Nanoha Takamachi is contemplating the past few days and runs into Yuuki-chan! They have a chat about things, since Nanoha hasn't seen Yuuki-chan for a while!

Date: 2017-09-12
Pose Count: 21
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 03:38:46 82542
Nanoha Takamachi was sitting on a bench up near the sidewalk looking down to a large beach-like area near the parking lot to the beach. Not many people out now at the beach as it gets colder. It'll be less busy. That's always good when it comes to handling creatures around here or Jewel Seeds popping up or stupid things like that.

She sighed a long sigh, having managed to shake off Suzukua and Arisa hours ago when Rashmi-chan texted her. She tried to get into Seiyou to discuss things but it was too late and she finished helping her mom.

So she sat down and just stared at the ocean in the oncoming twilight as she took a big, large sighhhhh. Thoughts of Koji's situation and Fate in general shifting through her head.

She fidgeted a bit. She hated this long introspective staring sometimes but sometimes she could shift her thoughts out in the waves visuals, if she tried hard enough.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 03:44:47 82543
Sitting on the beach, is a sight unseen for a long while. She'd likely be heard long before she would be seen to be honest as she plays her cello, letting the ocean keep time for her. There is no method to the music that Yuuki is playing. No defined music. No real anything to it. Its just her playing. Her heart flowing out of body through the wire and wood. Its a very peaceful. A glance at Yuuki would show that her eyes aren't even open. She is simply letting out what is hidden in her heart. Casting whatever she is feeling into the ocean where it will never be heard again.

Softly the music fades. The young girl goes for her case and grabs the rosin to apply to her bow. Just where had she been in the past few months?
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 03:53:48 82545
Nanoha Takamachi is too frustrated to pick up the music at first. Jewel Seeds. Fate. Koji. Rashmi. She mutters to herself as she finds herself humming to... music?

She blinks and looks up straight ahead again and then to the right. Nothing. and then to left. Oh... oh!

She stands up and takes a small jog around the railings protecting the beach from the sidewalk, and then onto the sand and down as she pants and waves. She waits for her to stop, or otherwise notice her to talk and wave. "Hi, Yuuki-chan!" she says. "Where ya been?" she asks.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 03:58:44 82546
Yuuki Oshiro smiles and looks up. "Oh hay Nanoha-chan! Well... Remember When I got stuck in the hospital after the concert?" She blushes bright. "After that my Momma started watching me a lot closer. When she seen me with a few bruises and stuff, she thought I was getting hurt at school. She has been trying to home school me and stuff. I think she if finally going to let me just go back to regular school soon. I hope so."

"I was just trying to relax. The ocean is really nice and Its kinda hard to believe that its been a year sincemy life got turned upside down. Its strange. I haven't gotten to practice as much as I want but I do some when I can sneak up onto my roof. " SHe finishes rosining up her bow and she starts playing again. "How have you been?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 04:10:58 82547
Nanoha Takamachi asks how she's been. She fidgets. "I... um." she says. "I'm okay I guess." she says distractedly. "Just. Stuff. About the Jewel Seeds. And Fate-chan. Really." she says. "Going through my head." she says as she sits down on the sand and places her hand against her chin a little as Yuuki-chan plays.

"Sorry that happened." she says meekly.

"Not much has happened. I had a meeting with some new mages around! You should meet them!" she says. "Go to the um. Korma Chamleon? Ask if Rashmi-chan is around. She's a mage. You can talk to her! Tell her Nanoha sent ya!" she says.

"Oh they do authentic Indian curry there, and Indian food!" she says. "I like the um. Mango lassis." she says.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 04:15:14 82548
Yuuki Oshiro smiles, "I will have to go check it out! I don' think I've had Indian style food before. Isn't it really hot and stuff?" She asks curiously. "I will go find out!" She continues playing. The tune is a little happier then it was before. "Are there a lot of new mages around?"

Then the memories start to kick in. She remembers meeting Fate before. It was a little... intense. "Ummm. Is she still being really agressive about the jewel seeds? I've never even seen one of those before. I've just been practicing with my own abilities and stuff. I can make a shield without Shining Star's help now!" She giggles a little.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 04:32:01 82550
Nanoha Takamachi nods. "It can be hot? But it can be made as spicy or as hot as you want! Rashmi-chan will tell you to go less stars because the hotter it gets the less you taste it and the more it just burns your mouth." she smiles a bit.

"Um. A little. Theres... um. Rashmi-chan. Koji-kun and Jin-kun!" she says. She fidgets. "Yeah. She has. But. I also saw... met... um. Saw. Her. In Rashmi's resturant the other day." she says softly. "And it was odd because I only really see her when Jewel Seeds go off or something else scans as it..." she says gently.

"So it was awkward. And Koji had to call Rashmi-chan in to stop things from getting to super awkward."

"Something about. Girl talk or something." she mutters.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 04:35:32 82551
Yuuki Oshiro laughs, "Well. I wanna try some of the spicy stuff! Cause I just want to see if I can handle it." She quietly stops playing as she looks at Nanoha. "Whats wrong? You seem a little off." She frowns hoping that wasn't rude to say.

"Oh! Three new ones? That is so cool! I can't wait to meet everyone." SHe smiles a little. "Girl talk? I mean come on. You're a girl too... That would be really crazy." She frowns.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 04:44:59 82554
Nanoha Takamachi shakes her head. "Koji-kun isn't a girl! Neither is Jin-kun." she says. "Rashmi-chan is though. I dunno. I think they were talking amongst themselves for a moment." she says softly.

"I dunno. Koji and Jin said something that upset Arf. I dunno." she says. Yuuno knows because Yunno was hiding in Koji's bag at the time. But lord if Yuuno is gonna tell Nanoha 'the boys think you have some sort of crush on Fate-chan'. Yuuno is watching the situation though, carefully.

She softly sighs and shakes her head. "Just worried about Fate-chan more since the other day. It's like something is wrong and I dunno what." she mutters.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 04:49:12 82556
Yuuki Oshiro frowns a little. "OH ummm. Okay. I guess I just need to start doing stuff again. I'm so sorry I didn't get ahold of anyone. THings just were happening so fast and I was alone and stuff. I felt like I failed everyone Magical girls aren't supposed to land themselves in an emergency room are they?" Most magical girls don't get dehydrated from performing in a music competition!

"I really am sorry Nanoha." She hangs her head a little.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 04:53:31 82558
Nanoha Takamachi blinks. "I've landed myself in the hospital once or twice and I know a few who sometimes get sent many more!" she says. "But my barrier jacket tends to block most damage to me." she says meekly. "Maybe you outta make sure yours is up to snuff?" she asks meekly.

"Not that I'm saying it's bad or good, just, you may wanna take a look at it and make sure the spell is formulated right so it's not weakened accidently." she offers.

"No reason to apologize. It isn't your fault." she says softly.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 04:57:09 82560
Yuuki Oshiro frowns, "I ummm It didn't have anything to do with my barrier jacket. I was dehydrated." She frowns a little. "I was playing a music competition. I had just finished and was trying to calm my nerves. Then this youma attacked. I didn't even get a chance to get a drink. Then to finish it off, I attacked the youma with that move I was trying to perfect. That combined with being overheated and I sorta passed out. Thankfully the curtain got dropped before I my barrier jacket vanished."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 05:02:01 82561
Nanoha Takamachi frowns. "Yuuki-chan have you been training? You need to get out and train! I don't mean- practicing magic, but Raising Heart tells me part of it is tied to well being so I go out every morning, early early and run and run and run!" she says.

"Have you considered maybe hitting the gym and making sure you drink a lot during it?" she asks. "Always always drink during activity. Hydration is important, you know!" she says with a matter of fact nod and huff!
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 05:09:01 82562
Yuuki Oshiro smiles, "I've been trying to. The thing that got me was the timing. Music competitions aren't like sports. When you get up on stage its just you, your instrument and the spotlight in a hall with lots of people. So many people make it really hot as is and then the spot light is just really really hot. I sweated it all out! Then I didn't get to recover. So it was just a really bad situation."

She smiles, "I am hoping to really start training physically a little more. I've been focusing on my music a lot since I've been at home. I really miss being out and active."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 05:24:03 82563
Nanoha Takamachi nods. "So you should drink more is all, if it's always like that." she says as she lets herself fall back ward against the sand with a sigh.

"You should train, if you wanna be a good mage, Yuuki-chan." she says softly.

She sighs a bit and just blusters a bit to herself. "Did you know. When Fate came into the resturant? I hid under the table." she says.

"Like a dope." she mutters. "At first."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 05:28:10 82564
Yuuki Oshiro smiles a little. "I'm going to! don't worry! I want to start running in the mornings and stuff." She giggles. "As for drinking more, I usually try my hardest not to fight monsters when I am trying to win a competition!" She giggles again. "I will probably start tomorrow or something."

She cants her head. "Why did you hide? I mean... You're her friend right? Why would you hide from her?" She asks curiously.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 05:32:31 82565
Nanoha Takamachi frowns. "Because she doesn't like me? And acts like she doesn't know my name?" she asks. "And I thought there might be an active Jewel Seed or Lost Logia in the area so I had to check that. So. I took a ribbon out of my hair and popped up like it came loose and I was looking for it when I was sure there was nothing bad in the area." she mutters.

"I musta looked silly with half my hair getting in my face suddenly." she says.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 05:39:59 82566
Yuuki Oshiro frowns a little. She looks at Nanoha. Setting her cello down, she drops down and gives her friend a big hug. "She will get the point eventually. She will remember. I just know it." She thinks a little. "I know this much! I'm going to be back in the game! Maybe if we find the all of the Jewel seeds, she will relax?"

She flops down in the sand and looks out over the ocean. "I love the ocean! Its so pretty. It helps when I am fighting with stuff. Like when I'm missing my parents. Its like, no matter what, I can just let it all out and the ocean won't ever tell!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 05:55:47 82567
Nanoha Takamachi head tilts. "Yeah." she says as she leans her head back to get an upside down view of the ocean. "It's getting cold. They'll close the beach soon." she says softly.

"Luckily lots of people still live here to keep the local businesses going in this district!" she beams.

She sighs a bit. "I should head home before it gets too dark." she says softly as she sits back up and gets her tukus off the ground.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 06:00:12 82568
Yuuki Oshiro nods, "I should get home too." She stands and kneels down to put her cello in its case. Thankfully she didn't get too much sand in it. "Hey i will see you in school. Be safe..." She laughs a little. "Yeah like I need to tell you that. Anyone messes with you, you'd probably give them a lesson in manners." She winks and slings the cello over her shoulder. "Anyhoo be safe."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-09-12 06:01:33 82569
Nanoha Takamachi nods matter of factly! "And um. If Suzuka or Arisa come looking for me I'm busy!" she says, in case her two friends come snooping after her from earlier. Eek!