The Phantom's Wrath

Phantom, the Pretty Cure Hunter, is in town and he is having a few issues. This means trouble for more then just the Pretty Cures. It means trouble for all of Tokyo!

Date: 2017-09-14
Pose Count: 29
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-14 23:05:48 82739
Its a beautiful day here in King Penguin park. The sun is shining, The puffy clouds fill the air. The air is rather cool... Its just a really nice day. Its the kind of day that a person just wants to relax a little. Some people are doing just that making their way to the park just to enjoy it all. What could possibly be wrong with such a lovely day?
Sora Hisakata 2017-09-14 23:11:28 82741
Sora is in the park, sitting on a bench and reading a book for class. She's got a bag full of school things right next to her, and she appears to just be taking things easy, enjoying the tail end of summer for its own sake, any worries seem long distant.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-09-14 23:13:13 82742
Sakura Kinomoto was out and about on such a beautiful day! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, she had a couple of sweets in a small box that she'd be bringing over to Tomoyo and Kero to thank the former for taking care of the cards and kero for her, the latter as kind of a silent 'I'm sorry I just can't deal right now' apology.

She was feeling better, at least. She hadn't woken up from horrible nightmares and had to hug her stuffed penguin in ages. Well. Days. Two days. That was still an improvement.

As long as she didn't have to deal with any magic for a bit, she was sure she'd recover. Just... the idea of dealing with actual magic right now. Of doing.... that again...

Instead she focused on skating through the park, singing a little song she'd heard at school. "The penguin hop a dop a dops. When it went to the ice berg top a lop a lops. It fell down with a sudden bop a cop a cops~" It was a silly song, but it felt good on a day like today.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-14 23:17:05 82744
Its been a long day at school. Lots of work and lots of just bleh. With it so nice outside, She just didn't want to be there. So when the last bell rang, she got out of the building very quickly. She charged out forgetting her books for homework and just making her way out into the sun.

Her feet carry her into the park. That alone is enough to bring a big smile to her face. Quickly she moves to a stand and orders a tayaki which she promptly noms on. Somethign about fish shaped pastry is just so yummy! As shesees Sakura skating by, she gives a little wave as she makes her way a seat. "Ahhhh So nice out today!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-09-14 23:19:38 82745
And then there's Mikoto, who has been rather forcibly evicted from her lab by a worried Hikari. She's out and about, stretching her legs and enjoying the warm not-quite-fall air. She doesn't skate, but she is using the same path that Sakura is, on her way through the park. She's got a lot of different things on her mind these days, not the least of which is some friends she hasn't seen much of in a while. Still, a familiar face is a pleasure even if it wasn't the one she was hoping for.

"Ahh! Kinomoto-san! Beautiful day, isn't it?" she calls out as she turns a corner and finds herself in the skater's path. It looks like the weather is on everyone's mind of late. Maybe there's something coming... eh, you're overthinking it, girl. Just enjoy it.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-14 23:31:32 82750
Hannah is here too! Or at least jogging on by. Dressed in a pair of shorts and a top, with Boris leading the way, the young woman has not slacked off on her exercise. If anything, she seems even more obsessive as of late. Something about 'reacclimating'.

Thanks to R.T. in her pocket and a mental tap from Boris, Hannah stops and waves. "Heeey Sakura! Miko! Sora!" Griiin! Grin! There's that happy, belligerant jerk smile her friends know and love (!?). She doesn't stick around long though. Off for another lap around the park!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 00:09:35 82755
It is a lovely late summer day, isn't it? There's kids getting in as much playing as possible in the park before winter comes and ULTIMATE FRISBEE turns into LARGE SCALE SNOWBALL WARFARE. Overall, it's a regular, quiet, everyday in the park as people go about their daily activities.

Meanwhile, all the way over on the distant CLOVER TOWER, there's a quick gust of wind that blows across the top as Phantom falls onto the top of the tower. He does not have his sword drawn as he looks out over Tokyo from arguably one of it's highest points.

"As love grows..." he says to himself as he grabs the handle of the sword. " does the fall into despair when it snaps." he says.

"Now is the perfect time..." he mutters as he draws his sword- glowing with a powerful sinister intent.

"LET THE FUTURE REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR....... BECOME TERRIBLE!" calls out Phantom as he throws the sword skyward.

There is a powerful burst of darkness that flys out towards the entire Pikarigaoka and Mitakihara regins, it's powerful and expands out well into the middle of these regions from the epicenter. The burst tingles at the senses of the magical people in the area. It's bad. and terrible. and makes you feel sick at your core- but nothing more. For you.

For the people around you. The effect is more severe. They become immediately trapped in a mirror. Everyone around you. Those kids playing. That jogging couple. The ice cream vendor. That dog chasing a ball. Followed by crags of purple, sharded and sharp crystals suddenly growing out of the ground. And the buildings in the distance in the affected area. And purple rocky pebbles on the ground on a slowly deadening soil.

THEN. Terribads. Not just one. or two. or three. Hundreds of them. Here in the park. There's some in the distance. There's one sitting in the pond. They are all wearing purple capes. And their 'sunglasses' have frilly winged tips at the end. They don't seem to have a 'theme' like a regular terribad. They all look the same. What the horrible heck is going on!?

Haruna Kurosawa was out putting Gullwing Coffee flyers advertising the new Fall and Winter lineup of SUPERHOT, HASTAG #SPRHOT! Drinks at Gullwing when this wave of sick just passed over here somewhere near the park and she got dizzy. And sick. She'll need a moment to figure out what just happened and join in.

Well. Things just got really Terrible. And Bad. Obviously.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-09-15 00:23:02 82756
Sakura Kinomoto blinked and then... "Oh! Nakajima-sama! How wonderful to see you!" she said, before skidding to a stop and... barely avoiding falling face first. She was doing well today! "What brings you here today? Going on a fun adventure?" she joked, smiling up at the girl and then folding her hands in her lap and bowing politely. Always so respectful.

Her face lit up when Hannah came by, but before she could call out, the girl was gone!

And then all of a sudden... things went bad.

She stumbled back and lifted a hand to her chest, her breathing getting faster. "W-what..." she said. All those bad thoughts and memories flooded forward. Then her eyes went wide and...

A mirror appeared around her. She reached out, dropping her sweets and spilling them across the ground, moments before she was sucked into the mirror and a terribad flowed out from it.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 00:32:24 82757
Naomi Yomada looks around as things go really dark. A chill goes through her. A voice comes from her bag. "This is really bad Naomi-chan. I sense not something really dark... The only time I felt it before was when Phan... Naomi! I'm sensing terribads! Not just one or two. A whole lot of them!" She is freaking out she's so scared.

"Umm, Lilac? I don't think you needed to tell me that." Her eyes go wide as people all around her are mirrored. Then there are the Terribads. They aren't like any that she'd seen before. But with what Lilac told her... There is only one source she can think. "Phantom..." She frowns.

Quickly she loads her prechan mirror and turns the gem, "Pretty Cure! Rolling Mirror Change!" The Image of Naomi in a glowing violet dress is covered with the image of Cure Spark. Lightning crashes all around her as her clothing goes through the transformation. Finally she speaks. "Curiosity sparking the fires of Creativity, CURE SPARK!"

The transformation finishes leaving Cure Spark standing in the park and drawing the attention of Trio of Terribads. "Phantom, I don't know where you are but I can never forgive you for this!" She hastily turns and gets ready. "Do you three really think you are going take this city over? Its not going to happen." She launches herself into the air and unleashes a barrage of punches on the first Terribad. Knocking it back and using the recoil to attack the next. That one falls quickly and she punches the third one as well. Hey. She's a Pretty Cure. Punching is in the Job Description!

Finally with the three down, she Turns the dial, "Light of Curiosity become Sacred power! Love Prebrace! Pretty Cure Curiosity Lightning Storm!" A storm forms above the small group of Terribads as Intersecting lightning bolts come crashing down hitting them. Purifying them And freeing whoever was unlucky enough to be mirrored in their case. Sadly those three are the tip of the iceberg. "Whose next."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-15 00:37:03 82759
The terribads hit the fan, and one of Tokyo's defenders was actually in henshin playing PokeGo, and literally no one needs to know that.

He lands on the roof of the library in King Penguin Park and leans over the side, looking, then rapidly sends out a mass text:

Mamoru TXT: idk how widespread, but there's mirrors, it is a precure/phantom-empire thing, *dont break the mirrors to free the people we dont know what happens if we do*, so kill the monsters instead ok?

And then he hop! skip! jumps! over treetops...

Red lightning slices through the air, trailing a @};--',--'-,-- which lands, stem first, sticking into the forehead of one of the Terribads like an arrow. A petal flutters down as the rose settles. Somewhere, a spanish guitar plays, accompanied by castanets.

A ringing voice calls out from overhead, and it belongs to the gentleman in the mask and flowing cape, which is MUCH COOLER than the capes and sunglasses of the terribads thank you very much. "HOW DARE YOU monsters not actually have the intelligence to parse a justice speech! Neither your reprehensible actions nor the intentions of your master shall be countenanced; they are unforgiveable, and I, Tuxedo Kamen, shall be your opponent!"

Then the acrobatics start, and like he double-jumped last week in Ultimate with Kazuo as his launchpad (but without warning the next monster to brace for impact), the former gentleman thief turned prince introduces his magical henshin dress-shoes to the head of another Terribad. Instead of launching up from there to catch a frisbee, he instead launches up to catch a tree branch and slingshots around it to increase the projectile velocity (and therefore force) of his feet.

There's really nothing purifying about it, but experience says that in a pinch, a thorough curbstomping is adequate at taking the place of the pure and ferocious light of focused magical love.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-09-15 00:41:51 82760
No. No. No. Oh no. Not this. Not now. Not somebody she actually knows and cares about. Mikoto just stands there staring at the mirror for a long moment as the monster emerges from it. Her eyes are wide, her teeth grinding as she suppresses a scream of rage. Then she gives up on holding it back.

She leaps at the Terribad, without even bothering to henshin, punching and kicking at it and screaming incoherently. Her unaugmented blows have little effect on the monster, beyond annoying it a little, it seems, and it expresses that annoyance by grabbing her by the collar and hurling her into a tree.

The impact, despite the shower of leaves and twigs that it produces, seems to snap the girl out of her fury... or at least into something more resembling sanity. She reaches out, a slender dagger appearing in her hand, as she calls out.

"Carnwennan.... SHATTER!"

The familiar Belkan spell-glyph surrounds her as her Barrier Jacket slides into place, Hagane's familiar blue suit... and right in the middle of it the circle itself seems to explode, sending shards of light flying in several directions. Several of the creatures are caught by the shards, each one simply ripped apart by the force of the blast, leaving a smallish clear area around her as she takes a brief swing with the rapier she now holds.

"Come and get me, creatures of Shadow. Come and face your end!"
Sora Hisakata 2017-09-15 00:42:24 82761
"Uh... hi." Sora looks at Hannah with mild confusion, but before she can work out why exactly things happen. She looks around, and then grabs her bag, getting out an old leather-bound tome wrapped in silver chains. She loosens the chains quickly, the book opening on its own to the correct page, allowing Sora to recite an incantation in a long-lost tongue.

The winds pick up from the north, turning rapidly as they approach Sora, until a small twister envelops the girl. After a brief while the wind settles down enough for the now changed girl to come forth, floating in the wind as she holds onto the book with one hand, a pair of ballpoint pens floating next to the other. "I am the ..." pause, glance at the book to check her script, "Cute Witch Kazeko."

The pens are then flung, propelled by force of wind towards a pair of terribads. "It turns out you have not been blessed with favourable winds today. If you will forgive me for airing my thoughts, I'd suggest backing off while you have the opportunity."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-15 01:09:36 82763
Hannah's decently far away by the time that feeling sweeps over the park. Mirrors erupt around people, and the young woman very nearly vacates her stomach as she stumbles off the path, rolling down a small hill and behind a tree. It turns out to be a somewhat perfect spot to get one's head back together, as she spies the many, /many/ Terribads lining both the path /and/ deeper towards where they seem concentrated. Isn't that where Sakura was!?

The text only confirms things. Suddenly, Hannah grins. "Raging Tempest...SET UP!"

There's a flurry of wind, fists, legs, and oddly enough...feathers? That heralds Miss White's arrival in her usual fashion when presented with a target rich environment. Her path towards the thick of the fighting is the woman riding a burst of wind beneath her feet, an emerald-green shield in front of her as she smashes through Terribads. Finally she skids to a stop, leaving a long skid line of broken concrete and dirt. She doesn't bother with a Barrier just yet as Raging Tempest humms on her hand.

"Wide Area Search, R.T.! Show me who's responsible for all this!" The Device scans away as she proceeds to toss and punch Terribads through trees and into ponds with her usual lack of restraint.

"Sorry, I'm not cut out for justice speeches! But every single one of you makes my stomach turn, and I just ate some of Cure Gull's cooking! There's going to be a suffering sandwich into your glass jaws for that!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 01:32:25 82767
Terribads. Terribads everywhere. So many of them. Sakura Kinomoto gets overtaken easily, with that despair in her heart. It feeds off it. Tugs you in and it makes you sleep forever in despair. Well until someone finally figures out the terribad to punch to free her.

Cure Spark calls down a torrent of purifying lightning that wipes out a few Terribads easily enough.

Mikoto rips into Terribads. Many goes down.

One gets rosed in the forehead and seems to fall back, before falling back and poofing into a black smoke.

Wide Area search detects a LOT of these things in a wide area, but the actual source seems elusive for the moment.

Pens are flung by the force of winds into Terribads, peppering them and causing them to fall down and- like the one Tuxedo Kamen striked with the rose, explode into black smoke.

For every terribad destroyed a mirror seems to glow white and pop and it's occupant freed- only to fall unconcious down to the weird dead soil with purple pebbles the ground as become.

Haruna Kurosawa has gotten her bearings again and called up the ROLLING MIRROR CHANGE. Cure Gull moves to grab the nearest Terribad that tries to punch her.... literarly picks it up and sweeps it into a few others until she throws the Terribad into the distance, a trial of sparkly feathers following it as it splashes down into the pond on top of the one there and they both explode into black smoke.

Afterwards she takes off into the air and lands down somewhere near Cure Spark. "Shit. This is bad. Corvus is with Aki somewhere. What's /going on/." she flounders. A blink. Miss White? Hiiii Miss White! <3 Hi Tuxedo Kamen! Hiii ... um witchy girl she doesn't know! Hi Sakura-chan in a mirr---wait-a-minute.

"What!?" she says with wide eyes. Well that's upsetting.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-15 01:44:00 82769
"She hasn't wanted her-- stuff back--" Tuxedo Kamen tells Cure Gull as he lands next to her with a fluttering of cape and a lightness of step. "But she's been doing the work I suggested, I've been checking from a distance so I don't accidentally get magic on her while she's still coping with the PTSD. This is going to be a hell of a setback," he says grimly. "But it's also a sign of worse going on. She is magical, even without her ... stuff ... so if weaksauce zerg-rushing monster soup was able to suck her in, she's gotta be struggling really hard. The minute we get her free, let me get her out of the way-- pardon--"

This is where he produces another rose in one hand and his hat in the other, and flings the rose backhanded, directly for a Terribad that was lumbering up behind them; his other hand lets fly the hat with a curious twist of his wrist, and it swoops up, around, and then back to slice open a Terribad approaching from another direction.

He catches his hat without looking and pops it on his head at a rakish angle. "--and try to mitigate the damage."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-09-15 01:55:42 82771
"You. Are. Going. To. Give. Her. Back." is all Hagane has to say to the Terribads, as she wades into the mob of monsters with her sword swinging. She doesn't seem to care how they rip and tear at her with claws and worse, and indeed her Barrier Jacket seems little the worse for the attention.

"You. Are Going. To Give. Them ALL. Back. NOW." She's not going to get an answer. She knows it. Certainly not one she wants to hear. But she has to say it. To demand it. She hasn't got any witty banter left in her at the moment, much as she'd have liked to - and it isn't like Terribads can give a coherent response to it anyway, as far as she knows. So she just pushes onward with her assault, engaging one monster after another, without the slightest hesitation. Perhaps taking a little comfort in Tuxeo Kamen's words.

And above her, nearly invisible in the clear sky, flickering slivers of light form, one after another after another, until a cloud of them orbits her struggle, awaiting her command.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 01:57:50 82772
No time to rest on Laurels, Cure Spark is moving quick to take on some more terribads. "Spark Blue Jet!" She calls out. Her uniform and her body all take on a blue tint. She accelerates and goes flying, Slamming into a couple more Terribads. They are quickly dealt with as she lands and her color returns. "Jeez. I want a piece of this jerk!"

She moves further, winding up near the water where she sees Cure Gull, "Hey Gull-chan. I think we have a Phantom Problem!" She states as she quickly calls out another attack, "Spark Surging Beam!" She holds out her hands and beams of electicity go flying towards yet another terribad. Thats about the point that she sees it. Her friend. Her student. Her sister. Sealed in a mirror. "No..." Instantly her back bow turns to wings as she launches herself into the air. If there was ever a thing that would put Spark on a war path its this. At this point she doesn't care which terribad is Sakura's. She is moving to take them out.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-15 02:16:54 82775
There's a hiss of almost dog-like growling from Hannah. Oh yes, her sharp ears pick up on the gist of the problem. And it involves Sakura-chan! Her tiniest sis! There's a bit of shame still lurking in her heart from previous events.

Now may be the best time to lash out with all of her fury and depression and elation and sadness over the past few months. Good mood completely ruined, she calls out to her feathery and rose-chucking friend.

"There's way too many of these blowhards! So if we can't let little sis hang around here...THEN IT'S TIME FOR YOU JERKS TO FLY AWAY! Tuxedo Kamen, I'm counting on you! If she doesn't get away, I'm going to make you eat your hat!" The threats have this ring of fright in it. Hannah, especially now, fears for the youngest kinomoto.

A wink towards Gull, and then she takes in a breath. "Time to show Gull-chan what she's given us."

Hannah of course has no idea which Terribad is keeping Sakura in check. No time for an Area search again either. Instead, she plants her feet, and concentrates. Both hands start to glow. She clenches them hard as she faces a large pack of the terrible youma. With a deep breath, her hands and arms slowly are enveloped by twin whirlwinds! They spin fast, faster, and faster, sending a few feathers loose from her outfit! Soon, both of her arms are covered in swirling green wind!

Leaping into the air, one leg bent at the knee close to her chest, she seems to hover for a moment! Her short locks are whipped into a whirlwind, and then? Both hands thrust forward, palms out!

"Evil or good, Demon or Angel, anyone that touches someone that I love will be annhilated in the winds of my ambitions! Raging Storm Burst!"

And then those wild, spinning hurricanes rush forward to touch the ground again, scattering cutting, ravaging winds towards any that stand in her way!
Sora Hisakata 2017-09-15 02:25:30 82776
Kazeko notices a bit of a hubbub surrounding one of the captured girls, and swiftly heads over that way. "Hello, miss White, Cure Gull, others." She doesn't actually know the others, "I'm Cute Witch Kazeko, not the kind you hunt." She clarifies, in a tone that shows she's fairly familiar with WPS as a business. She sends a wave of cutting winds to a terribad while she talks, "What's going on?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 02:32:52 82777
Tuxedo Kamen roses a Terribad casually, then spins his hat into another as they cry out 'Terrrriba---' before poofing into black smoke. Hagane wades through Terribads and slicing them apart into smoke while screeching retribution and preparing something it seems.

Spark Lighting beams another, while Hannah lets loose whirlwind which carries terribads away and drive them into the ground.

It's getting thinner, but it seems the more they defeat, the more pop up. It's getting hard. Like a human wave tactic meant to overwhelm and tired. But even this doesn't feel like that fully.

"Something's up." she frowns. "This feels wrong. If Phantom was after me or Spark, he'd made his move by now." she says. "...and I still feel Corvus and Corvus and Aki are fighting someowhere over there in Mitakihara." she says. "So. Not her either." she frowns.

A pause. "Heeeey Tuxedo Kamen~ Me and Hannah have good news for you later~ Okay! But for now...." she grins at Hannah as she punches another Terribad square in the jaw with a jump punch. Anoter one into the pond.

"Hi! Um. Witchy girl! This is a mess and Phantom is a jerk!" she says.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 02:47:59 82781
Cure Spark is in the air and she is FURIOUS. "This ends. Now." She quickly hits her prebrace and calls out, "Spark Blinding Light!" She throws a fist into the air and a blinding flash of magic goes off. It should be enough to get attention and maybe... blind more then a few of those nasty Terribads. She raises her voice. "MAGICAL PEOPLE!!! These creatures are the sum of the misfortune of our friends! Our Families! We are the ones who can fix this. So lets tell the Phantom Empire that We will not accept their actions today! One final attack Together! LETS DO IT!" She shouts out to the her friends.

"Okay. Step one, I need to clear some space. "Spark Sprite Eruption!" She lifts a hand upward and lightning erupts from the ground and blasts back some creatures. She quickly touches down. "Step 2..." She quickly loads in her cards. The sound of big band rings out as Swing music fills the area. Her clothing quickly changes becoming a Poodle style dress. Her hair goes into a ponytail. "Strawberry Swing!" She exclaims as the transformation finishes.

"Now Step 3!" She smiles and sets up her attack! "Pretty Cure! Smokin' Hot Wave!" She calls out as she begins dancing around Sending out waves of Electric and water...
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-15 02:54:05 82784
Kamen's lips purse as he sees more and more of them popping up -- there weren't that many people in the park; are they homing in on magical fighting and flooding in from other areas?

Fine. If they are, they have methods for dealing with that too... and Cure Spark's just called for the best method they've got in their collective toolkit. "Hey," he says distractedly to Kazeko with a flicker of a smile, then grins at Gull. "Good, I like good news." He brings up his cape to tank the purple pebble debris getting gusted around, then throws a rose blossom-first at the back of Hannah's head to get her attention (paf!) in the middle of her maelstrom. It's maybe a little unfair that the goddamn magic roses can cut through magic wind as easily as mundane concrete, but, well, they can cut through mundane concrete.

"MISS WHITE! C-c-combo! Let's get this show on the road, don't give the idiots any time to re-spawn. Cure Spark's got the focus, everyone! Give your attacks to her--"

--and then his hand is raised and glowing, brighter and brighter, and a ball of white-gold energy pools in front of his palm, larger and larger. "Tuxedo la..."

He glances at Cure Spark, then bites his lip to keep from laughing as he adds, "Smokin'..."

It hangs there in the air, the absurdly tall and well-dressed college freshman standing tense, with a look of concentration on his face, waiting for everyone to finish the wind-up before loosing the explosive brilliance of his signature attack into the most impressive stone soup of magical mayhem he's seen in a while. "BOMBER!!!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-09-15 03:05:53 82785
Hagane's fury is cold as ice, as she cuts her way through monster after monster. She'd love to find the one that grabbed Sakura, but she'll settle for simply killing all of them. That horrible day they went into the darkness to rescue Gull's sister... she still remembers the cold, there. The fear, the despair. The uncounted numbers of other prisoners that they could not even attempt to free.

She remembers it all. So very vividly. And how many now are caught in that same trap? How many more will suffer so? She will not allow it. She cannot allow it. "Not again," she snarls as she thrusts her blade through another monster. She draws it free as the creature dissolves, twisting to slash it into another.

And high above, flickers of light wind through the sky, swirling and roiling with her wild emotions. Somehow she seems to have noticed White and Kamen's doings, or perhaps she has an observer spell up there with the Flickers. As more and more continue to form, their orbit shifts, spiraling outward until they find Kamen's position and swirl about above him, instead. As the Bomber forms, they tighten in aroudn it, adding their whirlwind to its force, ready to be carried outward on its explosion like a million fragments of magical shrapnel.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-15 03:13:13 82787
Eh? That voice is /not/ familiar. Still, Hannah grins on her return trip to the earth. "Heeey! I don't recognize you, but it's nice to meet you! Proper introductions later!" She tosses the Cute Witch that a WPS water bottle? They have branded merch, it seems. And unlike most Eclipse, this isn't even an Energy Draining Bottle.

Wait a minute, did Gull just mention...

"Ph...Phantom!?" Sightless eyes go wide, and now she's just /angry/! For a moment, she's utterly forgotten about what she's doing and is too busy cupping her hands to really add to the combo at first. "I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE A COWARD SPARKY, GET OUT HERE YOU..." PAF!

Aaaaaahhhh chooo! "H...hey, that's just rude, Hat Man! I was...oh. On it!" Well, just kill her thunder of obnoxious yelling, Tuxedo Kamen! Brush brush brush her hair! She's going to smell like rose /all day/!

Legs cross, one arm behind her back, and she closes her eyes. Her hand with Raging Tempest is raised high into the air! This might be one Tuxedo Kamen remembers, during the time he and Sailor Moon first truly earned her respect in that amphetheater so long ago. But this time it isn't wielded in anger. This time, it's with purpose! The air around her is suddenly sucked in, right into a glowing emerald ball that gets bigger, bigger, bigger again! A tornado that sucks inward, a black hole of air that drags in everything around her. Until finally, she's holding a boulder-sized ball that's far larger than any concentrated sphere of air that she's held before.

Someone's been practicing.

"Raging Bursting Tempest!" She howls, as a massive Area Search spills out in emerald lines beneath her. Tracking not only the enemy...but all of the attacks of the others. Then the thing bursts apart with a high kick from Hannah, and dozens of blasts of winds fill the sky, falling just as quickly. Electricity, water, flickers, bombers, each one is a missile that races alongside the others' attacks, soon melding into spinning mini tornados that only make each one that much more destructive!
Sora Hisakata 2017-09-15 03:19:41 82789
Kazeko nods and shrugs as Gull and miss White don't quite seem to recognize her. "When we last met, I was creepier, and my morals were a bit shady." She hints at her past identity, and then she goes on to help. She starts on a pirouette, and then just keeps on spinning and spinning, the wind around her picking up into a tornado, sucking in various objects and debris.

The wind rises as Kazeko takes into the air, still picking up speed, jumping and merging with the air ball, adding her strength and gathered debris into it, waiting for just the right moment to release her strength and jump out, and when she does, she calls out her part of the attack. "Aerial Assault!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 03:28:41 82791
Haruna Kurosawa grins as she eyes Mamoru. "Good news is good news." she says. She frowns. "I still need to tell Sakura-chan. I'm sure it may help take some edge off short term." she says. A pause. "I still need to tell Aki-chan. Aki-chan is gonna murder me. Then Hannah. Or really any order of that." she says.

She huffs and then raises her hand. "Gull. Gentle Breeze!" she calls out. There's no prebrace anymore to spin. She just raises a hand and calls it out and then a breeze of feathers fan out, sparkling of purfication- though they don't seem weaponized in any manner, mainly--- she's letting her wind- and Hannah's wind, carry it to the proper places to combine and mold with others attacks- giving it a potent, purifying spread.

The massive attack explodes, expanding outwards, thanks to the combined wind, and power and purifying energy of it. It explodes over the park and it sweeps over the numerous Terribads, there's a endless cacophony of 'Dreammmminnnggg.....' being droned out, as Terribads are purified out of existence. With that, the purple rocky formations and the ground, begin to slowly turn back to normal!

The Park is clear! Other heroes obviously are taking care of other portions of the city. Right?...

Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 03:39:01 82792
Cure Spark finally breathes as the entire park is cleared of Phantom's influence. Her fairy comes out and smiles. "Spark that was really cool! We got them all!! OH!! My nose!!! itch it please!" Spark just snickers a little. She reaches out and gently scratches her fairy's nose who promptly lets out an insane sneeze! More then a few cards come out of her pack. Her eyes light up. "SPARK-CHAN!!! You did it!" She quickly puts cards in the precard decor and then starts another one with the remaining cards. "You can make a wish now! You collected all of the precards!!

Spark blinks and smiles. "Whoa! I can't believe it! What am I going to wish for though? I thought I knew but, everything is different now. I think though, first thing is first. We need to do a little tour of the city, see if we can find Phantom. Also I think moms are making some sort of foreign meal tonight so I can't wait to try it!" She smiles happily.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-09-15 03:42:19 82794
Sakura Kinomoto popped out of the mirror, wobbling a few times, her own magic keeping her awake for a few scant moments.

Long enough for her to see the dropped sweets that were supposed to be for Tomoyo and Kero.

You know those times where everything just... goes wrong? And the tiniest thing can make, or break a person? It was one of those times. Sakura just... collapsed to her knees, before falling over sideways, her energy and will just... gone. The despair of the world, of the things she'd seen finally just... won. Over her.

Totally best day EVER!
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-15 03:44:47 82795
The park is clear--! And from what Mamoru's senses of his family tell him, they're all cleaning up or out of danger, too. "Excellent job, everyone." Tuxedo Kamen glances around and spots the passed-out Sakura on the ground where she'd been imprisoned, and immediately goes over to scoop the little girl up. "Okay-- I'm going to take her to the ECFH and try to calm her down when she wakes up. I'll give you a call when she does, Gull-chan-- anyone else who wants to come over and help...gently...if you don't know where I live, Gull or White can tell you."

And then he just proves that magical humans who cannot fly are still capable of VTOL by launching directly upward and vanishing into the sky through the treetop ceiling.

A few leaves flutter down.