A pair of brilliant yellow fealtheres wings of pure energy spread from the far corners, and a heat-sink valve rests on the upper end of each spine.

Smiling at the book, she looks up, and a magic circle spreads into being beneath her, illuminating her in a warm golen light. Holding the book high, she draws a deep breath, a ball of golden light forming over her head. For a good few moments, it continues to draw in motes of light, causing the bow to grow further and further, until Rashmi's voice finally rings out.


The ball of magic explodes, ejecting a half-dozen ribbons of rune-traced golden light dart through the shards of magic, eeling through the air toward her companions. At ankle height, the ribbons curl around the legs of all three, forming a ring over each ankle that begins to revolve, faster and faster.

Now, Seth, Sayaka, and Naomi can move faster than they may have thought possible. Perhaps not flash-step speeds, but it would be a very, very near thing.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-08 05:09:01 82454
Puella Magi Sayaka glances down at her legs as magical ribbons wrap around her legs. "Coool..." suddenly she feels ten times faster, as if she wasn't fast enough. Niw she's like lightning! She grins at Rashmi and nods. "Thanks! Let's take care of this!" she rushes at the branches, trying to cut through the small fry to get to the main threat, launching multiple swords in rapid succession as she swings her sword and dances like a flash of blue light around the shattered around the rooftop. When the human like face appears in the center of the maze of weeds and branches, she can't help but hesitate, glancing over at Seth curiously. "Waiiit, didn't we see that face in the last sunflower youma...? Seth-Kun...," she frowns, clearly having lots of questions for him but for now, they have a youma to defeat! "Tempestuoso Typhoon!!" she yells, spinning faster and faster, swords in each outstretched arm as she rushes at the human faced sunflower youma, summoning my a massive typhoon of blue energy and wind, hacking bg and slashing at it with her swords at the same time.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-08 05:39:37 82456
Cure Spark Smirks, "Nice one New Girl!" She smiles and winks before she gets ready. Taking a deep breath. Everything goes violet again. Bolts of lightning rain down, "Light of Curiosity, Turn into Sacred power!" She raises her arm and turns the dial on her prebrace. "Love Prebrace! Pretty Cure Ball LIGHTNING!" A pair of intersecting lightning bolts form behind her. The shift into a ball and move in front of Spark who quickly punches the ball sending it flying at the plant creature. "Spark of Curiosity, return to the heavens!" She states as everything goes back to normal, her finishing attack ending there. "Hit it with everything you got!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-08 05:43:12 82457
"I think I'll need a ride back after," Rashmi says, voice a bit breathless as she slowly lowers herself to the rooftop. Another circle spreads out beneath her feet, and one shaky arm raises, palm facing out at the flower's face. A series of ribbons, similar the ones around her teammates' feet, resolve into view around her arm, and a final disc about a foot away from her palm. A ball of light begins to grow, quivering as it grows in fits and starts -- clearly the Mage is digging deep for this attack -- and when the ball becomes about the size of her head, she draws in a deep, slow breath.


The ball explodes outward, a coruscating beam of golden magic tinged with red at the edges lancing out to shear into the horrible face in the center of the spikeflower. A weary jiggle of her hand turns into a nasty, cutting furrow over one 'cheek,' but she keeps the attack up as long as she can; probably longer than was really necessary.

Once done, however, she takes a shaky step back, her wings popping into sparkling motes, and her clothing uncerimoniusly returns to her mundane appearance. "...Oh," she says, woozy. "Yup. Gonnnna need a ride, thanks..."
Seth Locke 2017-09-08 06:09:06 82458
<<Yes>>, he tells Sayaka, at the same time readying his improvised weapon, <<I /know/!>> The fact that the youmas he unwillingly created seem to have a recurring theme focused on his mother is upsetting him visibly.

By readying his weapon, it means that it dissolves and reshapes into an eldritch double-edged longspear, upon which he tightens his grip.

Rashmi's boost attack comes just in time, because he spins the spear over his head, cutting the youma pretty much like the cutting blades of a helicopter cut through the air.

The finishers from each of the girls (plus one boy, but he's a demon) make the youma wince in pain, bits and pieces of its limbs and main body desintegrating or dropping to the ground before withering into a pile of smoke. In the end, among the dissipating remains, a sunflower - a normal-looking one -, can finally be found.

<<I think... It's over...>>
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-08 06:10:41 82459
"For now," Rashmi answers, pressing her palm to her forehead. "We still need to have a Talk about what happened and how you can make it not, Seth-san." Completely out of magic, just about ready to pass out, and still Rashmi pulls off the Annoyed Little Sister frighteningly well.