The return of Purple

Sumire decides to visit Reiko and get some much needed answers. Unfortunately, they're not quite what she wants. And, to Reiko's delight, it looks like Sumire has made a new friend.

Date: 2017-09-18
Pose Count: 15
Sumire Tenshi 2017-09-18 17:03:13 82973
Sumire Tenshi was wearing her jacket, glasses(at night!) and hood. She made her way through the city, the frustration mounting,.

Besides her was a small piglet. "Go away," she said. The pig just oinked at her, making her roll her eyes.

Finally, however, she made it to her destination. Taking a deep breath, she walked to the front of the house and gave a swift three times knock.

She was not looking forward to this. She just hoped Hoshi of all people wasn't here. She did not have cope for it.

It was fairly obvious who it was when Reiko went out. Due to the PLETHORA of gems dancing around her. Some of which were picking up a tiny lil pig in their lil diamond arms, while others fought of fire and ice shooting dogs.
Reiko Touyama 2017-09-18 17:08:17 82974
Reiko Touyama blinks and peeks out the window. It's late. Very late. Is.. is that Sumire. She blinks. Grandpa is out with some old wartime buddies. Parents are off on some business trip, like usual which means she's home alone. She unlocks the two locks on the door and then hopes on her feet. "Hi Sumi-chan!" she says, friendly like, because she assumes she's here to actually wanna talk about the magic things.

Then she eyes the pig. She blinks and then smiles. "Eeeeee! Pig pig pig piggy hi pig!" she says as she leans down to her knees and starts petting the pig and doing all sorts of things a girl might when they meet a cute animal. "What's it's name? Is it oinky? It should be oinky." she says with a matter of fact nod.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-09-18 17:16:57 82975
Sumire Tenshi blinked a few times and sighed. "It's not mine. It just kind of... followed me. From the concert. Touyama-chan, we need to talk. And... and..." The pig nuzzled into Reiko's hands appreciatively. Sumire took a deep breath. "Call it whatever you like. May I come in?" And the whole parade of gems flying around her, snuggling and petting an adorable lil stuffed pig each didn't hint at ALL to how she really felt about the pig. Noooooope.

"We need to talk about this prism girl nonse... stuff. There was an incident. And..." She trailed off for a moment and looked concerned. Finally, she sighed. "I just... want to talk to you inside. Okay?"
Reiko Touyama 2017-09-18 17:21:56 82976
"Oinky then!" she says. "You should take good care of it or find it a home!" she says. "Sure you can come in! Um. I'm home alone right now. Grandpa should be back soon, but Grampy knows about the magic stuff so we can still talk freely and stuff." she says.

Also the piggy can come in too! There's a pig here! She doesn't have a parade of kois following her around at least. "I can maybe try to have a friend of mine take care of it." she says.

She head tilts though as she sits down on the big couch in the living room. She pats for the pig to join her. "Here piggy piggy piggy." she says.

"Um. What did you wanna talk about...?" she asks silently. "I see you still have your things following you around." she says.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-09-18 17:28:27 82977
Sumire Tenshi nodded. "Whatever. Oinky then," she muttered. Oinky took its spot as Sumire took a seat in one of the chairs. She sat perfectly, her legs together, hands folded neatly in her lap. She reached up after a moment to pull her hood down and take off the glasses. "I need to speak with you about-- EEK!"

Oinky had jumped down and leaped into her lap. "Gah! why do you keep doing this? Stop it! I don't like you!" She was so lying, the gems told all. Finally, she hmphed and reached down. "F-fine. Whatever." And gently pet it so it sat down. "I don't know why it's bothering me. Anyway. I need to know what they are. My charity concert was ruined by a pair of these... creatures. Magical girls showed up and... just... explain to me what you can and tell me how to use my power."

She paused for a moment and... "I'm... not agreeing to help. Mind you. I mean. I am. But i'm not promising. I live a busy life. My job and my schooling comes first. But... when i can... if I can... I'll help."
Reiko Touyama 2017-09-18 18:06:03 82978
Reiko Touyama frowns a little and crosses her arms. "I will but no more of this 'I don't have time' bussiness because none of us have /time/ for it but we make time." she says softly with a frown. She shifts a little. "Those creatures probably came for the energy of the people there. It doesn't always happen. But sometimes it does." she says.

"What did the creatures do?" she asks. "I didn't sense any shades but I don't always sense them." she says

She sighs a bit. "Well, for starters. You need to stop bottling things up." she says softly. "One of the things I had to learn for the couple years I've doing this is that you need to be honest with yourself and stop thinking what others will think." she says.

"If I'm reading those crystals right, you really like that pig for example and if you just wanna squee and hug it and cuddle it, then do it!" she huffs.

She sighs a bit and hops up. "Lemme go get your Prism again..." she says as she hops up the stairs quick to her room.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-09-18 18:12:35 82979
Sumire Tenshi nodded. "Great. So more of my concerts could be ruined. As if I don't have enough stress..." she muttered. Stress? She was an elementary school kid! What could she POSSIBLY be stressed about? "They just attacked things. Wrecked the place. A few magical people dealt with them. That.... girl from my last concert, fox something, was there."

Her cheeks turned bright red at being called out. "I-I do not! It... it's a mistake! These things must be broken, I don't--"

And the pig leaned up to put its snout to her face. Her entire face turned scarlet. "IT KISSED ME!" The gems were ALL piggy focused now...
Reiko Touyama 2017-09-18 18:27:51 82980
Reiko Touyama can hear the yell from upstairs as she returns with the Prism and hands it softly to sumire carefully. "Here." she says. "You'll want to wear it around your neck for the best results. I do mine." she says softly.

She sighs and sits back down and smiles at the pig.

"Concerts. School Assemblies. Lots of stuff gets attacked and it gets blamed on gas leaks or masked thugs or stuff like that." she says. "Usually."

"Wait, a fox something!? Was.. was she a black furred foxgirl?" she asks with wide eyes. Ayana-chan!? She's thinking, when fox is mentioned.

She huffs at the pig. "You love on Sumi-chan all you want I bet she likes it!" she says.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-09-18 18:34:04 82981
Sumire Tenshi eeks as the pig got even more cuddly and nuzzling her face. Her cheeks burned and she finally wrapped her arms around the pig, petting it in a hug. It calmed down quickly and she blinked.

All her little diamonds were doing cheers.

"T-this doesn't mean anything. I'm just doing it to calm the creature down." Even if it was adorable and soft. She blinked and then reached a hand up to touch the piece of jewelry around her throat. One Reiko might remember her having from a child. "...." She held up the prism next. "I... see. No, it was... some... well, maybe it was a wolf? In all the hectic ness I forgot her name. And this is all so troublesome. Fine then, how do I activate it and what are my... chores supposed to be?"
Reiko Touyama 2017-09-18 19:01:02 82982
Reiko Touyama beams at the pig hugging, yup! Pigs are being hugged and it's the best thing ever! She then blinks and head tilts. She blinks. "Tan or Orangish? That'd be Cute Wolf Tsuikiko!" she says.

She head tilts. "We'll that let you know if you're dealing with a Shade or some other dark energy. Our magic handles 'dark things' well. Not everyone's does." she says softly.

"There's no chores." she huffs. "It's just helping out when things happen. You can't really. Be proactive about fighting these things because they tend to be inert until they're not when they're bearing right down on things." she sighhhhhs.

She shifts a bit and leans forward. "If you practice really hard, like. Learning to control your emotions and not trying to bottle them up you can control those things to some degree. Like watch..." she coughs and clears her throat.

"Sgt. Fins, ten hup!" she calls out. Then a koi in a Sgts. Army helemt appears and salute's Reiko. Reiko clears her throat. "Go kiss Sumi-chan on the cheek!" she calls out. Sgt. Fins salutes. Does a little loop in the air and thennnnn FISH kiss to the cheek, before dissapearing in a small orange sparkle at the end.

"See!" she huffs.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-09-18 19:14:34 82983
Sumire Tenshi was giving her a glare that, if looks could kill, Reiko would be dead and risen as a lich. "I. See," she said cooly. There was a twitch to her eye. Oh yeah, she was bottling up hard core. "Very well. How do I activate my wand?" Was she even listening to a word Reiko was telling her? It wasn't that easy! There was still so, so much more she needed to learn! "And don't do that again. My emotions are completely in control." She was, however, gently scritching the piggy as it rolled onto its back and she scritched its belly. Also, even if not for her gems, the fact her cheeks were burning red gave away that she was a lil miffed by all this. Okay, a lot miffed. And then the piggy gave a lil oink and woddled about, upside down and she glanced down and... smiled a little. "Hee hee."
Reiko Touyama 2017-09-18 19:36:53 82984
Reiko Touyama sighs. "It only turns into a wand, when you transform. To transform, well-- you already know that. It's. 'Chroma Prism Purple, Transform." she says. "I mean. Mine is... Orange. So I say orange. But. you'd say purple." she shifts.

"Mei-chan is Red. Her sister Momo is Pink. Hoshi is Yellow. Kaeru is Blue. I'm Orange." she says softly.

She huffs. "I won't. But you need to learn as much as I or Hoshi have." she says gently.

"And I'll answer anything as honestly as I can! Just. Like I said. Hiroko-chan. Just. Stay away. From Hiroko-chan. There's something inside her. That isn't her. Like piloting her around. Or something." she says a little more seriously. "And it's dark and horrible and not her." she mutters.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-09-18 19:40:24 82985
Sumire Tenshi nodded, glancing to the gem. "I see. I'll... keep it around in case I have to. But I really don't think I'll use it much. Touyama-chan, I'm not like you. If I start running around fighting monsters, people are bound to notice me. Imagine what my parents would say," she said with a shake of her head. "I'll... do what I can, when I can. But... there's already five of you. I'm hardly needed." The pig was chewing on her coat sleeve.

She reached down and scritched its ears. "Oh oinky... such a silly piggy..." She mumbled.
Reiko Touyama 2017-09-18 20:01:20 82986
Reiko Touyama smiles perhaps a just smuggly at Sumi-chan and the pig. "We're not around everywhere and can't be around everywhere. Like last night for example. Only you were there." she frowns a bit. "And that'll happen a lot more often than you think. For all you know, you could had been attacked in the past and just think it was a gas leak or an accident." she says with a frown.

"And don't worry about your parents finding out. They don't see the magic. But if they see you as the Prism Keeper they won't know who it was." she says softly. "Remember when you thought my transformation was a tricky lightshow or I just got into an outfit? They can't see the magic either." she says.

"Mundanes. Normal people. Don't see the magic. Or who we really are. Even magical people can't tell who you are usually though the transformation unless you tell them." she says.

"Grandpa is weird and can see my koi and the magic stuff though..." she says silently.

"Speaking of.." she looks at the clock. "He's gonna be home soon. You can stay over! or you can go before he comes back and asks questions. And I dunno how comfortable you are with that right now." she smiles meekly.

Ehehehe piggy piggy piggy.
Sumire Tenshi 2017-09-18 20:06:53 82987
Sumire Tenshi sighed and got to her feet. "No. I... I'll go home. I have a lot to think about. I just need to... think. About everything. Now," she muttered. "Thank you, Touyama-chan. I'll go my driver and head home," she said, placing the pig down and then lifting her hood up and pulling her glasses back on.

Was it really necessary to hide herself like this, or was she just paranoid?

Either way, she turned around and made her way towards the doro... made it three feet before "OINK!" And the piggy ran into her, knocked her on her stomach and hopped on her back. She groaned, then sighed. "Fine. Whatever. You can come too, stupid Oinker..." Welp, it had its name!

Also, she still loved the lil piggy. Judging by her lil jewels that gave her away so quickly.