No Good, Bad Horrible Things

What happens when a Pretty Cure Falls....

Date: 2017-09-15
Pose Count: 15
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 06:49:32 82810
Its been a few hours since Phantom unleashed hell in the city. The fight was nasty but at least its over. There are times when Cure Spark is thrilled that she is a pretty cure. Namely the fact that things have a tendancy of being fixed after a fight as opposed to having to go through town and fix everything. Still. Phantom was still out there. Nothing was stopping him from calling down hell again and putting more people into mirrors.

It was a difficult run. All she could see for the better half of her patrol of the city was Sakura-chan stuck in a mirror and then broken down and crying on the ground. She looked at the people who were still out and about. Sure it was still a nice day but, how many people knew what had happened? How many of these innocent people were stuck in mirrors? What if they were awake the whole time. It was a nightmare and she knew it. "Any sign of him, Lilac-chan?" She asks the fairy only for the little pink fairy to shake her head. "Darn it. He got away. He turned half the city into freaking Terribads and he got away! This is just perfect. I guess lets go home and see what Moms are cooking for dinner. I guess I will report into Blue-sama when we get back as well.

With that she turns and begins flying home. It doesn't take too terribly long for her to get there. Once hom, she looks around to make sure she's not being watched. Then with a quick action, she powers down. Inside she goes. "Hi Moms! Hi Neechan!" The door closes and she quickly makes her way into her bedroom and taps on the mirror. "Blue-sama, I know you probably seen it but Phantom attacked the city in a really big way. Any advice would be appreciated."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 07:01:13 82811
There's no sign of Phantom. Things seem to be well in hand. Considering the entire city was overrun, it was easily defeated. Almost perhaps, like some sort of distraction or something. But nothing else seemed to happen, right?


Naomi arrives home. She says hello to her parents and she gets no immediate reply, but that's not too abnormal when everyone is busy, right?. Or maybe they went out to grab something and simply aren't home? Regardless, Naomi goes up to her mirror to try to contact Blue-sama. Blue would know what today might be about right?

The mirror flashes but there is no Blue-sama, or cross mirror room. No.

"If you want to talk to somebody important..."

"WHY DON'T YOU TALK TO ME CURE SPARK!?" says Oresky in the mirror as he jauntily tips his cap as he poses victoriously for some reason. It's hard to tell what's behind him. It looks like some weird castle area.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 07:06:55 82812
Naomi Yomada blinks a few times. "Wait what?!" Her face goes pale as she looks at the face in the mirror. "Oresky. What are you doing in my Mirror. The only one who should have access to this mirror is Blue-Sama!" She winces and then it dawns on her. She's not henshined. "Crap!"

She frowns. Quickly she powers up. With several strikes of lightning, she is in Cure Spark mode. "Now then. What do you want Oresky? Also I was trying to talk to someone important. He's definitely not you." She shutters.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 07:12:31 82813
Oresky gets shoved off the mirror view by Hosshiwa before she can respond. Namakelder is in the background but he can't be bothered to join in this... whatever is going on. He's busy doing nothing. Hosshiwa spins her parasol against her shoulder. "I see Cure Sparky is back from fighting the completely overhyped Pretty Cure Hunter." she says with eyelash flashes. "Shouldn't little kids not be... home alone?" more sarcastic eyelash flutters- calling Spark a 'little kid' perhaps out of spite.

"I mean....."

"Where are your parents anyways?~" she says with just a tone of foreboding to it.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 07:17:19 82814
That is a really big question. COme to think of it... They never responded to her. She quickly steps away from the mirror. "MOMS?! NEECHAN?!" She calls again as she takes off running through the house. No one is present. She winces. "No no no no!" She exclaims as she runs back to the mirror.

"Hoshiwa! Where are there." There is no hiding just how angry she is. She's is mad enough that her face has turned red. "Out with it now. I swear to Blue-sama, if you don't return them I'm going to tear through every one of you til they are back!" She exclaims in a very panicked tone.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 07:23:14 82815
Hosshiwa sips tea and shoves an entire slice of cake into her mouth while she watches Naomi race off to get look over the entire house and find no one in it. She's about to reply again when Oresky sort of...slide tackles Hosshiwa off the view port. "I TOOK THEM! I DID IT! AHAHAHAHAH!" he says, posing again. "I am the NUMBER ONE. TACTICAL GENIUS!" he says. "NOW WHOSE NUMBER ONE, CURE SPARK!?" he says, thumbing the brim of his hat again.

"HE MEANS THEY'RE HANGING IN MIRAGE-SAMA'S THRONE ROOM!" yells Namakeldar from the back. "Ugh why do I bother." he mutters as he lounges in a ball.


"ALSO. Theres this really creepy mime or clown guy? I don't know him but he has some beef with you too so....." he says with a sneer as he literally throws his hand out to try to grab Naomi by the shoulder, neck, side, whatever he can grab and tug her THOUGH the mirror.

....This may not be a nice place Naomi is going.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 07:36:15 82816
"You!! You Jerks! How could you! What is wrong with you that you would take my family!" Cure Spark starts tearing up. THis is literally her worst nightmare come to life. She quickly looks around for anything that could help her. She looks at Lilac, "I think we are going to need some help to get them ba... Wait What?!"

She quickly whips around to see a familiar general in the background. One she knows well enough. "Misseure Moir!" She looks very worried. This is a team up made in hell and now they know who her family is... THey HAVE her family.

Then things get turned to 11. Oresky catches her completely off guard and she is quickly pulled into the mirror. Lilac's eyes go wide. "NO SPARK!!" Shouts as she flies over and tries to pull her friend back. No luck. As Spark is pulled into the mirror, She accidentally kicks Lilac sending her flying backwards. The fairy recovers. Nothing she can do now. So out she goes flying out through the house and out the door. Spark is going to need help!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 07:41:55 82817
Spark is indeed going to need help. Especially since the mirror seems to 'shut off' when Naomi is pulled through the mirror. If Naomi had her henshin up. It just kind of shifts off immediately either off completely, or into that weird unpowered mode with the glowing colored tube top.

Naomi seems to find herself in some sort of pink and white antechamber. The world feels 'different'. It's the Blue Sky Kingdom. It reeks of despair. It's palpable in a way. It stops you from keeping your henshin up.

In theory. Spark could still use Precards. But didn't Lilac have the Precard Decor!? It's not HERE...

Oresky has this completely poop-eating grin on his face. "NOW I AM NUMBER ONE." he turns and laughs. "AHAHAHHAHAHA!"

"Trying to do nothing over here." says Namakeldar.

Hosshiwa is seated at a small tiny table that seems to had just appeared in the last moment with a cup of tea. "Oh! A guest. I'd invite you for tea. BUT THIS IS ALL MINE." she says as she lunges around the teapot and seems to jealously protect it.

The door at the far end opens. In walks Phantom. He merely walks, straight, down the center of the antechamber. Into the main throne room chamber. ALL the other generals stop to watch him. Being suddenly quiet and relaxing until he's gone into the main chamber. There's small mumurings and talk and Oresky and Hosshiwa and even Namakeldar get up to peek around the edges of the door until Phantom comes back and they flail and act like they weren't speaking.

"Bring the girl. Queen Mirage-sama will see her now."
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 07:57:15 82819
The mime looking General slips over and the room darkens a little. Just enough for him to swipe a cookie from Hosshiwa's table. He devours it as he moves over to looks Naomi and gives her a slap across the face. "You little pain of a cure. I would have had all of Paris if you hadn't showed up. Zis is your just desserts. Without a pathetic little mosquito like you out zere I will destroy Cure Earl and I will rule ze city!"

Spark is quickly powered down. She isn't completely back to being her normal self. Just in that glowing violet tube dress thing. As Oresky gloats she rolls her eyes. Then, there is Noir. "Mimes don't talk, Misseure Noir. I really wish you would follow that example." Then she is hit. Hard. She is knocked to the ground. Her prechan mirror and her Pretty Cure, Cure Spark cards hit the floor. She looks up just in time to see Phantom...

"So how many of you did it take to cook this up? I'm pretty sure Oresky couldn't come up with a strategy like this. Honestly I don't think he could strategize his way out of a plastic bag! Namekelder is too lazy to think something like this up. Hosshiwa, you'd only do it if there was sweets involved. Noir, you are a fool. I left Paris. Or did Cure Earl kick your butt so bad that you needed someone else to blame! As usual! Let me guess. Phantom? Queen Mirage?" She clearly isn't jumping at the opportunity to go visit Queen Mirage!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 08:30:59 82821
Oresky goes to say something but Phantom talks first. "Don't flatter yourself, Pretty Cure. Oresky and his friends took advantage of an action I instigated. It failed. yes. But it seems this saved it. In some way." Oresky points to himself. "IT WAS MY IDEA! MY IDEA SAVED YOUR IDEA THEREGO I AM THE BEST. NUMBER ONE! QUEEN MIRAGE-SAMA WILL HAVE TO GRANT ME ANOTHER MEDAL FOR THIS."

"Don't get your hopes up." says Namakeldar as he rolls his eyes.

Phantom reaches down to pickup the Mirror. And the Cards. These are not the first cards or Prechan mirror he's ever held. He's held countless. Hundreds. He does not crush them however. No. That may be someone else's pleasure.

Oresky bahs. "My Trio would make a mockery of your Cure Duke!" he tells the mime.

"Cure Earl." corrects Namakeldar. "EARL, DUKE. DUKE OF EARL!? WHO CARES. WE'RE THE BEST!" he says.

Phantom hrmphs. "The girl. To Mirage. now." he says as he turns. Oresky will push and shove Naomi along into the throne room. There may be some smary talk over this. It seems everyone's invited in at least. To watch. and Gloat.

No Pretty Cure has ever seen Cure Mirage. Not directly. There comes a point where, you have to believe if she's real or not. Or just some fictitious entity the Phantom Empire makes up.

Queen Mirage appears to be a young woman with pale yellow hair, and a slightly pale complexion to her look. She has red eyes- and what appears to be the tattoo of a teardrop under her right eye- a deep, dark purple, bordering more on black. She wears what appears to be a frilly tuxedo top, with a dress skirt, and has black wings that protrude from her back. She is holding some sort of staff.

She is not sat on some throne. She is laid in some sort of repose on what seems to be some sort of ridiculous fancy daybed. Phantom moves over to her side and then stands, silent like some sort of guard, hands at his sides. He seems to be staring Naomi down. The Oresky Trio remain somewhere behind Naomi. Oresky has his hands on his hips. Hosshiwa and Namakeldar seem less brash and bold in front of thier queen and seem to be trying to lightly hide behind Oresky lest he get the brunt of any anger.

Floating near Queen Mirage is a bright, Red Oval mirror. Queen Mirage doesn't look to the group. She is staring at the red mirror.

"Deep Mirror."

"Yes, m'lady." talks the mirror.

"Is this the one you had to 'rescue' Oresky from?" she asks- as if she wants confirmation.

The mirror answers. "Yes. This is the one, that almost defeated Oresky, Mirage-sama." says the mirror in a gravely tone. That mirror emanates with a weird power. It's strong. and pulsing. Even unpowered, she can feel it. Queen Mirage of course. Also emanates stronger. Even more so when she finally turns her head to finally /regard/ the other people in the room and then she lays her red eyes on Naomi. Then her eyes look to the right, to the mirrors hanged on the wall. Each containing- as suggested before, each of Naomi's parents. Her eyes scan back. She doesn't move her head the entire time.

"Tell me. Cure Spark." she asks. "Why do you even bother to fight for such illusionary concepts?" she asks. The tone is oddly matter of fact. Almost even polite. Almost.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 08:32:18 82822
"I face Cure Earl alone. I would have her defeated if not for zis little worm. What is your excuse Oresky Trio. Zere are Trois of you and you are unable to take zis single city! Perhaps Queen Mirage will relocate me to Tokyo after I destroy Cure Earl and take over Paris." Noir states in a very cocky tone. He glares at the 3 but even he is not brave enough to do that to Phantom.

As Phantom takes her Prechan Mirror and henshin cards she winces. Part of her wants to go after them but... She's severely out numbered. On top of this, even if she her her things, She couldn't transform. The air in this place is so thick with negativity that it is driving her nuts.

She is promptly being pushed as Oresky runs his mouth, pushing her. Knocking her to the floor, and in some cases just tossing her in that direction. Once there though Everything feels worse. The darkness of this place is so overwhelming. It takes all she is to not give in. But, she's a Pretty Cure. There is no way she will cave in.

The conversation between Queen Mirage and the Deep Mirror is listened to very carefully. She will have to keep this in mind. If only to let Blue know. Thats if she doesn't wind up in a mirror herself. Speaking of mirrors. Her eyes begin tearing up as Mirage's dark gaze goes from her to her family. "No! Please let them go! They are not involved in this! They are innocents!"

As she is addressed She quickly looks at the Queen. It takes a lot for her to just hold onto her composure. "Illusionary concepts? What you mean like hope, love, even creativity? Because these things make life worth living. They make the world a more joyful place. Imagine a world without those things. It becomes dark and bland with nothing to really live for. That is what you are fighting for, isn't it?" She asks nervously. Her gaze goes to Phantom. Yeah, no way she could handle a fight right now.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 08:44:23 82823
Queen Mirage just /feels/ on some abstract level of darkness that Naomi's mind has a hard time coming to terms to it probably. There's a reason she was Beryl's equal. Phantom still has her mirror and precards.

"Oh. Are they? But you loved them." she says coldly. "You chose to love them. Now they are here. Because of you." she says a little bit with a mocking pout as she remains lounged.

"How sad for them." she says cooly.

"Yes. Illusions. Didn't Blue tell you? I remember. When he told me. How love. hope. Happiness. Were illusions." she says even more coldly.

Phantom, seems prompted by Queen Mirage's slowly agitating state.

"Queen Mirage. This is her Mirror. And Precards." he says.

Queen Mirage daintly accepts this in one hand. She eyes them with pursed lips. Contemplating. "Oh. I see." she says.

She seems to look on them. For a moment. With a look of weird nostalgia at them, but this flash merely lasts a few seconds at best, as she lights them on fire- a dark, hot fire from her hand. It comes without warning, or goading or bargaining. She just burns them. Right there. In front of Naomi.

Oresky gives the mime a big stink eye while this goes on. You don't talk in front of Queen Mirage while she's punishing a Cure.
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 08:53:29 82824
Naomi Yomada looks at Queen Mirage. The look in her own bloodshot eyes is like that of someone who isn't going to give in. A Soldier almost. "No. They are here because you and your Generals played dirty. You brought them here. You attacked innocents just to hurt people... To hurt me!" She frowns. "I do love them! I love them with all I am! They are my family! You mirroring them will never change that! All you are doing is making me want to fight all the more to stop you."

Then things start going sideways. "Wait what? He knew you. I know that much but... Blue wouldn't say that sort of thing! Pretty Cures like he makes are champions of those things! Why would Blue ever say something like that? It doesn't make any sense. I think you are just saying this sort of thing to get under my skin."

Then... Phantom speaks up about her things. Spark turns to look and her eyes go wide. Her Prechan Mirror and her Henshin cards go up in smoke. Her life as a precure is quickly and totally ended.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-15 09:18:31 82825
Queen Mirage is left with a pile of ash. Which she blows off into the air. The cloud blows upwards, and down. It may lightly snow down over Naomi, but she isn't aiming to do this. "No. That. Was to get under your skin." she says.

"Now what to do. With a worthless. Ex-Pretty Cure." she says even more coldly.

"I could let my dear Phantom take you away. He knows what to do with ex-Pretty Cures." she says.

"But I think I have a better idea..." she says as she moves to stand up. She raises her staff and it glows with a dark power. Is she intended to just /kill/ Naomi?

No. That'd be mercy.

She just begins filling Naomi up with dark energy. Making her absorb it. Every single little wisp and drop she emits!
Naomi Yomada 2017-09-15 09:25:00 82826
Naomi Yomada looks with horror at Queen Mirage. Being mirrored by Phantom. That would be a horrible fate in itself. Being left with the knowledge that she was unable to defend herself. She was unable to defend her family. These things are already ringing out in her head.

As Mirage begins working out what to do with her. She is wanting death right now. That to her would be better then being mirrored. At least then she wouldn't have the knowledge of her failure. She stands straight. Tears are pouring out now. She may as well be a broken piece of glass now. "You may as well kill me. My Mirror and cards may be gone but I will never stop being a Pretty Cure! I won't stop!" She cries out.

Then it starts. She is hit with dark energy and she screams out. Her short comings. Her failures. Her mirrored family. These things flash in front of her and she is left knowing she will not be able to help them... not now. All she wants is to take them down. She'd love to take them down right now. She hates them! Wait thats not her. She screams out for fear of what she is being forced to think.