Please Don't Murder Me BUT...

Haruna tells Aki some things. Surprisingly, Death and Destruction don't happen. A little bitterness does. Maybe. Traditions are for losers anyways. Probably.

Date: 2017-09-18
Pose Count: 7
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-18 22:57:43 82988
It's SISTER time. That means Haruna and Aki go down to the beach once a week. It's getting colder out. Soon it's gonna super weird. But luckily, Haruna owns a coffee shop so hot drinks won't be a problem because she gets 'em cheap as free!

Being colder means that there's no beach lounging. They are sitting on a bench behind the barrier there and the aforementioned hot drinks are there!

"So how's school's been for you, Aki-chaaaan?~" she sings to her sister. "Must be hard catching up all this time but I'm sure you got it." she flashes a winning smile.

She leans forward. "So you went to go visit Mamoru's place right? After that fight where Hannah-chan got boned after being de-darked or... whatever you call. Purification... stuff. I vote it's De-darked!" she says with a series of nods.

A pause. "Um. Can we talk. About things. and promise. You won't murder me." she says witha cheesy big smile. Uh oh. Aki's seen this smile. But not for a while.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-09-18 23:11:05 82991
    Aki Kurosawa, in fact- loves sister time. She loves her sister afterall. Even if she comes off as cold and grumpy at times. She was enjoying the hot chocolate and overall company of her sister.
    "Heh. Not even gonna mention the whole horde of Terribads?" she asks. "Blue-sama had to call a Cure over from Australia to help out. Cure Southern Cross. Was fun. We went out to eat after. Was nice. Where were you?" she asks.
    "Something about. Naomi-chan being caught with her family?" she frowns a bit. "That's. That's bad. We'll figure it out." she says.
    Uh oh. She knows that smile. She narrows her eyes. "Okay Haruna, what did you do." she says softly.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-18 23:15:10 82992
Haruna Kurosawa takes a deep cleansing breath. "Promise you won't get mad at me? These were my choices to make. And. I know you're not thrilled with Hannah-chan. But I can promise she's doing a lot better. She isn't perfect. She taught me that. No one's perfect. No one's a diamond." she huffs.

"I... I made my wish." she mutters. "And it was to wish Hannah-chan's powers back. Because they weren't coming back on their own and... this stuff. Means everything to her, Aki-chan." she says softly. "So I wished them back because I wanted to. Because Hannah-chan needs to be happy and. She was just miserable. Crying on the floor. When I found her that night and..." she shifts a bit.

"That..isn't all." she says quietly. "Remember. My birthday the other week...?" she asks quietly.

"Well Hannah-chan took me out to a really fancy place. A private area there and everything, in the Augusta and ... she kind of... asked me... the question.... I mean you know. The one. That involves a fancy ring?.. and being on one knee and...." she mutters.

"I said.... yes!' she crosses her arms. "And--and I'm happy I did and if you wanna punch me in the jaw for it fine but I'm not taking it back!" she huffs, adamantly.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-09-18 23:19:14 82993
    Aki Kurosawa hears Haruna start out with something about Hannah and she already knows she isn't going to like this one bit as she takes a great, defeated sigh as she shoves the drink into her mouth to drink deeply of hot chocolate.
    Aki tenses as Haruna tells the story of the wish. She frowns a little.... then remembers her own wish. She's never told Haruna about her wish. But she didn't need to. Blue-sama did. To wish... powers on someone. Selfishly. She really can't... say anything here. She'd be a hypcrite. Even if she doesn't like Hannah, she's about to agree with this when...
    Haruna goes right into the next thing as she spits hot chocolate messily back into the cup.
    "SHE WHAT!? WHEN I FIND HER. I'M GONNA KILL HER!" she says as she slams the cup onto the bench. Hot Chocolate gets a little splashed out, but not much. "SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ASK ME FIRST!? ISN'T THAT TRADITIONAL!? YOU ASK THE FATHER OR GUARDIAN OR SOMETHING!? THAT'S ME!" she seethes.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-18 23:27:46 82994
Haruna Kurosawa eyes the tenseness, but Aki isn't going off the rocker yet. That's good. Then into the next and-- and then at the news of the proposal there it is. And she's about to make this grand speech about how she loves Hannah and she isn't killing her over this when Aki also finishes THAT sentence.

"Wait." a pause. "You're only upset because she didn't discuss it with you first?" she asks as she scratches her head. "Aki-chan..." a pause. "Aki..." another. "I've been.. alone. For the past many years. I haven't needed a... guardian. or a 'parent' for a long time..." she says quietly. "Hannah-chan met me. Alone. With no one." she says quietly. "And I'm sure it slipped her mind to discuss it with anyone. Certainly not OUR parents..." she says gently.

"If that's what you're upset about, I'm sure she'll TALK with you about it. I mean."

"I've already come to terms you guys are probably never gonna get along. That's okay! Sometimes people don't get along. Sometimes people hate their inlaws, IT'S OKAY!" she says with wide eyes. "But I'm sure she didn't do it. To hurt you. Or marginalize you or something if that's what you're upset about. Hannah-chan isn't like /that/ unless you've been REALLY terrible to her and all she knows right now is that you love me a lot and don't wanna see me hurt and she's trying SUPER HARD to never let that happen again." she says quietly looking down at her cup of hot chocolate.

"Besides. Not like we're getting married yet. College. That's when." she nods a lot. "I mean. I'm not even the legal age yet?" she giggles. "I mean the laws still a thing even for magical types like me n' you!" she huffs.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-09-18 23:35:33 82995
    Aki Kurosawa grrrrrs a bit and keeps her arms cross as Haruna talks. As usual. Haruna's the more chipper, level headed of the two of them. She's always so cynical herself. Maybe more so since her stint in the mirror. She's still recovering from that. Many years in one of those things. Sheesh.
    She rolls her eyes and says. "Fine. We'll talk. And I mean. Talk. Talk. Not. Talk while I throw her into buildings." she says curtly. "And find out for myself." she says as she begrudgingly holds her hot chocolate again.
    "So have you thought about stuff like who's name you'll be taking? Does Blue-sama know? Am I supposed to TALK about it with Blue-sama?" she says grumpily.
    Then she realizes she's starting to be a heel. Being grumpy about. Well. Gee, someone her sister loves asking them to marry her?
    "Right... congratulations. And stuff I guess. Sorry. I thought I'd have more time to prepare a speech or think on it more." she says quietly. Or maybe she thought Haruna would find out the rule about no loving anyone and stick to it. Ugh stupid being in a mirror to not help stick to rules!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-18 23:55:21 82996
Haruna shifts. "I've thought about it. But I still need to talk with Hannah-chan about some of those thoughts. I THINK I might. Ya know take her name? Because her family is different. And have different traditions. And her family doesn't care that Hannah-chan loves another girl and they took care of me and made me feel special when I didn't have anyone." she says quietly. "..and they haven't even met you. or Corvus-kun and they think of you of family even then, too!" she says.

She does put down her cup then just /hugs/ Aki-chan. "But I'm not gonna think too hard on it all for a few years." she beams. "And thanks Aki-chan! I was pretty sure you we're gonna murder me and Hannah...." she says quietly.

"....but don't tell Blue-sama. He can find out when he gets the damn wedding invitation in the mail." she huffs.

"But we should worry about Naomi-chan right now." she says quietly. She doesn't talk about the dream she had. She just hugs her sister into forever right now.