Under Other Circumstances...

... visiting the TSAB to seek help for Tyrfing might have been as bad an idea as Koji feared. But when Koji and Rashmi go, Lindy has no ominous dictates for them. Only help.

Date: 2017-09-12
Pose Count: 21
Catastrophic Crunch 2017-09-12 17:58:10 82570
    The building which is being used as the headquarters of the TSAB Remnant on Earth looks like any other Tokyo officebuilding- tall, square, with windows. Unassuming would be the proper term, and it's very likely that that was a deliberate choice. Ask any member of the organization and they'd say it was a 'temporary HQ', but they've been here for more than two years now with no hint of any way to escape the magical vortex which is Earth, and so the building has become quite well-developed in its role.

    Of course, nothing on the outside speaks to this. It appears perfectly ordinary. There is a security officer by the automatic sliding glass doors, however- a rather tall, muscular man with sunglasses and a suit. A regular Earth-suit, not a TSAB uniform. Subtlety, remember.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 18:02:58 82571
Giving her phone one last look, Rashmi nods to herself. "Okay, Koji-kun," she says, drawing herself up a faint bit. "I'm certain we can help you here... just... well when he's back, we'll probably have to calm Tyrfing down a little. Technically this is a TSAB branch office, but, Nanoha-chan says that they're working under a different name, helping the Virtue people out, so...?"

She lifts a shoulder, then looks back up at the top of the office building. "Anyway the point is, if anyone's going to get Tyrfing back it's them. And I don't mean to leave until they agree, okay?"
A Siberian cat 2017-09-12 18:08:14 82572
"I bet they're dating."

"Jin, if you don't stop that, I'm going to hit you."

"Mokoto, look at them. It's got to be young love. Plus she's cute I mean look at th- *THWAP*

"Jin Silvia I will whomp you with this cane if you finish that sentence."

"Yes, my love."

That is the conversation that they left on as Rashmi had explained to Koji that they were going Someplace Important. So he dressed up in his 'Meeting Important People' outfit. A navy blue suit with a black tie. So now as he follows along behind Rashmi and listens to her, looking up at the building, it's not a sense of trepidation that he has, but a small smile on his face.

Looking back to his friend once more, he replies, "No, it's okay. Rashmi, don't go in there thinking you'll need to get in a fight. If these people can't help him... we'll find someone who can. It'll work out, I know." Or more likely inside his head. I hope.
Catastrophic Crunch 2017-09-12 18:10:40 82573
    As the two young people approach the building, the guard standing outside the door noticably straightens, glancing their way. He obviously does not discount them because of their age- the TSAB has never discriminated based on age (for better or worse). However, he also makes no move to challenge or interfere with them until they actually approach the door.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 18:12:18 82574
"I don't think I need to get into a fight," Rashmi chuckles. "But I'm prepared for one if I do. C'mon." Leading Koji into the office building, she stops in front of the security guard, folding her arms in front of her, bouncing once on her toes, and throwing the guard the highest-wattage smile she can muster. "Terios Rashmi and Silvia Koji, here to see a, um... Lindy-sama? Nanoha-chan reccommended we speak with her, and Chiba Mamoru can vouch for us."
A Siberian cat 2017-09-12 18:18:10 82575
Instead of being adorable, which is arguably the purview of Rashmi, Fate, Nanoha... literally anyone else but Koji, instead he bows down as respectfully as he can, and says with his head lowered, "We do understand if Misuto or Missu Lindy is a busy person, and if they cannot be seen today, we would like to schedule an appointment with a secretary."
Catastrophic Crunch 2017-09-12 18:22:14 82577
    The guard regards Rashmi and Koji with no sign on his face that either the cuteness or the politeness have made any impact at all. Whatever his previous space-job might have been, the group clearly chose well when picking who was going to be the security guard, because he has mastered the stone-like impassive face common to his sort everywhere. He says nothing at the greeting of the two, until after Koji is done speaking. Then he replies with a very simple, "One moment."

    He turns away from them, raising a hand to his ear, as he speaks quietly into a radio attached to his lapel. The words are too soft to hear, but after a moment he turns back and simply nods. "You can go in. Take the elevator at the back. Twelveth floor."

    The lobby of the building is much like the outside- standard. Not fancy, lacking even a receptionist, but not threadbare either. Completely normal and unlikely to leave a strong impression. As indicated, however, there is a bank of elevators at the back of the entryway.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 18:25:42 82578
Rashmi Terios bobs her head. "Thank you!" she chirps, and heads toward the elevator as instructed, grinning at Koji. "Well that was easy! Good thing we've made some good friends, Koji-kun!" The UP button is poked, and now Rashmi waits, rocking back and forth on her heels.
A Siberian cat 2017-09-12 18:29:50 82579
While Rashmi may be nervously excited, Koji is just nervously nervous, and suddenly starts patting down his pockets. The first thing that comes out is the broken pair of glasses that is Tyrfing's physical manifestation and user interface, much like Nicomachea's book. Then as he lets them rest against his chest while he checks and then pats one side, and then the other, "Oh good."

He looks at Rashmi once more, a bit more relieved now, "When you are meeting a new business partner, you should always bring them a gift. I took a couple things my dad uses for these kinds of things. He won't miss them... He'll think I stole them to go on a date with you."

Queue. Nervous. Laugh.
Catastrophic Crunch 2017-09-12 18:39:36 82580
    The elevator rises smoothly, and then 'dings' when it hits floor #12. The doors slide smoothly open, revealing a plain white hallway. There are a few doors, but the correct one is obvious- it's at the end, and has a metallic nameplate affixed in its center which reads "Adm. Lindy Harlaown".

    The door isn't locked. Opening it is somewhat like stepping into the future- the office on the other side makes no pretenses of trying to blend in with normal Earth stuff. Oh, the room itself is normal enough- grey carpet on the floor, plain walls, windows at the back overlooking the city. Even a houseplant in a pot in the corner. But the desk is round and white, plastic or metal, it's hard to tell. And above it hover about a dozen holographic screens of various sizes, scrolling with text or pictures. The biggest one is hanging in front of the windows behind the desk, smaller screens arrayed around and beside it. At the moment it displays simply a TSAB logo. The admiral herself is sitting in her hair, turned away from the door as she reads something off of one of the smaller screens.

    She looks up as the two enter, and gives them a frinedly, almost motherly smile. Perhaps unexpectedly for someone carrying the rank of admiral, Lindy radiates a calm, friendly demeanor. Yet there's an obvious sense of strength and authority beneath it, something which adds to the sense of 'organization mom' rather than 'cold-hearted commander.' Her age is difficult to place; She doesn't seem old, but is clearly an adult. Her most distinctive features are her long teal-colored hair and a pattern of four small symbols, triangles perhaps though it's hard to tell, visible on her forehead where her hair parts.

    "Greetings," She says, as she turns her chair to face the door rather than the screens behind her. "I admit, I was not expecting guests this afternoon.. but if you know both Nanoha Takamachi and Mamoru Chiba, then I don't have a problem making a little time." She glances at the clock on her desk. "A little." She stresses again. Not unkindly, but just making the point that walk-ins to an admiralty are not generally the highest priority.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 18:45:04 82581
It's not until Lindy stresses that their appointment time is brief, that Rashmi stops staring in wonder at the holographics on display on the admiral's desc. One hand, in fact, seems to tighten around the other, as though the redhead knows quite well that One Does Not Touch Things Here, but the temptation abounds all the same.

Clearing her throat, she bows deeply. "Thank you for seeing us, Lindy-sama. I, um... well, we need help. Koji-kun," she says, looking at the boy, "needs your help. His Device got broken really badly, and there's nobody else that would have anything like confidence in their ability to fix him."
A Siberian cat 2017-09-12 18:50:13 82582
There's about a three-count after Rashmi's done speaking as Koji is looking up at the holo-displays almost wistfully, a reminder of the nights when he'd take off his glasses so that Tyr-kun could use his projection abilities and they could talk. He gulps once, and then does the same respectful bow as before. Coming back up he approaches the desk and takes something from his left pocket.

Out comes a small round metal case that has on the top of it 'Uji Matcha'.

"We are grateful to you for allowing us a part of your day, Missu Lindy.", Koji says, using the English word instead of san or Sama, "Please accept this gift as a thank you for your brief time today."

Leaning forwards like this, she can see the Device-Glasses. The cracked lenses, the warped frame. Even in a low power disguise mode like that, there should be enough Mana available to maintain a normal shape.
Catastrophic Crunch 2017-09-12 18:57:18 82583
    Lindy raises a brow slightly at Rashmi's words, though as Koji steps forward and places the gift on her desk, she smiles again. "Well, you are polite, aren't you? Thank you, Koji-san."

    A slight frown then tugs at her features. "Another unregistered Device user, is it?" A faint sigh. "I suppose it is to be expected. The destruction of the Asura flung pieces of technology far and wide." She eyes Koji for a moment, considering.

    "Under other circumstances, I would say your choices are to either surrender that Device, or put yourself under the supervision of the TSAB." She pauses a moment, and then sighs again. "However.. we are not under other circumstances. We here," She gestures around the building, "Are cut off from the main body of the TSAB. And the TSAB never had any real authority over Earth, anyway. So I won't give you that answer."

    "If Mamoru Chiba thought to send you here, then clearly he trusts you to use that Device. Although we operate separately from Virtue as an organization, we value their cooperation and assistance, and I like to think that feeling is mutual. In respect for that association, I can agree to have one of our Meisters take a look at your Device. I can't guarantee they will be able to repair it- I'm no Meister myself, and I don't know how badly damaged it might be. But I can at least allow you to have it examined, and repaired if it is within our ability. Our resources here are not what they once were."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 19:00:42 82584
"Two, Lindy-sama," Rashmi corrects, extrating the sunburst charm of Nicomachea, and holding it up with a faint blush. "But we should probably warn you about a couple things." She turns to look at Koji, raising her eyebrows. Koji Silvia, the floor is yours.
A Siberian cat 2017-09-12 19:05:35 82585
Taking a step back from the woman, Koji straightens up, and then looks down and away for a moment, the look on his face obviously conflicted before he goes on, "Technically, Missu Lindy, Tyrfing is your property. He's the former partner of a TSAB Agent. Her name was Seraphim Murcielago. She perished 73 years ago while, according to Tyrfing, coming to Earth to stop something that would have caused major damage to Earth. He was damaged, and was in self-repair until I found him last year."

Another pause, and he goes on, "And apparently, we are permanently Merged. I understand from other Device Users that they can separate, and even give up their Devices. I cannot. I understand if this means other steps will need to be taken on my part. I apologize for complicating your situation."

The whole time he speaks though, he cannot really meet the admiral's eyes, the obvious guilt of revealing information about Tyrfing without him here to defend himself weighing on the young man.
Catastrophic Crunch 2017-09-12 19:10:38 82586
    Lindy just looks expectantly to Koji as Rashmi hints that he might have some sort of revelation to tell her about the Device in question. When he does disclose what he knows about Tyrfing's origin, her brows raise in surprise, and she's silent for a few moments as she considers.

    "I see. That is.. interesting. I don't have any particular knowledge of this Seraphim Murcielago, but if it was 73 years ago, that's not surprising. That was before I was born, and if it was one agent, it is unlikely the mission made it into the text books."

    She pauses for a moment. "If you say you are Merged with this Device, then I won't doubt you. But I would ask that you allow my Meister to examine you while repairing the Device. It may be in your best interest as well as ours to understand the situation, especially going forward. I won't try to take it from you, even if such a thing is possible. As I said.. I don't have the authority here, nor do I have the time or energy to worry about those sorts of things. Just trying to survive and keep my unit together is more than enough of a challenge for me. But I'm never one to believe that more knowledge is a bad thing."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 19:16:32 82587
"I understand," Rashmi says, restraining her smile. "Thank you for everything you can do, Lindy-sama. You and your people."
A Siberian cat 2017-09-12 19:18:53 82588
Koji bows once more as well, and then says, "Thank you for any assistance you can provide, Missu Lindy."
Catastrophic Crunch 2017-09-12 19:22:04 82589
    Lindy considers the two young people for a moment more, then nods her head. "Take the elevator down to subbasement one. I'll call ahead and let them know that you're coming." And then she turns back to her monitors.. the motion clearly indicating that the interview has come to an end.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 19:23:24 82590
Rashmi Terios bows once more. "Thank you again, Lindy-sama," she says, and turns to head back toward the elevator. With her back turned, she feels a little more free; enough to grin widely at how well this went.
A Siberian cat 2017-09-12 19:25:11 82591
Another bow. Another. A third for good measure, "Yes, very much, thank you Missu Lindy. Please enjoy the Matcha. It is supposed to be very good for the mind and spirit."

He backs towards the elevator. Another Bow.

And another.

Amazingly, he just managed to not bump into the elevator, straightening and turning to face the door with just barely enough room to keep his nose from brushing against it.