Three Mages in an Indian Restaurant...

Yuuki, Reshmi and Koji meet at Korma Chameleon. They quickly become friends!

Date: 2017-09-12
Pose Count: 30
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 21:01:22 82592
It is a nice day today. School is out and Yuuki Oshiro is doing a post school jog. She is trying her best to get back into the swing of things. She is working up a good sweat as she jogs by the Indian Restaurant... She slows up and jogs in place a moment before back tracking and checking the place out. This is the place that Nanoha-chan had told her about She checks her phone and shrugs. With a smile she slips into the restaurant.

The young girl smiles as she takes in the sight of the interesting setting. She adjusts the shoulder straps of a rather long, rather heavy gig bag. A Cello.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 21:08:03 82593
At this time, the dinner rush is in full swing, and all hands are on deck to help with the serving. "Welcome!" chirps a young, dark-skinned bespectacled redhead as Yuuki enters the restaurant. "Just one... moment.... Aha!" Grabbing a menu, Rashmi leads Yuuki to a table in the back, right next to one holding a braid-tailed boy roughly Rashmi's age. "Sorry, it's pretty much the busiest time... Have you ever had Indian curry before, miss?"
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 21:16:18 82595
You're at a certain disadvantage when you live with two parents in recovery from being energy drained... a condition that has no viable cure for normal people over those of the Mahou-inclined or adjacent. One of those is a long recovery. And while Koji is a dutiful son, he's also been chafing for space.

The table in question has school books over 2/3rds of it as he's scribbling down notes with a mechanical pencil on grid paper. Looking up at the declaration, he just nods and then bows his head once, the braid bobbing slightly before he says, "Rashmi, I'm ready to order... when you're done, of course." And the boy begins putting markers in places in different books and pushing them down into a leather satchel-pack at his feet, to replace them with other topics. What gets left out on the table is a rather expensive-looking pencil case, partly slid out to show 2 more mechanical pencils and three pens, one to each side of the central spine of the slide, and a stencil of a snow leopard on top of it with a blue crystal eye.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 21:25:21 82596
Yuuki Oshiro looks at the the Indian woman and she smiles a little. "Oh umm. Thank you! Yes its my first time. This place is nice I like it!" She smiles and unslings the instrument from her back and takes a seat. "Actually the reason I came here is because a friend told me that there were some people here that I needed to meet here. Some new friends." She giggles a little. A simple bracelet on her wrist catches the light. A yellow gemstone shaped like a star.

SHe thinks, "Ummm what do you suggest? I heard that the food can be really spicy. I wish I could do a test to find out how much spicy I could take."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 21:29:37 82598
"Well it can be, sure," Rashmi says, glancing at Koji, giving the boy a nod and smile. "But Mami likes it when people can taste the food, not just the heat, so I'd probably reccommend you don't have anything more than two-star, just to see if you like heat at all. Other than that... it really depends what kind of things you like. Mami's from West Bengal, and that's where Papi learned how to curry, so, most of the food is going to have mustard oil, and there's a lot of fish as well as the regular stuff."

With that, she turns to Koji, smiling brightly. "Okay! What did you want, Koji-kun?"
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 21:38:47 82600
The boy at the next table over doesn't even look at the menu, "Would it be okay if I could order the lunch menu Lamb Biryani, two star, a laccha salad, and those weird fish-beef Samosas?" He points up to the board where Rashmi's father posts the daily specials, "The Pride of Kashmir?" Not understanding the little joke behind it as he forgets and adds, "And a soda?"
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 21:41:48 82601
Yuuki Oshiro looks at her, "Okay the Special then." She smiles and glances over to Koji. "Nice pencil case." She comments. "Oh Umm Tea for me please." She quietly gets out her books starts working on her little bit of homework. "Maybe I should have asked Nanoha-chan for names and stuff. I dunno who to talk to." SHe frowns as she speaks to herself.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 21:50:19 82603
The orders are scratched down in her pad, though the redhead perks up at the dropped name. "Oh! Well you're in luck, then. I'm Terios Rashmi, and that's Silvia Koji, Nanoha probably asked you to talk to us. Just let me get this to the kitchen, and I'll tell Papi that I'm on break for a little bit, okay?" And with that, she bops back toward the kitchen.
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 22:01:32 82605
Koji's hand goes a bit protectively over his new pencil case, and for a moment it seems there's a blue reflection from the eye on the pad of his palm as he says back to the newcomer, "Oh... thank you. It was sort of a gift." Rubbing the mechanical pencil's back on the back of his head and into his hair a moment. Then his name is brought up just after someone mentioning Nanoha, and he suddenly gets one of those nervous kinds of smiles.

"SO..." A pause, "Where did you meet... Takamachi?"
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 22:07:04 82607
Yuuki Oshiro blinks at the two. Rashmi hides it well enough but the nerveous smile of Koji sings the tune loud and clear. "Oh ummm. We are friends. I go to school with her and umm. I had a run in with her." She smiles a little. She idly closes her book and smiles to Rashmi, "Hurry back."

Her attention goes to Koji. "So how do you know Nanoha-chan?" She asks curiously. She is actually just cheerful. She simply doesn't show her cards. Even though this would be so much easier to put up a barrier so they could talk without anyone really overhearing.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 22:10:39 82608
Rashmi Terios hurries out, pulling off the apron bearing the aggressively adorable mascot of the Korma Chameleon and hanging it on a lone peg by the kitchen door. A few moments later, she slides into the booth opposite Koji, beaming at the pair and passing around glasses of cool, smoothie-like drink. "Mango lassi," she explains to Yuuki. "It's made with yogurt, you'll probably like it. Anyway! Hi!"
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 22:15:04 82609
Koji reaches up with one finger, and pushes his rather nice-looking half-rimmed glasses up with one finger, causing the like to shift and shimmer against the lenses, "Well, the truth is..."

And the entire coolness factor of the boy just sort of drains out as his shoulder slump, "I just sort of do? I mean... her family has a nice place to eat, but the Midor-ya really serves a lot of stuff I can't have anymore, so I kinda just drank tea and ate a little bean cake while I was there."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 22:21:41 82611
Yuuki Oshiro smiles and takes a sip of the Mango Lassi. She licks her lips and her eyes go wide (complete with Sparkles in them!) "Mmmmmm This is amazing!!!" SHe beams happily. "My name is Yuuki Oshiro. It is nice to meet you both. So umm Yeah. Nanoha-chan is one a really good friend. She's been helping me out a lot. since.... Everything happened."

Shelooks at Koji. "Yeah the Midori-ya is pretty cool. I can't wait til their menu changes. I love their apple cider!" She giggles. "So ummm..." She looks around hoping they are the only ones. "Still being honest or are we all going to use our little stories."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 22:25:20 82613
Rashmi chuckles, drawing out a charm with a circular red glass 'gem' in the center of a yellow sunburst design. "Just keep your voice down, and when it gets this pack we can talk about almost anything without worrying if we'll get overheard. This is Nicomachea, he's my Boost Device."

*bing!* goes the charm, and speaks in a way that only the magically inclined can hear. << INDEED, MASTER. >>
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 22:36:00 82615
Rubbing at the back of his neck, Koji chuckles a bit, eyes closed, head tilted slightly, and the it drops once more before he just gives a sigh of relief. He holds up the mechanical pencil, which has a matching blue gemstone in the clicker-button on the back to the eye of the snow leopard on the case as he replies, "This is Tyrfing. Sorry he's not speaking at the moment. The Meister said because of my low Mana potential, he's going to be a few more days before he can be talkative again."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 22:44:00 82617
Yuuki Oshiro smiles bright. "Hello Nicomachea, Tyrfing." She giggles just a little. "This," She holds up her wrist with the star gemed bracelet on it, "Is Shining Star. She is an experimental intelligent device."

<< That is correct, Sister. >> The female voice has a Midchildan accent almost edging on British.

"She calls me Sister because... my umm. My dad created her." Yuuki looks down. The fact that her dad still spawns feelings like this is a bit overwhelming.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 22:51:47 82618
*bing!* << DEVICE Tyrfing DISPLAYS OPTIMUM LEVELS OF talkative. >> Nicomachea says... and somehow... yes, a Device that sounds like a wise older man, perhaps a deep thinker... is in fact being catty and petty, and sampling Koji's voice like it knows what it wants to say but doesn't have the right programming.

Rashmi shoots her charm a glare, but sighs. "Sorry about that... Nicomachea and Tyrfing get together, and it ends up a little bit cats and dogs, and a little bit ten-year-old boys. Anyway it's good to meet you too, Shining Star." Rashmi tilts her head at Yuuki, eyebrows rising. "Everything okay?"
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 22:56:33 82619
For a moment, anyone looking very closely could swear that the blue crystal 'eye' flashed... just a little... and the pencil case might have vibrated, but that could also be Koji shifring positions. Either way, he dips his head slightly towards the new Device and says, "Hello Shining Star."

Koji leans back after a moment, the unique pencil dancing over his fingers before he adds, "Tyrfing isn't like your Devices. Well... he wasn't before. Now he partly is. He's a Belkan Unity Device... only he was broken. The Meister managed to fix most of what was wrong, but had to build in and bypass several things to make him function properly."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 23:03:44 82620
<< A pleasure to meet you both. It is good to have more mages in the area. Sister has been out of business the past few months but has been practicing. >>

Yuuki frowns and rubs her head. "Well you see, my dad was from Midchilda. He never told my mom or me about anything. He got sick and passed away a few years ago. It sucks. Last year I dressed in my dads work clothes for halloween and Shining Star fell out. She recognized the DNA match between my dad and me and... nothings been normal since. I still miss him."

She takes a sip of that yummy drink and then just looks at the two mages and she can't help but giggle. "That is just too funny."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 23:15:21 82621
"I'm very sorry to hear that," Rashmi says of Yuuki's father's passing.

She falls silent for a bit, unsure what to say, then Yuuki starts giggling at their Devices. "It can be funny sometimes, yeah. Other times I just want to stuff Nicomachea back in the book I found him, but that'd be mean, I think."
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 23:23:37 82623
The young man has a moment of silence with a lack of what to say, and then Rashmi speaks up and he merely nods in reply. As the topic goes back to the Devices, he sighs once and picks up his pencil case, "Well, I think it has to do with their run-times, at least I heard someone talking about it while he was under repair. Tyrfing is physically older than Nicomachea, but Rashmi's Device has been running longer."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 23:30:46 82624
Yuuki Oshiro hmms "Well Umm, I guess this means I'm not the new mage in town. So umm How did you all get your starts? I mean I was just a normalish girl who it turns out is half Earth human and half Midchildan. I sorta wish I could meet some of my relatives over there. Or at least learn more about my father. My dad loaded Shining Star with all sorts of information concerning training and such. It makes things a lot easier. My dad was a Meister. Shining Star was his finest work but he never got to show it off. I thought about learning to be a Meister too but, I think I like actually being out and fighting and stuff."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 23:33:29 82625
Rashmi Terios shrugs faintly, sipping at her drink. "Honestly? I have the boring story. I was at a used bookstore, and he fell out of a copy of 'The Book of Three.' Owner never saw it before, so he let me have it free if I bought the book. Turns out it's not just a charm, but a magic space-book and it can teach me how to fly and zap people and stuff."
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 23:41:32 82626
Whatever Koji might be wanting to say on this is interrupted by the buzz of something in his school uniform pocket. Reaching into it, he takes out his smartphone, and then gives a faint frown as he sets it to one side and begins packing up his books.

"Sorry Rashmi." He says, then "Sorry Missu Oshiro. I have to go. My dad's insisting he wants to walk to the conbini for cigarettes, and Mom can't talk him down. Maybe we'll get a chance to talk later."

Once more there might be a faint flash from the crystal eye as the mechanical pencil is slid back into place, and the case is closed almost like a bow-quiver. He slides that into his pocket with his smartphone and slips his books into his bag, "I'll go to the counter and get my food to go Rashmi. Sorry."

Again comes an apologetic look and a bow before he heads up to talk to the Terios-sama.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 23:45:02 82627
Yuuki Oshiro gives a polite bow to Koji. "Be safe out there, Koji-san. Good luck with your dad." She smiles and gives a little wave.

Then its back to Rashmi and smiles, "Hey nothing wrong with small beginnings. It means you can grow at your own rate and come into your own. I have my daddy's shadow over me. I honestly wish I could talk to some people from the TSAB and see if they knew some more about him and stuff. I've not met anyone from there yet even though I know several of them are stuck here on Earth."
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-12 23:47:46 82628
"It's okay, Koji-kun," Rashmi says after the boy. "Give your mom a hug for me?"

Turning back to Yuuki, Rashmi grins. "We were just there a couple days ago actually, they're the ones who fixed Tyrfing. ...Um. Hm. But Lindy-sama seemed pretty busy, maybe if you could ask Nanoha-chan to see if she can make a little time to call you? She'll probably want to know about you and Shining Star anyway, so it can't hurt."
Koji Silvia 2017-09-12 23:49:45 82629
Koji gets a bag for to-go from Rashmi's dad, tries to add a Lassi to go twice into it. Koji deftly avoids it and comes back to snag his school satchel from under the table, along with taking a napkin and swiping it down for Rashmi so that someone else can be seated. Almost like a catchphrase, he says to both girls, "Sumimasen." And then turns to depart out the door, one hand furiously texting away.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-12 23:50:37 82630
Yuuki Oshiro smiles and nods, "Yeah I should probably do that. Its a little strange to be honest. I am pretty sure Shining Star is complete. I mean she has been helping me out a lot. But I am sure they would want to know more about it." She grins a little. "I just have to get better at stuff. I've still got so much to do you know. Still learning and all!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-13 00:00:02 82631
"Well it's not so much that she's not complete," Rashmi chuckles, "but Lindy-sama seems to like to know what Device User is where, even if she can't really do much about it at the moment. And if she knew your dad, well... she'd want to know too."

Rashmi seems about to say more, but then Yuuki's dinner is served; a tureen of chunks of lamb and vegetables, in a thick, mustard-and-spice-smelling red-brown sauce. A pot of orangish-yellow rice is set next to the tureen, and on the other side a low stack of soft, grilled flatbread. "Enjoy your dinner," Rashmi chuckles, sliding out of the booth. I've probably been on break long enough, I've got to get back to work. I've got your tab, don't worry about it this time, okay?"
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-13 00:04:00 82632
Yuuki Oshiro smiles softly and looks at all the food. "Oh goodness! This is amazing looking! I may have to take half of this home for momma tonight!" She giggles and takes a bite. "Oh wow! The spicy is really nice. It accents the flavors really well!" SHe shakes off the amazing new foods for a moment before she looks at Rashmi. "Oh umm Okay Yeah! I look forward to hanging out and stuff!" She gives a little wave. "Be safe!"